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Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls 2012 Yearbook

For 11 years now, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls has been helping girls and women make noise and get empowered in Portland. Our Camp model has inspired over 40 camps worldwide. We’ve been around long enough to see the lasting effects of Rock Camp on a city. Our graduates have applied the spirit of Rock Camp into their own accomplishments they’ve started magazines, thrown festivals, and formed their own lasting bands. Our interns have applied their experiences at Rock Camp to get into college. I’ve met writers, artists, non-profit administrators, teachers, students, and community organizers who at one point attended Rock Camp. And dare I say the music scene of this city is more diverse and vibrant thanks to this program. RnRC4G grew out of the Do It Yourself movement, a way of life and work that values honesty and innovation over stereotypes and mass production. But our organization isn’t just about self-expression and self-reliance, it’s about community support and collective capacity. When we teach girls to collaborate in their band, we’re encouraging them to collaborate and support each other in all aspects of life. Likewise, to remain a strong organization, we collaborate with our neighbors, volunteers, donors, and community partners. If there’s one lesson we’ve learning this year - It’s that we’re Do It Together. We owe a big thank you to the Regional Arts & Culture Council, Business for Culture in the Arts, the Portland Parks Department, Ethos Music Center, The Gossip, and Kill Rock Stars for helping us through this transformative year; a new home, a workshop series, 270 girls served, new city partners, positive national and international press, and a fantastic team of organizers. This document is a reflection on all the accomplishments in 2012 and a statement of future goals. Thank you for an amazing year! Together, I know 2013 will be incredible. - Beth Wooten, Executive Director

RnRC4G Welcomes New Leadership!

In 2012, RnRC4G hired 3 new year round staff members, 3 seasonal Summer Camp Coordinators, and recruited 4 new volunteer board members. Our Board expanded with Connie Wohn, Anndy Hosier, Susan Yudt, and Kim Meyers. Summer Camp could not have happened without our Seasonal Supervisors Caitlin Sweeney, Ariel Kwiatkowski, & Alex Hebler. We also hired 3 year round staff members:

Executive Director Beth Wooten (top right) has volunteered at RnRC4G, Brooklyn's Willie Mae Rock Camp, and her hometown's Girls Rock Charleston, SC. She is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Law, where she worked at their Domestic Violence Legal Aid, and wrote her thesis on contractual and copyright issues facing 1960s Girl Group era female musicians. Outside the RnRC4G office, she plays guitar in a couple local bands, and contributes to She Shreds magazine.

Office Manager Katherine Paul (top left) joined the RnRC4G community as a camper in 2006, and has since contributed to the Portland music scene as guitarist and drummer in several local bands, including Genders. When she's not organizing RnRC4G and keeping our lights on, she’s assisting Tom Tom Magazine, booking shows at Mississippi Studios, or organizing Females of Color Fest, an all ages music festival celebrating women of color in the Northwest.

Program Director Molly Gray (bottom right) grew up in Seattle and first came to Portland to be a RnRC4G camper in 2004. She has since continued to participate in RnRC4G programming as an intern, volunteer and instructor while attending Lewis & Clark. After graduation, she spent 7 months traveling independently across Europe and managed to visit a few international Girls Rock Camps. When not MC-ing a Showcase, you can spot Molly volunteering at the NE Portland Tool Library.

RnRC4G Moves to a New Home! In September, we moved our office and programming to a new location, the historic Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center in North Portland, owned by the Portland Parks Department. Sharing the space with Ethos Music Center, RnRC4G has already started after-school programs, workshops, and performances in our new home. Though we bid a bittersweet farewell to our former 8900 Vancouver Way location, the move to IFCC fulfills a long-term goal of a more accessible building. The IFCC is located right off the yellow max line, between Patton Park and Trillium Charter School, and houses a 125 capacity Theater!

