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MAGAZINE Spring 2012

Paying Tribute to a Former PE Teacher

The Wombats’ Gig Full Review Inside...

Do You Want to be a Journalist? World Culture Day Maths Challenge Success

Yearbook in the Making - 2012!

Film Club Arrives @ Coundon Does Music Help You Concentrate? Geography Field Trip

Headteacher’s Foreword Reading through the sections of this newsletter ready for the final edit, I am struck by an intense sense of pleasure and satisfaction. It is quite outstanding just how much we continue to achieve as a school. Growth for the Coundon Community seems endless with new heights continually being reached, additional challenges continually being met and a greater number of lives continually being touched. Leading a school is one of the most challenging yet exciting, stimulating, worthwhile jobs you could possibly do. The daunting task of keeping at the forefront of educational initiatives whilst trying to meet the legitimate expectations of everyone associated with the school is a balancing and juggling act rolled into one. As you read through this newsletter, though, the perception of how little each of us can do alone in comparison to what is being achieved when all our talents are harnessed is quite overwhelming. Coundon Court’s strength lies in its capacity to draw on the insights and energies of so many excellent staff and students. There is an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement about each and every new challenge – not something all head teachers are privileged

Editor’s Letter

enough to feel amongst their staff and students! Every ordinary student is capable of extraordinary achievement and personal excellence and it is paramount that each of them feels of value and that their interest and enthusiasm is kept alive. It would be completely hypocritical for us as a school to attempt to raise student aspirations and beliefs that they are every bit as capable of excellence as any other young person if we did not have the same aspirations for ourselves as a school. We owe it to our students to ensure that they achieve the highest possible qualifications – their futures depend on it but we also owe it to ourselves and our own professional values, to ensure all our youngsters receive as many opportunities as possible to excel in all that school can offer. Extending the boundaries of experience and opportunities is our hallmark. Our formal timetabled curriculum is harnessed to opening minds and our extended curriculum to opening hearts as the pages of this newsletter clearly show. Sometimes this means taking calculated risks, being prepared to ‘be different’ and seeing opportunities behind modest openings. Henry Mintzberg (1995) wrote: ‘’strategic

A group of students from across the school took on the challenge and applied to participate in developing a new school magazine. Indeed, we were pleased with the previous edition but wanted to maximize success and impact and felt that it was time to add a contemporary edge to the look and feel of the magazine. The Roar Magazine group and Ambassadors have utilised new software as a DTP tool to enable an online presence on the school website. It will now be even easier for future submissions from staff and students as the magazine is now centrally located with an online submission system using Moodle. The Roar magazine group will continue to meet every Thursday lunch-time for a working lunch.

thinking is seeing: seeing ahead, seeing behind, seeing above, seeing below, seeing beside, seeing beyond and above all, seeing it through.’’ We’ve all heard the saying “nothing breeds success like success” and Coundon Court is continuing to experience a wonderfully warm glow and a growing inner confidence. We are showing that people can change, they can grow, they can stretch themselves and they can do things they never thought possible! The reward is seeing the smiles and the endless moments of professional joy when we watch individuals grow beyond their expectations of themselves. None of our achievements are ever possible without the total commitment, dedication and skill of our staff, our students, our parents and our Governors. Such a team is the heart and spirit of all that counts at Coundon and I thank each and every one of you for the part you play. I hope that you enjoy reading through our students’ many achievements over the next few pages. Debbie Morrison OBE. Headteacher

It has been a pleasure to see talent applied to the range of skills necessary to develop a new look magazine. Pupils have volunteered their technical, creative and journalist flair to make this project possible. Pupils gave technical demonstrations and supported younger students with computer skills and literacy. My colleagues have supported this quest by drumming up enthusiasm across the school. I look forward to supporting the students with the summer edition where we will celebrate this academic year in style. Now that we have access to graphic tablets I imagine the next edition will be even more artistic! Mrs L Miller

I have always been interested in becoming a Police Officer. In the future, this experience will give me the chance to get involved with the police. I went to the Community Youth Forum at Coventry Council offices to meet police officers, so I could get career ideas from them. I went to the Forum with Mrs Powell, Louis Warner and Vongai Mukono. The meeting consisted of people from all around Coventry of different ages and from different schools. Firstly, West Midlands Police station officers presented a 30 minute talk about gangs within England and how they deal with gang members everyday.

