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Our Cube Book series offers something truly special for retailers and book lovers alike. Their unique and square formats display perfectly on your shelves and in your customers’ homes. All of these titles feature over 700 pages of lush, full-color photography.

Full Size Version: 768 pages, 6½ x 6½ $19.95 $22.95 can (unless noted)

Mini Cube: 736 pages, 2½ x 2½ $6.95 $8.95 can (unless noted)





(mini) ISBN: 9788854401990

(mini) ISBN: 9788854402003

(mini) ISBN: 9788854402232

$6.95 $7.95 can (mini) ISBN: 9788854404182

(mini) ISBN: 9788854400511

(full size) ISBN: 9788854400023

(full size) ISBN: 9788854400764

(full size) ISBN: 9788854401105

The Sea


The Sky

The Earth


(mini) ISBN: 9788854401976

(mini) ISBN: 9788854404366

$18.95 $26.95 can (full size) ISBN: 9788854401242

(mini) ISBN: 9788854401983

(full size) ISBN: 9788854403758

By Angela Serena Ildos

By Valeria De Fabianis

By Caterina Gromis Di Trana

By Simone Perotti

By Vito Buono

By Valeria De Fabianis

(full size) ISBN: 9788854400009

By Valeria De Fabianis

$19.95 $24.95 can (full size) ISBN: 9788854401952

By Alberto Bertolazzi

By Valeria De Fabianis

Cube Books

Baby Animals

(full size) ISBN: 9788854402157

By Ovidio Guaita

(full size) ISBN: 9788854400016




(mini) ISBN: 9788854403833

(mini) ISBN: 9788854403857

$19.95 $24.95 can (full size) ISBN: 9788854402263

$19.95 $25.95 can (full size) ISBN: 9788854402430

By Ovidio Guaita

By Fabrizio Finetti

Wonders of the Holy Land By Carlo Giorgi

$14.95 $17.95 can (full size) ISBN: 9788854406094 September



(mini) ISBN: 9788854403154

(mini) ISBN: 9788854403864

(full size) ISBN: 9788854401723

$19.95 $25.95 can (full size) ISBN: 9788854402713

By Enzo Rizzo

By Enzo Rizzo | 1

Body, Mind & Soul


12,000 Dreams Interpreted By Gustavus Hindman Miller

A compelling and thorough study of all the symbols that appear in our dreamscape. Miller offers an enlightening introduction to dream history and types, and organized his symbols into eminently logical categories. This new edition features modern revisions from popular psychic and medium Linda Shields. 544 pages, 6 x 9, paperback. ISBN: 9781402784170 $9.95 $11.95 can October


Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

Celtic Wildwood Oracle

By Gill Farrer-Halls

By Caitlin Mattews

This beautifully designed deck of cards offers practical wisdom and inspiring guidance. Attractively illustrated with evocative Tibetan art, the cards are divided into four suits—Ritual, Meditation, Tantra, and Compassionate. 53 meditation cards, 4 x 5½, card deck.

Richly illustrated with original artwork and intricate Celtic designs, this kit holds the key to unlocking the wisdom of distant ancestors. An 80-page book that explains in detail how to interpret each card and how they are pulled. 80 pages plus 40 cards, 5¼ x 7¼, kit.

ISBN: 9781780280196 $17.95 $21.95 can September

ISBN: 9781907486753 $19.95 $23.95 can

Insights, Visualizations and Exercises to Help You Find Harmony and Inner Peace

The Wildwood Tarot

Oracle Cards for Ancestral Wisdom and Guidance

Drawing Mandalas from Nature

Wherein Wisdom Resides

By Mark Ryan and John Matthews Based on seasonal rhythms and ancient festivals, The Wildwood Tarot gift set draws inspiration from pre-Celtic mythology and shamanic mysteries. The powerful pagan images connect us with a long-lost world that can help us make sense of our own. 160 pages plus 78 cards, 6 x 8¼, kit. ISBN: 9781402781063 $19.95 $23.95 can

The Complete Cyrstal Handbook

80 Inspiring & Organic Designs for Coloring and Meditation

Your Guide to More than 500 Crystals

By Cassandra Eason

By Sonia Waleyla

Comprehensive and stunningly illustrated, this essential reference celebrates the beauty and healing potential of 500 crystals and gems. Step-by-step instructions cover divination, spiritual development, and personal empowerment. 400 pages, 5½ x 7½, paperback.

Drawing Mandalas from Nature includes 80 black-and-white designs based on these natural forms, a set of colored pencils, and an accompanying guide. By coloring these circular images and meditating on them, the reader experiences their transformative energy-and in the process, centers body, mind, and spirit. 64 pages plus components, 95⁄16 x 8½, kit.

ISBN: 9781402778711 $17.95 $21.95 can

ISBN: 9781402773082 $15.95 $18.95 can

Buddhist Inspirations

Zen Inspirations

101 Ways to Say Thank You

Buddhism originated in India more than 2,500 years ago, yet it speaks to the needs of our busy modern lives as if it were created yesterday. With over 70 color photos, this celebration of Buddhism presents a fascinating kaleidoscope of the religion’s many aspects, including Tantra, Zen, and the Pure Land beliefs of Japan. 160 pages, 6¾ x 6¾, paperback with flaps.

From the complete koans of The Gateless Gate to a generous selection of haiku, this inspirational anthology offers appealing Zen-based texts that bring insight and contemplation into busy modern lives. The excerpts, which include work both by the masters of the Golden Age of Zen as well as by contemporary writers. 160 pages, 6¾ x 6¾, paperback with flaps.

By Kelly Browne

ISBN: 9781907486937 $10.95 $12.95 can

ISBN: 9781907486944 $10.95 $12.95 can

ISBN: 9781402747021 $12.95 $16.95 can

By Tom Lowenstein

By Miriam Levering

Notes of Gratitude for All Occasions

In a world of abrupt, hastily typed e-mails and instant messages, the art of pen-andpaper note writing may seem lost, yet nothing else says “thank you” with quite the same elegance or sincerity. Now you will never again struggle to find the right words for that beautifully penned message. 144 pages, 53⁄8 x 8¼, hardcover.

Tim Hunkin’s the Rudiments of Wisdom An A-Z of Random, Peculiar and Fascinating Facts

By Tim Hunkin Think of a question—any question—and you’ll probably find the answer in Tim Hunkin’s Rudiments of Wisdom. Hunkin’s entertaining off-the-wall cartoons from the 1970s and 80s are now in color, together in one fact-packed volume, and organized from A-Z. It’s fun for the whole family! 128 pages, 11 x 9, paperback with flaps. ISBN: 9781853757273 $14.95 $17.95 can

2 |

Pilates Made Easy

The Complete Book of Hairstyling

By Zest Magazine

Pilates is the ultimate exercise system for improving posture, flexibility, and core strength-and this is the best homeinstruction guide to Pilates. The author, a certified Pilates teacher, shows all the positions in detailed step-by-step photographs, providing labels and tips on the key points of each exercise. The handy concertina pull out shows the full Pilates program, so workouts can be tailored to beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. 128 pages, 7 x 85⁄8, paperback.

By Charles Worthington

ISBN: 9781847327185 $17.95 ncr

ISBN: 9781843405269 $14.95 $17.95 can

Also Available: Yoga Made Easy

ISBN: 9781843405276 $14.95 $17.95 can

NEW Be the Change

Happiness is Living in the Moment

By Ed and Deb Shapiro Spiritual leaders from all disciplines and walks of life reveal how meditation has changed their lives from the inside outmotivating readers to begin their own practices and create the foundation for a new, more hopeful age in the wider world. 352 pages, 5½ x 8¼, paperback.

Wisdom and Insight to Help You Find Awareness, Appreciation and Joy

By Barbara Ann Kipfer Visually stunning, this unique deck of 52 cards offers insights, meditations, exercises, and quotations that guide us toward living in the moment. Using the ingenious easel-box, the user places a card in the holder, sits back, and meditates on its message. 52 cards, 4 x 5½, card deck.

Body, Mind & Soul: Beauty

Bad-hair days will soon become a thing of the past with this essential bible from internationally renowned and award-winning hairdresser Charles Worthington! It’s packed with professional salon secrets, from everyday dos to emergency quick-fixes to the latest color and hairpiece techniques. Amateur stylists will look great no matter what the occasion . . . and save hundreds of dollars, too! 304 pages, 5½ x 5¾, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781402782398 $12.95 $14.95 can

ISBN: 9781907486357 $17.95 $21.95 can

The Make-Up Book By Joy Terri

Put your best face forward with this spectacular guide to flawless make-up application. You’ll learn the tricks of the trade from a professional make-up artist, starting with the ideal eyebrow shape for your face, followed by highlighting and shading with foundation, using concealer, and choosing the right colors to define your eyes, cheeks, and lips. Glamorous photos provide visual guidance and loads of inspiration. 96 pages, 8½ x 11, paperback.


Live Your Dash

Make Every Moment Matter

By Linda Ellis Live Your Dash captures and expands upon an important theme: It’s not your birth or death that matters most, but how you spend each passing year. Sharing the message of joy, hope, and positive energy through uplifting stories, essays, and poetry, along with tales of people who have been “touched by the dash,” including Bob Dole, football coach Lou Holtz, and American Idol winner David Cook. 256 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781847739322 $12.95 $14.95 can

ISBN: 9781402787294 $17.95 $21.95 can November

Harper’s Bazaar Fabulous at Every Age

Fifty & Fabulous

Your Quick & Easy Guide to Fashion

By Nandini D’Souza This visually resplendent guide showcases great styles for women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70+. It reveals the secrets of the world’s most stylish women, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, and Iman, and how to identify the look that’s just right for you. From building a perfect wardrobe to smart shopping secrets and tons of insider advice and styling tips on dressing for work, play, and going glam. 192 pages, 7 x 8, paperback. ISBN: 9781588169082 $19.95 $23.95 can

The Best Years of a Woman’s Life

By Jaki Scarcello With wisdom and wit, Scarcello shows how changing our attitude toward aging can bring about a virtuous circle of rejuvenation. Her exhaustive research entailed interviews conducted in five countries, as well as her own personal experiences with women who have blossomed in their 50s—and remained in blossom long after. She offers advice on boosting confidence, feeling sexy again, changing your life and re-embracing your femininity. 224 pages, 5½ x 7, hardcover. ISBN: 9781906787578 $19.95 $25.95 can | 3

The Art of Pole Dancing

The Art of Lap Dancing

By Peekaboo Pole Dancing Ltd.

These 35 professionally choreographed moves—all illustrated, and accompanied by fitness tips, style and fashion hints, and more cool stuff—certainly qualify as exercise with benefits. Everyone can do it, so unleash your super-sexy lap-dancing alter ego on an unsuspecting world, and flaunt it like you’ve never flaunted it before. 122 pages, 7 x 7, paperback.

Body, Mind & Soul: Romance & Sex

A Spin-by-Spin Guide

By Peekaboo™ Lap Dancing

Here’s a fabulous way to get into the poledancing groove and master those slinky, confidence-building moves—such as the “Teasy Does It” and the irresistible “Strut”— in private. This sizzling guide features 50 of the best moves, from hip swivels, knee drops, and thigh wraps to booty shakes and splits. Attractive photographs open every chapter, and each choreographic morsel is illustrated with line drawings as well as easy-to-follow instructions. 128 pages, 7 x 7, paperback.

ISBN: 9781402754876 $9.95 $10.95 can

ISBN: 9781402742385 $9.95 $10.95 can

Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games All Sorts of Naughty Ways to Have Fun with Your Lover

By the Editors of Cosmopolitan

Cosmo Truth or Dare

Get in the game with this carnal collection of sexy couple activities from the experts in bedroom fun. These games are all printed on clever tear-out cards and are sure to fire up your love life. For each erotic diversion, players will find instructions on the props they’ll need, the rules of the game—and the passion payoff. The book comes inside a special storage box with a magnetic clasp— so you can play your favorites again and again. 120 pages, 4¼ x 33⁄8, card deck.

Our Naughtiest Sex Game Ever!

By the editors of Cosmopolitan

In a recent issue, Cosmo put a naughty twist on the classic Truth or Dare game, featuring perforated tear-out cards. Readers went wild, and we knew we had a winner. Playing’s easy . . . and very, very satisfying. Couples simply take turns picking from a set of 120 cards and choosing a spicy “Truth” or an edgy “Dare.” 120 pages, 41⁄8 x 415⁄16, card deck.

ISBN: 9781588166401 $9.95 $12.95 can

ISBN: 9781588165442 $9.95 $11.95 can

Cosmo’s 365 Naughty Nights

Bondage for Beginners

A Year of Hot Sex

Tie-Me-Up Tricks and Knots

By Zoe Ruderman

By Lisa Sweet

Get ready for a full year of the best sex ever with the latest offering from Cosmopolitan. This sexy game gives couples 365 ideas for turning up the heat in the bedroom and the living room and the car and on the kitchen counter . . . and, well pretty much anywhere. 48-page book plus 365 tickets, 4 x 5, kit.

Many couples think about trying bondage to spice up their relationship—but feel nervous about how to proceed. Bondage for Beginners will enable them to get their experimentation underway! Sexy but cute illustrations accompany step-by-step instructions and ideas on must-have props; setting the scene; ropes and knots; and converting a boudoir into a designer-worthy dungeon. 128 pages, 45⁄8 x 6½, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781588168696 $12.95 $14.95 can

ISBN: 9781847324535 $12.95 $16.95 can

Cosmopolitan’s Satisfy a Woman Every. Single. Time. By The Editors of Cosmopolitan

The authority on the female orgasm once again delivers an uninhibited, sexy guide. But this time it’s for guys only and it’ll take him from being great to the best she’s ever had in bed. From a steamy map of the female body to a checklist that’ll help him tell if she’s faking it to a mini Kama Sutra with positions guaranteed to send her (and him!) over the top, this book has all the naughty info guys need to satisfy her every time. 144 pages, 6 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781588169211 $17.95 $21.95 can November

4 |


The Cosmo Kama Sutra 77 Mind-Blowing Sex Positions

By The Editors of Cosmopolitan

With 14 printings of the hardcover slipcased edition, this bestseller is now available in a great new format with a stunning effect: A paper-engineered “Venetian blind” reveal on the front cover. Pull the tab and it opens and changes the view from the book’s title to a partial view of one of the 77 hot positions. It’s a playful design that perfectly captures Cosmo’s approach to sex while offering a tasteful retail display. 176 pages, 7 x 7, paperback. ISBN: 9781588167477 $14.95 $17.95 can


Step-by-Step Techniques for the Hottest Sex Ever

It’s Not PMS, It’s You!

A Totally Non-hormonal Analysis of Male Behavior

By Richard Emerson

By Deb Amlen

The adventure begins in the mind, as you discover more about yourself and your partner-and increase your ability to give and receive pleasure. Learn how to ask for what you want, shed your inhibitions, and discover your sexual personality type. 128 pages, 7¾ x 10¼, paperback.

The war between the sexes has raged for millennia, and It’s Not PMS, It’s You! is a hilarious, take-no-prisoners reconnaissance mission into the minds and souls of men and the things they do to infuriate women. 128 pages, 4¼ x 7½, paperback.

ISBN: 9781847328649 $16.95 $19.95 can November

How to Be a Bad Girl in Bed

ISBN: 9781402770319 $9.95 $12.95 can

How to Give a Mind-Blowing BJ Hot Stone Massage By Lisa Sussman

By Alison Trulock

All you ever wanted and needed to know about how to give a blowjob, from basic moves to multitasking. Men are suckers for blowjobs. Unfortunately, many women don’t have the first idea how to handle a penis. They grab, fumble, and then give up. This book offers no-skip steps to a knock-em dead blowjob that he’ll love to get and you’ll love to give. 96 pages, 4 x 5½, hardcover.

Hot stone massage is a unique variant of massage therapy employing heated stones to release physical tension. This hands-on kit contains everything a beginner needs to reap the benefits of this rejuvenating practice at home. In addition to 14 flat stones of different sizes, a beautifully photographed book covers all the basics, including which strokes to use, how to. 64 pages plus components, 9¼ x 9¼, kit.

ISBN: 9781847320148 $9.95 $12.95 can

ISBN: 9781402771354 $15.95 $18.95 can October



This spicy, illustrated guide explains how to unleash the full spectrum of sensual energies. Through “hands-on” instruction, readers will learn how to set the stage, awaken the senses, achieve the sacred positions, harness the erotic power of breath, and more. 144 pages, 4¼ x5¼, paperback.

Release your inner vixen with these down and dirty sex secrets that will crank up the heat in the bedroom and leave him breathless…and panting for more! More than 100 tips on how to be erotically adventurous. 96 pages, 33⁄4 X 5½, hardcover. ISBN: 9781847324122 $7.95 $9.95 can August

The Essential Guide to Dating & Sex for Modern Women

By Lisa Sussman With hundreds of hot tips for between-thesheets bliss, dating dos and don’ts, and techniques for getting the best out of any man, this is the ultimate sex guide for the 21st-century woman. 256 pages, 51⁄8 x 65⁄8, paperback. ISBN: 9781847326706 $14.95 $17.95 can

Discover Erotic & Sensual Bliss

By Nicole Bailey

By Lisa Sweet

Girl’s Ultimate Sex Guide

The Pocket Tantric Super Sex

Body, Mind & Soul: Romance & Sex

Explosive Sex

ISBN: 9781844839933 $9.95 $11.95 can November

Over 100 S&M Sex Tips

50 Things to Do with a Rabbit Over 100 Sizzling Sex Games

If you like latex but don’t know what to do with it, or want to try something new but don’t know what, this is the book for you. Whether you like to give pain or receive it, be sexually submissive or dominant, this book has more than 100 ways to take your pleasure. 96 pages, 4 x 5½, hardcover.

By Daisy Valetta

By Lisa Sussman

ISBN: 9781847322012 $9.95 $11.95 can

And Other Sex Toys

Therapists have long extolled the benefits of sexual aids in helping couples and individuals to explore their erotic sides. This saucy but sensual guide to the wonderful world of sex toys is geared to anyone who wants to spice up their love life and add a little spark to the bedroom—or any other room! 96 pages, 3¾ x 5½, hardcover.

By Lisa Sussman

A frank and sophisticated book for smart women who, whether ready to hit the town, casually dating, or in a long term relationship, want to keep their sex lives sizzling forever. 96 pages, 4 x 5½, hardcover. ISBN: 9781842222669 $9.95 $11.95 can

ISBN: 9781847328076 $7.95 $9.95 can | 5


Sterling loves to and we love showcasing the best the craft world has to offer through innovative and fun books with detailed how-to projects, comprehensive technique guides, spectacular visual galleries, and so much more. All of our books are filled to the brim with inspirational photography to help you craft big! The following pages highlight some of our favorite books, so see our entire collection of craft titles please visit


PUSH Paper

30 Artists Explore the Boundaries of Paper Art

A Lark Book


176 pages, 9 x 7, hardcover


ISBN: 9781600597886 $19.95 $23.95 can September

PUSH Stitchery

Eco Craft

Recycle, Recraft, Restyle

By Susan Wasinger

128 pages, 8½ x 10, paperback with flaps ISBN: 9781600598234 $19.95 $23.95 can October


30 Artists Explore the Boundaries of Stitched Art

By Jamie Chalmers 176 pages, 9 x 7, hardcover


ISBN: 9781600597879 $19.95 $23.95 can September

Candlemaking the Natural Way 31 Projects Made with Soy, Palm & Beeswax

By Rebecca Ittner

NEW 101 Tees

Restyle + Refashion + Revamp

128 pages, 8½ x 10, paperback ISBN: 9781600597800 $14.95 $17.95 can October

By Cathie Filian

176 pages, 8½ x 10, paperback ISBN: 9781600598227 $14.95 $17.95 can August

Soapmaking the Natural Way 45 Melt-and-Pour Recipes Using Herbs, Flowers & Essential Oils

By Rebecca Ittner

128 pages, 8½ x 10, paperback ISBN: 9781600597817 $14.95 $17.95 can

NEW 100 Pretty Little Projects Pincushions, Potholders, Purses, Pillows & More

A Lark Book

312 pages, 8 x 8, flexibound paperback ISBN: 9781600595769 $19.95 $23.95 can August

Eco Books

Inventive Projects from the Recycling Bin

By Terry Taylor

Lovely Things to Make for Girls of Slender Means

144 pages, 9 x 9, paperback, 40 projects ISBN: 9781600593949 $22.95 $29.95 can

By Eithne Farry

224 pages, 7½ x 7½, hardcover ISBN: 9780297859543 $17.95 $21.95 can

ReMake It!

Recycling Projects from the Stuff You Usually Scrap

By Tiffany Threadgould

128 pages, 8 x 8, paperback ISBN: 9781402771941 $12.95 $14.95 can

6 |

The Art & Craft of Making Jewelry

A Complete Guide to Essential Techniques

By Joanna Gollberg

176 pages, 8½ x 10, flexibound paperback ISBN: 97816005962 30 $21.95 $26.95 can

Vintage Jewelry Design

Sewn by Hand

Classics to Collect & Wear

Two Dozen Projects Stitched with Needle & Thread

By Caroline Cox

224 pages, 8½ x 107⁄8, hardcover ISBN: 9781600597145 $35.00 $42.00 can

By Susan Wasinger

128 pages, 8½ x 10, paperback with flaps ISBN: 9781600596681 $19.95 $23.95 can


Collecting and Wearing Designer Classics


Vintage Fashion: Knitwear

The Book of Bags

By Marnie Fogg

30 Stylish Projects for Beautiful Sewn Bags

224 pages, 8½ x 107⁄8, hardcover

By Cheryl Owen

ISBN: 9781600597138 $35.00 $42.00 can

144 pages, 8½ x 10, paperback ISBN: 9781454703266 $18.95 $22.95 can November



By Joan Gordon

120 pages, 8¼ x 8¼, paperback with flaps ISBN: 9781861088765 $14.95 $17.95 can October

Simple Knits of Easy Living By Erika Knight

128 pages, 85⁄8 x 85⁄8, paperback ISBN: 9781843406327 $14.95 $17.95 can

NEW Earrings

By Tansy Wilson

120 pages, 8¼ x 8¼, paperback with flaps ISBN: 9781861088819 $14.95 $17.95 can October

NEW 60 More Quick Knits

20 Hats • 20 Scarves • 20 Mittens in Cascade 220® Sport

Man Crafts

Leather Tooling, Fly Tying, Ax Whittling, and Other Cool Things to Do

By The Editors of Popular Mechanics

A Sixth & Spring Book

176 pages, 8 x 9 paperback with flaps ISBN: 9781936096213 $17.95 $21.95 can November

176 pages, 5 x 71⁄8, paperback ISBN: 9781588167934 $9.95 $11.95 can


Knit Local

Celebrating America’s Homegrown Yarns

Stash Happy: Patchwork

By Tanis Gray

25 Sewing Projects for Fabric Lovers

176 pages, 8½ x 9, paperback with flaps ISBN: 9781936096183 $19.95 $23.95 can October

By Cynthia Shaffer

128 pages, 8½ x 10, paperback ISBN: 9781600596124 $16.95 $19.95 can

NEW Stash Happy: Felt

30 Fun Projects for Felt (and Fabric) Lovers

By Amanda Carestio

128 pages, 8½ x 10, paperback ISBN: 9781600599255 $16.95 $19.95 can October

60 Quick Baby Knits

Blankets, Booties, Sweaters & More in Cascade 220™ Superwash

A Sixth & Spring Book

176 pages, 8 x 9, paperback with flaps ISBN: 9781936096138 $17.95 $21.95 can | 7


Pots to Knit & Crochet By Gina Alton

156 pages, 8¼ x 8¼, paperback ISBN: 9781861088055 $14.95 $17.95 can October

Lark Studio Series: Ceramic Sculptures A Lark Book


204 pages, 5 x 5, flexibound paperback ISBN: 9781454700845 $12.95 $14.95 can

Mug Hugs

By Alison Howard 156 pages, 8¼ x 8¼, paperback ISBN: 9781861086907 $14.95 $17.95 can

Lark Studio Series: Earrings A Lark Book

204 pages, 5 x 5, flexibound paperback ISBN: 9781454700869 $12.95 $14.95 can


By Lan-Anh Bui & Josephine Wan 156 pages, 8¼ x 8¼, paperback ISBN: 9781861086747 $14.95 $17.95 can

Lark Studio Series: Handmade Dolls A Lark Book

204 pages, 5 x 5, flexibound paperback ISBN: 9781454700838 $12.95 $14.95 can

Crochet Inspiration By Sasha Kagan

256 pages, 9 x 11¼, paperback with flaps ISBN: 9781936096091 $19.95 $25.95 can

Lark Studio Series: Tables A Lark Book

204 pages, 5 x 5, flexibound paperback ISBN: 9781454700852 $12.95 $14.95 can


Techniques • Stitches • Patterns

By Marie-Noëlle Bayard 224 pages, 81⁄8 x 105⁄8, flexibound ISBN: 9781936096145 $19.95 $23.95 can

Lark Studio Series: Handmade Books Ray Hemachandra

Craft Hope

Handmade Crafts for a Cause

By Jade Sims 144 pages, 8½ x 9, flexibound ISBN: 9781600596247 $17.95 $23.50 can

8 |

204 pages, 5 x 5, flexibound paperback ISBN: 9781600596827 $12.95 $14.95 can


Cocktail Napkin Origami

Mini Origami on the Flip Side Origami with Dollar Bills

By Jonathan Adler projects by Duy Nguyen

By Duy Nguyen

By Duy Nguyen

It’s happy hour for crafters! Pretty, colorful, and perfectly sized for folding, the humble cocktail napkin can easily become a beautiful origami figure. Duy Nguyen—a bestselling author and master of this Japanese art—has designed 25 fun projects to use as party favors, decorations, or gifts. 128 pages, 8 x 8, flexibound.

Mini figures . . . maxi fun! More than 90 brand new bite-sized projects by origami expert Duy Nguyen include a full chess set and board, a fighter jet, a jack-o’-lantern, and more. Colorful origami paper is right in the book. Whatever your mind can dream, your fingers can fashion. 400 pages, 6 x 6, hardcover.

Why spend your bucks buying origami paper—when the money itself can be the paper? The clever projects, which range from a Jedi to a horseshoe crab, an American Eagle to an Oriental dragon, are absolutely fantastic. 80 pages, 8 x 4, hardcover with concealed wire-o.

ISBN: 9781402780387 $9.95 $11.95 can August

ISBN: 9781402775109 $12.95 $14.95 can

15 Fabulous Projects

Origami has never been more colorful, chic, and charming! This delightful collection of whimsical origami animals, from paper craft wizard Duy Nguyen and designer extraordinaire Jonathan Adler, is inspired directly by Adler’s iconic menagerie of ceramic creatures. 80 pages, 7 x 9, kit. ISBN: 9781402780486 $14.95 $17.95 can

By Duy Nguyen

Elegant Origami Book & Gift Set

Lucky Origami Charms By Duy Nguyen

This gift-worthy kit includes everything needed to create 16 lucky symbols, ranging from a turtle (which represents long life) to a butterfly that stands for love and a Koi fish that signifies perseverance. Includes 50 sheets of origami paper, glitter, gold string, gift bags, and a completed project. 96 pages plus components, 95⁄16 x 8½, kit.

By Duy Nguyen

The art of origami comes alive with this special gift set, which provides everything a crafter need. Open it up to find a fully illustrated book with both basic and advanced geo-gami projects; a toolset; a gridded work area mat; and best of all, 60 sheets of origami paper. 80 pages plus components, 103⁄8 x 91⁄8, kit. ISBN: 9781402769313 $19.95 $25.95 can


ISBN: 9781402726309 $5.95 $6.50 can

Crafts: Paper Planes & Origami

Happy Chic Origami

ISBN: 9781402766503 $12.95 $14.95 can

NEW Paper Airplanes With Dollar Bills

Another Way to Throw Your Money Away

By Duy Nguyen 80 pages, 8 x 4, hardcover with concealed spiral binding. ISBN: 9781402729409 $5.95 $6.50 can

Awesome Paper Airplanes

Zooming Paper Airplanes

This high-flying kit provides everything you need to fold your own squadron of paper planes. Easy-to-follow instructions feature detailed photos of the finished aircraft, plus folding diagrams and hints for adjusting flight characteristics. The kit includes instructions for creating 38 sensational paper airplanes. 128 pages plus components, 6½ x 8½, kit.

Budding aeronautical engineers will get their careers off to a zooming start with this high-flying kit. As readers fold the 10 airplane designs, they’ll be introduced to the concepts of lift, drag, and angle of attack. Includes: 40 sheets of paper, a book with step-by-step instructions, and a completed paper airplane! 80 pages plus components, 8¼ x 10¼, kit.

ISBN: 9781435122529 $9.95 ncr September

ISBN: 9781402766206 $9.95 $11.95 can September

By Duy Nguyen

Micro Flyers

Create Soaring, Gliding & High-Flying Tiny Paper Airplanes

By Duy Nguyen

By Gary D. Breiwick

Tricks with Dollar Bills

Another Way to Make Your Money Disappear

By Robert Mandelberg 80 pages, 8 x 4, hardcover with concealed spiral binding. ISBN: 9781402738562 $5.95 $6.50 can

This fun and cute gift set will fly right out of bookstores! Micro Flyers contains an instruction-packed paperback along with 24 reusable cards with templates for the planes, 50 sheets of designed paper, and one completed plane that’s visible through a die-cut window in the box. 52 pages plus components, 7 x 9, kit. ISBN: 9781402774324 $10.95 $12.95 can | 9


Windows on the World Complete Wine Course 25th Anniversary Edition

By Kevin Zraly

Let’s pop a cork and drink a toast to America’s very best, most popular wine course! Windows on the World Complete Wine Course is celebrating its silver anniversary, and this classic volume now has new, updated material that wine lovers will savor. For this new edition, Kevin traveled to eighty wine regions in twenty countries, tasting more than 4,000 wines and meeting 500 winemaking professionals. 352 pages, 8½ x 9¼, hardcover.

