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The Story Gutzy Gear was born out of the deeprooted imagination and entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, cousins Lauren Bass and Wendy Koolik. Hailing from a long line of business savvy and creative minds, and inspired by Wendy’s own children’s love for self expression, the pair had their sights set on creating a children’s product that would be personal, interactive, and most importantly fun…but it wasn’t until they fortuitously came across their grandmother Betty’s old golf sweater that their concept came to life. The sweater—decorated with an array of patches to represent golf courses she had visited and played during her lifetime—was a symbol of Grandma Betty’s adventures, and each patch was a badge of her accomplishments.

Backpack Strap Covers & Collectable Gutzy Patches

And…EUREKA! Gutzy Gear was born! Inspired by Grandma Betty’s keepsake and determined to translate the concept for kids, Lauren and Wendy embarked on a three-year journey to create a product that would allow children to literally “wear their heart on their sleeve” and express their unique personalities, hobbies and passions. With a collection of hundreds of patches (aka “Gutzies”) to choose from, Gutzy Gear encourages kids to trade with each other and, in the process, build lasting friendships rooted in positive themes and high self-esteem. For founders Wendy and Lauren, giving kids the “Gutz” to express themselves isn’t just their company motto, it’s the way they live their lives.

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Gutzy Gear Strap Covers attach to any style strap, without the needs of glueing or stitching.

56 Different Gutzies to Choose From.

The Gutzy patches (Gutzies™), are brightly colored and highly desireable for kids of all ages. Gutzies™ attach to the Gutzy Gear Backpack Strap Covers without the need of stiching and are easily removable, interchangeable and customizeable.

Gutzy Gear Patches: 4.875” W x 6.75” H Includes 2 Gutzies™ for use with Gutzy Gear Backpack Strap Covers

Gutzy Gear Strap Covers Box: 4.875” W x 13.375” H x .75” D Includes 2 Gutzy Gear Backpack Strap Covers

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9/12/11 11:58 AM

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