My main interest in attending the meeting was to find out more about crime and the justice system. I found this extremely interesting as I could see the effect gangs have on our society. The police officer also discussed how people judge people almost straight away and that stereotyping happens regularly and people automatically assume most youth are involved with ‘gangs’. After the talk we came together as a group and discussed how we could help society with our own individual input. A West Midlands Police Officer sat within our group and wrote down all the idea she thought would work

and could be taken further. I enjoyed the event as it inspired me even more and showed me how much of an affect the Police have on the society. I know I would love to be involved in the Police department. There are more Youth Forum meetings coming up within the next few months which I will definitely be attending as I think being involved will give me a head start in my career and help me towards my future. If you want to be involved speak to an Ambassador or contact Mrs Powell or Mrs Miller.

Olivia Cottrell, Year 12, S11.

Coventry Youth Community Forum My experience of Coventry Youth Community Forum, by

Vongai. Year 11.

At the end of each month in 2012 a Coventry Youth Community Forum takes place at different locations in Coventry.Students from various schools in the city were given a Presentation from Detective Inspector Image: Stuart Miles

Sharon Naughton on Gangs; displaying causes, the reasons for gang membership and family effects, and how to get out of them. Collectively the group then debated ideologies of how to challenge Gangs while sharing their concerns and tensions within schools and wider communities.

By Gemma Tovey

Wales welcomes the year 12 Geography A level students with open arms. We braved the temperatures that Wales brought for our compulsory exam fieldwork; however, we also made the most of our time in this new area. Travelling to Dol-Y-Moch seemed to go on forever; we were all so excited about the trip and couldn’t wait to get there. We stopped off at a service station on the way and stocked up on junk food and drinks for our midnight snacks that we all planned on having. When we finally arrived, we didn’t really do much other than settle into our dorms, have tea and have the practice fire drill. We had a bit of free time to unpack and explore the Dol-Y-Moch area, had our evening hot chocolate and went to bed ready for the day ahead, but not before a quick game of hide and seek with the teachers! Waking up and being ready for half past seven was definitely a struggle for most people but somehow, we all managed it and made our way to breakfast on time. We had our meeting in the common room (where we were told what we would be doing for the day as there was another school there with us) and got sorted for the day ahead. We all got our (very attractive) equipment from the equipment store, including blue/green wind proofs and red/blue waterproof

bottoms and tops. This, however, didn’t stop Conor Shail whipping out his own lime green waterproof bottoms and standing out - even from us! We went into the classroom, got told what we were going to be doing that day and set off in our separate minivans. Beddgelert was a destination for one minibus or ‘team’ and the mountains and the Afon Colwyn was the destination for the other team. The plan was for us to then swap over half way through the day. My team was the one to go to the mountains and river for the first half of the day. We had to throw an orange down the river to measure the speed the water was travelling, at three different points. At the last point of the river, we all had a laugh with various people falling over whilst walking along the river. After we gathered the equipment and went back to the minivan, we made the most of the warmth as we travelled to Beddgelert. In Beddgelert, it was very work based. However, something that amazed us all was how small the local school was, it took a few minutes for the parents to collect their children and be on their way home again - it was incredible! In a new place, we all also took advantage of our paired work and had a wander around the village to look at what was there (which was very little, but that doesn’t change the beauty of it).

Once the work was done, we packed up and headed ‘home’. After our hard day, we had free time, which we used to do the adult nightline and as you can imagine, there were uncountable falls and slips from all teams, especially right at the end when the teachers were hidden and jumped out at us all. Our second day approached and it was time to visit Porthmadog and Blaneau Ffestiniog, two very small towns in the Snowdonian National Park. Visiting these two towns was a part of the fieldwork so we had to collect data, but that didn’t stop everybody’s urge to visit the various shops, especially the Tesco in Porthmadog. to restock our supplies! We also took advantage of the chip shop in Blaneau Ffestiniog that took to everyone’s taste. Porthmadog and Blaneau Ffestiniog allowed for us all to go off in our own groups, complete the work and explore. For some, it included a mini shopping spree! After getting ‘home’ again, sheltered from the freezing cold and rain, we had our supper and did the labyrinth, which we all enjoyed. Finally, it was home time; we all lugged our cases down into the minivan and went to breakfast. We said our goodbye’s, had our awards ceremony and set off for our very long journey back to Coventry.

