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Have you heard how the Moon fell in love with the Sun? Eons ago, when the Moon and the Sun were still young, they never saw one another. The Moon would look upon the world and see creation change and grow, till one-day man was brought forth. The Moon would hear man talking about the Great Sun and all he did for them. He brought warmth to them, helped the crops grow and was their protector by day as in the night; evil things would prey upon them. This hurt the Moon terribly and for the first time, she turned her back to the world and man. When the Great Sun heard what man had done, he was angry. He said to the world, "You fools. Don’t you know how fortunate you are to have her in the night? She is your light, your guide and the protector of the night. She gives you, every night, all her light and protection she can. She is a heavenly body, the most beautiful of us all and you shun her. Now you wonder why she has turned her back on you? I should do the same!" Man, fearing the turning of the Great Sun, begged the Moon to return to them. "Oh, Great Moon, whose light and protection you grant on us, please return and guide us once more. We are bowed low in your Grace and Love. Please Great Moon, return and save us from the wrath of the Great Sun. We have shamed him in the way we have treated you and he will turn from us, as you have done. Please Great Moon, return!" The Great Moon, having heard the call of the world and what the Great Sun had done, began a slow turn to the world. Unsure if she wanted to trust the world again. But as she turned, she would hear more about what the Sun had done and said. Her heart grew warm with his words and longed to see him. In simple words, she was falling in love with the Great Sun. She moved through the night, faster. Trying to see him, her love! Till at last, when the day and the night over lapped, she saw him. The Great Sun turned to her and smiled. He was so please to see her.. "Great Moon", he said. "You have come at last! I have longed to see you." The Great Sun spread his warmth to the Great Moon and embraced her. His warmth filled her and caressed her. Slowly they came together, their first true embrace. From that day forward, when the Great Moon and the Great Sun would come together, we, the world, would call it an eclipse. For their love would shadow the earth in darkness and allow us to see true love!


Have you heard how the moon fell in love with the sun  

A short story about how the moon feel in love with the sun.