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The Chase JUNE 2013




SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE........... Mark Your Calendar..... June 6th 7pm - School’s Out Ice Cream Social June 14th 8pm - Family Movie Night - DreamWorks “Bee Movie” June 18th 7pm - MC HOA Meeting June 21st 7pm - 9pm - Music on the Green July 4th 10am - 4th of July Parade

M A R T I N ’ S C H A S E

Pool Hours: June 1st - June 2nd 10am - 8pm June 3rd - June 6th 1pm - 8pm June 7th - September 2n d 10am - 8pm Friday 6/14, 7/5, 7/26, 8/16, 9/6 the pool will be open until 10pm.

CONGRATS TO ALL THE MC COLLEGE, SENIOR, MIDDLE SCHOOL AND KINDERGARTEN GRADUATES! Club Mom will be meeting for occasional playgroups and outings this summer. Email Kristen at if you want to be added to the email distribution list. Regular playgroups will begin again when school starts in the fall.

Congratulations to Lindsey Anderson on her kindergarten graduation! What a great yearwe're so proud of you! Love, Mommy, Daddy & Dylan

“You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So... get on your way!” ― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Vidalia Onion Risotto with Feta Cheese This is recommended to serve immediately after preparation. (5 servings) Ingredients: 2 teaspoons Vegetable Oil 2 cups chopped Vidalia or other sweet onion 2 large garlic cloves, minced 1 1/2 cups uncooked Arborio rice or other short grain rice 2 (14 1/2 oz) cans of vegetable broth 1/2 cup (2 oz) crumbled feta cheese, divided 1/3 cup chopped flat leaf parsley 1/4 cup (1 oz) grated fresh parmesan cheese Freshly ground black pepper  

1. Heat oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Add onion and garlic, sauté 1 minute. Stir in rice. Add 1/2 cup broth, cook until liquid is nearly absorbed, stirring constantly. Add remaining broth, 1/2 cup at a time, stirring constantly until each portion of the broth is nearly absorbed before adding the next (about 20 minutes total) 2. Remove from heat, stir in 1/4 cup feta, chopped parsley, and Parmesan.   3. Spoon into a serving bowl, top with 1/4 cup feta and pepper. Garnish with parsley sprigs.

Summer Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Many of us in Martins Chase are proud pet owners and as summertime quickly approaches we need to be mindful of not only our immediate family needs but also the needs of our furry companion(s). Here are some safety concerns for responsible pet owners:

for an allergic reaction. If a reaction occurs or there have been multiple wasp, bee or mosquito bites, take the animal to the vet.

Cool ocean water is tempting to your dog. Do not allow him to drink too much seawater. The salt in the water will make him sick.

Talk with your veterinarian about flea and tick prevention medications.

Heartworm is a common problem for dogs. Take your dog to a vet for a heartworm check every spring and follow your vet's advice for heartworm precautions.

Salt and other minerals found in the ocean can damage your dog's coat. So, when you are ready to leave for the day, rinse him off with fresh water.

Not all beaches permit dogs. Check local ordinances before you begin your excursion to the beach.

General Summer Safety Concerns

• •

Hot weather can make anyone feel uncomfortable, and your pet is no exception. Never leave your dog/cat unattended in direct sunlight or in a closed vehicle. When it's only 80 degrees outside, the inside of a car can heat up to more than 120 degrees in just minutes. Leaving the windows partially rolled down will not help. Your pet is susceptible to heat stroke and possible death in these conditions. Heatstroke can occur and lead to brain damage or death. Signs of heatstroke are panting, drooling, rapid pulse and fever. Immediately immerse the dog/cat in cool water and seek emergency veterinary assistance. Always make sure your pet has access to fresh water. All pets should have proper identification at all times.

Keep your pet on a leash or in an enclosed space when he/she is outdoors to prevent accidents and injuries.

Try to avoid strenuous exercise with your pet on extremely hot days and refrain from physical activity when the sun's heat is most intense.

