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Aspects of Mr Ingo Porada’s Educational and Professional Background which are relevant to a work assignment that entails financial writing

 relevant vocational qualification: 

Certificate in Management Studies (Crawley College of Technology, Crawley, West Sussex, England)

 relevant memberships of professional peak organisations:

Institute of Supervisory Management (Lichfield, Staffordshire, England)

Institute of Executives and Managers in the Service Industries (London, England)

Institute of Export (London, England)

undergraduate studies in England, with many distinctions in individual courses, in the following subject areas: 

Comparative Industrial Policy

International Economic Relations Since 1900

International Law

Third World Studies (= Development Studies)

research consultant / writer for the Namibian Economic Policy Research Unit

features editor / writer for the weekly business newspaper Namibia Economist

extensive international writing experience on in-house publications of a financial nature for law firms, parliamentary organisations, United Nations agencies

 sector-specific financial writing experience: 



real estate

intellectual property

 independent research on macro-economics transitions: 

economic aspects of nation-building in Namibia and South Africa

internationalisation in Japan

shock therapy in Chile

the Balcerowicz Plan in Poland



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