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D i 16 am 00 on + C ds ert on ifie -h d an d New Zealand Family owned Diamond wholesaler Extensive range of smalls & fancy cuts Special off-shore orders welcome In-house state-of-the-art test equipment to test Man Made diamonds from natural State-of-the-Art Video Photography equipment able to take videos of diamonds & Jewellery


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Now based in Auckland CBD PO Box 105000 Auckland City 1143 0800 DIAMONDS / 0800 342666 09 261 2638 – Tilak: 021 541 151 www.stargems.co.nz info@stargems.co.nz


WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN SHOWCASE JEWELLERS - THE PREMIER BUYING GROUP BEST supplier discounts passed onto members NO joining fees NO hidden fees YOU own the company, we are 100% member owned ALL profits returned to members FREE website setup IN HOUSE marketing agency FREE online training courses on product knowledge and sales MOST comprehensive service provider and value for money buying group JOIN AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALANDS PREMIER BUYING GROUP Contact us today via enquiries@jimaco.com or +61 2 8566 1800 to discuss all the invaluable benefits Showcase Jewellers provides with our Senior Management Team Jorge Joaquim and Nicola Adams.





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New Products and Services Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds are beautiful diamonds without harming the environment. Biron diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties of natural diamonds and are less than half the price of a natural diamond, making it the smarter choice. Our 0.50ct+ diamonds are boxed with a security seal and certification for peace of mind. They are available in white, (D/I VVS1-I1) from 1mm to 3ct in loose stones, or you can choose from our beautiful jewellery range. Call us for a brochure or more information. Contact Bolton Gems, P: 0800 777 414, finegems@boltongems.com.au, www.biron.com.au

w w w. w a t c h p a r t s . c o . n z Pacific Time Industries are pleased to announce that we are now the exclusive distributors of Rochet Watch Bands in New Zealand.

PO Box 4 Kaiapoi 7644, Phone 03 354 3156, email Sales@watchparts.co.nz

TALKBACK With more than 55 years’ experience in the industry, manufacturing jeweller Paul Taylor marks 50 years in business this year. Tell us about your history in the trade … My life in the jewellery trade began when I became an apprentice with a manufacturing retailer in January 1965, in Papatoetoe, Auckland. I then completed my apprenticeship at another jeweller, based in the Victoria Arcade in the CBD, with a diamond ring company. Fast forward to 1971, I reunited with my former employer. Together we formed a company and in 1975 I took over it as its sole director; changed the name to Paul H. Taylor and established the core of the business through the purchase of the Maestro and later the Jewelmark brands. 2002 brought further development to the business, when I first delved into laser welding, I knew this would be a huge advancement for the quality of repairs I am now able to offer. Since then, I have enjoyed working and watching my business thrive. Your business moved in 2019 from Highland Park to Beachlands … 2018/2019 was a period of uncertainty for my business In Highland Park, given that the premises at the time were sold to a corporate grocery chain and tenants were given notice to leave. We had spent many wonderful years there, however, after months of negotiations I found it necessary for the business to relocate to Beachlands into a brand-new shopping complex. After many years in Highland Park, we had built an established clientele and name within the community and surrounds. However, I can say that this move has been so rewarding, our clientele has been more than supportive and we have built a new trust and name within the Beachlands community. How has the pandemic changed the way you do business? During the COVID-19 pandemic we had to shut for the lockdown period. But fortunately, with the way the workshop itself is 6


orientated my jewellers were able to socially distance and continue to manufacture and repair in level 3. We adapted our customer service experience and were able to offer “click and collect” for our customers. Tell us about two special/ memorable moments in your career ... The first in my 50-year career was to start trading into Australia in the early 80’s This was a daunting and exciting prospect, especially having only my sole discretion to rely on when it came to the decision making, I had no one else to fall back on. I still remember my first order in Melbourne and walking down the street with the biggest grin on my face. I then had many years of reasonably successful business in Australia. My second life-changing moment would have to be in 2002 when I attended a workshop at Stuller Settings, in the USA. This was incredible, to be able to go into a factory of such great magnitude knowing that Matt (the owner) started in the industry at the same time as me. Matthew Stuller is a legend. This gave me a passion to continue with this dream. I have been twice and it was life changing. In another life, is there another career you would have liked to have pursued? I would like to have been in the professional sports industry. I have always had a long­standing passion for sports. I have dabbled in many sports including game fishing, motorcycling, golf, cricket, softball and hockey. I really love golf and think that out of them all I am so fortunate to continue to play this great game. How do you relax away from the business? By being lucky enough to live within five minutes walking distance of my boat. I have owned this boat for 15 years and have spent most of my time restoring it. I just love working

Paul Taylor

on the boat, as well as being on the water. Best winter holiday destination … and why? Hands down it is the USA. I have been traveling there for over 15 years, with over 100,000 miles on my Harley Davidson. I have ridden to every lower state and made lifelong friendships. What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done? Participating in the Iron Butt Challenge in the USA. Myself and a buddy rode our motorcycles for 1000 miles within 24 hours. We had to keep all records and were clocked in with GPS. We rode from Wisconsin to Colorado Springs, completing it in 171/2 hours. I am now a member of the Iron Butt Association. This was just a phenomenal experience, exhausting but still phenomenal. How are you and your team celebrating your 50 years in business? We are celebrating just by being so incredibly grateful for all the people who have supported me and continue to do so over the years. Many are still with me - clients and repair accounts going way back to when I was an apprentice. My people stay with me. I love that I have been able to achieve that through hard work and dedication to the trade.


Manu and Kamla Unka.

CELEBRATING 40 YEARS Unka’s Watchmakers and Jewellers, Hawera, opened with a modest bank loan and a pocket full of ambition on March 23 1981. This year the family business celebrates 40 successful years. Owner Manu Unka learnt the watchmaking and jewellery repair trade at Greenwood Jewellery, Hawera. He worked there from 1971 until 1981, after which Manu’s parents and family helped him start up his own business on High Street. Manu opened the shop with limited stock and a workshop he built himself. His wife Kamla joined the business six years later and

together they employed a small team of assistants and watchmaker Joseph McGurk, who is still at the bench. The business grew with the addition of three daughters who were raised at the back of the shop. There have been many memories made in the shop for the Unka family and it seems for others too. Customers fondly recall Manu piercing their own ears, their children’s ears and now their grandchildren’s ears. Over the years the couple has expanded the store three times and also opened another business in town, Kamla’s Gifts.

“We are proud to have given 40 years of service to the people of South Taranaki, its schools, sports clubs, service clubs and other businesses. And we thank our customers who have supported us over the years,“ said Manu. The 40th anniversary coincides with another milestone. The Unka family has been in New Zealand for more than a century. Manu: “My grandfather came to New Zealand in 1918 and now we have the fifth generation of Unka’s living here. We love our community and enjoy helping with all jewellery and watchmaking needs. But after 40 years, we have decided to settle up the businesses and we will be moving closer to our family in Auckland. “It’s time for us to relax and spend quality time with my family, which we have missed out on being in business. I may join a bowling club and my garden would be where I would most likely be found at all other times. We will really miss our customers. Some of them are third generation. And our little town, Hawera, where we have spent 65 years of our lives.”

SHOWTIME The Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) has pencilled in dates for its jewellery events throughout the year. Vicenzaoro will be held 10-14

September, 2021, alongside IEG’s other shows T.Gold and VOVintage, in Vicenza, Italy. Oroarezzo, meanwhile, has been

postponed until 2022. Vicenzaoro 2021 will take place in a physical format.


112 Main St., Upper Hutt Ph/Fax 0-4-528 7732 watchcraftltd@gmail.com

Your one stop courier drop off for custom glass fitting, water resistance testing, all brands of watch servicing. Prompt servicing for all Trade Work. 24hr turnaround for all urgent work. 8



FOR MORE INFORMATION e. sales@olympicwatch.com tel. (09) 825 0061

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NEWS MELBOURNE JEWELLERY FAIR GOES HYBRID The most recent pandemic challenges have increased the need for jewellers to update their digital offering and now that Australia and New Zealand are getting back to a new normal, the team at the Jewellery Industry Fair (JIF) is promising to present an August jewellery fair that offers a fusion of traditional experiences and advanced technology. Guests at the Melbourne event will experience a unique industry event both in person and online. For guests, the trip to Melbourne can be dual purpose, with the Melbourne Gift Fair running on the same weekend as the Fair. Free shuttle buses will run to and from the event venue, the historic Timber Yard, to the Melbourne The Timber Yard - located on 6,000 sqm in the Port Melbourne Convention Centre. precinct. One milestone to be celebrated at the Fair is the JAA’s 90th anniversary. This will coincide with the JAA Jewellery Design Awards and entrants will have their pieces on display at the Fair. The JIF will also have representation from each of the industry associations, with the GAA, JAA, NCJV and Goldsmiths Guild in attendance. With the digital assets built by the JIF team, the Melbourne JIF is set to be a hybrid event, with online tools supplied to each exhibitor to allow guests to see all available material from those suppliers. Guests will be able to download brochures, see product images and save order forms at the click of a button after visiting their suppliers at their booths. The Jewellery Industry Fair, 1st and 2nd August, The Timber Yard, Melbourne. Register your ticket at: www.JewelleryIndustryFair.com

JUST S, M OR L ? Richemont-owned watch e-tailer Watchfinder & Co. will become the first United Kingdom watch seller to remove gender labels from its website and simply label watches as small, medium, or large. The company is urging watch manufacturers to follow its lead and refer to watches by their size alone and ditch the industry’s traditional model of labelling certain watches

as only suitable for a particular sex. “By removing the men’s and women’s categories from our business we are encouraging customers to explore and discover more watches, helping them find the right watch for them,” said Watchfinder & Co. cofounder Matt Bowling in a statement. “With a large proportion of men’s watches getting smaller and women’s

watches getting bigger, we feel that gender categories are now obsolete. “We feel that categorising a watch as either men’s or women’s is now both redundant, restrictive and outdated. Everyone should be able to choose whatever style they want, without being dictated as to whether it is suitable for their gender or not.”

