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Editor’s Letter



ove, is probably the greatest driving force behind our existence on this planet. From farmers to lawyers, from doctors to poets,

from businessmen to photographers, every one of us yearns for a bit of love. We embark on great journeys to find love and do things because of love; yet we are unable to verbalize the full meaning of love because it is so grand and beyond the capacity of human language. Still, we know it exists in the material form of enduring masterpieces of art, lofty actions and the intangible form of human emotions. There are different kinds of love and each of us experiences them in varying degrees and polarized perspectives. There is altruistic love between close family members that almost all of us are fortunate enough to have experienced. There is platonic love between friends, and there is that romantic love between two people which we are all in the pursuit of. No matter what kind of love it is, the state of being in love or even out of love brings us an array of emotions that differentiates humans from other species. Love gives us joy and fulfillment. It engages and connects people

ever gets to experience love in its entirety, but just a piece of love is

around the world. It shelters us from the more cruel and challeng-

enough to make the journey worthwhile.

ing side of life. Love is sharing and giving. Love is romance and lust. At the same time, love can bring out the worst in us. Love reveals

In this edition, we explore the most talked about and yet very

our deepest darkest secrets. Love unleashes the anger and fear that

private topic of our everyday life. From “singledom” to extreme bliss

we try so hard to conceal. Love is the apparent proof of human’s

to heartbreaks, these are the facets of love that have crossed our

selfishness and jealousy. Love can take you from heaven to hell in

paths. You might find yourself in the same shoes, you might not, but

a matter of minutes. Whatever forms it takes, love allows us to live

we hope you like what we share.

this exhilarating yet extreme and very humane part of life. No-one

trang Dao Thu Trang


F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 4


14 05| Campus Report

15| Entertainment Recommended Albums about Love

08| Cover Story Love in Other Shapes

16| Entertainment Worth-the-visit Cafes in Hanoi

10| Trivial Fun Facts about Love & Sex

17| Fashion Couple Outfits: The Perfect Match

11| Tips How to Get a Girl on Facebook

18| Perspective To The Girl Who Said It First

12| Character of The Month A Real Life Fairytale

20| Perspective Money vs Honey

14| Entertainment Movies for Lovers

22| Tips Ways to Mend a Broken Heart







“We can do no great things, only small things with great love” ( Mother Theresa )



Seven of these eminent students, who have enrolled in Professional Communication, Business and Commerce programs in Hanoi campus, come from four prestigious high schools: Foreign Language Specialized School, Hanoi – Amsterdam, Nguyen Hue, and Marie Curie.

n the solemn but inviting atmosphere of the Hanoi Opera House on November 26th, 404 students and their friends, families gathered to celebrate the long-awaited event of their university life – Graduation Day.

n the last semester of 2013, RMIT University Vietnam awarded twenty-two full undergraduate scholarships for students from diverse geographical backgrounds.

Black and white graduation gowns, red stripes of RMIT logos, flowers and banners coloured the Hall of Hanoi Opera House. The hustle and bustle of chatter and laughter, the clicking of camera shuttle, and the unspoken happiness and pride of the graduates and their families and friends created a unique symphony that perhaps Hanoi Opera House only experiences once a year, on this very day. Volunteers in ao dai and suits all fulfilled their assigned tasks to make sure that the ceremony ran smoothly. They know that when it is their turn to graduate, their friends would do the same for them. For our graduates, the end of their journey at RMIT marked the beginning of a longer, tougher journey towards success and happiness. This road will not be paved with gold but they will always have the support from their family, friends and RMIT. Congratulations to all graduates! We wish you all the best for your future! Take one step at a time but give it all of your passion.

Number of Graduated Students in 2013 - Hanoi Campus 1. Bachelor of Commerce: 212 2. Bachelor of Business (Accountancy): 59 3. Bachelor of Business (Eco & Finance): 15 4. Diploma of Commerce: 118 5. Graduate Certificate: 12

The Scholarship Award Ceremonies took place at these high schools in November to honour the winners and encourage excellent high school students of the next generations to enrol in RMIT. Nine current students were also granted scholarships for their impressive achievements. The scholarship winners were selected on the basis of exceptional academic performance, demonstration of strong leadership and community engagement. Through this annual support, RMIT has created opportunities for outstanding Vietnamese students with a passion for learning to pursue their chosen fields of studies regardless of their financial status.

February 2014 | 05





o celebrate Teacher’s Day 2013, RMIT’s Marketing Department held a creative contest from 18th November to 30th November for highschool and RMIT students. Participants had submit creative works on different formats (articles, poems, drawings, videos…) to show their gratitude towards their teachers.

