The Challenge! Summer 2016 (Edition 22)

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Lympstone Do It Again Sea Scouts Go Green

Summer 2016

The Challenge! Edition 22 Summer 2016

It’s the middle of the year and that means our cadets are busy with public displays, competitions, Field Gun runs and lots more. In this edition we look back at the Cautley Cup in May when our Royal Marines Cadets met face to face at the Commando Training Centre in Lympstone, and see who won the trophies during the recent Portsmouth Area VCC Field Gun competitions.

Look to Your Front! Climbing was introduced to the Cautley Cup this year as cadets from the VCC’s three RM Cadet Divisions met at CTCRM again in May for their annual competition. The Cup was held by Lympstone Division RMC.

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Lympstone Do It Again On 6 to 8 May 2016 teams of RM Cadets from the VCC spent an enjoyable and challenging weekend at CTCRM in order to compete for and win the Cautley Cup The weekend kicked off with the teams of junior and senior cadets from each of the three RMC Divisions attending a welcome session from the Cautley Cup team before settling into their luxury accommodation, although there was time for a quick swimming and climbing session (not simultaneously we hasten to add).

Lympstone ‘regain’ the Cup

A hearty breakfast was needed and provided as a prelude to a day in the field on Woodbury Common, a first time for a few of the cadets. The day consisted of a number of stances designed to test their military and general skills. These included a first aid stance, map reading, stalking and camouflage and concealment. The competitive spirit continued into the evening as the cadets faced each other in volleyball and football, where some ‘spirited’ performances were certainly on display! The cadets were definitely in competitive spirit.

Scrambling for victory

A good night’s rest was followed by the Sunday morning finale as the cadets faced one last chance to gain points as they took to the bottom field and the challenging assault course. Lastly, each team nominated one cadet to perform a full rope crossing across the infamous tank including a regain. The cadets assembled for the final scores with Lympstone Division RMC gaining first place overall and Portsmouth Division coming in second. The Cautley Cup was presented by Lt Col John Maddison MBE RM in his last appearance with the VCC as Corps Colonel. Well done to all the teams, and a huge ‘thank you’ to the staff at CTCRM for putting on another challenging and hoofing competition.

No tired cadets here Every care has been taken in the preparation of this publication but neither the VCC nor the MOD can be held responsible for the accuracy of the information contained herein or any consequence arising from it. Views expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect those of the VCC or the MOD. © Volunteer Cadet Corps Copyright 2016 Meet The Challenge!

Commander’s View

Cup Fever Hits the RMVCC

Lt Col Terry Wing RMC, Commander VCC, shares his latest views… Business for the Volunteer Cadet Corps continues to provide new and exciting challenges for our adult staff with the arrival of the Westminster cadet information system, the same system as used by our fellow cadet forces in the ACF, SCC and CCF. My Staff here at Headquarters VCC are working very hard to provide a stable base for which to manage the new structure which will allow the VCC to move into the future. As the head of the VCC I am very lucky to have two Second-in-Commands as with both RN and RM cadets and staff under my command it is essential to provide a parity across the organisation. My sincere thanks therefore to Capt Chris Spratt RMC and Lt Mikaela Rees-Swindon RN for the invaluable support and assistance that they continue to provide. Westminster is an invaluable administration tool and will allow the VCC to provide a more professional structure. It will give our great organisation access to staff and cadet training courses with bona fide qualifications. Also, a new Training Syllabus has been launched and commences on the 1 September 2016 for both RNC and RMC. This covers all aspects of military, adventure and community skills, and I’m sure will provide an exciting and valuable experience for cadets and staff alike.

As we have a great cadet organisation which has demonstrated its worth within the Community and to the Royal Navy, the VCC has been tasked with increasing its footprint across the UK. In July myself and the COMCORE’s Chief of Staff, Lt Col Jon Coomber RM, visited 45 Cdo RM at Royal Marines Condor in Arbroath and then HM Naval Base Clyde with the task to engage the Base COs to form new VCC units within their respective locations. The proposals were met with much vigour and interest and I will keep you informed of our progress. The summer camp season is upon us with all five VCC units taking good numbers of cadets and staff to various locations across the south coast. I am sure all cadets will have a great time with lots of new skills to be learnt and superb experiences to be had. I extend my congratulations in advance to all staff for what I am confident will be some of the best organised camps around.