Precious Gem Imports Ltd


Joy Thavat

Freephone 0800 PGI GEM or 0800 744 436 10


DISTANCE KEEPER “We are all trying to keep safe and stay healthy at the moment and we would like to help you do this in style. Make sure you look good as you keep safe.” That’s the message from Tateossian London. With social distancing becoming a new way of life, the company has designed a bracelet that is 2m in length. The ‘Raphael’ bracelet has a rhodium-plated sterling silver clasp with an inner pop mechanism. The Italian leather has stitching detail on the side and comes in a range of colours. End to end the bracelet can be used as a guide to ensure you are always at the correct social distance. The bracelet wraps around the wrist many times (Extra small, small & medium is 6 wraps and large is 5 wraps). Tateossian donates 20% from the sale of the bracelet to the UK’s NHS Charities Together.

ROLEX ROLLS OUT 2021 MODELS Rolex introduced a wave of new dials with its 2021 models, including this palm motif available with a green dial on an Oystersteel bracelet (US$7,050) and with a silver dial on an Oystersteel and Everose gold bracelet (US$12,000). Also in the collection is the diamond-set 18ct yellow gold Day-Date 36 with a coral-coloured alligator strap and markers, which retails for US$82,500. The 18ct white gold version, with turquoise and an 18ct Everose gold version with a burgundy-colour alligator strap and hour markers are both US$85,000.

Monte Carlo jewellery Maison, ORLOV, celebrated its 10th anniversary with a new Croco Dream collection. Pictured is its Croco Dream diamond crocodile necklace set with a Burmese royal blue sapphire.

ALL THAT GLITTERS The much-anticipated BBC Two jewellery show All That Glitters: Britain’s Next Jewellery Star premiered in April. Eight contestants were pitted against one another to determine who is Britain’s most

gifted jewellery maker. The show follows a format similar to The Great British Bake Off, with contestants designing items to a brief each week – one for the mass market and a second custom item

for a specific client. Judges Solange Azagury-Partridge and Shaun Leane then decide who wins the title of ‘Jeweller of the Week’ and who is sent home.


NEW ZEALAND’S PREMIUM GEMSTONE STOCKIST P.O. Box 37597 Parnell, Auckland Phone (09) 3778 038 Email sales@preciousgem.co.nz Fax (09) 309 6807 Website www.preciousgem.co.nz JT2021 WINTER


NEWS www.morrisandwatson.com NEW ZEALAND | 0800 500 654 AUSTRALIA | 1800 469 088

YOUNG TALENT AT THE BENCH Isabella Roland (left) is in her first-year apprenticeship at Jewellery Services, Auckland. She is joined at the bench by Jo-Ann French (a 2nd year apprentice) and Helena Yntema (a 4th & final year apprentice). Richard Mayo, General Manager at Jewellery Services, says: “Our size and scale give us the opportunity to give back to the industry and we consider it our duty to do so. We partner our apprentices with our head jeweller and other senior jewellers and give them a wide variety of tasks to do, together with the tasks in the apprentice record book provided by the Jewellery Industry Registration Board for their trade certification. We are proud to have these fine jewellers in our team.”

3D Print & Cast in Four Days


*STL file(s) must be received by 3pm NZST. Lead time excludes other casting services and shipping.

More Than Four Decades of Casting Experience With Service You Can Trust

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BRAND CHANGES FLIGHT PLAN Swarovski is changing its brand image, firstly with an update to the classic Swarovksi swan logo, with the animal now symbolically forward-facing and about to take flight. Secondly, the company is bringing to life its ‘Wonderlab’ concept with the opening of 28 Instant Wonder stores around the world. Wonderlab is described as a place “where science and magic meet, where extra and elegance collide, it is a feeling of wonder that everyone should experience as we invite them into our new world at Swarovski.” The first Instant Wonder store opened in Milan in March, with a further 27 store openings following across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Instant Wonder store unveilings will be supported by both live and digital activations, including virtual tours, sneak previews of collection pieces and lifestyle content to further immerse and engage customers. 12 JT2021 WINTER

e r u t a Sign le Sty

WORTH & DOUGLAS PO Box 8566, Auckland 1150 @wdrings | 09 303 4666 | sales@worthdouglas.co.nz | www.worthdouglas.com

NEWS A TRIBUTE TO NO. 5 A perfectly octagonal 55.55ct custom-cut diamond of D Flawless quality, an 18ct white gold bezel set with 104 round diamonds and 42 baguette diamonds, these are the details of the new 55.55 necklace, unveiled by Chanel as the first piece of the ‘Collection N.5’. The new high jewellery collection which, as the name evokes, has been created to celebrate the 100th year of the N°5 perfume’s fame. Patrice Leguéreau, Director of Chanel’s High Jewellery Creation Studio said: “We started with a rough diamond that we had cut, not to make the biggest stone possible, but to obtain a perfect octagonal diamond weighing 55.55 carats. Figurative as much as it is abstract, the 55.55 necklace goes beyond an exercise in style: it symbolises the embrace between the spirit of perfume N ° 5 and the creation of increasingly exceptional jewels.”

Chanel High Jewellery


Dior’s new RoseDior High Jewellery timepiece in pink and white gold, with 2.20cts emerald cut diamond, diamonds, pink sapphires and tsavorite garnets.

Sales and diamond production dropped sharply in 2020 for the De Beers Group, as COVID-19 had a “profound impact” on global diamond supply and demand, the company said. Total revenue fell 27 percent to US$3.4 billion, compared with US$4.6 billion in 2019. Rough diamond sales declined 30 percent to US$2.8 billion, compared with US$4 billion in 2019, as demand decreased at the retail level and factories in India shuttered for health and safety reasons, forcing De Beers to be more flexible with its clients. Rough diamond sales volume shrunk 27 percent to 21.4 million carats, compared with 29.2 million carats in 2019. The average realised price slipped 3 percent to US$133 per carat, down from US$137/carat in 2019.

Ikecho Vintage Collection






www.ikecho.com.au +61 2 9266 0636 | enquiries@ikecho.com.au

14 JT2021 WINTER

NZ Agent: Fabuleux Vous I +64 0274 203 137

Distributed by Duraflex Group Australia Contact: Helen Finlayson The Brand Agent M. +64 27 722 6000 E. helen@thebrandagent.co.nz

Distributed by Duraflex Group Australia Contact: Helen Finlayson The Brand Agent M. +64 27 722 6000 E. helen@thebrandagent.co.nz



Time & art Swatch has created a collection of watches in partnership with New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). There are six 34mm and 41mm editions inspired by artworks in the MoMA Collection including The Starry Night (1889) by Vincent van Gogh; Hope, II (1907-1908) by Gustav Klimt; The Dream (1910) by Henri Rousseau; Composition in Oval with Color Planes 1 (1914) by Piet Mondrian; The City and Design, The Wonders of Life on Earth, Isamu Kurita (1966) and New York (1968) by Tadanori Yokoo.

The 41 mm gents’ models (from left): The Dream; The City and Design, The Wonders of Life on Earth and The Starry Night.



The 34 mm gents’ models (from left): New York; Composition in Oval with Color Planes 1; and Hope, II.


Jewellery Industry Fair

You are invited to attend the next Jewellery Industry Fair in Melbourne. –

Prepare your ranges for Christmas

Luxurious setting

Fresh and engaging event

Built by Industry Members, for Industry Members

The Jewellery Industry Fair will be the first Hybrid event of its kind, merging traditional event experiences with leading edge technology. Our venue, an inner city oasis, will allow you to travel between the Jewellery Industry Fair and the Melbourne Gift Fair, running on the same weekend, with free shuttle buses provided. We invite all Australian and New Zealand industry members to attend and experience a united fair with so much on offer. Build your ranges and celebrate in style, with the ability to reconnect with an event that supports industry. Register your ticket for the Fair at jewelleryindustryfair.com

August 1 & 2

The Timber Yard Melbourne jewelleryindustryfair.com info@jewelleryindustryfair.com

In memory of Fabuleux Vous FRESH WATER PEARLS BY FV JEWELLERY La Pierre - A collision of sterling silver and fresh water pearls, creating a modern and timeless look.