The judges awarded the four most creative and impressive entries: The Most Voted prize went to Vu Quang Huy of Economics & Finance Student Association for his poem “Flowers love the Sun” The Third prize went to Daisy Veronica Bradley’s delightful comics. The Second prize was awarded to Ngoc Ngok for her piece of writing “Lang Thuong _ and you and I” about the teachers and mothers who changed her life.

Finally, a group of male students from class 12I5 of Marie Curie High School won the First prize for their skilfully choreographed dance video. The video was dedicated to their teacher, Ms. Ho Thu Hien.

06 | February 2014

his January, Student Council HN teamed up with Student Engagement Support Group (SESG) to organize a Charity Trip to Huong Thuong Primary School in the remote area of Thai Nguyen province.

The team, which comprised of student volunteers and staff from RMIT Hanoi, set out to provide better facilities for children and teachers of the primary school and give out Tet presents for the poor province.

Preparation for the trip started as early as in December. A fundraising event was organized in front of the library where students could purchase Christmas cards and cookies to donate for the children. On 20th January 2014, the team arrived at Huong Thuong Primary School and handed out hundreds of books and educational equipments to the children. Scholarships were awarded to high-performing pupils. Teachers of the school also attended a medical training session to better attend to their students.

The trip was a success as it lit up the poor primary school with smiles and joy and touched the hearts of many of those involved.



n 22nd November 2013, the Professional Communication (Prof Comm) Club celebrated the first birthday of the Professional Communication Programme in Hanoi by hosting a party at The Kafe, 18 Dien Bien Phu Str. Hanoi.

It was an opporunity for these seniors to create memories with friends in their last moments of college life. After overcoming tough challenges, from finding hints to getting the direction, to jumping ropes after standing in a big bucket of ice, the first team to reach the final station was staff of Sport and Recreation Room on level 5 at RMIT.

The R Team surprisingly consisted of former executive members of RMIT Event Club. The team won a trip to Danang worth up to 100,000,000VND. Many vouchers at R’n’B Fitness Centre were also given to the participants of the race.


O It was a chance for students from Prof Comm and other programs to meet up, have fun and strengthen the Prof Comm spirit. Performances from Music Club warmed up the venue and brought everyone closer together. Participants, including Prof Comm lecturers enjoyed food, drinks and conversations together.

n Saturday 14th December 2013, RMIT students and their families filled up the seats at Cong Nhan Theater to enjoy RMIT Music Club’s Finals for StaЯRmit 2013. The showcase of talent from our acts (which included beat boxing, magic tricks, belly dancing to singing and dancing) has proven to the panel of celebrity judges that not only are we hardworking students but RMIT students are also uniquely talented individuals.

After the Prof Comm birthday cake was presented, lecturers and students danced together in a cozy and cheerful atmosphere. It was a fun time for both students and lecturers. The Professional Communication program has been running for 6 years in Saigon Campus but was only introduced in Hanoi in 2012. The program is expecting its first batch of graduates in 2014.



n 17th November 2013, Event Club proudly presented RMIT Amazing Race – an exciting competition with big prizes. 10 teams signed up for the race, most of whom were last semester students.

With incredible performances from all 12 contenders as well as our guest musical guests: saxophonist Quyen Van Minh, American R&B singer David C. Murray and accordionist Tran Quoc Thuy, every members of the audience had an entertaining and memorable night. The title of StaЯRmit 2013 was awarded to Bui Phan Anh and Nguyen Hoang Minh. The duo wowed audience and judges alike with their original song “I Don’t”. The victory came as no surprise as they had received standing ovation and praises from all judges. Other winners were Pham Thuy Duong who received the Judge’s Favorite Act Prize and Tran Minh Trang who won the Most Voted Prize.

February 2014 | 07


Love in Other Shapes - written by Phong nguyen -


nce again it is that time of the year, the dreaded period between Tet and Valentine’s Day. It is during this period that single people like you and I become most conscious of our “singledom”. This is when family members all start fussing about your relationship status and when all your nonsingle friends look to flaunt their boyfriends/girlfriends for the entire world to see. You are sad, you’re lonely and you’re oh-so-desperate. But take heart, you are single, not dying. If being single were a medical affliction, I would be a terminal case. I would have to take daily pills by the dozen with doctors watching over me 24/7 just for the sake of science! Alas, and thankfully, being single is not a medical problem, and just like that we are perfectly fine. It has become a part of Eastern culture that we like to ask only two questions: what do you do for a living and are you in a relationship? One side obsessed with families and off-springs and one with the juvenile idea of “love”, it seems unfathomable to them that you don’t have what they have. They see you as a sad puppy, pawing at their feet for a taste of that “love”. Why aren’t you eating?! Why aren’t you dating someone!? The people in your lives demand to know why!

