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Lap Pool Luxury And Jacuzzi Relaxation - That Is A Swim Spa Avid swimmers would love to have a pool large enough to practice laps in, however this is a costly luxury. It is rather expensive to maintain and pay for a heated pool. Add to that the fact that a lot of room in your yard has to be given up or a special enclosure must be built for an indoor pool. An alternative pool that addresses each of these issues is a swimming machine. Swim spas, or swimming machines are significantly smaller than traditional backyard pools. They can supply plenty of room to swim even though they are much smaller than Olympic sized lap pools. A swim spa, which is known as an endless pool, uses a pump to make a swift, one-way current. This allows for a stationary swimmer to actually be swimming through a current. The speed of the current can be adjusted from 0 to 11 mph. For those who have added swimming to their normal exercise program, these pools are great. Compared to a full size sink pool, a swim spa is a lot less expensive to install and maintain. These are filled with a lot less water than a full size pool and much like a Jacuzzi, these pools are constructed above ground. Not only are they more cost-effective to install and maintain, but they are very efficient at holding in heat. They use the same thermal technology NASA uses in its spacesuits to keep the heat in. For only a few cents per hour, you can maintain water at 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Another added benefit to swim spas is that they typically include a Jacuzzi, depending on the size you buy. One end is equipped with comfortable seats and massaging jets of water while the other will have the swift current for swimming laps. While you are swimming laps, your friends and family can join in; you can alternate swimming on one end and then relax after at the opposite end. A self-cleaning option is available on a handful of swimming machine designs. The water, which is being pumped at a huge rate per minute, is continually being filtered for debris that could hurt the pumping mechanism. The owner is also relieved from extra cleaning time with this self-cleaning feature. You can be free to enjoy a clean and clear swim after you fill the pool with the correct amount of water and chemicals. The all-around perfect exercise is swimming. People of any body type can use swimming to exercise, even people coping with injuries, because it is very low impact. In one exercise, you can get a resistance workout and a cardio workout with a good swim for the very best fitness possible. Swim spas are fantastic for both the avid sport enthusiast, and for the relaxed family. They can present an intense workout, or a rollicking good time with water toys. You can even use a swim spa to bogie board! Simply tie off the board and hang on while you fly through the swiftly moving current. Some can sit in the Jacuzzi while somebody else swims which makes the larger versions great for the whole family. Swim spas are great in your backyard or an inside location. At a small fraction of the space and expense, you can always have access to a full sized pool. When you're searching for swim spas in PA, check out Spring Dance Hot Tubs and check out their impressive array of affordable products. Go to for much more information about Spring Dance Hot Tubs. Spring Dance Hot Tubs

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Lap Pool Luxury And Jacuzzi Relaxation - That Is A Swim Spa