Music... Does it influence us? “Punk is musical freedom. It’s saying, doing and playing what you want. In Webster’s terms, ‘nirvana’ means freedom from pain, suffering and the external world, and that’s pretty close to my definition of Punk Rock.” – Kurt Cobain.

In the United Kingdom approximately 92% of over fifteens listen to the radio. Most of us have a favourite band/musician and a favourite song; some of us have paid to see bands/musicians live and a few create their own music. Influencing

our lives, music is all around us: in movies, on the television and in video games. But there’s an on-going argument about whether music is influencing us in the right way. Davina Sharma

The Wombats Copper Rooms @ Warwick Student Union. 21st February 2012 The energy was high for The Wombats on Tuesday night as hordes of music lovers rushed to get a good spot in the Copper Rooms. The crowd, already hyped up on the infectious synth/guitar sound of The Wombats, could not wait for the real live trio to appear before them. The two support acts beforehand were graciously applauded. The Static Jacks with their heavy guitars and leaping lead singer were excellent and even the ‘whale wailing’ of the front man of the second support act, Hooray for Earth, had something about them. The audience were now ready, poised and slightly sweaty. The Wombats came on stage to rapturous applause and they smiled and laughed at the maybe too serious declarations of, “I love you”, from the audience! They kicked it all off with ‘Our Perfect Disease’, a track from the second album, ‘This Modern Glitch’. The band were in their element, bouncing around the stage like kangaroos (despite their name). The lasers for ‘Techno Fan’, one of their biggest hits,

literally blinded the Coventry citizens but they didn’t care. This is what they had paid their money for, a good time. The Wombats don’t need to rely on old favourites anymore to keep the room buzzing, they can hold their own and take time out of their hyper active set to give their slower songs like ‘Little Miss Pipedream’ a chance for appreciation and praise. After finishing their (supposed) final song ‘Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves)’ the crowd would not let them go. They wanted more and that is what they got. They finished off the night with the seminal ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division, which from the name gives you a feel of something slow and sombre. But no. The song took every last bit of energy the audience had. The Wombats have performed themselves into the category of a great live band and gave a night that was thoroughly enjoyed by all there. By Mollie Davidson

p i r T y r o Hist year 9 Students from ad a great and year 12 h y went to night when the see ‘Defying Birmingham to a play based Hitler’. This is efying Hitler’ on the book ‘D moir by which is a me er. This trip Sebastian Haffn history rk in tied in with wo the World lessons about rise of Hitler. Wars and the ody knew On arrival nob from the what to expect out to be a play! It turned njoyable pleasant and e


ll. The play’s surprise for a s the life plot dramatise ’ a young of ‘Sebastian up in a fast man growing any. In the changing Germ n is 26 years plot, Sebastia e Hitler old by the tim wer. The comes into po educational play was very al insight and gave a re ould have into how life w eone living in been for som at time. Germany at th rs Beale, Mrs Thank you M Aucott for Ward and Mrs n such a taking us all o ! wonderful trip


I have recently taken for your phone or even make it is opposite) WAC are From the beginning of displaying an exhibition of a pin-hole camera from a September 2012, Coundon shoe box! As more people his work, which a group Court School are offering become interested, I have of AS Media students Photography as a subject a feeling that Photography viewed. In my opinion, as for GCSE, and A-Level. Barthes’ theory applies, in Coundon Court will these images have turn out to be a massive The subject is full of studium and punctum. success. brilliant artists who Studium can mean that produce extraordinary people look at the image A lot of students are photos using various for longer and are drawn very happy about the editing techniques opportunities, and I, myself in, to take a closer look. and camera lenses. (Take a look at his website have enrolled. However, regardless of http://www.tomhunter. the “professional” side, it org/) I’m sure you will be I have entered a Warwick doesn’t take an artist or impressed! Arts Centre Photography professional equipment Competition involving to take a good photo! For By Ania Kanwal the artist Tom Hunter, example, you can use (an example of a photo

Warwick Arts Centre Photography


Entries: Fahmida Habib, Ania Kanwal and Rebecca.