“You are sad, you’re lonely and you’re oh-so-desperate. But take heart, you are single, not dying.”

Hardly any of my conversations with friends or family does not steer to the topic of dating. Who is dating who? Why isn’t that person dating that person? What is the newest dramatic event in A’s relationship with B? And then the spotlight falls on me and it is that darn question again: Why are you still single? I

08 | February 2014

have become so familiar with this routine that I have almost managed to not roll my eyes each time it comes up. Everyone is obsessed with relationships. Worse, everyone is obsessed with other people’s relationships. But listening to them talk I realize they really do believe that “love” is THAT important. What they fail to realize is that being single is not necessarily a bad or life-threatening affliction. It only seems that way because the idea that only a significant other would complete you was planted in your head from a young age (in between learning about where poop goes and why water is wet).

“Everyone is obsessed with relationships. Worse, everyone is obsessed with other people’s relationships.”

Everything from books, movies, TV dramas to your favorite songs tell you that romantic “love” was the be-all and end-all. Everywhere you would see the story of boy meets girl, of the true love’s kiss and of happily ever after. Children would then come to the conclusion that if mommy and daddy did not find each other in the throes of passion, they would just be another failure of a human being. This is similar to what psychologist would call “gaslighting”. When we are told something enough times, whether they are true or not, we will come to believe it. And in this case we have come to believe the socially constructed idea, that love would dignify us, exalt us, that a relationship is critical to our adult existence. While the idea of “true love” is slowly being deconstructed nowadays, most still believe in that deeply rooted notion. I’m not saying love is bad. On the contrary,

love is great; and we all should all make love our goal. But love exists in all shapes and forms. They can all bring you happiness make the journey worthwhile. Do not over-emphasized romantic love and turn other important platonic relationships into watered down version of it.

“Think of this as a chance to value friendship and family, to adjust and better yourself”

The reality of the situation is that there is nothing wrong with being a free agent. Do not be sad and remember that being alone doesn’t mean you’re going to be lonely. You might not have a boyfriend/ girlfriend, but surely you have a long list of friends and family members who can shower you with a stronger, longlasting kind of love. Do not blindly enter something you’re not ready for simply to not be single. Think of this as a chance to value friendship and family, to adjust and better yourself. It is not termed as selfish but of personal development. Because to make others happy, you have to first make yourself happy. Then when you are happy, really happy, you would radiates that happiness and love will come your way like moth attracted to the light. You cannot force love, and whenever you are really desperate, just remember that quote from Mulan: “When the late blossom blooms, it will be the most beautiful of all.” So the next time you’re judged for being single, or turn up a quizzical eyebrow when you meet someone that is, just remember they did not just tell you that they only had a week to live. As for me…I am broke AND single. I have got real problems. Cue Beyoncé Single Ladies.

Love is great, and we all should all make love our goal. But love exists in all shapes and forms. They can all bring you happiness and make the journey worthwhile.

February 2014 | 09


- written by Jack Jack -

13 IS THE LUCKY NUMBER According to some scientists, people are recommended to fall in love at least a dozen times before getting married.

BEING IN LOVE IS TERRIFIED? Love exerts the same stress on your body as deep fear. Maybe a horror movie is all you need for Valentine’s Day

YOU THINK YOU KNOW ALL ABOUT ROSES? Roses are a traditional symbol of love and, depending on their color, can suggest different nuances of love. For example, red roses indicate passion and true love. Light pink suggests desire, passion, and energy; dark pink suggests gratitude. Yellow roses can mean friendship or jealousy. A lavender or thorn-less rose can mean love at first sight. White roses mean virtue or devotion.

VENA AMORIS According to ancient Greek, the left ring finger is known to have the vein of love called “Vena Amoris”, which connects directly to the heart. That’s why the wedding ring is worn on that finger.

APPLE, THE SYMBOL OF LOVE Since ancient Greece, apple has been a symbol of love. The Celts believed that apple represented love because it lasted so long after being picked.

THE MORE YOU DRINK, THE BETTER EVERYONE LOOKS. People are more attractive to a drunk person. So instead of chocolate and roses, Vodka might help you get a date for Valentine’s Day.

ANCIENT WISDOM Men in love show more activities in the visual part of the brain, while women in love show more activities in the other part that governs memory. SHOCKING STATS When you’re reading this, there are approximately 100 million couples having sex at the same time.

ONE KISS A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY Men who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer than those who don’t.

