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RMIT Diploma of Photo Imaging


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Cover image. © Zoe Kimpton

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Introduction I came to RMIT mid 2016 with an awareness of the outstanding reputation of Photo Imaging in the School of Media and Communication. One of the first events I attended was a Graduate in Residence exhibition, and I was immediately struck by the quality of the work. Powerful imagery representing a fresh body of work by RMIT alumni who were being supported to develop their professional practice, and push creative, technical and expressive boundaries. This exhibition is another extraordinary photographic collection by 2016 Diploma of Photo Imaging students. What you see as you move around the exhibition is the result of two years of incredibly hard work. These images express not only an extremely high level of technical competence that will serve students well as they step into industry, but also wonderfully conceived visual themes born from a deep engagement with ideas that are driving the photographic agenda. Exhibition program notes suggest that the engagement by students with a vision or ‘idea’ is critical as it adds significance for photographers through multiple layers and dimensions of meaning, while enriching the experience for audiences. The particular Vocational Education emphasis in our one and two-year qualifications, concentrates on technical skills that allow students to develop a level of excellence in a comparatively short space of time. Excellence in this respect is clearly evident in this exhibition. A heartfelt congratulations to all Diploma of Photo Imaging students. A special thanks also to the incredible team of staff and industry partners so critical to the success of Photo Imaging programs within the School of Media and Communication at RMIT. I hope you enjoy this exhibition. Lliam Freeman Deputy Dean – Vocational Education B.Ed, M.A. School of Media and Communication

At age 11, Maryam was given her first compact camera, which led to her love affair with photography. It was in her final year of high school, while she was studying Studio Arts and working on her folio based on The Coming of Age, that she realised she had a knack for creating photographs that explored truth and realism. She combined her love of literature and photography, and found her forte lies in telling stories through her camera. This sparked the idea for her final folio, Unveiled, a portrait series solely focused on Muslim women, sharing their stories and experiences in today’s society. Maryam plans on using her camera as a ‘tool of exploration and an instrument for change’ to document more stories in the future. She also hopes to expand her project Unveiled.

Maryam Abbouchi +61 435 905 031 maryam_abbouchi@hotmail.com Instagram.com/mezz.art

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Nam Hai (Danny) Bach +84 94 555 0912 namhai.it@gmail.com Instagram.com/dannybachphoto dannybach.com

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Danny is a portrait/documentary photographer who will be based in Vietnam. With a strong belief in the meaning of documentary photography, he respects the truth, and seeks to capture it in its untouched state. In portraiture, Danny prefers to obtain the highest level of control possible, from outlook to expressing the soul. The final results clearly reflect his

interpretation of the subject. His first major documentary project followed the cannabis movement in Australia. In 2017, Danny plans to return to Vietnam to seek new stories to photograph as personal projects as well as make a living through a family portrait business and editorial work.

Maria Cecilia Baker +61 421 399 492 ceciliabaker.photography@gmail.com Instagram.com/ceciliabaker

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Growing up in the countryside in Brazil, Maria Cecilia got hold of a camera for the first time at age nine, after winning a contest at primary school. She took photos of everything and everyone; unfortunately many of the rolls of film she went through weren’t developed. She still thinks about those unseen photos. It wasn’t until many years later that Maria Cecilia would pick up the camera again, this time focusing on street photography

and portraits. For her major project, Maria Cecilia decided to go back to how everything started: in a simple and raw manner, she documents her daily life and struggles to get ‘the shots’ for her final folio. After the diploma, Maria Cecilia will focus on developing herself as a photographer through further studies and long-term documentaries.

Kate’s creative path began as a classical musician. Following three years studying a Bachelor of Music, she chose instead to chase her desire to be a photographer and travelled to London to work as a photographic assistant. A few years, two children and multiple moves later, she decided to formalise her education at RMIT. Kate’s influences are varied, but more recently she has been inspired by minimalism, mood and colour. Interested in editorial, commercial and fine art photography, Kate is continually striving to develop her personal style and a cohesive body of work.

Kate Bowman +61 416 767 909 info@katebowman.com Instagram.com/kate.bowman katebowman.com

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Nonny is a fashion and portrait photographer currently based in Melbourne. Born in Europe and raised across Africa and Australia, she has a penchant for exploring global culture through the arts, gaining inspiration and insight from the world’s vibrant subcultures. Working in both digital and film, her images possess an air of moody passion and dreamy nostalgia, which combine to direct her own distinctive photographic style.

Nynno (Nonny) Bulle +61 425 401 911 nynnobelair7@gmail.com Instagram.com/nynnobelair nynnobel-air.tumblr.com

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Brooke Christie bschristie3@gmail.com Instagram.com/bschristiephotography bschristie.wordpress.com

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Brooke is a Melbourne-based photographer. Her main interest lies with nature photography, focusing mostly on wildlife, a passion that began from taking her first camera to the zoo one day. Zoo and wildlife photography is now the main focus of her portfolio.

Since beginning her studies at RMIT, Brooke has also found interest in other areas of photography, including food, fashion and portraiture. In 2017, Brooke hopes to further her experience in all areas of photography.

Jesse’s interest in photography began when her mum finally trusted her enough to use her beloved Pentax K1000 for a high school art project. After completing an Arts/Visual Arts degree at Monash University, she embarked on a mission to gather as much photographic knowledge as possible, both in the digital and analogue traditions. Her influences are both old masters and young innovators, including Hiroshi Sugimoto, Richard Avedon, Sally Mann, Nadav Kander, Will Davidson and Tim Walker. Next year, Jesse is looking forward to continuing the life-long adventure of learning by assisting and experimenting with her own photographic projects.

Jesse Corcoran +61 488 959 192 jcorcoranphotography.com

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Lucy fell in love with photography when she started shooting film during high school. She enjoyed being in the dark room where she would develop each and every strip of film. That’s when she became passionate and knew she wanted to continue with photography. After doing photography for a few years at high school, she continued with it at RMIT, where she was able to further her skills, learning and refining her photography. Lucy loves food and landscape photography due to the amazing colours and compositions that she can work with. Being constantly in a creative mind, she finds learning and gaining knowledge part of the enjoyment of becoming a photographer. Lucy’s folio focuses on food cultures where hands are primarily used to eat. The folio will include different dishes demonstrating varied cultural aspects. In the future Lucy would like to focus on developing her skills as a food photographer and continue shooting her own work.

