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Birthday Celebrations and Looking for a Brighter Future By: Pinwit

On Friday April 12th, the RNC celebrated its 7th Birthday! Shiki, along with the Sensei and students went to Rogue’s Castle. Shiki gave a wonderful speech about the clan and the many memories he has had with the clan, the rough times the clan has faced, and the good times. Shiki then told us about the future of this clan: more activity, more wars (which we will try our best to win), more new clan mates, as well as most importantly more good memories! Shiki then invited everyone to partake in a reflection. Everyone who wished to partake taught of a time they enjoyed the most in the clan as well as think about the future. It was a very powerful reflection and made me feel wanted in this clan and viable. The clan then attacked and sent Kibbles packing. Afterwards everyone in the clan attacked Shiki, who taught he could kill everyone with dual dragon daggers. It was not a pretty sight for him. Afterwards the clan went to the Falador Party Room, where a massive drop party was held with over 250 million GP worth of items and coins were dropped. Afterwards the clan spent time together, hanging out and sharing stories and ironically killed off its 7th thread on the clan’s 7th birthday.

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Monthly Citadel Update By: Dyzt

Citadel Give-a-way For those of you who don’t know, this clan has a Citadel Cap Give-a-way to reward those who skill at the citadel. We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible for you guys to enter too. All you have to do is plant the clan vex and look at it. On there, next to Official Forum, is a link that’ll bring you straight to the place to enter. More info on the give-a-way can be found HERE. There are quite a few unclaimed winnings so if you see your name in the list on the link above PLEASE SEE DYZT in game to get your winnings. Recent Upgrades The past couple months we’ve finished some pretty big projects! We’ve finished the Keep Doors, Keep Pennants, Keep Shields, & Grand Avatar Habitat.

Current Projects Currently we are working on a Grand Saradomin Star for the entrance, one of the 4 Ninja Turtles that will surround the Sara Star, and the Keep tapestry that won in the voting thread linked HERE.;

Future Projects Since we’ve completed all the upgrades for tier 7 a while ago, all we have left are aesthetic customization that will make the citadel our own. There is currently a vote going on so everyone in the clan can have a part in deciding what the citadel will ultimately look like. If you haven’t RNC Rogue Monthly © May 2013

visited the voting thread yet, please drop by HERE and make your voice heard.

Happy Capping!

The Sensei of Jas By: ZarosLord

Introduction In a world called Gielinor, the 6th age had ended in a massive battle. Many gods fought for control of the planet. The weaker forces perished, and gods died one after another. In the final stages of the battle, two gods remained, whose names have been lost in history. These gods, now known as the Uncreators, watched their forces fight and die, only to realize that the war would not end until one of them perished. Victory, however, was with neither, for an unprecedented third party soon intervened. The human race was thought extinct until, in the heat of the battle between the Uncreators, a lone human appeared. Unlike most humans, this human was not aligned to a specific god. He had no idea what his destiny involved, but he knew he had to do something to save humankind from destruction. Soon after his arrival, an army of dragonkin arrived, and with them was the Stone of Jas. He was the Chosen, and his name was Shiki.

Another War was Waiting for Me When I Got Back Home By: Shikimoko4 "Been back from the desert for a year or so, I left more in that sand than you’ll ever know, RNC Rogue Monthly Š May 2013

But another war was waiting for me when I got back home"

These are the lyrics that were blasting through my car as I took the interstate home a few days ago. They’re from Bon Jovi’s new song, “What’s Left Of Me”, and man, they’ve been in my head since I’ve heard them. Last Monday night I walked out of my last exam, ending the long, stress-filled semester war with uni, but I knew walking out of that auditorium I was not heading home to beach-filled, sunshine paradise.

I had something waiting for me back at home- you guys.

After a semester filled with weekend only playing and struggles with activity, I walked out of the University of Florida with finally a chance of freedom to get back in touch with my clan and help out in the on-going clan survival war that’s across RuneScape. That’s exactly what I intend to do this summer.

But man, some parts don’t look so pretty right now and I know that. I got a first taste for that when I logged on Tuesday after getting home and seeing a mere six or seven in the chat. And even with a few of us there, it was pretty silent. Activity ain’t the easiest to pull. Complaints are coming in from both sides – tried to host, nobody came; asked for a mission, nobody offered.

I will say this though, don’t read these words as if it’s the final call. It’s merely the setting of a turn-around story. One of the greatest aspects of clanning is the fact that if you put in some elbow grease and your heart and give it your best, odds are, people will follow. And that’s RNC Rogue Monthly © May 2013

exactly what I encourage all of you to do. Take a stand in your own battle. If you see something going on that you don’t like, do something about it. If you see something in the clan you feel is broken, fix it. And when you make any type of progress, smile and appreciate those who helped you get there. Just never forget that anything worth having is worth fighting for. So let ‘em test our faith, and never let ‘em take our pride. RNC Sports By: Lostdream

RNC is slowly getting back into the routine of warring every Saturday. So far we have warred two great clan's "Titan's Revolution and Northern Allies". The outcome of each war was a loss but we had Great Spirit, and we didn't give up. The clan fought vigorously with “Titan’s Revolution” with only five clan mates against over twenty maxed enemies. The RNC would not surrender as it was outnumbered on all sides, except for one thing. That thing is Spirit. The clan would not surrender, even as it was being brutally battled against. Those who fought did not give up and fought defending the clan’s motto. The second war, with “Northern Allies” also turned out to be a loss for the clan. Even though the clan lost, it was a fair battle with about an even amount of people on each side. With practice and through training, the RNC plans on getting better at warring. With new changes being made this summer to how RNC’s warring system works, more practices will be held which will involve new leadership positions. With this, and the tremendous pride the clan has, RNC will once again rise amongst the warring clans!

RNC Rogue Monthly © May 2013

RNC LOL By: ToxicSmurf

RNC Rogue Monthly © May 2013

RNC LOL (continued)

New Writers Wanted! If you would like to write for the Rogue Monthly, please message Pinwit via the offsite. This is open to Students and Sensei alike!

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Rogue Monthly  

This is the first volume of Rogue Monthly. Rogue Monthly is a news publication with articles written by members of the Rogue Ninja Civilizat...

Rogue Monthly  

This is the first volume of Rogue Monthly. Rogue Monthly is a news publication with articles written by members of the Rogue Ninja Civilizat...