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Agilysys Improves Information Management and Enables Archdiocese to Deliver More Personalized Services to A Distributed User Base America,

savvy as secular corporations. For the Greek Orthodox

headquartered in New York, is comprised of

Archdiocese of America, recognizing their church’s

geographically dispersed parishes, metropolises

business operations meant looking to technology to

and the archdiocese. Numbering over 250 million

improve information management and deliver more

members worldwide today, the Orthodox Church

advanced services to their distributed user base.

is a communion of self-governing churches, each

After partnering with Agilysys, the church changed

administratively independent of the other, but united

their computing paradigm by centralizing their

by a common faith and spirituality.

organization’s directory services and






While common knowledge dictates that a church is a place for worship, many fail to consider that faithbased organizations also require the same business

moving from user desktops to a thin client solution. As a result, they have been able to achieve

Solution at a Glance Industry: Non-Profit




The Archdiocese hoped to improve

With the help of Agilysys’ expertise,

Better management

information management and data

the Archdiocese centralized their

of parishioner data, reduced

exchange between various locations

directory services and moved from

total cost of owernership (TCO)

and parishes. Their existing

user desktops to a thin client solution.

and improved manageability of

infrastructure, consisting of separate

This included deployment of forty Sun

systems and applications. The

servers and desktops, hindered their

Ray thin-clients, secure SmartCards,

Archdiocese is now able to deliver

ability to do this effectively.

both Identity Management and

more personalized services to their

Secure Global Desktop software and

parishes and parishioners.

four Sun X4200 servers.

Enterprise Sun Technology Solutions Solutions Group








manage parishioner data, reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO), improve manageability of

“We needed a more robust solution that would centralize

systems and applications and begin to meet their goal

application and file management

of executing personalized services to their parishes

and deliver the ability to scale

and parishioners.

almost infinitely.”

The Challenge The


responsibility faithful,

















systems propagated throughout the archdiocese.


infrastructure that created inherent challenges in meeting their goals. With a computing environment consisting of full-blown user desktops and








was no matrix to harness and electronically exchange information between each





“We had no technology in place to tie any of the processes together, which wasted time and money,” says Theo Nicolakis, information technology director for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. “On average, we are much more diversified than most corporations in terms of scope and needed a more robust solution that would centralize application and file management and deliver the ability to scale almost infinitely.”

of the separate parishes, metropolises or archdiocese.

Hoping to transform how the church ministers to its

Simple data management was

faithful, they set out to standardize and modernize

a manual and inefficient process

the methods employed to manage parishioner and

prohibiting the ability to effectively

organizational information. When one of the members





of their technology committee shared a solution that worked for a former employer, the church approached

outreach opportunities.

Sun Microsystems for a similar solution. Sun then Recognizing that most data collection, storage and management happens at the local level – at the parishes – the archdiocese needed an approach that would create the framework for future centralization of parishioner data and standardize the method and mechanism





introduced the Archdiocese to Agilysys, an information technology (IT) business solutions integrator, to help realize their goal of unifying the geographically diverse locations with a more secure, interoperable data management system.

Enterprise Sun Technology Solutions Solutions Group

“We have been able to manage and

incorporated is the Sun Java Identity Management

maintain consistent security and

solution and Sun Secure Global Desktop software.

selectively deploy what applications

“Moving to thin client technology has enabled us to

and services people have access to

deploy systems and applications in a much more cost effective way and lower our TCO,” says Nicolakis. “We

without needing to install the application on individual computers.”

have been able to manage and maintain consistent security and selectively deploy what applications and services people have access to without needing to

“Sun’s stamp of approval was important to us and spoke volumes,” says Nicolakis. “We met with Agilysys and participated in a work out session to discuss long term plans and growth concerns. Agilysys was a key partner in helping with the design and worked with us to formulate a solution that made sense for us.”

install the application on individual computers.” Nicolakis





up-and-running was the result of a great partnered implementation. Agilysys handled the Sun Ray, Identity Management and Secure Global Desktop solutions while the church’s internal team deployed the

The Archdiocese desired a solution that, most

Microsoft Windows servers responsible


for providing applications to the





easily scale to millions of users within the U.S. and internationally. It had to be based on open standards and not be limited to any particular end user platform. And finally, the solution was desired to reduce management overhead and enforce consistent security across application services.


Sun Ray thin clients. “Agilysys




complete their scope of work on time and on budget,” adds Nicolakis. “Customer relationship management is

The Agilysys Solution

their strength and they were

Agilysys’ solution for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese


included deploying 40 Sun Ray thin clients and four Sun

extremely responsive and possessed

X4200 servers. The Sun Ray thin client platform offers

vast technical expertise. For anyone else considering

native Unix connectivity on the Solaris and Linux

implementing directory and core services like this,

platforms, as well as providing SmartCard security

you really cannot afford to skimp on the appropriate

measures and the ability to move seamlessly between

expertise, consultation and solution to make it an

clients while maintaining active sessions. Also

effective implementation.”



Sun Technology Solutions Enterprise Solutions Group

The Results With Agilysys’ help, the church has centralized

“The feedback from our parishes

management of the operating system and the user’s

has been very positive and the

applications, resulting in a huge time savings. What

technology is helping us take an

used to take two staff members an entire day to

aggressive step forward in nurturing

execute now happens in less than an hour. Increased security offered through the thin client technology

growth in the faith.”

is another added benefit. The Sun Ray requires insertion of a SmartCard along with user name and

able to more effectively and efficiently minister to

password, enhancing authentication and protection

their parishioners.

of confidential information such as birth certificates, marriage licenses and social security numbers.

“Agilysys’ technical expertise and diligence in monitoring and managing the project process

The greatest benefit that will be realized through this

throughout its lifecycle has enabled us to deliver

implementation is a forthcoming project that will

a solid, scalable solution to our user base,” said

create a central and coordinated system to manage

Nicolakis. “The feedback from our parishes has been

the entire church’s vital statistics, improving their

very positive and the technology is helping us take

ability to tailor personalized services to parishioners.

an aggressive step forward in nurturing growth

By having this technology in place, the church is

in the faith.”

For more information about Agilysys Sun Technology Solutions, please call 732.692.1919 or visit For more information about Sun Microsystems, please visit

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Systems, Services and Scriptures  

Agilysys Improves Information Management and Enables The Archdiocese to Deliver More Personalized Services to A Distributed User Base.

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