Lucy Croome +61 400 583 020 lucy.croome@live.com

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Ebony was raised in a beachside community in northern Queensland, where she developed her passion for the art of photography. As a humanitarian, Ebony also seeks to promote human welfare. Qualm is Ebony’s final body of work, and tells the story of what it is like dealing with anxiety. This series will be turned into a photobook and will sit alongside poems to elucidate the states of panic and weakness. Her aim is to raise awareness for anxiety by selling photobooks and donating funds to Headspace, Australia. In 2017, Ebony’s objective is to continue personal projects by exploring her visual capabilities, as well as fundraising to visit Costa Rica to volunteer at an orphanage to work with underprivileged children.

Ebony Kate Dennis +61 497 097 855 info@ekdphotography.com Instagram.com/ekdphotography._ ekdphotography.com

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Luke Donegan +61 447 758 549 info@doneganphotography.com Instagram.com/doneganphotography doneganphotography.com

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Luke comes from a small country town in inland Victoria. His keen flair for commercial photography is where his true passion lies. Over the last few years, Luke’s main interest has been with automotive photography. He also immerses himself with work in areas such as fashion, lifestyle and sports.

He is an assistant for various photographers and studios around Melbourne within across diverse fields. From 2017, Luke plans to continue assisting and slowly transition into shooting his own commercial work.

Judah Grubb +61 481 553 893 jgru987@gmail.com Instagram.com/judahgrubbphoto judahgrubbphotography.com

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Judah first became interested in photography at the age of 15. Through studying at RMIT, his interests have turned toward compositing and retouching. Judah has found in Photoshop a way to express his imagination more freely to produce creative work.

His final folio is based heavily on compositing, with the intention of pushing his imagination further to create complex and surreal worlds that seem to overwhelm the people/characters. In the future, Judah plans to build up his folio and increase his knowledge through further study, assisting and retouching.

Eloise Hathaway +61 430 426 442 hathaway.eloise@gmail.com Instagram.com/eloisehphotography

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Born and raised in Melbourne, Eloise has always had a love for all things art, but only in recent years discovered that photography is the art form that stands out above the rest. With a focused interest in still life photography, Eloise has taken a fine-art approach to her final folio, pairing a still life image taken in studio with an image taken on location that contains similar patterns and shapes.

Moving into 2017, Eloise wishes to gain more knowledge within the photography field by assisting or seeking out work within the industry.

Callum is a Melbourne-based photographer. He has always had a creative essence to his work and this is evident in his photography. His interest in analogue photography has constantly been present in his images. Frequently found with a camera in hand, Callum shoots things that are interesting to him. It is an intimate, creative outlet that he has been passionate about since a young age. His work is evolving and developing into new ideas every day. This growth is displayed within his folio.

Callum Henderson +61 425 147 476 calhenderson@outlook.com Instagram.com/chblog callum-henderson.com

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Eric has always had an artistic background, initially studying Building and Design in the hope of forging a career in architecture. It was only recently, after spending time travelling, that he developed an interest in landscape photography – leading him to pursue photography as a career. While studying at RMIT, Eric has grown to love shooting in a studio environment and photo manipulation. A personal interest in anime, comics and games has led him to combine these interests to produce a series of cosplay images to showcase in his final folio. In 2017, Eric will pursue assisting work in photography or retouching, while continuing to expand his cosplay project.

Eric Hua +61 423 279 414 erichua101@gmail.com Instagram.com/ehuaphotography ehuaphotography.format.com

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Born and raised in Melbourne, Andrew aspires to become an aerial photographer. Extensive travel through remote and regional Australia with family, throughout his early life, fuelled his passion for landscape and wildlife photography. City life built his photographic interest in aviation. In 2012, a flight over Lake Eyre sparked his interest in aerial photography. Ever since, Andrew’s ambition has been to gain experience, build on his photographic skills and reach out to the aerial photography and aviation industries in Melbourne. Andrew’s final folio of architectural photography is closely related to his interest in aerial photography. Upon completing the diploma, Andrew will look towards approaching various aerial photographers with the hope of building experience in a workplace environment.

Andrew Hunter-Graham +61 457 109 304 andhuntgrah@hotmail.com Instagram.com/andrewhg_photo andrewhgphotography.format.com

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With a background in media and communication, Stacey is a passionate photojournalist, documentary and travel photographer who is always in search of the next interesting story. Stacey’s extensive travel has inspired her to capture authentic moments, whether of the people she meets along the way, or the places she visits. Stacey’s final folio is a social exploration of people and public space in a photojournalistic style. In the coming year, Stacey will complete her undergraduate degree in Professional Communication while pursuing a career in photojournalism. Stacey will further her career travelling both at home and abroad.

Stacey Katsaros +61 432 210 691 info@staceykatsaros.com Instagram.com/staceykatsaros.photos staceykatsaros.com

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Zoe is a Melbourne-based photographer/ designer specialising in portrait and fine art photography. Her background in graphic design translates to her photographic work with emphasis on colour and minimal composition. Zoe’s interest lies not in reality but in the imagined, always with a sense of ambiguity. For her final folio, They and Theirs, she styled and photographed portraits of people to particular objects. Quirky aesthetic and subtle humour comes into play throughout the series. Upon completing her diploma, she hopes to further develop her photographic skills and pursue a career in art direction.

Zoe Kimpton +61 415 799 087 zlkimpton@gmail.com zoekimpton.com

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Zoe Lioukas +61 478 611 523 zoelioukas@gmail.com Instagram.com/ zoelioukas

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Zoe is a documentary/portrait photographer who grew up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Her passion for photography emerged as a young high-school student. Being exposed to this art form sparked a creative interest and desire for capturing human emotion through her images.

A documentary book assignment inspired her style and interest in pursuing the genre for further projects. Her folio is a documentary series based on Greek migration. Zoe wishes to continue the project into the future.

Annemeike is a young photographer whose interest lies in capturing human interaction and forms. She enjoys working with people to capture the essence of their personality. From a young age, Annemeike developed an appreciation of the human condition through photography, art and community work with her family. Her current work, Veiled Humans explores the shrouded form with drifts of material to convey energy and emotion. Paradoxically, the individual’s hidden beauty is unveiled, even when they are obscured. These are captured in an instant through a thoughtful exploration of form using the fusion of figure and fabric. In the future, Annemeike hopes to work in a photographic environment, whether it be assisting, working or promoting a small business of her own.

