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Editor's letter Dear Readers, Welcome to the very first issue of Blitz Magazine. As you come across this comic-like thing, I know for sure a bunch of questions will pop up in your head. What is it actually? Is it free? Who brought it to campus? And why? Well, before anything gets unveiled, let me tell you a tiny story about a petit child that I used to know. Twelve years ago, there was a little schoolboy aspiring to create something that could entertain people around him. He started producing random doodles, rhymeless poems, illegible toy reviews, and tons of silly cartoon strips. Just for fun. After a sweaty week, finally, with a click of the stapler, he had his own 'publication' released. Needless to say, his parents, aka 'target readers', laughed unstoppably at their son's childishness. But the boy was on cloud nine. He thought at last he made them smile, and that spurred him on to work even harder for the next edition, and then the next one, regularly every week until he ran out of paper. The boy was me. And that was exactly how I started off my so-called 'magazine' when I was in primary school. Time flies but hope remains; now Student Council comes along and awakens the little kid inside me. Not only do they give me more paper, they also give me a strong team by my side to carry out this first-time-ever magazine project at RMIT Vietnam, SGS Campus. The newborn babe in your hands is the result of tears, joy, fury, and the whole gamut of emotions we've encountered since it was in embryo. We choose to name our brainchild 'Blitz', meaning a sudden action with lots of energy, just like its mission - creating a dynamic communication channel that keeps RMIT students up to date and makes their voice heard. Embracing the 'Rise' theme for this opening issue, we wish you a high-flying year ahead. Whether you're a girl, a guy, a live wire, a gourmet, or a culture vulture, you can always find yourself a place in this publication. Flaws are inevitable, especially when the magazine is in its infancy, so you're more than welcome to give us feedback and contribute to the next issue. Happy reading, Nguyen Hoang Vu Editor-in-Chief

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Campus Life

What’s on Campus?

Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 5

Campus Life

6 Blitz Magazine Issue 1

Campus Life

We can help you.

Don’t believe us? Ask your friends. FB: LSUVietnam

Twitter: LSUVietnam

Intranet: Resources > Learning Skills Unit

Hanoi Room 1.2.010 (in the library) M-F, 8am-5pm

Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 7



hroughout my four years working at RMIT Vietnam as a Career Counsellor, I've been fortunate to meet and share the career journeys with more than a thousand students. Even more luckily, many of those who have completed their study and entered the work force still keep in touch and share their experience with me. Again and again, their stories reinforce my belief that career development is not a rigid pathway where one can write up the formula for the next step. Instead, it's a continuous journey, where turning points take place at the least expected moments. These moments often throw people off balance, stress and

The ‘Koru’ Career

scare the hell out of them. But the good news is that with external support and internal resilience, these people can eventually discover their solutions, find their career pathways, and be ready for new beginnings. One story, for example, started with a female student who had been struggling for years to discover her strengths and interests. 'Phoenix, I'm so lost about what I like and what I'm good at,' she confided. Two years later, the same person, who was then a young woman contented with her job and appreciative of her strengths, returned with a more positive statement: 'Phoenix, I still don't know where this job will take me to,


‘KOR U ’ Words Phoenix Ho 8 Blitz Magazine Issue 1



but I'm exploring it. Now I think that's okay not to know what's waiting ahead.' The key was not that she could find the ultimate answer to her question. Instead, it was her continuous reflection on who she was and what she wanted in life; how she tirelessly searched for her answer through trying things out; and how she enjoyed every single slice of life, appreciated herself more every day, and contributed to her community to the best of her ability. That - I would call the 'Koru' career.

a will to ask questions and try things out, a passion for a meaningful life, and the ability to get up after falling. So, in the light of New Year, I wish you find your career goals someday. Remember that the 'Koru' career doesn't come at no cost – one must labour to get it.

Koru is a symbol that comes from New Zealand's native population, the Maori. It's a symbol of beginnings, undeveloped potential, renewal and transformation from one state of being into another. Koru is a perfect symbol to describe a person's career journey: full of potential even at one's least hopeful moments, eager to be renewed and transformed constantly into another state. However, the 'Koru' career does not take place automatically. It comes with particular conditions, including curiosity, perseverance, diligence, passion, and resilience. The answer comes to those with a burning desire to discover their career goals, with little fear of failure, Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 9


Com Co Thit (Rice with Meat) - Fairy Tale for Needy Children

Com Co Thit (Rice with Meat) Fairy Tale for Needy Children Words Nguyen Thu Ha

Having meat in a meal is

perhaps not a big concern for many people. But for those children living in highlands and mountainous areas, it's still a luxurious wish...

10 Blitz Magazine Issue 1


After witnessing kids in Suoi Giang having 'meals' with merely rice and salt, Mr. Tran Dang Tuan, a kindhearted journalist, decided to initiate Rice with Meat. Since its establishment in 2011, the campaign has made ceaseless effort to provide poor Vietnamese children in mountainous areas with more nutritious meals. This humanitarian idea has drummed up a lot of support from the community, both inside and outside Vietnam. Overseas Vietnamese students all over the world have been contributing actively to the campaign, not only by raising fund, but also by preparing thousands of meals for the

children. Whether in Russia, Japan, England, Australia, America, or Germany, they proudly chorus the slogan 'A Dime for a Meal', with a hope of bringing more balanced meals to impoverished children. Every 2,000 VND will magically bring meat to one meal. Up to now, the donation has reached more than 7 billion VND, all of which has fully been used for charity purpose. In the near future, the project team also plans to call upon in-kind donations for the needy, including other bare necessities such as warm clothes, fresh water, and medicine.

For more information:

Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 11

Society Homophobia & How It Affects Your Life


12 Blitz Magazine Issue 1

The romance between these two boys had Victoria Jackson all worked up

Although Fox's musical series Glee has won the hearts of many, the famous romance between the two male protagonists, Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss), has been challenged by opponents of homosexuality. Notorious for her anti-gay crusade, former Saturday Night Live star Victoria Jackson specifically bashed the much-anticipated kiss scene between Kurt and Blaine: "Sickening! And, besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians – again! Hey, producers of Glee, what's your agenda?"

Last time I checked, Lady Gaga dated women, too


Victoria Jackson's negative reaction to this homosexual relationship is derived from what we call homophobia. Academically defined, homophobia is the irrational fear of, aversion to, and discrimination against homosexuality and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people based on prejudice, which is quite similar to racism and sexism in essence. Homophobia can be as simple as a discriminatory thought or as severe as abusive practices. Now let's look at some ways such senseless phobia can affect one's life:

• Homophobia makes it hard for one to have close bonds with people of the same sex (especially bromance, a close non-sexual relationship between two or more men). No bros means no game nights, just see how long you survive that! • Homophobia prevents the muchneeded homosexuality education to be provided in schools. And this puts pink kids at greater risks for STDs. • Homophobia makes you fail to appreciate true diversity and traits that are not 'normal' or mainstream. Imagine a homophobic world, where Ellen Degeneres, Alexander McQueen, Ricky Martin, Elton John, Leonardo Da Vinci, and their contributions left unappreciated. Last time I checked, Lady Gaga dated women, too.

Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 13


Straight guys like Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger would take the homophobic heat for not sticking to their true sexual identities on screen

• Homophobia can hurt straight people should they 'appear to be gay'. Now that would be bad news for Jude Law, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Travolta and other gender benders in the entertainment industry.


hy is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?" - Ernest Gaines. Do the math. Is it worth all the problems to be a homophobe? Why not take the easy way out, dear?

• Homophobia strains family and community relationships. Even a heart of stone can be saddened by major family wreckages and social breakdowns just because people can't handle a little glittery queerness, eh? • 'How I Met Your Mother' would never be the same (with Neil Patrick Harris not making it in Hollywood)! I won't even comment on this one...

*Some elements in this article were adapted from 'Homophobia: How We All Pay the Price' (1992) by Warren J. Blumenfeld. 14 Blitz Magazine Issue 1

Column's name


Go the Extra Mile to See an Extra Smile Life is always full of unexpectedness. With all the enthusiasm of a passionate youth, this ebullient man saw his life driven in a way he had never expected. "Go there? Stay home? Go there? Or stay home?" Seven years ago, Tran Quang Nhat registered to be a volunteer at Operation Smile's Art Auction for the very first time.

Tran Quang Nhat at OSV's Art Auction 2012

"It was a Saturday afternoon when I was about to head to the charity event," he recalled. "Everything was perfectly in place until, suddenly, the exam docket fell down from the table, reminding me about an important test the next morning. My goodness! I got woefully frantic."

"It took me a while to decide whether to stay home revising for the test or rush to the Art Auction. And I chose to go. The reason was simple – I could lose some marks, but couldn't go back on my word." The highly committed guy didn't know that little moment would turn the page and start a completely new chapter of his life.

2 Blitz Magazine Issue 1

Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 15


Column's name

After graduating with a Bachelor Degree of Biotechnology, Nhat struggled to find a job relevant to his major, which was quite new in Vietnam. Having experienced a range of part-time jobs, from home tutoring to customer care at pharmaceutical companies, he finally got his first fulltime job in 2010 as a shift leader at Hualon, a textile manufacturer in Dong Nai. "The job gave me such a good living indeed. But overseeing a repetitive machinery process within a fixed schedule everyday really stunted my lateral thinking," he said. "Deep down inside, I wanted to break the monotony. I wanted to work with humans, and for humans." To many people's surprise, in 2011, Nhat left his well-paid job at Hualon to become the administrative officer at Operation Smile Vietnam (OSV), a non-profit organization providing free surgeries for children with facial deformities. "There are things other than money that make the meaning of one's life. To me, it's the vivid change we bring to those innocent faces," he beamed. "For those who can't, a smile is worth everything." In developing countries like Vietnam, roughly 1 in 500 children is born with facial abnormalities. Without reconstructive surgery, patients often have trouble breathing, drinking, eating, and speaking. Moreover, many of them encounter social discrimination as a result. "In some areas of Vietnam, families with cleft-lipped children have to live in shame and isolation, since this birth defect is seen as the karma of the parents' misdeeds. I was strongly moved when a mother told me that her husband had left home since the day her fetus had been diagnosed with palate malformation," he sighed. "How could a dad be so brutal to his own child? It made me angry." 16 Blitz Magazine Issue 1

An OSV's patient before and after surgery

Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 3

Column's name


Such anger is necessary, especially when it acts as the momentum for Nhat to ceaselessly disperse awareness of and support to OSV's significant cause. Up to now, he has successfully conducted a number of fundraising programs, including 'Gala Dinner', 'Hug & Kiss for Smile', 'Give a Teddy Bear - Save a Child', and 'The Smile Shop'. Thanks to the hard-working staff, conscientious volunteers, and kindhearted sponsors, more than 115,000 children around the world have been treated by Operation Smile International since 1982. "I've been dreaming of a globe full of laughter," Nhat confided. "But one swallow doesn't make a summer – that dream will only come true if you're willing to lend us a helping hand." So if you want to become a volunteer for OSV, why not send Nhat a quick notification via his email address:, and visit the organization's website for more information:

4 Blitz Magazine Issue 1

Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 17


We’re living in a mad world, aren’t we? Words Tran Le Bich Hang

We’re Living in a Mad World, Aren’t We?

Online media have become the main source of news and entertainment today. Many youngsters now spend most of their time on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Besides the advantages of those sites, such as making friends and connecting with the world, have you ever considered their psychological impacts on Vietnamese users recently? 18 Blitz Magazine Issue 1


Most of the information that attracted much buzz from Vietnamese youth these days is often related to accidents, violence, or even murders. It seems that we are, either by nature or by design, surrounded with an endless stream of oppressive events. School girls torturing each other. Vietnamese brides maltreated by Korean husbands. Thieves cutting innocent people's hands to steal made-inChina iPhones. Just to name a few. What most of us don't know is that we're, willy-nilly, affected by the 'Mean World Syndrome', an idea that violencerelated content of mass media makes viewers believe the world to be more dangerous than it actually is. Hence, we may find ourselves more and more vulnerable, attributing strangers with negative prejudice. We come to see the world as a perilous place, populated by mean, uncaring people. We become deeply self-protective of potential attacks, and realize that opening ourselves to new relationships is risky as our world is no longer safe. 'If we think the world is a mean, violent and unsafe place - the kind of world we see again and again in both the news and so much entertainment media - we live our lives accordingly,' said David Ropeik, an instructor at Harvard University. Be wise! You have your own faith and judgment. So the next time you encounter a shocking piece of news on your Facebook or Twitter news feed, ask yourself whether it has been exaggerated or distorted before clicking 'Like' or 'Share'. Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 19

Arts & Entertainment

Yoko Ono, a Famous Woman Unknown

Words Nguyen Hanh Minh Chau

Most of you may know Yoko Ono, an influential Japanese woman

who stole John Lennon's heart and propelled The Beatles to the prominent break-up in 1970. But how much do you know about her admirable contribution to the contemporary conceptual art wave as an avant-garde artist? Conceptual art is art in which the look (or visual aesthetics) is merely ignored in order to manifest the artist's concept (ideas, emotions and messages) behind the exhibited work. Conceptual artists don't go through traditional ways of painting or sculpture; instead, they provoke the audiences' reactions, lure them to sense the concept given,

20 Blitz Magazine Issue 1

and henceforth perceive the message themselves. Yoko Ono often required the audience's participation in creating her conceptual pieces. In the controversial Cut piece (1960) performance, Ono sat solidly on a wooden stage with a sharp pair of scissors next to her. The artist then shamelessly asked the

Arts & Entertainment

audiences, who were mainly males, to go on stage and cut off pieces of her clothes, until all the fabric fragments fell on the floor and revealed her naked body. The performance, more powerful and disturbing than any preceding artwork, was an inner scream of a feminist who fought against war and sexism for her whole life. Put in the context of the late 50s and early 60s, Cut piece was a terrifying cry of anger and helplessness of women in such a male-dominated society, where domestic violence rampantly took place behind closed doors. Many of Ono's works celebrated destruction, turbulent constraints as well as self-discovery. In her experimental piece Painting to hammer a nail (1966), there was simply a hammer attached to a blank canvas at the beginning. Each visitor was then given a nail and asked to

Painting to hammer a nail (1966)

