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Peter Corrigan Medal Semester 1, 2018 Supervisor Statement: In Dalong’s project, two distinct urbanisms inhabit the same physical space. The project speculates about a future for China’s urban villages – dense transient typologies that are gateway cities for migrants from rural China. In doing so, Dalong navigates the complex socio-economic and political frameworks that catalyse this urban phenomenon, inviting us to evaluate the agency of architecture and urban design at every step. The proposition transcends a binary reading of the urban condition, through an engagement with thresholds and symbolism. The architecture forces an adjacency deriving an exaggerated hyper-urban form from the existing fabric – releasing new topologies for the city it emerges from. Like its namesake, (China Miéville’s fictional novel ‘The City and the City’), Dalong’s project compels us to a view a compound city not legible through a single drawing - two discrete cities, one carefully placed on top of the other, wholeheartedly embracing the multiplicity and contradictions of the metropolis. _ Ian Nazareth

The City & The City

Dalong Li Supervisor: Ian Nazareth

There are numerous urban villages existing in many cities across China. These urban villages play an important role in providing affordable houses for the poor and migrants. Overcrowding, lack of infrastructure and safety hazards are common problems associated with urban villages. This project aims to optimize the living conditions, mitigate the current problems and keep the basic functions of urban villages in city development, while minimizing the impact or the changes on villager’s lifestyle during the reform process. Four structural units are selected as the smallest unit of the new village system. For the existing buildings, all of the residential blocks are separated from factories and relocated to the top of the new architecture. Instead, agricultural industries are introduced to fill the space of those old residential blocks. The roofs of existing buildings are connected by corridors, which creates a new roof park. The new residential area is divided into private space for residents and shared space for services. A ramp system is created from vertically through the building and serves as a space for villagers to conduct small business and leisure activities.


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RMIT Architecture & Urban Design Major Project Catalogue Semester 1 2018  

RMIT Architecture & Urban Design Major Project Catalogue Semester 1 2018