Annemeike Oakes +61 411 234 064 annemeike.oakes@gmail.com Instagram.com/_arophotography_ annemeikeoakesphotographer.squarespace.com

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Matt Olding +61 451 154 996 matthewoldingphotography@gmail.com Instagram.com/matt.o.photo

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Matt discovered his love for surfing and photography during high school. It was obvious to him that the two must be brought together and over time Matt developed a fine-art approach to capturing surfing. This can be seen in his folio which is focused on both the beauty and possibility of death of Mother Nature (specifically in surfing).

Although not a predominate portrait/ studio photographer, Matt intends to work his way up to Queensland learning the ins and outs of assisting on the way.

Growing up in a small rural town, Kate dabbled in various visual art mediums before realising her passion for photography. Moving to Melbourne has allowed Kate to develop a critical eye, in which she has found a love for minimalism in all aspects of her photography. Her final folio focuses on the human form and how others perceive it. Kate invites the viewer to interpret the natural, unexpected beauty. In 2017, Kate hopes to travel further afield to pursue her future endeavours and welcomes a multitude of possibilities.

Kate Patten +61 428 068 388 katielouphotography5@gmail.com Instagram.com/katie_lou_photography katielouphotography.com

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Yawittha (Jan) was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2007, her father gave her a camera and it has been a companion of hers ever since. Having always loved capturing people and food in her photography, her time in Melbourne has seen this expand to encompass fashion photography. She is exploring this field for her final folio with a series of casual and fun 90s fashion-inspired shoots. Her style is clean and minimalistic, using colour to create impact in her shots. Ten years following the gift of her first camera, Jan plans to balance both freelancing and assisting.

Yawittha (Jan) Raungturakit +61 450 373 802 +66 867 897 234 vivacious.jan@gmail.com Instagram.com/ vivaciousjan minijan.com

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Ennis is an emerging beauty, fashion and still life photographer now based in Melbourne. Originally from the seaside town of Torquay, Ennis spent the majority of his early childhood traveling the United Kingdom and parts of Europe with his mother and brother, becoming interested in cameras, colours and fashion from a young age. Fascinated by the fashion and cosmetic industries, Ennis constantly strives towards improving both his photographic and retouching techniques. He often collaborates with a variety of people from different creative backgrounds to make his ideas a reality. After graduating, Ennis hopes to gain further experience both as a photographic assistant and retoucher, with the dream of becoming an internationally known commercial photographer later in life.

Ennis Rowland-Wood +61 438 145 298 ennisjhrw@gmail.com Instagram.com/menace.r

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Like many other aspiring photographers, Ilona fell in love with the photographic medium at a very young age. Originating from Communist Russia, the thought of pursuing an artistic career seemed so far-fetched that Ilona kept her desire to become a professional photographer at bay for many years. After returning to study photography as a mature age student, Ilona has successfully begun working in the industry, and has continued to expand her knowledge through a combination of study and assisting work. Ilona has now assisted some of Australia’s best commercial, advertising and editorial photographers. With her graduation in sight, she is on the way to becoming a successful commercial photographer in her own right. 

Ilona Savcenko +61 432 857 795 ilona.savcenko@gmail.com ilona.photography

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Joanne Sayasane +61 426 963 569 jo_kazama01@hotmail.com Instagram.com/jkazamaphotography

/  51

Joanne’s artistic flair in art and photography developed from the age of 15 when she realised the potential of her talent. Her interest in this field extended from encouragement, inspiration and photographic competition entries. When chosen to participate in the RMIT TAFE Taster in 2011, she knew in her heart that she wanted to pursue her dreams in this pathway.

Her final folio focuses on her hometown in Dandenong, to capture and explore the creativity and quirkiness of the multicultural suburb. Joanne is hoping to produce documentary photobooks as a freelancer to share and enjoy with others.

Connor Scheid +61 419 518 131 connorscheidphoto@gmail.com Instagram.com/connorscheid

/  53

Connor is a skater from a small country town who, while studying, slowly grew to become a skateboard photographer. His love of skating with his friends and documenting their insane tricks has lead him to take his camera to every park, on every skate trip and to every skate event, to document everything. However, Connor does not just want to focus on the skateboarding lifestyle, but also

work in the commercial industry, shooting ads for skateboard magazines. The purpose of his folio is to give him experience in every area that a skateboard magazine covers, combining documentary and commercial photography as well as working on his design and writing skills.

Jackson Thomas +61 400 189 115 jackson.l.thomas@gmail.com Instagram.com/jacksonthomasphoto

/  55

Jackson is a street and documentary photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. His passion is to capture ‘decisive’ moments that can’t be recreated. He considers himself an observer first and a photographer second. The use of light, colour, form and composition are all evident in his work. But it’s his passion for documenting the human form that led him to the streets.

He has a portfolio series titled Lost Soles, which he will continue as an ongoing project. In 2017, he plans on pursuing his street projects further and one day publishing his own photography book.

After completing a Visual Merchandising Diploma at RMIT in 2010, Holly set off to live and work in London for two years and experience travel throughout Europe. Her dedication in documenting these travels and recording images of the beauty elsewhere in the world resonated with her early childhood memories capturing images of her family holidays in country Victoria. Holly made the decision to further develop her talent at RMIT, employing visual styling knowledge across her food, still life and portraiture photography. She is driven to create images that express elegance and sophistication, captured in a professional and friendly manner.

Holly Rose Tumblety +61 422 697 746 htumblety@gmail.com Instagram.com/holrosiephoto holly-tumblety.format.com

/  57

Regina Eklesia Utama +61 452 520 801 reginamelbourne@yahoo.com Instagram.com/ReginaEklesiaUtama eiffelphotography.wordpress.com

/  59

Regina was born in Indonesia. Music and photography are her passions. Her interest in photography grew when she created an Instagram account in 2012. At first, she loved to take pictures of herself and people. After some time, she began to take pictures of anything including landscapes, still life objects, and fashion. She dreamed of being a wedding photographer, and traveling

the world to capture the moments between many couples. However, Regina thinks she is better at fashion photography and so, she decided to focus her folio on learning more and exploring this area of photography. After her studies at RMIT, she plans to return to Indonesia and apply for an internship as a fashion photographer’s assistant.

