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Recruitment Team from “ Z A R A ” at

RafflesMillennium International-Delhi

From Left to right; Christina Velesco Diez- HR Asia ITX trading ZARA, Anne Chung, College Director RMI-Delhi, Maria Cuadrado, Lecturer Fashion Marketing, RMI-Delhi, Jose Luis, responsible for recruitment in China, and Ms. Manvi Burman, HR ManagerIndia at RMI Delhi.

Raffles Delhi received recruiters from the giant fashion group “Inditex�, the owner of Zara on 16th April 2014 (Wed). The objective of the visit was to look for new and fresh talents for Inditex group. Team included Ms. Betty Catharine Hygrell, HR Director- ZARA India, Christina Velesco Diez- HR Asia ITX trading ZARA, Ms. Manvi Burman- HR Manager- India. Cristina Velasco flew in from Shanghai just to meet Raffles Delhi students. She was accompanied by Mr Jose Luis, who is responsible for recruitment in China.

They were very interested in finding students who can join one of their Internship programs, either nationally or internationally based. Mainly, they were interested in finding people for internship in their buying offices in Gurgaon, India, to become part of their young and motivated international team under the responsibility of Ms. Manvi Burman.

Betty Catharine Hygrell, HR Director, ZARA India talking about their international program “Zara Go”. “Zara Go”, an interesting opportunity for the students to go to Galicia- Spain for one year to work in the headquarters offices and learn how they run the company and then come back to work in one of their chosen Asian countries The day started with the visit to the campus and meeting of the lecturers and students which followed by the presentation of the company, Inditex and their different brands as Zara, Pull and Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, etc. The students were very interested and they did not hesitate to ask all the questions that they had in their minds. The Zara team answered them with a soft smile. After the presentation, Raffles Delhi had the honor to be the first college of projecting the movie of the new campaign of recruiting actions in Asia, a multicultural video explaining how the Inditex group works and interesting testimonies of the employees in different Asian countries directly sent from Spain. Presentation was followed by collection of CVs and with the personal interviews of the Fashion design students.

Clockwise: (i) Recruitment Team is having a look at Students’ work (ii) Christina Velesco Diez, HR Asia ITX trading, ZARA, interacting with students iii) Students handing over their resumes to the Zara team.

Garima Singh, Student Fashion Marketing and Management said, “Zara's visit to our college has been a great learning and enriching experience, as we got to learn about how the brand and industry works in great detail as they informed us about all aspects of their business. It has been really helpful for me as a Fashion Marketing & Management student as I now know the different roles and tasks of people in the various job fields in such a brand. We got a chance to interact and learn from them, as well as the chance to submit our CVs to them which is a big opportunity for all of us”. While Maria Cuadrado, Lecturer, Fashion Marketing commented, ““Under my personal view, these kind of international activities make our students more conscious in how the world of fashion works. Having the opportunity to access to the information of how the best retailing company in the world works from the horse’s mouth is something really valuable. Also being interviewed by professional recruiters is a great experience that only can offer an international school. Now is the moment to cross our fingers and wait for the call!”. Zurina Naicker, Lecturer – Fashion Design said, “We were privileged to have welcomed ZARA- A Spanish brand clothing retail company to our college with the intention to recruit some of our students. I was particularly engrossed by the history and how the company has expanded into different divisions across the world since founded in 1963. The highly experienced Zara team arrived here well prepared and with so much enthusiasm leaving us faculty and students with positive thoughts. I can’t wait for the launch of their Lingerie and Home store in India!”

Recruitment Team from ZARA visited Raffles Delhi  

On 16th April 2014, Recruitment team from ZARA visited Raffles Millennium International Delhi. Team included Ms. Betty Catharine Hygrell, HR...

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