Four pieces of mourning jewellery that once belonged to Queen Victoria found new homes at Sotheby’s, with buyers paying more than double what was expected for each. The pendants and brooches were part of a wider auction of 400 items from the estate of the queen’s great-great granddaughter Patricia Knatchbull. Knatchbull, the second Countess Mountbatten of Burma and first cousin to Prince Philip, died in 2017 at the age of 93. The top jewellery lot was a banded agate and diamond pendant the queen’s beloved husband, Prince Albert, had made for her in memory of her mother, Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, after she died in 1861. The locket contains a miniature photograph of the princess, as well as a lock of her hair. Estimated to go for £1,500, it sold for £32,760. The other three mourning jewels in the sale were commissioned in memory of Princess Alice, Victoria and Albert’s third child and second daughter, who died in 1878 of diphtheria. The auction also included 376 items that came from Newhouse, Lady Mountbatten’s 18th century home. The sale was mostly a mix of jewellery, housewares and art, as well as one interesting evening bag. A buyer paid £109,620 for this circa 1905 Lacloche Frères mesh purse in the form of a pig, well above its £2,000-£3,000 estimate.

From left, the banded agate and diamond pendant; a hardstone, enamel and diamond pendant, onyx and seed pearl button and agate and pearl pendant.

WWW.FVJEWELLERY.COM helen@fabuleuxvous.com | 0274203137

The pig’s eyes are cabochon rubies, while its tail and hooves are set with rose-cut diamonds. The diamonds along its spine are cushion cut and its body is mesh, with a fancy link chain handle.



SPONSORED CONTENT For a long time, diamonds have been a symbol of purity, strength, light and perfection. However, too often they have been also associated with wealth and exclusivity. As times change, so do consumers’ beliefs in what a diamond means to AS SEEN them. At Bolton Gems we believe that everyone ON THE should be able to enjoy the attributes of a diamond, COVER this is why we have created the Biron Range of Created Diamonds. No longer are great quality gems only able to be afforded by those of means, but to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of who they are. It gives your Brett Bolton. consumer a choice of size, colour and clarity with most of what we produce being D to F colour and Vs to Si. So, you can be proud of the gems you work with and supply to your customers. These advantages, plus the fact these stones did not come from the ground, gives the consumer peace of mind in moving ahead with their purchase. Knowing they have made the right choice with the stone, but also in the Biron Brand which has been operating in the world market in created gemstones since the late 80’s. - Brett Bolton, Managing Director, Bolton Gems.

Biron’s jewellery range includes rings, earrings, pendants and tennis bracelets.

YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED … Are Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds real diamonds? Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds are in every way the same as a mined diamond, making them a real diamond. Laboratory grown diamonds and mined diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties. The only difference being a mined diamond comes from the ground and a laboratory grown diamond comes from a lab. Will they change colour over time? All of our Biron Lab Grown Diamonds are stable and permanent just like a mined diamond. They will not fade or change colour with everyday wear. Will they change colour or damage with heat? Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds will not change colour or damage with everyday heat. Is special care required when working with jewellery set with Lab Grown Diamonds? No, except for pink diamonds. Special care should always be taken when working with pink diamonds. All other laboratory grown diamonds can

be treated as though they were natural. Will they scratch? Laboratory grown diamonds are the same as mined diamonds. Only a diamond can scratch a diamond. What is the difference between a moissanite and a Laboratory Grown Diamond? There are many differences between a moissanite and a laboratory grown diamond. Chemically they are made of different elements, meaning their refractive index, density and hardness all differ to laboratory grown diamonds and natural diamonds. Moissanites also physically look different to diamonds. Why are blue and white more expensive than yellow? The length of time in the growth units impacts the price. Adding nitrogen makes a diamond yellow and helps it grow the quickest. Boron makes a diamond blue, though it grows much slower than a yellow. The absence of these elements greatly slows the growth of the colourless diamonds, making them grow the slowest and most expensive of the three to produce..

How do I tell the difference between a Biron Laboratory Grown Diamond and a mined diamond? All Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds have BIRON LABORATORY GROWN inscribed on the girdle of the diamond as well as a certification number starting with ‘L’. This certificate can be checked on the ADGL certificate check section of www.adgl.com.au. Can I request a particular colour, size or clarity? Yes. Predominately Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds are Si2 clarity and above and H to D colour. This ensures you a buying a quality-looking diamond. What is the size range of Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds? Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds are available from 1mm up to 4cts in size, in a variety of different shapes.

Contact: Bolton Gems, P: 0800 777 414, finegems@boltongems.com.au, www.biron.com.au or contact Helen Finlayson P: 027 7226000, helenf@boltongems.com.au JT2021 WINTER


The power of the pearl The mythology and symbolism behind pearls have captured people’s imagination since the dawn of time. Cleopatra was said to have dissolved a precious pearl earring in vinegar to win a bet with Mark Antony that she could produce the most expensive dinner in history - and she won. At the height of the Roman Empire, when pearl fever reached its peak, the historian Suetonius wrote that Roman general Vitellius financed an entire military campaign by selling just one of his mother’s pearl earrings. Symbols of Aphrodite and Eve, historically pearls have been quite dangerous to acquire as they needed to be retrieved from the depths of the sea. Both rare and costly, only the wealthiest royalty had access to pearls until 1893, when cultured pearls entered the market. Japanese entrepreneur Kokichi Mikimoto had inserted an irritant into an oyster by hand, causing it to produce a beautiful pearl. Thanks to Mikimoto, the cultured pearl industry was born. Throughout history, pearls have been important symbols of grace and power, worn by iconic women figures from Vermeer’s elusive Girl with a Pearl Earring to Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Vice President Kamala Harris at the recent inauguration. Coco Chanel and Marie Antoinette famously viewed pearls as the embodiment of sophistication and Jackie Kennedy once said, “Pearls are always appropriate.” So, it’s power to the pearl, the birthstone for the month of June.

From Ikecho Australia, 9ct yellow gold white Freshwater pearl baroque nucleated 13mm+ necklace with spring clasp.

18ct gold Tahitian pearl and diamond pendant. Handmade by Goldsmiths Gallery Jewellers, Hamilton.

South Sea Golden Pearl yellow and white diamond, platinum and gold Poppy Pod ring from Queensland’s David Michael Jewels.

PEKA’s naturally coloured pink cultured Freshwater pearls with 9ct Rose gold fittings. These pearls are 12mm round. Choose from colours ranging from grape purple/lavender to rich dusky pinks with multitudes of overtones.

From the Marlborough Sounds, Arapawa Blue Pearls’ paua pearl and sterling silver Jive Ring, designed by jeweller Corey Broughton.

From Blue Pearl Gallery, Akaroa, a ‘one-off’ Eyris Blue Pearl enhancer with an alexandrite to set off the pearl’s beauty. The pearl is A grade, with a violet tinge and 15mm in size. It is set in 18ct gold. The alexandrite is a pear shape, mixed cut showcasing brownish and olive green with a hint of red colours.

Imbuing a sense of nostalgia and charm Meadowlark (Auckland) Camille pearl earrings designed with a 12mm heart pendant, a bezel set stone and a drop freshwater baroque pearl.



Tasaki Atelier Nightfall earrings with Akoya pearls, South Sea pearls and freshwater pearls with sapphire, amethyst and citrine in yellow gold.

Yoko London ring with South Sea and Radiant Orchid pearls and diamonds in white gold.

The pearl dove brooch worn by Martha Washington, wife of George Washington, the first President of the United States.

Looking for pearlfection For its 11th Annual International Pearl Design Competition the Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA) chose nine winners and four honourable mentions in the International Division of the event

and 11 USA winners across eight categories, including one Popularity award winner, which emerged through a vote on the @pearlscpaa’s Instagram account, The competition was judged by

Jean Francois Bibet, production director at Cartier and Patricia Faber, co-owner of Aaron Faber Gallery in Manhattan. Among the winning international pieces judged by image alone were:

Finalist - Tango Walk earrings by Anandan M, C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers, India.

Fashion award - Lady Mischievous earrings in 18ct rose gold with black rhodium, freshwater pearls and pink tourmaline by Mika Murai, Mika Jewellery, Japan.

Visionary award for classic styles Sailing pearl ring in 18ct white gold with diamonds and an 8mm black pearl by W.A Chamal Jayaratna, Sri Lanka.

Orient award: Double Hyacinth Fold Freshwater Pearl ring by Karin Jacobson Jewelry.

Lustre award - Mosaic Tahitian Pearl earrings by Samira Sizdahkani of Samira 13 Jewelry.

USA entries:

President’s Trophy - Matariki Rising Golden South Sea Pearl ring by Paul Klecka of Paul Klecka. Inspired Design.