Have your pet’s vaccinations updated if necessary. Diseases such as rabies, distemper and parvo are ever-present dangers and necessary precautions should be taken. Beware of insect bites. If your pet is bitten or stung, remove the stinger and watch the site

Most lawn and garden products may be hazardous. Make sure that plants and fertilizers within the pets reach are not toxic. The outdoors exposes pets to the elements. Pets may need extra brushing and bathing to stay clean and healthy.

Does Your Doggy Paddle? The majority of dogs can swim and they love it. But dogs entering the water for the first time should be tested. Here are some important tips for teaching your dog how to swim:

Never throw your dog into the water.

Beach Tips

Taking your dog to the beach can be a great way to spend a beautiful summer day. However, as a responsible dog owner there are certain precautions you should take:

Start in shallow water, and call your dog's name. You can also try to coax him in with a treat or toy – but always keep your dog within reach.

Another way to introduce your dog to the water is with a dog that already swims and is friendly with your dog. Let your dog follow his friend.

If your dog begins to doggypaddle with his front legs only, lift his hind legs and help him float. He should quickly catch on and will then keep his back end up.

Swimming is a great form of exercise, but don't let your dog overdo it. He will be using new muscles and may tire quickly.

Be careful of strong tides that are hazardous for even the best swimmers.

Never leave your dog unattended! You should always be in a position to help him get out of the water.

Provide plenty of fresh water and shade for your dog.

Dogs can get sunburn, especially short-haired dogs and ones with pink skin and white hair. Limit your dog's exposure when the sun is unusually strong, and apply sunblock to his ears and nose 30 minutes before going outside.

Check with a lifeguard for daily water conditions – dogs are easy targets for jellyfish and sea lice.

If your dog is out of shape, don't encourage him to run on the sand. Running on a beach is strenuous exercise, and a dog that is out of shape can easily pull a tendon or ligament.

Brambleton Summer Concert Series: June 13, 6:30-9:30pm, Crowded Streets (DMB Cover) June 27, 6:30-9:30pm, The VIP’s (Variety Rock) July 11, 6:30-9:30pm, The Reflex (80’s Cover) July 25, 6:30-9:30pm, Vinyl Rhino (Party Rock) Aug 8, 6:30-9:30pm, The Doyle Brothers (Acoustic) Loudoun Youthfest (With MayDay Parade) June 15, 3:00-7:00pm Red, White & Bram Festival & Fireworks June 29, 4:00-10pm

Gardening Corner Planting Zone and Calendar of seeding/planting/harvest

Zone 6b

•Slightly warmer temperatures are associated with regions that fall in USDA zone 6b, which is east of the Blue Ridge Mountains and has average annual minimum temperatures of -5 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This includes many Northern Virginia towns such as Hillsboro, Leesburg, Great Falls, Reston, Centerville, Fairfax, Chantilly and Front Royal. The zone also includes southwestern Virginia towns such as Dryden, Gate City, Abingdon and Wytheville.

From the Finance Committee

The Finance Committee that provides input to the Board of Directors has a new member,which brings the total number of homeowner members to five. At the past Board of Directors meeting, the Board directed the Management company to have the reserve funds turned over to a Financial manager.  This is based on the adoption of the Investment resolution proposed by the Finance Committee for reserve funds.  These funds will now be put into staggered FDIC insured funds and will help improve the return on investment over the current Certificate of Deposits.   Please look for our minutes on the Martin’s Chase website.