Cut piece (1960)

use it to destroy the canvas. Once all of the nails had been hammered, the canvas presented itself as a bleeding deterioration of the self, just like a heart slowly destroyed through time by tragedies, pains and anger. Some nails were removed afterwards, which reminds me of a story in Chicken Soup for the soul, in which the father told his son: 'Hurting someone is just like hammering a nail into his heart: once removed, the nails are gone, but the scars will still be there forever.' Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 21

Arts & Entertainment

Apart from her prevalent destructive and unsettling works, Yoko Ono also revealed her delicate side through spontaneous art experiments. 'What I'm trying to do is make something happen by throwing a pebble into the water and creating ripples. I don't want to control the ripples.' Since John Lennon's murder in 1980, Ono has led a quiet life dedicated to music, art and peace activism. In 2007, the Wish Tree, which took inspiration from a Japanese New Year custom, was publicly exhibited in Washington DC as a part of her Imagine Peace project. Paper was handed out to visitors to write down their

Secret piece (2008)

Wish tree (2007)

wishes and tie it back to the tree branches, creating a feeling of unity and hope towards a better future. In 2008, Ono launched her Secret Piece exhibition, where viewers were welcome to stick photos of their loved ones onto a canvas and write a message for them. The finished work was a truly phenomenal collage filled with nurtured memories and affectionate messages, pervading the fruition of love and being loved - just like the flaming, infatuated yet sincere love shared between John Lennon and the living legend Yoko Ono.

22 Blitz Magazine Issue 1

Arts & Entertainment


et's stir this blitzy semester with some recent and soonto-be gems of the silver screen, amigos.

Mandatory Movie Guide


Moonrise Kingdom (2012) Director: Wes Anderson Cast: Jared Gilman, Kara Hayward, Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Frances McDormand Set in New England in the mid 60s, the movie tells the story of two teenage lovers running away, him from summer Scout camp and her from abusive parents, to a cove on Moonrise Kingdom, where they rise against conventions and authorities. Like other works of Anderson, Moonrise Kingdom is assembled in high fashion with elegant cinematography and peculiar faces. Plus, you'll find the original soundtrack very mood-leveling: from meditating, youthful, dancy, romantic, to dramatic. Watch this movie with your crush in the afternoon and you may find yourself smooching as the protagonists dance and kiss in the Moonrise Kingdom. Trailer:

Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 23

Arts & Entertainment

Cloud Atlas (2012) Directors: Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski Cast: Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving, Ben Whishaw, Bae Doona, Zhou Xun Adapted from the 2004 novel of the same name by British author David Mitchell, the movie is an intricate play-out of the past, the present, and the future, juggling 6 stories throughout different centuries. Do you believe in karma? Afterlife? Fate? Those are the wonderings Cloud Atlas will leave you with. The beautifully interwoven sets of stories told in a choppy narration will nibble your mind. The vastness of Cloud Atlas is comparable to that of Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life (2011), only with less critical fuss. It's an undeserving box office flop in the US, but do yourself a favor and watch it before it gets mainstream. Trailer:

Fast and Furious 6 (May 2013) Director: Justin Lin Cast: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Gina Carano, Luke Evans, Michelle Rodriguez Speed. Cars. Liquor. Bodies. Music. Bear fights. I don't have the slightest idea how they keep the series alive and thriving, but sure they'll hit the big time with this last sequel. Justin Lin is up for the job once more, so fasten your seatbelts - it's going to be bumpy! Trailer: 24 Blitz Magazine Issue 1

Arts & Entertainment

Iron Man 3 (May 2013) Director: Shane Black Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Ben Kingsley, Gwyneth Paltrow So much for the Hollywood hype, Mr. Personality is back, embarking on a quest to find the man behind the wreckage of his own personal world. Put your fingers together for new director-writer Shane Black to at least keep Stark's lines punchy. Trailer:

The Great Gatsby (May 2013) Director: Baz Luhrmann Cast: Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan Great names, great expectations. Let's hope Spidey and Jack Dawson do justice to the literature classic. For what it's worth, Aussie director Luhrmann fits the bill quite well himself. Watch the American dream shatter with man's darkest corners and noblest sacrifices as the movie comes with a blow. Trailer:

Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 25

judge a music album

Do Judge a Music Album by Its Cover!

26 Blitz Magazine Issue 1


Arts & Entertainment



Arts & Entertainment

The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do (2012) - Fiona Apple Everything about this album is

fugitive too dull to flee', 'a tulip in a cup', and 'a moribund slut', all of these imageries keep clashing with each other in the lyrics to spark off painful songs like 'Valentine' and 'Daredevil'. Just like simple curves and pieces of colors on the cover, the music inside is kept minimal, nothing but acoustic, and yet subtle in every way.

a riddle, from the nonsensical yet challenging title that runs for 23 words to the complicated self-portrait of Fiona Apple. The scribble candidly depicts the artist's labyrinthine mind, however ghoulish and unorganized it is. 'All the fishes in the sea', 'a

Until the Quiet Comes (2012) - Flying Lotus

The very first look at this

album's cover triggers the question of how time actually works: is it like the movement of a red piece of silk dancing in the wind, or just like a stop-motion movie where every frame is a nanosecond away from each other? Everything captured in this cover seems to intertwine

regardless of time and space. Flying Lotus bathes his music in surreal down-tempo jazz for the opening track 'All In', then put a little bit of joyful spin on 'Sultan's Request' and 'Putty Boy Strut'. The album is truly a dreamy journey you can take at dawn.

Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 27

Arts & Entertainment

Light-leaked photo. Vintage

colors. A flying ship. It looks as if somebody has gone to the back of his mind and captured the sight using a Polaroid instant camera. Every song in the album can be flattened by a steamroller ('valtari' means 'steamroller' in Icelandic), framed in ethereal vocals, strings and choir, and hung on the wall of one's innermost memories. The

Imagine Dragons' first full-length

album appears in harmony with their previous empowering songs. A frail young boy is standing on rising pillars, which make him 'On Top of the World'. While the surroundings are solemnly stark against the boy's halo, they project the heroic atmosphere throughout the album. 'Night Visions' is an anthem for those who never cease to step forward. 'It's Time' features

28 Blitz Magazine Issue 1

most precious thing about Sigur Rós music is the splendid beauty distilled in every single note, as heard in 'Varúð' or 'Fjögur píanó'. To enjoy this album to its fullest, close your eyes and let the ship bring you to who-knows-where.

uplifting mandolin and powerful vocal, breeding a head-bouncing track, even to those whose day is as dull as a cupcake without toppings. 'Radioactive' is just plain addictive with the dramatic lyric, together with surprising dubstep pieces. The daring album will bring you a year with nothing to fear.

Arts & Entertainment

Valtari (2012) - Sigur RĂłs

Blitz also recommends:

We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic (2012) - Foxygen

Night Visions (2012) Imagine Dragons

Wolf's Law (2012) - The Joy Formidable

Assimilating the Shadow (2012) - Ricardo Donoso Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 29

Arts & Entertainment

Despite some controversies along the way, America's Next Top Model (ANTM) has undoubtedly brought to life pioneering definitions of beauty in present-day society. Words Do Nguyen Thanh Truc

When TV Redefines Beauty

As the creator and host of ANTM, Tyra Banks wishes to embrace all kinds of beauty. There have been a number of atypical and imperfect girls who, notwithstanding, got chosen as the cast: freckle-faced, gap-toothed, girlsnext-door, drama queens, lesbians, and so forth. Inspiringly, Tyra has often referred to plus-sized girls as 'curvy' or 'having a gorgeous body type'. She's also praised contestants who have 'androgynous look', a kind of beauty that brings out both the femininity and masculinity inside a person.