Deshia is an Indonesian-born novelist whose interest in photography started when she moved to Melbourne. She loves capturing emotions through her subject’s eyes, the way they speak to her more than the subject does. Inspired by Paolo Roversi and Haruki Murakami, her final folio focuses on an almost surreallike beauty series. She attempts to apply colours to replace words that shape poems into her set, embracing how light plays so subtly with dreams and imagination that it becomes more real than reality. After finishing her diploma, Deshia plans to start up a lifestyle/art magazine back in her hometown, in which she hopes that by providing good content through her magazine, she will subsequently be able to raise young adults’ awareness of their local community and engage them to use art in a positive way.

Deshia Yulian Fitrina +61 435 736 234 deshia.yulian@gmail.com Instagram.com/caeruleandream caeruleandream.com

/  61

Zhiman (Heaven) has had an interest in photography since primary school. She likes to see people’s faces when they are feeling happy and uses the camera to keep this emotion forever. After studying fashion design in China, she decided to complete the Diploma of Photo Imaging at RMIT. Her work is focused on portrait and fashion, something where the photo tells a story. Heaven likes to work in analogue film, as she likes the combination of natural lighting and film colour. After she completes the course, Heaven will continue to study photography to improve her skills.

Zhiman (Heaven) Zhang heavenlyzhi@gmail.com Instagram.com/heavenlyzhiphotography

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The Bakehouse Project The Bakehouse Project has been building for five years and involves five Vocational Education programs, more than 120 RMIT students and a number of high-profile music industry professionals. The initiative was nominated for the Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN) Local Hero award and on 30 September was announced as the winner. The ACEN Local Hero award is given to a small-medium enterprise partner that is contributing to Work Integrated Learning (WIL), beyond the expectations of the size of their organisation. Students from the School of Media and Communication work together on an event that is part television-broadcastprogram and part live-music-concert over six production days. The media and events training project was developed by Elena Popa, who teaches in the RMIT Sound Production program, in collaboration with Bakehouse Studios owner Quincy McLean to give students a more active role in learning in an industry environment while still studying. It is an ideal format for WIL for media and entertainment industries, requiring a diverse mix of students to implement their skills and knowledge in a workplace environment, and to bring together their collective abilities to complete one major production in real time, working with

© Maria Cecilia Baker

industry professionals (directors, camera operators, sound engineers) throughout. ‘The Bakehouse Project allows us to observe our students at work, interacting with industry professionals, and allows us to supervise and assess their performance in their job allocated role. This is Work Integrated Learning at its best,’ Popa said. During the project, students in the Live Production and Technical Services program look after multi-camera operations, lighting and lighting control and live-vision mixing while sound production students were responsible for the front-of-house sound reinforcement, stage-monitor foldback and studio recording. Photo documentation of production was undertaken by students in the Photo Imaging program.

/  65

Production interviews were facilitated by Screen and Media students while promotional media copy was provided by students in the Professional Writing and Editing program. Lliam Freeman, Deputy Dean (Vocational Education) in the School of Media and Communication, said the Bakehouse Project presented an exciting and powerful learning and industry experience opportunity for students. The students had to film, record, live mix, light, photograph and interview a number of emerging Melbourne music artists over six nights at the Bakehouse Studios in Richmond. 

‘The most exciting and energising things about the project for students is that its success depends on collaborative effort, a high level of technical know-how, and the creative application of skills and knowledge across a range of disciplines in a ‘live’ setting,’ Freeman said. Industry practitioners involved in the production of the events were: Peter Bain-Hogg from ABC TV (Rockwiz) Aaron Cuthbert (Commoner films), Paul Drane (ABC TV; ex Countdown), Adam Russ (DOP), Quincy Mclean and Helen Marcoe (Bakehouse Studios), Milo Fischer (Bakehouse audio engineer and RMIT alumnus) and Steve Ward (4ward Productions, Melbourne City Events). Wendy Little

© Maria Cecilia Baker

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2015 Vietnam Study Tour In October 2015 I accompanied seven optical dispensing students to Vietnam to document their experiences of the local optometry industry. The trip started in Ho Chi Minh City, where the students spent three days working at the colossal Ho Chi Minh City Eye Hospital. Witnessing the magnitude of patients the hospital sees (2000 each day), the basic facilities, and some confronting examination methods, made us all very appreciative of our situation in Australia. Despite some of the conditions, after spending time with the professionals working at the hospital we learned that they are highly skilled at what they do and incredibly efficient in order to keep up with the volume of patients.

While in Ho Chi Minh City, we also visited the American Eye Centre, which caters for expats and foreigners, and toured the Hoya Lab to see how they produce 2000 lenses a day. For the second week of the trip, the group was based in the beachside town of Vung Tau to spend time at the Centre for Social Protection of Children. Our first involvement with the centre was a visit to their orphanage, which was both heartbreaking and uplifting. Seeing firsthand the continued effects of Agent Orange and HIV on the Vietnamese population was a distressing experience, with 25% of the children at the centre affected. At the same time, it was heartening to see how well the children were being cared for by the wonderful staff and volunteers at the centre.

Š Emma Murray

/  67

© Emma Murray

Without a doubt, the highlight of the trip was a day at the Long Hai school where, in conjunction with the Brain Holden Institute, the RMIT students screened and tested the eyes of 122 students and teachers at the school. For many it was the first time they’d had their eyes checked. The students were nervous, playful, and cheeky, and the group had a lot of fun keeping them entertained while they waited for their eye test (though for the most part I think we were the ones being entertained!). A special memory that we shared was when Thuy, a young boy with Down Syndrome, had his eyes tested. He required +12 and +16 lenses – a very strong prescription. When the optometrist gave him some trial lenses to wear, Thuy’s face lit up. He waved his hands in front of his eyes and looked over and touched his friend’s face. By now the

entire room was in tears, overcome by Thuy’s joy at seeing clearly for the first time in his life. As an aspiring documentary photographer, this trip was an incredible opportunity to test my skills with interesting and challenging subject matter. To spend two weeks focusing on a single project greatly improved my skills and my passion for social documentary. It was fantastic to travel with fellow students of Vocational Education, and to see the difference that their skills could make in such a short amount of time. My trip to Vietnam is something I’ll remember fondly for years to come. Thank you to Photo Imaging, Global Mobility, and Jade Cudsworth at Optical Dispensing for giving me this incredible opportunity. Emma Murray emmalouisemurray.com.au

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2016 Shanghai Photo Imaging Study Tour We touched down, 10 weary travellers, onto Chinese soil – finally we were here. The 2016 Shanghai study tour was about to begin. For those of us involved, it was an event that has been in the back of our minds constantly. One of those thoughts that just won’t go away, an itch that needs to be scratched and now it was finally time to scratch that itch and feed that thought. The challenges that once lay ahead were now upon us, the fear of the unknown was about to become real and adrenalin fuelled excitement was at fever pitch. We were here, China, an ancient land steeped in tradition and culture, a land at the forefront of the future and a chance to throw ourselves into something unique and special.