Wine Accessories: Bottle Stopper

Wine Accessories: Cork Screw

Wine Accessories: Charm Set

ISBN: 9781607361831 $9.95 ncr

ISBN: 9781607360285 $12.95 ncr

ISBN: 9781607361824 $18.95 ncr

Kevin Zraly’s Windows on the World Wine Journal 192 pages, 10 x 8, hardcover ISBN 9781402768378 $14.95 $19.50 can



The PDT Cocktail Book

Oz Clarke’s Pocket Wine Book 2012

The Complete Bartender’s Guide from the Celebrated Speakeasy

By Jim Meehan Illustrations by Chris Gall Beautifully illustrated, beautifully designed, and beautifully crafted this is the ultimate bar book by NYC’s most meticulous bartender. PDT is a unique bar that recalls the era of hidden Prohibition speakeasie. Now, Meehan, PDT’s innovative mixmaster, is revolutionizing bar books, offering all 304 cocktail recipes available at PDT plus behind-thescenes secrets. From his bar design, tools, and equipment to his techniques, food, and spirits, it’s all featured inside! 368 pages, 53⁄8 x 8¼, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402779237 $24.95 $29.95 can November

10 |

A Glass Half Full

By Oz Clarke

The 20th edition of Oz Clarke’s classic Pocket Wine Book has more information, more recommendations, more sheer facts, passion, and opinion than any other comparable guide. Meticulously updated for 2012, and designed for optimum browsing, it includes a country-by-country index to over 4000 of the world’s top wine producers, detailed vintage charts, maps, illustrations of labels and bottles, and more. 360 pages, 3¾ x 7½, hardcover. ISBN: 9781862059191 $14.95 $17.95 can September

A Cellar Master’s Journey Through Wine and Life


Culinary: Wine & Spirits

ISBN: 9781402767678 $27.95 $35.95 can September

By Kevin Zraly

256 pages, 5½ x 8¼, hardcover novel ISBN: 9781402789601 $19.95 $23.95 can November


Brewed Awakening

World’s Best Beers

By Joshua M. Bernstein

By Ben McFarland

There’s a revolution brewing among craft beer makers: They’re reviving long-forgotten recipes, dosing brews with wild yeasts to create new flavors, and using organic grains and hops to forge a delicious new frontier of beer. Bernstein, former writer and one of the world’s foremost beer experts,covers all of today’s top trends, including high-alcohol, bourbon barrel-aged, cask-conditioned, and even gluten-free beers. 304 pages, 5½ x 8¼, hardcover.

This extensive exploration of the 1,000 tastiest brews on earth is not your average guidebook—it’s a complete look into the history, production, and flavor of every beer worth drinking. “Brewery Profiles” take you country-by-country to the finest breweries in the world and provide fun facts, stats, and anecdotes. 288 pages, 8¼ x 10¼, hardcover.

Behind the Beers and Brewers Leading the World’s Craft Brewing Revolution

ISBN: 9781402778643 $24.95 $29.95 can November

One Thousand Craft Brews from Cask to Glass

ISBN: 9781402766947 $29.95 $38.95 can

Candy Shots

150 Decadent, Delicious Drinks for Your Sweet Tooth

By Paul Knorr Swedish Fish. Strawberry Cheesecake. Candy Cane. No, we’re not talking about food; these treats are cocktails! The hottest drinks at the bar are sweet concoctions, and here’s a hip, authoritative guide to shots, shooters, and slammers that taste like today’s most popular candies and desserts. Easy to use and loaded with photos, this lip-smacking collection will indulge your sweet tooth and unleash your wild side. 160 pages, 53⁄8 x 6, paperback.


Barrels and Drams

The History of Whisk(e)y in Jiggers and Shots

By William M. Dowd Whiskey is one of the world’s great spirits— distilled, sipped, and dissected for centuries, and still thoroughly enjoyed today. Follow veteran journalist and spirits authority William Dowd down the worldwide whiskey trail with this outstanding collection of articles on the intricacies of whiskey making, whiskey history and its foremost producers. 232 pages, 5½ x 7½, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402778650 $18.95 $22.95 can October

ISBN: 9781402771255 $12.95 $14.95 can

Also Available: Playboy Book of Shots

ISBN: 9781844839452 $19.95 $23.95 can

ISBN: 9781402769542 $14.95 $17.95 can

Moonshine Cosmo’s Official Cocktail Book The Sexiest Drinks for Every Occasion

By The Editors of Cosmopolitan

Because nothing’s hotter than a girl who can whip up a killer drink, here’s a bar-full of cocktail recipes served up Cosmo style: colorful, sexy, and luscious. This tasty collection features dozens of the magazine’s most delicious and easy-to-make drinks, organized by mood or occasion. 160 pages, 5 x 7, hardcover with concealed wire-o. ISBN: 9781588168870 $17.95 $21.95 can

Recipes • Tall Tales • Drinking Songs • Historical Stuff • Knee-Slappers • How to Make It • How to Drink It • Pleasin’ the Law • Recoverin’ the Next Day

By Matthew B. Rowley Take a trip through moonshining’s past and get in on the fun with how-to instructions that take into account all legal regulations and requirements before covering ingredients, building a still, basic distilling techniques, and dozens of recipes, all adapted for the beginner. 176 pages, 8 x 9, paperback. ISBN: 9781579906481 $14.95 $17.95 can

Culinary: Wine & Spirits

Also Available: Whiskies of Scotland

The Punch Bowl

75 Recipes Spanning Four Centuries of Wanton Revelry

By Dan Searing This unique guide showcases 75 irresistible punch recipes: 50 vintage classics and 25 from today’s most accomplished bartenders. From Scorpion Punch to Rocky Mountain Punch, these single-bowl concoctions are perfect for any party, whether a casual gathering or elegant soirée. Featuring gorgeous photos of vintage bowls, glasses, and ladles, this fascinating cocktail companion also recounts the history of punch. 192 pages, 6 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402785825 $14.95 $17.95 can


Mix and Enjoy More Than 70 Fabulous Margaritas and Tequila-Based Cocktails

By Henry Besant & Andres Masso Photography by William Lingwood

10,000 Drinks

How to Turn Your Basement Into the Most Happening Bar in Town!

By Paul Knorr Martinis, cocktails, shots and shooters, hot drinks and coolers, mind-erasers, and even luscious alcohol-free libations: with this hugely delicious collection, anyone can become a mix-master par excellence! The 10,000 tempting recipes feature everything from champagne- and winebased drinks to beer, liquor-infused coffees, and iced-teas.1120 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402742873 $19.95 $25.95 can

Complete Home Bartender’s Guide 780 Recipes for the Perfect Drink

By Salvatore Calabrese

Tequila, triple sec, and lime: it sounds like such a simple combination, but a Margarita is more than just an ordinary drink. Sweet, sour, and salty, fiery yet sophisticated, it’s the queen of cocktails and the height of fabulous fun. That’s why Margaritas have become so wildly popular— and however you take it, your blend’s right here. 120 pages, 6½ x 9¼, paperback.

This is the one home bar guide you’ll need—it has every drink you’ll ever be asked for. See how to set up a bar, choose the right glass, plan the perfect party, and add a special, finishing touch with garnishes. Whether it’s a Black Russian or a Caipirinha, you’ll mix cocktails like a professional. 256 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover with concealed spiral binding.

ISBN: 9781844836185 $14.95 $15.95 can

ISBN: 9780806985114 $14.95 $17.95 can | 11

The Beekman 1802 Cookbook



Heirloom fruits & vegetables, & more than 100 heritage recipes to inspire every generation

French Brasserie Cookbook The Heart of French Home Cooking

By Daniel Galmiche In his brilliant cookbook debut, awardwinning chef Daniel Galmiche serves up a superb collection of 100 brasserie recipes executed with a modern Mediterranean twist. These irresistible dishes all showcase the classic principles of brasserie cooking—regional recipes, local ingredients, and homey, comforting flavors. Bon appétit! 208 pages, 7½ x 10½, hardcover

By Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell with Sandy Gluck The Beekman Boys have created a gorgeous cookbook that is “heirloom” in every sense of the word: they showcase heirloom fruits and vegetables; offer delicious heirloom recipes from farm, family, and friends; and include a section in the back of each chapter so you can personalize the book with your own treasured recipes—and create a unique keepsake to hand down to your family. 192 pages, 8 x 9, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781844839971 $35.00 $42.00 can September


ISBN: 9781402787096 $25.00 $30.00 can October

The Connoisseur’s Guide to Meat

Cristina Ferrare’s Big Bowl of Love

By Jennie Milsom

Delight Family and Friends with More than 150 Simple, Fabulous Recipes

From sumptuous steaks to braises and stews, this guide is a carnivore’s delight. Gourmets will appreciate the book’s comprehensive information about when, where, and how to buy meat; how to tell if it’s fresh, and how to prepare, cook, carve, and serve to its best advantage. A visual directory showcases each cut and comments on flavor, preparation, and cost rounds out this indispensable culinary reference. 256 pages, 5½ x 7¼, hardcover.

By Cristina Ferrare For Cristina Ferrare, “family, cooking, food, and bringing people together [are] a passion.” That same irrepressible enthusiasm infuses A Big Bowl of Love, Ferrare’s collection of more than 150 recipes for everyday meals and celebrations. Each dish has been tested, enjoyed, and cherished by Cristina’s family and the viewers of Cooking with Cristina—a series of cooking segments on the OWN network. 304 pages, 8 x 10, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781402770500 $24.95 $31.95 can

ISBN: 9781402786440 $30.00 $36.00 can

Edible Brooklyn


NEW Mediterranean Cuisine

By Rachel Wharton

Secrets from Coastal Italian Kitchens

By The Academia Barilla

Brooklyn, New York, is a down-to-earth, unsnobby feast for foodies—and Edible Brooklyn Cookbook captures that same fun vibe. Part travel guide, part recipe collection, part great read, this volume is the first in a series of four Edible cookbooks—and it offers a deliciously up close and personal view of one of American’s most exciting food fests. 168 pages, 8 x 9, hardcover.

From Academia Barilla, the first international center dedicated to the promotion of Italian gastronomy, comes this lavishly illustrated guide to Mediterranean cuisine. Featuring 120 delicious, healthful recipes including all types of “Italian style” dishes. 304 pages, 9¼ x 13¾, hardcover. ISBN: 9788854406056 $40.00 $48.00 can October

ISBN: 9781402785542 $18.95 $22.95 can October

For Cod and Country

Simple, Delicious, Sustainable Cooking

By Barton Seaver Even though there are hundreds of types of fish for sale, most chefs know only a few varieties. That’s where Barton Seaver comes in with his unique approach: By combining all manner of fish with loads of fresh vegetables, he fosters sustainability both in the sea and on the farm. Organized by season along with inventive ideas for preparation and seasonings. 304 pages, 9 x 9, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402777752 $30.00 $36.00 can

12 |


Signature Dishes from Around the World

By Paolo Paci and Roberto Mottadelli This culinary around-the-world cruise, with savory stopovers in over 60 countries on five continents, serves up 120 recipes that showcase some of the most exotic and satisfying gustatory experiences ever devised. More than just a collection of fabulous, flavorful meals and 130 mouthwatering photographs. 272 pages, 8½ x 114⁄5, hardcover. ISBN: 9788854406087 $24.95 $29.95 can September


Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen

The Good Housekeeping Cookbook

Essential Recipes for Every Home Cook

Here is the first ring-binder cookbook from the famed Good Housekeeping test kitchens—where every dish is triple-tested for ease, reliability, and great taste. These 375 delicious recipes, specially selected by the test kitchen as any home cook’s essential go-to collection, are paired with irresistible color photographs and the magazine’s unmatched kitchen know-how. 690 pages, 6½ x 9½, binder format with 16 color tabs.

By Susan Westmoreland In honor of the magazine’s 125th anniversary, here is the revised and expanded edition of Good Housekeeping’s trusty cook’s companion! Filled with 1,275 delicious recipes, this indispensable kitchen reference also offers dependable information on cooking techniques, tools, ingredients, food handling, and nutrition. 752 pages, 8½ x 95⁄8, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781588169051 $29.95 $35.95 can October

ISBN: 9781588168139 $35.00 $42.00 can

Good Housekeeping Comfort Food

Scrumptious Classics Made Easy

160 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover with concealed spiral binding ISBN: 9781588168849 $14.95 $17.95 can October

Classic Home Cooking

300 Traditional Recipes for Every Day 3

368 pages, 7 ⁄8 x 9¼, paperback ISBN: 9781588167859 $19.95 $25.95 can

Fast Weekend Favorites 100 Simply Delicious Meals in 30 Minutes or Less

288 pages, 73⁄8 x 9¼, hardcover ISBN: 9781588167194 $24.95 $26.95 can

Kids in the Kitchen Kit By Micah Pulleyn

Getting children into the kitchen has never been easier, thanks to this all-inclusive and fun gift set! With this recipe book and an array of awesome supplies such as a rolling pin, whisk, wooden spoon, measuring spoons, chef’s hat, and denim apron, budding chefs will have everything they need to cook up a storm. They can prepare up to 30 delicious, fun and healthy recipes that taste great and look terrific. 48 pages plus components, 11 x 9, kit, Ages 3+. ISBN: 9781402742101 $14.98 $19.50 can


By the Editors of Good Housekeeping

1,275 Recipes from America’s Favorite Test Kitchen

NEW Pasta

160 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover with concealed spiral binding ISBN: 9781588168757 $14.95 $17.95 can

Great Potluck Cookbook 176 pages, 5 x 7, hardcover with concealed spiral binding ISBN: 9781588168276 $12.95 $14.95 can

Budget Dinners

176 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover with concealed spiral binding ISBN: 9781588168122 $14.95 $19.50 can


304 pages, 73⁄8 x 9¼, hardcover ISBN: 9781588167149 $24.95 $29.95 can | 13

HOMEMADE LIVING: Ashley English gives you the know-how to create traditional treasures. Projects and recipes are included in each book. 136 pages, 8 x 9, hardcover. • $19.95 $25.95 can

Home Dairy with Ashley English

Canning & Preserving with Ashley English

ISBN: 9781600596278

ISBN: 9781600594915


All You Need to Know to Make Cheese, Yogurt, Butter & More

All You Need to Know to Make Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Chutneys & More

ISBN: 9781600598982 $24.95 $29.95 can October

ISBN: 9781588168665 $19.95 $25.95 can

Single Subject Cooking

ISBN: 9781402744686 $14.95 $15.95 can


More Than 70 Delicious Recipes

By Sarina Jacobson 128 pages, 7½ x 7½, paperback ISBN: 9781402755514 $14.95 $19.50 can



By Avner Laskin

By Avner Laskin

128 pages, 7½ x 7½, paperback

128 pages, 7½ x 7½, paperback

ISBN: 9781402755491 $14.95 $19.50 can

ISBN: 9781402744693 $14.95 $19.50 can



More Than 70 Delicious Recipes

And 65 Other Delicious & Healthy Chickpea Recipes

By Avner Laskin 128 pages, 7½ x 7½, paperback ISBN: 9781402733659 $14.95 $19.50 can

14 |

Where Woman Cook: Celebrate!

Based on the Where Women Cook magazine, this unique book profiles 28 extraordinary women who share their passion for cooking and entertaining. Every meal they make and share is a celebration, and each photo-rich profile offers a peek into their cooking environment, favorite recipes (more than 60 of them), and tips on how to turn every moment festive, whether it’s a holiday party or a family dinner. 176 pages, 8½ x 10, hardcover.

Meet The Farm Chicks! They’ve established an annual antiques fair, created a line of accessories, and become contributing editors at Country Living. Now, the pair has written their first book, which tells their inspiring story while also serving up 50 simple and tasty recipes. Interspersed throughout are 19 easy craft projects. 144 pages, 9 x 9, paperback.

128 pages, 7½ x 7½, paperback

ISBN: 9781600594908

ISBN: 9781600596261

By Jo Packham & The Publishers of Somerset Studio

By Teri Edwards & Serena Thompson

By Avner Laskin

By Ashley English

All You Need to Know to Care for a Happy, Healthy Flock

Extraordinary Women & Their Signature Recipes

Live Well, Laugh Often, Cook Much

More Than 70 Delicious and Healthy Recipes

Keeping Chickens:

All You Need to Know to Tend Hives, Harvest Honey & More


The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen


Keeping Bees

More Than 75 Delicious Recipes

More than 65 Delicious & Healthy Recipes

By Avner Laskin 128 pages, 7½ x 7½, paperback ISBN: 9781402749377 $14.95 $15.95 can

The Little Book of Pies & Tarts

The Great Bake Sale Cookbook 75 Sure-Fire Fund-Raising Favorites

From the Editors of Good Housekeeping

50 Easy Homemade Favorites to Bake & Share

Good Housekeeping comes to the rescue with 75 tasty favorites for sure-fire fundraising success. From cupcakes to brownies, jumbo cookies to spiced nuts, these tripletested recipes have been specially selected for this collection. You’ll find long-time favorites and fresh new ideas—all easy to make and easy to portion and package for sale. 192 page, 5 x 7, hardcover with concealed spiral binding.

From The Editors of Country Living Nothing says “home sweet home” like the aroma of a freshly baked pie. Now it’s easy to bring that sweetness into your kitchen! From basic ingredients and tools to essential techniques, this magnificent little cookbook explains everything needed to make perfect pies and tarts with ease. Rolling, shaping, and baking piecrusts will be a joy with the 50 foolproof recipes. 144 page, 5 x 7, hardcover with concealed spiral binding.

ISBN: 9781588167873 $12.95 $14.95 can

ISBN: 9781588168566 $12.95 $14.95 can



Sweet Confections

Beautiful Candy to Make at Home Handmade candies are enjoying a boom in popularity, and this wonderful how-to will help home chefs of all levels create the most delectable treats around. Using basic techniques, tools, and ingredients, professional chocolatier Nina Wanat guides readers on a friendly, informative tour through the accessible intricacies of candymaking with 40 delicious recipes. 144 pages, 8½ x 10, paperback.

Celebrating a Southern Tradition

By Jodi Rhoden In the south, cake ladies are the ones with the skills and heart to bring a little sweetness to life’s big moments—potlucks, christenings, weddings, funerals—and their communities treasure and depend upon them. Modern-day cake lady Jodi Rhoden shines a spotlight on this great tradition with profiles of 15 diverse southeastern women and their cakes! 144 pages, 9 x 9, flexibound paperback.

ISBN: 9781600599200 $17.95 $21.95 can September

ISBN: 9781600597893 $19.95 $23.95 can October

NEW The Great Christmas Cookie Swap Cookbook

The Cookie Jar

65 Recipes for Classic, Chunky & Chewy Cookies

60 Large-Batch Recipes to Bake and Share

From the Editors of Good Housekeeping

From the Editors of Good Housekeeping

From Thumbprint Jammies and Chocolate Chunk to Whole-Grain Gingersnaps and Triple-Nut Biscotti, these 65 treasured recipes guarantee you’ll have a something yummy in the kitchen for every occasion. Whether for after-school snacks, coffee breaks, holiday get-togethers, or midnight munchies, each of these triple-tested treats is guaranteed to come out perfectly. 128 pages plus recipe cards, 5 x 7, hardcover with concealed spiral binding.

Butterscotch Fingers, Chocolate Crinkles, Gingerbread Cut-Outs, Peppermint Meringues: all these Christmas cookies sound delectable, but nobody can bake dozens of recipes at the same time. The solution? A swap! All across America, families, neighbors, community, and church groups gather at Christmas cookie swaps, where each participant brings a large batch of his or her favorite recipe to share. 160 pages, 5 x 7, hardcover with concealed spiral binding.

$12.95 $14.95 can September

Alan Dunn’s Tropical & Exotic Flowers Cakes By Alan Dunn

Renowned sugarcrafter Alan Dunn shares the bold beauty of his tropical and exotic flowers. Each design includes easy-to-follow instructions for constructing and building flowers, foliage, and fruit, for creating full-blown bouquets, and for securing them atop the cake. An introduction covers all the basics, including necessary tools and materials, techniques, and recipes. 144 pages, 8½ x 10, hardcover. ISBN: 9781847738684 $24.95 $29.95 can September

Culinary: Baking & Sweets

By Nina Wanat

Cake Ladies

ISBN: 9781588167576 $12.95 $14.95 can



Perfect Party Cakes Made Easy Over 70 Fun-to-Decorate Cakes for All Occasions

By Carol Deacon Perfect Party Cakes Made Easy contains a huge range of novelty cakes for every occasion, from birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Here are over 70 designs for professional-looking party cakes, including plenty of children’s fun favorites, all easy to make and decorate. With instructional photographs, this delightful volume will keep bakers busy—and partygoers happy— for years. 192 pages, 8½ x 11, paperback . ISBN: 9781843304746 $17.95 $21.95 can November | 15

Cakes for Occasions


Green Market Baking Book

25 Special Cakes for Every Celebration

100 Delicious Recipes for Naturally Sweet & Savory Treats

By Ann Pickard

By Laura C. Martin

The arrival of the cake is the highlight of any party. Enter Master baker Ann Pickard, who shows you how to create over 25 cake designs in this fun and fabulous guide. Each technique is presented in detail and illustrated with delectable photographs, from making royal icing, to piping it and modeling sweet characters. 176 pages, 8¼ x 9¼, paperback.

Celebrity chefs from across America contribute their favorite recipes to this unique collection, which offers suggestions for delicious dairy- and gluten-free treats, along with vegan and low-fat variations. And every recipe has been tested and re-tested to perfection. 224 pages, 7½ x 9½, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402759970 $17.95 $21.95 can

ISBN: 9781861088260 $19.95 $23.95 can September

Culinary: Baking & Sweets

Seriously Naughty Cakes


Special Cupcakes By Wendy Sweetser

Step-by-Step Recipes for 38 Cheeky Cakes

Caribbean Mango and Palm Sugar, Coconut with Passion Fruit Icing, Peach Melba: These cupcakes are among the 50+ recipes that will bring joy to adults and children alike. A basics section covers essential equipment, techniques, and decorating tips. 144 pages, 7½ x 7½, hardcover. ISBN: 9781847738554 $14.95 $17.95 can

By Debbie Brown This fabulous collection of 38 cake decorations is definitely for adults only! Ranging from fast and easy projects like “Saucy Stockings” to elaborate molded designs such as the sexy “Centerfold” or the wickedly fun “Roly Poly Strip-o-gram,” these cakes will be the life of any party. 144 pages, 8½ x 11, paperback. ISBN: 9781845378875 $17.95 $21.95 can August

NEW Whoopies

Fabulous Mix-and-Match Recipes for Whoopie Pies

By Susanna Tee Whoopies—small treats with a Devil’s Food Cake exterior and a Marshmallow Crème center—are the perfect, luscious dessert. So how can you possibly improve on a classic? By adding a variety of fabulous flavors and toppings! This beautifully photographed cookbook offers twenty irresistible seasonal recipes with lots of variations. 96 pages, 8¼ x 8¼, paperback. ISBN: 9781402786471 $12.95 $14.95 can

The Artful of Cupcakes More Than 40 Festive Recipes

Crazy About We are crazy about our baked goods and we couldn’t keep it all contained in just one volume. These three books, all written by Krystina Castella, are great gifts for the specialty baker in your life.

Crazy About Cakes

304 pages, 8 x 9, paperback with flaps, 150 recipes ISBN: 9781402769146 $17.95 $21.95 can November

Crazy About Cupcakes

256 pages, 8 x 9, paperback, 300 recipes ISBN: 9781402719943 $17.95 $21.95 can

By Noga Hitron Chocolate and white batters, buttercream frosting, rolled fondant, and two variations of royal icing-these recipes show home cooks how to get bakeshop flavor right in their own kitchens. The 40-plus designs include such amazing treats as cupcakes topped with a fondant flower garden or with a sugary pacifier that’s perfect for a baby shower. 128 pages, 8 x 10, paperback with flaps. ISBN: 9781402759000 $17.95 $21.95 can

16 |

Crazy About Cookies

304 pages, 8 x 9, paperback with flaps, 300 recipes ISBN: 9781402769139 $17.95 $21.95 can



Clean Start

Simple Vegan

Vegan Holiday Kitchen

The New Sonoma Cookbook™

By Terry Walters

By The Editors of Good Housekeeping

By Nava Atlas

By Connie Guttersen RD, PhD

Cooks, foodies, and anyone in search of a healthy and sustainable approach to eating and living well are embracing Walters’ philosophy: eat minimally processed foods for maximum nutrition. With Clean Start, she makes it even easier for everyone to eat clean to eat with purpose, featuring 100 exciting new recipes. 176 pages, 8 x 9, hardcover.

Whether you’re embracing a vegan lifestyle, adding a few vegan dishes to your meal plan, or cooking for a guest, this book is your road map to delicious vegan food! From Pumpkin Waffles to Polenta with Spicy Eggplant Sauce to Deep Chocolate Cupcakes, this tasty collection offers 100 irresistible recipes. 160 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover with spiral binding.

Delicious, satisfying, and wholesome food that evokes the sundrenched flavors of California: that’s why The Sonoma Diet is so popular. The New Sonoma Cookbook has always celebrated California’s seasonal cuisine—and this updated edition is better than ever! It features new family meals, weight loss menus, food and wine pairings. 416 pages, 73⁄8 x 9¼, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781402779053 $25.00 $30.00 can

ISBN: 9781588168689 $14.95 $17.95 can

Have yourself a happy vegan holiday! This exciting, inviting cookbook by veteran author Nava Atlas brilliantly fills the biggest gap in the vegan repertoire with more than 200 delectable, completely doable recipes for every festive occasion. Atlas, one of the most respected names in vegetarian and vegan cooking, addresses holiday favorites and tips for celebratory meals. 256 pages, 8 x 9, hardcover.

Inspiring You to Eat Clean and Live Well with 100 New Clean Food Recipes

Delicious Meat-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes Every Family Will Love

More than 200 Delicious, Festive Recipes for Special Occasions throughout the Year

Healing Spices


By Bharat B. Aggarwal, PhD

By John Gregory-Smith

ISBN: 9781844839964 $24.95 $29.95 can October

ISBN: 9781402776632 $24.95 $29.95 can

Simply Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free


A gluten-free, dairy-free diet can be easy AND tasty! These 95 recipes are a musthave for anyone suffering from allergies and intolerances, and include such taboos as breads, cakes, pastas, pies, custard, and creams. 176 pages, 7½ x 9½, hardcover.

In this approachable, informative volume, Clarke explains how to properly nourish ourselves during each stage of life. Outlining what is going on in our bodies, which foods are best, and what beneficial effects we can expect from improving our diet. Quick, delicious, and simple recipes included. 256 pages, 7½ x 9¾, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781844839315 $19.95 $23.95 can

Mighty Spice

Bring a new dimension to your dishes with this culinary journey through the world of spice. With 100 inspiring recipes from the around the world. Twenty-five key spices are covered and recipes use no more than five at a time. 224 pages, 7½ x 9½, hardcover.

Aggarwal, the world’s foremost expert on the therapeutic use of culinary spices, takes an in-depth look at 50 different spices and their curative qualities, and offers spice “prescriptions”—categorized by health condition—to match the right spice to a specific ailment. 336 pages, 7 x 9, hardcover.

By Grace Cheetham

ISBN: 9781402781193 $22.95 $27.95 can September

Culinary: Healthy Eating

ISBN: 9781402780059 $24.95 $29.95 can November

Simple Recipes for a Healthy, More Delicious Way to Live

Delicious Goodness for Every Stage of Life

By Jane Clarke

ISBN: 9781843405771 $29.95 $35.95 can

Rose Elliot’s New Complete Vegetarian By Rose Elliot

As more people forego meat, vegetarian cookbooks are the ones “bringing home the bacon.”Now, the definitive collection from the “queen of vegetarian cooking” is available again in an exciting new edition. Complete with 1,000 mouthwatering dishes, this revamped vegetarian bible is a must-have in the kitchen. 400 pages, 7 x 10, hardcover.

New Vegetarian Kitchen By Nicola Graimes

Forget the same old beans, pasta, and veggie burgers-this is vegetarian food designed to thrill! Organized by preparation method, the 200 mouthwatering recipes here include Grilled Polenta wrapped in Red Pepper, Beetroot Carpaccio, and Chocolate Truffle Torte with Amaretto Cream. 240 pages, 7½ x 9½, hardcover. ISBN: 9781844839261 $24.95 $29.95 can

ISBN: 9781402778957 $30.00 $36.00 can | 17

Cottage Style



By Lisa Cregan

Now more than ever, you can give any home, anywhere that cozy cottage feel. This charming guide—updated, expanded, and redesigned, with additional text and photographs, and four brand-new house tours— features traditional takes and fresh twists on country style, ranging from a California bungalow furnished in flea market finds to a New York apartment straight out of the English countryside. The lavish photographs are as educational as they are inspirational: use them as models to copy in your home. 160 pages, 9 x 9¼, hardcover.

Want to change your home? Baffled by all the available design choices? House Beautiful helps you define your style—and get the look you love in every room. With advice and insider tips from dozens of designers, this entry in the magazine’s popular pocket guide series (which includes Colors for Your Home and Fabrics for Your Home) simplifies all your decorating decisions. A fun visual quiz helps you get started. 288 pages, 5 x 7, flexibound. ISBN: 9781588168832 $16.95 $19.95 can October

ISBN: 9781588168733 $24.95 $29.95 can September


Aged to Perfection

By Fiona and Keith Baker Richly illustrated with more than 250 photographs, Modern Furniture catalogs the passionate talents of international furniture designers and manufacturers from the 20th and 21st centuries. From the handmade vernacular styles of the Arts and Crafts Movement through today’s experimental work, this chronological journey focuses on more than 240 classics of modern furniture design. Modern Furniture is an accessible and authoritative celebration of over 100 years of the craft. 272 pages, 7 x 85⁄8, hardcover.

