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Artist to Know: Wavves By Stacy Zamskaya As the snow continues to melt and the sun begins to come out, the notion of summer slowly creeps into our minds. We become lost in daydreams of beaches, warm weather, and Wavves. Few others are able to capture the essence of careless summer nights mixed with teenage boredom within skate-punk chillwave tunes quite like the San Diego based rockers. Nathan Williams began Wavves as a solo recording project in 2008, releasing various 7” LPs and even a cassette, which paved the way for his first album release, Wavves. Williams began to tour the US with drummer, Ryan Ulsh, gaining attention from various music media sources, including Pitchfork.

New Music By Kyle Ashley

In the 1970’s Sound City Studios in Los Angeles, California began to reach it’s height of fame. It was the legendary soundboard within the studio that drew in highly renowned artists and brought others into fame. It was in this studio that Mick Fleetwood first met and began recording with Stevie Nicks on Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumors”. Neil Young's “After the Gold Rush”, Rick Springfield’s “Working Class Dog”, Metallica’s “Death Magnetic”, and of course Nirvana’s breakthrough album “Nevermind” were also products of Sound City. Tom Petty recorded multiple albums there as well. Many others beyond musicians have also recorded in the studio. This

Williams recorded his second album, Wavvves, at his parents’ house in 2009, embarking on a worldwide tour. This time around though, the media attention Wavves received was not as pleasant as the year before. Williams gained a Lindsay Lohan level reputation in the music world; as he experienced various public breakdowns at concerts, he eventually cancelled the tour after a disastrous show in Barcelona. Taking all of his experiences of living a true rock-and-roll lifestyle, Williams recorded King of the Beach in 2010, which was voted one of the best albums of the year by SPIN, Pitchfork, and other music sources. Tracks such as “King of the Beach” and “Post Acid” became summer anthems for teenagers lost in the bliss of youthful recklessness. The album captured the real

essence of California with its colorful punk attitude, showing the true growth of Williams as a musician. This past December, Wavves released a music video for the single “Sail to the Sun”, announcing the release of a new album entitled Afraid of Heights. Williams and Stephen Pope worked on the album for almost an entire year with producer John Hill, who has worked with artists like M.I.A., Rihanna, and Santigold. Williams describes Afraid of Heights as a much more honest and bigger sounding record. Whereas Wavvves and King of the Beach follow the theme of endless youth, the new record will capture more mature motifs, specifically focusing on “the realness of life”. The two released singles, “Sail to the Sun” and

“Demon to Lean On”, show the sound that Wavves is most known for, as Williams gently whines and plays heavy guitar riffs. At the same time, the tracks portray a new pop side intertwined with masterfully masked depressing lyrics, such as “The truth is that it hurts and what’s it really worth? No hope and no future”. The new album brings listeners closer to reality than Wavves’ previous albums, showing that Williams is growing up, just as summer has to eventually turn into fall. Afraid of Heights will be released March 26 on Mom + Pop Records. Find the album at your local record shop and catch Wavves on tour with Fidlar at Subterranean on April 1st. v

Sound City: Real to Reel includes the likes of Evil Knievel, Bill Cosby, and oddly enough Charles Manson. Two years ago, the studio was shut down due to financial issues and inability to keep up with modern recording technology. After hearing this, Nirvana drummer and lead singer/guitarist of the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, managed to buy the soundboard from the owners. He believed that the studio and its board were, in some sense, responsible for his success. He also believed that his experience at Sound City Studios had changed his life. He used the soundboard, which utilizes old analog tape reels for recording, to make the Foo Fighters’ last album, “Wasting Light”. Grohl believed the imperfections of analog recording drew from the essence of the human element, and that the perfection of digital recordings felt too synthetic. After the success of “Wasting Light” the Foo Fighters decided to call for a break last summer. Dave Grohl began to create a documentary on the studio and many of the artists who had recorded there. In doing this, Grohl began collab-

orating with other artists in order to create a soundtrack for his film. This became Sound City – Real to Reel. The result, as far as can be told by the limited number of tracks currently released, is amazing. There have been three tracks re-

The result, as far as can be told... is amazing. leased from the album so far: “Cut Me Some Slack” with Sir Paul McCartney and the remaining members of Nirvana; “From Can to Can’t” with Slipknot/Stone Sour front-man Corey Taylor, Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielson, and Dave Grohl; and “You Can’t Fix This” with Stevie Nicks, the Wallflowers’ Rami Jaffee, and the Foo Fighters. “Cut Me Some Slack” is a heavy classic sounding rock song. McCartney sings and plays an instrument, which he refers to as a “Cig Fiddle”, and the Nirvana members play in their original instrumen-

tal places. The track can be compared to a sound mixture that crosses between “Helter Skelter” and “American Woman”. “From Can to Can’t” has more of a modern, alternative sound and very much resembles a Stone Sour track. Nielson plays guitar in such a way that allows a perfect fit to the sound. Dave Grohl plays rhythm guitar, bass, and drums effortlessly to create a great rhythm section. Corey Taylor delivers a large vocal range and a great transition in emotion from quiet sorrow to loud redemption. “You Can’t Fix This” is a ballad to Fleetwood Mac’s Godson. It tells a story of how musicians deal with the temptation of drugs and trying to stay away from them. Nicks sings in a reserved voice, while Jaffee plays keyboard, Grohl plays guitar, and the rest of the Foo Fighters play in place. These tracks are great and can only raise the anticipation for the rest of the album’s release. Sound City Real to Reel releases March 12, 2013, and will likely be a must own for any generation that enjoys rock music as it is supposed to be made. v

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