© Rachael van Keulen

The 2016 Photo Imaging study tour is a wonderful opportunity for students to demonstrate their photographic skill and knowledge in an international environment. For the lucky few involved, it is a fantastic opportunity to experience what it is like to work collaboratively and cross culturally with two exciting institutions. The first of these assignments was to be a collaborative project with students from the East China Normal University (ECNU) and the second with a well established and very professional commercial photographic studio called Limelight.   ECNU is a sprawling campus of lush gardens, waterways, facilities and accommodation. A city within the city.  It was here we became aware of our first assignment. 

/  69

© Matt Houston

After a brief 15-minute stroll, we were met by Program Manager (Brand Management), Associate Professor Yonglei Ma and Senior Lecturer Yu Tong, who lead us to a weathered classroom and introduced us to our fellow classmates. After a hyped volley of brief introductions and attempts to speak Mandarin and English, we hear the details of our assignment. A collaborative project between the ECNU graphic design students and RMIT photography students to produce a concept and photograph an image for a commercial magazine cover. An image that captures the concept presented to us. This year there were three delightfully inventive themes. A futuristic, fashion tech magazine all blue and glowing, a Mondrian inspired, geometric fashion shoot and an avant-garde, dreamy fashion cover for an arts lifestyle magazine.

After selecting our desired teams to work with, we grouped off and started working together to source models, make-up, clothing, accessories and props. Our search took us through countless alleys, bustling malls and shopping districts. As we wound through the city, we blended into the Shangalese culture, savoured the smells that filled the streets and the remarkable food and drink and met strange and charming people to practice our new favourite thing to do, speak Mandarin. We researched magazines of all kinds, gathered examples of other work and brought the inspiration with us to set out and produce an image of quality. The studio facilities at ECNU, to put it respectfully, were a little beaten up. Dusty and weathered equipment housed in a sticky humid room that would challenge our ability all the way to the end. After a lot of sweat and tears, we pushed through and produced three undoubtedly compelling images.

70  \

2016 Shanghai Photo Imaging Study Tour

© Jesse Corcoran

© Annemeike Oakes

Early one morning, a few days into the trip, we were summoned to the lobby and set out on the short walk down the road to Limelight Studios. The building that contained the studio was located in a very historic part of town – the building itself heritage listed. Once inside, the building didn’t disappoint. Beautifully refitted in an Art Deco New York loft style. Enormous steel doors, elegant glass staircases and rich hardwood beams set the scene perfectly for an international studio.

On the fourth floor we were greeted by Scott Wright, Executive Director and photographer of Limelight Studios. Scott was very welcoming, friendly but professional with an exceptional memory for details. After a brief introduction from each of us, Scott went on to tell us his story and the story of Limelight. He explained the challenges and rewards of commercial photography in Shanghai before delivering us our second assignment. This time we were asked to explore the juxtaposition of the old and new Shanghai with a technical focus on the use of double exposure. 

/  71

We each had to produce one double exposure image in a square or billboard format. We had 24 hours to submit a proposal for the project with the expectation that we would deliver what we said. Once again, we hit the streets of Shanghai on the hunt for images that showed our interpretation of the old and new. We returned to Limelight Studios to meet Scott again. We displayed our images and Scott gave each of us a thorough critique. We learnt a lot from Scott about what it means to be a commercial photographer and are very grateful for our experience with Limelight Studios. 

© Judah Grubb

The Shanghai study tour allowed us to experience a whole new world and way of thinking. More importantly for us photographers, it was a wonderful opportunity to get close to the photography of another culture, speak with the photographers creating it, visit galleries and photographic museums, work collaboratively with inspiring creatives and most of all, immerse ourselves in an experience that each of us involved will not soon forget. michael borzillo

72  \

Capturing New Academic Street The New Academic Street (NAS) will transform the heart of the city campus by creating new facilities that will enable RMIT to deliver better services to students. As a Work Integrated Learning project, the Diploma of Photo Imaging students were set the task of capturing this transformation by taking photos of the buildings before construction commenced, during the works, and once the areas were completed. Last year, students captured the early stages of construction, while this year they were able to get shots of the project in full swing. Many of these students have also been called on for paid work on the NAS project, capturing events and milestones. The most recent set of photos capture the bleakness of destruction and

© Marcela Ortiz

reconstruction as the major structural work is completed, ready for fit-out to begin. Taking students along the journey during this huge project allows insight into one of the most complicated building projects in Melbourne and provides incredible narrative on the nature of urban transformation, as RMIT works towards breathing new life into its significant city holdings. The NAS project is set to deliver the student hall, new expanded library, food outlets, study spaces, improved laneways and access, as well as multi-level garden facilities in 2017. The NAS project provides a strong foundation for delivering an ever-improving student experience at RMIT’s iconic city campus. THE NEW ACADEMIC STREET TEAM

/  73

Photo Imaging VE (Vocational Education) 2015–2016 Graduate in Residence Program The RMIT Photo Imaging Graduate in Residence program is the result of a successful partnership between RMIT and the photography industry, providing the opportunity for a 12-month residency to graduates of the Diploma of Photo Imaging. Applications for the residency are assessed by industry on the quality of concept, design and the potential for application in learning and teaching. Successful applicants are given access to facilities, support from teachers and mentoring from industry. In return, they demonstrate their work, give lectures and share their practice with current students. At the conclusion of the residence, graduates hold a sponsored exhibition celebrating the success of this program and the work of the recipients. The 2015–2016 Graduates in Residence were Lucy Aulich and Lillie Thompson.