WHAT KIND OF KISSERS ARE YOU? 65% of people tilt their heads to the right when kissing instead of the left.

DOLPHIN HAS MORE FUN Dolphin is the only species having sex for fun besides human.

7-SECOND RULE? It’s a myth that men think about sex every seven seconds.

THINK MEN ARE EASY? Even though men could be easy in choosing someone to have a one-night-stand, they become pickier than women when it comes to choosing a lifetime partner.

10 | February 2014

SWORD FIGHTING, ANYONE? When men of Australia’s Walibri tribe greet each other, they shake penises instead of hands.


How to Get a Girl on Facebook :> - written by TA -

Single and looking for someone?

New Paint For Your Wall

Now that you have all the friends that you need, it’s time to update your news

Why not take advantages of your Face-

Next stop, take care of your Facebook

feed and see who your friends are inter-

book page? I’m talking about the simple

wall. Be careful with what you post on

acting with. If you lay eyes on someone,

concept of “friends of friends”. It means

Facebook. I got this friend who fre-

leave a witty reply to her comment; en-

that because of that little “something in

quently Facebooks about half-naked girls

gage her in an interesting conversation.

common”, she might be less wary of you.

and such. Although he is far from being

Let’s face it: It is kinda weird if you just

a player in real life, he annoys A LOT

Or your can ask your friend for a little

meet some strange girl and say “Hey, I’m

of girls because of that and even worse,

introduction. You could say something

excited about you, let’s go on a date!”.

they all think he is an immature idiot.

like, “Hey, I think your friend Trang on

But with smart and funny comments on

So guys, a girl do not want to hear about

Facebook is cute. Do you think you could

Facebook, you might just easily sweep

you hitting on another girl, just like you

introduce us?” Simple, straight-forward,

that girl off her feet.

do not want to know about the guy who

and not creepy at all.

Here are a couple tips to make a big im-

flirted with her last night.

A Friend Request

pression (on a pretty small budget).

Make Friends Hide all your creepy, dirty pics (right now!)

When she knows who you are, send her Now, dig up all the sources possible,

a friend request. Remember: Do not poke

from your primary school to your

her. You are not 8 years old. Now that

Delete (or hide) them all, quick! Sure it’s

university. Become their friends on

you guys are friends, you can easily talk

fun to look at these photos, remembering

Facebook and you might as well find

to her. If she is open and friendly, ask her

all the good times with your friends do-

that special, cute girl in their friend lists.

out for a cup of coffee sometime.

ing fun, gross, heck-you-only-live-once

Kinda creepy and stalker-ish? She will

stuff, but is it going to look the same to

never have to know.

the rest of the world? Believe me, drunk, shirtless selfies are not as very appealing

Friends of Friends

to women as you think.

February 2014 | 11




- written by Linh My -


Pham Cong Th


DOB: 28/12/19 – Capricorn

helor of Graduated: Bac keting) Commerce (Mar n with Distinctio Phillip MorOccupation: at ris g especially Hobbies: eatin eling for chocolate, mod l Giang, foosbal

Pham Thuy

Linh Giang

DOB: 29/11 /1992 – Sagittarius

Graduated: Bach Commerce (M elor of arketing) wit h Distinction Occupation : private Eng lish teacher at ho me Hobbies: ba king, cookin g, taking photo graphs, foosb all

12 | February 2014

Hi Giang and Thanh, what’s your first impression of each other? Cong Thanh: I saw her on Facebook and her radiant smile caught my eye. Coincidently, the following semester, which was my second and her third one, we had Logistics together and things just happened, right sweetheart? Linh Giang: The first time I saw him, I mistook him for another friend of mine from middle school. But we really did attend the same middle school! Cong Thanh: That’s quite mundane. (sigh) Linh Giang: Actually, it was his smile, too. He seemed quite arrogant at first but I realized through his smile that he was very gentle… => Smiles really do bring people together. So let’s smile more often!

Who first admitted their feelings and how? Cong Thanh: I was. We were out for beefsteak to celebrate an exam. I was quite shy about it and there was nothing very special. It was not like we had a candle-lit dinner or something (laugh). Linh Giang: Then we hugged. That was it! The end. => Cute enough!

How did your friends and family take the news? Cong Thanh: Our parents were super supportive. It took me 6 months and Giang a year to officially meet them. As for our friends, teasing us became their daily habit. At the Summer Night prom when we slow-danced together, they all pointed and laughed. Linh Giang: They even asked if I was the one Thanh rode home every day. Perhaps because they were all single at that time, though by now some are married already!