Sultans of Success The Worshipful the Mayor of Gosport, Councillor Mrs Lynn Hook, inspected HMS Sultan RNC recently at their end of term divisions and awards night. Escorted by CO, Warrant Officer 1 Mark Branson, the Mayor inspected cadets and adult volunteers on parade and presented a number of awards including 17 year old Chief Petty Officer Cadet Reuben Shilling who received the Portsmouth Area VCC Field Gun Command Trophy on behalf of the unit. Left: CPO Cdt Shilling and the Mayor of Gosport

Lympstone Cadets Bowled Over So what were the rest of our RM Cadets at CTCRM up to while we were at Caultey Cup? The rest of the Division enjoyed a day of ten pin bowling while the Cautley Cup team were working towards victory. We had an extremely impressive turn out from the reminder of the cadets who enjoyed a day of burgers, chips and throwing heavy balls down a long alley. Volunteer Cadet Corps

Latest from Lympstone The Per Mere Per Terram Freemasons lodge based in Exmouth very kindly nominated the Lympstone Division RMC to receive a wonderful donation of £1,000 from their annual charity awards, all Lodges from Devon combine together once a year as part of the W.A.K.E fund and donate money to volunteer organisations. Lympstone were invited to the Plymouth Freemasons lodge to receive the cheque; four cadets and staff represented the Division on the night and had a very enjoyable and eye opening evening. Each group were invited up to receive their cheque and say a little about their group, and it was noticeable that some very impressive charity work really goes on around Devon, it was a delight to hear about all the different groups from churches to elderly social clubs. Lympstone were saved till last and received a very welcoming round of applause as we entered the stage, Cdt Korben Wood, Cdt Georgia Ousley, Cdt Sgt Reece Western (PTI) and Cdt WO2 Mike Ousley (DL) received the cheque with WO2 Ousley delivering a very heart-warming excellent speech; the room (of a good few hundred) fell silent as he stood tall and placed his pace stick under his arm to deliver his speech. As an unrehearsed off the top of his head speech the audience were in awe as he delivered a very mature thank you, and as the Lymsptone cadets marched off the audience cheered and hollered. The audience must have been impressed as they even let them go to the front of the buffet queue which was defiantly Cdt Wood’s highlight after sinking a good six puddings. The Lympstone Cadets were also busy recently during a weekend camp on Woodbury Common and in their local town of Exmouth where they attend the community’s Armed Forces Day parade and commemorations. RMCtoatyour Armed Make sure your uniform fits properly, is clean and ready to wear.Left: PayLympstone particularDivision attention ‘blues’ Forces Day in Exmouth uniform and check it fits well before any ceremonial parade. Report to the stores if you need items of uniform exchanged. Below: Cdt WO2 Mike Ousley collects a cheque for £1000

Regularly check our websites and notice boards for the latest events and news. Pay your subs each month and keep your pass with you at all times. Report any pass losses to the Administration Office.

Meet The Challenge!

Sea Scouts Go Green

Cup Fever Hits the RMVCC

Each year the RN recognised Sea Scouts around the country meet for a week long camp of sailing and other adventurous pursuits. This year, they decided to try out some basic field skills so who else could they turn to but our own Royal Marines Cadets in Portsmouth. For a week cadets and staff from Portsmouth Division RMC provided a training team and using some appropriate field space at Horsea Island, near Port Solent, put the Sea Scouts through their paces. Welcomed by the CO, Lt Col Terry Wing RMC, they were soon put into DPM kit and went through a number of stances including field cooking and bivvi building. Their staff watched eagerly as their scouts were given a taste of cadet discipline and fully participated in the activities. The delight of sampling a 24 hour ration pack for the first time was for all to see and some of the scouts realised that plastering their faces with cam cream sounds fun until its time to take it off. Nonetheless, all these little challenges were met with a smile and good humour. Our new cadet NCOs were very much involved in the training during the week so the Sea Scouts proved to be an excellent audience as these young leaders refined their instructional techniques. The relationship now established between the VCC and Sea Scouts is just one of the advantages of this collaborative event, significant when one considers that both organisations are under the command of COMCORE.