Transgender Beauty: Isis King (cycle 11)

30 Blitz Magazine Issue 1

Gap-toothed Beauty: Leila Goldkuhl (Second runner-up, cycle 19)

Arts & Entertainment

America's Next Top Model 13: The Petite Cycle

There was a change in the height requirement in Cycle 13: The Petite Cycle, which gained lots of media coverage and created good publicity for the show. In that particular cycle, there was indeed no room for conventionally tall, slim models with long limbs; instead, only girls whose height was 5'7" (approx. 1.70m) and under were entitled to enrolment.

'Beauty is only skin deep', ANTM thus looks for contestants who possess not only physical attractiveness but also inner beauty. The judges care about the model-wannabes' personalities just as much as their photographs - they won't hesitate to tell a girl off if she shows bad attitudes on sets or at panels. A major shift from 'model' to 'role-model'? I'll say! For the first time in Top Model history, there will be a showdown between male and female models in Cycle 20: Co-ed Edition. Another trend-setting notion of human beauty? Wait and see! America's Next Top Model 20: Co-ed Edition

Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 31

Arts & Entertainment

Words Vuong Duy Khanh

Rise of Dystopian Literature Over the past few years, dystopian literature – a genre of fictional writing that explores societies through a dark and negative prism has been dominantly capturing young adult readers' interest. Why does such trend take place? The answer is that dystopian literature has the ability to relate to the our situations, win our sympathy and mirror our lives. Given that many of us are constantly undergoing peer pressure and social conformity, we may feel an urge to rebel. This is when dystopian literature comes in. Most of the time, the characters in dystopian novels are stunningly portrayed as revolutionaries who undertake acts of bravado against the authorities. In The Hunger Games (2008), Katniss Everdeen becomes The Mockingjay and sparks a revolution against The Capital. Likewise, Lena and Alex in Delirium (2011) flee the government and fight for protection of their ability to feel love. As we read on, we may tell ourselves that if Katniss, Lena and Alex can do big things, then we can, too. That is, with boundless strength and courage, those characters empower us to overcome whatever obstacle in our lives. 32 Blitz Magazine Issue 1

Arts & Entertainment

Young adults also love this genre since they are facsinated by the horrific, not to say nightmare, scenarios of the future. When it comes to dystopian literature, there will be a certain degree of violence, death, war, demoralization and oppression. We hear and watch those negative things on the news everyday, and at some points, we may wonder what's really going on. Dystopian novels do a very good job in reconstructing our connection to reality by telling stories via the lens of the characters, as well as demonstrating their authentic thoughts and actions. For example, in The Hunger Games, readers are directed by Katniss, who obsessively asks herself what freedom really means and whether she's willing to fight for it. Although dystopian literature is often criticized for being demoralizing, at the end of the day, it still effortlessly defines romanticism and optimisticism. A better world with ultimate human love, I mean. Blitz also recommends:

Divergent (2011) Veronica Roth

Matched (2010) Ally Condie

The Host (2010) Stephanie Meyer

The Moon Dwellers (2012)

David Estes

Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 33

Arts & Entertainment





The boy-band era doesn't seem to be finished yet, and now it's time for a long-awaited comeback. Surely you're familiar with Blue - the British boy band that drove us all crazy with their debut album 'All Rise' in 2001, but then broke up in 2005, leaving quite of a disappointment to their fans. Guess what? Blue has newly reunited, and their latest record 'Roulette' officially hit the stores on 23rd February 2013. Be ready for another storm, fans!

The Aussie female rocker is back with a whole new look, fierce and full of claws. Being an independent artist has not always been easy; notwithstanding, with her debut album 'Believe' (2009) and the hit of wonders According to You, she instantly scored two Platinum Record Awards in both Australia and USA. What's more, this rock chick released her third studio album 'Heaven in this Hell' on 26th February 2013. The truth has been spoken, girls can rock!

2013’s Mega Music Domination

Listen to Blue's latest EP

Listen to Orianthi's debut album

34 Blitz Magazine Issue 1

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The new alternative/indie rock band has just been widely recognized with their studio album 'Night Visions' (2012), featuring phenomenal tracks such as Radioactive, It's Time and On top of the World. In fact, Imagine Dragons was founded in 2008, but not until 2012 did they make their first big breakthrough. Interestingly, the 'Glee' musical series used It's Time as a part of the original soundtrack. The band was also nominated by the MTV Video Music Awards for 'Best Rock Video' with, again, It's Time. Just wait for their upcoming tour to kick off in 2013!

Born and raised in Lyonshall (UK), Ellie discovered her consuming passion for music at the age of 9, and started playing guitar when she was 14. As an indie electropop artist, Ellie is well-known for her distinctive soprano vocal ability. Her debut album 'Lights' (2009) was a bomb with a myriad of nominations, from the MTV Europe Music Awards to Virgin Media Music Awards. Such achievements have motivated Ellie to release her second record 'Halcyon' (2012), which climbed into UK Top 40 Music Chart. At the moment, the beautiful pixie girl is touring to promote her new record, and of course, to amaze the world with her innate musical talent.

Listen to Imagine Dragons' latest album

Listen to Ellie Goulding's latest album Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 35

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Nu Cuoi cua Bien (Smile of the Beach ) Smile of the Beach is a seven-year-

Laugh, then Think

old comedy scripted by Pham Huu Words Vu Thi Quynh Giao Thong and directed by Hung Lam. For lots of jokes, both meaningful and meaningless, you can check it outNu at Cuoi Cua Bien (Smile of the IDECAF Theater (7 Tran Cao Van St, Beach) - Laugh, Then Think Dakao Ward, Dist 1, HCMC). Two guardians, both from rich families, take their kids to the beach, where they meet a cohort of poor tourism workers. Several twists of misunderstanding between the rich and the poor are exploited to highlight the comic nature of the play and lure the audience to a poetic imagery - the beach's smile, whose grace at last gives the people of two different social classes a happily-ever-after ending. During the play, I laughed my head off at the absurdity of the characters' dialogues, especially some bizarre wording such as "bo bien dai, dai oi la dai, dai thon lon" (the coast is long, very very long, as long as your arm). But what I treasured the most was that behind the jokes, 36 Blitz Magazine Issue 1

Smile of the Beach made me realize all negative occurrences in our lives should be cracked rather than avoided, and confrontation only works if it happens under the right circumstances. The presence of intermediaries is of crucial importance, just like Dung and Hung, the two little kids who mediate between the father, the nanny and the poor tourism workers. Ironically, despite coming from wealthy families, both of the kids have no penny in their pockets. Any other weapon to fight a rich-poor conflict? A smile of the beach or something truly impartial, perhaps?

Hon Viet (The Soul of Vietnam) - Marvel from Humble Folks

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Hon Viet (The Soul of Vietnam)


– Marvel from Humble Folks

he Soul of Vietnam is presented in its pure status, a magical and yet real world rooted in the theatrical representation as well as in Vietnamese's everyday life.