Could you list a few good and bad things of the other? Cong Thanh: Giang is so stubborn. She never listens to anyone. But good thing is she’s understanding and thoughtful. Sometimes when I’m drunk; I go to her house for a nap and she takes good care of me. Also her cooking is awesome, and I love to eat. Linh Giang: He can be ambiguous. He always beats around the bush, never goes straight to the point. Cong Thanh: Only because she is always jealous… Linh Giang: He is so slow. Once, I asked him to whisk the eggs while I bake. Then I found him combing his hair and watching TV. Or if he tells me that he’s picking me up at 9, usually it

means half past 9. And if he is hungry he gets very grumpy. That grumpy face only disappears when he has some food (laugh). Cong Thanh: I just need to eat! Linh Giang: The good thing is that he is caring and honest.

What do you do when the other gets mad? Cong Thanh: (laughs) She’s always angry. I’m not. Linh Giang: You are. You always go crazy when you lose “Tetris”. If he gets mad then I get mad, too. Cong Thanh: I’d buy her a gift, even after a working day or at 9 pm.

What would you change about the other? Cong Thanh: Be less stubborn and jealous. You shouldn’t worry so much, sweetheart. Linh Giang: He should be more straightforward and not presume things. Otherwise, I will get mad.

How do you sustain your relationship?

Cong Thanh: Nothing. Linh Giang: It’s not about what we do; it’s just we believe in each other. Cong Thanh: If you have to do anything, then you shouldn’t continue that relationship. Really :) => Good advice!

Any problems with the relationship being publicized on Facebook? Linh Giang: I think that we are just sharing our happiness, our memories … Cong Thanh: There’s no problem. And if we argue, we wouldn’t do it on Facebook. Linh Giang: When I visit Facebook and see my friends happy, it makes me happy too. I just hope everyone who visits my Facebook feels the same.

Fondest memory together? Cong Thanh: Summer Night prom. Linh Giang: When he first made me a gift, before our first trip to Sapa. It was a light bulb with chocolate inside… That was so romantic.


How long have you been in love? -892 days

Last trip together? -Co To

Favorite movie?

-How I Met Your Mother and Les Miserables

Favorite food?

-Home-made pizza, mì vằn thắn, fried chicken Would you do this all over again? -Of course.

Wishes for Valentine to all RMIT students:

First, don’t fail. Second, let’s fall in love! February 2014 | 13



forlovers - written by Phong Nguyen -


“Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.”

“And I will never, never again run away from life. Or from love.”

This epic tale has it all: Fencing. Fighting. True love. Hate. Bad men. Good men. Beautiful ladies. Beasts of all natures and descriptions. Brave men. Coward men. Strong men. Passion. Death. Miracles. A true classic for both comedy and romance. Filled with light-hearted fun, and great performances from the entire cast. Also, it has kissing in it.

An enchanting reworking of the Cinderella story with Hollywood legend Audrey Hepburn as the titular Sabrina. The film tells a familiar story, but with such humor and charm that Sabrina remains a romantic gem after nearly 60 years. An ideal choice for a classic date night.

BEGINNERS (2010) THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB (2007) You can’t talk romance without mentioning Jane Austen. The movie follows six book club members as they go through all six Jane Austen books and how it affects their life. A feelgood movie that truly celebrates reading and how literature can really counsel us in matters of love. Perfect for settling down next to, just like a good book.

14 | February 2014

“Here is simple and happy. That’s what I meant to give you” A comedy/drama about how funny and transformative life can be, even at its most serious moments. The story follows Oliver (Ewan McGregor) as he meets the unpredictable Anna (Mélanie Laurent) shortly after two announcements from his elderly father: that he has terminal cancer, and that he has a male lover. Deeply personal, Beginners is a story about love: both familial and romantic, both gay and straight.





- written by Dao Ha -

Little broken hearts

Norah Jones

It is pretty entertaining to muse over your bittersweet memories on Valentine’s Day. In her 5th solo album, Little broken hearts, Norah Jones expresses her feelings after a split up; liberated by the separation yet not quite ready to let it go. Following closely her own psychological matters, she added dimension to the album’s cheerful moments (“Happy Pills,” “Say Goodbye”) by occasionally sad songs as “She’s 22” and “Miriam”. Norah’s music never sinks in emotionally at the beginning, but it’s worth listening carefully to explore a girl-in-love’s pour-out.

Chet Baker Sings

Chet Baker

Long known as a trumpeter, Chet Baker’s singing made quite a bold entrance when his first vocal album Chet Baker Sings was released in 1956. With a voice as delicate and free as his trumpet skills, he blew a jazzy hazy air to 14 classic love songs such as “Time after time”, “My funny Valentine”. The spacious musical setting: a simple trumpet and piano-bass-drums rhythm section, is perfect for Baker’s low-key style. In a sense, he has made melancholia both so tempting and addictive.