Press for RnRC4G! In 2012, news of RnRC4G was covered by Portland Community Media, O Magazine, French Grazia, and the New York Times! “Now there are more than 40 camps in seven countries in Europe and North America, and an alliance of girls rock camp leaders from around the world meets every spring. A documentary about the camps called “Girls Rock!” was released in 2008; a book by the same title followed. In response, some camps added similar programs for women. Over the course of the week, campers pick instruments, form bands, learn basic chords and drum beats and design promotional materials for the concert. And if they do not own instruments, the camp provides donated ones. ‘It doesn’t take a high level of technical skill to accomplish a rock song,’ said Beth Wooten, who runs Portland’s camp. ‘A lot of the best songs are only a few chords.’” - NY TIMES July 13, 2012

RnRC4G gave a Tedx Talk at Concordia University and former campers Sassfest performed! Ted Talk ! RnRC4G also partnered with Oregon League of Conservation Voters, Creative Advocacy Network, Arts & Schools Together, St. John’s Bizarre, Disney Radio, and Lewis & Clark, providing Camp affiliated bands and DJs for these organization’s events.

Girls Rock Institute •

Girls Rock Institute (GRI) is our after-school program, held once a week for 10 weeks in the fall, winter, and spring, that lets girls ages 8 to 17 further their technical skills, practice regularly with their own band, or just have fun after school. Specific programs focus on different genres and skills, from hip-hop to recording, and all culminate in a showcase at a local venue.

In partnership with Portland Public Schools and the Sun Schools program, RnRC4G provided GRI in both NE and SW Portland from January March. Hosted by Ockley Green and Jackson Middle Schools, bands were formed and presented original songs at a showcase at Backspace Café.

As soon as RnRC4G moved to the IFCC, we began a Girls Rock Institute series from October December. Overall, GRI served 44 girls.

Can you help? In order to reach more girls, we’d like to continue outreach in schools. We also need funds to translate our curriculum and outreach materials to other languages spoken in Portland.

Rock Camp Studio Sound engineering and band management can be an intimidating aspect of the music industry. Recognizing this, RnRC4G began a workshop series based on recording and music production. From October - December, we offered afternoon classes open to girls and women of all ages. Female musicians from Portland and Olympia taught subjects like running a soundboard, band promotion, multi-media performance, garageband and other digital recording, and 4 track recording. Our experiment in workshop classes was a great success and we can’t wait to continue such programs and 2013! Can you help? We now have the goal to develop a library of recording equipment - from 4 tracks to digital interfaces, so girls can check these out as they would a guitar or bass.

RnRC4G Movie Party Multi Media Workshops!

Movie Party!

As part of our Rock Camp Studio series, girls learned how to make movies and edit videos to incorporate in their live performances. These classes were taught by internationally known local artists Melanie Valera and Nadia Buyse. Students then presented their projects at our Winter Showcase!

2012 SUMMER CAMP!! This year, we held three sessions of Summer Camp at Portland Village School, serving over 225 campers!

2012 Summer Camp!

“Rock camp is my favorite place. I've been here every summer for three years & it has given me so much confidence. I will be coming back as an intern next year if all goes as planned.” planned.” “It's only Wednesday and I already know more guitar and I have made friends and I am playing a show with a band on Saturday.” Saturday.”

"Before camp, I was shy and didn’ didn’t have a lot of confidence” confidence” I love Rock Camp. It made me more comfortable with working with other people!

“Playing Playing guitar is like playing colors. Every Every color shows a certain feeling and every note and chord on guitar is showing a different feeling too.” too.”

“Rock camp rocks. It's the best camp I ever been to and I'll come back next year, you help me a lot.” lot.”

LADIES ROCK CAMP! Ladies Rock Camp!

The Portland Village School also housed 2 sessions of Ladies Rock Camp! Women from Portland and beyond came together for a 3 day action packed, fun filled weekend of instrument instruction, band practice, music workshops, movie screenings, lectures on women in music, and lots of karaoke. Each session culminated in fantastic showcases at Mississippi Studios.