Further to this, at the 2015 End of Year Exhibition, with generous support from Fitzroy Stretches, 2015 graduate Brett Clarke was awarded a prize for printing and framing of a new project. This work was presented alongside our residence exhibition. We sincerely thank the 2015–2016 selection panel; Rob Imhoff, Mike Bannenberg, Tim Turner, David Johns and Bryan Gracey for offering their time and expertise in considering last year’s proposals and selecting the recipients of this award. This exhibition would not exist without the generous support of our industry sponsors. We acknowledge and offer sincere thanks to Fitzroy Stretches, CPL Digital and RMIT for their dedication and support. Finally, we congratulate Lucy Aulich, Lillie Thompson and Brett Clarke the 2015-2016 Graduate in Residence recipients.

© Jesse Corcoran

74  \

Photo Imaging VE (Vocational Education) 2015–2016 Graduate in Residence Program

Lucy Aulich

Artist Bio

The Birthing Project 2016–

Lucy is a World Vision photographer working on major campaigns.

The Birthing Project is a collaborative documentary project curated by Lucy, which delves into the often mystifying and sometimes taboo world of birthing. Lucy has worked alongside World Vision photographers Jon Warren, Narges Gharfary and Annila Harris in Africa, Afghanistan and India to record and highlight the conditions women face during their pregnancies and the access they have to prenatal and antenatal care. This series aims to show the universality of birth as well as the hardship – the cultural, physical and geographic obstacles, and to capture the drama and ritual that surround it.

The Birthing Project is an ongoing series, which will continue to document and bring together the unique birthing stories of woman across different continents. Lucy was the RMIT Photo Imaging Graduate In Residence for 2015-16. lucyaulichphotography@gmail.com Instagram.com/lucyaulichphotography lucyaulichphotography.com

/  75

Lillie Thompson

Artist Bio

Makers and Thinkers

Lillie is a Melbourne-based photographer and assistant, with an affinity for light and a curiosity for character. She uses an editorial/documentary-style approach in her work to tell stories of people, spaces and beauty. In this early stage of her career, Lillie is dedicating her time to assisting and continuing to expand her folio while collaborating with other young creatives.

Lillie’s appreciation of character, space and natural light come together in a series of photo narratives in her personal project titled, Makers and Thinkers. With an editorial approach to portraiture and a love of storytelling, Lillie uses each narrative project to explore the individuality of some of Melbourne’s most treasured creatives. She looks to capture something of their personalities, the spaces they work in and the mesmerisingly beautiful work they create.

+61 403 327 965 Instagram.com/lillie_thompson lilliethompson.com makersandthinkers.com.au

76  \

Photo Imaging VE (Vocational Education) 2015–2016 Graduate in Residence Program

Brett (Banana) Clarke

Artist Bio


Brett, a former concreter, is forging a career in an industry that utilises his creative and artistic flair. While travelling overseas, he discovered his desire to pursue life as a fashion photographer. After graduating RMIT with a Diploma in Photo Imaging (2015), he has jumped into assisting a variety of photographers across many disciplines.

Through the many years I spent as a full-time concreter, two of my best friends and I would always make the mundane workdays go by with some sort of excitement and fun. One of our favourite ways was, and still is, to pretend that when we reach new levels of self-confidence in our lives, our aura colour changes. We would then let our new colours inspire us as we go forward to push our limits even further. Inspired by this, I’ve created an unconventional beauty series of six different ladies who have all reached new levels of confidence in their lives and are in the moments of their auras transforming into new shades.

While gaining as much experience as possible, he is saving to move to London in 2017. He intends to continue assisting over there with big names in high-end photography, constantly building and developing his own style. After gaining valuable experiences throughout the world, he plans to establish himself as a respected and individual photographer. +61 400 341 201 Instagram.com/bananaclarke

/  77

Study Photo Imaging at RMIT VE (Vocational Education) The Certificate IV in Photo Imaging and the Diploma of Photo Imaging are one year, full-time programs.

Why study photography at RMIT VE Photo Imaging?

What will I be studying here in the VE program?

This is a hands-on, practical and contemporary program with a strong commercial and industry focus, where you can build a career in professional photography. The program is widely regarded by industry as producing some of the highest quality photography graduates in Australia. You will work with professional, committed staff and students to produce a series of folios covering a wide range of disciplines. Graduates from the program are industry ready and able to work in the many sectors of the photographic industry as emerging photographers, photographic assistants and digital retouchers.

During the course of your study you will work in varied styles and genres of photography, expanding your ideas, your creative vision and your technical skills to a very high level. These will include image capture (studio and location), digital manipulation, high-end output and photo theory. You will also produce documentary videos, study graphic and online design and publish your own book. The disciplines of photography that are covered during your course of study include commercial, fashion, photojournalism, architecture, advertising, industrial and fine art photography.

Our alumni and students have won multiple photographic awards including a few shortlisted in the Moran Photographic Prize, a recent winner of a national $10,000 Pool Grant for documentary photography and the 2013 National Portrait Prize winner. RMIT VE has also proved to be a successful pathway to the RMIT Bachelor Degree program.

For further information: Selection Officer or Program Administrator Tel. 03 9925 4815 Email: mcvet@rmit.edu.au goo.gl/8vseo9

78  \

Student + Alumni Awards Current Students

Ebony Dennis

Sunstudios 2016 Assistants and Emerging Photographers Awards

Nguyen Dang

Canon/Ted’s Workshop Architecture Category (First place)

Kate Bowman

Solitude 2016 Head On Mobile Prize (Finalist) Emerging Student photographer (Runner Up)

Matt Houston

View Bug – Bokeh and the Night Photo Contest (Finalist)

/  79


Emma Murray

Ted with his memories 2016 Perth Centre for Photography – Iris Award (Finalist)

Sam Costin

Capture Magazine – Australia’s Top Emerging Sport Photographer for 2016 (Winner)

Jessie DiBlasi

Sunday Breakfast, Deniliquin Aero Club 2016 Head On Mobile Prize (Finalist) Subway, 2016 MAMA National Photography Prize (Finalist)

Andrew Kelly

New York Press Photographers Association Shadow in the Flag 2016 Pictorial Category (2nd Place)

Chop-Chop 2016 Feature Category (3rd Place)

Caped Commuter 2016 Face of New York Category (Honorary Mention)