On the luminescent moon, there's a silhouetted banyan tree and a little buffalo boy sitting under its branches waiting for his chance to come back to Earth. The mess on the streets becomes a Comedy of Arts where sellers, peddlers, and pitchmen transform into grotesque and ironic caricatures of themselves. Then, the noise turns into a harmonic symphony of people at the actual borders of the society that, accompanied by the allegoric power of arts, vibrates the voice of Vietnam's original soul. The humble and recurring lives of fishermen in coastal villages are as precious as a diamond in the rough - as you look through, the rock explodes a breathtaking rainbow with blue and green nuances of rivers, seas and rice fields.

Words Angela Giudici

Those memorable scenes are extracted from The Soul of Vietnam, a spectacular culture show where the audience can experience Vietnam and its people to the roots. 'If there were Oscars for this kind of show, the aptly named The Soul of Vietnam would sweep the board: best score, best choreography, best stage effects, best costumes, best performers, best script and best lighting,' said Pip De Rouvray, an expat journalist. The show plays at Ho Chi Minh City Opera House (7 Lam Son Square, Ben Nghe Ward, Dist 1, HCMC) at 5PM every 15th and 23rd of the month. Don't forget to come a bit earlier as traditional Vietnamese dishes are served for free before every show.

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Vietnam in the Air

Known as the 'rural' restaurant,

Cuc Gach Quan is 'Vietnamese in every centimeter'. The food here follows the traditional Vietnamese cooking style - fresh, simple, and nourishing. What's more, the interior design, infused with original antiques, recaptures a typical Vietnamese house in the 1970s. Another thing that makes

Address: 10 Dang Tat St, Tan Dinh Ward, Dist 1, HCMC. 38 Blitz Magazine Issue 1

this cozy place special is that it has a 'blind menu' - you'll never know what dishes are going to be served until the waiter brings them to your table. All are good, no worry. Blitz's advice: Bring along a good camera and reward yourself with a vintage-concept photo album.



Vietnam is on a rise. Sure, but we're not talking about politics or economy here; we're talking about the rise of Vietnamese culinary culture and interior design that linger our senses as we set foot in these unique cafés.

Lemon tea (aka 'tra chanh

chem gio') is prevalent among the Saigonese youth these days. Tra chanh 315 is an ideal place to get together in a vibrant yet relaxing aura. You can find famous Hanoian finger food here, right in the middle of Saigon. Inspired by Vietnamese propaganda posters, the interior design of this café is freaking impressive, even when the space is not so big. As a general Address: 315 Ly Tu Trong St, Ben Thanh Ward, Dist 1, HCMC.

comment, the prices here are quite high; however, such exotic foods and drinks are worth trying. Words can't fulfill appetite, so just come and enjoy! Blitz's advice: As the owner of this café is a current student of RMIT, bring your ID card along and you'll get a 10% discount on the total bill.

Facebook: trachanh

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Premium Spots for Crazy Nights Out What are some of the hottest bars in Saigon? Check these out and brace yourself for an electric party night! Words Kim Thuy Vy

Premium Spots for Crazy Nights Out

40 Blitz Magazine Issue 1


Chill Sky Bar Chill Sky Bar is the first fully open-air bar in Viet Nam. With a lofty position and private atmosphere, Chill Sky Bar offers its guests a breathtaking panorama of Saigon's vibrant nightlife. Ornamented with the sparkling stars from above, your party will be as wild as you can imagine. Address: AB Tower, 76 Le Lai, Ben Thanh Ward, Dist 1, HCMC

Sin Lounge Sin Lounge was named after the 7 deadly sins of humanity (wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony). The bar uses red and purple as its main colors, creating a sense of luxury that provokes the 'sins' inside people once they step in. Sin Lounge has

some special 'favors' for ladies like 'Ladies Night' every Wednesday, as well as make-up corners for girls. What's more, this bar is a mecca for celebrities, so don't lose your chance of meeting them here. Address: Lancaster Tower, 22 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe Ward, Dist 1, HCMC Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 41


Lavish Bar What sets Lavish apart from other bars is the impressive and high quality music, which is mainly Hip Hop and R&B. The elegant design is another plus, breathing a glamorous aura to this couture bar. For promotion, a group of 4 ladies will be given a free bottle of wine every Tuesday night. Lavish also offers the “buy 1 get 1 free“ program for some particular liquor brands.

Address: 5 Nguyen Sieu, Ben Nghe Ward, Dist 1, HCMC


For girls:

If you have to ride home, or for some reasons you need to be fully conscious, don't be afraid to refuse alcoholic beverages. It's bravery that makes a real man, not liquor. Here are some good excuses:


Just like the guys, refuse alcoholic drinks if necessary.


Have a pair of flat doll shoes, which can be portable in your bag, in case you need to 'rescue' your feet from wearing high-heels for too long.


Don't wear skirts that are too short. Otherwise, wear skin socks to avoid 'unexpected situations'!


If you need to go to the restroom, ask a close girlfriend to take care of your drink. Who knows what will happen to your cocktail while you're away?


'I have to ride home'


'I'm allergic to alcohol'


'There's something wrong with my stomach today'


'Another party is waiting for me'

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First, turn on the melody of your favorite songs. You could also create separate playlists with a different theme for each time. Music will release your mind and bring you to a totally new world.

Light up some candles around your bath. The aroma of natural wax can encourage healing, relaxation and clarity of your senses.

Having some snacks while bathing could be great! Prepare some chocolate and a small dish of fresh fruits for your tranquil moment.

Close your eyes but try not to fall asleep. Remember to keep yourself warm and relaxed. There's nothing worse than getting sick right at the start of a new semester. Enjoy!

Bathing Has Never Been So Exciting Bubbles!!! This is the hero of our magical formula. Try several types of bathing products such as fizzy bath bombs, bubble bars and bath melts – you wouldn't be disappointed.

Bathing has never been so exciting Words Miss Possimpiple

Life can be so tiring sometimes. With little bathing secrets, your day will definitely be spiced up. Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 43


Networking with Archimedes

Words Doan Thao Vy


verjoyed at a sudden discovery while bathing, he jumped right out of the tub, stark naked, shouting 'Eureka! Eureka!' Ain't no other man but Archimedes, one of the greatest invertors of Greek's history. Back from the death, now he's ready to blow your mind with the art of networking at university.

So...networking. Some regard it as a piece of cake. Others think of it as a nightmare. Networking is indeed tricky, but useful at the same time. It marks individuals' existence in the society, builds up beneficial relationships, and possibly brings about good business opportunities. 'To be attractive, never get naked.' Naked networkers always come as they are - bare, unprepared, and overwhelmed. To become attractive networkers, skillful networking tactics are like flattering outfits.

44 Blitz Magazine Issue 1


NEVER the naked hello Your introduction shouldn't trail along the fixed greetingname-school-major railroad. Rather, when asked the inevitable: 'And what do you do/ where are you from?' throw out delicious facts about your job/ city. Little quirks can kill awkward silence, break the ice, and help you begin a new friendship.

NEVER the naked conversation Put the spotlight on your conversation partner. Let them talk, and remember what they say. Make them feel appreciated first, then strive to be a compelling communicator. Get a decent repertoire of what to say in small talks and bulk up on your knowledge about the world as much as you can (by reading beyond your interests, exchanging views with different folks, etc.), so your talks will never be dull, or naked.