RnRC4G Presents The Firehouse at IFCC! Our new home features a Theater. Therefore, we’ve created a venue called the Firehouse! Located inside the IFCC, the Firehouse not only provides a space for families to enjoy great music but also an opportunity for youth to express their musical creativity by playing and booking gigs. Our inaugural show featured Mecca Normal, Rebecca Gates, and Amenta Abioto, and we also displayed artwork by Mecca Normal members Jean Smith and David Lester. “I'm not merely indulging sentimentality here when I write that the all-ages music scene in Portland sure isn't what it used to be. By "used to be," I'm referring to a mere couple of years ago—in hindsight, venues like the defunct Chaos Café, Satyricon, and the Artistery seemed almost too good to be true, and the number of houses receptive to hosting shows has ostensibly decreased significantly since then as well, leaving very little options for those under 21. So this is great news: all-ages shows are now being held at the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center building through the stalwart Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls, and the kickoff show—which is also curated by the camp—features progenitorial indie rock duo Mecca Normal as headliner.“ - Morgan Troper, Portland Mercury, October 3rd, 2012.

Successful Community Partnerships! Regional Arts & Culture Council The inspiring and supportive RACC helped RnRC4G through of series of staff and board consulting sessions with George Thorn. “In the arts world, big stars and splashy productions tend to take the spotlight, but a lot of important work happens behind the scenes. For the last 16 years, George Thorn has been quietly but tenaciously working under the radar to help Portland’s leading arts organizations hit their strides, grow and thrive.” ‘As a city, we take great pride in our restaurants, food carts, farmers markets, wineries, and breweries.... If we had the same pride in our arts and culture, we would be better able to build long-term support for this terrific community.’” - Willamette Week, September 2012

Portland State University RnRC4G began as a thesis project by a PSU student. Today, we continue our relationship with the University through Prof. Sarah Dougher’s Women and Community Organizations course. Her students volunteered for RnRC4G from January into Summer Camp and we all learned a lot about grassroots organizing. For this collaboration, RnRC4G received a PSU Civic Engagement Award.

The Winding Stream Scholarship Collaborating with local female filmmaker Beth Harrington, RnRC4G established a new scholarship fund for Summer Camp, The Winding Stream Scholarship, named for Harrington’s upcoming documentary film on the Carter and Cash families.

Volunteer Board of Directors: Jenelle Isaacson, Board Chair

Kim Meyers

Principal Broker, Living Room Realtors

Residential Designer

Parna Mehrbani, Past Chair

Sarah McBee

Attorney at Law, Lane Powell PC

Membership Services Coordinator, ADX

Erin C. Jones, Board Treasurer

Casey Singleton

Director of Operations, Susan Matlack Jones & Associates

Relationship Manager, KeyBank

Susan Yudt, Board Secretary

Connie Wohn


Event Producer

Anndy Hosier

Michael J. Licurse

Office Manager, Eastside Wellness Center

Attorney, Wyse Kadish LLP

Staff: Beth Wooten, JD Executive Director

P.O. Box 11324 Portland, OR 97211 Phone: 503-445-4991

Molly Gray Program Director/Volunteer Coordinator

Katherine Paul Office Manager/Program Manager!/RnRC4G

Thank You to our 2012 Friends! Community Partners Regional Arts & Culture Council • Portland State University • Lents Farmers Market Oregon League of Conservation Voters • Burgerville • Bealahland • Record Room St. John’s Bizarre • Lewis & Clark • Biamp • Give Smart • Buffalo Exchange Ethos Music Center • Cherry Sprout Produce • M’lady’s Records • Lane Powell Valentines • Living Room Realtors • Willamette Week Give! Guide Major Donors & Ongoing Supporters Kill Rock Stars • The Gossip • Carol Orange • Laurel MacMillan • Abigail Solomon Bryan Steelman • David Varner • Jay Graves • Kevin Vassily • Chairman Creagle Steven Miller • Zane Koehler • Claudia Lucero • Carrie Deming • Claire Viarengo Erik Johnson • Jeremy Paley • Mary Slavin • Maryanne deGoede • Zane Koehler • Lori Pesavento

RnRC4G 2012 Report  

Thank You for an Amazing Year!

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