A very well done to everyone who entered this high calibre competition!

Inter-college Challenge On the 6th of February (Y-band) and the 8th of February (X-band), the year 7 inter-college took place in the main hall. It was an exceptionally exciting experience for year sevens as they were not entirely sure of what they were going to do or what they needed to do!

The questions or activity would be answered and collected ready to be given to the judges. The competition was very close and got closer and more competitive as the morning went on. Below you can see

the concluding scores all in order of 1st to 6th. Well done to Whittle! Winners by only 5 points - the closest finish ever... And of course a huge thank you to the ambassadors,

teachers and teacher assistants that all helped out! We definitely couldn’t have done it without you all! By Ruqayyah Haq (Maths Journalist) and the Maths Department.

Once everybody was seated Mr Lanwarne (a mathematics teacher) introduced the event and told all of the teams participating how the event would unfold. He introduced the judges, who were the maths ambassadors for the school, whilst explaining all the activities and the score system. The inter-college included many math related puzzles and questions, such as Sudoku and Magic Squares.

Year Book! Year Book! The year book is promising to sum up the whole of this memorable year with great photos, comments from teachers, trips and much, much more. The creators of the yearbook are encouraging all year 11s to get stuck in and like the Coundon Court leavers book Facebook page and post their favourite pictures capturing many great moments. It seems this year’s yearbook will be knocking all previous yearbooks out of the park. I’m sure all year 11s will be grabbing one. For any other further information on the yearbook do not hesitate to leave a message on the Facebook page. Fahmida Habib

The 2012 school year book is successfully up and running!


On the 2nd of February, 170 talented pupils in year 9, 10 and 11 showed off their unique talents by taking part in the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge. This puzzling paper was a compilation of complex questions that tease the brain; but no matter what was thrown their way, they succeeded, some even receiving prestigious awards and setting a new school record in the process! The people who received a brilliant bronze award, with 50-61 points, are as follows: Olivia Robinson, Dean Bromage, Lewis Elkins, Bethany Barnacle, Harry Cooke, Emma Bush, Joseph Burch, Lisa Harding, Joshua Rees, Haider Iqbal, Chloe Blencowe, Scott Johnson, Hannah Roxburg, Simon Thomas, Mollie White, Joshua Hale, Sian Rainsley, Taran Dhanjal, George Bullock, Arandeep Singh, Alex Green, Dion Hughes, Suhiva sandhu, Ryan Elliot, Molly Ingram, Krystof Trzeckki, Jordan Tovey and Devina Sharma. The people who achieved splendid silver, with 62-76 points are: Aaron Maroke, Manisha Dass, Joe Taylor, Jake Acton, Hina Chauhan, Lauren Riddell, Callum Mckissock, Eleanor Rose, Evan Davies, Bradley Lindsay, Shannon Doughty, Thomas Boland, Lewis Rouse, Megan Powell and Sophie Knowles. The people who received a glamorous gold award, with 77+ points, are: Joseph Nyanyo, Charley Jones, Adam Harrison, Alex Howarth and Casey Shortt. As if that wasn’t enough, Alex Howarth did exceedingly well, winning a place on the Pink Kangaroo Paper (87+ points for those in year 10 or 11), which is a competition for around 5500 pupils across Europe. It is an hour long multiple choice paper, which is an extension from the original intermediate paper. The European Kangaroo Foundation is an international organisation based in Paris. Adam Harrison did exceptionally well and

has qualified for the Hamilton Paper for year 10s, where only the top 500 out of the total 600,000 entrants in the maths challenge take part in a highly challenging maths paper. The maths challenge was created to puzzle students with interesting questions. Yet again our school proves just how bright we are! I wish everyone good luck with the paper next year, and watch this space for some new faces! The Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad is a 2 hour long, highly challenging paper! Entry criteria for this:Cayley 90+ points and in Year 9 Hamilton 96+ points and in Year 10 Maclaurin 101+ points and in Year 11 Both of these events take place on the 15th March 2012. Here are the actual results for the other certificates: Gold Certificates 77+ points Year 11 Joseph Nyanyo 80 Charley Jones 78 Year 10 Adam Harrison 101 Alex Howarth 90 Casey Shortt 80 Silver Certificate 62-76 points Year 11 Joe Taylor 76 Jake Acton 76 Aaron Maroke 75 Hina Chauhan 74 Lauren Riddell 70 Callum Mckissock 69 Manisha Dass 67 Eleanor Rose 65 Evan Davies 65 Bradley Lindsay 62