A GUIDE TO PEARLS CIBJO’s Pearl Commission has released the first edition of the CIBJO Guide for Classifying Natural Pearls and Cultured Pearls. The 62-page illustrated document provides an all-encompassing view of natural and cultured pearls, from both seawater and freshwater sources, and highlights the important parameters by which their appearance can be described and assessed in terms of physical dimensions and quality. It is designed to serve as a reference point and a source of information for both the general public and the jewellery trade and can be downloaded free of charge from the CIBJO website http://www.cibjo.org/ JT2021 WINTER


From the wild to the mild While in Auckland visiting the JWNZ Jewellery Fair why not spoil yourself with a spot of sophisticated dining, superb shopping and unique cultural experiences. There are countless adventures to be had… Top five things you can only do in Auckland … 1. See the world’s largest collection of Maori taonga Discover more than 1000 taonga (treasures) at the Auckland War Memorial Museum – the largest collection in New Zealand (and the world). 2. Visit Waiheke Island ‘the island of wine’ Just a 40-minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland and you’re on Waiheke Island - a haven of beautiful island beaches and some 30 wineries. 3. Leap off the Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb up, under and over the Auckland Harbour Bridge, then take the plunge with AJ Hackett Bungy, New Zealand’s only ocean-touch bungy. 4.Walk across the country in five hours The Coast to Coast Walkway crosses New Zealand’s narrowest neck of land. Start in Viaduct Harbour on Auckland’s east coast and travel west through urban landscapes, beautiful parklands and over dormant volcanoes to finish 16km later at Manukau Harbour. 5. Catch the ferry to New Zealand’s oldest riverside tavern Retrace the route of the early Maori settlers and New Zealand’s first pioneers by taking a ferry to The Riverhead, New Zealand’s oldest historic riverside tavern, and enjoy a meal overlooking the water or cosy and warm by the fire. And whether you’ve got an hour or a day to spare, there’s always time for shopping. Browse the boutiques in the Britomart Precinct, home to the flagship stores of New Zealand’s top designers and major international labels. On the city fringes, Ponsonby and Parnell both offer designer fashion, footwear and upmarket homewares. Auckland also has a number of day spas offering luxurious health and beauty treatments - the perfect way to unwind on a busy trip. September shows & events • WICKED the Musical: 10 Sep - 02 Oct 2021, SkyCity Theatre • BENEE & THE APO: 10 SEP - 11 SEP 2021, Auckland Town Hall • The Chocolate and Coffee Show 2021: 11 SEP - 12 SEP 2021, The Cloud • Rodrigo and Rachmaninov: 12 SEP 2021, Auckland Town Hall • Flavio Villani: 15 SEP 2021, Auckland Town Hall • From the New World: 16 SEP 2021, Auckland Town Hall • The Auckland Art Show: 16 - 19 SEP 2021, The Cloud • Sea Monsters Exhibition: FRI 18 JUN - SUN 17 OCT 2021, Auckland Museum Social Media • https://www.facebook.com/VisitAuckland • https://twitter.com/auckland_nz • https://www.instagram.com/visitauckland/

Thank you to our 2021 JWNZ Trade Fair Sponsors 22 JT2021 WINTER

JWNZ Spring Trade Fair in the City of Sails


Sunday 12th September 9.30am to 5.30pm RNZYS Westhaven, Auckland Visitor registration opens June 8. Contact Craig Anderson for details. info@jwnz.co.nz


Nelson show time Nelson Jewellery Week (NJW), an inaugural contemporary jewellery event, was held in central Nelson in March and April. Its aim was to showcase regional and national contemporary jewellery events, including exhibitions, public talks and workshops.

The genesis for the Week came in 2019, when Refinery ArtSpace Nelson invited the Handshake Project, a New Zealand mentoring programme funded by Creative NZ that connects emerging artists with professional practice, to produce a new exhibition for the Refinery to sit beside NJW. The 2021 Handshake Project exhibit featured a handmade chain created by 49 NZ artists. The continuous necklace or ‘handshake’ was made up of links “celebrating connectivity and communication”. Other NJW events took place across a number of venues including The Suter Art Gallery; The Artist Goldsmith, Christine Hafermalz-Wheeler; Jewel Beetle Workshop (which held ‘Ring Fling’, a wax casting workshop) and Jens Hansen The Ringmaker. Artists also displayed their pieces in the windows of local retailers. CHAINreaction, Handshake at the Refinery show.

From left, Jens Jensen jeweller and SubNautical exhibitor, Zane Colegate, captures the essence in sterling silver and blue resin of the ethereal Glaucus atlanticus (sea slug); in sterling silver ‘The Kraken’; in sterling silver and brass ‘Deep Star 6’ and in sterling silver ‘Patrick’.

Ready to wrap? Simon Colegate’s sterling silver and paua Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith SubNautical neckpiece, Te Wheke o Muturangi.

As part of the inaugural Nelson Jewellery Week, the team at Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith was delighted to be able to show a small exhibition in store entitled Subnautical, and Halfdan Hansen gave a Floor Talk speech one evening on ‘Keeping Trade Skills Alive’. “We received a lot of very positive customer feedback and in fact had extra foot traffic with people coming to see the exhibition which had been advertised,” said Halfdan. “It is always good to take the opportunity to talk publicly of course and allowing our jewellers free reign to create something entirely original of their choice was a welcome respite from the normal day to day business of being a trade jeweller. It really got their creative juices and energy flowing. “We are not sure if the organisers will be doing it again next year, but we would certainly be keen if they did.”

From left, members of Jens Hansen’s team, Caitlin Abbott, Tanya Rowe and Simon Colegate. PHOTO: DEBBIE WHITING

One of the attractions at the Jens Hansen exhibition was Te Wheke o Muturangi, a neck piece that reflected jeweller Simon Colegate’s love of octopodes and their mystique. “The inspiration for the octopus came from my love of scuba diving and always finding myself seeking out the elusive critters,” said Simon. “It had always intrigued me watching them blend into their environments, both in colour and texture. Looking into their beady eyes one could almost see their immense intelligence as they keep their gaze upon you, wondering if you are friend or predator. The Boulder Bank by Simon Colegate in sterling silver, gold “The manufacturing leaf, blue resin and clear resin. process was done by firstly “A tribute to Jens’ landscape paintings, combining his original cutting out the piece of paua techniques and media to create a portrait of an iconic Nelson landmark.” shell to the desired shape, it was then built up on the backside with translucent electric blue resin to create a 3D body. The eyes are made from oval silver tubes that are capped off with sight domes and the pupils are engraved and oxidized. The eyes are joined on the underside with a bar carrying the Hallmarks and two pins to which the body is attached giving it a floating appearance. “The base of the legs was pierced out of 1.2mm silver plate and hand forged and plannished into the desired shape. The legs are made out of 3mm round wire forged out at the ends and soldered onto the leg base in a radiating fashion. “The two arms of the octopus were then bent up, shaped to take on the curvature of the neck with four of the legs bent and manipulated to wrap up and around the arms. The remaining two legs were drawn down and around the paua body to both offer protection and length to the neck piece. Some texture was given to the using various burrs. The oxidization was achieved using liver of sulphur and different temperatures until the desired colours were achieved. The final step was mounting the paua body onto its two locating pins.” 26


Another feature of the NJW was a retrospective exhibition, Stones of the Unknown, by influential Nelson-based contemporary jeweller Gavin Hitchings (1937-2018) at The Suter Gallery. Gavin Hitchings trained as an entomologist in Kent, England, before emigrating to Nelson in 1965 with his wife Jenny. In 1968 he apprenticed under jeweller Jens Hansen and joined his studio as a partner until 1975, when he became an independent silver and goldsmith. Hitchings was named New Zealand Jeweller of the Year in 1977 and in 1986 he and Jens Hansen established a metal and jewellery programme at the Nelson Polytechnic (which would become the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology). He left the Polytech in 1995 to concentrate entirely on his own work. Hitchings brought to jewellery the mind of a scientist. As an entomologist he studied insects - their behaviour, the way they interact with the world and how we as humans coexist with them. As part of this he experimented, observed, researched and then repeated these processes all over again. He was a jeweller in much the same way. He meticulously planned his work, evolved forms within series, experimentations and that he continually revised and tested his ideas over time. His pieces were also informed and inspired by the natural world. Not insects, as one may expect, but geological features, coastal environments and time.

Gavin Hitchings, Stones of Unknowing, 1996, brooch - sterling silver, 80 x 50 x 8mm.

Gavin Hitchings, Time/Bridging, 1994, Brooch - sterling silver, 95 x 60 x 15mm.

Gavin Hitchings, Vessel, circa 2001, brooch - sterling silver, 120 x 75 x 20mm. PHOTOGRAPHS: ELSPETH COLLIER


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It was all about earrings BY BOLTON GEMS

Colour your world

morganite with our beautiful gemstones and jewellery range

Morganite jewellery is the newest and most incomparable trend in fashion today. The unique blushing pink color of morganite gemstones has brides all over the world opting for this contemporary choice over traditional diamond engagement rings or jewellery.