Design & Decorating

By Leslie Linsley Lavishly illustrated and inspirational, this guide reveals the secrets to adding old-world charm and character to any home-even newly constructed houses. From heirloom furniture to classic window treatments, ideas abound for creating a beautiful rustic effect. Add simple architectural details such as crown molding. Or try paint techniques like crackling, mosaics, and staining to keep a new house from seeming too new. Gorgeous photographs show what’s possible with a wide variety of homes. 192 pages, 8½ x 10, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781847328151 $34.95 NCR September

ISBN: 9781588167736 $24.95 $29.95 can

NEW By Susan Waggoner

Has life become a bundle of stress and mess? Top-selling author Susan Waggoner has the solution. This ingenious, fun-to-read illustrated guide—newly in paperback—offers tried-and-true household hints and practical solutions to everyday problems, from the “A-to-Z Guide to Food” to “The Tao of Laundry.” Whether it’s a noscrub trick to make bathroom faucets gleam or surefire advice on keeping your house harmonious with as little fuss as possible. 224 pages, 6 x 9, paperback with flaps. ISBN: 9781588168504 $14.95 $17.95 can September

The Handmade Home

75 Projects for Soaps, Candles, Picture Frames, Pillows, Wreaths & Scrapbooks

By The Editors of Country Living

Country Living knows that beautiful handcrafted accents are as essential to homesweet-home as a comfy cushion to sink into at the end of a long day. Whether it’s richly indulgent herbal soaps, vintage-inspired woven pillows, a keepsake family album, or beeswax tapers to illuminate a dinner party, the 75 projects in this varied collection will warm your heart … and give a personal touch to every room in the house. 224 pages, 8 x 9½ x paperback. ISBN: 9781588168283 $17.95 $21.95 can

18 |

Modern Furniture Classics From 1900 to Now

Adding Rustic Charm to Your Modern Home Inside & Out

Simple Country Wisdom

Style 101

400 Designer Secrets to a Beautiful Home

By Marie Proeller Hueston

Modern World Architecture Classic Buildings of Our Time

By Jonathan Glancey The brand new edition of this stunning volume covers the world’s leading architects and architectural styles from the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 1900s to the Postmodernism of today. Focusing on one landmark structure per page, it explores the esthetics and historical significance of 440 international masterworks, from the famed Chrysler Building and Fallingwater to Disney’s Concert Hall, the Sydney Opera House, and the Beijing International Airport. 480 pages, 7 x 85⁄8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781847327291 $39.95 NCR

Building Country Comforts Wisdom on Living a Sustainable, Back-to-Basics Life

By Robert Inwood and Christian Bruyère Perfect for today’s focus on green building techniques and self-reliance, this how-to guide has step-by-step building projects by non-professionals, along with their personal stories. Heartwarming and informative, this is for everyone seeking a more natural way of life. 146 pages, 8½ x 10, paperback with flaps. ISBN: 9781402757747 $19.95 $23.95 can


Colors for Your Home

Decorating with Books


1000 Sensational Makeovers

With special insider advice from top designers, plus a directory of actual paint swatches, this book is the most comprehensive and appealing color resource available today. 288 pages, 5 x 7, flexibound.

You know that a good book can transport you to another world. But did you realize that books can also transform your home? From grand bookcases in home libraries to casual stacks artfully arrayed on chairs, House Beautiful presents countless eyecatching ideas for displaying and arranging your hardcovers, paperbacks, encyclopedias. 144 pages, 8½ x 10, paperback with flaps.

By Lisa Cregan

By The Editors of House Beautiful

Filled with hundreds of decorating ideas that professional interior designers have used successfully in their own rooms, House Beautiful Blue explains how to showcase blue throughout a home and how to mix it with other colors and patterns. 272 pages, 5 x 7, hardcover.

Brimming with hundreds and hundreds of stunning photos, and a thousand inspiring ideas from House Beautiful,this lavish collection is packed with suggestions for every type of home renovation project. Whether you’re planning a large-scale transformation or doing a quick touch up, you’ll find terrific advice in easy-to-manage bite-size doses. 960 pages, 93⁄8 x 6¾, hardcover.

By The Editors of House Beautiful

ISBN: 9781588167392 $14.95 $19.50 can

ISBN 9781588167415, $16.95 $21.95 can

ISBN: 9781588168474 $19.95 $23.95 can December

350 Inspiring Ways to Decorate with Blue

ISBN: 9781588168238 $19.95 $23.95 can

Great Ideas to Create Your Ideal Home

ISBN: 9781588168894 $24.95 $29.95 can October

Happy Chic Accessorizing

Happy Chic Colors

Chic with humor and style—that’s Jonathan Adler’s way, and here he reveals the secrets of achieving his unique look. Organized by type of furniture (bed, bookshelf, dining table, dresser, table), Adler divulges all the tricks and tips needed to artfully arrange anything in one’s home. 132 pages, 7 x 9, hardcover.

No one has a happier sense of hue and pattern than Jonathan Adler! Inspiring readers to be fearless in their decorating choices, Adler guides us through color-drenched rooms, from True Blue to Champagne Sparkle. Every chapter is devoted to his thoughts on one color scheme. 144 pages, 7 x 9, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781402774300 $17.95 $21.95 can

ISBN: 9781402774317 $17.95 $21.95 can

By Jonathan Adler

By Jonathan Adler

Design & Decorating

Also Available: Fabrics for Your Home

By Marie Proeller Hueston

See page 9 for Jonathan Adler Happy Chic Origami

Ship Style

Modernism and Modernity at Sea in the 20th Century

By Philip Dawson and Bruce Peter Some of the most exciting works of 20thcentury architecture were born to sail the seas: luxury liners, cruise ships, ferries, and other passenger vessels that represented milestones in modernist style. Through extensive illustrations, including many previously unpublished photographs, this lavish volume examines their evolving design. 224 pages, 8¼ x 107⁄8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781844861279 $39.95 $47.95 can

At Home with Town & Country

Rediscovered Treasures

The French-Inspired Home

By Ellen Dyrop and Hanna Kristinsdóttir

At Home with Town & Country opens the doors to 30 distinctive dwellings, providing rare glimpses of lives being lived in sleek urban showplaces and luxurious rural retreats alike-and offering advice and inspiration for creating stylish, soul-sustaining spaces of your own. 384 pages, 9 x 11, hardcover.

Rediscovering and renewing old household objects that would otherwise be banished has never been so much fun! Use embroidery, decoupage, scrapbooking, and other techniques to transform old curios into beautiful decorative ornaments for every room in the home. 144 pages, 7¼ x 10½, paperback.

This irresistible volume-now in a new, sleek format—packages the charm of Kaari Meng’s wildly popular French General brand. It offers 40 easy design projects for the home and garden-from lavender sacheted to covered hangers-all showcased with gorgeous photography. 128 pages, 9 x 9, paperback.

By Sarah Medford

ISBN: 9781588166975 $60.00 $72.00 can

A New Life for Old Objects

ISBN: 9781847738141 $15.95 $18.95 can

By Kaari Meng

ISBN: 9781600596773 $17.95 $21.95 can | 19


Designing an Herb Garden


By Beth Hanson

Focusing on elegant designs for herb gardens, it features 9 essays by the most well-respected experts in the field; each one has a color spread by Steve Buchanan showing a 3-dimensional garden plan, plus an explanation of that plan and a mini-encyclopedia of about 12 herbs.120 pages, 6 x 9, paperback. ISBN: 9781889538631 $9.95 $14.95 can

Edible Wild Plants

A North American Field Guide to Over 200 Natural Foods

By Thomas S. Elias and Peter A. Dykeman This must-have field guide now features a fresh new cover, as well as nearly 400 color photos and detailed information on more than 200 species of edible plants all across North America. 288 pages, 55⁄16 x 8¼, paperback.

The Orchid Expert

The Bonsai Handbook

Written by the world’s foremost gardening authority, and jampacked with the most up-to-date information, the Expert collections offer techniques, full-color photos throughout, and plenty of thumbnails and diagrams. 128 pages, 7¼ x 9½, paperback.

The exquisite art of bonsai is beautifully explained in this authoritative, practical handbook, which takes readers from a first foray into the world of miniature trees to a level of considerable expertise. 160 pages, 8½ x 11, paperback.

ISBN: 9780903505673 $14.95 $15.95 can

ISBN: 9781847739308 $17.95 $21.95 can August

By Dr. D.G. Hessayon

ISBN: 9781402767159 $19.95 $23.95 can

The Organic Fruit and Vegetable Gardener’s Year

The Organic Vegetable Gardener

By Graham Clarke

176 pages, 7¼ X 93⁄4, paperback ISBN: 9781861088161 $17.95 $21.95 can August

A Seasonal Guide to Growing What You Eat 176 pages, 7¼ x 9¾, paperback ISBN: 9781861085665 $17.95 $23.50 can

The Organic Fruit Gardener By Yvonne Cuthbertson

176 pages, 7¼ x 9¾, paperback ISBN: 9781861088215 $17.95 $21.95 can August

Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden By John & Maureen Tampion

176 pages, 7¼ X 93⁄4, paperback ISBN: 9781861088567 $17.95 $21.95 can September

The Organic Herb Gardener By Graham Clarke

176 pages, 7¼ X 93⁄4, paperback ISBN: 9781861086839 $17.95 $21.95 can

20 |

By David Prescott


The Garden to Kitchen Expert

By Judith Wills & Dr. D.G. Hessayon Nothing is more delicious than food grown at home. Now, The Garden to Kitchen Expert completes the story, explaining how to prepare all the nutritious produce you have grown for the table. 256 pages, 7¼ x 9½, paperback. ISBN: 9780903505925 $19.95 $23.95 can August


By Yvonne Cuthbertson


Paths, Patios & Decking By Paul Wagland

168 pages, 7¼ X 93⁄4, paperback ISBN: 9781861088871 $17.95 $21.95 can September





Tattoo Johnny

A Pop-Up Set

3,000 Tattoo Designs

By Sam Ita

By David Bollt

From Sam Ita comes a playful and beautiful new creation: a complete, standard-size chess set. Made of durable cardstock, the already-assembled and magnetized pieces “pop” easily into place when the folds are opened. This totally innovative kit comes with an instructional book that explains the basic rules of the game and offers tips for more advanced players. 48 pages plus components, 111⁄5 x 11, kit.

Culled from the world’s leading tattoo Web site, this in-depth resource offers more than 1,000 designs in a wide range of styles, all by renowned artists: angels, devils, flowers, pirates, pin-ups, religious images, stars, zodiac signs, and more. 352 pages, 7 x 7, paperback. ISBN: 9781402768507 $14.95 $17.95 can

ISBN: 9781402758669 $39.95 $47.95 can October

Wise Owl

The Ancient Symbol of Wisdom

By Ross Berger


Learn all about these captivating birds in the Wise Owl. Inside, you’ll discover mythology and folklore about these intelligent creatures and get a look at how they’re represented in the media and pop culture. This kit also includes a 23⁄4 inch resin owl and tons of fun facts like this. 48 pages, 3¼ x 6, kit.


Learn to Throw Like a Pro

By Susan Horn This kit includes not only a regulation-size boomerang for right-handed throwers, but also an instruction book that provides a close-up look at how this ancient hunting tool works and its amazing history—as well as information about how to get involved in the boomerang community. 48 pages plus components, 8 x 8, kit.

ISBN: 9781402766428 $10.95 $14.50 can

ISBN: 9781402780202 $14.95 $17.95 can October

Handy Box of Knots By Randy Penn


Paper Zoo

All the ins and outs of knot tying—in one convenient kit! Whether you’re fishing, boating, camping, or simply need to secure a bundle of magazines, a little practical knowledge about knots goes a long way. 288 pages plus rope, 43⁄4 x 71⁄8, kit.

15 Easy-to-Make, Cute Animals

By Monkey Design By simply punching out a card, folding a few flaps, and adding a dab of glue, you can create some of the cutest critters ever seen! The absolutely adorable Paper Zoo kit features 15 cards with one animal each and an instruction booklet with bios on each captivating creature—including a doe-eyed fawn, a goldfish named Pinky, a spotted dog, a winged pig, a fire-breathing dinosaur, and more! 32 pages plus components, 7 x 9, kit, Ages 8+. ISBN: 9781402780493 $12.95 $14.95 can September


Useful Knots for Every Situation, Indoors and Out

ISBN: 9781435106253 $8.95 $11.50 can


The Exquisite Butterfly Companion

The Science and Beauty of 100 Butterflies

ISBN: 9781435123021 $14.95 $17.95 can October

By Hazel Davies

ISBN: 9781402778759 $14.95 $17.95 can September

See page 9 for our great paper airplane and origami kits

Translated by Raymond O. Faulkner This special edition comes packaged in a stunning embossed gift box along with a collectible scarab—a symbol of resurrection. The book features hundreds of photos of jewelry, tomb paintings, amulets, papyrus scrolls, and other artwork that will delight the eye as well as the mind. 224 pages plus components, 83⁄4 X 71⁄8, kit.


This exquisite set, created with the American Museum of Natural History, is the perfect gift for lovers of Lepidoptera! Tucked inside a case with an organza ribbon closure, you’ll find a field guide with information on 100 species of butterfly and moth, plus an envelope with 100 sheets of paper, each featuring a perforated, full-color picture from the book. 88 pages, 7¼ x 7¼, flexibound kit.

Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead


Hot Stone Massage By Alison Trulock

Hot stone massage is a unique variant of massage therapy employing heated stones to release physical tension. This hands-on kit contains everything a beginner needs to reap the benefits of this rejuvenating practice at home. 64 pages plus components, 9¼ x 9¼, kit. ISBN: 9781402771354 $15.95 $18.95 can October | 21

Math Book


From Pythagoras to the 57th Dimension, 250 Milestones in the History of Mathematics

Physics Book

From the Big Bang to Quantum Resurrection, 250 Milestones in the History of Physics

By Clifford A. Pickover

By Clifford A. Pickover

Math’s infinite mysteries and beauty unfold in this follow-up to the best-selling The Science Book. Among the numerous delights readers will learn about as they dip into this inviting anthology: cicada-generated prime numbers, magic squares, the discovery of pi and calculus, and the butterfly effect. Each topic gets a lavishly illustrated spread, along with formulas and concepts, fascinating facts about scientists’ lives, and real-world applications of the theorems. 528 pages, 75⁄16 x 87⁄16, hardcover.

In addition to exploring such engaging topics as dark energy, parallel universes, the Doppler effect, and the God particle, the book’s timeline extends back billions of years to the hypothetical Big Bang and forward trillions of years to a time of “quantum resurrection.” The Physics Book helps readers gain an understanding of major concepts without getting bogged down in complex details. 528 pages, 75⁄16 x 87⁄16, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402778612 $29.95 $35.95 can November

ISBN: 9781402757969 $29.95 $38.95 can

NEW Driven to Extinction

On the Origin of Species

The Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity

The Illustrated Edition

By Charles Darwin

By Richard Pearson

This richly illustrated edition of Charles Darwin’s paradigm-shattering master piece brings Darwin’s life and controversial theories into full view. Featuring more than 300 illustrations, including paintings, personal photographs, botanical and zoological studies, and newspaper engravings. 560 pages, 9 x 10, paperback.

Written by a leading scientist in the field, Driven to Extinction draws upon fascinating case studies from around the world, providing balanced and well-reasoned insight into the potential impacts of climate change on the diversity of life. Richard Pearson focuses on the science of the issue, revealing what has happened to some of the world’s weirdest and most wonderful species. 264 pages, 5½ x 8½, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781402789595 $24.95 $29.95 can October

Nature & Science

ISBN: 9781402772238 $22.95 $27.95 can

Beekeeping A Seasonal Guide

By Ron Brown From the stirrings of spring and summer swarms to autumn honey harvest and winter protection, this essential resource guides both the aspiring and experienced beekeeper through every season of the bee-keeping year. The book is also packed with practical tips on using beeswax and, of course, making honey. 192 pages, 6 x 87⁄8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781906388973 $19.95 $23.95 can


Birds of America By John James Audubon

John James Audubon’s paintings and descriptions of the birds of North America remain the gold standard against which all ornithological portraits are judged. His landmark work, Birds of America (1838), consisted of 435 life-size prints that were published in batches of five over the course of thirteen years. 448 pages, 10 x 15, hardcover with slipcase. ISBN: 9781402789472 $80.00 ncr October


The Perfect Storm

By Jack Challoner

Ocean storms are the most overwhelming and intoxicating aspects of nature—a relentless force that’s life itself, pure energy and movement. Through extreme photographs shot by an intrepid artist in dangerous conditions, this volume captures the power of the sea during a tempest, with sailors caught in its vortex, pitted against nature. 208 pages, 11¼ x 13¼, hardcover.

Great Inventors and Their Creations Genius gives readers unprecedented insight into the minds and lives of those who shaped the way we live today. This beautifully illustrated volume captures the excitement of the most important moments in the history of technology. Dozens of pullout memorabilia include excerpted copies of notebooks, blueprints, patent applications, and diaries, and timelines explain the development of each invention. 64 pages, 11 x 9¾, hardcover with slipcase. ISBN: 9781847326416 $39.95 ncr

22 |

By Ornella D’Alessio

ISBN: 9788854405769 $29.95 $35.95 can


New York from Above


By Elizabeth Bibb Photography by Michael Yamashita

By Jim Wark

This bird’s-eye-view volume of stunning images from pilot-photographer Jim Wark captures the awe-inspiring diversity of America—from rock-bound coasts to sunny beaches; from teeming cities to rugged mountains. 224 pages, 113⁄4 x 8¼, hardcover.

Join award-winning photographer Michael Yamashita as he soars high above the hustle and bustle of New York in this unparalleled portfolio of gorgeous images conveying the architectural details, off-the-beaten-track neighborhoods, and remarkable energy that make Gotham unique. 224 pages, 113⁄4 x 8¼, hardcover.

ISBN: 9788854406117 $24.95 $29.95 can October

ISBN: 9788854406124 $24.95 $29.95 can October



The Desert

The World’s Greatest Lighthouses

By James Parry

Featuring stunning images from the world’s top wildlife photographers, this book not only celebrates the unspoiled beauty of desert landscapes, but also focuses on the human dimension: indigenous peoples; controversial issues; and conservation efforts to protect these fragile environments, so rich in biodiversity. 256 pages, 10 x 12, hardcover.

By Annamaria Lilla Mariotti

lighthouse expert Mariotti takes us on a spectacular journey to more than 35 of the world’s most beautiful lighthouses— including those in North America the Mediterranean, the North Sea, the South Pacific, Asia, and the Caribbean. 192 pages, 61⁄3 x 114⁄5, hardcover. ISBN: 9788854406131 $19.95 $23.95 can September

ISBN: 9781847329141 $45.00 ncr September


The Treasures of Dali


The Life of Charles Dickens The Illustrated Edition

By Montse Aguer

By John Forster As we near the 2012 bi-centenary of Dickens’s birth, this lavishly illustrated edition of Foster’s influential biography is the perfect way for fans to celebrate. The rich selection of images ranges from original artwork to rare photographs and portraits of Dickens and his circle. 512 pages, 9 x 10, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781847960238 $45.00 ncr October

ISBN: 9781402772856 $45.00 $54.00 can October

Building the Titanic

The Creation of History’s Most Famous Ocean Liner

By Rod Green Everyone knows how the story of RMS Titanic ended, but few know how it began. Now, for the first time, that remarkable history has been traced back to its startwith the 1907 decision to build her in the first place. 160 pages, 9 x 11, hardcover. ISBN: 9781847327451 $29.95 $35.95 can August


The Illuminated Alphabet An Inspirational Introduction to Creating Decorative Calligraphy

By Patricia Seligman Calligraphy by Timothy Noad Images of beauty that will teach and inspire you to decorate your own spellbinding pages. Try your hand and imagination at twelve classic alphabets, from Celtic and Gothic to Renaissance and Modern Revival, all carefully broken down to their components. 160 pages, 83⁄4 x 83⁄4, paperback.

Photography & Gift

Published in collaboration with the GalaSalvador Dalí Foundation, The Treasures of Dalí offers unparalleled access to the life and work of one of the 20th century’s greatest—and most controversial—artists. Includes 30 facsimiles documents from the Foundation’s archives. 112 pages, 10¼ X 113⁄4, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781402717444 $14.95 $15.95 can

Also Available: The Titanic Remembered: 1912 - 2012

ISBN: 9780233003320 $60.00 October

America from Above

ncr | 23

Love London


Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Your Guide to Personal Style

By Barbara Chandler

By Lisa Armstrong

For anyone who’s passionate about London, Love London is the next best thing to being there. This fabulous collection of more than 200 stunning photographs includes images of the Thames, street scenes and café life, famous monuments, and interesting characters. 192 pages, 6 x 7½, hardcover.

Through fabulous photos-including a gallery of gorgeous celebrity shots, from Kate Moss to Michelle Obama-Harper’s Bazaar Fashion helps readers express their personality, create a “uniform” they can build on, and choose the right pieces to put a distinctive stamp on their wardrobe. 208 pages, 5 x 7, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781849940115 $14.95 $17.95 can August


ISBN: 9781588168658 $24.95 $29.95 can


Audrey 100

Intimate Exposures

By Ellen Fontana

By Susan Bernard Photographs by Bruno Bernard

This luxe, high-end compilation, produced under license with the Hepburn estate, features 100 of the most compelling and iconic photographs ever taken of the glamorous star. In addition, the book includes a removable print, suitable for personal framing. 192 pages, 10 x 12, hardcover.

2012 is the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death, and this lavishly illustrated volume celebrates her enduring beauty through photographs by legendary Hollywood photographer Bruno Bernard. Includes frameable print and a foreword by Jane Russell! 208 pages, 10 x 12, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781402778360 $40.00 $48.00 can

ISBN: 9781402780011 $35.00 $42.00 can October

William & Catherine


Photography & Gift

Their Romance and Royal Wedding in Photographs

More Than Just a Kiss The Greatest Love Movies

By Robert Marich

By David Elliot Cohen

On the silver screen a kiss isn’t just a kiss—it’s the hope that love could conquer all and fairytales can come true. Celebrate cinema’s greatest love scenes with this collection of 55 memorable movie moments spanning the classic black-and-white era to today’s blockbusters. 288 pages, 8¼ x 9½, hardcover.

Few events capture the world’s heart and imagination like a British royal wedding. Through more than two hundred spectacular photographs (including 80 pages of their wedding alone), William & Catherine recounts the couple’s wildly different childhoods, their romance and engagement, the events leading up to the wedding, and the grand affair itself. 224 pages, 91⁄8 x 107⁄8, hardcover.

ISBN: 9788854406100 $19.95 $23.95 can October

ISBN: 9781402788161 $24.95 $29.95 can

A Matter of Style

How 10 Famous Women Changed Fashion

By Paola Saltari A Matter of Style documents the unforgettable lives of 10 female icons of style and elegance including Coco Chanel, Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Kennedy, Mary Quant,Twiggy, andLady Diana. An extraordinary collection of photographs bring these women back to life. 272 pages, 10 x 11½, flexibound. ISBN: 9788854405622 $29.95 $35.95 can

24 |


Classic Sailing Yachts By Jill Bobrow

Sailing Yachts celebrates that beauty with page after page of gorgeous photography accompanied by detailed information on design, materials, vintage, and builders. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific vessel, providing in-depth discussion of her provenance, construction, and sailing characteristics. 272 pages, 10¼ x 12¼, hardcover. ISBN: 9788854405806 $34.95 $41.95 can August

Andy Warhol Treasures


The Illustrated Story of Andy Warhol’s Life and Work

By Matt Wrbican and Geralyn Huxley This beautifully illustrated biography, which includes over 20 items of facsimile memorabilia, follows the arc of Andy’s rags-to-riches life, to his transformation into a notorious Pop Artist, underground filmmaker, author, publisher, collector, recorder, and iconic celebrity. 128 pages, 10¼ x 113⁄4, hardcover.

The Focus series shows us the world in new and surprising ways, through 250 stunning shots of varied types of reflections. The contributors—some professional, many amateur—describe where and how they took their photos, and their own perceptions of the topic. 180 pages. 7 x 7, hardcover. • $14.95 $17.95 can

ISBN: 9781847960245 $50.00 NCR October

Master’s of Deception

Escher, Dalí & the Artists of Optical Illusion

By Al Seckel Rings of seahorses that seem to rotate. Butterflies that transform before your eyes. A mosaic portrait of oceanographer Jacques Cousteau made from seashells. These dazzling and often playful artistic creations manipulate perspective so cleverly that they simply outwit our brains: we can’t just take a quick glance and turn away. 320 pages, 9 x 11, paperback with flaps.

Focus: Found Faces

Focus: Letters

Focus: Love

Focus: Love 6-copy Counter Display

ISBN: 9781600597923

ISBN: 9781600597114

ISBN: 9781402751011 $17.95 $21.95 can

Mutt’s Life!


By Fabio Petroni

ISBN: 9788854406063 $19.95 $23.95 can October

ISBN: 9781600595639

ISBN: 9781600597107 $89.70 $117.00 can

The Art of iPhoneography A Guide to Mobile Creativity


By Stephanie Roberts The world’s most popular cameras today are the ones on a cell phone—and this guide will help iPhone owners get the best photos possible from their equipment with tips and tricks for using various apps. 160 pages, 91⁄8 x 5, paperback. ISBN: 9781600599231 $19.95 $23.95 can

World Trade Center

Photography & Gift

Mutt’s Life! showcases original images by renowned photographer Fabio Petroni. Through his expert lens, invested with the unique emotional qualities of his subjects, the true essence of mongrels emerges with precision and sensitivity. 208 pages, 79⁄10 x 93⁄5, hardcover.


Past, Present, Future

By Peter Skinner and Giorgio Tartaro The Twin Towers were a proud symbol of New York’s dynamism, energy, and vital importance in international commerce. When they fell on September 11, 2001 a city was left heartbroken and shocked. World Trade Center pays homage to the creative talent that made these extraordinary structures possible. 192 pages, 61⁄3 x 114⁄5, hardcover.

Focus: Passages

ISBN: 9781600596803

Focus: Reflections ISBN: 9781600597121 October

ISBN: 9788854405851 $19.95 $23.95 can August | 25

The series is innovative, fun and unique. Each package features stunning photography of 500 interesting and whimsical objects— from cabinets to jewelry, sculpture to knives. Pictured here are our favorites, to view the entire series please visit 408 pages, 8 x 8, paperback • $24.95 $29.95 can (unless noted)

500 Cameras 480 pages, 8½ x 8½, hardcover ISBN: 9781402780868 $26.95 $32.95 can October

500 Cabinets


ISBN: 9781600595752

500 Handmade Books 500 Juadica

ISBN: 9781579908775

ISBN: 9781600594625

500 Metal Vessels 500 Chairs

ISBN: 9781579908768

ISBN: 9781579908720

500 Felt Objects 500 Vases

Photography & Gift

ISBN: 9781600592461

ISBN: 9781600597053 September

Life’s BIG Little Moments series

honors the unique and very special bonds of love that tie family members together in these fantastic giftable packages.

By Susan K. Hom, Photography by Jeffrey H. Mantler 96 pages, 7 x 7, hardcover • $9.95 $10.95 can

Grandmothers & Grandchildren

Mothers & Sons



Grandfathers & Grandchildren

Sisters & Brothers

ISBN: 9781402758966

ISBN: 9781402743184

ISBN: 9781402758386

ISBN: 9781402758393

26 |

ISBN: 9781402743207

ISBN: 9781402758959



Zombie High Yearbook ‘64

500 Essential Cult Movies

The Five-Minute Philosopher

Printed in blood-spattered black and white, this tribute to high school yearbooks of old is hilarious in its attention to period detail even as it celebrates the 1960s “afterlifestyle.” 128 pages, 8½ x 11, hardcover.

By Jennifer Eiss with JP Rutter and Steve White

By Gerald Benedict

By Jeff Busch

ISBN: 9781402784712 $14.95 $17.95 can

The Ultimate Guide

Here is the most definitive collection of cinematic cult classics ever compiled, complete with synopses, reviews, photos, and viewing recommendations. The marquee showcases such favorite directors as John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, and David Lynch, and the selection ranges across film history, national cinemas, and genres. 384 pages, 6 x 8, paperback. ISBN: 9781402774867 $17.95 $23.50 can

The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm

80 Unquestionably Good Answers to 80 Unanswerable Big Questions

Emails from an Asshole Real People Being Stupid

By John Lindsay

To find enlightenment, it is not necessary to climb to the top of a mountain. All that is required is five minutes a day with any of the 80 life-changing questions and answers compiled here. Full of insight and wisdom, and utterly free of academic pretension. 224 pages. 43⁄4 x 7¼, hardcover.

When John Lindsay launched in June 2009, it became an instant sensation. Emails from an Asshole offers fans a fresh opportunity to revel in people’s gullibility. 224 pages, 5½ x 8¼, paperback. ISBN: 9781402778278 $14.95 $14.95 can

ISBN: 9781780280103 $14.95 $17.95 can September


A Lexicon for Those of Us Who Are Better and Smarter Than the Rest of You

The Gnome

Small, Fat and Fabulous

By Joel Jessup

By James Napoli

The Gnome is the essential field guide to these magical garden-dwellers, produced after years of undercover research and exhaustive interviews conducted with gnomes in their natural habitat. Packed full of fascinating gnome facts, funny captions, and over 100 charming images . 112 pages, 65⁄8 x 67⁄16, hardcover.

James Napoli has provided an A-Z guide to turn to whenever you need to set someone straight. From advertisements to e-mail, there’s a witty answer for every situation. 368 pages, 5½ x 6¾, flexibound. ISBN: 9781402769528 $14.95 $17.95 can

ISBN: 9781853758256 $9.95 ncr August

NEW Also Available:

ISBN: 9781402768095 $9.95 $12.95 can

You’ll Love this Book as Much as you Hate Your Job 45 cards for decorating your cubicle, insulting coworkers, and justifying your excessive drinking

By Som(ee)cards From the twisted minds at someecards come 45 wildly funny cards that could well save your sanity. Instead of tearing out your hair from 9 to 5, just tear out one of these irreverent postcards. 96 pages, 6½ x 4¼, paperback. ISBN: 9781402780509 $9.95 $11.95 can October

If You Don’t Love Books, You’re Going to Love this Book

45 Cards for All Occasions, from Extremely Important to Utterly Pointless

By Som(ee)cards If you can’t say something nice . . . then say it with someecards! This hilarious all-occasion compilation has a card for anyone, any time of the year. 90 pages, 6½ x 4¼, paperback. ISBN: 9781402768088 $9.95 $12.95 can

Say Something Dirty to 45 Friends Postcards to Express All Your Most Loving and Perverted Thoughts

By Som(ee)cards

This Valentine’s Day, Express Your Invaluable Love for Under $10

Pop Culture

Merry Christmas, Even If You Don’t Buy This Book

ISBN: 9781402768101 $9.95 $12.95 can

The seemingly innocent art, paired with uproarious sayings that range from naughty to outright raunchy makes for some shockers that will tickle anyone pink. 96 pages, 6½ x 4¼, paperback. ISBN: 9781402768118 $9.95 $12.95 can | 27

Bizarre Superstitions The World’s Wackiest Proverbs, Rituals and Beliefs

By Christopher Cooper Every culture has its own strange beliefs, quirky omens, and baffling maxims. A good many of them are collected in this attractive book, along with interpretations and fascinating background. 160 pages, 4½ x 7½, paperback.

Pop Culture

ISBN: 9781402768316 $9.95 $12.95 can

Foolish Words

B is for Bad Poetry

The Art of the Fart

By Laura Ward

Forget Shakespeare. Shelley and Keats: banished! And there’s absolutely no poet laureate from the golden or any other age. So fawning PhDs in love with little-understood verses by long-dead writers should go elsewhere. This is poetry for the rest of us—bad poetry! 128 pages, 5 x 71⁄8, hardcover.

For those who delight in the rude, who have fun with the foul, nothing could be more entertaining than this unique look at the world’s most embarrassing sound and aroma. Illustrated with hilariously subtitled images, it offers pure, unadulterated amusement. 128 pages, 6 x 6, hardcover.

