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About Us Roadhouse Seats was founded in 2012 by master craftsman, Bryan W. Nappi, of Las Vegas, Nevada. Bryan, an avid motorcyclist, discovered that if he and his wife wanted to continue to ride, something had to be done about the uncomfortable seats. Not only was his own back and tailbone aching after a day on his bike, but his wife's was, too! In order to solve the problem, Bryan went on a quest to redesign his seat. After countless prototypes and hundreds of hours of building and rebuilding seats, Roadhouse Seats was born. The provisional patent on these unique seats was granted some 18 months later. “Since the invention of the motorcycle, tailbone and back pain has plagued riders,” says Bryan. “There are many options available to riders, but none can compete with our patented Dual-Core Symmetrical Suspension System!" Simply put, there is no other seat like this!

Welcome to Roadhouse Custom Motorcycle Seats!

Our Contact Information: Phone: 702-858-3307 E-mail: Website: Address: 2004 Diamond Peak Court Las Vegas, NV 89117

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