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The Honor Roll WINTER 2015

> Pittsburgh Speaker Series: Alan Alda

Witten by Allison Dushack

> Lunch with a South African Political Analyst A lucky group of Honors Students recently had the privilege of having lunch with South African political analyst and economist Daniel Silke. During our lunchtime discussion we talked about how competitive South Africa is in the world market and its political system. We also discussed the difference between South African and American culture. Mr. Silke was very interested and informed on American issues and politics. Written by Hannah Arnold


I had the pleasure of going downtown to meet Alan Alda along with seeing his presentation at Heinz Hall. Alan Alda is mainly known for his first acting career in the hit series, M*A*S*H. He recalled memories of his life that made him who he was today, moments he thought to be special. He talked about traveling the country with his dad, a Burlesque actor, and watching him perform. He was fascinated by the acting, the chorus girls, and the whole show. He knew he wanted to be an actor. He shared multiple memories in which Alda concluded that, "The only thing we have is the present moment." Overall, Alda was very humorous in his presentation and personable. It was inspirational getting to hear his story.

> A Creative Project to Remember As a lover of all things theater, I was quite pleased when I found out Tanner Sebastian was writing a play, Remembrance, for his honors thesis. While I have nothing against traditional theses, I think it takes a certain energy to craft a successful piece of stage work. And let it be known his play was immensely successful. Not only was I brought to tears, but after leaving I was gripped by philosophical questions. Additionally, Remembrance rendered a theater’s worth of twenty-something college students silent. Thank you Tanner for the fantastic work. You did Honors proud. Written by Amber Pramann

Honor Roll Winter 2015  

Robert Morris University

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