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Have you ever looked at men who can get any girl he wants and wondered, "what has he got that I haven't?" Yes, females are attracted to power and status. They are also attracted to symmetrical features, strength and confidence. In order to distracting a woman from all of your shortcomings and making her fall in love with you for who you are, you need to seduce her. 1. Adopt the Right Attitude Attitude has more to do with meeting and attracting women than anything else. If your attitude is wrong, everything will be wrong and you will not be able to attract a woman. If you think you are going to fail, you will fail. You will be nervous and your words will not come out right. You will lack self confidence and it will show. You will not be relaxed and will be unable to make eye contact. So adopt the right attitude, in doing so you will show that you are capable of taking charge in a situation. Be confident, stand tall and relax. Attitude is the biggest factor that stands between your success or failure when it comes to attracting a woman. 2. Show and display interest If you want to attract a woman, you will have to know how to strike up a conversation. When you start talking to her you will need to be interesting and not personal. An interesting person will win the woman you are seeking and will show confidence in what they are speaking about. You want to be confident because no woman wants an insecure man. If you get into a conversation that you do not know anything about, do not hesitate to say so because no one knows everything and she will be glad to know that she can teach you something you do not already know. That will make her feel important too. All women love to feel important and needed. Show interest in her appearance, compliment her on her dress or hairstyle, listen to what she says and show interest without taking over the conversation. 3. Confidence is Key The first and foremost thing about attracting a woman is having confidence. Without confidence you will find it hard to even approach a woman let alone be able to talk to her. When you approach a woman, remember that confident feeling and know that you can also carry on a conversation with her. You are not judged as harshly as you judge yourself. The woman you are approaching is more worried about what you are thinking of her and if she is handling herself in a way that you will like. So hold your head high and go right up to that woman and start a conversation with her. Asking her for a date will get easier after talking with her. One way of building confidence is by telling yourself how good you are each time you accomplish something. It does not have to be anything to do with a woman. Remember, no one can do a better job of being you than you and

that makes you number one for any woman you may attract. 4. Humor Women find humor in a man terribly attractive. This is not to say that you sit there telling her jokes all night but don't take yourself too seriously and inject some humor into the conversation now and again. Women like a funny person but there is a difference between funny and stupid. Watch the reaction of others and if they roll on the floor with laughter, you are funny. If they are wrinkling their nose and rolling their eyes, you are not funny, you are acting stupid. Being funny will keep her coming back for more, but remember funny isn't funny when the conversation is serious. Making people laugh improves your personality greatly. Learn types of humor and how to use it at the right times. 5. Protect and Support Be supportive, kind and helpful. Give her time and let her know you are always there but not until it is the right time. Timing is critical and winning the woman of your dreams shouldn't be based on a needy heart. A woman does not allow her feelings to rule her life as many think. She may fall prey easily to them, but she will get rid of the problem as soon as she realizes and beat herself to the point that no amount of apology will allow you back into her arms. When she is vulnerable, she wants you to protect and support her. Just be there for her and give her a new direction but never ever take advantage of the situation. There are lots of women out there looking for men, so if you think you can't attract one of them, think again! There is a woman for every man. It may take a little brushing up to do it, but learning how to attract a woman is not hard. If you have tried before and not been successful, I am sure you are feeling as if it is a lost cause and you do not want to try again. You do have to change your attitude though. Just because you have failed before doesn't mean that you will fail again. Maybe you are looking for the wrong type of woman. You do have to look for a woman that will match your personality. Basically, if you dress smartly, be sure you are clean and smell good. Study up on different subjects and become a good conversationalist. Relax because she is nervous too. Build up your confidence and go for it. You will never know what is right around the corner if you don't try.

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==== ==== Uncover Powerful Insider Secrets That Will Skyrocket Your Sex Life And Make Wonderful Women Beg You To Date Them - Even If You Are Bald, Fat Or Ugly! ==== ====

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