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Michael Jackson 1958-2009 Also inside interview with new artist Elise 5000 and our top four guys in R&B at the moment

We have arrived! Hello and welcome to the first sample issue of R&B Obsession Online Magazine, I love running my blog but I wanted to take it to the next step and be different from other music blogs out there. This magazine will be monthly and summarise the latest R&B News in that month such as the latest pictures and videos. As this is a sample issue it is smaller than the regular issue would be. If you would like to drop us a message on MySpace (, tweet us on twitter ( or just leave a message on the Chat Box on the blog ( Thanks, Lauren (R&B Obsession Editor) 2

Contents o Top four guys in R&B at the moment: Page 4 o Michael Jackson: the entertainment industry mourns: Page 8 o Latest Mixtapes : Page 10 o Elise 5000 Interview: Page 11


Top Four Guys in R&B There have been some really successful R&B males at the moment, some commercially and some just within the R&B scene. Here are our top four.

Trey Songz Since Trey Songz arrived on the R&B scene in 2005 with his first album I Gotta Make It and we saw a great artist that was going to make a great impact on R&B music, it seems many people also agreed as his album peaked at number six on the U.S. Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart and number 20 on the U.S. Billboard 200. He also gained even more fans with his second album in 2007 Trey Day which peaked at number 11 on the U.S. Billboard 200.He has also been nominated for a Grammy for his single I Cant Help But Wait. His new album Ready is set to be released in September 09 which will include his singles I Need A Girl and LOL 4

Day 26

Many people had doubts about this group as they came from the reality show Making The Band, which is known for every group that has formed on the show have failed to stay together but these guys were out to prove everybody wrong and so far are doing a great job doing so by having their first self titled album going number one on the Billboard 200 Chart and their second album Forever In A Day went to number two. They recently won a BET Award for best group which shows the industry are also gaining respect for Robert, Mike, Quawnell, Will and Brian.

Day26 at the BET Awards 09 with there award for best group 5

jeremih Jeremih Felton hit the R&B scene in a big way with his hit single Birthday Sex which peaked at number four on the U.S. Billboard Chart and number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Chart. It seems music runs through his family as his cousin is Will Taylor of Day26. He has only been signed for a short time, since February 2009 by LA Reid with Def Jam Records and has already had a sensational album and single. He has been interested in music from a young age when his parents brought him a drum set at age three.


Ryan Leslie Though Ryan Leslie hasn't had the biggest chart success, he has achieved in so many different ways. This Harvard educated artist is a businessman with his own record label NextSelection which includes artists such as Cassie, he is also an amazing producer and songwriter, and has worked with a range of different artists from Britney Spears, New Edition and Danity Kane.

He has also had a large online presence, by connecting with Fans through Twitter, YouTube and his blog on his official website. He is the 59th Most Subscribed Musician on YouTube of all time and has also given backstage passes to his Twitter followers. Though Ryan Leslie has a strong career, I believe he deserves more chart success because his music is incredible.

Ryan Leslie after receiving two BET Award nominations for Best Male R&B Artist and Best New Artist 7

Michael Jackson: the entertainment industry mourns an icon Stars have paid tribute to Michael Jackson through music and performance to show there appreciation for the music legend. Rapper The Game, Diddy, Chris Brown, Boyz ll Men, Usher, Mario Winans came together to make a song called ‘Better On The Other Side’ in memory of the king of pop. Also a track by Day26, T Pain and Usher called ‘Stop Playin’ has leaked online which features vocals from the hit Billie Jean. During many artists tours such as Beyonce and Neyo they have paid tribute to Jackson by signing his hits and dedicating there own songs to him while on stage. During this years BET awards stars danced, sang and wore the infamous white socks, single glove and embellished military jacket

Keri Hilson did some of MJ’s moves during her performance at the BET awards

Usher and Jennifer Hudson at the memorial

Mariah Carey performing I’ll Be 8 There

Shaneen Jafargholi performing Who’s Loving You at the memorial service

Ciara performing Heal The World the BET Awards

Jamie Foxx talking about Michael Jackson’s life during the BET Awards

Beyonce dedicates her song Halo to Michael Jackson during her tour


Latest Mixtapes Trey Songz Anticipation

The Greatest Entertainer of All Time (Mixed By DJ L-Gee)