The Most Stupid Words Ever Spoken A wickedly funny collection of gaffes, blunders, and faux pas committed by those in the public eye . . . who unfortunately (for them) also caught the public’s ear. These delicious verbal blunders come from many sources including politicians, rock stars and actors, lawyers and inept businessmen. 160 pages, 4½ x 7½, paperback. ISBN: 9781402768309 $9.95 $12.95 can

By Pamela August Russell

ISBN: 9781402767876 $9.95 $12.95 can

ISBN: 9781856487320 $6.95 $8.95 can

Big Bad Ass Book of the Zodiac

Big Bad Ass Book of Dreams

Oozing with snark, this book provides the low-down on your personality, career, friendships, and love life. Separate chapters for each astrological symbol make it easy to find the facts. From why Aries often fake itto what leisure activities a Taurus enjoys (spoiler: saving money), this guide is a slap in the face thats good for you. 420 pages, 5¼ x 6½, paperback with flaps

Find out the down-and-dirty truth of nocturnal snoozefests by browsing the alphabetical listings and the riotously funny advice. Dreamers can learn the history of dream interpretation and their own hidden desires through this unique take on Freud and Jung! 420 pages, 5¼ x 6½, paperback with flaps

By Klaus Vollmar and James Napoli

By Klaus Vollmar and James Napoli

ISBN: 9781402747847 $12.95 $16.95 can

ISBN: 9781402747861 $12.95 $16.95 can

Pop Culture: Music

By Steve Bryant

Also Available:

John, Paul, George & Ringo

The Definitive Illustrated Chronicle of the Beatles, 1960-1970

By Tim Hill John, Paul, George & Ringo minutely traces the meteoric rise of the Beatles from 1960 to 1970, with detailed timelines of their dayto-day activities, fascinating photographs (many exceedingly rare), penetrating biographies of everyone associated with the spread of Beatlemania. 448 pages, 113⁄8 x 97⁄8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781435110076 $24.98 $31.98 can

28 |

The Beatles 1962-66: The Stories Behind the Songs ISBN: 9781847322678 $14.95


The Beatles 1967-70: The Stories Behind the Songs ISBN: 9781847322685 $14.95


Beatles Memorabilia



The Julian Lennon Collection


The Art of the Contemporary Electric Guitar

By Brian Southall with Julian Lennon

By Robert Shaw

Over the years, Julian Lennon—John’s oldest son—has built a unique collection of Beatles memorabilia, including several gold records, cells from the films, guitars, clothing, handwritten lyrics, posters, and postcards. Now, for the first time, more than 100 of these personal treasures are displayed in print. 192 pages, 9 x 11, hardcover.

Presenting superbly crafted electric guitars as fine art, this beautifully photographed book gives 125 master luthiers from 15 countries the spotlight—artisans who have custom-built instruments for the likes of Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Steve Miller, George Benson, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. 272 pages, 103⁄8 x 11¼, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402747748 $35.00 $42.00 can October

ISBN: 9781847960184 $29.95 ncr September

NEW Legendary Rock Songs


Fifty Years of Rock ‘n’ Roll Movies

By Nathan Brackett

By Garry Mulholland

This celebration of 80 rockin’ masterpieces will strike a chord with fans and evoke fond memories of music gone by. With critical texts, rare photos, and album-cover reproductions, it presents the epic acts that left their mark on history. 272 pages, 10¼ x 127⁄8, hardcover.

From Quadrophenia to Mamma Mia!, the rock ‘n’ roll movie captures the best and worst of a music’s moment in time. Part serious critical appreciation, part celebration of B-movie trash, Popcorn is the first and last word on the rock movie. 448 pages, 5¼ x 8½, paperback.

ISBN: 9788854405820 $39.95 $47.95 can

ISBN: 9781409121664 $14.95 ncr September

Record Store Days


By Gary Calamar and Phil Gallo

By Johnny Morgan

Record Store Days takes a long, loving look back at the retail refuges that enthralled at least three generations of music lovers, providing a glimpse into the special alchemy that makes a great record store. 256 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover.

This is the ultimate compendium for the dancing queens and the hustle-happy who put on their boogie shoes, shook their groove thing, and felt the night fever! Disco captures this incredible phenomenon with great storytelling and lavish photos and memorabilia from the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. 256 pages, 9 x 12, hardcover.

From Vinyl to Digital and Back Again

The Music, The Times, The Era

ISBN: 9781402772320 $19.95 $25.95 can

ISBN: 9781402780356 $27.95 $33.95 can

Coast to Coast Album Covers

The Encyclopedia of Punk

By Graham Marsh and Glyn Callingham

With this lavishly illustrated and authoritative A-Z guide Brian Cogan leads readers through the fiery history of a furious, rebellious, contradictory, and boundary —redefining musical genre and cultural movement that remains as massively influential as it is wildly misunderstood. 400 pages, 9 x 9, paperback.

Classic Record Art from New York to LA

This captivating anthology of 400 covers brings East and West together in a bicoastal jam session for the eyes. From the moody, monochromatic photographyand bold typography of NYC to the bright colors and playful themes of California cool this collection is sure to delight any music lover. 240 pages, 85⁄8 x 85⁄8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781907554353 $19.95 $23.95 can September

By Brian Cogan

ISBN: 9781402779374 $19.95 $23.95 can

Pop Culture: Music

NEW | 29


Bob Dylan

Man in the Music

Stories Behind the Songs 1962-1969

The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson

By Andy Gill

By Joseph Vogel

Tracing the artist’s progress from tyro folkie to protest singer and beyond, Gill examines Dylan’s symbolist lyrics; controversial shift from acoustic to electric; and surprising embrace of country music. 208 pages, 5½ x 7¾, flexibound.

Man in the Music meticulously tracks Jackson’s solo career—from 1979’s groundbreaking Off the Wall to 2001’s Invincible to his yet-to-be-released material. Vogel analyzes every song and album, placing the music in its social, historical, cultural, and even personal context. 320 pages, 73⁄8 x 9, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781847327598 $14.95 ncr

ISBN: 9781402779381 $24.95 $29.95 can November

Also Available:

Bob Marley

ISBN: 9781847327789 $14.95 ncr

Red Hot Chili Peppers


Legends of Jazz

ISBN: 9781847326645 $16.95 ncr

By Bill Milkowski

This elegant volume presents a portrait gallery of 50 eminent musical legends, from Jelly Roll Morton to contemporary axman Joe Lovano. Each figure is featured in handsome vintage photographs and a pithy, revealing biography. 272 pages, 10¼ x 114⁄5, hardcover.


ISBN: 9788854406049 $29.95 $35.95 can October


By Johnny Morgan A book that’s as eye-catching, over-the-top, and fabulous as Lady Gaga herself—now with 16 more fabulous pages showcasing the star’s latest outfits, performances, and appearances! This lavish volume examines the Lady’s history and phenomenal rise, her music and videos, and her unique look and chameleon-like nature. 176 pages, 7½ x 10, paperback with flaps.


Treasures of the Bee Gees By Brian Southall

ISBN: 9781402788925 $17.95 $21.95 can October

64 pages plus removable memorablia, 11 x 9¾, hardcover with slipcase. ISBN: 9781847327000 $39.95 $47.95 can September

The Eagles

An American Band

Treasures of Rolling Stones

Pop Culture: Music

By Andrew Vaughan

By Glen Crouch

This gorgeous volume traces the history of the group from the late 1960s through to the present. Capturing the albums, the tours, the fights, the triumphs, the awards, and the remarkable reunion tour, The Eagles offers a truly unique look at how the group exported the Southern California lifestyle to the world. 288 pages, 9 x 12, hardcover.

64 pages plus removable memorablia, 11 x 9¾, hardcover with slipcase. ISBN: 9781402787607 $35.00 $42.00 can

Also Available:

Treasures of Beatles

ISBN: 9781402777127 $29.95 $35.95 can

By Terry Burrows

64 pages plus removable memorablia, 11 x 9¾, hardcover with slipcase.

Fleetwood Mac

ISBN: 9781402773457 $35.00 $45.00 can


The Definitive History

By Mike Evans

Treasures of Led Zeppelin

Can’t stop thinking about Fleetwood Mac? This lavish, in-depth volume is for you! This book tells the story of the legendary group through it history, music, tours, awards, turbulent personal relationships, and much more. 288 pages, 9 x 12, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402786303 $29.95 $35.95 can October

By Chris Welch

64 pages plus removable memorablia, 11 x 9¾, hardcover with slipcase. ISBN: 9781847325532 $39.95 ncr


Treasures of Nirvana By Gillian Gaar

64 pages plus removable memorablia, 11 x 9¾, hardcover with slipcase. ISBN: 9781402787591 $39.95 ncr September

30 |

The Meaning of Life

Wisdom, Humor, and Damn Good Advice from 64 Extraordinary Lives

By Ryan D’Agostino From Esquire’s popular “What I’ve Learned” column comes a stunning collection of candid interviews with 64 actors, directors, musicians, economists, politicians, and other leaders. Cach interview showcase photography’s brightest talents: Brigitte Lacombe, Bruce Davidson, Peggy Sirota, and Nigel Parry, among others. 160 pages, 8½ x 11, hardcover.

Esquire: The Rules A Man’s Guide to Life

By The Editors of Esquire Esquire: The Rules provides plenty of lighthearted reading, manly musings, and good advice. It’s entertainment to live by, covering work to sex and everything in between—including Rule Number 581: If the bartender has a mullet, ordering a martini is probably a bad idea. 256 pages, 53⁄8 x 6, paperback with flaps. ISBN: 9781588168818 $9.95 $11.95 can

ISBN: 9781588166463 $22.95 $29.95 can

Popular Mechanics: 75 Tools Every Man Needs

Gadget Nation

By James Kidd

By Steve Greenberg

And How to Use Them Like a Pro

What shoes are to women, tools are to men--and while guys want them all, they need to know which ones are really essential for their arsenal. Welcome to Popular Mechanic’s ultimate toolkit guide, filled with facts on 75 tools that every man should own. 176 pages, 5 x 7, hardcover with concealed spiral binding. ISBN: 9781588168726 $14.95 $17.95 can

A Journey Through the Eccentric World of Invention Featuring more than 100 quirky innovations, Gadget Nation is a fun and inspirational showcase of clever creations. From the useful (a “Finger Shield” for chopping food) to the offbeat (a diaper for your pet bird), you’ll get a behind-the-scenes journey through the eccentric world of invention. 256 pages, 8 X 8, paperback. ISBN: 9781402777998 $16.95 $19.95 can

When Duct Tape Just Isn’t Enough

When Changing a Lightbulb Just Isn’t Enough

By C. J. Petersen

Popular Mechanics knows: there are two types of people in the world—those able to fix whatever goes bust, and those who beg the first group for help when something goes wrong. But it doesn’t have to be that way and here is the perfect guide to get the job done. 216 pages, 5 x 7, hardcover with concealed spiral binding.

By Emily Anderson

These Popular Mechanics approved strategies offer double the value, conserving both money and natural resources at the same time. 208 pages, 5 x 7, hardcover with concealed spiral binding. ISBN: 9781588167484 $14.95 $19.50 can

ISBN: 9781588165657 $12.95 $13.95 can


An Extremely Useful Manual for Old Boys and Young Men

By Michael Powell The Guide for Guys walks men through all the things they should know. For example, when attacked in the wild, should you play dead, fight back, or run? What is the proper etiquette when hosting a barbecue? From changing directions on the dance floor to wielding a circular saw, this amusingly illustrated guide is the go-to book for every guy! 208 pages, 61⁄8 x 9¼, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402763151 $9.95 $11.95 can

From Clueless to Class Act Manners for Men

By Jodi R. R. Smith With an eye toward contemporary issues, this witty and informative reference shows today’s man the best way to handle every situation, from dining and dating to attending parties and the theater to proper cell phone conduct to putting his best foot forward in the workplace. 176 pages, 5 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402739750 $9.95 $12.95 can


You’re It!

By Terry Taylor

By Katie Hewett

Everyone’s favorite go-to disguise has become one of today’s most amusing pop culture motifs. This engagingly wacky compendium offers a unique tribute to the look, the history, and the all-around entertainment provided by mustaches. As a bonus: five sticker sheets with various mustaches to place on your ex’s photos, intra-office memos, or anywhere a ‘stache is needed! 112 pages, 9 x 6, paperback.

You’re It! is an infectiously fun hop, skip, and jump down memory lane. This beautifully illustrated, wonderfully nostalgic book will not only help you relive those innocent childhood games of the past but let you pass them on to a new generation. 128 pages, 5 X 6¼, hardcover.

Frivolous Facts & Fancies About That Space Between the Nose and Lip

ISBN: 9781600596254 $9.95 $12.95 can

A Hop, Skip and Jump Through Childhood Games

ISBN: 9781843406372 $9.95 $11.95 can August

Pop Culture: Gifts for Guys

The Guide for Guys | 31

The Racing Driver’s Pocketbook



Instructions for Engine Drivers & Firemen on the Great Railways

High-Speed Thrills from Motorsport’s Golden Age

By Richard Hardy This fascinating pocket book draws on numerous primary sources from the early days of the British rail network to the Big Four, British Railways, and beyond. Beginning in the days of steam power, this compact history outlines the rules of the rail network, locomotive management and the camaraderie of an engine driver’s life. 128 pages, 43⁄4 x 7, hardcover.

By Colin Goodwin Pull down your cap, strap on your goggles, and thrill to the great races of the golden age of motorsport. Featuring legendary drivers and extracts from the diaries and memoirs of these pioneers as well as technical data and fascinating extracts from vintage service manuals! 160 pages, 43⁄4 x 7, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781844861354 $12.95 $14.95 can November

ISBN: 9781844861347 $12.95 $14.95 can September

The Scratch Golfer’s Ultimate Trivia Book

The Complete Encyclopedia of Golf

By Don Wade

Think you’re a “scratch golfer” solversomeone who’s good at the game and knows its ins and outs? Take a stroll down golf’s memory lane with the famous, the infamous, the obscure, the weird, the historic, the very unexpected and the largely forgotten. These multiple-choice questions cover the players, the tournaments, the course architects, and more. 496 pages, 5 x 7, paperback with flaps.

By Ted Barrett with Chris Hawkes

A tremendously successful title which has built-in appeal for every golf fan. With features on and results of all the great tournaments and the famous team competitions, an A-Z of all the greatest players to have played the game, and a directory of the world’s greatest courses, this is an authoritative reference to a beloved sport. 288 pages, 10 x 10¼, paperback.

ISBN13: 9781402766305 $14.95 $17.95 can August

ISBN: 9781847326560 $29.95 ncr

The Fascination of Golf By Maria Pia Gennaro

The Railwayman’s Pocketbook

Golf Around the World


The Great Game and its Most Spectacular Courses

Acclaimed golf writer Maria Pia Gennaro examines every facet of the game, from its origins to its great courses, from its fashions to its legendary talents and tournaments, in an analysis as stimulating as it is insightful. Enhanced with splendid images by the world’s best photographers, Fascination of Golf more than lives up to its name. 272 pages, 10 x 121⁄5, hardcover.

By Fulvio Golob and Giulia Muttoni, preface by Adam Scott This lavishly illustrated volume spotlights 50 of the most stunning golf courses around the globe. With a wealth of inside information on each course, golfing tips from the pros who have conquered these courses, and photographs documenting highlights of the competitions played on each, this indispensable volume belongs on the bookshelf of every golfer. 304 pages, 14 x 10, hardcover.

ISBN: 9788854406032 $34.95 $41.95 can November


ISBN: 9788854404007 $35.00 $40.00 can

The Complete Encyclopedia of Formula One By Bruce Jones

All the thrills of the world’s most exciting auto races are delivered in this authoritative illustrated guide. It traces Formula One’s evolution from the first race in 1894 France to today’s cutting-edge cars and superstars. Includes detailed information on the greatest races and legendary tracks, along with the special attention given to technology and the complexities of the modern F1 car. 288 pages, 10 x 10¼, paperback. ISBN: 9781847326553 $29.95 ncr

32 |


UFC Official Fan’s Guide ®

As Real As It Gets®

By Anthony B. Evans & Thomas Gerbasi Packed with fascinating exclusive features, striking photographs, and amazing trivia, the UFC Fan’s Guide—an official UFC product—explains the rules and background of the sport, profiles 30 top fighters, offers a peek behind the scenes, and looks back at the UFC’s greatest contests. 128 pages, 8½ x 11, hardcover. ISBN: 9781847328656 $19.95 ncr October

The Treasures of Major League Baseball

Glory in the Fall

The Greatest Moments in World Series History

A MLB Publishing Book

Edited by Peter Golenbock

Perfect for baseball fans of all stripes, this highly collectible interactive book lets you, the fan, experience the thrill of baseball’s heritage through three-dimensional facsimiles of rare baseball memorabilia, including historical letters, a full-size poster, ticket stubs, programs and rare baseball cards, which jump from the pages. 64 pages, 11¾ x 10¼, hardcover with slipcase.

Baseball has a rich history-and a treasure trove of books, magazines, and newspaper accounts celebrating (or lamenting) what went down on the diamond. During those two weeks in October (now November), time stood still. This anthology captures the best of times and the worst of times as teams battled for the glory-and will bring back memories to all who cherish America’s national sport. 406 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781844423231 $35.00 $45.00 can

ISBN: 9781402777561 $22.95 $27.95 can

Big League Ballparks

Why a Curveball Curves

By Gary Gillette and Eric Enders with Stuart Shea and Matthew Silverman

By Frank Vizard

The Incredible Science of Sports

The Complete Illustrated History

In Why a Curveball Curves, the experts at Popular Mechanics, along with top athletes, coaches, and sports journalists, explore the science behind sports. Fluid dynamics, biomechanics, and technology determine everything from speed in cycling to protection in football to performance measurement in all sports. 224 pages, 73⁄8 x 9¼, paperback.

Baseball fans may argue over the all-time best pitchers, worst plays in history, or which team will win the pennant, but everyone can agree that the baseball stadium holds a sacred place in American cultural life. In this breathtakingly comprehensive tour of ballparks past and present, readers can enjoy an intimate view of every major league park. 512 pages, 10¼ x 12, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781588167941 $17.95 $23.50 can

ISBN: 9781435114524 $29.98 $38.98 can

50 Fish to Catch in Your Lifetime


The world’s greatest game fish explode off the pages of this stunningly photographed volume. Taking readers on a global expedition from pristine fresh water to the deep sea in search of 50 prize catches, noted author John Bailey gives thrilling firsthand accounts of reeling them in. 224 pages, 7½ x 9¾, paperback.

Photographer Dufau’s brilliant images, shot from seemingly impossible angles, capture the cresting, curling, crashing waves as we’ve never seen them beforemaking even more astonishing the feats of the superb athletes who ride them. 208 pages, 11¼ x 13¼, hardcover.

In the Water with Wave Hunters

By Guillaume Dufau

By John Bailey, foreword by Chris Tarrant

ISBN: 9788854405837 $29.95 $35.95 can

ISBN: 9781847327437 $19.95 $23.95 can

NEW The Official NHL Hockey Treasures Fully authorized and produced in partnership with the National Hockey League and the Hockey Hall of Fame scores a veritable hat trick. Not only does it relate the sport’s colorful history through hundreds of photos and a meticulously researched text it includes 30 interactive facsimiles of Hall-ofFame-quality memorabilia. 64 pages, 113⁄4 X 10¼, hardcover with slipcase. ISBN: 9781847328939 $45.00 ncr October

The Most Fascinating Diving Sites

By Egidio Trainito An invaluable reference for professional and amateur divers, this volume presents the extraordinary richness of the underwater world in elegant pictorial layouts. Selected for their geographical settings and biodiversity, 50 of the world’s best dives are described in detail by an editorial board of internationally renowned professional divers, and illustrated with superb photographs. 300 pages, 9 x 10, paperback.


By Dan Diamond

Dive the World

ISBN: 9788854402164 $35.00 $45.00 can | 33

What makes the US so weird, so strange, so spooky, so wild, and so wacky? Find out the weird history and hilarious cultural facts of our states as our authors travel the country in this fun and fantastic series. NEW

Weird Arizona

Weird Georgia

Weird Maryland

Weird N.J.

Weird Oregon

Weird California

Weird Hollywood

Weird Maryland

Weird N.J. Vol. 2

Weird Pennsylvania Weird Virginia

Weird Carolinas

Weird Illinois

Weird Massachusetts Weird New England Weird Pennsylvania Weird Virginia 256 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402754371 $19.95 $25.95 can

288 pages, 8 x 8, paperback. ISBN: 9781402778421 $14.95 $17.95 can

272 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402732799 $19.95 $21.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, paperback. ISBN: 9781402778414 $14.95 $17.95 can

Weird Carolinas

Weird Indiana

Weird Michigan

Weird New York

Weird Tennessee

Weird Washington

Weird Colorado

Weird Kentucky

Weird Minnesota

Weird New York

Weird Texas

Weird Wisconsin

Weird Encounters

Weird Las Vegas and Nevada

Weird Missouri

Weird Ohio

Weird U.S.

Weird U.S. The ODDyssey Continues

Weird Florida

Weird Louisiana

Weird N.J.

Weird Oklahoma

Weird U.S.

256 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402739385 $19.95 $23.95 can

304 pages, 8 x 8, paperback. ISBN: 9781402766831 $14.95 $17.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, paperback. ISBN: 9781402788277 $14.95 $17.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402739392 $19.95 $23.95 can


272 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402754630 $19.95 $23.95 can

320 pages, 6½ x 9½, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402754616 $19.95 $23.95 can

240 pages, 8 x 8, paperback. ISBN: 9781402766848 $14.95 $17.95 can

34 |

272 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402733888 $19.95 $23.95 can

240 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402754609 $19.95 $23.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9780760759431 $19.95 $23.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402754524 $19.95 $23.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402754388 $19.95 $23.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402739408 $19.95 $23.95 can

272 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402745546 $19.95 $23.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, paperback. ISBN: 9781402778438 $14.95 $17.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402739064 $19.95 $21.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402739071 $19.95 $23.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402739088 $19.95 $25.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402745553 $19.95 $21.95 can

272 pages, 8 x 8, paperback. ISBN: 9781402766855 $14.95 $19.50 can

272 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9780760739792 $19.95 $25.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402739415 $19.95 $25.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, paperback. ISBN: 9781402778407 $14.95 $17.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402733833 $19.95 $25.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402733826 $19.95 $23.95 can

240 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402754364 $24.95 $29.95 can

272 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402754661 $19.95 $23.95 can

272 pages, 8 x 8, paperback. ISBN: 9781402766862 $14.95 $17.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402754654 $24.95 $29.95 can

288 pages, 8 x 8, paperback. ISBN: 9781402766879 $14.95 $17.95 can

128 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402754623 $19.95 $21.95 can

352 pages, 8 x 8, paperback. ISBN: 9781402766886 $14.95 $19.50 can

Weird U.S.

356 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9780760750438 $19.95 $21.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402739422 $19.95 $25.95 can

256 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402745454 $19.95 $23.95 can

272 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9780760759448 $19.95 $23.95 can

352 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover. ISBN: 9781402745447 $19.95 $21.95 can

Games & Puzzles With a roster of America’s top creators, the best in classic and creative puzzle types, and attractive packages with strong consumer appeal, Puzzlewright Press provides solvers with plenty of fun—and retailers with brilliant sales. Our bestselling series include Crossword Superstars, Hangman, Martial Arts Sudoku, and Sit & Solve, as well as innovative brain teasers. To help you maximize your sales we have organized our puzzle and games titles by size so you can easily pick the ones that fit into our unique displays. To see our full range of titles, please visit

Sit & Solve Counter Spinner

It’s FREE with an order of 48 assorted titles— 8 pockets, 6 books per pocket ISBN: 9781402768279 Approx. Retail $285.60 ncr

Sit & Solve Floor Spinner

It’s FREE with an order of 120 assorted titles—5 tiers, 4 pockets per tier, 6 books per pocket ISBN: 9781402787379 Approx. Retail $719.00 ncr

Sit & Solve Spinner Selections 96 pages, 4½ x 6, paperback

Sit & Solve® Clever Kakuro

Sit & Solve® Crazier Phrazies

Sit & Solve® BOGGLE Logic Puzzles* Sit & Solve® BOGGLE Puzzles*

ISBN: 9781402786143 $5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402782633 $5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402779312 $5.95 $6.95 can

By Conceptis Puzzles

By Mark Zegarelli

By Gary Disch

Sit & Solve® Brain-Boosting IQ Tests Sit & Solve® Brainteasers

Sit & Solve® Crazy Phrazies

Sit & Solve® Easy Sudoku

ISBN: 9781402774997 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402759840 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402780240 $5.95 $6.95 can

By Derrick Niederman

ISBN: 9781402780219 $5.95 $6.95 can

By Puzzability

*BOGGLE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2010 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.

ISBN: 9781402780172 $5.95 $6.95 can

By Michael Rios

Games & Puzzles

By Fraser Simpson

By Puzzability | 35

Sit & Solve® Fun & Easy Crosswords

Sit & Solve® Fun & Easy Cryptograms

Sit & Solve® Hard Sudoku

Sit & Solve® Nice & Easy Crosswords

Sit & Solve® Nice & Easy Mazes

ISBN: 9781402771897 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402775123 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402779329 $5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402771910 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402775017 $5.95 $7.95 can

By Patrick Blindauer

By Michael Rios

By Peter Gordon

By The Diagram Group

Sit & Solve® Quick & Easy Crosswords

Sit & Solve® Travel Cryptic Crosswords

Sit & Solve® Word Search On the Go

USA TODAY® Sit & Solve® Easy Sudoku

ISBN: 9781402771903 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402743726 $4.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402775000 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402775130 $5.95 $6.95 can

By Francis Heaney

By Henry Hook

USA TODAY® Sit & Solve® Hard Sudoku

USA TODAY® Sit & Solve® Word Search Puzzles

ISBN: 9781402775277 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402775147 $5.95 $7.95 can

By Frank Longo

Games & Puzzles

By Trip Payne

Sip & Solve®: Hard Crosswords By Matt Gaffney

ISBN: 9781402729881 $4.95 $6.95 can

36 |

By Shawn Kennedy

Sip & Solve®: Sudoku By Michael Rios

ISBN: 9781402735943 $4.95 $6.50 can

By Amy Goldstein

Sit & Solve® BOGGLE Puzzles* By Gary Disch

ISBN: 9781402751912 $5.95 $7.95 can

By Frank Longo

Sit & Solve® Scratch Trivia: Movies By Trip Payne

ISBN: 9781402742033 $5.95 $7.95 can

Sip & Solve®: Word Search Puzzles

Sit & Solve® Commuter Cryptograms

ISBN: 9781402729867 $4.95 $6.50 can

ISBN: 9781402725449 $4.95 $6.95 can

By Francis Heaney

By Jerry N. Carolson

*BOGGLE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2010 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.

TRIVIAL PURSUIT® Scratch & Play #1*

TRIVIAL PURSUIT® Scratch & Play #2*

TRIVIAL PURSUIT® Scratch & Play Entertainment**

TRIVIAL PURSUIT® Scratch & Play Sports**

ISBN: 9781402750885 $5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402750892 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402765056 $5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402765049 $5.95 $7.95 can

By Sterling Publishing

By Sterling Publishing

By Andrew Brisman

By Andrew Brisman

Scratch & Solve® Hangman #1

Scratch & Solve® Hangman #2

Scratch & Solve® Hangman #3

Scratch & Solve® Hangman #4

Scratch & Solve® Hangman #5

ISBN: 9781402725791 $5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402725807 $5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402725821 $5.95 $6.50 can

ISBN: 9781402743702 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402745133 $5.95 $6.50 can

By Mike Ward

By Mike Ward

By Mike Ward

By Mike Ward

By Mike Ward

Scratch & Solve® Tough Hangman #1

Scratch & Solve® Tough Hangman #5

Scratch & Solve® Tough-as-Nails Hangman

Scratch & Solve® Hangman for Your Bag

Scratch & Solve® Hangman for Your Briefcase

ISBN: 9781402725777 $5.95 $6.50 can

ISBN: 9781402745140 $5.95 $6.50 can

ISBN: 9781402781599 $5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402767852 $5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402774560 $5.95 $6.95 can

By Mike Ward

By Mike Ward

By Mike Ward

By Mike Ward

By Mike Ward

Scratch & Solve® Happy-Go-Lucky Hangman

Scratch & Solve® Hollywood Hangman

Scratch & Solve® Hangwoman

ISBN: 9781402754142 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402781582 $5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402785528 $5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402774553 $5.95 $6.95 can

By Mike Ward

By Mike Ward

By Patrick Blindauer

*© 2008 Horn Abbot Ltd. And Horn Abbot International Limited. All rights reserved. The registered trademark TRIVIAL PURSUIT® and related proprietary rights are owned by Horn Abbot Ltd and Horn Abbot International Limited. Used with permission. **TRIVAL PURSUIT, the associated logo, the distinctive design of the game board, trivia cards, game tokens, and scoring wedges are trademarks of Hasbro. © 1981, 2009 Hasbro, Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02862. All Rights Reserved.

By Diane Ward

Games & Puzzles

Scratch & Solve® Hangman for Your Pocket | 37

Scratch & Solve® Movie Hangman

Scratch & Solve® Music Hangman

Scratch & Solve® Sports Hangman

Scratch & Solve® Tough Hangman for Your Backpack

ISBN: 9781402737206 $5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402760150 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402737213 $5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402764158 $5.95 $6.95 can

By Mike Ward

By Mike Ward

By Mike Ward

Scratch & Solve® Tough Hangman for Your Bag

Scratch & Solve® Tough Hangman for Your Pocket

Scratch & Solve® Travel Hangman

Scratch & Solve® Word Ladders

ISBN: 9781402767869 $5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402754159 $5.95 $6.50 can

ISBN: 9781402760167 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402776656 $5.95 $6.95 can

By Mike Ward

By Mike Ward

By Mike Ward

By Patrick Blindauer

Martial Arts Sudoku® Level 1: White Belt Sudoku®

Martial Arts Sudoku® Level 2: Yellow Belt Sudoku™

Martial Arts Sudoku® Level 3: Orange Belt Sudoku™

Martial Arts Sudoku® Level 4: Green Belt Sudoku®

ISBN: 9781402737534 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402737541 $4.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402737558 $4.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402737565 $5.95 $6.95 can

By Frank Longo

Games & Puzzles

By Mike Ward

By Frank Longo

By Frank Longo

By Frank Longo

Martial Arts Sudoku® Level 5: Blue Belt Sudoku™

Martial Arts Sudoku® Level 7: Brown Belt Sudoku®

Martial Arts Sudoku® Level 8: Red Belt Sudoku™

Martial Arts Sudoku® Level 9: Black Belt Sudoku®

ISBN: 9781402737572 $4.95 $6.50 can

ISBN: 9781402737596 $4.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402737602 $4.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402737619 $5.95 $7.95 can

By Frank Longo

38 |

By Frank Longo

By Frank Longo

By Frank Longo

Fun & Games Spinner Selections Page count varies 128-180, 53⁄8 x 8¼, paperback

Beyond Black Belt Sudoku Brown Belt Kakuro™ If you have to ask, it’s too hard for you.