From the Facilities Committee

Salt Water System The new Salt water system has been installed and is ready to go. Monitoring and adjusting the salt levels will be done by Management and Supervisory teams.  American Pools currently manage over a dozen salt water pools.  They are very popular in the South and West coast.  As far as wear and tear goes on the system it’s actually easier on our equipment, due to no build up like chlorine.  To understand how “salty” it is, the salt levels of the ocean are around 35,000 ppm, our pool will be 1/10 of that; around 3 ppm Lifeguards We explained how important communication is for us.  We absolutely stand behind the authority of the Guards and want them to be proactive.  We will have a local Lifeguard this year named Jamie, as well as, another Guard.  Antonio is their supervisor who will be making frequent visits. Vladimir is our second supervisor.  American Pools have an extensive training program for their guards and has an incentive program to keep their guards performance exceptional.  One guard will always be in the chair, the other on the pool deck. Adult Swim The last 15 minutes of each hour will be Adult swim for ADULTS ONLY.  The last hour the pool is open (7pm to 8pm) there will be NO adult swim. All must sign in as you enter the restroom vestibule. Pool Access / Sign-in Sheet As in years past, Martin’s Chase key cards will gain access to the restrooms thru to the pool area.  There will be a sign-in sheet on the lifeguard table.

AROUND TOWN June Saturday, June 1 and Sunday June 2 The North Face® Endurance Challenge returns to Algonkian Regional Park Algonkian Regional Park, Sterling, VA 2011/dc/index.html Vintage Baseball Day Sunday, June 2, 10am-5pm Oatlands Historic House and Gardens , Leesburg, VA 20175 index.html Saturday, June 8, 11am Patowmack Farm Cooking Class: Spring Fling Restaurant at Patowmack Farm, Lovettsville, VA Saturday, June 15, 3:00-8:30pm Brambleton, YouthFest

Friday, Jun 14 - Sunday, Jun 16 Prelude to Gettysburg: 150th Anniversary of the Battles of Aldie, Middleburg, and Upperville Mosby Heritage Area Saturday, June 15, 11am-6pm Cajun Fest Breaux Vineyards, Purcellville, VA Saturday, June 22, 10am-5pm 8th Annual Western Loudoun Artists Studio Tour Driving Tour of Western Loudoun Sunday, June 23, 11:00am – 4:30pm Flying Circus Airshow 5114 Ritchie Rd., Bealeton, VA

Sponsored by Target, Martin’s Chase Social Committee, Famous Dave’s, Lowe’s, Games2U, and many more

School’s Out

Ice Cream Social

Come celebrate the start of Summer with your friends and neighbors!

Thursday, June 6th 7:00pm start (parents, don’t forget the pool is open until 8pm)

Ice Cream and toppings bar sponsored by the Social Committee

Notes from the Covenant’s Committee News and Tips from The Covenant Committee Members (Peter McGrath, Ramzi Nassib, Ryan Rogers, Josh Nodell, Brett Klees) The Covenant Committee would like to thank all homeowners who continue to invest in their property, this includes the upkeep of their landscaping and yard maintenance activities. It’s important to pay special attention to your lawn care this spring as we move into the summer season. For any homeowners who are not experienced in landscaping or maintaining their yard please reach out and ask for help. Don't put it off or let it deteriorate as written violations will be issued. We are available to provide you with any maintenance tips and referrals to service contractors that work within our community. We meet the last Thursday of the month at 7pm at the clubhouse so stop by if you need to discuss an application for any landscaping or modifications to your home. Remember it’s your responsibility to do your part to keep your property and our community beautiful.  The following is a recent article with tips that can guide you to a healthy and beautiful lawn: Spring Lawn Care Tip #1: Raking Raking will be your first task of spring lawn care. Sorry, but raking is for more than just removing leaves: it's for controlling thatch, too. A thatch build-up of more than 1/2 inch is considered excessive. Thatch is the reason why I recommend that, when you rake leaves in the fall, you make the effort to rake deeply. Don't just skim the surface, so as to remove the leaves. A deep raking will remove thatch, too, allowing you to kill two birds with one stone. Even if you followed this advice in fall, I still recommend a spring raking: it will remove grass blades that died over the winter -- dead blades that are just waiting to become thatch! But there's often another good reason for a spring raking. As you survey your lawn in spring, see if there are any matted patches, in which the grass blades are all stuck together. This can be caused by a disease known as "snow mold." New grass may have difficulty penetrating these matted patches. But a light raking will be sufficient to solve this problem. Spring Lawn Care Tip #2: Check for Compaction If your lawn is subjected to high levels of traffic year after year, it may eventually start to show signs of decline. In such cases, your lawn is probably suffering from compacted soil. For instance, the presence of moss plants signals compaction (among other things). Lawn aeration is the remedy for compaction. The good news is that lawn aerators can be rented at your local rental center. The bad news is that the experts recommend postponing lawn aeration until fall. But if, during your "spring lawn checkup," you become aware of compaction, at least you can plan on setting aside some time in the fall to take care of it. Spring Lawn Care Tip #3: Liming Besides compaction, the presence of moss plants also signals acidity. But grass likes a neutral pH. You can solve this problem by liming your soil. But don't expect a quick fix: the effects of liming are slow to take place. But first send a soil sample to your local county extension to determine the extent of your soil's acidity. The county extension will also be able to