NEVER the naked profile Don't be naked online as well. Root your future on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, update your academic progress and social engagement, and try to stay in touch with people. However, always bear in mind the border between personal use and professional use – they're totally different from each other.

NEVER the naked thank you A good networker knows how to make the magic word 'Thank you' do wonders. Say it sincerely, and always attach it with a reason, be it 'Thank you for coming', 'Thank you for waiting', or even 'Thank you for zipping me up'. This way you will definitely spice up the naked thank you. *Some elements in this article were adapted from 'How to talk to anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships' (2003) by Leil Lowndes. Check this wonderful book out at Beanland Library, RMIT Saigon South Campus.

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Runway Sensation to Your Everyday Basics

Runway Sensation to Words Ho Gia Thuy


fter fall-winter 2012's whirlwind of brocade, fur, and embellishment, it was no surprise to see a perfect collision between happy-go-lucky prints and Easter-egg colors reflecting through every show-goer. Timehonored and fashionistaapproved, appropriate to wear for year-round, and sleek enough for school or for dating nights, this trend is the definition of 'purposefully wearable'.

Try an elegant mix of thin blush, a grey dress and a creamywhite daytime knit slightly slant over your shoulders. Pick up a pair of patterned sandals to complete the flowery vintage concept. 46 Blitz Magazine Issue 1


Your Everyday Basics Embrace mega tangerine-orange. Add romance with a likeminded bow on your side hairlines. Tough up this little cotton dress in nighttime with rugged accessories or tassel earrings.

Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 47


A cotton skater dress in floral print, a natural straw fedora and a pair of suede booties for a new look at school. If it's not enough to make you transform into an everyday collegiate chic, put on burgundy accessories!

48 Blitz Magazine Issue 1


Look flirty in a strawberry A-line pleat, a black T-shirt with lace detailing and nude inserts. Streamline with a high waist or add edge with pointed-toe pumps, your choice!

Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 49


Guys, you don't have to be a baseball fan to appreciate Varsity's hotness! Layer this red sweat jacket with an American Apparel raglan top and neonlaced skateboard shoes, then see who's got a crush on you.

50 Blitz Magazine Issue 1


Ralph-Lauren polo with contrasting tipping and straightleg Selvedge jeans are more than enough to build an insouciant look, but a wool fedora hat and a camera/newsboy bag will pretty much add a dose of coolness to it.

*You can find most of the outfits and accessories in this article at Real Clothes (96/6 Le Thi Rieng St, Ben Thanh Ward, Dist 1, HCMC). The others can be drawn from Zara, Charles & Keith, Bossini, Aldo Shoes, and Ralph-Lauren.

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Is it easy for married couples to keep the 'heat' they used to have back in the days they were dating? Obviously not! As time goes by, each person's dark side would crawl out of the seemingly perfect shell, shattering the 'heat'. Sure there'll be disappointment, but hubbies and wifeys will learn to accept. Wifeys often remind me of Saigon. Like how I fell in love instantly with the city at first sight. But then I got so annoyed with the traffic, noises and pollution that I wanted to escape from. As the city is undergoing a tremendous upheaval, these downsides are inevitable, I guess. Despite a whole bunch of metamorphoses going on, Saigon, with her unchanged serenity, always treats me well in early mornings. The sun would drag itself up from the horizon, color the sky with a shade of pale indigo while slowly erasing the leftover salmon pink as if it was mocking the clingy streetlights. Early risers might spend a moment witnessing that spectacular transition. Night owls would be thankful as bed time is finally here. Others might be too busy to bother, such as

52 Blitz Magazine Issue 1

I Love Wifey, Like, Seriously

I love Wifey, like, seriously Words Dang Minh Tuan


the worn out market vendors, to whom the idea of enjoying sunrise may be too fancy and extravagant. It must be tough for kids as well. Who would like to wake up without enough sleep and rush to school with a loaf of bread on the go and a quick goodbye kiss from mom, only to face a new day stuffed with arid knowledge, anyway? If only they could be like their dads, who would leisurely slurp a bowl of Pho, sip a cup of iced coffee with a newspaper in hands, and then blame the traffic jam for unpunctuality. That's simply a typical Saigon's morning. Some people may hate it. Some love it with their own reasons, just as I do. When we reach the stage of getting too close to our beloved, we sometimes wonder if we still have feelings for them or not. I often wonder the same thing with wifey, but then I realize I do love wifey, like, seriously. I guess I need a moment of revelation to bring back that spark, though. Just as how Saigon has always been there in the morning to remind me of my love for this vibrant city.

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As an RMIT student, you may wish to have an internship in a big multinational company in Vietnam. Yeah, you have the right to dream big. But why not dream a bit bigger? How about an overseas internship? Nguyen Tuan Phong, a current Commerce student at RMIT, will reveal some worthwhile experience as a participant of AIESEC's Exchange Student Program in Finland.

Words Kim Thuy Vy Journey to Finland Could you tell us some background information about the job position you took during your internship in Finland? Well, I worked in Finland for 3.5 months as an international teacher, whose job was to educate native students about global issues such as globalization, gender studies, religion studies, and human rights, as well as to cooperate with other teammates to design lectures. Taking this position, I had to work from Monday to Friday, and got paid roughly â‚Ź280 per week. Accommodation, food, and travel expenses were also provided by the employer. Did you start your work immediately as you arrived in Finland? Sadly no. I had to take a training course for one month before starting my work.

56 Blitz Magazine Issue 1


What was the biggest challenge you had faced there? Well, I think the multicultural team was the main challenge to overcome. All of my teammates came from European countries (Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey), so their thinking, lifestyle and behavior at the workplace were far different from mine. More often than not, we also had conflicts with each other, especially when brainstorming ideas for the lectures. How did you overcome this culture-based challenge? Honestly, my teammates were hyperactive, and they just drove me crazy. At first, it was really hard to adapt. I even thought about quitting this internship and coming back to my hometown. However, I realized it was challenge that made an internship worthy, and thus tried my best day by day to conquer my frustration. Otherwise, I would have forever been a loser. Was there any other cultural difference that challenged your internship? Finnish cuisine, of course. The food there was primarily of Western style, such as butter, cheese and bacon. It was extremely hard for me to make do with them day and night. During the first 2 weeks, I lost 6 kg as I could only eat sandwiches. However, I learnt to get used to Finnish food, and guess what, I totally fell in love with it before long. What is the most valuable skill you think you've learnt from this trip? This trip has undoubtedly taught me how to take care of myself, as well as how to deal with real-life situations in the workplace. My international friends (yes, it's them, the ones I couldn't bear at the beginning) taught me some exotic cooking recipes from their countries. Oh la la, thanks to them, now I have something exciting to boast about. Can you share with us your future plan? I'll definitely visit Finland again, and join the Global Internship Program after graduating from RMIT. I also plan to take an official internship in Japan or India as a part of my academic program. For me, the best way of studying is to go explore the world out there, meet new people, and enhance your networks. Thanks a lot, Phong. We hope you'll successfully achieve your goals in a not-too-distant future.

