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Meet Zamiyah, Zaliyah and Zariha, and see how RMHC keeps them close to their new baby sister Zylah. Page 4.

Volunteers are the HEART OF OUR HOUSE 2 | RMHC Eastern Wisconsin HomeWord


tep inside our House and you will find a team of dedicated volunteers who give the gift of their time every single day. They come from all walks of life, but they all share the same passion- to care for the families that rely on our House during difficult times. We are honored to be highlighting the amazing individuals who help make our House a home through their generosity. It takes over 40 volunteers daily, and 550 volunteers annually, to successfully make the House run smoothly. Our volunteers embody the ideal that a small, dedicated group of individuals has the power to make a difference in the lives of others. They are truly the heart of the House, and on behalf of RMHC, we would like to extend an enormous thank you to each and every one of them!

Ann Petrie, President/CEO

Ann Petrie, President/CEO and Gary Zimmerman, Chairman of the Board

Gary Zimmerman, Chairman of the Board

The 1,000

HOUR CLUB We are very excited to introduce the 1,000 Hour Club, that officially launched in 2016. Currently 18 individual volunteers have over 1,000 documented service hours at RMHC. This group encompasses a number of different volunteer roles and several of them started volunteering in 1984 when the House first opened. The helping hands and loving hearts of these volunteers ensure our families are provided with a comforting place to call home during their time of need. We are truly grateful for the gift of their time and we are lucky to have them as part of our family. Volunteers whose names are listed with a heart ♼ in this issue of HomeWord have completed 1,000+ hours.

RMHC Eastern Wisconsin HomeWord | 3


The Ronald McDonald House helps keep three little girls close to their new baby sister while she is treated at the hospital.


amiyah, Zariha, and Zaliyah know the Ronald McDonald House as well as they know their own home. The girls gleefully trip over one another to reach the playroom first and grin ear–to-ear at the mention of the Magic Room. They’ll chat with anyone who asks a question and sometimes they don’t even wait for an opening. And if you ask them about their favorite part of the House, all three will agree with mom and dad: getting to see baby Zylah every day. These little girls will tell you their sister has “a broken heart.” Porchae found out something was wrong at her 20-week ultrasound. The baby had a congenital heart defect (CHD) and would need immediate surgery after birth. In fact, that initial heart surgery was to be one of three anticipated surgeries to repair the defect and delay the need for a transplant. There was also an additional challenge - Ryan, a military husband and father, was across the country at boot camp. With three busy girls under six at home that needed her attention and Ryan away, Porchae tried to find a balance between optimism and preparing herself for the possibility that they would not get to take this new baby home. Zylah was born in August with a full head of hair and a blue tinge to her skin, but she was doing better than had been expected. Well enough to wait a few days before tackling the first surgery so she could grow as much as possible. However, along with CHD, Zylah has heterotaxy; her organs are not all where they should be. Her anatomy is so complicated that the three-part plan for surgeries was tossed-out when the first surgery was complete. Zylah was now a top-priority heart transplant candidate. 4 | RMHC Eastern Wisconsin HomeWord Over the last six months, the family has been waiting for a heart for Zylah, patiently working through each complication that arises. One such complication is aggressive antibodies. Like all babies, Zylah was born with antibodies from mom. These usually dissipate within the first few weeks after birth as a child builds their own immunity, but Zylah and Porchae’s shared antibodies had not gone down. These antibodies are very specific and cause a higher risk of rejection of a transplant organ. Combined with her newborn size and these antibodies, Zylah’s options as a transplant match were limited to 1 in 100. She has had two additional open-heart surgeries in the past few months to further open her pulmonary veins, fix her mitral valve, and route blood flow all in the hopes of buying more time. Most recently, they were able to do plasmapheresis during their last open heart surgery. Combined with her steady growth, this plasma exchange procedure allowed them to remove enough of the difficult antibodies in Zylah’s blood to open up new opportunities for transplant – they now have a 1 in 10 chance of finding a heart that is a viable match for Zylah.