advise you on how much lime per square foot you'll need. Apply the lime using a fertilizer spreader. But if your lawn has been doing fine and shows no signs of suffering from acidity, don't apply lime. Liming is only a corrective measure, not a preventive measure. A soil that is too alkaline will also cause your lawn problems, so too much lime is as bad as not enough. Spring Lawn Care Tip #4: Overseeding Is your lawn riddled with bare patches due to dog spots, heavy traffic or neglect? If so, you may need to apply grass seed to fill in those bare patches. This solution is known as "overseeding lawns." Apply a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer when you overseed. Five weeks after the grass germinates, apply a quick-release nitrogen fertilizer. However, spring isn't the very best time for overseeding lawns. Fall is the preferred time, when the new grass won't have to compete with crabgrass, which is killed off by autumn frosts. So postpone overseeding until fall, unless your situation is dire. Spring Lawn Care Tip #5: Fertilizing Lawns can be fertilized organically by using compost and mulching mowers. But for those who prefer chemical fertilizers, Scotts provides a schedule for fertilizing lawns. Many experts, however, recommend a lighter feeding in spring and a heavier one in late fall for the types of lawn grasses known as "cool-season grasses." Too much fertilizer in spring can lead to disease and weed problems. And if you have, indeed, already fertilized in late fall, your lawn is still "digesting" that fertilizer in spring. For those who prefer weed-free lawns, spring grass care is as much about weed prevention as it is about fostering healthy lawn growth. Novices to spring grass care are often surprised to learn that not all lawn weeds are battled in the same manner. Depending upon whether a weed is an annual or a perennial, you will use a preemergent herbicide or a postemergent herbicide against it. Spring Grass Care Tip #6: Applying Preemergent Herbicides If you know that you have a problem with the annual weed, crabgrass, then fertilization in spring should go hand in hand with the application of preemergent herbicides. As their name suggests, preemergent herbicides address weed control not "after the fact," but before their seedlings can even emerge. Preemergent herbicides accomplish this by

forming something of a "shield" that inhibits seed germination. Crabgrass begins its assault on lawns in spring, when its seeds germinate. In fact, my suggestion that overseeding be carried out in autumn, rather than spring, is based in part on the threat posed by a spring crabgrass invasion. "So why not just begin by killing the crabgrass first with a preemergent herbicide?" perhaps you ask. Well, the trouble is that most preemergent herbicides work against not only weed seeds, but grass seeds, as well! You can appreciate the dilemma here. Overseeding is incompatible with the application of most preemergent herbicides. Yet, faced with competition from crabgrass in spring, you may find it difficult to establish your new grass. So while it's still possible to overseed in spring, it's simply easier to do so in fall. There will be no competition from crabgrass then, because the fall frosts kill off crabgrass. If you must overseed in the spring, look for a product called, "Tupersan." Unlike other preemergent herbicides, Tupersan will not damage germinating lawn grass seed. But if you're committed to staying away from chemicals altogether in your spring grass care, postpone overseeding till fall. Spring Grass Care Tip #7: Applying Postemergent Herbicides -- Or Pulling Weeds Keep an eye out for the emergence of the perennial weed, dandelion during the spring season, unless you find the presence of their cheerful yellow flowers in your lawn desirable. At the very least, you'll want to snap off their flower stems before they produce seed. If you're more ambitious, you can dig them out by the roots. Spraying dandelion weeds with postemergent herbicides is more effective in fall than in spring. If you do choose to spray, select an herbicide for broadleaf weeds. Tip #8: Tuning Up Existing Lawn Mowers Mowing the lawn all summer can be tiring enough, right? Why make it more difficult on yourself by putting up with a lawn mower that doesn't start up immediately? When a lawn mower is stubborn about starting up, that can be a sign that it needs a tuneup. Although it’s often possible to get by without one, it is recommended that you have a lawn mower tuneup each year.