First love


Yiruma’s second album First Love is just as the title suggests: a collection of 15 piano ballads that tells a love story from a beginning to an end. It begins with passion, excitement and sometimes hesitation, with “Maybe” or “River flows in you”. Then the pace grows slowly, heightening the forlorn mood in “When the love falls”. Meanwhile “Till I Find You” and “Farewell” find a middle ground that reconciles the melancholy and the uplifting moments into a feeling of guarded optimism. Despite occasional touches of loneliness, Yiruma has depicted a failed romance with his stunning melodies in an honest and hopeful manner.

Love songs

The Beatles

You never need to immerse yourself into slow-paced, sentimental serenades to get in the mood of Valentine’s Day. The Beatles’ Love songs is an epic album composed of many great songs that made the band a global phenomenon, such as “I want to hold your hand”, “Hey Jude” and “All you need is love”. Their spontaneity hardly fails to capture any listener, driving you electric with funky rock-and-rolls then dropping you fall with simple, authentic heartfelt ballads. “The album has the feeling of love and that’s why the title is Beatles LOVE,” added Yoko Ono Lennon, “They have let everything that is beautiful and daring come out.”

February 2014 | 15


Worth-The-Visit Cafes in Hanoi - written by Ha Bui -

Manzi Art space & Bar

Joma Bakery Café

Cosa Nostra

#14 Phan Huy Ich, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

#28 Tong Duy Tan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

#24 Tong Dan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Manzi is the newest addition to the

The third bakery and café in the Joma col-

The stylish and trendy Cosa Nostra has just

independent art space and café scene

lection in Vietnam has recently opened.

opened on January 2014. Located between

in Hanoi. Tucked away in a quite lane

Situated in an old French villa on Hanoi’s

the luxurious street of Ly Thai To with

near Quan Thanh Street, this elegant and

food street, Joma #28 Tong Duy Tan is

high-end brands such as Gucci, Milano and

sophisticated art space and café housed

very easy to spot. With its classic and

the quiet and ancient street of Tong Dan,

in a charming French villa, has been the

prominent brownness of the furniture

Cosa Nostra brings out a very different

setting for countless paintings and art

and decorations, the café generates a

look for the area. The main colors of the

exhibitions of famous and rising local

cozy and lively atmosphere for visitors

café – bar are black, white and wooden

and foreign artists since its opening in

to enjoy their cakes and coffee. The ter-

brown which make the place look classy

December 2012. Come to Manzi for the

race area on the second floor with comfy

and rather expensive. Cosa Nostra is a

latest updates of the Hanoi contemporary

chairs and a natural setting is ideal for

great place to spend an evening with a cou-

art and sit back for a cup of coffee, juice

smokers and people who enjoy being

ple friends to chitchat and peacefully watch

or a glass of wine. It could be the perfect

outdoors. If you want to sit on the second

the traffic goes through.

place to read, work or chill after a hectic

floor, get ready to go downstairs for

Since the setting at Cosa Nostra is quite

working day or spend a romantic even-

services. The staff is friendly and atten-

opulent and luxurious, expect to pay hand-

ing with your date. Delicious drinks at

tive but they are mostly on the first floor.

somely for your orders. But it’s gonna be

resonable prices. Friendly services with

Joma Cafes can also be found at #22 Ly

totally worth it given the decorations, the

smiley faces are also a plus for Manzi.

Quoc Su St and #43 To Ngoc Van St.

view, the location and the hospitable staff.

© Photo by DestinAsian

16 | February 2014

© Photo by Joma

© Photo by Cosa Nostra


FASHION Couple outfits – the perfect match - written by Linh My -

Spice up these dark colours d look is perfect for university. This preppy Gossip Girl-inspire shoestrings to stand out ies like patterned ties or coloured with some eye-catching accessor from the crowd.

les as they are easy to pull off and Varsity jackets are the go-to choice for coup comfortable but also make you still fashionable. These jackets not only feel days out or even study dates. for e choic look young and active. This is the best

Models: D uy Anh T Š Photo b y Linh My huy Duong

y knitted cardigans. Guys: These sunny winter days call for those comf cardigans that are not too pep up your outfits with simple patterned an ankle boots to add some bright. Girls: pair your long cardigan with edge to your look.

February 2014 | 17


t he girl who said it first - written by T.L -

“If I really want you, does it really matter if I take the lead?” You know you needn’t ask yourself the same question.