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Bun cha Hanoi (Hanoi's rice vermicelli with grilled pork)

Rice noodles, herbs, grilled pork belly, sweet-and-sour broth are served separately. The broth is a perfect combination of vinegar, sugar, fish sauce, pickled radish and carrots. The best way to indulge yourself is to have everything in one bite – the sweet and sour sauce, the soft noodles, the smoky grilled pork, and the tangy fresh herbs.


Blitz's favorites: • Bun Cha Ho Guom: 47 Truong Dinh St, Ward 6, Dist 3, HCMC. • Bun Cha Anh Hong: 140B Ly Chinh Thang St, Ward 7, Dist 3, HCMC.

Mien luon Nghe An (Nghe An's eel vermicelli)

The limpid and sweet stock is Words Giang Thi Kim Yen made by stewing pork bone, eel bone, and chicken Fill Your Stomach with Pride bone. The chewy vermicelli is topped with crispy eel meat, creating a unique texture in your mouth. For more fragrance, you can add shredded banana, herbs, ginger, or chili. Blitz's favorites: • Hai Tu Quy Restaurant: 263 Vo Van Tan St, Ward 5, Dist 3, HCMC. • Mien Luon Ha Noi: 220 Nguyen Xi St, Ward 26, Binh Thanh Dist, HCMC. 58 Blitz Magazine Issue 1


Banh da cua Hai Phong (Hai Phong's crab noodles)

Here comes an appetizing artwork composed of chewy caramel-colored pasta, limpid pork broth, brown crab meat, pinkish orange shrimp, green water spinach, brown onions, and red tomatoes. Blitz's favorites: • Banh Da Cua Hai Phong: 12M Hat Giang St, Ward 2, Tan Binh Dist, HCMC. • Que Restaurant: 403 Vo Van Tan St, Ward 5, Dist 3, HCMC. ecently, 12 Vietnamese dishes have proudly been recognized by The Asian Banh khot Vung Tau (Vung Record Organization. These Tau's coconut-turmeric specialties are originally shrimp pancakes) rooted from different regions These mini pancakes, with crispy throughout the country, but edges and soft middle, are made from you can surely find them all in coconut, turmeric, and rice flour Ho Chi Minh City. batter. The toppings vary from shrimp, pork, mung beans, to oyster. Leafy veggies are also important as they balance out the pancakes' richness. And of course, the dish wouldn't be complete without sweet fish sauce and pickled carrots.


Blitz's favorites: • Kim Ngan Restaurant: 31 Hoang Hoa Tham St, Ward 13, Tan Binh Dist, HCMC. • Co Ba Vung Tau: 258B Nam Ki Khoi Nghia St, Ward 8, Dist 3, HCMC. Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 59


Com chay Ninh Binh (Ninh Binh's crispy rice crackers)

This is one of the most popular snacks in Vietnam. Sweet fish sauce is drizzled over batches of fried rice to produce distinctive flavor and help the cotton pork meat stick better. It tastes even better when topped with carrot, tomato, mushroom, onion, beef, and slices of pig's kidney.

Goi cuon Saigon (Saigon's fresh spring rolls)

This finger food is where an arty look is accompanied with a delicious taste. Boiled shrimp and pork, vermicelli, and herbs are wrapped tightly in rice paper and decorated with a stem of chives. The sweet peanut Hoisin sauce, together with the rolls, completes this classic combination.

60 Blitz Magazine Issue 1

Blitz's favorites: • Hue Restaurant: Chau Van Liem St, Ward 14, Dist 5, HCMC. • A food vendor in front of 1028 Ba Thang Hai St, Ward 12, Dist 11, HCMC (long live street food!).


Pho kho Gia Lai (Gia Lai's dry noodles) One serving of Pho Kho has two separate bowls. The first bowl has rice noodles, grounded pork, and fried dry onions; the second bowl contains broth with beef, green onions, cilantros, and pepper. Besides herbs, you can use soy sauce and Hoisin sauce to customize the flavor of the dish. Blitz's favorites: • Pho Hong: 71 Cuu Long St, Ward 15, Dist 10, HCMC. • Pho Kho Gia Lai: 350 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St, Ward 5, Dist 3, HCMC. And here are the rest of the list:

Can you name them separately, and tell us you favorite place for each? Join the conversation on FB: Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 61


Fruity crêpes with pear caramel

In France, the 2nd day of February is called La Chandeleur, a celebration that welcomes the very first signs of spring. On this special day, crêpes are believed to bring about warm breezes of happiness. What would be better for a vibrant morning than Words Ngo Linh Dan rewarding yourself with an appetizing Fruity Crêpes with Pear Carasymphony of crêpes, fresh fruits, mel pear caramel and Chantilly cream? It's time to "Blitz" up your oven!


Crêpes (for 7 – 8 crêpes) 80g plain flour 1 ½ tablespoon of sugar A pinch of salt 2 medium eggs 100ml milk 100ml heavy cream 1 tablespoon of water Chantilly cream 100g heavy cream 1 tablespoon of sugar Pear caramel sauce 60g sugar 80g heavy cream 80g pear juice 20g butter A pinch of salt ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract 62 Blitz Magazine Issue 1

Fruits: For the best result, we recommend using chopped strawberries, kiwi, and pear. Otherwise, you can choose your own favorite fruits based on a harmonious combination of sourness and sweetness.





1. In a large bowl, mix flour, sugar, salt, and 2 eggs together. Stir the combination well. 2. Add milk, cream and water to the bowl and continue stirring until the mixture becomes smooth. 3. Sieve the mixture into another bowl. 4. Allow to stand for 30 minutes. 5. Heat a non-stick pan with small fire and spread melted butter all over its surface. 6. Add a small ladle of batter and swirl it around the base of the pan. 7. Cook for 3 – 4 minutes, then use chopsticks to turn and cook the other side for 1 – 2 more minutes.

Chantilly cream: Place

cream and sugar in a bowl, then stir them together until soft peaks form.

Pear caramel sauce

1. Heat an empty sauce pan. Once it's hot, add one-third of the sugar amount (20g) and a tablespoon of water. Heat the mixture slowly until the sugar is dissolved. 2. Add the remaining sugar amount (40g) and continue cook until it becomes amber caramel. 3. Gradually add cream and pear juice to the caramel, turn off the heat and mix them well. 4. Add butter, salt, and vanilla extract to the caramel pan and mix them well. 5. Leave the mixture until it gets cool. Place the crêpes, fruits and Chantilly cream in a dish. Pour the pear caramel sauce on and enjoy! For more recipes, visit:

Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 63



The River


ere is the river!" a boy shouted, as if he had never seen a river before. They had been on the road for about two hours, to the place where they planned to release their grandmother's ashes over the infinitely long surface of the river. They carried the ashes in specially decorated containers, and this was the last journey their grandmother was going to take. The children were cheering with the first sight of the water and they were giggling as if happiness was growing inside them with the arrival of the river. They weren't aware of what was making them happy, but somehow they felt that perhaps it might not be so good to show happiness when others were either looking pale or shedding tears quietly and invisibly. The coolness of the fresh water spread its strong scent into the air.

