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Rininta Ayu Kurniawati Miss Anna English 9/10 27 June 2012

What a wonderful music

Music is simple, as we know, but it’s has many functions. Music could help us. If you are in bad situation, it could make you calm to play music. If you have nothing to do, you can spend your time playing music. Everybody can play music, it just depends if you want to do it or not. For example if we are on the way to some place, we often meet street singers. Sometimes they are singing while playing guitar and several other people are playing violin. They learned to play by them selves and they did not have a course. Just by playing guitar, they can get money. How about us? If you can not play music, let’s learn together in the music course. If you join the music course although you already can play music, you could play music as a top musician. In the music course, you will know h ow to play music well. If you have done well in your final test you, will get a certificate. We have a performance day for those who have talent in music. So, you can perform your talent in public, and look like a real musician. Some people said they ought to have talent to play music and if they do not have talent, they can not play music. I say to you, that is totally wrong. Don’t you know that music is related to sound? At least you can sing. That means you know about music. If you do not have talent in music but you want to learn it, you can go to the music course and you can learn music with teacher there you after learn in the music course, you also should practice at home. So, if you are one who said only people who have talent in music that can play music. I suggest you to change your mind. But sometimes people are taugh that playing music is just wasting time. I say, playing music is not just wastig time. You can play music all the time. When you have nothing to do or you feel bored you can play music. When you feel sad you can pour your sadness to the music. When you were alone you can make an instrument by yourselves. Is that fantastic? You can play music anytime, anywhere. Some people think play music was wasting money. They believe play music is not only waste time but it is waste money too. When you buy a guitar or piano, etc it is expensive and your budget will be less. So, how will join the music course? Though the struggle is


inevitable, is even we spend our money to useful thing it will has many functions. You will have more talent, you can playing music as a musician, you can make an instument by yourself or you can simply enjoye it. I just want to tell to you, never be afraid you will get nothing if you decide to join the music course. It is not wrong choice or the worst thing because to join the music course. So,try it join the music course and you may play music well as a top musician.

Summer Program 2012  

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