Despite the infection that lingered from this last surgery and worries over kidney and liver function, these new odds have revived the Greens' hope of finding a great match for Zylah. Until that day comes, the Green family continues to wait, traveling between their house and our House as much as the demands of daily life allow. “I don’t know what we would do if the Ronald McDonald House wasn’t here. You have no idea what you’re going into... the up and down emotions. The support- we have amazing friends that we have made here. This is our family for our daughters and for us when we are here.” Zylah’s sisters would also agree with mom and dad about that- as long as they can check on baby Zylah, as long as they can see that she is ok today, then they are happy to head back to their RMHC family after each visit.


RMHC Eastern Wisconsin HomeWord | 5


Koos for Kids Marcus Hanel and his wife, Jill, are passionate about their family, their faith and making a difference in the community, so in January of 2005 they started their own foundation-“Koos for Kids.” After a visit to the House last summer with the Brewers, they embraced our mission and wanted to help our families. The foundation provided not only much-needed Target gift cards, but also a beautiful 70-inch flat screen TV for our Family Gathering Room. Movie nights are bigger and better than ever thanks to their generous support!

Menasha Corporation Menasha Packaging and Menasha Corporation Foundation have been strong supporters of our mission for over 16 years! The company’s commitment to building stronger communities extends beyond the borders of Menasha to our Ronald McDonald House Community. We are proud of our partnership, which includes financial support, our music room which proudly bears the Menasha Packaging name, sponsorship of our events, auction item donations, wish list drives and last but not least, the printing of our Pop Tab Houses! They have provided over $70,000 of support over the years and we are grateful for their ongoing commitment to giving back!

Aaron's Ride Three countries, three states, in three weeks. This past summer, Aaron Coenen traveled from Canada to Mexico, over 2,000 miles, on a bike! His goal? To raise awareness and funds for RMHC Eastern Wisconsin and Madison to keep families close. In preparation of his West Coast #ride4RMHC, Aaron went in to get a clean bill of health and, much to his surprise, found out a second surgery was required to remove the recurring brain tumor he had five years prior. Aaron’s a crazy cheesehead that enjoys cycling and understands what it’s like to stay in a hospital for an extended period of time. Thanks to his support, Aaron has generated over $15,000 for RMHC Eastern Wisconsin and Madison.

6 | RMHC Eastern Wisconsin HomeWord

In a survey of 250 families, researchers found that children and their parents, who stayed at a Ronald McDonald House, had a better perceived quality of life than expected for children with chronic diseases.1

but Ronald McDonald Houses help their guests strengthen coping abilities by keeping families together.2


Ronald McDonald Houses provide spaces to play. Playing with other children experiencing similar situations can help these children cope with trauma.3

The Ronald McDonald Houses’ proximity to hospitals provides important benefits for children and their caregivers, such as improved psychological well-being and better perceptions of their child’s recovery.1

Ronald McDonald Houses can provide an alternative for patients who need to remain close to the hospital for extended periods but do not require active daily medical care.3

Parents whose children have longer hospital stays benefit from higher quality sleep at a Ronald McDonald House compared to parents who slept at their child’s hospital bedside.2


References 1. Nabors et al. Families, Systems, & Health (2013) 2. Franck et al. Behavioral Sleep Medicine (2013) 3. Dexter et al. Journal of Perinatology (2004)