Contact Helen Finlayson on 027 7226 000 or email helenf@boltongems.com.au www.boltongems.com.au

Platinum Guild International and New York’s Pratt Institute have announced the winners of the inaugural Platinum DNA Awards. Pratt’s jewellery design students Celine Dussaud, Jo Sabavala and Maria Baquerizo took the first, second and third place prizes respectively at a virtual awards ceremony. By chance, each designer created a rendering of a platinum pair of earrings. Celine: “These earrings capture the nature of various organic structures, rather than mimic any one thing. The post rests a little more than two thirds of the way up the ear so the earring continues to climb up the lobe. The links help it hold its structure, while the largest final pearl hangs on a jump ring, helping it hold its structure. The earrings could be partially cast and partially fabricated, or entirely made by hand.” Hexagonal ear climbers - 6.8 cm in length, platinum and pearls. Jo: The earring consists of a 19-gauge platinum wire, which has been balled at one end to represent the shoot as well as the bud. A 12x8mm cast element representing the seed and 24 gauge platinum wires which have been balled at one end and connected to each other form the roots. The roots are attached to the seed using jump rings, thereby making them movable. The earring is worn by means of an ear post, which is attached to the back of the cast element, as well as an over the ear cuff structure.” Budding ear piece - Platinum wire and cast element, 112mm x 12mm. Maria: My earrings are inspired by Lianas, (longstemmed, woody vines) which are originally from the Amazonian jungle in Ecuador. Earrings - Platinum and emeralds, 4.5cms long. 28


Chanel Mademoiselle Prive Bouton Lion secret watch - Framed by twisted plaits composed of gold and diamonds, a carved golden lion button hides the time. Open the button and the white gold watch face glistens with 142 diamonds.

The Ganse de Diamant model features a rigid white gold cuff that has been coated in a glossy, jet-black material and topped with a luxurious white pearl.

Fully set with a multitude of different-sized round diamonds, Serti Neige is truly one of a kind.

Tweed Chaine: The soft movement of the chain serves as a guiding element of this pair of earrings in yellow gold and platinum, illuminated with cultivated pearls, tsavorites and diamonds.

Quintessential Chanel

ESSE has a huge collection of classic and

In the 1920s Gabrielle Chanel decided that tweed, the emblem of elegance for men, would be synonymous with the emancipation of women. Especially active ladies who favoured travelling, driving and playing sports like the Mademoiselle. Since then, every Chanel collection has featured this woollen fabric, becoming a part of the brand’s DNA. The Place Vendôme workshop in Paris pays homage, translating it into part of the aesthetic of the new Tweed de Chanel fine-jewellery line, created in platinum, gold, diamonds, pearls and sapphires. And to complement the jewellery, the brand’s watch studio released a collection of exquisite secret watches entitled Mademoiselle Privé Bouton, which take their inspiration from the sleeve of a legendary Chanel tweed jacket. The secret watches in the collection, released in a limited edition of 55 pieces, with the exception of the Ganse de Diamant high jewellery model, which is limited to five pieces and the all-diamond Serti Neige, which is a unique piece. All the watches are based on a flexible cuff fastened to the wrist with a button. The cuffs are covered in either the classic Chanel tweed with gold thread woven through it or, for the high jewellery versions, black lacquer and diamonds. JT2021 WINTER


whimsical brooches, all beautifully crafted in Sterling Silver and individually hand set with top quality Swarovski marcasites, semi-precious stones and pearls. A perfect adornment for coats, hats, a special hand bag & they are a perfect heirloom piece to hand down.

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JT presents a special preview of a selection of the latest product to be showcased at the 2021 JWNZ Spring Trade Fair, RNZYS, Westhaven, Auckland, September 12th.

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Rochet (ZRC) Birdy 839 Exciting new range of silicone colours.

Diamond essentials – styles to please everyone.


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32 JT2021 WINTER

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43-325. Green Agate and marcasite drop earrings on popular French hooks.

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JWNZ PRESIDENT’S REPORT The first few months of 2021 have come and gone and anecdotally I have heard that trading has been good for our members. Personally, I have been surprised by the amount of work I have on. Craig Anderson, JWNZ Executive Secretary, has advised me that the annual subscriptions have been sent out and it is heartening to note that a number of members have paid immediately. Like many organisations, the JWNZ derives the majority of its income from members’ subscriptions and we greatly appreciate the support of our membership. I have no doubt that Covid-19 will continue to pose challenges, as we have already seen in the early part of this this year. Accordingly, I reiterate from my last report, please ensure you have plans in place should a change of levels or another lockdown occur. Trade Fair – Sunday 12th September 2021 The early 2021 focus has been on providing members and industry with a Trade Fair. To this end Debbie Whiting stepped into the role of Trade Fair manager, contacted our

previous exhibitors, and successfully sold the event out in three days. Thanks to Debbie we have a new venue, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, Westhaven, Auckland. Although the venue is smaller than Ellerslie, the change of venue has been enthusiastically received by exhibitors. Of course, the RNZYS is home to the America’s Cup and many of us are looking forward to seeing it in person. The JWNZ Trade Fair 2021 is scheduled to be held on Sunday, 12 September. I offer my thanks to our 2021 Trade Fair sponsors - Star Gems & Jewellery, Landau Jewellery (Christchurch), Pacific Time Industries, Morris & Watson, and PEKA - for their support of the event. The date and new venue are confirmed, but should any Covid-19 related issues impact on us being able to hold this event we will advise you immediately. Grant Harrison, JIRBNZ Industry-appointed Commissioner of Apprentices, continues his excellent work with our industry apprenticeship training. However, it appears that changes are on the











Brian Barrett.

horizon that will create additional work for Grant and the JIRBNZ. The importance of apprentices within the industry must not be overlooked, as apprentices are the future of our industry in New Zealand. The JWNZ provides financial support of the JIRBNZ, paid out of our subscription income. Retailers are reliant on jewellery manufacturers, yet I know of many who prefer to belong to a dedicated retailers’ association rather than JWNZ. Further support from that sector would be appreciated, to help fund apprenticeship training. - Brian Barrett, JWNZ President Tel: 04 476 4764, 021 661 060, brian@bhbdesigns.co.nz

GOLDSMITHS GUILD OF NZ Reports that I have had from Goldsmiths Guild members is that most have been very busy over the past 8 to 10 months. Many have been looking to hire additional staff, but have been thwarted by the lack of skilled tradespeople around. Because of this skills shortage there has been an increase in apprenticeships being offered. Confidence is obviously high as these are long term commitments. This is a very welcome trend and thanks to Grant Harrison’s (Industry Appointed Commissioner of Apprentices, JIRBNZ) dedication and hard work we have everything in place to facilitate this upsurge. There is a definite swing among consumers towards supporting local 34 JT2021 WINTER


businesses in all sectors and I have observed a number of companies emphasising the “support local” mantra in their advertising. Coupled with supporting local, consumers are also wanting and demanding quality work. Local word-of-mouth recommendations have become a significant factor for ongoing work. This philosophy has certainly been borne out with my work. Some of my customers have brought in items for re-making and I have been saddened and disappointed to see some very poorly made pieces. Some date back several years, having sat in a drawer until the owner has had the confidence to put them in front of










another jeweller. I suspect that some of the items that I’ve seen have been made by unqualified jewellers. It is so important to be qualified, to continue to up-skill and to display your trade certificate and Goldsmiths Guild membership certificate. Remember to use your Goldsmiths Guild stamp when appropriate. All these measures will instil confidence with consumers and be beneficial to all goldsmiths, leading to more sales for the New Zealand industry as a whole. - Brian Barrett, GGNZ Chairman Tel: 04 476 4764, 021 661 060, brian@bhbdesigns.co.nz


From left, George Bennett, Nancy Wong, Ari Johnson, Gary Barwick, Megan Harrington and Paige Lilley

It’s just CAPITAL all round… Under the towering Majestic Centre on Willis Street, you’ll find the best little watch shop in Wellington! Owners Ash and Carol Wells now live in sunny Nelson, but they pop over regularly to visit grandchildren and check in on the watch specialist business they bought in 1979. Capital Watches sells and repairs a wide range of watches, watch bands and even watch winders. I started calling when it was based upstairs in Willowbank Court; it shifted to the current location in 1996 and it has been a fixture there ever since. The business is managed by Gary Barwick (who enjoys craft beers, French cuisine and who used to enjoy exploring France). He is assisted by Megan Harrington, Nancy Wong, George Bennett, Ari Johnson and apprentice of 21/2 years, Paige Lilley. Jointly the team enjoys photography, pottery, jazz/tap ballet, netball, cross-stitch and cats! (They won’t tell me who likes what, so you’ll have to guess too!) - Susi Chinnery-Brown, 021 751 115, susi@twentyfive7.co.nz

TRACING DIAMONDS The quest to make the diamond industry as traceable as possible is taking another step forward as Nano Innovator Holdings, New York, has announced the completion of its prototype platform for the end-to-end identification of rough to polished mined diamonds. Nanotechnology has been found to be useful in the mission to make the diamond industry as traceable as possible. The system is also reported to work just as successfully with lab-grown diamonds. Using nanotechnology applications, cloud-based storage solutions, smartphone optic systems and a proprietary smartphone consumer app. the system works via a proprietary nano tag, placed under the diamond’s surface, using femtosecond laser technology. This does not change the diamond’s clarity or colour, as per The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grading standard. Customers can then use a patent-pending consumer smartphone solution for Android and iOS phones to detect and read subsurface nano tags. Purchasers of a diamond ring will be able to discover the life cycle of their diamond, no matter their location in the world. JT2021 WINTER


