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Professional Development Summer 2008 INTRODUCTION

Welcome to our new format! We have taken your responses from last years training sessions and have completely re-worked the entire training infrastructure. We believe this will best suit your needs for the upcoming school year, and will help us realize our goals with regard to 21st Technology Skills on the ‘Good To Great’ paradigm. In addition to this, we are fulfilling requirements for the ‘State of Arkansas’ and helping create Professional Learning Communities. Utilizing the approach faProfessional Learning Communities

Pyramid of Interventions

Total Instructional Alignment


Literacy K-12

21st Century Technology Skills

miliar with Harvard Medical School paradigm of ‘See One, Do One, Teach One’ we feel extremely confident that professional development in the future will not only be much more effective, but also enjoyable.

Then new structure will follow the format represented below. The technology coordinators will be responsible for training the Technology Trainers. There is one Technology Trainer per building currently. The Technology Trainer will then train the Team Captains. There are several Team Captains per building and each of them will have a team of 4-7 people per team.

The guiding frame of thought for this layout is; 1. Hierarchy of training that enhances small group dynamics. The small group dynamic is important not only for comfort level of individual participants, but it enhances the learning process as well. Flexibility of the small group dynamic allows the trainer to train at a customizable pace. 2. Organized problem resolution structure. For small problems such as ‘attaching files to emails’ and other program specific problems there is a faster turn-around for help situations. This allows for a dynamic learning environment and enhances the overall intellectual base for each building. This also creates efficient workflow at each building on an individual basis. 3. Encourages group effort in building Professional Learning Communities. Each building has an opportunity to show individual strengths and creates group reliability, strengthing and team effort. 4. Allows for more flexibility in training schedules. Each building has the ability to not only tailor the training itself, but also creates a more taliored time frame that suites each group. 5. Creates a workable time frame for Technology Coordinators. By creating hedges of time flow, the Technology Coordinators are freed to deal with specific problem resolution and higher needs concerns.

2008 Professional Development Timeframes

While each building has some flexibility for their training days, we strongly recommend the following preliminary time frames for Technology Trainers. Week of May 12th thru 16th: Trainers meet with Team Captains 12







Week of May 19th thru 23th: Team Captains send introductory email to teams. 19



The introductory email Team Captains send out to their teams will simply be an introduction to the new system and to inform them of the new structure. New teachers will be distributed as needed by the Technology Trainers according to building. NOTE: Sometime during the month of June, the Team Captains will need to have a ‘face-to-face’ meeting with their teams and go over the information in this PDF.

Week of June 2nd thru 6th: Technology Coordinators will train Technology Trainers on the 2nd. 2





Technology Training Day

This years training is focused on enhancing District and Community Communication. The tools at our disposal are the GroupWise mail client and GroupWise Messenger, and later this summer we will go over the updated, enhanced and integrative Ozark Web Site. It is important that the Technology Trainers have these tools installed BEFORE the day of training so they can have some time to work with the application and have an overall familiarity with the client. The GroupWise mail client is a critical application and will become an integral part of the district. Knowledge of the client and its usage will not be optional. Faculty will need to be connected on an email level daily and will be required to monitor their email inbox throughout the day and during planning periods as this is one of the primary sources of communication. In addition to the GroupWise mail client, we will be discussing various basic computer skills and computer usage, mostly with regard to local systems. We will be covering alot of old information but it is necessary to ensure ‘learning cohesion’ among everyone in the district. Following is a general list of what will be covered; Drag and Drop Copy-Paste Hovering Browser Context Menu’s Network and Local This is a Moleskine notebook. Artists and Files and Folders writers have been using them for centuries Usernames and Passwords to jot down notes, and quick sketches. This Logging In is an excellant tool to have. It can help you keep track of usernames, and passwords, and different online tools at your disposal. These are available at Hobby Lobby for a few dollars and is one of the more inexpensive places I have found them.


Pro-Dev 2008 Introduction  

This is an introduction to Ozark Public Schools new professional development for technology