18 | February 2014



was way past midnight when I

picked up the phone. “It’s so dark”, I told myself as I lay on the bed. Was I blind? I

This is for the women who said it first,

being real.

who confessed their feelings without playing it safe, the women that didn’t just sit and wait for guys to make the first

Being in love is like being an onion,

move. Love is a game, but one not neces-

though at least it smells better. We put

sarily played by the rules. Gender does

up walls and shelters, not to defend our-

not always automatically decide who

selves forever, but to see who will come

have the say in a relationship. At least

along and put the effort in pulling them

that’s how I see it. Many young girls who

down. Peeling back a person is the same

have been in her position, and I’m not re-

process, yet in fact much more challeng-

ferring to being out on the street alone at 1

ing. It’s like a roller coaster of emotion

A.M. Letting your feelings out there is the

with every kind of motion and speed. You

your mind?

same as exposing yourself. It’s a thrilling

probably hated me at first, ‘What a cocky

yet frightening process as it compels you

asshole,’ you must have said to yourself.

For ten long seconds, she didn’t say a

to do a lot of stupid things. You rip open

There must have been moments when you

your chest, grab your heart, and hold it in

felt wrong and doubted why you even fall

your hands. Is it still yours? Is it not? Will

in love with me in the first place, but you

you give it away? Could you take it back?

continue anyway. And there are moments

didn’t know whether I was still under a roof, or out there somewhere swimming in black Vodka. I felt naked, or at least I wanted to. Was she feeling the same on the other end I wonder? Exposed and numb, layers stripped down to the very core. If we could just close our eyes and forget each other faces, would you put your fear aside and let me hear what’s on

word. I waited. Under golden lights of an empty street only god knows where, in the blowing wind of that December night, she was alone, feeling naked. “Are you sleeping?” “Are you drunk?” I blurted.

when you can’t stop yourself from crying, When we say you don’t know, you just re-

with thoughts of giving up crawling in

ally don’t know.

and tearing you apart. But you continue anyway.

Forget about what people always tells

“Are you talking to yourself?”

you, ‘If it’s meant to be, it will be easy’. There is no guarantee to what will hap-

If you asked me, would I have felt the

“Unless someone is dying at this hour,

pen; and sometimes nobody knows how

same way if you didn’t say it first? The

then yes.”

you really feel until you force it into

answer is yes. If I like you, then I will like

words. Reading signs is a mind game,

you anyway. If you didn’t start, then may-


while love is a matter of heart. Though

be I would have. But who knows what

many thinks men are clueless about what

might have happened? But I do know this;

But long story short...

women think, it is only the result of poor

nothing could have felt better the feeling

communications. We’re all humans and

of hearing you first saying those magical

none of us can read minds. But what we

words. And I do know I’m one damn hard

can do is we can talk, and we can listen,

egg to crack, but you cracked me open

if only you would start you start doing


the same. Because love is a two way street and only through communication will it starts

February 2014 | 19

Money vs Honey - written by little lou -


hen I was still going out with my ex-boyfriend, we

There is a deeply rooted mindset in our society about men and

went out for dinner almost every night. One even-

money. Money should be made and spent by men. Whatever

ing, I finished work late and wanted something to

the stage of relationship we are in, men seem to have to bare

eat. I asked him to come with me to this restaurant near on Kim

the entire financial burden. From movie tickets, to dinner bills

Ma. My boyfriend had already had dinner so he only sat there

to expensive presents to building houses, men are always the

to accompany me.

one in charge. We have made it clear that it is not acceptable for a guy to go on a date with 100.000 VND or take back his

At the end of the meal, I asked for the bill and naturally took

presents after the relationship ends.

out my wallet to pay. The waiter looked at me questioningly and said:

On the other hand, what is expected of women in a relationship is far from money-related. Women should be well-groomed,

“You are so pretty, why do you have to pay for your own

loving, caring and proficient in household affairs. If love is a


game of give and take, how is this fair for both parties if they the currency of exchange is not equal in the first place? Men

I was taken aback by this and could not respond. I proceeded

are capable of loving and caring just like women. What they

to pay my bills anyway and left the restaurant. This particular

can give in a relationship should not be measured by their

incident did not end our relationship (in case you are wonder-

monetary worth or how generous they are in a relationship. On

ing) but it did make me question the role of money in relation-

the other hand, women too, are capable of making money and

ships these days and its relation to the assumed gender role in

should not rely on men to take care of the bills.


20 | February 2014


“Growing up in a developing world where the presence of struggle for money and poverty is ubiquitous, it is only natural for us to look for fnancial security in a life partner. But the burden seems to be always on men.”