BOCCIA Pure Titanium Jewellery 100% non-allergenic – a joy to wear

Distributed exclusively in New Zealand by

TWENTYFIVE 7 Ltd P. 021 751 115 E. susi@twentyfive7.co.nz

Atomic Habits – A revolutionary system to get remarkable results By Mark Pfeifer, director of Bishop Toomey and Pfeifer Chartered Accountants, Christchurch Recently I read Atomic Habits - An easy and proven way to build good habits and break bad ones by James Clear. It is full of practical ideas and I highly recommend you add it to your reading list. The three main lessons I learned are: Lesson 1: Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement. The same way that money multiplies through compound interest, the effects of your habits multiply as you repeat them. They seem to make little difference on any given day and yet the impact they deliver over the months and years can be enormous. It is only when looking back two, five, or ten years later that the value of good habits and the cost of bad ones becomes strikingly apparent. Success is the product of daily habits, not once-in-a-lifetime transformations. You should be more concerned with your current trajectory than with your current results. Your outcomes are a lagging measure of your habits. Your net worth is a lagging measure of your financial habits. Your weight is a lagging measure of your eating habits. What’s the difference between systems and goals? Goals are the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead to those results. If you want better results, focus on your systems. The purpose of setting goals is to win the game. The purpose of building systems is to continue playing the game. An atomic habit refers to a tiny change, a marginal gain, a 1 percent improvement. They are little habits that are part of a larger system. Just as atoms are the building blocks of molecules, atomic habits are the building blocks of remarkable results. Lesson 2: How your habits shape your identity (and vice versa) We all have habits; some good and some not. Habits are those almost unconscious behaviour patterns we 36 JT2021 WINTER

have. James Clear identifies two types of habits: outcome-based and identitybased. Understanding the difference and reframing your mindset will help you adopt an atomic habits mindset and ensure your desired habits stick. Outcome-based habits These are the habits that have a specific end point, where our focus is on the outcome. Outcome-based habits generally only last for the short-term; as soon as we have achieved that outcome, we are likely to revert to our old ways. If we are too focused on the outcome, we may give up when we don’t see fast progress. So, how do we ensure that our habits stick? We form identity-based habits. Identity-based habits These are the habits that become part of our identity. We determine which habits we want to adopt, then we change our identity to reflect those behaviours. In other words, what type of person do you need to become to make those habits part of your everyday life? For example, if reading more is the outcome, you might have a goal to read 12 books in a year. This would be forming an outcome-based habit and when you’re done, you’re likely to stop reading. Instead, become the type of person who reads very regularly. Set a nightly phone reminder to read before bed and start small, even10 minutes and gradually increase. You’ll soon get through those 12 books and continue reading each night. Stacking the new habit to an existing one (i.e. going to bed) is a great way to build momentum. The recipe for sustained success is a simple two-step process: 1. Decide the type of person you

Mark Pfeifer

want to be. 2. Prove it to yourself with small wins. “The goal is not to achieve results at first, the goal is to become the type of person who can achieve those things.” - James Clear Lesson 3: How to build better habits in four simple steps. Any habit can be broken down into a feedback loop that involves four steps: (1) Cue, (2) Craving, (3) Response, (4) Reward. The Four Laws of Behaviour Change are a simple set of rules we can use to build better habits: (1) Make it Obvious (Cue), (2) Make it Attractive (Craving), (3) Make it Easy (Response), and (4) Make it Satisfying (Reward). Summary A tiny change in your behaviour will not transform your life overnight. But turn that behaviour into a habit that you perform every day and it absolutely can lead to big changes. Changing your life is not about making big breakthroughs or revolutionising your entire life. Rather, it’s about building a positive system of habits that, when combined, deliver remarkable results. Contact: Ph 03 3665 709, 021 368 509, mark@btp.co.nz, www.btp.co.nz

OBITUARY REX HEALY Rex passed away on 26th December 2020. He had a lifetime in the watchmakers’ trade in Auckland. The upcoming auction at the Horological Institute Conference, to be held in Rotorua, will have many interesting items sourced from Rex’s workshop at home in Pakuranga. Rex started his apprenticeship in 1954, when he was under the guidance of Adrian Timewell. Adrian and his wife Linda had their retail premises, with a watchmaker’s workshop out back, in Papatoetoe, South Auckland. His apprenticeship came about by Rex standing at the bus stop outside Don Calder’s Otahuhu jewellery shop early in the morning. Don was taking the grills off the window, and Rex waited until Don had set up the shop, and then enquired about becoming a jeweller. Don didn’t need anyone at this stage, however, he phoned Adrian Timewell who indicated there could be a position. Rex went back home, got his pushbike and went to see Adrian who showed him through the watchmaker’s workshop. Rex was on the spot convinced that he now wanted to be a watchmaker. Adrian at this stage already had an apprentice, Alf Hollingsworth. However, Max Golder was working as a tradesman for Adrian and Max agreed to take Rex on as his apprentice. Max was not there a lot, as he had a milk run at night and did very limited work through the day. Fortunately, Adrian taught Rex and Rex spoke of Adrian as highly competent and very clever. He taught Rex that: “Do it right once, you make money, do it again then there is no money in it.” Rex finished his apprenticeship in 1960 and went to work in Hunters Corner, Papatoetoe, with Max Golder who ran another shop for Adrian. The shop eventually was sold and Rex commenced being self-employed doing trade work upstairs of that shop, but the business didn’t last long, as the space was needed. Rex moved to Archers Jewellers in Panmure, where he was offered a room for free at the back of the building as long as he helped out in the shop. This lasted for three years. Rex and his wife Carole then decided to start their own retail and watch repair shop in the Village Square, Otahuhu. Over the period they purchased and relocated to two other shops in Otahuhu. They sold the retail business in 2000 and Rex started up Pakuranga Clock and Watch Repairs and moved his business to their home, where he worked for the last seven years before retiring in early 2020. - Terry Sutcliffe



PO Box 4 Kaiapoi 7644, Phone 03 354 3156, free fax 0800 300 335 email Sales@watchparts.co.nz

JEWELLERY INDUSTRY REGISTRATION BOARD We as an Industry have much to consider in the months ahead of us. Sweeping changes across many sectors in New Zealand include education, in particular an emphasis on workplace vocational training and a steer away from class-based tertiary training. We have partially already worked our way through this with the TRoQ review (Targeted Review of Qualifications), which was brought about as a request from unions and employers so as to have more industry input into training. This in part encouraged the development of the large ITOs (Industry Training organisations) that had grown to this size out of the sheer expense of maintaining the running of such systems and had also resulted in the small ITOs being gobbled up by the larger organisations. This wasn’t really what was intended at all and I look back to when it was put to us as an industry to form our own ITO. There were some definite advantages to being an ITO, it meant we could receive ITO funding, but unless you had a large charge out system in place, these benefits far outweighed the expenses that would have to be passed onto our industry somehow. An example of this is that in the Building Carpentry ITO (BCITO), the site foreman would no longer sign off the apprentice’s work, a separate assessor would turn up and assess the apprentice and sign off the work. Great in theory, but what would happen in reality is now you had three people involved as the BCITO assessor would turn up on site, meet the foreman and apprentice and ask Jewellery Industry Registration Board of New Zealand

Puri Panekiretanga – Keeping Standards High

Sponsors 2021



Belinda Lubkoll and Rob Wright, Ringcraft Moana Jewellers, New Plymouth.

the foreman if the apprentice should be signed off. If the foreman said yes, they were signed off and if they said no, they weren’t. We are lucky, we don’t have the extra person and the extra expense involved. Our Trade Certified tradespeople sign off the apprentice’s workplace Record Book. But nothing is ever forever and consultation is now open for what is termed RoVE. All of the ITOs have now been disestablished and have moved to being TITOs (transitional ITOs). Vocational education is undergoing the biggest transformation in 35 years. The Simplifying Qualifications and Other Credentials is part of the Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE). Qualifications and other credentials, along with the way education and training is delivered, play a crucial role in ensuring that learners’ skills are recognised by industry, iwi and the community. Government is seeking our feedback on how simplifying qualifications and credentials could better meet learners’ needs? So, with the consultation on

Brent White and Olly MacKenzie, The Ringmakers, Timaru.

proposals to simplify qualifications and other credentials now being open, it is the plan of JIRBNZ to submit that we keep what we have. We keep training our apprentices at the bench and we keep the ability for our Qualified Trade Certified Tradespeople to be able to sign of the apprentice’s task as having being mastered under their watch. Then once all the other necessary apprentice requirements are completed and compiled in the apprentice’s Record Book, this Record Book can then be documented and the apprentice can be Trade (as in Industry) Certified (certified as in guaranteed) that they have been meet all the requirements to be assessed as ‘work competent’ for the industry for which they were trained. They can then relinquish their indentured apprentice title and two such apprentices are pictured.