150 Puzzles

Brown Belt Sudoku®

By Frank Longo

By Conceptis Puzzles

ISBN: 9781402735974 $6.95 $8.95 can

Green Belt Kakuro™

Green Belt Sudoku®

ISBN: 9780806974996 Approx Retail $508.80 ncr

By Conceptis Puzzles

ISBN: 9781402735967 $6.95 $9.95 can

Second-Degree Brown Belt Sudoku®

Second-Degree Green Belt Sudoku®

Second-Degree White Belt Sudoku®

Third-Degree Black Belt Sudoku®

Third-Degree Brown Belt Sudoku®

ISBN: 9781402737169 $7.95 $9.95 can

ISBN: 9781402737152 $7.95 $9.95 can

ISBN: 9781402737145 $6.95 ncr

ISBN: 9781402746499 $7.95 $9.95 can

ISBN: 9781402746482 $7.95 $10.50 can

ISBN: 9781402780707 $7.95 $9.95 can

Fun & Games Floor Spinner

It’s FREE with an order of 300 assorted titles—40 pockets, 4-8 books per pocket ISBN: 9781402791673 Approx Retail $2,385.00


By Frank Longo

Fun & Games Counter Spinner

It’s FREE with an order of 64 assorted titles—8 pockets, 4-8 books per pocket

By Frank Longo

Third-Degree White Belt Sudoku®

ISBN: 9781402746475 $7.95 $10.50 can

ISBN: 9781402746468 $7.95 $10.50 can

By Frank Longo

150 Puzzles

ISBN: 9781402739347 $7.95 $9.95 can

By Frank Longo

By Michael Rios

By Frank Longo

Second-Degree Black Belt Sudoku® By Frank Longo

ISBN: 9781402737176 $7.95 $9.95 can

By Frank Longo

White Belt Kakuro™

White Belt Sudoku®

150 Puzzles

ISBN: 9781402739330 $7.95 $9.95 can

ISBN: 9781402735950 $7.95 $9.95 can

ISBN: 9781402739330 $7.95 $9.95 can

By Conceptis Puzzles

By Michael Rios

By Conceptis Puzzles

Games & Puzzles

Third-Degree Green Belt Sudoku® By Frank Longo

ISBN: 9781402739354 $7.95 $9.95 can

By Michael Rios | 39

100 Amazing Crosswords

100 Awesome Crosswords

100 Easy Crosswords

100 Wonderful Crosswords

101 Best Family Card Games

ISBN: 9781402712395 $7.95 $9.95 can

ISBN: 9781402734007 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402734014 $7.95 $10.50 can

ISBN: 9781402744167 $7.95 $10.50 can

ISBN: 9780806986357 $7.95 $10.50 can

By Thomas Joseph

By Thomas Joseph

All-Star Mathlete Puzzles


ISBN: 9781402755286 $6.95 $7.50 can

By Peter Gordon & Mike Shenk

By Thomas Snyder, U.S. & World Sudoku Champion

Captivating Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Challenging Logic Puzzles

Championship SCRABBLE Puzzles*

ISBN: 9781402732768 $5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402705410 $6.95 $8.95 can

By Dick Hess

By Paul Sloane and Des MacHale

Games & Puzzles

By Thomas Joseph

108 Challenging Logic Puzzles ISBN: 9781402755781 $6.95 $7.50 can

By Barry R. Clarke

Crime Scene Whodunits

Debonair Hangman

By Jim Sukach

By Mike Ward

Dr. Quicksolve Mini-Mysteries ISBN: 9781402713552 $6.95 $8.95 can

40 |

250 Tough Scratch & Solve® Puzzles ISBN: 9781402766145 $7.95 $10.50 can

BATTLESHIP Sudoku* ISBN: 9781402749384 $6.95 $7.50 can

By Pete Naish

By Alfred Sheinwold

BOGGLE Crossdoku*

Calcu-doku & Sudoku

ISBN: 9781402752575 $6.95 $7.50 can

ISBN: 9781402765834 $7.95 $10.50 can

By Kid Beyond

By Conceptis Puzzles

CLUE Sudoku*


ISBN: 9781402754883 $7.95 $10.50 can

By Roy Leban

Diagonal Jigsaw Sudoku

Elegant Hangman

Five-Minute Mini-Mysteries

ISBN: 9781402750380 $7.95 $10.50 can

ISBN: 9781402766138 $7.95 $10.50 can

By Joe Edley, three-time national SCRABBLE champion

By Patrick Blindauer

ISBN: 9781402775024 $6.95 $8.95 can

By M. S. Moayeri

250 Scratch & Solve® Puzzles

By Mike Ward

Sudoku with Personality ISBN: 9781402749483 $5.95 $6.50 can

By Stan Smith

ISBN: 9781402700316 $6.95 $8.95 can

*BATTLESHIP is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2008 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro. SCRABBLE, the distinctive game board and letter tiles, and all associated logos are trademarks of Hasbro in the United States and Canada and are used with Permission. © 2008, 2010 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro. CLUE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2008 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro. *BOGGLE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2010 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.

Hall of Fame Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Paul Sloane & Des MacHale ISBN: 9781402771170 $7.95 $9.95 can

Lethal Lateral Thinking Puzzles

By Paul Sloane & Des MacHale ISBN: 9781402778810 $7.95 $9.95 can

How to Play SCRABBLE Like a Champion* By Joel Wapnick, World SCRABBLE Champion ISBN: 9781402770777 $12.95 $14.95 Can

ISBN: 9781402766312 $6.95 $8.95 can

ISBN: 9781402721335 $7.95 $10.50 can

By George J. Summers

By Frank Longo

Sudoku Puzzles for Word Lovers

By Conceptis Puzzles

By Thomas Snyder & Wei-Hwa Huang, Sudoku Champions

ISBN: 9781402750717 $5.95 $6.50 can

ISBN: 9781402765025 $6.95 $8.95 can


Repeat-Letter Sudoku

By Henry Hook

ISBN: 9781402777202 $7.95 $9.95 can

ISBN: 9781402737633 $5.95 $7.95 can

By Joe Edley, three-time national SCRABBLE™ champion ISBN: 9781402755187 $7.95 $10.50 can

By Walter Mackey, 20-Year Sudoku Veteran

ISBN: 9781402746420 $6.95 $7.95 can

SCRABBLE™ Puzzles, Vol. 2*

SCRABBLE™ Puzzles, Vol. 3*

ISBN: 9781402755194 $6.95 $7.50 can

ISBN: 9781402755255 $7.95 $10.50 can

By Joe Edley, three-time national SCRABBLE™ champion

By Joe Edley, three-time national SCRABBLE champion

*SCRABBLE, the distinctive game board and letter tiles, and all associated logos are trademarks of Hasbro in the United States and Canada and are used with Permission. © 2008, 2010 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro. SCATTERGORIES is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2008 www. All Rights Reserved

By Dan Barlow

Next-Generation Crosswords By Les Foeldessy

ISBN: 9781402786624 $7.95 $9.95 can

SCATTERGORIES Word Search Puzzles By Mark Danna

ISBN: 9781402759772 $7.95 $9.95 can

Scratch & Play Mystery Word Puzzles By Shawn Kennedy

ISBN: 9781402774584 $8.95 $10.95 can

Games & Puzzles

SCRABBLE Missing Links* SCRABBLE™ Puzzles, Vol. 1* ISBN: 9781402777219 $7.95 $9.95 can

ISBN: 9781402738722 $6.95 $9.95 can

Mutant Sudoku

By Frank Longo

By Gary Disch

ISBN: 9781402769757 $7.95 $10.50 can

Killer Cribbage

Compiled by Peter Gordon

Masterpiece Picture Mazes

The Official Book of Wordoku #2

ISBN: 9781402736681 $5.95 $7.95 can

By Paul Sloane & Des MacHale

The Kakuro Challenge

Logical Deduction Puzzles

The Official Book of Wordoku

Sudoku Puzzles for Word Lovers

Infuriating Lateral Thinking Puzzles | 41

Scratch & Solve® Encyclopædia Britannica Arts & Science Trivia

Scratch & Solve® Encyclopædia Britannica General Knowledge

ISBN: 9781402766343 $8.95 $11.50 can

ISBN: 9781402766350 $8.95 $11.50 can

By Raymond Hamel

Trivia Hangman By Francis Heaney

ISBN: 9781402773525 $8.95 $10.95 can

Critter Jokes and Riddles By Janet Nuzum Myers

Games & Puzzles

ISBN: 9781402778445 $4.95 $6.50 can

Sudoku on the Half Shell


Super Brain Bafflers

By George Heineman

ISBN: 9781402746413 $6.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402746437 $6.95 $8.95 can

150 Addictive Sujiken® Puzzles

By Raymond Hamel

ISBN: 9781402779947 $7.95 $9.95 can

TRIVIAL PURSUIT® Word Search Puzzles*

YAHTZEE Scratch & Play*

By Amy Goldstein

ISBN: 9781402774973 $7.95 $9.95 can

Dr. Knucklehead’s Knock-Knock By Chris Tait

ISBN: 9781402778452 $4.95 $6.50 can

By Peter Gordon

ISBN: 9781402750915 $8.95 $11.50 can

By Alan Stillson & Frank Longo

YAHTZEE Scratch & Play to Go!* By Peter Gordon

ISBN: 9781402764356 $7.95 $8.95 can

ISBN: 9781402767074 $9.95 $12.95 can

Joke & Riddle Jackpot

ISBN: 9781402778469 $4.95 $6.50 can

ISBN: 9781402778476 $4.95 $6.50 can

ISBN: 9781402778490 $4.95 $6.50 can

By Terry Pierce

Ridiculous Riddles

ISBN: 9781402778506 $4.95 $6.50 can

ISBN: 9781402778513 $4.95 $6.50 can

ISBN: 9781402778537 $4.95 $6.50 can

42 |

By Tim Sole & Rod Marshall

Greatest Goofiest Jokes

By Charles Keller

Kids’ Quickest Comebacks Ridiculous Knock-Knock By Philip Yates and Matt Rissinger

Yoga for Your Brain

Goofy Jokes & Giggles

Kids’ Kookiest Riddles By Steve Charney

By Robert Steinwachs

By Chris Tait

ISBN: 9781402778520 $4.95 $6.50 can

By Chris Tait

By Michael J. Pellowski

Ridiculous Tongue Twisters By Chris Tait

ISBN: 9781402778544 $4.95 $6.50 can

*YAHTZEE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2010 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. TRIVAL PURSUIT, the associated logo, the distinctive design of the game board, trivia cards, game tokens, and scoring wedges are trademarks of Hasbro. © 1981, 2011 Hasbro, Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02862. All Rights Reserved.

Other Great Puzzles & Games Sudoku

Color Sudoku

240 pages, 5¼ x 5½, paperback ISBN: 9781402780073 $7.95 $9.95 can

By Philip Riley and Laura Taalman

By Japheth J. Light



NEW Blizzard Sudoku

Brainfreeze Puzzles 240 pages, 5¼ x 5½, paperback ISBN: 9781402747144 $7.95 $10.50 can

Designer Hip Pocket Sudoku

Hip Pocket Sudoku

Easy-to-Hard Mensa® Sudoku

By Frank Longo

96 pages, 5 x 7, paperback ISBN: 9781402777509 $5.95 $6.95 can

96 pages, 5 x 7, paperback ISBN: 9781402740305 $5.95 $7.95 can

320 pages, 6 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9781402746512 $8.95 $11.50 can

By Frank Longo

100 Puzzles

By Frank Longo

Enter the Ninja Sudoku™

Hidden Word Sudoku

Dirty Girl® Sudoku

How to Solve Sudoku

324 pages, 4 x 6, paperback ISBN: 9781402744181 $6.95 $9.95 can

By Robin Wilson

160 pages, 5 x 71⁄8, paperback ISBN: 9781402773402 $6.95 $8.95 can

By Robin Wilson

Master Ninja Sudoku™

Mastering Sudoku Week by Week Mensa® Guide to Solving Sudoku

Mental Case® Sudoku

324 pages, 4 x 6, paperback ISBN: 9781402744211 $6.95 $9.95 can

By Paul Stephens

176 pages, 5½ x 63⁄4, paperback ISBN: 9781844834051 $12.95 $ can

By Frank Longo

160 pages, 5 x 71⁄8, paperback ISBN: 9781402773396 $6.95 $8.95 can

Miso Pretty Sudoku

The Monster Book of Logic Puzzles & Sudoku

Mensa® Sudoku

Naked Sudoku

320 pages, 6 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9781402736001 $8.95 $10.95 can

240 pages, 5¼ x 5½, paperback ISBN: 9781402765063 $7.95 $10.50 can

By Frank Longo

By Frank Longo

160 pages, 5 x 71⁄8, paperback ISBN: 9781402766572 $6.95 $7.50 can

128 pages, 43⁄8 x 6½, paperback ISBN: 9781402738180 $6.95 $9.95 can

52 Steps to Becoming a Sudoku Wizard

By Nikoli

356 pages, 6 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9781402778803 $12.95 $14.95 can

By Frank Longo

Hundreds of Puzzles Plus Techniques to Help You Crack Them All 272 pages, 7 x 10, paperback ISBN: 9781402740114 $17.95 $23.95 can

By Michael Rios

A Step-by-Step Guide

124 pages, 4 3/8 x 6½, paperback ISBN: 9781904902621 $6.95 $9.95 can

By Frank Longo

By Philip Riley & Laura Taalman

Games & Puzzles

By Frank Longo

The Last Word in Sudoku Puzzles | 43

No-Frills Sudoku

Only 18 Clues Per Puzzle

By Brainfreeze Puzzles, Philip Riley & Laura Taalman

240 pages, 5¼ x 5½, paperback ISBN: 9781402777257 $7.95 $9.95 can

By Carlton Books

128 pages, 4 x 6, paperback ISBN: 9781847326621 $6.95 ncr

Quick & Simple Sudoku

Redbook’s Sudoku

228 pages, 53⁄8 x 6, paperback ISBN: 9781588166524 $7.95 $9.95 can

By Frank Longo

By Frank Longo

Revenge of the Ninja Sudoku™

Grids to Go!

96 pages, 5 x 71⁄8, paperback ISBN: 9781588166340 $5.95 $7.95 can

Riddle Sudoku

Samurai Sudoku

Sleigh Bell Sudoku

Snowflake Sudoku

96 pages, 5 x 8, paperback ISBN: 9781402742484 $5.95 $7.95 can

96 pages, 8 x 10, paperback ISBN: 9781402737640 $7.95 $10.95 can

240 pages, 5¼ x 5½, paperback ISBN: 9781402778698 $7.95 $9.95 can

240 pages, 5¼ x 5½, paperback ISBN: 9781402759758 $7.95 $10.50 can

By Gary Disch

By Conceptis Puzzles

By Frank Longo

By Japheth J. Light

By Frank Longo

324 pages, 4 x 6, paperback ISBN: 9781402744204 $6.95 $9.95 can

The Sudoku Addict’s Workbook By Paul Stephens

208 pages, 5½ x 63⁄4, paperback ISBN: 9781844835850 $9.95 $12.95 can

The Sudoku Challenge

Sudoku in Space

Sudoku Masterpieces

Sudoku Variants

Super Sudoku Variants

By Nikoli

240 pages, 5¼ x 5½, paperback ISBN: 9781402772115 $7.95 $9.95 can

128 pages, 7 x 7, paperback ISBN: 9781402771927 $9.95 $12.95 can

144 pages, 61⁄8 x 9¼, paperback ISBN: 9781402741111 $7.95 $10.50 can

144 pages, 61⁄8 x 9¼, paperback ISBN: 9781402767579 $7.95 $10.50 can

200 Puzzles to Strain Your Brain! 272 pages, 5 x 7, paperback ISBN: 9781402733581 $7.95 $10.95 can

By Francis Heaney

By Wei-Hwa Huang & Thomas Snyder

By Conceptis Puzzles

By Conceptis Puzzles


Games & Puzzles

Pretty Puzzles: Strenuous Sudoku for Discerning Solvers

Ultimate Ninja Sudoku™ By Frank Longo

324 pages, 4 x 6, paperback ISBN: 9781402744228 $6.95 $9.95 can

44 |

The Ultimate Sudoku Challenge

The World’s Longest Sudoku Puzzle

Zombie Sudoku

288 pages, 5 x 7, paperback ISBN: 9781402736490 $7.95 $10.50 can

88 pages, 65⁄16 x 6¼, hardcover ISBN: 9781402737626 $9.95 $12.95 can

240 pages, 5¼ x 5½, paperback ISBN: 9781402788147 $7.95 $9.95 can

By Nikoli

By Frank Longo

Got Brains?

By Frank Longo

Brain Teasers & Logic Games

The Big Book of Mind-Bending Puzzles

The Big, Big, Big Book of Brainteasers

BrainStrains®: Power Puzzles

Classic Brainteasers

By The Grabarchuk Family

352 pages, 6 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9781402701948 $12.95 $14.95 can

336 pages, 6 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9781402732553 $9.95 $12.95 can

208 pages, 8½ x 11, paperback ISBN: 9781402777288 $14.95 $17.95 can

96 pages, 55⁄16 x 8¼, paperback ISBN: 9780806912615 $6.95 $8.95 can

Entertain Your Brain

Great Brain Workout

Lateral Mindtrap Puzzles

Edited by Ella Harris & Caroline Christin 256 pages, 9 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9781402747946 $14.95 $19.50 can

48 pages, 8 x 10½, paperback ISBN: 9781402704994 $3.95 $5.95 can

The Great Book of Mind Teasers & Mind Puzzlers

By Terry Stickels

More than 850 Puzzles!

Mensa Mind Teasers

By Philip J. Carter & Kenneth A. Russell 320 pages, 6 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9781402747953 $12.95 $16.95 can

By Balloon Books

Pretty Puzzles: Logic Puzzles for Discerning Solvers By Carlton Books

128 pages, 4 x 6, paperback ISBN: 9781847326614 $6.95 ncr

Tricky Mindtrap Puzzles

48 pages, 8 x 10½, paperback ISBN: 9781402705007 $3.95 $5.95 can

By Detective Shadow

By Balloon Books

Challenge the Way You Think & See 96 pages, 6 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9780806944883 $6.95 $8.95 can

Challenge the Way You Think & See

By George J. Summers

By Detective Shadow

256 pages, 53⁄16 x 73⁄4, paperback ISBN: 9780806963204 $8.95 $11.50 can

96 pages, 6 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9780806971353 $6.95 $8.95 can

Quick-to-Solve Brainteasers

Tease Your Brain, Test Your Smarts

By J.J. Mendoza Fernández 5

96 pages, 5 ⁄16 x 8¼, paperback ISBN: 9780806961514 $6.95 $8.95 can

Tricky Puzzles for Clever Kids

Brainteasers & Logic Puzzles

128 pages, 55⁄16 x 8¼, paperback ISBN: 9780806967530 $5.95 $6.95 can

704 pages, 6 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9781402733727 $12.95 $13.95 can

By Isabella Riedler

By Martin Gardner

Edited by Bea Kimble

By Jack Botermans

224 pages, 5¼ x 5½, paperback ISBN: 9781402736506 $7.95 $10.95 can

Wacky Brainteasers By Balloon Books

48 pages, 8 x 10½, paperback ISBN: 9781402701009 $3.95 $5.95 can

Games & Puzzles

Tricky Brain Puzzles

240 Mind-Blowing Challenges | 45

Whodunit Puzzles, Crosswords & Word Puzzles

Almost Perfect Crimes

Baker Street Puzzles

Challenging Whodunit Puzzles

128 pages, 51⁄8 x 8¼, paperback ISBN: 9780806908564 $7.95 $10.50 can

By Jim Sukach

96 pages, 55⁄16 x 8¼, paperback ISBN: 9780806996196 $6.95 $8.95 can

96 pages, 55⁄16 x 8¼, paperback ISBN: 9780806918273 $6.95 $8.95 can

Great Book of Whodunit Puzzles

Quicksolve Whodunit Puzzles

Tricky Detective Puzzles

Whodunit—You Decide!

By Falcon Travis

By Jim Sukach

The Big Book of Wordoku Puzzles By Frank Longo

Mini-Mysteries for You to Solve

Dr. Quicksolve’s Mini-Mysteries

By Tom Bullimore

By Hy Conrad

96 pages, 55⁄16 X 8¼, Paperback ISBN: 9780806938073 $6.95 $8.95 CAN

Mini-Mysteries for You to Solve 128 pages, 8 x 8¼, paperback ISBN: 9780806903484 $7.95 $9.95 can

Five-Minute Crimebusters Great Quicksolve Clever Mini-Mysteries Whodunit Puzzles By Stan Smith, illustrated by Kathleen O’Malley

Mini-Mysteries for You to Solve

By Jim Sukach, illustrated by Lucy Corvino

96 pages, 55⁄16 x 8¼, paperback ISBN: 9780806942513 $6.95 $8.95 can

The 21st Century Crossword Puzzle Dictionary

By Balloon Books

By Hy Conrad

48 pages, 8 x 10½, paperback ISBN: 9781402701818 $3.95 $5.95 can

96 pages, 55⁄16 x 8¼, paperback ISBN: 9780806961507 $6.95 $8.95 can

Brain Games for Word Nerds

Colossal Book of Wordplay

Crossword Word Search Puzzles

David L. Hoyt’s Word Rodeo

128 pages, paperback ISBN: 9781402770951 $7.95 $9.95 can

160 pages, 6 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9781402765032 $8.95 $10.95 can

144 pages, 5 x 71⁄8, paperback ISBN: 9781402767005 $5.95 $6.95 can

128 pages, 53⁄8 x 8 ¼, paperback ISBN: 9781402791178 $6.95 $8.95 can

Challenging Mini-Mysteries 96 pages, 55⁄16 x 8¼, paperback ISBN: 9780806908847 $6.95 $8.95 can

By Kevin McCann & Mark Diehl 816 pages, 6 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9781402721342 $12.95 $13.95 can

Hip Pocket Word Search

96 pages, 5 x 7, paperback ISBN: 9781402777493 $5.95 $6.95 can

96 pages, 5 x 7, paperback ISBN: 9781402777516 $5.95 $6.95 can

46 |

By Amy Goldstein

By Patrick Blindauer

By David L. Hoyt


Hip Pocket Crosswords By Patrick Blindauer

By Martin Gardner with Ken Jennings



Games & Puzzles

320 pages, 8 x 10, paperback ISBN: 9781402742941 $14.95 $19.95 can

By Francis Heaney



Sudoku for Word Lovers

The Metropolitan Opera: Double JUMBLE Crosswords for Opera Lovers By David L. Hoyt & Jeff Knurek

The World’s Longest Crossword Puzzle

96 pages, 5 x 7, paperback ISBN: 9781402787577 $7.95 $9.95 can

88 pages, 65⁄16 x 6¼, Hardcover ISBN: 9781402729416 $9.95 $13.95 can

By David J. Kahn

128 pages, 53⁄8 x 8 ¼, paperback ISBN: 9781402776267 $6.95 $8.95 can

By Frank Longo

Photo Puzzles & Petite Puzzles

100 Challenging Photo Puzzles

America Spot the Differences

Collections Spot the Differences

Eye-Popping Photo Puzzles

Holiday Photo Tricks

160 pages, 8 x 8, paperback ISBN: 9781402755019 $7.95 $10.50 can

By Photographs by Rick Schwab

Photographs by Rick Schwab

By Adam Ritchey

By Photographs by Robin Fox

By George Eastman House

100 Photo Puzzle Challenges

100 Photo Puzzle Challenges

176 pages, 8 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9781402769016 $9.95 $12.95 can

176 pages, 8 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9781402771460 $9.95 $12.95 can

Spot the Differences & More! 144 pages, 8 x 10, paperback ISBN: 9781402770791 $9.95 $12.95 can

100 Spot-the-Difference Puzzles

176 pages, 8 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9781402759819 $9.95 $12.95 can

Out-of-Sight Photo Puzzles

Photo Puzzle Hunt

The Picture Puzzle Challenge


By Adam Ritchey

By Christine Reguigne

By Carlton Books

By Gilbert King

Spot the Differences & More!

144 pages, 8 x 10, paperback ISBN: 9781402770807 $9.95 $11.95 can

The Ultimate Spot-the-Differences Challenge 160 pages, 8 x 8, paperback ISBN: 9781402751783 $7.95 $10.50 can

Hundreds of Fun Puzzles

176 pages, 71⁄16 x 85⁄8, paperback ISBN: 9781847325044 $14.95 $19.50 can

Closeup Photo Puzzles 256 pages, 7 x 7, paperback ISBN: 9781402773334 $12.95 $14.95 can




NEW Petite Christmas Crosswords

Petite Christmas Sudoku

Petite Debonair Sudoku

Petite Debonair Word Searches

128 pages, 4½ x 6, Hardcover ISBN: 9781402787126 $6.95 $8.95 can

128 pages, 4½ x 6, Hardcover ISBN: 9781402788185 $6.95 $8.95 can

128 pages, 4½ x 6, Hardcover ISBN: 9781402779831 $6.95 $8.95 can

128 pages, 4½ x 6, Hardcover ISBN: 9781402779855 $6.95 $8.95 can

Edited by Rich Norris

By Frank Longo

By Frank Longo

By Mark Danna

Petite Elegant Crosswords

Petite Elegant Sudoku

Petite Elegant Word Searches

128 pages, 4½ x 6, Hardcover ISBN: 9781402790270 $6.95 $8.95 can

128 pages, 4½ x 6, Hardcover ISBN: 9781402779848 $6.95 $8.95 can

128 pages, 4½ x 6, Hardcover ISBN: 9781402779824 $6.95 $8.95 can

128 pages, 4½ x 6, Hardcover ISBN: 9781402790263 $6.95 $8.95 can

By Frank Longo

Edited by Rich Norris

By Frank Longo

By Mark Danna

Games & Puzzles




NEW Petite Easy Sudoku | 47


Hasbro Advantage YAHTZEE*

SCRABBLE™ Score & Tile Tracker*

SCRABBLE™ Wordbook*


By Olaf Vancura

144 pages, 4½ x 73⁄4, paperback ISBN: 9781402750991 $4.95 $5.95 can

336 pages, 8½ x 107⁄8, paperback ISBN: 9781402750861 $9.95 $11.95 can

96 pages, 5 x 71⁄8, paperback ISBN: 9781402750878 $5.95 $6.50 can

Winning Strategies for the World’s Greatest Dice Game

By Sterling Publishing

128 pages, 5 x 71⁄8, paperback ISBN: 9781402772009 $6.95 $8.95 can

Stupendous SCRABBLE™ Sudoku* TRIVIAL PURSUIT® Sudoku* By Frank Longo & Peter Gordon

By Frank Longo

96 pages, 5 x 71⁄8, paperback ISBN: 9781402765698 $5.95 $7.95 can

96 pages, 5 x 71⁄8, paperback ISBN: 9781402750908 $5.95 $6.95 can

By Mike Baron

By Frank Longo & Peter Gordon

The Ultimate TRIVIAL PURSUIT® Question & Answer Book* By HASBRO

864 pages, 5 x 7, paperback ISBN: 9781402770654 $14.95 ncr

Games & Puzzles

Little Giant Books

Card Games

Kids’ Games

Whodunit Mysteries

352 pages, 43⁄16 x 5¼, paperback ISBN: 9781402749803 $6.95 $7.95 can

352 pages, 43⁄16 x 5¼, paperback ISBN: 9781402749896 $6.95 $8.95 can

352 pages, 43⁄16 x 5¼, paperback ISBN: 9781402749834 $6.95 $7.50 can

By Sterling Publishing

48 |

By Glen Vecchione

By Sterling Publishing

Little Giant® Encyclopedia: Little Giant® Encyclopedia: Card Games Logic Puzzles By The Diagram Group

512 pages, 43⁄16 x 5¼, paperback ISBN: 9781402764172 $9.95 $12.95 can

By Norman D. Willis

512 pages, 43⁄16 x 5¼, paperback ISBN: 9781402754685 $9.95 $12.95 can

*SCRABBLE, the distinctive game board and letter tiles, and all associated logos are trademarks of Hasbro in the United States and Canada and are used with Permission. © 2008, 2010 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro. YAHTZEE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2010 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. TRIVAL PURSUIT, the associated logo, the distinctive design of the game board, trivia cards, game tokens, and scoring wedges are trademarks of Hasbro. © 1981, 2008 Hasbro, Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02862. All Rights Reserved.


365 Exercises for the Mind By Pierre Berloquin

432 pages, 5½ x 8¼, paperback ISBN: 9781402724695 $9.95 $12.95 can

Between the Sheets and Under the Table By Ron Martirano

160 pages, 5 x 7¼, paperback ISBN: 9781402746840 $9.95 $12.95 can

Big Book of Solitaire

The Complete Book of CONNECT 4

192 pages, 6 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9781402709449 $6.95 $9.95 can

By James Dow Allen 272 pages, 7 x 10, paperback ISBN: 9781402756214 $14.95 $19.50 can

By Francesca Parodi

History, Strategy, Puzzles

Cryptograms on the Flip Side

Great Book Of Domino Games

Great Card Games for One

Hangman Mania

320 pages, 7½ x 7½, paperback ISBN: 9781402746895 $9.95 $12.95 can

96 pages, 55⁄16 x 8¼, paperback ISBN: 9780806942599 $6.95 $8.95 can

128 pages, 6 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9781402771163 $7.95 $10.50 can

224 pages, 7 x 5½, paperback ISBN: 9781402772085 $12.95 $16.95 CAN

By Billig, Leslie

By Jennifer A. Kelley

By Sheila Anne Barry

By Mike Ward

Hidden Treasures

Matchstick Puzzles

Memory Games

Mensa® Kakuro

By Gene Levine and Gary W. Priester

224 pages, 5¼ x 5½, paperback ISBN: 9781402736995 $7.95 $9.95 can

By Jack Botermans and Heleen Tichler

320 pages, 6 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9781402739378 $8.95 $11.50 can


My Other Boyfriend Is Way Hotter

Party Games for Adults

Round Trip Puzzles

96 pages, 5 x 71⁄8, paperback ISBN: 9781402746390 $4.95 $6.95 can

By Jessica Callahan

By Lillian & Godfrey Frankel

160 pages, 5 x 71⁄8, paperback ISBN: 9781402768538 $6.95 $8.95 can

3-D Stereograms

144 pages, 9 x 9, paperback ISBN: 9781402751455 $9.95 $10.95 can

More Than 40 Games for Sassy Adults 80 pages, 6 x 8½, paperback ISBN: 9781402755675 $4.95 $5.50 can

Easy Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp 144 pages, 55⁄16 x 5½, paperback ISBN: 9781402736513 $7.95 $8.95 can

Icebreakers, Parlor Games, and Party Tips That Will Make Your Guests Flip 128 pages, 51⁄8 x 7½, paperback ISBN: 9781402746864 $9.95 $12.95 can

By Conceptis Puzzles

By Glenn Iba

Games & Puzzles

By Frank Longo

By Jack Botermans | 49


Spot the Differences

Take the Kakuro Challenge


96 pages, 5 x 71⁄8, paperback ISBN: 9781402746406 $4.95 $5.95 can

By Richard Darsie

By Hamlyn

240 pages, 5¼ x 5½, paperback ISBN: 9781402749391 $7.95 $10.50 can

By Frank Longo

String Games

96 pages, 8 x 8, paperback ISBN: 9781402727870 $7.95 $10.50 can

What in the World Did I Do Last Night?