We look forward to working with the Sea Scouts again, perhaps next time they can show us ‘mini Bootnecks’ some of their blue skills. Make sure your uniform fits properly, is clean and ready to wear. Pay particular attention to your ‘blues’ uniform and check it fits well before anyLeft: ceremonial to the stores youand need Definitely parade. a case of Report ‘too much’ during the if cam conitems stanceof (don’t worry, it all washed off – eventually!) uniform exchanged. Thefor COthe welcomes Sea Scouts followed theyour Cdt WO1(RSM) Regularly check our websites and noticeBelow: boards latest the events and news. Pay subs each Aaron Wood as he prepares them for their lesson month and keep your pass with you at all times. Report any pass losses to the Administration first Office.

How to make contact with us:

How to make contact with us:

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Gunning for Gold The three VCC units in the Portsmouth area meet regularly during the summer to compete in the ever popular, and challenging, cadet Field Gun Competition. Regrettably this year the VCC Championships were rained off but the cadets met the Sultan Summer Show and HMS Collingwood Open Day.

HMS Sultan RNC Field Gun accept the winners’ trophy at the Brickwood’s competition at HMS Collingwood watched by the other crews from HMS Collingwood RNC and Portsmouth Division RMC

Sultan Show Success

HMS Collingwood RNC cadet field fun speed up and at the end of the run the Battery Commander reports to the CO of HMS Sultan

HMS Sultan field gun cadets get ready on the starting line Meet The Challenge!

Cup Fever Hits the RMVCC

New Cadet RSM at Portsmouth

Portsmouth Division RMC held their Spring Parade on 17 May in the presence of Col Richard Watts, late Royal Signals. Col Watts is the father of two cadets in Portsmouth and this was his last parade in uniform before retirement. It was also the last parade for Cdt WO1(RSM) Sam Chadwick who, after seven year’s service, handed over his responsibilities (and the RSM’s cane) to newly promoted Cdt WO1(RSM) Aaron Wood.

New (l) and old (r) RSMs Above: Portsmouth RM Cadets March Past with Colours flying

All Action at the Museum On the 2 June cadets from Portsmouth Division RMC took the short journey back to our ancestral home of Royal Marines Eastney to take centre stage in the Royal Marines Museum’s Commando Action Day. As well as providing a recruiting stall the cadets put on their Field Gun competition displaying their energy and enthusiasm to the day’s visitors including Brig R A W Spencer OBE ADC, Deputy CGRM. The silverware was collected by Cdt Sgt Sam Whitford, the Field Gun Captain, seen here with DCGRM.

Funding the Future Thank you to the Connaught Trust who recently donated over £6,000 to Portsmouth Division RMC to help fund their new cadet load carrying system for use during field exercises. This new kit is in MTP style and includes a chest rig, 50 litre Bergen (ideal for smaller cadets), sleeping system and bivvi bag.

Volunteer Cadet Corps

Plymouth Cadets at Armed Forces Day

Plymouth Division RMC’s renowned Corps of Drums took a leading role in the Armed Forces Day celebrations in Plymouth on Sat 25 June 2016.

First Steps Towards White Caps Recruits in Portsmouth and Plymouth Divisions RMC recently received their blue berets on exercise as they finished stage 2 of their basic training and head towards being awarded their white caps during their pass out parades. The recruits went through basic lessons such as camouflage & concealment and bivvi building.

The CO of Plymouth Division RMC, Lt John Neale RMC, and 2IC of Portsmouth Division RMC, Capt Chris Spratt RMC, made the presentations.

HMS Sultan field gun cadets get ready on the starting line Meet The Challenge!