Year 10 Shannon Doughty 71 Thomas Boland 62 Lewis Rouse 62 Megan Powell 62 Year 9 Sophie Knowles 62 Bronze Certificates 50-61 points Year 11 Olivia Robinson 59 Dean Bromage 57 Lewis Elkins 57 Bethany Barnacle 56 Harry Cooke 56 Emma Bush 56 Joseph Burch 55 Lisa Harding 54 Joshua Rees 54 Haider Iqbal 51 Chloe Blencowe 50 Scott Johnson 50 Year 10 Hannah Roxburgh 60 Simon Thomas 57 Mollie White 54 Joshua Hale 53 Sian Rainsley 51 Taran Dhanjal 51 Arandeep Singh 50 Alex Green 50 Year 9 Dionne Hughes 61 George Bullock 60 Suhiva Sandhu 60 Ryan Elliott 60 Molly Ingram 59 Krystof Trzecki 57 Chloe Rouse 51 Jordan Tovey 51 Devina Sharma 50 Alex Trevis 56

Learning @ Coundon

Excellence in


Coundon Court is known across Coventry to be one of the best schools to be taught at. To prove this, top set Year 10 English classes are showing us that the step up from core Key Stage 3 English to GCSE in Key Stage 4 can be a smooth and pleasant transition.

The results of the top set Year 10 English class’ current performance grades show the school, as well as the city, that Coundon is one of the best schools to attend. Some of the high achievers in Year 10 GCSE English include Bethany Andrew-Peacock, Katie

by Charlie Shepard Gaskin, Adam Harrison and Tom Stock. Proud Head of English, Mrs Evans Bent said, “I am really pleased with the progress students are making and with the excellent teaching that supports their success.”

Hub News

Alisha Maroke’s Ambassador Role...

As I’m leading the internationalism hub group at school, we are actively working to progress to the next level of the International Schools Award, which we achieved last year. The work involved here is very varied; such as internationalism week, where we will be doing various activities that cover internationalism. Also, as we get closer to the Olympics, we will be working with the Sports Ambassadors to run the ‘Adopt a Nation’ programme. Any help or ideas are very welcome!

So where do you see yourself in 10 years time? Want to submit an article? Email it to Mrs Miller or upload to Moodle.

Salina, the Senior

Marketing Ambassador has been working with sixth formers to produce a pamphlet in memory of Mr. McCallum.

The Dominique Matthews Memorial Netball Tournament for Years 11, 12 & 13 took place on the 14th March 2012. Other events marked a special celebratory day on Saturday 24th March as a family fun day. See the Coundon Court website for futher details.

Maybe you’ll be a lawyer working for a top law firm, a stockbroker on Wall Street, a fashion designer in Paris or a teacher at Coundon Court. Who knows where life could lead you? The decisions you make now will have an impact on your future, whether this is picking your options in year 9, or contemplating the A levels you will study or a course you will do at College. These things may seem so little now, however, they will contribute to your furture. So, sometimes it is easier if you already have a goal in mind on what you would like to achieve with your life. Fahmida Habib

Call out!

We need online editors to join the magazine editorial team. Speak to Mr Clarkson or Mrs Miller if you are interested in graphic design and shaping future issues of the magazine!

Mollie Davidson is the new reporter on Show Jumping success! More in future issues.