288 pages, 5 x 7, paperback ISBN: 9780600615736 $7.95 $8.95 can

Whole Lotta Hangman

More Than 55 Games for Sassy Bachelorettes

By Nancy Armstrong and Jessica Callahan 80 pages, 6 x 8½, paperback ISBN: 9781402755705 $4.95 $6.50 can

200 Addictive Logic Puzzles

By Mike Ward

224 pages, 7 x 5½, paperback ISBN: 9781402772078 $12.95 $16.95 can

By Japheth J. Light

The Ultimate Book of Card Games By The Diagram Group

464 pages, 5 x 7, paperback ISBN: 9781402740930 $9.95 $11.95 can

You Say Laid Off Like It’s a Bad Thing!

The Zen of the Labyrinth

By Jessica Callahan

224 pages, 7 x 7, paperback ISBN: 9781402759871 $12.95 $13.95 can

More Than 40 Games for Sassy Adults 80 pages, 6 x 8½, paperback ISBN: 9781402755682 $4.95 $5.50 can

Mazes for the Connoisseur

By Dave Phillips

IQ Puzzles

Games & Puzzles

The Book of IQ Tests by Philip J. Carter & Kenneth A. Russell

IQ Power-Up

101 Ways to Sharpen Your Mind

IQ Tests to Keep You Sharp

Maximize Your IQ

By Ron Bracey

By Philip J. Carter & Kenneth A. Russell

192 pages, 5½ x 63⁄4, flexibound

144 pages, 5 x 63⁄4, paperback

96 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

96 pages, 53⁄8 x 8¼, paperback

ISBN: 9781402757358 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781844836048 $9.95 $10.95 can

ISBN: 9780806957890 $7.95 $8.95 can

ISBN: 9781402732737 $6.95 $9.95 can

50 |

by Philip J. Carter & Kenneth A. Russell

USA TODAY® Brain-Flexing IQ Tests By Fraser Simpson

96 pages, 53⁄8 x 8¼, paperback ISBN: 9781402762277 $7.95 $8.95 can


Man Gave Names to All the Animals

Blowin’ in the Wind By Bob Dylan Illustrated by Jon J Muth

By Bob Dylan Illustrated by Jim Arnosky

With words by one of the most admired songwriters of all time and illustrations by a Caldecott Honor medalist, this powerful and timely picture book will be treasured by adults and children alike. This beautiful edition includes a CD of Dylan’s original 1963 recording of the song. 32 pages, 11½ x 10½, hardcover & CD, Ages 5-8.

“Man Gave Names to All the Animals” appeared on Bob Dylan’s album Slow Train Coming in 1979. Illustrator Jim Arnosky has now crafted a stunning picture book adaptation of Dylan’s song that’s a treat for both children and adults, with breathtaking images of more than 170 animals plus a CD of Dylan’s original recording. 32 pages, 9½ x 11, hardcover & CD, Age 3+.

ISBN: 9781402780028 $17.95 $21.95 can November

ISBN: 9781402768583 $17.95 $21.95 can

Picture GiftBooks Books


Puff the Magic Dragon

Puff, the Magic Dragon Pop-Up

By Peter Yarrow and Lenny Lipton Illustrated by Eric Puybaret

Puff, the Magic Dragon is simply one of the most beloved songs of all time—a classic that’s become as much a part of the childhood experience as Mother Goose and fairy tales. Artist Eric Puybaret has brought an entire magical world into being with enthralling landscapes, color, and characters. 24 pages, 11½ x 10½, hardcover & CD, Ages 3-7. ISBN: 9781402747823 $16.95 $21.95 can

By Peter Yarrow and Lenny Lipton, Illustrated by Eric Puybaret, Paper Engineering by Bruce Foster Puff, the Magic Dragon flies into a new dimension in this spectacular, deluxe pop-up book. Master paper engineer Bruce Foster, who created the bestselling Harry Potter pop-up, brings Peter Yarrow and Lenny Lipton’s timeless song to life via nine lavish spreads, plus extra gatefold pops and enchanting special effects. 14 pages, 10½ x 97⁄16, hardcover & CD, Age 6+. ISBN: 9781402787119 $26.95 $32.95 can November

10 Copy Floor Display ISBN: 9781402797149 $269.50 $329.50 can

Day Is Done

By Peter Yarrow Illustrated by Melissa Sweet As night falls, animal and human parents everywhere tenderly tuck their children into bed. In the darkness, each child—raccoon, doe, rabbit, field mouse, and a little boy—wonders: Will I be safe? Will you be there for me? And every mommy and daddy responds with the comforting words of Yarrow’s refrain: “I am here.” 24 pages, hardcover & CD, 11½ x 10½, Ages 3-7. ISBN: 9781402748066 $16.95 $21.95 can

The Peter Yarrow Songbooks with CD

Favorite Folk Songs

Sleepytime Songs

Let’s Sing Together

Songs for Little Folks

ISBN: 9781402759611 $16.95 $18.95 can

ISBN: 9781402759628 $16.95 $18.95 can

ISBN: 9781402759635 $16.95 $18.95 can

ISBN: 9781402759642 $16.95 $18.95 can

48 pages, 93⁄4 x 93⁄4, hardcover & CD, Ages 4-7

48 pages, 93⁄4 x 93⁄4, hardcover & CD, Ages 4-7

48 pages, 93⁄4 x 93⁄4, hardcover & CD, Ages 4-7

48 pages, 93⁄4 x 93⁄4, hardcover & CD, Ages 4-7 | 51

Lisa Loeb’s Silly Sing-Along


Oh, What a Busy Day

The Disappointing Pancake and Other Zany Songs

By Gyo Fujikawa

What a special treat! Gyo Fujikawa has concocted a big, beautiful book that goes from morning till night, completely capturing a child’s world along the way. As always, Fujikawa’s sweet and appealing art features a diverse group of youngsters and a menagerie of delightful animals. 72 pages, 8½ x 113⁄8, hardcover, Ages 4-7.

Picture Culinary: Books Wine & Spirits

By Lisa Loeb Illustrated by Ryan O’Rourke Pop star Lisa Loeb brings her wit, wacky humor, and sparkling creativity to the page in her first children’s songbook—featuring a CD with four original silly songs plus six all-time kids’ favorites! Filled with tons of sing-along fun, this entertaining collection also serves up activities, choreography, and recipes. 24 pages, 93⁄4 x 93⁄4, hardcover & CD, Ages 5-7.

ISBN: 9781402768194 $9.95 $12.95 can

ISBN: 9781402769153 $14.95 $17.95 can

Fairy Tales and Fables

A to Z Picture Book

By Gyo Fujikawa

By Gyo Fujikawa

Gyo Fujikawa creates magic with this enchanting collection of fairy tales and fables. These are the stories that all children should experience, that will nourish their young minds and imaginations. Some are well known and beloved; others are unfamiliar, but they’re all beautifully written and illustrated. 120 pages, 8½ x 113⁄8, hardcover, Ages 3-7.

A is for absolutely adorable! Beloved artist Gyo Fujikawa teaches toddlers their alphabet in a picture-packed A to Z. Each letter is illustrated by a multitude of marvelous things to help build a child’s vocabulary, including chicks, chocolate cake, and cuckoo clock for C and moon, mouse, and monkey for M. 72 pages, 8½ x 113⁄8, hardcover, Ages 4-7.

ISBN: 9781402756986 $9.95 $11.95 can

ISBN: 9781402768187 $9.95 $11.95 can

The Scariest Monster in the World

Ballet Kitty

By Bernette Ford and Sam Williams

By Lee Weatherly & Algy Craig Hall

Ballet Kitty wakes up in the pink—ballerina pink, of course—until she realizes she can’t find her slippers anywhere. But very quickly Kitty discovers that as long as she’s doing her most perfect plies and cutest curtsies, she’ll always be happy…right from her head to the tips of her little pointed toes! 32 pages, 97⁄8 x 103⁄4, hardcover, Ages 3-6.

T he monster stomps through the woods, shouting “GET OUT OF MY WAY!” And all the forest creatures flee. But one day, the monster starts to hiccup—and can’t stop! Will the other animals help him . . . or will they be too afraid? All young readers will enjoy this humorous, wonderfully illustrated tale and its delightfully monstrous hero! 32 pages, hardcover, 9 x 11¼, Ages 3-6.

ISBN: 9781905417568 $14.95 $17.95 can

ISBN: 9781906250409 $14.95 $19.50 can

Cassandra’s Angel By Gina Otto Illustrated by Trudy Joost

With its uplifting and heartwarming story, Cassandra’s Angel brings an inspiring message of self-empowerment to children of all ages. It seems like everyone is telling Cassandra that she just can’t do anything right. But then she meets a very special angel who shares a secret that will help Cassandra shine brightly—and light up the world. 32 pages, 8 x 10, hardcover, Ages 3-7. ISBN: 9781402787430 $14.95 $17.95 can

52 |



The Giant Book of Giants By Saviour Pirotta Illustrated by Mark Robertson

GIANT poster, GIANT stories, GIANT fun! With an incredible, huge, interactive poster and six adventurous stories, The Giant Book of Giants is larger than life! The pop-up poster measures over four feet tall—and offers plenty of playful extras, including flaps to lift, a clock tower pocket watch, the giant’s ear wax, and more! 24 pages, 10 x 13½, hardcover, Ages 6-9. ISBN: 9781402785962 $19.95 $23.95 can August


Quiet Bunny & Noisy Puppy

Quiet Bunny

Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors

Snow is falling, and Quiet Bunny’s friends are settling in for winter. Bear Cub is hibernating in his den. Bullfrog is fast asleep under the ice. Who will play with Quiet Bunny? Along comes a very NOISY puppy, all ready to romp in the snow. Can Quiet Bunny be friends with someone so different? 32 pages, 9½ x 11¼, hardcover, Ages 4-6.

More than anything, Quiet Bunny loves the sounds of the forest: the birds chirping, the wind whispering shhhhh through the leaves, and, especially, the night song all the rabbits listen to. But, one day, he wonders: how can I join in? Quiet Bunny finds the wonderful beat that’s his and his alone. 32 pages, 9½ x 11¼, hardcover, Ages 4-6.

Quiet Bunny loves the bright colors of spring: the yellow ducks, green frogs, and blue jays-everything but his own brown, wintry white fur. It takes the help of a wise old owl for Bunny to realize that it’s the rainbow of colors-including his own-that makes the world so beautiful. 32 pages, 9½ x 11¼, hardcover, Ages 4-6.

ISBN: 9781402785597 $14.95 $17.95 can September

ISBN: 9781402757198 $14.95 $19.50 can

ISBN: 9781402772092 $14.95 $17.95 can

Lisa McCue

By Lisa McCue

Lisa McCue

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

By Lisa Schroeder Illustrated by Lisa McCue

By Sebastien Braun

Little Chimp is off on a big adventure-taking a watery ride atop a hippo, swinging on vines, and munching bunches of bananas. But as he goes bumping, jumping, and racing across the jungle, he never stops wondering: “Where could Mother be?” Sharp-eyed kids will see that mommy has an eye on him all the time! 24 pages, 8½ x 11, hardcover, Ages 3+.

Just like Baby Bear’s porridge and bed, this simple retelling of a timeless favorite is JUST RIGHT for the very young. When Goldilocks comes across the three bears’ cozy cottage, she can’t resist tasting the porridge, sitting in the bears’ chairs, and snuggling down for a nap in the smallest bed. But what will happen when the bears return? 32 pages, 9 x 11¼, hardcover, Ages 2-5.

ISBN: 9781402749674 $14.95 $17.95 can

No More Hitting for Little Hamster! By Bernette Ford and Sam Williams

Little Hamster’s very upset! None of his friends will let him join in any of their games. That’s because when Little Hamster gets mad, he hits HARD-and that hurts. Will he learn how to play nicely? This gentle, endearing story in the NO MORE! series helps toddlers understand why it’s so much better to treat others with kindness and respect. 32 pages, 95⁄8 x 95⁄8, hardcover, Ages 2-5. ISBN: 9781907967030 $14.95 $17.95 can

Picture GiftBooks Books

Little Chimp’s Big Day

ISBN: 9781907152450 $16.95 $19.95 can

No More Bottles for Bunny!

No More Pacifier for Piggy!

No More Diapers for Ducky!

Bunny sucks on his bottle at mealtime, naptime, and playtime. But now Bunny has an invitation to Piggy’s lovely tea party . . . and no one drinks tea from a bottle! Will Bunny grow up and start using a cup? Once again Ford and Williams teach their lesson gently, with subtle, graceful writing and thoroughly charming characters. 32 pages, 95⁄8 x 95⁄8, hardcover, Ages 2-4.

Ducky has a great new game that he’d like to share with his friend: peekaboo! Piggy wants to play too, but every time he tries to smile or call out “I see you!” his pacifier gets in the way. Will Piggy forget about his pacifier . . . or forget about having fun? 32 pages, 95⁄8 x 95⁄8, hardcover, Ages 3+.

No more diapers for me! That’s what toddlers will proudly proclaim after they hear this appealing tale of a lovable duck who takes the big step. When Piggy can’t come out to play because he’s busy sitting on the potty, Ducky realizes it’s time to grow up, too. This is a sweet story with two huggable animals that children will embrace. 32 pages, 95⁄8 x 95⁄8, hardcover, Ages 2-4.

By Bernette Ford and Sam Williams

ISBN: 9781905417346 $12.95 $16.95 can

By Bernette Ford and Sam Williams

ISBN: 9781905417896 $12.95 $16.95 can

By Bernette Ford and Sam Williams

ISBN: 9781905417087 $12.95 $16.95 can | 53

Picture Culinary: Books Wine & Spirits


Adventures of Little Wombat

Caveman A.B.C. Story

Astonishing Animal ABC

The Green Mother Goose

In 2001, award-winning author and illustrator Charles Fuge introduced Little Wombat to the world: The wildly popular Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball sold more than 140,000 copies. Now every one of Wombat’s adventures are finally together in one volume, so you can enjoy them all. 96 pages, 10 x 10, hardcover, Ages 2-5.

1 caveman+26 letters=wild and wacky ABC fun! When a caveman and a squirrel try to grab an ACORN for dinner, a big brown BEAR chases them into a CAVE. But then a DINOSAUR comes out and goes after them all! What else will happen in this hysterical, prehistorical story? 32 pages, 105⁄8 x 77⁄8, hardcover, Ages 3 to 5.

Fuge has created a delightful menagerie of creatures, from an ARTY AARDVARK and BOUNCING BEAR to a vet-visiting VULTURE and sweetly WORRIED WALRUS. Playful rhyming text and a fun final tableau will have little ones learning their letters in no time! 32 pages 93⁄4 x 93⁄4, hardcover, Ages 3-5.

By Jan Peck and David Davis Illustrated by Carin Berger

ISBN: 9781402763229 $17.95 $19.95 can

ISBN: 9781402771194 $14.95 $17.95 can

ISBN: 9781402786457 $14.95 $17.95 can

Illustrated by Charles Fuge

By Janee Trasler

By Charles Fuge

Saving the World One Rhyme at a Time

Mother Goose has gone green-and this playful picture book invites kids to join the fun. In these delightful “recycled” rhymes, Old Mother Hubbard shops with cloth grocery bags; Old King Coal is a better old soul, working to keep our skies smoke-free; and Hickety, Pickety is now a cage-free hen! 32 pages, 9 x 11½, hardcover, Ages 4-8. ISBN: 9781402765254 $14.95 $17.95 can


Grumpy Cat

By Britta Teckentrup

By Jonathan Allen

All the other kitties in the neighborhood don’t ask him to come play. He just seems so…grumpy. But really, he wants to join in the fun; he just doesn’t know how… until he makes a friend. The endearing art, expressive characters, and gentle storytelling send children the comforting message that there’s a special friend for everyone. 32 pages, 97⁄8 x 123⁄4, hardcover, Ages 2-4.

It’s the first day of preschool…but Baby Owl’s not ready. Baby Owl will do almost ANYTHING to stay at home—even put his toys away! Can Mama convince Baby Owl that school will be fun? Jonathan Allen has created a comforting and cozy story, filled with his characteristic wit, appealing art, and delightful surprises. 32 pages, 8½ x 11, hardcover, Ages 3-5. ISBN: 9781907967054 $16.95 $19.95 can August

ISBN: 9781905417698 $14.95 $17.95 can


Gilbert the Hero

The whole lovable gang from Clip-Clop and Jingle-Jingle is back-and this time they’re taking to the high seas. But the ocean’s looking choppy, and the waves are getting bigger! Will the farmyard friends manage to stay dry… or will they tumble out of their little boat, SPLISH, SPLASH, SPLOSH, and take a wild watery ride? 32 pages, 97⁄8 x 103⁄4, hardcover, Ages 2-5.

Gilbert--the lovable white is back in a third thrilling adventure. And the exciting news is: there’s a new baby in Gilbert’s family! But Gilbert proves he still has a lot to learn about being a big brother. When a hungry killer whale comes around, will Gilbert be able to save Finn? 32 pages, 8½ x 10, hardcover, Ages 3-7.

By Nicola Smee

ISBN: 9781907152733 $16.95 $19.95 can

54 |

I’m Not Ready!

By Jane Clarke & Charles Fuge

ISBN: 9781402780400 $12.95 $14.95 can

Talk, Oscar, Please!

No Dogs Allowed!

A dog is a child’s best friend--but it’s tough when your best friend can only bark, yip, growl, and howl! Young readers will empathize with this sweet and funny story of a boy who begs his dog to talk. Tim Bowers’ humorous pictures give a glimpse of what life might be like if dogs could speak! 24 pages, 10 x 10, hardcover, Ages 3-6.

Welcome to Alberto’s restaurant…unless you’re a dog, a cat, a bunny, or ANYTHING with fur, feathers, or scales! Alberto turns them all away--only to see the crowd discover a friendlier alternative. Can Alberto win them back? Charming, classic art make this a fresh and funny story that will amuse even the youngest readers. 32 pages, 11 x 10½, hardcover, Ages 3-8.

By Karen Kaufman Orloff Illustrated by Tim Bowers

ISBN: 9781402765636 $14.95 $17.95 can

By Linda Ashman, Illustrated by Kristin Sorra

ISBN: 9781402758379 $14.95 $17.95 can

Richard Scarry

In this classic picture book, Richard Scarry and his high-spirited Busytown characters embark on a wild trip around town from A to Z! There’s enough wacky action to entertain children for hours. Learning the alphabet has never been more fun! 60 pages, 10 x 11¼, hardcover, Ages 4-7. ISBN: 9781402772214 $12.95 $14.95 can

Best Counting Book Ever

When Willy’s father suggests that he practice counting all the things he sees, he begins with ONE BUNNY (himself) and soon finds more numbers everywhere! By the end of the day, Willy’s gone all the way up to 100! 44 pages, 10 x 11¼, hardcover, Ages 4-7. ISBN: 9781402772177 $12.95 $14.95 can

Best Busy Year Ever

Scarry captures all the hustle and bustle of Busytown through a series of delightful, brightly illustrated stories. Flossie, Big Hilda, Mother Cat, Squeaky Mouse, and a cast of Scarry’s popular characters are off to pick spring flowers, watch fireworks, and have the best busy year ever! 72 pages, 10 x 11¼, hardcover, Ages 4-7. ISBN: 9781402772191 $12.95 $14.95 can

Little Wolf’s Song

Look inside this amazing picture book and feel the embossed pages. Can you see and touch the dragon? They’re everywhere! But remember: to discover a really, truly fire-breathing dragon, you have to hunt high and low and always, always believe hard enough. A story kids will joyously read over and over again. 26 pages, 10 x 10, hardcover, Ages 4-7.

ISBN: 9781907152337 $16.95 $19.95 can

Shh…! Little Mouse has a secret! He’s found a delicious-looking apple and doesn’t want to share a bite. So he buries it. But when a tree sprouts from the seeds of the fruit, there are enough apples for everyoneand Little Mouse realizes some secrets are even better when they’re shared. 24 pages, 9¼ x 93⁄4, hardcover, Ages 2+. ISBN: 9781402774621 $12.95 $14.95 can

ISBN: 9781402772146 $12.95 $14.95 can

By Jason Hook Illustrated by Richard Hook

Even though Little Wolf’s family each have their own special song, he can only manage a poor, pitiful squeak. His siblings tease him: “A wolf who can’t howl is no wolf at all!” But one snowy day, Little Wolf finds himself lost and alone in the woods-and underneath a perfect full moon, he discovers his own special, beautiful voice. 32 pages, 9 x 11¼, hardcover, Ages 3-6.

By Éric Battut

Lowly Worm’s life is full of wonderful adventures—that is why he is one of Richard Scarry’s most beloved characters. And he’s the star of this lively and funny collection. With everything from bike crashes to a big birthday surprise, these stories show exactly why Lowly is one special worm! 44 pages, 10 x 11¼, hardcover, Age 4-7.

Where’s the Dragon?

By Britta Teckentrup

Little Mouse’s Big Secret

The Adventures of Lowly Worm

Picture GiftBooks Books

ABC Word Book

ISBN: 9781402716249 $14.95 $19.50 can

Little Mouse and the Big Cupcake By Thomas Taylor Illustrated by Jill Barton

When one small mouse finds one BIG cupcake it’s much too heavy for him to carry. So, one by one, Little Mouse asks his animal friends to help. They all say “yes”-but only after taking a nibble of the yummy treat. Will there be any cake left for the hungry Mouse? 32 pages, 97⁄8 x 103⁄4, hardcover, Ages 3-5. ISBN: 9781907152474 $16.95 $21.95 can

Chicky Chicky Chook Chook

Bunny Bunny Catkin

What a great read-aloud, sing-aloud, shout-aloud book this is, with its funto-imitate animal sounds and rhythmic rhyme. Wonderfully textured art (you can practically feel the cats’ fur and the chicks’ softness), as well as a sleepytime ending, will make this a favorite to read again and again. 32 pages, 12½ x 9, hardcover, Ages 3-6.

Birds chirping, butterflies fluttering, bunnies hopping, flowers blooming—spring is in the air! Discover all the delights of the season in this joyful book. MacLennan’s bold, colorful art and rhythmic language chock-full of fun-to-imitate sounds make this a wonderful read-aloud. 32 pages, 12½ x 9, hardcover, Ages 2-5.

By Cathy MacLennan

ISBN: 9781905417407 $12.95 $16.95 can

By Cathy MacLennan

ISBN: 9781907152719 $16.95 $19.95 can | 55

Picture Culinary: Books Wine & Spirits


Reach for the Stars

You Are What You Eat

Butterflies in My Stomach

By Serge Bloch

By Serge Bloch

By Serge Bloch

Having mastered the first day of school, the two are embarking further on the perilous journey of life. They find that there’s no better time than right now to reach for the stars and shoot for the moon! 32 pages, 8¼ x 6¼, hardcover, Ages 4+.

In this deliciously clever follow-up to Butterflies in My Stomach and Reach for the Stars, our young hero and his loyal dog, Roger, tackle another major aspect of life: eating. Children might find these sayings puzzling at first. But Bloch’s witty and wonderful images will leave readers of all ages pleased as punch. 32 pages, 8¼ x 6¼, hardcover, Ages 4+.

You can bet your bottom dollar this funny story is the cream of the crop—and the best thing since sliced bread! Awardwinning artist Serge Bloch will have kids laughing their heads off at this child’s-eye look at idiomatic expressions like “ants in your pants,” “homework is for the birds,” and “cat got your tongue?” 32 pages, 8¼ x 6¼, hardcover, Ages 4+.

ISBN: 9781402771309 $12.95 $14.95 can

ISBN: 9781402741586 $12.95 $14.95 can

and Other Advice for Life’s Journey

ISBN: 9781402771293 $12.95 $16.95 can

and Other Mealtime Hazards

Far Away Across the Sea

and Other School Hazards

By Toon Tellegen Illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg

More stories; more letters; more birthdays: Toon Tellegen and Jessica Ahlberg have again created a unique collection of animal tales that will enchant children… and adults, too. 160 pages, 47⁄8 x 67⁄8, hardcover, Ages 5+. ISBN: 9781907152375 $14.95 $17.95 can October

6 Copy Counter Display ISBN: 9781402777578 $77.70 $101.70 can

The Secret Lives of Princesses

Animal Folk Tales of America

By Philippe Lechermeier, Illustrated by Rébecca Dautremer

Adapted and illustrated by Tony Palazzo

A long out-of-print treasure returns! This loving and vividly illustrated celebration of America conjures up a time when tales were truly TALL. Set when the country was young and its horizons seemed endless, these epic stories portray a marvelous landscape where outsize legends grew and thrived. 72 pages, 9 x 117⁄8, hardcover, Ages 4-7.

Some princesses are well-known to all children— but others, equally magical (and sometimes, a lot funnier) have remained anonymous, mysterious, and far from the fairy-tale crowd. Poetic, often humorous, and always enchanting, this is the perfect collection for princess-loving girls who long for more than just the traditional fairy tale. 88 pages, 105⁄8 x 117⁄8, hardcover, Ages 7+.

ISBN: 9781402773228 $12.95 $16.95 can

ISBN: 9781402766770 $19.95 $25.95 can

Potty Animals

What to Know When You’ve Gotta Go!

By Hope Vestergaard Illustrated by Valeria Petrone Meet Wilbur, who won’t wash his hands after going potty. Wilma, who waits too long . . . and sometimes doesn’t make it in time. And Freddie, who’s afraid to flush. These are just a few of the preschool animals who need a little help with their bathroom etiquette! 32 pages, 8½ x 11, hardcover, Ages 4+. ISBN: 9781402759963 $14.95 $19.50 can

56 |

Chicken Dance

Fandango Stew

Meet Marge and Lola, chickens on a mission: to win tickets for the Elvis Poultry Show! But their toughest competition—a pack of menacing ducks—sneers that “all a chicken can do is bawk, flap, and shake.” Can our two feisty chicks show those quackers how to rock ’n’ roll the barnyard? 36 pages, 8½ x 11, hardcover, Ages 4-7.

Chile’s good, so is barbecue, but nothing’s finer than FANDANGO STEW! In this sunny, funny western-style take on the famous folktale “Stone Soup,” two penniless but wily vaqueros (cowboys) trick a whole town into cooking a giant pot of stew for everyone to share. 32 pages, 8½ x 11, hardcover, Ages 4-8.

ISBN: 9781402753664 $14.95 $19.50 can

ISBN: 9781402765278 $14.95 $17.95 can

By Tammi Sauer Illustrated by Dan Santat

By David Davis Illustrated by Ben Galbraith


Little Dog Lost & Found

Written and photographed by Danny Sit Tucker, an irrepressible little terrier, isn’t the type to wait by the cupboard for a bone: he wants adventure! So he leaves his loving home behind, jumps on a train, and heads to the sea for some surfing and clam-digging. Fortunately, the faithful dog discovers that his friends are also faithful to HIM… and help him get back home. 32 pages, 9 x 9, hardcover, Ages 4-7. ISBN: 9781402759994 $9.95 $11.95 can


By Carlton Books

It’s fairyland magic—with a little help from modern-day technology! Open this book, hold it up your computer’s webcam, touch a key, and watch a pretty fairy come to life. From out of the pages will fly the fairy queen; a woodland fairy, a gentle flower fairy, and another who will land on your hand. 48 pages, 10¼ x 9, hardcover plus CD, Ages 7+. ISBN: 9781847325792 $19.95 $23.95 can August

Ten on the Sled

By Kim Norman Illustrated by Liza Woodruff In the land of the midnight sun, all the animals are having fun speeding down the hill on Caribou’s sled. But as they go faster and faster, Seal, Hare, Walrus, and the others all fall off…until just Caribou’s left, only and lonely. Now, a reindeer likes flying-but never alone, so…one through ten, all leap on again! 24 pages, 8½ x 107⁄8, hardcover, Ages 3+. ISBN: 9781402770760 $14.95 $17.95 can

Little Critter®

When the Snow Comes

Calvin Can’t Fly

Little Yak lives up high in the mountains and he’s about to see snow for the very first time but first he has to learn some new winter rituals! This delightful picture book, with its satisfying, snuggly ending, is the perfect winter read. 32 pages, 8½ x 11, hardcover, Ages 3-6.

By Jennifer Berne Illustrated by Keith Bendis

By Jonathan Allen

ISBN: 9781907152542 $16.95 $19.95 can

The Story of a Bookworm Birdie

Instead of flying, Calvin lets his imagination soar by reading. Yet, when it comes time to migrate, poor Calvin suddenly realizes he can’t fly! His family carries him into the air. On the way south, a hurricane hits, and only Calvin can save the day-because he has read all about it! 32 pages, 10 x 10, hardcover, Ages 4-8. ISBN: 9781402773235 $14.95 $17.95 can

Picture GiftBooks Books

Fairyland Magic


Little Critter’s at it again! Whether finding what he’s lost in an adorable lift the flap format or reliving classic fairy tales, Mercer Mayer’s popular and enduring Little Critter has something for everyone. Kids are sure to be entertained again and again by the friendly illustrations and interactive pages as they join our favorite Critter in adventure after adventure! 30 pages, 8½ x 8¼, hardcover, Ages 4-7

Hansel and Gretel

Where is My Frog?