Having said that, I am not ignoring the importance of money.

world where the presence of struggle for money and poverty is

We are neither Tarzan and Jane to roam about freely in the

ubiquitous, it is only natural for us to look for financial security

jungle without any money, nor are we any Disney princes and

in a life partner. Once again, men are measured upon their abil-

princesses for whom the concept of money is non-existent.

ity to earn money. Just like how women are supposed to give

Money is important to us, perhaps too important. We make

birth, men should make money. This might seem natural at first

money-conscious decision in relationships all the time. From

because this has been the way things work for centuries now.

the cinemas we go to, to the restaurant that we frequent, money

But as we gradually learn that women can do more than bear-

is always an influencing factor. Perhaps we are not very con-

ing babies and men are worth more than the money they make,

cerned about how much money a guy can make in the early

it is time to adjust the relationship between men and money.

stage of a relationship, but it pervades as we go deeper into the

It is not possible to have a fair relationship when two people


don’t give and take the same thing.

I would be lying if I say I am willing to marry a guy who can-

At the end of the day, we all want to be free of debts.

not support his family financially. Growing up in a developing © Illustration by Andy Warhol

February 2014 | 21

-written by Ha Dao-

22 | February 2014



cientific studies have shown that emotional and phys-

Have you ever had the same thought to go ‘YOLO’, to

ical pain activates similar brain regions, so when a

have some fun after being badly hurt? And was it effec-

person confesses that his heart is breaking after a part-

tive? I bet not. The sadness after a breakup is inescapable,

ing, he may literally mean it. Physical pain can be relieved

if you elude it, it finds a way back around and you’ll catch

simply by taking Panadol, but mental pain can be much

yourself at the local bar over and over again. Numbing

more intense, enduring, and even addictive. Luckily,

emotions never ever works. So take the mask off, face it,

there are still ways to appropriately cope with the agony,

stop lying to yourself that you’re damn fine, and spend

if you stay away from its addictive side.

some time being vulnerable. On coming to terms with the messy, insecure and shattered person you become in tough times whether you find him/her attractive or not,

“you have to be willing to leave the past behind”

you gradually learn to be more sympathetic, approachable and caring towards you and others.

Separation from someone you have been with for a long time can be distressing, partially because over time they Some people cannot move on – it is because they don’t

have become a part of your identity and as a result you

want to, or they are more committed to a sort of roman-

feel adrift at their disappearance. A loss of identity can be

tic nostalgia than happiness. First thing first, you have

redeemed by gaining another identity, so take time to be

to be willing to leave the past behind, which means no

whatever you have wanted to be: a passionate pianist, a

more romanticizing and reviving sweet times, no more

wild daring backpacker, or a pro gamer. You will soon re-

attempts at reaching your old flame or drunken texts at

alize that time spent alone can be as entertaining as with

night. Though admittedly, deciding to move on is some-

a partner, that this identity can never be taken from you

times more tricky than moving on itself.

and there are a great number of ways to define as well as complete yourself.

Surround yourself with loving friends and family members. It is common sense and also scientifically proven that a supportive social network is critical in nurturing a sense of belonging, increasing your self-esteem and giving you feelings of security. No one likes a wet blanket, but for

“if your heart is bleeding, make the best of it”

the time being you are given the privilege to mourn and be comforted. Talk to someone who can handle you when you are most messed up. And if you suffer from the pres-

Take a deep breath. Stay calm. Because nothing lasts for-

sure of always keeping a fabulous public façade, stop giv-

ever and everything is only temporary, so is this love, and

ing shits about it. Ups and downs happen to everyone

so will every love that follows. Be assured that human

and times like these are just inevitable.

are endowed with the ability to adapt, since they have survived thousands of catastrophes, so you will need no super power to get familiar with this shift in life. Heart-

“take the mask off, face it, stop lying to yourself that you’re damn fine, and spend some time being vulnerable”

break is as beautiful as love when you embrace it. This is a chance for you to rediscover yourself, learn the importance of self-reliance and that sources of happiness are abundant. If your heart is bleeding, make the best of it. After all, everything happens for a reason.

<fact> According to a research, 88% stalk their exes on “But no, grief, pain, regret…are bad, I don’t want to feel

Facebook and Nsuffer from constant pangs of jealousy

these. I’m just going to have a couple of beers at the bar,

and regret.

hook up with someone interesting or work my ass off; it’ll all be fine again.”

February 2014 | 23

Current Media Issue 7 - Love  

Valentine's about love, but we know love in other shapes.

Current Media Issue 7 - Love  

Valentine's about love, but we know love in other shapes.