This mixtape is intended to be an introduction to his album Ready but the tracks are so great this has the strength to be a good album. Most of the tracks revolve around sexual experiences and feeling, so it gives it a mature feel. Great for lovers of slow jams Rating 4 out of 5

This two CD mix is a great tribute to the late Michael Jackson, it is a must have for fans, it includes his hits Billie Jean, Thriller and the Jackson 5 hit I Want You Back, the only negative is that I believe it should include some of his great album tracks not just his well known singles Rating 4 out of 5 10


Elise 5000


R&B Obsession would like to introduce you to Elise 5000, born and raised in the city of Warner Robins, Georgia. Elise wrote her first song at the young age of 8 and began recording and producing originals on keyboard workstation in her bedroom at the age of 10. Elise landed a writing, recording, and producing deal with an independent label at the age of 17. Elise 5000 formed a partnership and launched her own recording label, NoFunGirl Music Group, where she melds her love of R&B and Hip-Hop to write, produce, and record original tracks that have sparked the interests of many other artists. You have made a song called Everybody Else with T Pain how did that collaboration come about? Well, Secret Da Songwriter and I came across the track with Tpain's part already on there so I went ahead and recorded the vocal arrangements and my vocals in the hook part and I sent it to Secret and she wrote a masterpiece!!!!! Finally I recorded what she wrote and that was "All she wrote"! lol You have a MySpace and Twitter page, how has the Internet helped your career? The Internet has been such a huge HELP! I mean, nobody would know who I am without the Internet because as you may already know, I am not signed to a major label so how else would thousands of people plus YOU know who I am? Blogs have been so great and I think it's amazing how many people can finally enjoy my music because of blogs!!! I am grateful to blogs and bloggers!!! Thank you!!! As far as MySpace and Twitter, I mean I think it’s obvious that having a MySpace page totally helps! Twitter is amazing as well because I can constantly update my status and of course share links to my music so that's another way to get my music out there! It's really a blessing. I feel like I'm signed already to a major label!!! ;) You have a degree in Mass Communications, how did you balance your balance your education and your music career?

It was hard because I would skip class to go make beats!! I couldn't fight the urge! But, I think it was fun being a student and a POP STAR (in my mind) at the same time! I'd be in class like trying to apply every lesson to music! I mean everything! History class the teacher is talking about how America became so powerful during the industrial revolution because of self containment so I went out and became self contained! Purchased all my own equipment and learned how not to depend on anyone and that piece of advice is the reason why I'm here now!!! I think education is important and it doesn't matter what type of student you are 12 as long as you ARE A STUDENT of something!

How did you launch your record label NoFunGirl Music Group? I just launched it!!! lol I purchased books and guides and sort of followed them! My BFF Shelby Calhoun who is involved with the company as well really encouraged me and believed in me and in NFG so that's all it took! 2 believers and a plan! We are building and trying to figure things out. Hopefully you will see more of NFG in the future! We have BIG plans! Who are your influences when creating and writing music?

Who are your favourite R&B artists at the moment? Right now, my favourite current artist would have to be..... Beyonce, Keri Hilson (I used to sit by her grandma at church) Maxwell, Kanye, The Dream, MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Elise for this interview Thank you for this interview!!!! If you would like to hear more about Elise 5000 visit the links below: Twitter Elise 5000 MySpace NoFunGirl Productions MySpace YouTube Elise 5000 blog Facebook Elise is also featured on the mixtape Keepin It Urban Divas 2009 by DJ Samore

Right now....Everybody! Especially Michael Jackson! But, honestly I was going hard on Michael even before his death so it's not because of the fact that he is no longer here. By the way R.I.P MJ!!!! Had to put that in there! But, Jodeci, SWV, TLC, Mary J, any 90's group!! Also, on the alternative, rock tip I get influence from Paramore, Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers...I honestly enjoy all music. I love all music. That just shows that I have grown as an artist because I wasn't always like this! But now.....I promise, if you look at my iPod I have music from Playa Fly, Pastor Troy all the way to Nickleback, Fall out boy, The Cranberries, Joan Osborne and more it’s crazy!! I even have the theme song from the TV show Golden Girls!! "Thank You For Being A Friend" That's a good song yo!!!! (Also Aaliyah and Erykah Badu)


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