64 Blitz Magazine Issue 1


Everyone on the bus was stunned by the glimmering reflections on the surface of the river. Watching the elegant purity of the water, it was difficult not to feel the power of life. The river was there even before they came, before the little boy exclaimed, before their grandmother was born. The river created people and gave life to the villages around it. It was the power of life they had come to celebrate. The river was recycling itself from the mountains and the ocean. It became rain, then river, and then ocean, then air, then cloud, then rain and then the river again... The sun was setting on the far side of the river; as if the whole river were pouring itself into the sun to cool it down. It was late afternoon and soon it would turn to night, with the silence of the mourning family members and the sound of flowing water. The river was the only one! It was one entity, with arms, feet and a body. It was a living creature just like people and trees. It was both the source of life and the life itself. It was the same at every point, as if denying the existence of time. At its beginning, at its middle and at its end where it joins the ocean, there was only one river. All the fluctuations and turbulences taking place in the river would disappear when it meets the ocean, like a crying little girl calms down when embraced by her mother.

The family members stood near the river, gazing into the water as if it were the one who had taken their grandmother away. The cycle would soon be completed by the return of the ashes to the water. Then the grandmother would travel by the wind and into the water, she would become a part of the earth and the ocean, she would join the infinite cycle of existence, birth and death. This might have been the last journey for the people who loved her, but it was only a small part of a big journey of life which, in every sense, has no end. She would soon fly on the chaotic turbulences of wind, settle on the ripples of water, and then meet with the ocean where she came from.

Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 65


The shimmering light from the surface of the river was amazingly vivid in the eyes of the family members as if they had spread the ashes over a mirror that has a cracked surface reflecting a thousand blinking suns. Each fragment was a moment in the life of their grandmother: here she was born, here she got married, here she bore her first child, here she lost her husband, here she saw her first grandchild, and here she learnt she was sick. Each tiny reflected sun gave a little clue about her life. One of her life-long friends looked at the river as if she were looking at her friend. They had gone to school together somewhere on this river. She tried to catch moments of joyful days on the glimmering surface. Then, the oldest son took up a handful of ashes in his right hand. It was time to say good-bye. He had seen others performing this ceremony many times but in those times he did not feel what it meant to lose someone that you love. He looked at faces of his children and saw his mother's deep silhouette. He gave a quick, unconscious smile. The birds were still singing with joy because they knew that, if the sun sets today, it would rise again tomorrow. But the grandmother's eldest son knew that this was the last time he would have a chance to be with his mother. He released the ashes from his hand to the wind. The grey cloud began to flow from his hand, as if some kind of magical elixir was flying away from an alchemist's hands. The ashes became part of the air. It took no more than a few seconds for the ashes to disappear with the blow of the wind. They settled over the river now as tiny, invisible dust particles. One more time, grandmother was moving in nature's own hands. Like a body floating on the surface of the water without caring where the waves take it; with a mutual trust completely between the body and the waves. Soon she would arrive at the ocean to unify with the "one" and melt into the pot of "becoming one together".

66 Blitz Magazine Issue 1


Some might call it God, some simply might call it nature, and some might say Brahman or Nirvana. It does not matter what name you put to the light of "one". The ultimate end for everyone and for everything does not change: we return to where we came from. Then the other sons and daughters came one by one. They did the same thing while trying to keep the tears from their eyes. The river promised them that their grandmother would be safe in her journey and would soon be "one" with the boundless mercy of the ocean. There was a silence in everyone's heart; silence for their grandmother"s long, prosperous life. Prosperous with deeds and children!

The silence was broken by the buzzing melody of a telephone call. It was from the eldest grandson, calling from the hospital in the city. He told his father that he had just held his first baby girl in his arms. Father smiled and, without much thought, asked his son what he was planning to name his first baby. The eldest son understood what his father was trying to say. He slowly whispered his grandmother's name into his father's ear, as if there were no other choices. The father smiled and held the phone high in his hand to show the people around him, as if he were showing them the baby.

He shouted, "My son had a daughter..." The people smiled with enormous relief, a little boy in the crowd started crying with no reason. Then the father added the words, "She will carry my mother's name..." The family was once more overcome with joy. Their grandmother was back! As the river promised, the ashes had become water, water had become air, air had become clouds, clouds had become rain and the rain had become the river...

Issue 1 Blitz Magazine 67


“University for the Rich”

Words Dao Ngoc Tuyet Nhung


“University for the Rich”, RMIT, Are You Really?

Rumor #1: "RMIT is a university for the rich" Like


4 hours ago

58 people like this

Binh Ho (RMIT) Recently, I've been irritated at an online article about RMIT with the shocking title "Beauty Contest at Rich University", like the school is isolated from the rest of the world. RMIT has earned many prestigious awards, but at the end of the day, people only regard it as "Rich University". How silly! Tuition fees at RMIT are sure higher than those of local universities, but you may have to pay even more for other international universities. It's true that some of us drive cars, even supercars, to school. But wait, our parking lots also have scooters, motorbikes, and bicycles. Ah, the bus 102 is always full of RMITers. We're not much different from others, see? 4 hours ago


Nhat Nguyen (China Pharmaceutical University) When I was in high school, I heard people saying RMIT was full of rich and conceited kids, who would drive cars to school only to show off. Not until I had friends from RMIT did I realize that RMITers put a lot of time and effort in their study, even more than students in other universities do. Now I believe only a minority of RMITers are truly dissipated. 4 hours ago Write a comment...

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RMIT, are you really? RMIT has been known as one of the biggest international universities in Vietnam. Events related to our school have often gained a lot of media coverage, and, as a result, become lucrative bait for the rumor mill. Below are the common assumptions about RMIT and its students - some of them are true, some are not.

Minh Nguyen

Rumor #2: "RMIT students don't study much" Like


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Bee Nguyen (RMIT) My friends sometimes ask me how I can actually learn while spending so much time online. Well, we RMITers know that most of our assignments are done online, right? It's not about how many hours you spend at school; rather, it's about how well you apply what you've learnt. Most RMIT students don't have hectic academic schedules, but again, we spend much more time on self-study than others do. You know, courses like 'Commercial Law', 'Market Research', or 'Audit & Taxation' are by no means a piece of cake – there's no way to get even a 'Pass' grade if you don't really put your effort in the assignments. 4 hours ago


Toan Tran (HCMC University of Law) In my opinion, it's kinda easy to get into RMIT, but to be able to graduate is another thing. Being exposed to an international environment with foreign classmates and lecturers, I suppose RMITers have to practice speaking English a lot. Moreover, some RMIT friends of mine said to get through exams, they must be able to apply their learning to reallife situations. 4 hours ago


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Rumor #3: "RMIT students are party animals" Like


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Chau Luu (RMIT) Students everywhere love partying right? What's wrong with enjoying ourselves after school? RMITers are usually criticized for hanging out at bars, clubs or luxurious shopping malls, but every coin has two sides. Some may think it's a waste of money, but the truth is, we can also learn many things from the businesses, meet new people and enhance our networks. That's what makes us stand out from the crowd when applying for a job. 4 hours ago


Yen Giang (RMIT) Some friends of mine had associated RMIT merely with the glitz and glamour, until I came to study here. Since then, I've constantly been trying to change their view by telling them what RMIT and RMITers are actually like. They were surprised when seeing me working my ass off for the assignments. 4 hours ago


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Well, to conclude, RMIT and RMITers have received comments from both views, and the negative stereotypes usually come from people who know little about us. It seems that this debate is not coming to an end. So let's keep the conversation going by visiting our Facebook ( and telling us what it's like being an RMIT student!

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