80  \

Graduate Profiles Jaimi Chisholm (Graduated 2012) I have recently returned from a threemonth solo trip around the USA, and Canada, shooting portfolio work in adventure photography. I met willing athletes as I traveled and lived out of a little van. Photographing downhill skateboarding, aerial silks and whitewater kayaking, I happened to find myself in ideal situations, while continuing a project documenting Olympic athlete Ashleigh Gentle’s ongoing campaign in Triathlon. In the last year I’ve worked with various sporting bodies, and have covered events such as the Australian Open,

Spring Racing and Melbourne Fashion Festival, while assisting on an advertising campaign for Nikon Singapore. I’m studio manager at a co-working art and design space in Cremorne, where my current focus is shooting more sport, assisting less and looking ahead to pursuing events such as the 2018 Winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games. instagram.com/jaimi_joy jaimijoy.com

/  81

Sam Costin (Graduated 2014) After a mountain bike crash in Whistler, Canada, I thought, ‘I might take up photography’. Then, during two weeks exploring Whistler through a haze of pain medication, point & shoot camera in hand, I was hooked. I went all in, applying to the best course in Australia and later graduating in 2014. Studying at RMIT was an eye-opening experience for me as the passion of the teachers fueled an expectation to strive for excellence no matter what you wanted to shoot. The practical application of the learning objectives matched perfectly with my hands-on approach to learning new skills.

As a direct result of the RMIT student network, I started assisting photographers during my time studying, which was chaotic at times balancing the two but also prepared me for the fast-paced industry I’m now emerged in. instagram.com/samuel_costin samuelcostin.com

82  \

Graduate Profiles

Emily Delphine (Graduated 2014) Hi I’m Emily Delphine, I currently live in New York and shoot for Vogue… I’m obviously kidding, but who knows what could happen in 10-20 years from now. I graduated from RMIT in 2014 and since then have not stopped trying to push my way into the fashion photography industry. I’ve had so many amazing opportunities since 2014 and met so many incredible creatives that I am lucky enough to call some of my closest

friends. This career has taken me around Australia and overseas. I’m so happy that back in 2011, sixteen-year-old Emily said to her parents ‘Guys, I want to be a photographer’, because I do not regret it for one minute and can’t wait to see what exciting things the future will bring. emily@emilydelphine.com.au instagram.com/emilydelphine_ photography

/  83

Gabi Hughes (Graduated 2015) Studying Photo Imaging at RMIT, I felt at home in the studio working on still life projects, and even more so retouching in Photoshop. I was awarded Best Commercial Photographer for my folio series of quirky adverts of popular alcohol brands that combined a love for compositing and high-end advertising. I graduated with a passion for retouching and an interest in making it my profession.

I went on to work as an assistant for various photographers, and as a freelance retoucher at a Melbourne studio specialising in high volume fashion images for online sales. In March 2016 I got a call from Hell Studios, who offered me a full-time retouching position after having seen my graduate folio. Hell Studios is a commercial advertisement studio consisting of a kick-arse team of producers, photographers and retouchers. They’re all awesome human beings who contribute to a great work culture. I’m forever grateful for all the opportunities that RMIT and its amazing, supportive teachers have given me. My first year out of RMIT has been incredible and I cannot wait for what the next few have in store. instagram.com/ gabriellehughesimaging gabriellehughesimaging.com

Photographer: Chris Daile Retoucher: Gabrielle Hughes

84  \

Short Courses in Photography at RMIT Learn the art of photography, further develop your photographic skills and build a standout portfolio by enrolling in one of our short courses in 2017. Introduction to Photography Technical and Aesthetic – Level 1 Introduction to Photography Technical and Aesthetic – Level 2 People and Portrait Photography Contemporary Travel Photography Food Photography Photojournalism Photoshop Introduction The Fundamental Elements for Digital Photography Photoshop Advanced Specialist Techniques for Digital Photography Courses are scheduled regularly throughout the year. Also keep an eye on our website for new photography courses in 2017. For further information and enrolments please call +61 3 9925 8111 or visit www.shortcourses.rmit.edu.au

Teacher Profile – BRYCE DUNKLEY

Introduction to Photography

Bryce Dunkley has operated a professional photography studio for more than 25 years with extensive experience in portrait, wedding and commercial photography. He has photographed and published three top-selling books about Victoria’s picturesque Mornington Peninsula. Bryce is engaged as an official photographer for the Victoria Racing Club, which includes a detailed brief for the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Bryce is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), has won awards for his photography and has participated in several solo and group exhibitions. Bryce is also a highly qualified teacher. He has established and taught numerous short courses in photography at RMIT. His latest coffee table book, The Great Ocean Road, Sea Breeze and Surf was released in late 2015. brycedunkley.com idespublishing.com

/  85

Short Course Student Work

Michael Borzillo (Intro to Photography, Level 1)

Tiffany Garvie (People and Portrait)

Jamie Dale (People and Portrait)

Philip Boorman (Intro to Photography, Level 2)

86  \

Thank You The graduating students would like to offer their thanks and appreciation for the support and assistance of many different people, both throughout the two years of our studies and during the last months in making this exhibition possible:


Kiki Rasic Rai Kurosawa Sandra Nguyen Claire McIvor Lucie Stauff Claire Melhuish Chloe Rose Tanaka Alexandra Connie Da Yun Lee Emma Schnell Erika Polianskyte Huynh


Courtney Bartaby Guy Vadas Sophia Ast Yaowaluck Jamcharoen Yanaphan Jamcharoen Supawit Akkasintawangkul Cooper Thomas Fennell Emma Håkansson Ryan De NobregaLynn Caitlyn McMahone Lottie Aaron Grace SongRichardson Terri Leigh Jacobsen

Hana Schlesinger Sasha Nicole Smith Lora Smith Joseph Tactay Bridie Coggan Maeve Mortimer Olivia Rose Boland Georgia Bennett Murphy Lilly Porter Zoe Steiner Indigo Hunt Teresa Myers Jiji Hannan Jennifer Foster Luke Toniolo Harrison Luna Stephanie Rogulic Nicole and Lisa Mitrov Stella Silagy Jonathan Castillo Alena Chanthery Cammy Lu Nadia Luther Sunny Brearley Nikita Steinohrt Rachael Van Keulen Pieta Fazio Clare Whitehall Nat Dubrown Fleur Chambers Sarah Hunter

