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S5 Comets Dream D21

Consigned by: Shy 5 Simmentals (Lisa Sorensen)

Hooks Shear Force 38K Long’s Shear Pleasure MCM 514R POLLED BLACK PUREBRED Triple C Ultimate Force Long’s Haleys Comet Long’s Cutie

Feb/Mar Bulls

DOB: 2/26/16 Tattoo: D21/LE ASA: 3188386 Adj BW: 72 Adj WW: 790

CE BW WW YW MCE MWW CW YG MB BF REA API TI 6.6 3.2 72.7 100.2 4.3 58.1 33.7 -0.37 0.18 -0.056 1.02 108.3 72.5 If you are in this business to raise cattle that perform and grade as good or better than the best of them then take a look at this flashy baldy bull. He stands in the top 30% and better in his breed in weaning weight, yearling weight, carcass weight, yield grade, ribeye area, and terminal index. If you are looking for a flashy bull to take home and turn out on your cows to make you that extra premium this is the one for you.

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Thills Done It Again Consigned by: Ryder Thill

SVF Steel Force S701 FBF1 Combustible Lazy H Burn Baby BurnR34 POLLED BLACK PUREBRED Shallas No Limits M73 No Gambling Here Sweet Mya

DOB: 2/28/16 Tattoo: 63D/LE ASA: 3110736 Adj BW: 80 Adj WW: 725

CE BW WW YW MCE MWW CW YG MB BF REA API TI 4.8 4.9 63.2 94.8 6.9 57.5 33.6 -0.17 -0.01 -0.017 0.68 99.2 58.7 Done It Again is a reflection of what his Dam has done for our program. She’s the kind of cow that makes you money, perfect uddered, high performing, and sticks AI first service every time. Here’s a purebred baldy bull that is big ribbed and low maintenance. The highest performing bull we’ve ever raised. He combines muscle, structural integrity, and ideal rib shape. Buy with confidence.

Lot 70


Taken A Gamble

Consigned by: Sweeting Family Cattle Co.

CNS Dream On L186 CLO LTS Entourage 72T War Diva POLLED BLACK PUREBRED Mr NLC Upgrade U8676 LTS Taken LTS Stiletto

DOB: 2/28/16 Tattoo: 1D/BE ASA: 3190408 Adj BW: 81 Adj WW: 736

CE BW WW YW MCE MWW CW YG MB BF REA API TI 12.6 1.8 72.2 104.5 11 52 34.3 -0.38 0.09 -0.061 1 127 73.5 1D is a stout made, big frame bull that is out of a two year old cow. When you look at 1D’s EPD profile you will notice that he is in the top 15% of the breed for calving ease while still posting an EPD of 104 lb of yearling weight. 1D’s dam, LTS Taken won her class in the open show at the Iowa State Fair, and her flush mate was calf champion at the National Western. Enough about the show ring, this bull is designed with the commercial cattleman in mind. 1D is sound and carries a big foot, big rib cage and a tremendous amount of shape to his low quarter. This bull will get out and cover cows and the calves will hit the ground running and grow fast to the finish line.

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Long’s Jaggar Consigned by: Cody Long

DOB: 3/2/16 Tattoo: D41/LE ASA: 3183598 Adj BW: 87 Adj WW: 605

Long’s Shear Pleasure TLLC One Eyed Jack Long’s Sweet Treat POLLED BLACK PUREBRED ET HC Power Drive 88H RC Ms Queen Crissi Triple C Rewards Queen H

CE BW WW YW MCE MWW CW YG MB BF REA API TI 6.3 2.1 60.5 85.2 3.1 52.7 23.5 -0.37 0.14 -0.054 0.89 102 65.6 Buy this bull! This is the last embryo calf born out of our now deceased Triple C Farms bred, HC Powerdrive donor cow. Powerdrive pedigreed cattle are getting slim and for good reason. He has been deceased a long time but still considered one the “kings of bulls” in the Simmental breed. Jagger is a full brother to my daughter’s successful One Eyed Jack sired show heifer last year that stood at top of her class almost everywhere she showed. She also won her class at the largest, most competitive Jr National is history! View video at

Lot 72 47th Annual Simmental Sale - 22

2017 Iowa Beef Expo Simmental Sale  
2017 Iowa Beef Expo Simmental Sale  

47th Mark of Genetic Excellence