Coundon is well known for its fantastic productions and plays and this year’s productions are sure to be up to the same standard as previous shows. Currently in Performing Arts, year 12 and 13 BTEC Performing Arts students are putting together a joint performance of We Will Rock You, which will be shown as an after school performance during May. They have been working alongside teachers and students from the BTEC music class to produce an outstanding performance that will be sure to blow everyone away! Every year the Performing Arts Faculty enter music/drama students to the Rotary Club Competition which takes place at Warwick Arts Centre in Coventry. Last year’s entry of Lion King was entered and

Coundon blew the judges away with their brilliant performance, which led to them winning the competition out of all the secondary schools in Coventry. This was a great achievement and hopefully this year’s We Will Rock You cast can follow in their footsteps and become winners for the second year running. During year 12’s Performing Arts’ lessons this term, alongside being a part of We Will Rock You, they put together a performance of the play Road by Jim Cartwright. The play was successfully performed in February and the feedback from both fellow students and teachers was positive, which resulted in the students coming out overall with, yet again, outstanding grades.

By Daniel

FILM CLUB PREMIERS in COUNDON Film Club has recently been launched at Coundon Court School; a group of 28 year 7-9 students meet every week on a Thursday in the Theatre to make, watch and review films.

Travels’ to name but a few.

evaluation skills and to share opinions with other schools. The film reviews are then The idea of comparing the published online (www.filmclub. films to others is used so the org),which might include spoilers reader can get to grips with and hyperbole to engage the what genre is and what the film audience and encourage them to is like. The group have recently watched watch a wide range of films. The a wide range of fantastic films reviews are created to entertain The group also get to make including; ‘Pixar Shorts’, ‘Arrietty’, as well as inform the readers. It’s and discuss films. Guest ‘Despicable Me’ and ‘Gulliver’s a good opportunity to practice speakers are planned including Teacher Mrs Miller described Bethany’s film review on Arrietty as, “A well informed and entertaining description of the film which demonstrated an excellent understanding of the film. Well-done Bethany!” See Miss E. Larkin or Mrs Miller if you want to join-up!

a previous cinema manager coming soon. Mrs Miller also organises talks with actors from popular films. Pupils at Coundon are given the opportunity to ask questions to celebrities. Shabnam Saleem.

Coundon Court shortlisted for Coventry Telegraph Awards 2012

March 15th saw the Coventry Telegraph’s School of the Year Awards ceremony for 2012 held at the Transport Museum, and having been nominated in five categories, Coundon Court reached the final stages in three of those categories – no mean feat! The categories were: Active Communities, Go Green and Class of the Year. Along with Mr Clarkson, Mrs Powell and Mrs Barnes, the awards ceremony was attended by students involved in the school’s Eco club, student ambassadors and school reps to Coventry’s Youth Community forum. The day started at 10.30, with a visit to the museum, followed by a drinks reception where goodie bags were received. After this was lunch, followed by awards and photos. These awards are a wonderful recognition of the hard work that goes on day in, day out, at schools around the city. There

is a lot of amazing work taking place everywhere; to find ourselves in the finals in three areas shows how much is going on here at Coundon – and every last bit of that work has students from the school taking on more and more responsibility for their success. The Go Green nomination celebrates the work of the Eco and gardening club here at Coundon. With more than 20 members, the team meet regularly - sunshine, showers or snow - to enhance the school site, grow vegetables and plants, which are used in school (or sold), develop biodiversity and encourage recycling – and their chick-hatching has become an important part of spring at the school! The Active Communities nomination recognises the work of the school’s community and e-forums, and the leading role students here have played in the successful setup of the Coventry Youth

Community forum. A growing number of students are getting involved in making links with community partners both here and internationally, and these links can lead to really worthwhile projects around the school – like the new garden area by LS. The Class of the Year nomination is an unusual one, as it is not recognising an actual class! The school’s student ambassadors were nominated, and their work to develop a busy and successful team which is shaping change in so many areas at Coundon Court has clearly impressed the judges as, class or not, they are in the finals! On the 15th, all of this fantastic work was recognised - our Senior Ambassadors won Group of the Year award and we also won the Active Community Award and we were runners up in the Go Green category too so we couldn’t ask for much more! Coundon Court has got a lot to be proud of, and people are noticing. Mrs Powell

World Culture Culture World Day Lower School Music, Dances and Performances

Roar Magazine Spring 2012 Edition  
Roar Magazine Spring 2012 Edition  

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