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T he Adventurous Little Fairy

By Rebecca Roche

O nce upon

a time .....


... there lived a little fairy who travelled the magical forest. Home, was inside the tallest most beautiful tree of them all.

Everything within her home was made from objects and things that she had found on her travels in the forest with the robin.

She had known the little robin for as long as she could remember. He went with her everywhere. She knew that she could always rely on him if she ever needed help.

Each day the little fairy would go out into the forest with the robin to explore....

...sometimes she would find the most unusual flowers on her travels.....

...and sometimes she would find the prettiest and most beautiful flowers that she would pick and take home with her.

One day she set off in search for the precious stone that she had once found before.

The stone was particularly special because it had a pattern on it’s surface and so she was sure they would be able to find it once again.

They searched high.....

....and they searched low but could not seem to find it anywhere.

Eventually the fairy reached four different pathways that she had never been to before.

‘Which path should I take?’ she wondered. The little robin was too afraid to carry on with her.

So, she had to go alone. ‘This path is so much darker than the others but so much more intriguing’ she thought.

So the little fairy said goodbye to her friend the robin and continued on.

She set off on her new journey along the dark pathway, which led deep into the magical forest.

The little fairy discovered more beautiful things, even a small waterfall that she had never seen before. She kept walking, gradually getting closer to a bright light in the distance.

The little fairy could not quite make out what the bright light was so she went even closer to see for herself .

As she got closer the little fairy could see the big bright city. She never ever thought she would discover something like this.

The little fairy could not believe her eyes. ‘Wow!’ she thought and she realised that her adventure had only just begun.

The Adventurous Fairy  

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