Jack and the Beanstalk

Where’s Kitty?

Little Red Riding Hood

Where’s My Sneaker?

ISBN: 9781402767920 $7.95 $9.95 can

ISBN: 9781402767937 $7.95 $9.95 can

ISBN: 9781402767944 $7.95 $9.95 can

ISBN: 9781402768040 $7.95 $10.50 can

ISBN: 9781402768064 $7.95 $10.50 can

ISBN: 9781402768057 $7.95 $10.50 can | 57

Picture Books: Culinary: Non-fiction Wine & Spirits

INSIDE Step inside the world’s natural phenomenon with these captivatingly educational facts and gatefold spreads, these easy to understand introductions will satisfy any kid’s curiosity. Even better, several are based on exhibits from the American Museum of Natural History!

Hardcover 48 pages, 9 x 10, Ages 8-12 $16.95 $19.95 can

Flexbound 48 pages, 9 x 10, Ages 8-12 $9.95 $11.95 can

Inside Butterflies

Inside Dinosaurs

Inside the Human Body

Inside Stars

Flexibound ISBN: 9781402781612

Flexibound ISBN: 9781402777783

Flexibound ISBN: 9781402777790

Flexibound ISBN: 9781402781629

Hardcover ISBN: 9781402778742

Inside Lightening

Hardcover ISBN: 9781402770746


Hardcover ISBN: 9781402770913


Hardcover ISBN: 9781402777097

Inside Weather

October Hardcover ISBN: 9781402758812

October Hardcover ISBN: 9781402789496

Flexibound ISBN: 9781402789489

Flexibound ISBN: 9781402758782

Inside Hurricanes

Inside Earthquakes

Inside Tornadoes

Inside Volcanoes

Flexibound ISBN: 9781402777806

Flexibound ISBN: 9781402781636

Flexibound ISBN: 9781402777813

Flexibound ISBN: 9781402781643

Hardcover ISBN: 9781402758805

58 |

Hardcover ISBN: 9781402758775

Hardcover ISBN: 9781402758799

Hardcover ISBN: 9781402758768

A Traveler’s Guide to the Solar System

There Once Was a Sky Full of Stars

What would it be like to walk on a Martian plain? Watch wild volcanoes on Jupiter? All it takes to find out is a touch of imagination and this entertaining guide to the solar system, illustrated with NASA’s most up-to-date color photos. 96 pages, 53⁄8 x 8¼, paperback, Ages 8-10. ISBN: 9781402726286 $6.95 $7.50 can

Here’s a perfect bedtime story to both entertain and educate children about the effects of light pollution. Poetic and lyrical, this beautifully illustrated book helps children discover the magic of the night sky while learning about the growing problem of light pollution and what they can do to help. 34 pages, 91⁄8 x 12¼, hardcover, Ages 4+.

Let’s Play Science

Wild Tracks!

By Patricia Barnes-Svarney Illustrated by Gilbert Ford

By Bob Crelin Illustrated by Amie Ziner

ISBN: 9781931559379 $17.95 $19.95 can

A Guide to Nature’s Footprints

By Jim Arnosky

Fun, easy experiments that help children ages 5–8 grasp science basics—effortlessly: that’s what Let’s Play Science is all about. Written by an expert who teaches at one of America’s most highly regarded schools, it will grab kids’ attention and provide a firm foundation for future learning. 96 pages, 8¼ x 11, hardcover, Ages 5-8.

When children learn to recognize tracks they’re mastering an ancient language of shapes, and gaining knowledge of the natural world. Acclaimed artist and naturalist Jim Arnosky has created a breathtaking and informative reference, filled with intricately drawn prints, as well as large-scale paintings of the animals in their environment. 32 pages, 9 x 11½, hardcover, Ages 6-10.

ISBN: 9781402736278 $5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402739859 $14.95 $19.50 can

Super-Size Bugs By Andrew Davies

Bugs: they’re the most successful animal group on earth and—in most cases—by far the ugliest. But that’s what makes them so compelling to look at. In this new spin on the best-selling Life-Size series, the teeming bug kingdom comes into view, bigger than ever and enlarged to staggering proportions. 28 pages, 10¼ x 133⁄4, hardcover, Ages 7-12. ISBN: 9781402753404 $9.95 $10.95 can


Slither and Crawl Eye to Eye with Reptiles

By Jim Arnosky Snake fangs, alligator claws, and turtle shells—all life-size! Go belly down on the ground, eye to reptilian eye, with acclaimed naturalist Jim Arnosky. Through large gatefolds and marvelously detailed, realistic art, he takes kids (safely!) up close and personal with these slithery, crawly creatures. 32 pages, 9 x 11½, hardcover, Ages 6-10. ISBN: 9781402739866 $14.95 $19.50 can

Olivia’s Birds

Thunder Birds

By Olivia Bouler

By Jim Arnosky

Saving the Gulf

Picture GiftBooks: BooksNon-fiction

By Mary Stetten Carson Illustrated by Susan Nethery

Nature’s Flying Predators

Written in her own words, this unique introduction to backyard and endangered birds features Olivia’s hand-drawn illustrations, bird facts, and full-color photos celebrating Olivia’s campaign. Olivia’s Birds supports Audubon’s conservation mission, including Gulf Coast cleanup efforts and is printed on FSC eco-friendly paper. 32 pages, 10 x 8, hardcover, Ages 3-9.

Arnosky will draw out kids’ inner explorer as he explains why there are no feathers on a vulture’s head, which bird is the deep-diving champ, what makes an owls’s wings perfectly silent in flight, and much more. Readers can use this gorgeously illustrated book to bring the wilderness right into their rooms! 32 pages, 9 x 11½, hardcover, Ages 6-10.

ISBN: 9781402786655 $14.95 $17.95 can

ISBN: 9781402756610 $14.95 $17.95 can | 59

Board Culinary: Books Wine & Spirits



Little Critter® Colors

Little Critter® Shapes

Little Critter® ABCs

Little Critter® Numbers

It’s a colorful world for Little Critter! Everywhere he turns, he sees bright and vivid objects, from a purple house and grapes to a shiny red fire engine and delicious apples. 28 pages, 6 x 6, board, Ages 3-5.

With the help of this simple, appealing board book, it’s easy and fun for kids to learn their shapes! Mercer Mayer’s popular Little Critter shows toddlers a shooting star, an oval train track, a crescent moon, and a sweet heart-shaped valentine. 28 pages, 6 x 6, board, Ages 3-5.

From “A” for “airplane to “Z” for “Zebra”, each page is jam-packed with amusing ABC action. This sturdy edition of a Mercer Mayer favorite brings back a classic early learning concept book for preschooler. 28 pages, 6 x 6, board, Ages 3-5.

1 lion, 2 hippos, 3 dolphins . . . and an infinity of number fun! Little Critter has an adventure in counting at the zoo when he meets 4 toothy crocodiles, 5 playful seals, 6 brown bears, and other delightful animals-all the way up to 10 entertaining penguins. 28 pages, 6 x 6, board, Ages 3-5.

By Mercer Mayer

By Mercer Mayer

ISBN: 9781402767890 $6.95 $8.95 can October

ISBN: 9781402767906 $6.95 $8.95 can October


By Mercer Mayer

By Mercer Mayer

ISBN: 9781402767883 $6.95 $8.95 can

ISBN: 9781402767913 $6.95 $8.95 can


Ahoy, Li’l Buccaneers!

Giddy Up, Li’l Buckaroos!


Hardy har har! Calling all Li’l Buccaneers to set sail on a fun adventure, filled with dancing, singing, sparring, and treasure hunting. Young swashbucklers and their pirate pals are guaranteed a mighty good time with this delightfully rip-roaring, rhyming board book. 18 pages, 7 x 5, board, Ages 2-5.

This rollicking, rhyming board book will have young cowboys and girls eager to pull on their boots, put on their hats, and saddle up. With his trusty dog by his side, this little buckaroo goes riding through a rootin’ tootin’ day filled with action, fun, and even a first place prize! 18 pages, 7 x 5, board, Ages 2-5.

From Apatosaurus to Zupaysaurus, the 26 dinosaur friends in this oversized board book will enchant preschoolers and help them learn their ABCs. 16 pages, 10 x 10, board, Ages 2-5.

ISBN: 9781402778155 $6.95 $8.95 can September

ISBN: 9781402778148 $6.95 $8.95 can September

By Mark Iacolina

By Mark Iacolina

Rockin’ Babies

Illustrated by Scott Hartman

ISBN: 9781402777158 $7.95 $9.95 can

Dr. Jenn Berman and Cynthia Weil, Illustrated by Galia Bernstein Whether being hounded by the paparazzi (parents with cameras), getting mobbed by fans (cheek-pinching relatives) or going “on tour” (wheeling around in a stroller), baby is born to be wild! 20 pages, 7 x 7, board, Ages 1-2. ISBN: 9781402771453 $7.95 $9.95 can

Say hello to our States in these fun board books that introduce children to the remarkable landscape of our great country! NEW

Hello, Minnesota! ISBN: 9781402778858 October

Book 20 pages, 7 x 7, board, Ages 2-5. $6.95 $8.95 can • Counter Display, 6 copies, $41.70 $53.70 can

Hello, Wash., D.C.! ISBN: 9781402769122

Hello, Florida!

ISBN: 9781402766701

Minnesota Display Wash., D.C. Display Florida Display ISBN: 9781402787393

60 |

ISBN: 9781402787409

ISBN: 9781402777608

Hello, New York City! Hello, Texas! ISBN: 9781402767685

ISBN: 9781402767692

Hello, Virginia!

NYC Display

Texas Display

Virginia Display

ISBN: 9781402777585

ISBN: 9781402777592

ISBN: 9781402766718

ISBN: 9781402777691

eebee loves adventures and your child will too! Come along on one or all and join in on the fun! Created by Every Baby Company. 16 pages, 7½ x 7½, board, Ages 3-5. • $6.95 $8.95 can

ISBN: 9781402784088

eebee’s Adventures Clean-Up Time

eebee’s Adventures BATH TIME

ISBN: 9781402784095

Sleepy Time By Gyo Fujikawa

Day is done and it’s time for bed, in this brand new board edition of Gyo Fujikawa’s classic book. Gorgeous illustrations contrast the children’s nighttime rituals with the horse that sleeps standing up, the lazy sloth that snoozes upside down, and animals that doze the winter away. 20 pages, 7½ x 8, board, Ages 3-5. ISBN: 9781402768200 $5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402774881

eebee’s Adventures All About Me and You! ISBN: 9781402774874

Puppies, Pussycats & Other Friends By Gyo Fujikawa

What an irresistible combination: a menagerie of Gyo Fujikawa’s most irresistible animals with their human companions! A charming final picture shows several children with some small furry and feathery friends. 20 pages, 7½ x 8, board, Ages 3-5. ISBN: 9781402768231 $5.95 $7.95 can

eebee’s Adventures Make it Happen ISBN: 9781402769030

Ten Little Babies By Gyo Fujikawa

You can count on Gyo Fujikawa to create adorable babies—and this rhyming counting book has ten little ones to start the fun! All together the toddlers enjoy their bottles; then one throws his away, leaving nine. Page by page, the countdown continues. 20 pages, 7½ x 8, board, Ages 3-5. ISBN: 9781402757006 $5.95 US $7.95 can

Surprise! Surprise!

Let’s Play

Baby Animal Families

Can You Count?

One lovely, lazy day in the meadow, rabbit decides it’s high time he and his animal friends plan something fun. He convinces the group to have a race, and off all the critters go, running faster and faster-to the collective big surprise that awaits them at the end! 20 pages, 7½ x 8, board, Ages 3-5.

IIt’s play day for Gyo Fujikawa’s adorable group of toddlers! They’re sliding and hiding, running and splashing, tumbling and wrestling, and having a blast. But as night falls and the moon rises, it’s good to be quiet, too. 20 pages, 7½ x 8, board, Ages 3-5.

Fujikawa creates a warm and loving look at young creatures in the wild, together with their mommies, daddies, and siblings. In the woods, baby bunnies meet with small chipmunks and turtles. The icy far north features polar bears and seals atop ice floes. 20 pages, 7½ x 8, board, Ages 3-5

Each picture includes both the numeral and the written-out word for the number, along with adorable animals-a ballerina monkey, a sailor-suited goat, a golden chick in her bonnet-dressed in their finery and ready to play. 20 pages, 7½ x 8, board, Ages 3-5.

ISBN: 9781402768224 $5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402768217 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402757020 $5.95 $7.95 can

By Gyo Fujikawa

By Gyo Fujikawa

Board Gift Books Books

eebee’s Adventures Almost Bedtime

By Gyo Fujikawa

By Gyo Fujikawa

ISBN: 9781402768248 $5.95 $6.95 can | 61

With art by Richard Scarry, you know this is going to be more than your average concept books: they educate and entertain too! Bright and fun to look at, his books offer plenty of amusement and action on every page.

Board Culinary: Books Wine & Spirits

18 pages, 8 x 8, board, Ages 3-5. • $6.95 $8.95 can

Richard Scarry’s Colors

Richard Scarry’s From 1 to 10

Richard Scarry’s Shapes & Opposites

Richard Scarry’s This Is Me

ISBN: 9781402762338

ISBN: 9781402758218

ISBN: 9781402762352

ISBN: 9781402762345

Dinosaur Numbers

Dinosaur Opposites

Dinosaur Colors

Dinosaur Shapes

Kids can really count on these delightful dinosaurs! The adorable characters perennial favorites with the preschool set, and they’re here to teach numbers from ONE to TEN. 22 pages, 73⁄8 x 6¼, board, Ages 3-6.

Opposites attract! Here come dinosaurs, this time in arranged pairs, all the better to teach children a new concept. They lumber slowly or zip by fast; behave like good guys or are naughtily bad. 20 pages, 73⁄8 x 6¼, board, Ages 3-6.

Dinosaurs red, blue, yellow . . . and purple, too! As they chomp bones, munch leaves, jump in the air, and leave bright paw prints everywhere. And at the end, the creatures all come together in a gloriously panorama. 20 pages, 73⁄8 x 6¼, board, Ages 3-6.

Toddlers will love learning about shapes with the cutest, friendliest dinosaur family ever! The colorful creatures put on a happy show as they play with everything from triangles to ovals. 20 pages, 73⁄8 x 6¼, board, Ages 3-6.

ISBN: 9781402765858 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402764813 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402764806 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402765865 $5.95 $7.95 can

Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball

Where To, Little Wombat?

Swim, Little Wombat, Swim!

Found You, Little Wombat!

Wombat thinks his burrow’s boring, while everyone else gets to live someplace exciting. So when Mama suggests he search for a better house, that’s just what Wombat does. It’s not long before he learns: there really is no place like home. 22 pages, 57⁄8 x 57⁄8, board, Ages 2 to 5.

Are wombats meant for the water...or is he better off staying on dry land? Every child who has ever eyed the swimming pool nervously will happily follow Little Wombat’s success. 22 pages, 57⁄8 x 57⁄8, board, Ages 2 to 5.

When an endearing wombat and his friends play hide-and-seek, the little animal gets so involved in the game that he wanders over the hill and far away. 22 pages, 57⁄8 x 57⁄8, board, Ages 2 to 5.

By Paul & Henrietta Stickland

By Vicki Churchill & Charles Fuge Little wombat spends a day doing favorite things-what could they be? Are they your favorites, too? Let’s look and see. 22 pages, 57⁄8 x 57⁄8, board, Ages 2 to 5. ISBN: 9781402708701 $5.95 $6.95 can

62 |

By Paul & Henrietta Stickland

By Charles Fuge

ISBN: 9781402747649 $5.95 $6.95 can

By Paul & Henrietta Stickland

By Charles Fuge

ISBN: 9781402736322 $5.95 $6.95 can

By Paul & Henrietta Stickland

By Angela McAllister Illustrated by Charles Fuge

ISBN: 9781402715990 $5.95 $6.95 can

Touch and Feel Petting Zoo

No More Blanket for Lambkin! No More Pacifier for Piggy! By Bernette Ford and Sam Williams

By Bernette Ford and Sam Williams

Little Wombat is hunting the Bunyip—a mythical Australian beast that lurks in swamps, bogs, and riverbeds. He’s certain the creature exists, even if his friends Rabbit and Koala say there’s no such thing. 22 pages, 57⁄8 x 57⁄8, board, Ages 2 to 5.

Fleecy lambs to pet, a pony’s silky tail to brush, and a llama’s soft fur to stroke: all these adorable animals and inviting textures await children in this interactive board book! 20 pages, 8 x 8, board, Ages 3+.

This delightful story help children learn to grow out of their need for a security blanket. An irresistibly appealing touchand-feel feature includes Lambkin’s soft blanket on the front cover. 26 pages, 63⁄4 x 63⁄4, board, Ages 3+.

ISBN: 9781402773464 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402765247 $9.95 $11.95 can

ISBN: 9781906250478 $6.95 $8.95 can

Ducky is organizing a game of peekaboo and Piggy wants to play, too, but it is hard with a pacifier in his mouth. A fun cover with an actual (but non-removable) pacifier on the cover will help children give up this habit. 26 pages, 6¾ x 6¾, board, Ages 3+.

By Charles Fuge

By Jeanne K. Grieser

ISBN: 9781906250454 $6.95 $8.95 can

Board Gift Books Books

Watch Out, Little Wombat!

These unique books with die cut shapes throughout allow toddlers to see fun shapes while feeling interesting textures. 24 pages, 8¼ x 7½, board, Ages 4-6. • $6.95 $ 7.50 can

Look & See: A Circus of Colors!

Look & See: Amazing Animals!

Look & See: Curious Cat

Look & See: The Green Caterpillar

Look & See: Let’s Count!

Look & See: What Am I?

Look & See: What Do I Eat?

Look & See: Wheels on the Go!

ISBN: 9781402758294

ISBN: 9781402758256

ISBN: 9781402758300

ISBN: 9781402758287

ISBN: 9781402758324

ISBN: 9781402758270

ISBN: 9781402758317

ISBN: 9781402758263 | 63

A collection of books, by Bernette Ford that focus on a theme, helping little ones learn beginning skills.

Board Culinary: Books Wine & Spirits

18 pages, 6¾ x 6¾, board, Ages 2-4. • $6.95 $7.50 can

Teddy Bear

A Big Dog

A Black Cat

A Happy Home

A Red Train

A Starfish

ISBN: 9781906250034

ISBN: 9781906250041

ISBN: 9781906250027

ISBN: 9781906250058

ISBN: 9781906250010

ISBN: 9781906250003

A Counting Book

An Opposites Book

An ABC Book

A Children’s Treasury of Poems

A Children’s Treasury of Lullabies

Featuring the most renowned creators of children’s verse, it makes the perfect read-aloud and an ideal introduction to poetry’s rhyme and rhythm. 26 pages, 9 x 9, board, Ages 2-5. ISBN: 9781402744983 Board, 26 pages $12.95 $13.95 can

Lullaby and good night…Sweet songs bring sweet dreams. The tender lyrics and lovely pictures presented in this treasury help create the perfect atmosphere for singing little ones to sleep.24 pages, 9 x 9, board, Ages 2-5.

Illustrations by Linda Bleck

Illustrations by Linda Bleck

ISBN: 9781402729799 $12.95 $13.95 can

A First Words Book

A Colors Book

A Shapes Book

1 Baby, 2 Cats, 3 Trucks

Boom Boom, Beep Beep, Roar!

Each picture bursts with energy, from the five dogs on the run to the ten bare toes standing in front of ten marching ants. David Diehl’s unique art will draw kids back again and again. 22 pages, 6 x 6, board, Ages 1-4.

Bang, bang. Crash. Purrrr. WAAH! Toddlers will have a fine time beeping, tweeting, and roaring with this entertaining board book. The simple text and appealing design will encourage children to get involved—and provide an active, fun experience. 22 pages, 6 x 6, board, Ages 1-4.

By David Diehl

ISBN: 9781600591150 $4.95 $5.95 can

By David Diehl

ISBN: 9781600591143 $4.95 $5.95 can

Slam Dunk!

Sports A to Z

Clay Quest Minis

Clay Quest Minis

David Diehl

Sports A to Z celebrates the full range of games, and words associated with them, from archery to zamboni, end zone to yellow card. It’s got real visual excitement, too, with striking graphic designs in exuberant colors that have real child-appeal. 28 pages, 6 x 6, board, Ages 1-4.

By Helena Bogosian

By Helena Bogosian

Shapes are hiding everywhere—on crowns, rocket ships, birdhouses, a spiderweb, and even dinosaurs! There are diamonds, hearts, stars, circles, and more. 26 pages, 7 x 6, board, Ages 2-4.

What a friendly menagerie of creatures, from brilliantly colored fish to a masked raccoon and chubby porcupine. Kids will enjoy spotting the wily animals hiding in this delightful book. 26 pages, 7 x 6, board, Ages 2-4.

ISBN: 9781600591136 $5.95 $6.50 can

ISBN: 9781402762499 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402762482 $5.95 $7.95 can

My Basketball Book Nothing but net! As they go through this vibrant board book, young readers will experience the thrill of being courtside and watching teams of tall players dribble, pass, block, tip off, and steal the ball with skill. 28 pages, 6 x 6, board, Ages 1-4. ISBN: 9781600592409 $5.95 $6.50 can

64 |

By David Diehl

Search for Shapes!

Spot the Animals!

A Circle Here, A Square There

Every child adores getting twirled and tossed by Mommy and Daddy. Again! Again, they squeal. That’s the rapturous joy Nicola Smee captures, in simple rhythmic text and charming pictures. 26 pages, 6¾ x 6¾, board, Ages 2-4.

The youngest children will love this—and so will adults who enjoy sharing reading time with them. Each picture in A Circle Here, A Square There brings out the angles, curves, and lines in objects both everyday and unexpected. 22 pages, 6 x 6, board, Ages 1-4.

By Nicola Smee

ISBN: 9781905417605 $5.95 $7.95 can

Baby Can’t Sleep

By Lisa Schroeder Illustrated by Viviana Garofoli Counting sheep has never been so entertaining, thanks to one-of-a-kind art and a charming rhyming text. 24 pages, 7 x 7, board, Ages 2-4. ISBN: 9781402743238 $5.95 $7.95 can

By David Diehl

ISBN: 9781600591167 $4.95 $5.95 can

Little Scribbles: Pirate Fun By Emma Less

the pirates and have an exciting adventure! To start the trip, they have to complete the ship, give the crew colorful costumes, put gold and jewels inside a treasure chest, and design a tropical hideaway. 12 pages, 7 x 7, board, Ages 2-4.

Little Scribbles: Shark Fun By Emma Less

These fierce creatures lurk at the bottom of the sea, with corals, shells, reefs, and sunken ships. There, kids can color in the ocean floor, give a shark his toothy bite, make sure he’s got a scary face, and follow the sub as it gives chase through a maze! 12 pages, 7 x 7, board, Ages 2-4.

ISBN: 9781402738043 $5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402738074 $5.95 $7.95 can


I Know a Rhino

My Dad!

This very simple, beautiful, and innovative concept book shows children how primary colors magically blend to create secondary ones. Die-cut raindrops with a see-through shaded acetate appear throughout. 12 pages, 8 x 8, board, Ages 3-5.

Charles Fuge’s delightful rhyming text and absolutely adorable images bring to life a little girl and her charming animals as they play all day. It’s the most delightful menagerie imaginable, and the sweetest story—with a little twist at the end. 22 pages, 57⁄8 x 57⁄8, board, Ages 2-5.

Fuge’s bright, stylized illustrations are expressive and appealing. . . . This warm, fuzzy father-son book is a fine addition. 22 pages, 57⁄8 x 57⁄8, board, Ages 2-3.

By Chiêu Anh Urban Illustrated by Viviana Garofoli

ISBN: 9781402769009 $8.95 $11.50 can

By Charles Fuge

ISBN: 9781402708619 $5.95 $6.95 can

Board Gift Books Books


By Charles Fuge

ISBN: 9781402721915 $5.95 $6.95 can

Mini Magic books are creative, inventive and lots of fun. Every adorable page will appeal, especially when the tab is pulled and color fills the picture. By Louisa Sladen • Illustrated by Luana Rinaldo 10 pages, 51⁄8 x 4¾, board, Ages 1-3. • $4.95 $6.50 can

Baby Animals


ISBN: 9781402720543

ISBN: 9781402720550


Farm Animals

ISBN: 9781402745928

ISBN: 9781402712074

Jungle Animals ISBN: 9781402712081

My Pets ISBN: 9781402720536

Sea Creatures

ISBN: 9781402720567

| |6565

Touch The Art

“Jump inside” the paintings with fun, tactile pages that introduce children to the works of the world’s greatest artists and their famous paintings. Each book in the “Touch the Art” series gives kids the chance to tug, snap, lift and pull their way through art history.

interactive Books Culinary: & Kits Wine & Spirits

Julie Appel and Amy Guglielmo

Catch Picasso’s Rooster

24 pages, 7 x 9, board, Ages 4-6 • $9.95 $10.95 can

ISBN: 9781402759048

Brush Mona Lisa’s Hair ISBN: 9781402735660

Feed Matisse’s Fish ISBN: 9781402735684

Make Van Gogh’s Bed ISBN: 9781402735677

Pop Warhol’s Top ISBN: 9781402735691

Count Monet’s Lilies ISBN: 9781402763236

My Masterpiece


Created with the Metropolitan Museum of Art the My Materpiece collection allows kids to create their own collectible treasure with these innovative kits that come complete with everything they need to build and save their art. 24 pages plus component, 5 x 7, kit, Ages 8-12 • $12.95 $14.95 can August

American Needlework ISBN: 9781402757426

Byzantine Mosaic ISBN: 9781402757419

Japanese Gilded Panel ISBN: 9781402757402

Pacific Island Mask ISBN: 9781402757440

Scythian Metalwork ISBN: 9781402757433

Tiffany Stained-Glass ISBN: 9781402757396

66 |

NEW We are pleased to announce our new Little Library Series! Four tiny little board books, perfect for tiny hands, feature a treasure-trove of art and text compiled from best-loved classics all packaged in a handsome gift-giving slipcase. Individual Book: 48 pages, 3½ x 3½, board • Ages 2-4 $6.95 $8.95 can August

Gyo Fujikawa’s Little Library

Little Critter® A Busy Day

Little babies like to look at other little babies— and this multicultural group of adorable infants is simply irresistible. Gyo Fujikawa captures them playing with toys and each other, sweetly napping, and above all GROWING!

Going to work with Little Critter is fun! In four delightful mini board books, Mercer Mayer’s popular character is on the job as cowboy, doctor, construction worker, and police officer. Preschoolers will enjoy spending “a day in the life” as Little Critter lassos a bronco, heals the sick, builds a skyscraper, and catches a furry four-footed crook.

By Gyo Fujikawa

ISBN: 9781402785665

By Mercer Mayer

Richard Scarry’s Best Little Books Ever By Rocahrd Scarry

These Busytown books may be little . . . but Richard Scarry’s beloved Huckle Cat, Lowly Worm, and other beloved characters are as entertaining as ever! Toddlers will love these four brightly illustrated classic concept board books, which cover colors, counting, opposites, and shapes. ISBN: 9781402785658

Baby Fingers Using sign language, babies everywhere are successfully communicating their needs and desires even before they can talk. They are jump-starting their communications and language skills while deepening parent-child bonds. With these adorable board books of simple signs, created by a leading expert in the field who runs her own school in Manhattan, parents can take advantage of a major new trend. By Lora Heller 24 pages, 5½ x 63⁄4, board, Ages 1-3 • $6.95 $8.95 can

Teaching Your Baby to Sign

I Want . . .

All Day Long

I’m Feeling . . .

Richard Scarry’s Christmas Tales By Richard Scarry

Celebrate Christmas Busytown-style. Firefighters are stringing lights, stores are crowded, and everyone is in a merry mood in these four mini bo Aard books based on Richard Scarry’s Best Christmas Ever! Each brightly illustrated story spreads holiday cheer. ISBN: 9781402785672

Gift Little Books Library/Baby Fingers

ISBN: 9781402784118

ISBN: 9781402731686

ISBN: 9781402717284

ISBN: 9781402753954

ISBN: 9781402732461

Hello, Goodbye

ISBN: 9781402753947 | 67

Storytime Stickers

Storytime Stickers Culinary: Wine & Spirits

Our Storytime Stickers series allows kids to both read and interact with their book by using the 100 removable stickers included in each package. A fun gift for little hands with growing minds! 16 pages, 8½ x 11, paperback plus stickers, Ages 5-7 • $4.95 $5.95 can

Choo Choo Trains


Lynn Plourde, Illustrated by Mattia Cerato

Katherine Ryals, Illustrated by Rose Mary Berlin

ISBN: 9781402781865 October

ISBN: 9781402759338

NEW The First Christmas

Baby Animals at Play

Farm Follies

Lynn Plourde, Illustrated by Julia Woolf

Lynn Plourde, Illustrated by Laura Ferraro Close

All Kinds of Kittens

Mega Book of Storytime Stickers

ISBN: 9781402781872 October

Kim Norman, Illustrated by Betina Ogden ISBN: 9781402774645

Cowboy Dreams Lynn Plourde, Illustrated by Joe Kulka

ISBN: 9781402771286

68 |

ISBN: 9781402771279

Mark Shulman

ISBN: 9781402772887

Super Colossal Book of Storytime Stickers Mark Shulman

ISBN: 9781402772894

Classic Starts Give your child a library to cherish with our classic start series! Available in both book and book plus CD packages. Book + CD Package: 160 pages, 51⁄4 x 7½, Ages 7-9 $9.95 $12.95 can

Book Only: 160 pages, 53⁄8 x 7½, Ages 7-9 $5.95 $6.95 can

Classic GiftStarts Books

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

A Little Princess

A Little Princess

Black Beauty

Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

ISBN: 9781402773648

ISBN: 9781402725333

ISBN: 9781402773600

ISBN: 9781402712753

ISBN: 9781402773631

ISBN: 9781402754227

NEW Little Women

Animal Stories

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Anne of Avonlea

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Anne of Green Gables

The Secret Garden

Arabian Nights

The Swiss Family Robinson

Around the World in 80 Days

Treasure Island

Ballet Stories

White Fang

Black Beauty

ISBN: 9781402773617

ISBN: 9781402773556

ISBN: 9781402773563

ISBN: 9781402773594

ISBN: 9781402773570

ISBN: 9781402773587

ISBN: 9781402773624

ISBN: 9781402766466

ISBN: 9781402754241

ISBN: 9781402711305

ISBN: 9781402745737

ISBN: 9781402736896

ISBN: 9781402766633

ISBN: 9781402711442 | 69

Culinary: Wine & Spirits Flash kids

Tools parents trust, activities kids love!