– Gary Barwick JIRBNZ Chairman, info@jirbnz.org.nz












Its May already! Hopefully you have all recovered from the end of the financial year. There seems to be a lot of work around now, with everyone I have talked to being swamped with watch and clock repairs. Long may it last! I am starting to get excited about the New Zealand Horological Institute’s AGM at The Millennium Hotel, Rotorua, that we are finally going to be able to hold on May 28-30. Rowan Pilbrow and I will be giving a show and tell demonstration with our new watch case lapping machine and Terry Sutcliffe will be giving an in-depth presentation on Seiko’s role and history in New Zealand. We also have a large auction planned with a lot of items carried over from last year, as well as the addition of this year’s items. The Saturday night dinner is always a hit and we will have quite a few sponsored spot prizes. If you are interested in attending, please let me know. We are also planning to hold a number of training events this year at our training facility at Whangaparaoa. The Courses: • Escapement adjustment • Glass replacement, case waterproofing, and pressure testing • Case refinishing and lapping • Basic mechanical service • Wheel straightening and jewelling • Clock bushing and pivot polishing The proposed 2021 dates, although not necessarily in the above order, are: • 26th-27th June • 7th - 8th August • 18th-19th September • 30th-31st October • 4th - 5th December • 29th-30th January 2022 If you are interested in taking part in any of these training courses, please get in contact with me as these courses have proven popular in the past and places will fill up fast. I get quite a few inquiries from people wanting to know which businesses are currently representing which brands in terms of after sales service. I would like to put together a register to make it easier to keep track of this. If you are part of a business which is the service agent for a particular brand, please send me a message and let me know. For that matter, if you specialise in a certain type of clock or watch, also let me know as I do get asked for referrals. As always, if I can help in any way let me know. If you are in Christchurch pop in and say hi. My door is always open. – Nick Parker nick@pillbrowswatchmaker.co.nz



The Jewellers & Watchmakers of New Zealand Inc. M E M BE R BE N E FITS:

JWNZ Member Benefits:

Jewellery Time magazine - The focal point of JWNZ member and industry communication. JWNZ Inc. Trade Fair - An annual event held on behalf of our members, for our members and industry. Internet - www.jwnz.co.nz - The official JWNZ website with a free listing for financial members.


Press Releases - Jewellery and watch specific editorial promotion of product and JWNZ members.

JWNZ Inc. Trade Fair Internet - www.jwnz.co.nz Press Releases Consumer Information

Consumer Information - Online brochures, water resistancy guide and refund policy. BUSINESS SERVICES: ANZ Bank - Business and Personal banking. ANZ Merchant Business Solutions - Merchant facilities for EFTPOS, Credit & Debit Card sales.


Crombie Lockwood Insurance Brokers - Business, Personal and Travel insurances. CourierPost - Special Trackpak rates, $2000 insurance cover on each parcel sent.

Business & Personal Banking

Merchant Facilities

EFTPOS NZ Ltd - EFTPOS Terminals and Payment Solutions. Gilrose Finance - Consumer Finance for Hire Purchase sales. Grow Online Ltd - Creating Results Driven Websites, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Ecommerce Websites, B2B, Custom Solutions. Office Products Depot - Stationery, Office furniture, Computer accessories and consumerables. Vodafone - Telecommunication services - Fixed line & Broadband Vodafone - DigitalMobile - Vodafone Product Suppliers INDUSTRY REPRESENTATION:

Telecommunication Services

Jewellery Industry Registration Board of New Zealand - Representation on the Jewellery & Watch Industry organisation responsible for Apprenticeship Training. TRADE & COMMERCE:


Government Liaison (When required) - Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Commerce Commission, New Zealand Customs, Disputes Tribunal, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, Immigration New Zealand, Statistics New Zealand, Ministry of Economic Development. 40





Time Industries, Morris and Watson and PEKA.

The Annual Subscription Invoices were emailed to members in April. Thank you to those members who paid within a week of receipt of your invoice, it is greatly appreciated. The JWNZ is reliant on membership subscriptions to allow the organisation to maintain our existing benefits. By continuing your support of the JWNZ, NZ’s only industry specific jewellery and watch organisation, through financial membership, allows the JWNZ Executive and National Council to continue to provide you with membership benefits designed for you, a JWNZ member and industry participant.

JT 2021

2021 TRADE FAIR Early this year we committed to providing our members and industry a Trade Fair where members and industry could come together again, after the cancellation of the event in 2020. A new venue, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, Westhaven, Auckland was chosen and exhibitor space sold out within three days. The support of our regular exhibitors will ensure the success of the event. The Trade Fair will be a one-day event, being held on Sunday 12 September. There are a number of hotels close to the venue and parking available, a short walk from the venue. Thanks to our 2021 Trade Fair sponsors; Star Gems & Jewellery, Landau Jewellery (Christchurch), Pacific










Please ensure you read JT 2021 as communication of events and as JWNZ editorial, business and other items of interest will be in the magazine. I am aware that some past editorial detail in the magazine had not been read, as some members made contact noting they had no knowledge of the event, business or detail advised.

FINANCIAL MEMBERS WEBSITE LISTING AND CONTACT DETAIL To maintain up-to-date contact detail in regards you and your business, a Website Listing and Contact Detail form will be emailed to you, or posted, if we do not have your current email address listed on our database. Please ensure you complete the form and return to the National Office if your contact detail has changed. If you have changed email addresses during the last year, it would be appreciated if you would highlight the change on the Contact Detail form prior to sending back. Advising an up-to-date email address is essential in order to receive the latest JWNZ email communications.

COVID-19 How fortunate have we been here in New Zealand, apart from a few cases that saw level changes, but had little impact locally. However, we cannot be too relaxed about Covid as it is now rampart again in

Craig Anderson.

many countries. Hopefully by the time you read this Covid will again be on the wane. Please ensure that your processes are in place in case we ever have to go into lockdown or change of levels again.

CHANGE OF CONTACT DETAIL Please note that the National Office can only now be contacted on the following number within New Zealand T 021 59 69 88 and T +64 21 59 69 88 internationally. Our email address remains the same info@jwnz.co.nz JWNZ Inc. National Office Craig Anderson JWNZ Inc. Executive Secretary P O Box 16007 Hornby Christchurch 8441 New Zealand T 021 59 69 88 Int +64 21 59 69 88 E info@jwnz.co.nz

WEARABLE ART New York fine jeweller Bibi van der Velden combines inspiration from the natural world with a romantic edge to create unique, eye-catching pieces with a fantasy-like aesthetic. This articulated Alligator single earring is crafted from an antique mammoth tusk and 18ct gold, then completed with greentsavorite eyes and a hinged post back that makes it seem like the reptile is biting the lobe. The Mermaid Tail ring, which is fully articulated and can be worn as an open or closed band, combines 18ct rose gold, sterling silver and scatterings of brown diamonds totalling 0.285ct. JT2021 WINTER



Hanging on a sterling silver hook style earring and sterling silver oval is the bright and vibrant Carnelian stone. Every stone has its own colours and tones. The Carnelian short necklace features the warm and vibrant orange colours of the carnelian stone with the sterling silver chain, beads and circle. The total length of the necklace chain is 50cm and comes with a 5cm extender. ‘Take Me with you’. These beautiful jewellery pouches in plush navy-blue velvet or white satin are a perfect add-on sale. Beautifully boxed for a special gift. ‘Take me with you’ for that weekend away or just to store a precious piece of jewellery. Inside are individual little pockets to keep things safe and scratch free. Contact: Helen Thompson-Carter, helen@fabuleuxvous.com, Ph 09294 8692, www.fabuleuxvous.com


ATTENTION SEEKER From Ikecho Australia. Sterling silver pink 9-10mm Freshwater Pearl, cubic zirconia rose gold-plated necklace 41cm + 5cm ext. Product code: IP4060N-RGP. Contact: Ikecho Australia, Ph: 612 9266 0636, cindy@ikecho.com.au, www.ikecho.com.au 42


Originally launched in 2010, the maestro, meaning ‘master’, demonstrates the mastery of RAYMOND WEIL Swiss horology and celebrates the world of classical music and the esteem commanded by a grand personality, composer or conductor. This mechanical watch collection combines elegance and sophistication with innovation, featuring some of the most renowned technical complications of the Swiss watchmaking tradition. In 2021 we welcome new additions to the collection featuring captivating pink dials, the RW4200 mechanical automatic winding movement with a 38-hour power reserve and the highly anticipated ladies’ automatics.

2237-PCS-05608 Case 40mm Movement RW4200 RRP $2450

2139-P5S-05909 Case 33mm Set with 62 diamonds RRP $4895

2131-ST-00966 Case 31mm Set with 6 diamonds RRP $3045

Contact: Olympic Swiss Watches, Ph 09 825 0061 sales@olympicwatch.com

CHIC, LIGHTWEIGHT STAPLES Introducing a brand new selection of BOCCIA pure titanium jewellery rings, earrings and necklaces. All 100% non-allergenic, light and cool, a joy to wear.


0134-05 & 06



08026-02 05036-02


IN GOOD TIME BOCCIA Pure Titanium slimline ladies‘ mid-size watches with ‘on trend ‘ yellow (3309-11) and grey (3309-08) bands and the ever popular blue (3309-07). All 3 BAR water resistant. And just arrived, upgraded bangle models in bi-tone (3325-02) and all yellow gold-plated (3325-03) sapphire crystal, 3 BAR water resistant and two new mesh band options: 3279-04 ladies’ white face silver SS band, sapphire crystal, 3 bar & 3281-06 ladies’ mid-size, white face, yellow gold-plated SS band, 3 BAR. BOCCIA Pure Titanium presents three brand new day/date options for men: 3644-02, 3649-01 white dial and 364902 black dial.











