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An Introduction to the Landmark Forum

The Landmark Forum -- How It Works Landmark provides real techniques for achieving breakthroughs in one’s life. The Landmark Forum functions on a process of transformative learning that offers participants a way to observe and examine the methods that they use to acquire knowledge, think, and behave. As a result of that transformative learning, participants are able to fully recognize their potential and the potential of others. They can achieve more than they thought they were capable of and are able to have a greater impact on the course of their own personal and professional lives. Who Participates in the Landmark Forum? Participants in the Landmark Forum are people who think about life as full of possibility. They have a range of interests and areas of their lives that they would like to explore and improve through the Landmark Forum, including: enhancing their communications skills; developing better habits in the way they relate to others; giving themselves an edge in a specific, focused area of their lives; or taking better control over the direction of their own lives. Participants in the Landmark Forum want to live fuller and more purposeful lives, and they want to follow their passions and make more informed decisions. The Landmark Forum for Young People and Teens The Landmark Forum for Young People and Teens consists of a pair of three-day programs that empower young people and teens to feel more in charge of the course of their own lives, to act with assurance, to communicate with others more effectively and with more self-possession, and to recognize their own potential and realize it. Young people and teens who participate in the Landmark Forum come away from the

experience with a greater understanding of how they can address and overcome obstacles and how they can express themselves. Attending an Introduction to the Landmark Forum Coming to an introductory session about the Landmark Forum is a helpful way for people who are curious to gain a better understanding of how the program works, what it can provide, and whether it’s a good fit for their lives. At introduction sessions, attendees can ask questions and hear from past participants of the Landmark Forum about how the course has helped them. What are the Communication Programs? The Communication Programs course foregrounds the act of communicating, one of the most basic facets of our lives, and provides participants with a way of accessing and utilizing one of the most powerful tools available to us all. Participants in the course learn about a different way of listening that allows them to communicate confidently, and with precision, in a any type of conversation--regardless of the topic. They also acquire an improved ability to convey information in circumstances in which they may have struggled previously. In the Communication Programs course, participants learn techniques to approach conversations as exchanges that can lead to new possibilities, instead of being reactionbased interactions; in addition, participants are instructed on how to create or restore equanimity and balance in a conversation, no matter the situation. Those who attend the course also find themselves more readily able to act like themselves in conversation with others from all walks of life. Further Reading:

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The Landmark Forum for Young People and Teens consists of a pair of three-day programs that empower young people and teens to feel more in c...