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The Precise And Interesting World OF EDM EDM, or Electrical Discharge Machining, is a method utilized to generate precise and intricate pieces of metal, frequently for use in industrial or aerospace applications. Even though process was invented in 1770 by Russian scientists, the EDM wave truly began when Soviet scientists created machines in the 1940s. Now, the most intriguing application of EDM uses EDM wire to make very specific shapes out of extremely hard metals. The way that EDM works is by using huge amounts of electricity to mold and cut anything that conducts electricity. The simplest form of the process uses a graphite electrode to make indentations or cavities in even the hardest materials. There is also a process involving a series of electrodes formed into a drill that can create little holes right through a piece of metal. The true precision and intricacy of the EDM process is evident in the EDM wire. Typically, a little hole in the metal is made using an EDM drill. Then, the wire is fed through the hole. Once electricity is being pushed through the wire, the cutting process begins. The wire is moved through the metal, cutting pieces off or leaving small trails behind. The wire can be moved in virtually any direction, so not only are very precise curved lines achievable, but also tapered cuts or pieces having a different profile at the top and bottom. The wire and the piece of metal do not ever actually make contact which is intriguing. The electricity involved cuts the metal before the wire even touches it. Once a rough cut is done, typically a precise method referred to as skimming begins. To create a truly perfect finished product, the process uses a wire to cut off extremely small pieces of the metal. The smallest cuts can add up to just .0001 of an inch, creating a smooth and mechanically perfect surface for the piece. This process can be repeated as many times as required to create the finished product. Fed from a spool, the wire used in the process is held between a couple of diamond guides for precision. The wire is managed by a computer in modern day EDM machines. Moving the wire in numerous axes through a set of specific instructions that are given to the computer, precise cuts at high speeds are realized. The other good thing about the digital process involved is that the field is made available to individuals who typically wouldn’t have the ability to do EDM cutting. Simply knowing the exact shape you would like to end up with will allow someone to plug it into the computer and, voila, the piece is created. Of course, the wire used in the process won't last forever. EDM wire is comparatively cheap, however, because it is typically made from brass. Considerable amounts of wire can be bought based on the amount that will be used in a given time period, and buying in bulk often provides large discounts to those who use the EDM process frequently. More and more, this process is being used by the aerospace and medical sectors because of the level of precision involved and low production numbers required, but oftentimes the end product is molds or dies. The next time you’re in a hospital or watching the shuttle launch on television, now you’ll know a part of the process involved in creating the high-tech equipment used every day. For the best machine components, which includes a huge selection of EDM wire, get in touch with Advanced CNC Technologies, Inc.

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The Precise And Interesting World OF EDM Advanced CNC Technologies. Much more info on Advanced CNC Technologies are obtainable on the business' web site,

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The Precise And Interesting World OF EDM