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Factors Why A DUI Attorney May Be Required By Individuals When you're accused of driving under the influence (DUI), when do you need to call a DUI attorney? The answer is always. When you are arrested with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you always will need to contact an experienced, educated attorney. For years to come, a conviction of a DUI will affect all aspects of your life. The smallest penalty imposed if found guilty includes the loss of your driver’s license. Consider for a moment how it would affect your life to give up your right to drive a car. How would you get to work or school? How do you go grocery shopping or be there for your friends and family when they need your help? The most significant penalty will include the loss of your freedom, your driver’s license, and your financial future. It will make it extremely challenging for you to keep your current job or find a different one down the road if you have to spend time in jail. Convictions typically lead to the imposition of fines that can be thousands of dollars. How will you find a way to pay the fines if you aren't able to work since you don't have a driver's license but now have a criminal background? While sitting in your vehicle, pulled over to the side of the road, waiting for the officer to approach your window, it may seem like a good idea to refuse to cooperate. If they don’t get your blood or breath, they can’t prove you were drinking, right? Completely wrong. The law indicates that if you won't give a sample you are going to automatically lose your driver's license in many states in the country. In addition, in some circumstances they may even force you to give a blood sample without your permission. Whether you choose to cooperate or not, call an attorney as early as you can. Allow him or her to help you make the best choices possible, regardless of the specifics of your situation. The level of alcohol in your bloodstream will determine if you'll be arrested, and if so, on what charges if you do decide to cooperate with the police officer and take the test. Once you are arrested, it's more important than ever to get the help and advice of a specialized DUI attorney. You will have many important decisions to make. You'll need someone to advocate for you at the dmv, and with the judge and jury who will be deciding your fate. You need someone with an experienced eye who is able to examine the evidence and ensure that the letter of the law was followed at each step in the arrest and charging process. Did the officer have justified reason to pull you over? Was there probable cause for you to receive the roadside test? Did they give the Breathalyzer test accurately? Had the device been serviced properly and calibrated correctly? Was the correct chain of custody followed when they handled your blood sample? How accurate is the lab that they use to test your blood? Your lawyer could get all of these questions answered and may even lead to the dismissal of your case. Mistakes occur by people on a daily basis. The important thing is to learn from those mistakes and make smart choices that will minimize the outcomes. The first thing is to hire a good DUI attorney. Call one right now. If you choose a DUI attorney known for taking time to generate a strong case, you can relax with a Matt P. Lavine Attorney at Law

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Factors Why A DUI Attorney May Be Required By Individuals clear record. For more particulars on Matt P. Lavine, view them at their website,

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Factors Why A DUI Attorney May Be Required By Individuals  

If you choose a DUI attorney known for taking time to generate a strong case, you can relax with a clear record. For more particulars on Mat...

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