th 4 of July

Parade Martin’s Chase Thursday, July 4th, 2013 10:00am Meet in the club house parking lot.

Decorate your bike, scooter, stroller, wagon or yourself and get ready and join us for the 4th of July bike parade, tattoos and popsicles!! Sponsored by the MC Social Committee

Monday, May 27, 13

MARTIN’S CHASE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION Board of Directors Meeting Martin’s Chase Clubhouse Monday, April 22, 2013 8:00 pm Members in Attendance Thomas Vittitow, President Jim Henry, Secretary/Treasurer Vanessa Kennedy, Director Craig King, Director Members Absent Others in Attendance Community Members at Large Sherry Harvey, CMC Portfolio Manager Craig Magargel, CMC Division Director James Hames, CMC On-Site Manager Audrey Arends, Recording Secretary


CALL TO ORDER Mr. Vittitow called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm


APPROVAL OF MINUTES MOTION: Ms. Kennedy MOVED and Mr. King SECONDED the motion to approve the January 14, 2013 summary and February 25, 2013 meeting minutes as presented. The motion PASSED unanimously.


COMMITTEE REPORTS Architectural Committee The Architectural Committee submitted 2 pool applications for Board review. Facilities Committee The Facilities Committee submitted a contact provided by American Pools for pool maintenance and conversion to salt water. Social Committee • The Social Committee reported the June newsletter would be delivered electronically. • The Social Committee requested 3 new positions be added to the Committee Finance Committee The Finance Committee reported that they approved the tax records, draft audit, and investment resolution.


MATTERS FOR BOARD DECISION Investment Resolution MOTION: Mr. King MOVED and Ms. Kennedy SECONDED the motion to approve the Investment Resolution as revised by the Attorney and recommended by the Finance Committee. The motion PASSED unanimously. Pool Maintenance Contract MOTION: Mr. King MOVED and Mr. Henry SECONDED the motion to award the Pool Management Contract to American Pool at a cost of $37,288.88. The motion PASSED unanimously. Pool Water Conversion MOTION: Ms. Kennedy MOVED and Mr. King SECONDED the motion to approve the pool saltwater conversion proposal submitted by American Pool at a discounted cost of $5,240 which states the Association will pay an additional $1,000 per remaining year of the pool maintenance contract agreement upon early termination of the contract for any reason. The motion PASSED unanimously. Insurance Policy Renewal Ratification MOTION: Mr. King MOVED and Mr. Henry SECONDED the motion to ratify the Board President’s decision to approve the renewal of insurance through Association’s Insurance Agency, Inc. for 2013 in the amount of $6228.98. The motion PASSED unanimously. Pool Design Guidelines Revision MOTION: Mr. King MOVED and Mr. Henry SECONDED the motion to revise the Pool Design Guidelines as suggested by the Architectural Review Board. The motion PASSED 3-0-1 (Ms. Kennedy Abstained.)



MATTERS FOR BOARD INFORMATION/DISCUSSION Financial Report Ms. Harvey presented the February Financial and Variance Report that were included in the Board packet for review. Management Report & Action Item List Mr. Hames reviewed the management report and action item list. 2013 Annual Working Calendar The next Board meeting was added to the calendar for June 18, 2013.