Pip Lane Juan Yan Martine Oglethorpe Heather Anders Hilary Kleinig Kristen Vaughan Simone Scicchitano Karen Dobie Imelda Yalcin Anna Whitehall Fatuma Olow Sky Thomas Joshua Norbury Peg Sanders Jacinta Guadiano Kinsey Hu Gabby Web Bebe Sia Dragovitch Miko Kovacevic Mary Khalifah Jaimee-Lee Lincoln Khina Rughoonauth Rut Sareewat Elle Zurek Meaghan Jamieson Emily Ziccone of “The Nonsense Maker” Ameena Payne


Nguyen Dang Jasper Chan Hendy Saputra Nicole Squelch Rosemary Rossi Stella Rambitan Guy Barton Nynno Bel-Air Scott Blamey Luke Donegan Holly Tumblety Zhiman Zhang Deshia Yulian Teng Dong Ennis RowlandWood Renee Dellit Jasper Chan Thomas James Kalogianis Rebecca Harmer Michael Borzillo Rachael Van Keulen Lynn Corcoran Paul Johnstone Madeleine Burke Damien Hinds Onur Ciftci Anneliese Henjak Marcela Oritz Catherine Bakker Jesse Corcoran

/  87

Lucy Hunt Matt Thumpston Dafina Trifunoski Ashleigh Hills Robyn Rowland Yawittha Raungturakit Pensiri Sattathum

Industry Thanks


BRONCOLOR Claude Bron Urs Recher

Sasha Beekman Julia Bourne Jonathon Chee Maxine Gatt Angelique Gouvas Madeleine Hall David Heslin Samantha Kodila Helen Macleod Chloe MatthewsProsser Antonietta Melideo Alessandro Pennini Thomas Stephen Dieter Tieman Chalise Van Wyngaardt Elise Hassett Nicolette Russian Nicky Heaney Netta Steinburger

Stylists/Designers Justin Compton Molly Slack David Edney Mo Jia Stella Budihardjo Gemma Smith Andrew Voeurn Saarrah Akoojee Amy Landman Erika Polianskyte Huynh

SUNSTUDIOS Andrew Miller Rod Shaw Michelle Tuddenham David Leyshon Erika Kelly

Canon Paul Stewart Tony Steele Kim Noakes Nada Naim

TED’S Teresa Marino Nulab Michael Warshall Irwin & McLaren Andrew Nunns BORGE’S IMAGING Borge Anderson Frances Sergi NIKON Julie Kimpton Melissa O’Brien Fuji Kevin Cooper

Adeal Peter Iorlano Matthew Harper

Impact Digital Heath Nankervis Stuart Smith

KAYELL Robert Gatto Scott Squires Michael Marlborough

Phase one Denmark Peter Marshall

EPSON Bruce Williams CPL DIGITAL Bryan Gracey Darren Rokkor FITZROY STRETCHES Michael Falkland Jill Falkland BLUE TREE STUDIOS Joseph Feil Saville Coble MICHAELS Peter Michael Cameron Levett Matt Gee Tom Kinkel Tony Menz

Specular Rory Shinners Michael Griffiths Profoto Sweden The Photo Studio Fitzroy Monster + Bear Studios Kayzar Bhathawalla L1 STUDIOS Christian Blanchard Dean Drieberg Ours Creative Studio and Space Sean Hastings AIPP Randal Armstrong

HEARTFELT Gavin Blue Adrienne Gilligan C.R. KENNEDY & COMPANY Damon Rulach FRM Models Asia Pacific Photobook Archive Daniel Boetker Smith CCP HILLVALE David Johns Hiroyoshi Nagami Camera repairs Sally Brownbill David Amos Rob Walker Sally Davey Dr Michael Coyne Rob Imhoff Jacqueline DiBlasi Silvi Glattauer Stacy Mehrfar Alice Hutchison Emma Murray Alex Reinders Jack Hawkins Daniel Hassett Ian Lloyd Luis Ascui Megan Lewis Rocco Ancora Matthew Abbott Gabi Hughes Dan Zhou Ruth Clifford Brett Clarke Lucy Aulich Lillie Thompson

88  \

Acknowledgements The 2016 RMIT Diploma of Photo Imaging End of Year Exhibition celebrates the passion and creative endeavours of the students. The staff acknowledge the hard work and dedication of each student across their chosen discipline. Congratulations to all of you! Thanks to the Photo Imaging teaching staff for their hard work and continued support: Eddie Javier, Rob Gale, Naomi Herzog, Guy Little, Bryce Dunkley, Jessie DiBlasi, James Maher and Johnathon Iliopoulos. The staff and students would also like to give thanks to our sessional team: Andrew Gash, Deborah Dorman, Rob Lawler, Michelle Jarni, Alex Joseski, Arrayah Loynd, Nuwan Rohitha, Peter McDonald, Martin Reftel, Keren Dobia and Tim Turner. We thank them for their great support across the year. Sincere thanks for the valued contributions of our Professional Advisory Committee and to all the guest speakers and industry practitioners who generously gave their time and shared their stories and experiences with our students. We also extend thanks to the organisations and sponsors that foster and support the students throughout their studies and beyond. For the continued support and encouragement of collaborative projects within Photo Imaging, we would like to thank Sam Falanga from Visual Communication, Stephanie Holt and Penny Johnson from Professional Writing and Editing and Kelly Bosman, Janeene Payne and the team from the New Academic Street Project. Finally, the staff and students thank RMIT Management, in particular: Professor Dr. Martyn Hook, Lliam Freeman, Rowan Humphrey, Stephen Skok, and Laetitia Shand. We also thank the RMIT Administration team: Maya Khoury, Dalida Elias, Josiane Mueller, Adam Lovell, Raffaella Parlato and special thanks to Kim Wright for all of their support. Project Manager Jessie DiBlasi produced by Emma Woods

Copy Editors Nicolette Russian Nicky Heaney Netta Steinburger

Sponsors Principal Sponsors

Exhibition Sponsors

RMIT Diploma of Photo Imaging 2016 End of Year Exhibition RMIT Design Hub Building 100, Level 3 Corner Victoria and Swanston Streets Carlton VIC 3053 November 22nd – December 3rd 2016 Opening Night Thursday 24th November 2016, 6pm – 8pm Opening Hours Mon – Fri, 10am – 5pm Sat, 11am – 4pm

goo.gl /8vseo9 rmitphotography

Profile for RMIT Photo Imaging

Rmit Photo Imaging Catalogue 2016  

Rmit Photo Imaging Catalogue 2016