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The Fascinating Subject Of EDM EDM is short for Electrical Discharge Machining. This is a technique utilized to machine metal in an extremely precise and accurate way. When making a part or other piece that has to have extremely specific tolerances and would otherwise be impossible to make, EDM is used. As such, EDM parts and machines are very specific and precise devices. If the metal conducts electricity, Electrical Discharge Machining works extremely well. To be able to erode the metal into a design, huge amounts of electricity are discharged in a specific way. This is used to create parts for machines, intricate designs, or extremely small gears that are difficult to make with other types of processes. Ram EDM, Drill EDM and Wire EDM are the three types of EDMs. RAM EDM is the oldest form of this machining technique, and requires an electrode created from graphite that is thrust into the piece of metal that is being worked on. When the electrode is pushed into the metal, a cavity is formed. It can also be used to create holes entirely through the piece of metal or specific types of geometry, but it’s mostly used to make indentations and cavities. Revolving concentric electrodes that drill right through a piece of metal are utilized by a Drill EDM. This is comparable to a standard drilling process, but the hardness of the material is not a issue at all. Much more precise and clean finished work than may be accomplished with a drill press is the result. These holes can be as small as .006 inches, making it possible for a wide variety of uses such as aerospace and medical equipment. And ultimately, a small wire electrode that moves through or around the metal that is being worked on is the foundation of Wire EDM. A Drill EDM will usually be used to first make a hole for the wire which is then used to create the geometry of the actual piece. Very precise computers manage these wires which can create highly intricate pieces. EDM is commonly used when a precision piece of metal is called for, either as part of a larger machine or as a piece of practical metal simply on its own. The resulting pieces are very sturdy and useful in many situations since EDM can be used on really hard materials. Because of its precision and the durability of the pieces it is able to produce, the aeronautics industry particularly makes great use of EDM. Another fascinating piece of the process is that EDM occurs underwater. Certain flammable or explosive materials can be used with EDM while other technologies might set it alight or cause it to explode, which makes this very useful. There is also a reduced risk of fumes and particles leaking out into the air due to the filtering system used, minimizing exposure risks for those doing the machining work. Since EDM machines are highly accurate devices, the parts may need to be replaced regularly. EDM parts, specifically the wires used in wire EDM, can be purchased and replaced fairly cheaply, making the complete process not only accurate, but very affordable for the products that are being made. Even though EDM was developed in 1770, it's still in wide usage today. Nearly every part can be Advanced CNC Technologies, Inc.

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The Fascinating Subject Of EDM manufactured with great precision and to any specification due to the different varieties of EDM available. To find Fanuc EDM parts easily, have a look at Advanced CNC Technologies. Check out to learn more information about Advanced CNC Technologies.

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Advanced CNC Technologies, Inc.

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The Fascinating Subject Of EDM  

To find Fanuc EDM parts easily, have a look at Advanced CNC Technologies. Check out to learn more inform...

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