NEW BUSINESS No new business.


RESIDENT FORUM Topics discussed were: • An owner inquired as to the installation of the nature trail. • An owner expressed concern regarding drainage at the club house. • An owner expressed concern regarding dry rot around the club house. • An owner inquired as to the definition of street view in regard to violations • Several owners discussed speed bumps within the community. • An owner reported fallen trees along the path. • An owner expressed concern regarding possible crowding and parking due to an upcoming event.


EXECUTIVE SESSION MOTION: Mr. King MOVED and Ms. Kennedy SECONDED the motion to CONVENE into Executive Session at 10:10 pm. The motion PASSED unanimously. MOTION: Mr. Vittitow MOVED and Ms. Kennedy SECONDED the motion to CONVENE into Open Session at 10:40 pm. The motion PASSED unanimously. MOTION: Ms. Kennedy MOVED and Mr. Vittitow SECONDED the motion to assess charges to account #362-0306 for 2 violations in the amount of $10.00 per day per violation up to $900 each or until the violations are corrected and suspend the owner’s privileges if the documents allow. The motion PASSED unanimously. MOTION: Mr. Vittitow MOVED and Mr. Henry SECONDED the motion to approve pool application #13-05 with the following stipulations: must comply with current fence guidelines. The motion PASSED 3-0-1 (Ms. Kennedy Abstained.) MOTION: Mr. Vittitow MOVED and Mr. Henry SECONDED the motion to approve pool application #13-11 with the following stipulations: resident accepts responsibility for any issues pertaining to drainage, grading, and code requirements. The motion PASSED 3-0-1 (Ms. Kennedy Abstained.) MOTION: Mr. King MOVED and Ms. Kennedy SECONDED the motion to write off $160.00 from account #315-4209 as bad debt. The motion PASSED unanimously.


ADJOURNMENT MOTION: Mr. King MOVED and Ms. Kennedy SECONDED the motion to ADJOURN the Board of Directors meeting at 10:41 pm. The motion PASSED unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by: Audrey Arends, Recording Secretary Attested by:


Secretary of the Board



Lennar community enhancements and updates: ·         Speed bumps installed on Colonial Hills and Bristow Manor ·         Drainage issue fixed at Providence Forge and Donnington ·         Drainage issue fixed at the clubhouse behind the retaining wall ·         Fixing drainage area off of Colonial Hills and Branderburgh Drive ·         New sod at the corner of Providence Forge and Scotchbridge.   CMC Updates ·         Kiddy Pool Pergola painted ·         Two Pergolas at the pool will be fixed, two proposals in review prior to fixing ·         Leak in the Woman’s shower fixed. ·         Summer flowers installed at the clubhouse   Community Calendar for the next two months 6/6 – Schools out Ice cream Social 6/18 – Martin’s Chase HOA Board Meeting 7/4 – 4th of July Parade   Martin’s Chase Pool Hours Normal Business Hours: 10AM – 8PM (M thru Sun) Operating Hours When Public School is in session: 1PM – 8PM (M thru Fr) 10AM-8PM (Sat & Sun) Fridays with extended hours until 10PM – June 14th, July 5th, July 26th, Aug. 16th and Sept. 6th   Swimming Pool Rules POOL RULES: Welcome to Martin’s Chase, we’re looking forward to a fun time for all at the pool. Just as a friendly reminder – admittance to the pool is a privilege for us all. If the rules and regulations are abused access can be denied up to and including the remainder of the summer. Please note if you currently have unpaid dues or are in violation pool access can be restricted. We need the pool to be a fun and safe place for all. Sign-in/Entry Requirements Please sign-in upon entry. Use your white badge (same one that allows access to the Workout Center) your entry is recorded.

