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OEPPC C Campaigns Clim mate Ch hange Po olicy Slog gan Com mpetition n O February 15 On 5-28, the Office of Environmental Planning & Policy Coordination (OEPPC) on behalf of the Change Climate National Committeee (NC3) and a in collaboratiion with thee RMI Environmeent Prrotection Authority (EPA) laun nched a Climate Change C Policy Slogan awareness campaign by visiting schools inn Majuro, both privvate and The public. campaign was led by O OEPPC’s Change Climate Policy Uniit Officer N. Desmond Doulatram m who was assissted by RMIEPA’ss Water Support Policy Tamera Officer Heine. Thee purpose of the visiit was to create aw wareness amongst Marshallesse students inn an effort to get theem more invo olved in their com mmunity and in the political prrocess. Thhe program of visit was brokken down in nto two weeks wiith OEPPC covering c most schoools from the Bridge B to Rita on its i first week k which included Dewlap Elem mentary A Schools, S School, Assumption School, Majuro Cooperative C Rita Elem mentary Schooll, Uliga Elementaryy School, Majuro

Middle Schhool, GED, Marshall M Islands Hiigh School, Baptist Academy, and Rita Chhristian Schools. The second week consisted of the rem maining schools froom the Briddge to Laura whicch included Ajeltake A Woja Elementaryy School, Elementaryy School, Laurra High school, L Laura Elem mentary School, andd Rairok Elem mentary

School. Dooulatram and Heine gave a brrief presentatiion on what climatte change is annd how it affectts the a average students’/ciitizens’ lives. The presentationn process itseelf was aimed at enngaging the students in active leaarning throughh visual componentss, open diialogue participationn, and Q&A As. In addition to engagingg the i active leearning, students in

OEPPC andd colleagues were also able to distribute brocchures in both Engllish and Marshhallese to teacherrs, students, and administratoors for further details d on the suubject of Climate C Change. “It occurred upoon our visits that Climate C Changge was not a new w topic withh the students,” observed o Doulatram. Inn fact most if not n all of the studentss were allready familiarr with thhe Marshhallese cooined term Okotak O inn Mejatoto. “M Most of thhem knew aboout the chhanges that were taaking place buut not alll of them knnew as too why they were happening or knnew of thhe science behind b itt,” claims Heine. H “W What was even m more interestinng was how engagingg the sttudents were when giiven the opporrtunity in to com mmunicate Marshallese,,” claims Heinee. “Overall, it i was a sm mooth learning proocess on bothh ends and all creddit should righhtfully be given to our deserving students as it was theyy who made our joob easy because they were able too absorb the material m in a quick and a seamless manner m with little or o no neededd help from our endd.” says Doulattram.

On behalf lf of the RMII NC3, we arre looking foorward to reeceive the sloogan submisssions and haand out the winning w prizees.

Byy: The Office O Of Environmeental Planning g & Policy Coo ordination (OEPPC)   

CC Policy Campaign PR  

lf of the RMI winning prize hool, GED, M igh School, and Rita Ch The second of the rem om the Brid ch included A y School, y School, Laur La...

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