Contact: Susi Chinnery-Brown, Twentyfive 7 Ltd, Ph 021 751 115, susi@twentyfive7.co.nz JT2021 WINTER


NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES ATTRACTING ATTENTION … THOMAS SABO Crafted by hand and finished with 18ct yellow-gold plating that underlines their special value. The emerald green glass-ceramic stones in octagon cut and the white faceted zirconia, together immediately attract all eyes. Thanks to the open prong settings, the stones begin to sparkle intensely and almost magically when the falling light hits. TH2173GY. RRP NZD $199.

Made by hand from 925 sterling silver and finished with 18ct yellow-gold plating. The pendant is adorned with faceted, white zirconia stones and an emerald green glass-ceramic stone in octagon cutting. TKE2089GY, RRP NZD $449.

BRONZALLURE Baroque Ming pearl earrings are precious and refined jewellery, perfect for the most important occasions. Golden Rose, 18ct rose gold-plated jewellery that will make you feel remarkable. WSBZ01817.WPRL, RRP NZD $269.

This sautoir-shaped Y necklace by Bronzallure is a star item emphasising your décolleté with style. Featuring an oval link chain design in 18ct rose gold-plated Golden Rosé and a rich asymmetrical pendant, all studded with luminous cubic zirconia. WSBZ01813.WPRL, RRP NZD $319.

THOMAS SABO The mystical, dark green dial with the unique dragonfly design is the highlight of this gold-coloured women’s wristwatch. Precisely handset, colourful gemstones with different cuts make the dial sparkle. The four gold-coloured and raised dragonflies bring exotic flair to the wrist. TWA0369, RRP NZD $759.

TW STEEL The icon is back! Original Canteen-style timepiece with a fresh new look. The TW1014 is powered by a Swiss-made chronograph movement and features a PVD brushed gold-plated case with shiny bezel, anti-reflection sapphire crystal, a black croco leather on black rubber strap and long battery life. TW1014, RRP NZD $1149.

Contact: Helen Finlayson, The Brand Agent, helen@thebrandagent.co.nz, + 64 27 7222 6000. 44



GUESS - PHOENIX Deluxe matte gold detailing on a simple black band, the Phoenix watch strikes the perfect balance of bold elegance. Multifunction with a black gold sunray dial, it will take you seamlessly from day to night. GW0202G1.

GUESS - BELLA Timeless in design, the Bella is a stunning watch and/or jewellery piece. With crystals that shine, a polished gold bracelet and sunray white dial, it exudes refined elegance. Also available in polished silver and rose gold. GW0249L2.

ROSEFIELD - THE OVAL Made for the lady who sets, not follows, trends, The Oval is the latest shape in the Rosefield watch collection. A classic oval case style combines with a new stainless steel gold strap making the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Also available in silver and rose gold. OWGSG-OV01.

ROSEFIELD - THE MINI BOXY The Mini Boxy forms part of Rosefield’s signature watch collections. With minimalism at its forefront of design, the classic square shape and leather strap embodies a new vintage trend. It features a nude leather strap and vintage white dial. QWNLG-Q047.

TIMEX - PEANUTS The most refined Timex watch style meets our favourite Peanuts pals. Timex Standard x Peanuts 70th limited edition piece combines playfulness with classic design. Featuring a chrome case and brown leather strap. TW2U71000.

TIMEX - WOMEN’S WATERBURY LEGACY Honouring generations of watchmaking tradition, The Waterbury Legacy boyfriend ladies’ watch is built for everyday wear. Featuring a two-tone stainless steel case, gold tone dial and a fluted gold stainless steel bezel, it proves you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for strength. TW2U78600

Contact: Designa Accessories, Ph +64 9 480 2211, customer.service@designaaccessories.com.nz www.designaaccessories.com.au JT2021 WINTER


NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES STREET SMART BOCCIA presents fabulous huggie earrings in matt titanium with a rose gold edge and polished titanium diamond-set earrings with yellow gold detail. 100% non-allergenic. A joy to wear. 0539-16


Contact: Susi Chinnery-Brown, Twentyfive 7 Ltd, Ph 021 751 115, susi@twentyfive7.co.nz


NEW STG CHAIN This 13 x 7mm diamond cut long cable is the latest addition to the PEKA chain range. Great as a bracelet or necklace, PEKA can fabricate to any length required.

PEKA has fresh new stock of Tahitian pearls, in loose and strands in various sizes and grades.

Contact: PEKA, Freephone: 0800 892 432, Ph: 03 379 8498, info@peka.co.nz, www.peka.co.nz


Have your work done by our Master Jewellers, each with 45 years of experience. Custom work, Cad Designing and 3D Cad Prints. High quality repairs and Laser polished Platinum are our passion.

New Zealand Findings are importers and wholesalers of quality Sterling Silver and Gold jewellery findings for manufacturing jewellers and retail jewellery stores. PH. 09 478 9950

Come join our team This is a rare opportunity to work in our world renowned jewellery studio in beautiful Nelson. We are the region's most experienced, best equipped, & longest established jewellery workshop. Interested? If you are a qualified jeweller please email




E. info@nzfindings.co.nz

W. nzfindings.co.nz


Supporting retailers with the best ranges of quality Clocks, guaranteed. Pronto Clock Company Ltd Ph 07 880 9795 info@prontoclocks.co.nz Contact us for your nearest Agent.

• Quality Akoya & Freshwater Pearls • Unique semi-precious necklaces • BOCCIA Titanium Watches & jewellery • ESSE Marcarsite Sterling Silver jewellery PO Box 62, Morrinsville 3340, New Zealand I E: susi@twentyfive7.co.nz P: +64 7 889 3545 I M: + 64 21 751 115

Peka is a family-run wholesale jewellery business supplying an extensive range of the highest quality products and exceptional service to the jewellery trade.

New Zealand’s leading Safe & Vault specialists.




Bullion Safes Jewellery Safes Cash Safes Modular Vaults & Vault doors

For over 30 years, discerning customers in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific have trusted in Peka.

Freephone 0800 892 432 Email info@peka.co.nz


Phone 03 379 8498 www.peka.co.nz

Ph: 0800 723 365 JT2021 WINTER




Carl Yung Gems Ltd Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds & Semi-Precious Stones

– Prompt Service


Fast & Reliable Cutting Services Available.

– Precious, Semi Precious

P O Box 109380, Newmarket, Auckland. Ph: 09-623 2078 Fax: 623 2080 Email: info@carlyung.com

141 Holly Road (03) 366 9332 St Albans argosy.jewellery@gmail.com Christchurch 8014

Philip Green

Watchmaker NZHI, JWNZ P 09 536 7148 M 021 718 723

E mastertime@xtra.co.nz

9 Maria Tini Drive, Papamoa 3118 p 07 5749410 f 07 5749411 e info@aven.co.nz www.aven.co.nz


68 Pine Harbour Parade, Beachlands, Auckland 2018

Window and Undercounter Displays, Freeform Displays and Packaging

When Presentation Counts

Award-Winning Agency


NZ Jewellery Photography

These new linen displays are the perfect solution for highlighing your jewellery designs into one

Contact Quentin on 0800 467 8932 | quentosity.co.nz

eye catching presentation. Availiable in a range of colours and styles

View our whole range on our Website www.shonrei.co.nz

Serving NZ jewellers like you with: • difficult repair work • hand made jewellery • laser welding equipment

• fast turnaround • highly trained jewellers • trade only website

Contact us today! ph 0800 743 774 sales@rings.co.nz www.rings.co.nz

48 JT2021 WINTER

Contact Us Tel: +64 03 578 4850 - Freephone: 0800 55 77 88 Email: sales@shonrei.co.nz

2021 2021 WINTER


Proudly made in New Zealand

The crew at JT is working hard for your industry, if you can support us with editorial ideas, new products and advertising, please get in touch. 2021 is the year to rebuild and get together as an industry. It is also a huge opportunity to promote ‘buy local’ and ‘meet local’. See you at the JWNZ Trade Fair, to be held at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, Westhaven Marina, Auckland, on Sunday 12 September. Deadlines for the next three issues are: 2021 Spring - Special JWNZ Trade Fair Issue Booking and Editorial: August 11, Ad Material: August 18, Magazine Posted: August 25

2021 Summer Booking and Editorial: November 11, Ad Material: November 18, Magazine Posted: November 25

2022 Autumn Booking and Editorial: February 10, Ad Material: February 17, Magazine Posted: February 24

Debbie (advertising) and Debra (editorial) inklink@xtra.co.nz 09 378 1222 / 0274 777 955

chaucer@xtra.co.nz 021 185 6846

Quasar Diamond is New Zealand’s foremost diamond authority. Each Quasar diamond is carefully selected by qualified diamond experts for complete peace of mind. Purchasing a Quasar Certified diamond is your ethical guarantee of both sustainability and exceptional quality.



Natural Diamonds

High Grade Cuts

GIA Report

sales@nzgem.co.nz, 0800 NZ GEM (0800 69 43 67), P +64 9 377 3855, @quasardiamondsnz, quasardiamonds.com