Young Adults (15-16 years and over) that are babysitting younger children must be responsible for the children they are bringing in. The limit on children is 2 and the children should be able to swim. The parent must sign a consent letter that they allow the Young adult to be responsible for their child and will supervise them. The Consent letters will be kept with the sign-in sheet. Food & Drinks: This year our pool will be 4 times as busy as the previous years. It has worked well in the past that snacks and drinks are allowed – at the chairs only. No food/drinks allowed near the pool. Parents are responsible for cleaning up after their children. Drinks must be in NONGLASS containers, there are trash cans available for trash. Also, Domino’s will deliver pool-side. Adult Swim 15 minutes of every hour is designated as Adult Swim – those 18 years and older This will be every hour @ :45 past the hour until :00. Pool Floats & Noodles Noodles are always allowed as well as baby rings. NOTE: Pool Floats will be totally at the discretion of the Lifeguard, they are unsafe with a very crowded pool. Squirt guns – allowed in the pool only No running around the pool deck. Guest Entry

Age Requirements for Entry:

Each family will be allowed 5 guests per week. You can use the max of 5 in one day or spread it out over multiple days.  For example, 5 on Monday or 2 on Wednesday and your remaining 3 for the week Friday. 

Children Under 18


Basically, an Adult (18 and over) must accompany ANY child into the pool area and be responsible for them. There are a few exceptions:

Caregivers (Grandparents, etc) who are substituting for the parents during the day can use the family passes to escort the children to the pool Community Landscaping Tips   Summer is here and frequent mowing is required.  Please take advantage of the cooler weather, treat your lawn to repair and weeding.  To ensure a healthy lawn, having a game plan for lawn maintenance is essential. 

Children 14 and older Children 14 and older can enter the pool area alone (without Adult supervision) Once they pass a lifeguard test of swimming the length of the pool twice AND being able to tread water for 2 minutes. Young Adults (15-16 years and over)


Join us for family movie nights!! When: June 14th Where: Club House Green Time: Movie starts at 8:00 pm The Social Committee will provide the popcorn. You provide your beverage, blanket, and chairs! Featured Movie: DreamWorks BEE MOVIE

CLASSIFIEDS MC BA BYSI TTERS BRITTANY HOWARD(16) 571-223-6069 SHELBY REIST (14) 703-542-2739 JULISSA PARENT (14) 703-327-3340 MIRANDA SHOREY (14) 703-421-6546 AISHA KHAN (15) 703-981-6158 EDEN ABRAMS (12) 703-868-1647 SAMANTHA WALLACE (15) 865-384-5754

My name is Chithra. I live on Devonwood Way. My babysitter takes care of my 3 yr old now 5 days a week but we are planning to send him to half day pre school in September. So my babysitter is open to babysit other children during her free time. She has been working with us for 3 yrs and I can tell you that I cannot get another better person. She is awesome. Her name is Naginder Chaahal, She is 45 yrs old. She can be reached at 571 435 3666 and contact email is

If you would like to be added to the sitter list, please email: with your name, age, phone number and email address.

State licensed in-home daycare in Martin's Chase has opennings for children 18months+ We are open Monday-Friday from 8am-6pm.Healthy breakfast ,lunch and snacks included .   Our activities include circle time, story time,arts and crafts, music, yoga with a sports n health instructor and working on a preschool curriculum on a daily basis.   Summer program starts on June 10th.   Thank you , Kristina 703 327 1483

Something to Sell ? Personal Ad ? Lost & Found ? Community Services ? Hobbies ? Promotion of Club/Group ? Please email


American (Garbage & Recycling) 703-368-0500

Washington Gas 703-750-1000 (emergency line) 703-750-1400

Poison Control 1-800-222-1222

Loudoun County Water (LCSA) 1-866-539-1988

Ashburn Fire & Rescue Emergency 911 703-729-0006

Pediatrics@Nite Building behind Leesburg Wegmans 571-434-0400 1509 Dodona Terrace SE, Leesburg VA

Loudoun County Sheriff Emergency 911 703-777-1021 Loudoun Hospital Center 44045 Riverside Parkway Leesburg,VA 703-858-6000

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Martin's Chase Newsletter "The Chase"

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Martin's Chase Newsletter "The Chase"