Flash Skills

Each brightly colored mini-workbook in the Flash Skills series focuses on a specific skill necessary to master math and reading. Flash Skills workbooks . . . • Reinforce concepts children learn in the classroom • T ackle challenging subjects using simple directions and fun activities •M  ake practice feel like play with engaging puzzles and games

Preschool Skills

For the Gifted Student

Prepare young learners for preschool and beyond with our Preschool Skills series. The series includes Alphabet, Numbers, Colors and Shapes, Same and Different, Ready for School, and Beginning Sounds—everything your child needs to get a jump start on preschool! Each book contains 64 pages full of age-appropriate activities such as:

Catering to a gifted child’s unique abilities, our Gifted Student series challenges and engages students who might be bored by standard math, reading, and vocabulary workbooks. Each workbook features:

• Coloring and matching • Counting games

•O  ffer reward stickers to encourage and acknowledge success

• Hidden pictures

For each: 64 pages, 7 x 9, paperback

• Patterning exercises

$3.95 $4.95 can

• Dot-to-dots • Mazes • A tear-out award certificate, and more!

• Skills at one to one-and-a-half levels above child’s current grade • Activities that are rich in problem solving • Exercises that develop critical and creative thinking • Logic-based activities • Full-color illustrations and diagrams throughout For each: 192 pages, 8½ x 11, paperback $8.95 $9.95 can

For each: 64 pages, 8½ x 11, paperback $3.95 $4.95 can

Preschool Activities Flash Cards These cards are the perfect companion to the Flash Skills workbooks. Flash Kids cards • Cover a range of topics including math and language arts, multiplication, division, phonics, sight words, shapes, and more •H  ave fresh, eye-catching art that keeps kids entertained and engaged •O  ffer a great value with 86 cards in every pack and suggested games and activities •A  re a great portable learning tool for busy kids and parents on the go For each: 86 cards, 3¼ x 5¼, card deck $3.95 $4.95 can

70 |

A six-book series that focuses on fine motor development for children three to five years old. The books are designed to teach and reinforce the skills that preschool students are expected to learn, such as: • Holding a pencil • Recognizing letters, numbers and colors • Cutting & pasting • Maze Activities For Each: 80 pages, 8½ x 11, paperback $5.95 $6.95 can

Flash Kids Permanent Display, prepacked. ISBN: 9781411462519 $808.30 $962.30 can

Visit to see the entire flash kids collection of workbook and flashcards for all grade levels.

ISBN: 9781411434523 Multiplication Activities

ISBN: 9781411434936 Animals

ISBN: 9781411434240 Numbers

ISBN: 9781411434653 Alphabet Puzzles and Games

ISBN: 9781411434448 Phonics Blends

ISBN: 9781411434783 Numbers

ISBN: 9781411434257 Ready for School

ISBN: 9781411434707 Colors and Shapes

ISBN: 9781411434554 Place Value

ISBN: 9781411434813 Phonics

ISBN: 9781411434264 Same and Different

ISBN: 9781411434622 Letter Dot-to-Dot

ISBN: 9781411434639 Problem Solving

ISBN: 9781411434943 Rhyming Words

FOR THE GIFTED STUDENT ISBN: 9781411434684 Number Activities

ISBN: 9781411434721 Reading Comprehension

ISBN: 9781411434806 Sight Words

ISBN: 9781411434332 Math Grade 1

ISBN: 9781411434615 Number Dot-to-Dot

ISBN: 9781411434493 Sight Words1

ISBN: 9781411434929 Sight Words (Spanish)

ISBN: 9781411434295 Reading Grade 2

ISBN: 9781411434646 Number Puzzles and Games

ISBN: 9781411434561 Subtraction Activities

ISBN: 9781411434851 States and Capitals

ISBN: 9781411427679 Vocabulary Grade 1

ISBN: 9781411434660 Ready for School

ISBN: 9781411434509 Time and Money

ISBN: 9781411434820 Subtraction

Gift Books

ISBN: 9781411434394 Alphabet Activities

Flash kids


Preschool Activities ISBN: 9781411434585 Addition Activities

ISBN: 9781411434486 Writing Skills

ISBN: 9781411434882 Time and Money

ISBN: 9781411458079 Cutting & Pasting

ISBN: 9781411458086 Letters

ISBN: 9781411434431 Division Activities



ISBN: 9781411434677 Fraction Activities

ISBN: 9781411434844 Addition

ISBN: 9781411434219 Alphabet

ISBN:9781411458093 Mazes

ISBN: 9781411434424 Main Idea

ISBN: 9781411434912 Alphabet

ISBN: 9781411434226 Beginning Sounds

ISBN: 9781411458109 Numbers

ISBN: 9781411434608 Math Drills

ISBN: 9781411434790 Alphabet (Spanish)

ISBN: 9781411434233 Colors and Shapes

This page represents a small sampling of the Flash Kids line. Please contact your sales rep for additional details or visit | 71

Parenting Culinary: Wine & Spirits


Preschool Parties

Easy Ideas for Princesses, Pirates & Other Little People

By Colleen Mullaney Bring the party back home with this amazing guide to everything you need to grant a child’s birthday wishes. From the superspecial first birthday through to pre-k kids, Preschool Parties provides anxious moms and dads with18 colorful themed parties— complete with invitations, activities, menus (to satisfy children and adults alike), creative cakes, and even goody bags. 144 pages, 8 x 8, paperback with flaps. ISBN: 9781936096176 $17.95 $21.95 can September

Healthy Eating for Your Baby & Toddler

The Top 100 Baby Food Recipes

By Renée Elliott

By Christine Bailey

Organic food expert Renée Elliot makes healthy eating easy. She covers everything parents need to know, with the information broken down by age and more than 100 recipes to promote growth, health, good behavior, and happiness from weaning to age five. 160 pages, 7½ x 9½, paperback with flaps.

Child nutrition expert Christine Bailey offers recipes that are simple, nutritious, delicious, and just right for 9-to-12-montholds. Her yummy fare ranges from Fennel & Apple Purée to Creamy Pesto Chicken with Roast Vegetables. 144 pages, 5½ x 63⁄4, paperback.

Delicious Recipes Right from the Start

ISBN: 9781844839032 $19.95 $23.95 can

Easy Purees & First Foods for 6-12 Months

ISBN: 9781844839308 $9.95 $11.95 can


Caveman’s Guide to Baby’s First Year

By David Port, John Ralston, and Brian M. Ralston Offbeat and humorous but full of useful tips this book will lead you from a Fatherhood Aptitude Test to the 10 Commandments for Cro-Magnon Fathers to a Yoga Party. Along the way you’ll find candid advice on all topics, from the mechanics of breastfeeding to baby proofing the home to instructions for toys even a caveman could make himself. 256 pages, 75⁄8 x 9, paperback. ISBN: 9781435101395 $12.95 $13.95 can

Buddah At Bedtime

Angels at Bedtime

By Dharmachari Nagaraja

By Anne Civardi, Lou Kuenzler, Katy Moran, & Karen Wallace

Tales of Love, Guidance and Support for You to Read with Your Child to Comfort, Calm and Heal

Tales of Love and Wisdom for You to Read with Your Child to Enchant, Enlighten and Inspire These 20 thoroughly modern retellings of ancient Buddhist tales give parents a fun, low-pressure way to impart wisdom and moral guidance without preaching. Each story highlights a moral or ethical dilemma that echoes those that children face in their own lives. 144 pages, 7½ x 9½, paperback with flaps.

Every child needs a guardian angel—and the angels in these beautifully illustrated bedtime stories have come to earth to offer children compassion, kindness, and love. 144 pages, 7½ x 9½, paperback with flaps. ISBN: 9781780280264 $16.95 $19.95 can

ISBN: 9781844836239 $16.95 $19.95 can

Teaching Meditation to Children

Baby Boot Camp

Meditation can help children cope with the intensity of their feelings and the pressures in their lives—among family, with friends, at school. It gives even the youngest kids enhanced self-understanding, and is especially valuable for adolescents navigating emotional peaks and valleys. 240 pages, 5¼ x 8½, paperback.

Created specifically for the postpartum body, this safe and highly effective fitness program enables mom to get back in shape . . . all while playing with her infant or toddler. 160 pages, 8½ x 10, paperback.

By David Fontana and Ingrid Slack

ISBN: 9781905857326 $14.95 $17.95 can

72 |

The New Moms 9-Minute Fitness Solution

By Kristen Horler

ISBN: 9781402758737 $14.50 $19.50 can

Perfect Baby Names

A Parents’ Guide to the Most Important Gift Ever Given

By Ruthie Cheung & Rosie Cole A baby’s name is a special gift from parent to child-and this lovingly designed book, with blue and pink ribbon bookmarks and space for personal notes, makes the process of choosing fun. It provides an A-to-Z list of 5,000 names with their variations, origins, and meanings. 352 pages, 5 x 73⁄4, hardcover . ISBN: 9781409114499 $14.95 $17.95 can

Choose the Perfect Baby Name

Use Numerology to Decide on a Name That Will Benefit Your Child for Life

By Sonia Ducie What’s the right name for baby? It’s in the numbers! Sonia Ducie provides concise numerological information to guide parents, showing how to access the hidden energy of any name and expose its true essence. 240 pages, 5 x 73⁄4, paperback. ISBN: 9781907486524 $14.95 $17.95 can


Great Expectations series has everything parents need to help them understand their baby’s growth and development, from conception through their toddler years. Written by acclaimed professionals these books are a true all-in-one resource that are indispensible guides through the beginning phases of life.

Baby Sleep Guide

Baby’s First Year

Becoming a Dad

ISBN: 9780760741320 $14.95 $19.95 can

ISBN: 9781402758157 $14.95 $19.50 can

ISBN: 9781402736469 $14.95 $17.95 can

ISBN: 9781402756306 $14.95 $17.95 can

704 pages, 5½ x 83⁄4, paperback with flaps.

208 pages, 5½ x 83⁄4, paperback with flaps.

656 pages, 5½ x 83⁄4, paperback with flaps.

208 pages, 5½ x 83⁄4, paperback with flaps.


Gift Books Parenting

Great Expectations


Best Baby Gear

384 pages, 5½ x 83⁄4, paperback with flaps. ISBN: 9781402733352 $14.95 $15.95 can

Best Food for Your Baby & Toddler

The Essential Guide to Breastfeeding

ISBN: 9781402736186 $14.95 $19.50 can

ISBN: 9781402758171 $14.95 $19.50 can

384 pages, 5½ x 83⁄4, paperback with flaps.

320 pages, 5½ x 83⁄4, paperback with flaps.

The Toddler Years 400 pages, 5½ x 83⁄4, paperback with flaps.

ISBN: 9781402758164 $14.95 $17.95 can September

Pregnancy Journal & Planner, Revised Edition 224 pages, 5½ x 7½, hardcover with concealed spiral bindings ISBN: 9781402777059 $14.95 $19.50 can | 73


Christmas Culinary: Wine & Spirits


Build a Christmas Village Paper Houses to Make and Decorate for the Holidays

By Leonard Hospidor Delight friends and family with an enchanting old-world village, festively decked out for the holidays. It’s simple! Just punch the pieces, fold, glue, and add glitter to make a steepled church; English Tudor Revival home with a Shaker roof; New Englandstyle Colonial; a bow-wow-wow doghouse; snow-covered trees, and more! 68 pages plus components, 13 x 9, kit, Ages 14+. ISBN: 9781435129313 $14.95 $17.95 can September

Enchanted Christmas Tree In-a-Box Paper art by Sam Ita Illustrated by Margaret Braun

Enchanted Christmas Tree In-a-Box provides everything needed to create a beautiful, festive decoration in a snap. The precut pieces are easy to assemble, and the Holiday Cheer book includes step-by-step instructions for creating a 15” tall tree. There are also delicious cookie recipes and classic Christmas stories. 32 pages plus components, 5 x 5½, kit, Ages 8+.

The Toymaker’s Christmas

The Toymaker’s Workshop

By Marilyn Scott-Waters

By Marilyn Scott-Waters

The Toymaker spreads Christmas joy with 11 paper toys to pop out, fold, glue together, and play with! With their beautiful, antique style, these toys are sure to enchant both children and adults. 48 pages, 8½ x 11, paperback, Ages 8+.

Offering 11 new three-dimensional paper toys with movable parts. Just pop out, fold up, and glue together the pieces to construct a science fiction-inspired flying car; a miniature theater, a pirate ship with a gold-filled treasure chest and much more! 48 pages, 8½ x 11, paperback, Ages 8+.

Paper Toys You Can Make Yourself

ISBN: 9781402768521 $7.95 $9.95 can

ISBN: 9781402759550 $9.95 $11.95 can

Paper Toys You Can Make Yourself

ISBN: 9781402768514 $7.95 $9.95 can October

Country Living Merry & Bright

Victoria 500 Christmas Ideas

By The Editors of Country Living

By Kimberly Meisner

125 Festive Ideas for Celebrating Christmas

Celebrate the Season in Splendor

Every page is breathtaking, with 125 enchanting ideas for celebrating and sharing the most wonderful time of the year with family and friends. From decorations and gift wraps to recipes and simple crafts this perennially popular collection is the happy holiday must-have. 128 pages, 5 x 7, hardcover with concealed wire-o binding.

Have a Christmas to remember with these fabulous suggestions for decorating, baking, wrapping, and all things holiday! Brimming with beautiful color photographs, Victoria 500 Christmas Ideas provides the inspiration and instruction needed to surround yourself and your family with the beauty of the season. 480 pages, 93⁄8 x 63⁄4, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781588169075 $12.95 $14.95 can October

ISBN: 9781588167668 $24.95 $31.95 can


Alan Dunn’s Christmas Cakes

The Farm Chicks Christmas

Add elegance and cheer to any holiday celebration! Alan Dunn, a master of the art of sugarcraft, makes it easy to create single—and double-tiered round, square—and even star-shaped cakes with sugarcraft poinsettias, holly berries, fir cones, and snowflakes. 112 pages, 8¼ x 9¼, hardcover.

By Serena Thompson

ISBN: 9781847737717 $19.95 $23.95 can

ISBN: 9781588165213 $27.95 $33.95 can

By Alan Dunn

Merry Ideas for the Holidays

“Farm Chick” Serena Thompson shows us how to spread the magic of the season, with ideas for entertaining, decorating, tree trimming, charming crafts, and 17 recipes for yummy holiday sweets-plus tips for wrapping food and gifts. 128 pages, 9 x 9, hardcover.

A Pirate’s Night Before Christmas By Philip Yates Illustrated by Sebastiá Serra

Young mateys will find plenty of holiday joy in this humorous, colorful, and thoroughly piratical version of the beloved Clement C. Moore classic. On this ship of mischievous brigands—who have visions of treasure chests, not sugarplums, dancing in their heads all manner of Christmas pirate fun is underway. 32 pages, 11 x 10, hardcover, Ages 3-6. ISBN: 9781402742576 $14.95 $19.50 can

74 |

Arthur Christmas The Movie Storybook

By Justine Fontes Ho, Ho, Ho! It’s going to be a very merry 3D Christmas with this new animated film adventure opening November 23rd. Featuring Santa’s son Arthur, a cast of magical elves and a mission to save Christmas. Featuring behind-the-scenes artwork used to create the movie. 48 pages, 83⁄8 x 107⁄8, hardcover, Ages 3+. ISBN: 9781402792410 $9.95 $11.95 can October


Merry Christmas, Even If You Don’t Buy This Book (someecards)

Snowed Under and Other Christmas Confusions Serge Bloch

45 Cards for Expressing All Your Christmas Wishes If You Have Any

Everyone’s a little snowed under preparing for Christmas: a storm is brewing, and there’s fear Santa might get stuck at the North Pole. But all it takes is a little decking the halls and trimming the tree to have everyone lighting up with joy. 32 pages, 8¼ x 6¼, hardcover, Ages 4-8.

By someecards Now, here’s a holiday postcard collection with personality, wit, and style! Unlike the endless droves of generic Christmas greetings with clichéd sayings, sugary sentiments, and sparkly angels, these cards stand apart from the rest by expressing what people really feel when Noel rolls around! 96 pages, 6½ x 4¼, paperback.

ISBN: 9781402771316 $12.95 $14.95 can October

ISBN: 9781402768095 $9.95 $12.95 can

The Night Before Christmas

Christmas is coming-and where better to celebrate than in Busytown? Firefighters are stringing lights, stores are crowded, and everyone is in a merry mood. Richard Scarry captures holiday cheer in a series of delightful and brightly illustrated stories featuring his most popular characters. 44 pages, 10 x 11¼, hardcover, Ages 4-7.

T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the house…for decades families have gathered together to read Clement C. Moore’s eternally enchanting holiday poem. And now there’s a magical new version to ring in the season with joy. 48 pages, 9¼ x 11½, hardcover, Ages 5+.

By Clement C. Moore Iillustrations by Tom Browning

Richard Scarry

ISBN: 9781402754845 $14.95 $19.50 can

ISBN: 9781402772184 $12.95 $14.95 can

The Magic of Christmas



The Nutcracker

Retold by John Cech Illustrated by Eric Puybaret

By Carlton Books

Have a merry, old-fashioned Christmas with this enchanting book! With the pull of a tab, Santa and his reindeer-driven sleigh fly across a beautiful night sky and over the rooftops. A snow-covered evergreen suddenly lights up beside a glowing fire, and a few bits of flour turn into a perfect gingerbread house. 32 pages plus CD, 10¼ x 9, hardcover, Ages 6+.

What a special Christmas gift this will be: the beloved holiday fantasy, beautifully retold by John Cech and illustrated by Eric Puybaret, whose imaginative art helped turn Puff, the Magic Dragon into a blockbuster. 40 pages, 11 x 10, hardcover, Ages 5-12. ISBN: 9781402755620 $17.95 $23.50 can

ISBN: 9781847325846 $19.95 $23.95 can October

Michael Hague

Michael Hague has created an enchanted world filled with animals celebrating Noel, from a dandified bunny dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh to bears, rabbits, and chipmunks awaiting their hot bowls of figgy pudding. 48 pages, 8 x 10, hardcover, Ages 3-6. ISBN: 9781402778124 $9.95 $11.95 can September


Christmas Board Books NEW

Michael Hague’s Treasury of Christmas Carols

Gift Books Christmas

Richard Scarry’s Best Christmas Book Ever!

One Christmas Eve ISBN: 9781402784149 $6.95 $8.95 can October

Merry Sparkling Christmas ISBN: 9781402771392 $5.95 $6.95 can

Jingle Jingle ISBN: 9781906250652 $6.95 $8.95 can | 75

Celebrate all 12 days of Christmas in your home state! 32 pages, 8½ x 8½, hardcover, ages 5 to 8. $12.95 $14.95 can

Christmas Culinary: Wine & Spirits



The Twelve Days of Christmas The Twelve Days of in Colorado Christmas in Washington ISBN: 9781402774638 October

ISBN: 9781402770685 October

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Arizona ISBN: 9781402770364

The Twelve Days of Christmas in California ISBN: 9781402762475

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Florida

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Georgia

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Iowa

The Twelve Days of The Twelve Days of Christmas in Louisiana Christmas in Michigan ISBN: 9781402738142

ISBN: 9781402763519

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Minnesota

The Twelve Days of Christmas in New Jersey

The Twelve Days of Christmas in New York City

The Twelve Days of Christmas in North Carolina

The Twelve Days of Christmas in South Carolina

ISBN: 9781402738173

ISBN: 9781402763953

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Texas ISBN: 9781402763502

76 |

ISBN: 9781402770081

ISBN: 9781402738166

ISBN: 9781402767104

ISBN: 9781402764400

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Virginia ISBN: 9781402763441

ISBN: 9781402744679

ISBN: 9781402766725

The Twelve Days of Christmas The Twelve Days of in Washington, D.C. Christmas in Wisconsin ISBN: 9781402763946

ISBN: 9781402738159



Happy Halloween!

By The Editors of Country Living

Punch-Out Window Shadows for a Haunted Home

By Jeffery Rudell In this creative, creepy, large-format book of black pages, crafters will find jack-o’lanterns, black cats, ravens, skulls, and more. Just put these 25 punch-out apparitions (no cutting, no folding, no mess) in the window, and they’ll turn any home into a haunted house ready to welcome trick-or-treaters. 34 pages with red acetate, 12 x 15, paperback.

Choose from more than 40 pumpkincarving and craft projects, plus party tips, menus with 50 delicious recipes, and six adorable children’s costume patterns. These unique and fun ideas will appeal to millions of Country Living readers and Halloween fans. 224 pages, 8 x 9½, paperback. ISBN: 9781588167842 $17.95 $23.50 can

How to Draw a Happy Witch and 99 Things That Go Bump in the Night By Joy Sikorski and Nick Sunday

Young readers will embark on an imaginative Halloween adventure with Little Man, a bold and curious cat, as he slips through the woods to a wonderful party for costumed trick-or-treaters. Lively pastel-and-pencil illustrations demonstrate how to draw more than 100 things encountered on the journey. 96 pages, 8½ x 8½, flexibound, Ages 5 to 8.

A Pop-Up Book

By Sam Ita With its riveting blend of horror and science fiction, Frankenstein has gripped the public’s imagination. Now Sam Ita, the genius of paper engineering and art, transforms Mary Shelley’s tragic masterpiece into an unforgettable, stunning, and accessible pop-up book. 8 pages, 9¼ x 11½, hardcover, Ages 8+. ISBN13: 9781402758652 $26.95 $32.95 can

ISBN: 9781402757082 $9.95 $11.95 can September

ISBN: 9781402780134 $10.95 $12.95 can September


Monster Jokes



Halloween Gift Books

Spooky Halloween Silhouettes

Twelve Haunted Rooms of Halloween

By Michael J. Pellowski Illustrated by Jeff Sinclair

Illustrated by Macky Pamintuan

Through the first haunted doorway, I peeked right in to see . . . a bat hanging from a crooked tree. What could be in the other 11 delightfully creepy rooms? Hidden throughout this spooky house are more than 375 items to find, including 30 monsters leaping, 36 zombies dancing, and 40 werewolves howling. 28 pages, 11 x 83⁄4, hardcover, Ages 2-5.

Howl with laughter over these: What’s the tallest building in Transylvania? The Vampire State Building! Where do you gas up a monster truck? A villain station! Wacky illustrations add to the ghoulish fun. 96 pages, 53⁄8 x 8¼, paperback, Ages up to 8. ISBN: 9781402784781 $4.95 $5.95 can September

ISBN: 9781402779350 $14.95 $17.95 can September

Halloween Board Books NEW

One Halloween Night

A Spooky Seek-and-Count Book

ISBN: 9781402784132 $6.95 $8.95 can September


Spooky Spooky Spooky! ISBN: 9781907967153 $6.95 $8.95 can September

Happy Sparkling Halloween ISBN13: 9781402771385 $5.95 $6.95 can | 77

ecosystem was founded with a mandate to produce affordable, premium quality notebooks and planners using only 100% eco-friendly materials and processes. With eye-popping colors, plus all the features you’d expect from a premium notebook, every detail invites inspired writing (if only a grocery list) and drawing (if only a doodle). ecosystem notebooks are 100% made in the USA too, keeping dollars and jobs local.

Choose your:

1. size

2. cover

3. color

4. interior RULED NOTEBOOK





Sleek design • substantial bright white 60# or 80# PCW recycled paper • micro-perfed pages • rounded book corners • elastic closure • place-keeping ribbon • inside back pocket • acid and chlorine free • printed with soybased inks • customizable covers

100% 100% 100%


78 |










BLANK NOTEBOOKS Jrnl Ecos Flexi Blank Onyx Small USA $9.95 / CAN $10.95

Jrnl Ecos Flexi Blank Lagoon Small USA $9.95 / CAN $10.95

Jrnl Ecos Flexi Blank Clementine Small USA $9.95 / CAN $10.95

ISBN 978-160736049-0

ISBN 978-160736051-3

ISBN 978-160736225-8

ISBN 978-160736227-2

Jrnl Ecos Hard Blank Onyx Small USA $10.95 / CAN $11.95

Jrnl Ecos Hard Blank Watermelon Small USA $10.95 / CAN $11.95

Jrnl Ecos Hard Blank Kiwi Small USA $10.95 / CAN $11.95

Jrnl Ecos Hard Blank Grape Small USA $10.95 / CAN $11.95

ISBN 978-160736058-2

ISBN 978-160736059-9

ISBN 978-160736446-7

ISBN 978-160736512-9

Jrnl Ecos Flexi Blank Onyx Medium USA $14.95 / CAN $16.95 ISBN 978-160736053-7

Jrnl Ecos Hard Blank Onyx Medium USA $16.95 / CAN $18.95 ISBN 978-160736061-2

Jrnl Ecos Flexi Blank Onyx Large USA $18.95 / CAN $20.95 ISBN 978-160736056-8

Jrnl Ecos Flexi Blank Watermelon Small USA $9.95 / CAN $10.95

Jrnl Ecos Flexi Blank Watermelon Medium USA $14.95 / CAN $16.95 ISBN 978-160736054-4

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Jrnl Ecos Flexi Blank Lagoon Large USA $18.95 / CAN $20.95 ISBN 978-160736234-0

Jrnl Ecos Flexi Blank Clementine Medium USA $14.95 / CAN $16.95 ISBN 978-160736231-9

Jrnl Ecos Flexi Blank Kiwi Small USA $9.95 / CAN $10.95 ISBN 978-160736424-5

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Jrnl Ecos Flexi Blank Grape Small USA $9.95 / CAN $10.95 ISBN 978-160736508-2

Jrnl Ecos Flexi Blank Grape Medium USA $14.95 / CAN $16.95 ISBN 978-160736510-5

Jrnl Ecos Hard Blank Grape Medium USA $16.95 / CAN $18.95 ISBN 978-160736513-6

Jrnl Ecos Flexi Blank Clementine Large USA $18.95 / CAN $20.95

Jrnl Ecos Flexi Blank Kiwi Large USA $18.95 / CAN $20.95

Jrnl Ecos Flexi Blank Grape Large USA $18.95 / CAN $20.95

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Jrnl Ecos Hard Blank Onyx Large USA $19.95 / CAN $21.95 ISBN 978-160736522-8

Jrnl Ecos Flexi Ruled Onyx Small USA $9.95 / CAN $10.95

Jrnl Ecos Hard Ruled Onyx Small USA $10.95 / CAN $11.95

Jrnl Ecos Hard Ruled Watermelon Small USA $10.95 / CAN $11.95

Jrnl Ecos Hard Ruled Lagoon Small USA $10.95 / CAN $11.95

ISBN 978-160736072-8

ISBN 978-160736073-5

ISBN 978-160736259-3


ISBN 978-160736529-7

Jrnl Ecos Hard Ruled Onyx Medium USA $16.95 / CAN $18.95


Jrnl Ecos Flexi Ruled Lagoon Small USA $9.95 / CAN $10.95

ISBN 978-160736065-0

Jrnl Ecos Flexi Ruled Onyx Medium USA $14.95 / CAN $16.95


Jrnl Ecos Flexi Ruled Watermelon Small USA $9.95 / CAN $10.95

ISBN 978-160736064-3





ISBN 978-160736067-4

ISBN 978-160736075-9

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Jrnl Ecos Flexi Ruled Kiwi Small USA $9.95 / CAN $10.95

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ISBN 978-160736248-7

ISBN 978-160736455-9

ISBN 978-160736354-5

Jrnl Ecos Hard Ruled Clementine Small USA $10.95 / CAN $11.95

Jrnl Ecos Hard Ruled Kiwi Small USA $10.95 / CAN $11.95

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ISBN 978-160736468-9

ISBN 978-160736357-6

Jrnl Ecos Flexi Ruled Clementine Medium USA $14.95 / CAN $16.95 ISBN 978-160736252-4

Jrnl Ecos Hard Ruled Clementine Medium USA $16.95 / CAN $18.95

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ISBN 978-160736208-1

ISBN 978-160736209-8

Jrnl Ecos Flexi Ruled Clementine Large USA $18.95 / CAN $20.95

Jrnl Ecos Flexi Ruled Kiwi Large USA $18.95 / CAN $20.95

ISBN 978-160736526-6

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Jrnl Ecos Flexi Ruled Grape Medium USA $14.95 / CAN $16.95 ISBN 978-160736355-2

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Jrnl Ecos Hard Ruled Onyx Large USA $19.95 / CAN $21.95 ISBN 978-160736520-4 | 79


ISBN 978-160736081-0

Jrnl Ecos Hard Grid Onyx Medium USA $16.95 / CAN $18.95 ISBN 978-160736524-2


ISBN 978-160736210-4

Jrnl Ecos Flexi Grid Onyx Medium USA $14.95 / CAN $16.95


ISBN 978-160736078-0

Jrnl Ecos Hard Grid Onyx Small USA $10.95 / CAN $11.95


Jrnl Ecos Flexi Grid Onyx Small USA $9.95 / CAN $10.95



GRID NOTEBOOKS Jrnl Ecos Flexi Grid Onyx Large USA $18.95 / CAN $20.95 ISBN 978-160736523-5


ARTIST SKETCHBOOKS Jrnl Ecos Hard Sketchbook Onyx Large USA $19.95 / CAN $21.95

Jrnl Ecos Hard Sketchbook Watermelon Large USA $19.95 / CAN $21.95

Jrnl Ecos Hard Sketchbook Lagoon Large USA $19.95 / CAN $21.95

Jrnl Ecos Hard Sketchbook Clementine Large USA $19.95 / CAN $21.95


Empty Displays


Pre-Pack Displays Small Countertop Display Countertop Display for Flexi Cover Books USA $328.65 / CAN $367.65

Small Countertop Display Countertop Display for Flexi & Hard Cover Books USA $330.70 / CAN $367.70

Small Countertop Display Countertop Display for Flexi & Hard Cover Books (Onyx Only) USA $329.70 / CAN $366.70

Medium Countertop Display Countertop Display for Flexi Cover Books USA $569.80 / CAN $633.80

Medium Countertop Display Countertop Display for Flexi & Hard Cover Books USA $533.05 / CAN $551.05

Large floor Display Large Floorstand Display USA $1,035.80 / CAN $1,150.80

Small Countertop Display Complimentary with full display book order. Holds up to 27 small and medium books.

Medium Countertop Display Complimentary with full display book order. Holds up to 44 small, medium and large books.

Large Floor Display Complimentary with full display book order. Holds up to 84 small and medium books.

80 |

Jrnl Ecos Hard Sketchbook Kiwi Large USA $19.95 / CAN $21.95

Jrnl Ecos Hard Sketchbook Grape Large USA $19.95 / CAN $21.95

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