©2015 RMHC

A Safe Space for Caroline Three-year-old Caroline is the youngest of three girls for Stacy and Kyle. At first glance it appears she is like any other baby of the family with a mischievous twinkle in her eye and a giggle that never stops. However, Stacy will tell you she knew something was wrong right away. After months of advocating, they learned Caroline had a heart murmur. Tests revealed a hole in her heart and the need for open-heart surgery. They thought a successful surgery would be an end to their questions, but in reality it was just the beginning. Caroline still faced motor and speech delays, nutritional support needs, and autonomic testing to discover more about her issues. Knowing there is not a set treatment for Caroline, the family works with her medical teams to manage on a day-by-day basis. The constant in Caroline’s story has been the Ronald McDonald House. As Stacy shared, “For Caroline, it’s her safe place. She knows that all of the tests aren’t going to happen here. When we get done with appointments, she asks if we’re going to ‘Ronald Donald’s House now.’ It’s always, always her safe place.” In 2016 alone, Caroline and her family experienced 16 different stays at the Ronald McDonald House. There's always hope the day will come when Caroline no longer needs to travel to Milwaukee, but as long as families need a safe space, the House will continue to keep families close. RMHC Eastern Wisconsin HomeWord | 7

THANK YOU RMHC VOLUNTEERS FOR YOUR HEART WORK We are so grateful for each and every one of our volunteers and the work they do each day to keep our families close!


ver 550 Ronald McDonald House volunteers share their time and talents to make sure that the families we serve can stay close to their children while they receive medical treatment at a local hospital. Volunteers are crucial in making our House a place of comfort, hope and family. From light housekeeping duties, to assisting in the front office, or taking children and their families to the Magic Room, volunteers truly make our House a home. We are so grateful for all of our volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, take a look at some of the different opportunities we have at the Ronald McDonald House: 8 | RMHC Eastern Wisconsin HomeWord

Hospitality Volunteers

Kitchen Keepers

Volunteer duties include laundry light housekeeping, organizational duties, welcoming guests and assisting with check outs. Commitment is one 3 hour shift every other week. Must be 14 or older.

Kitchen Keepers perform a variety of duties to ensure that the House kitchens are clean, well organized and stocked appropriately. Commitment is one 3 hour shift every other week with some flexibility. Must be 14 or older.

Van Drivers

Office Assistants

Van Drivers make trips to and from local hospitals, run errands and assist with other House duties. Drivers are required to have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record. Commitment is one 4.5 hour shift at least once per month. Must be 21 or older.

Office Assistants perform a variety of duties such as answering phones, greeting and welcoming guests and helping with office work. Commitment is one 4 hour shift every other week. Must be 18 or older.




Before their shift, Mitzi, Carolyn, Mary, Nettie and Barbara enjoy lunch together. After completing their Hospitality Volunteer duties, the group often makes Lunch-2-Go items for our guest families.

Family Meal Program Help provide our families with a home cooked meal by preparing and serving family dinners, weekend brunches, Lunch-2-Go or Snacks from Scratch. This program allows groups of 4 to 15 volunteers the opportunity to contribute to keeping families close. All individual volunteer opportunities require at least a one year commitment. Please visit to complete a Volunteer Application.

4 3

1 Liz and Emma are a mother-daughter duo that serve as Hospitality Volunteers. Liz inspired her daughter, a junior at D.S.H.A. High School, to give back to RMHC!


Paul has been a Van Driver since 2010. When he's not taking families to and from Children's Hospital, he takes on extra projects around the House.


Niki and Donna have been volunteering at RMHC for over 10 years! They each had their start as a Hospitality Volunteer, but are now in charge of keeping the Magic Room stocked and organized.

Since 2014, Christine has volunteered at RMHC every other Friday morning. She is currently enrolled in online classes through Wisconsin Connections Academy.

RMHC Eastern Wisconsin HomeWord | 9

Our 2016 VOLUNTEERS Our volunteers go above and beyond to help keep families close while their children are receiving medical treatment and we couldn’t do our work without them. Whether they are preparing and serving a meal to our families, performing light housekeeping tasks, welcoming guests or spreading the word about our mission in the community, they help make our House a home. We are so lucky to have our many volunteers and are grateful for each and every hour they spend with us, but unfortunately we do not have the capacity to list them all below. Please forgive any error or omission.

Board of Directors Dennis Buchan Marshall Chay Christopher Daniels Sandra Evans Daniel Geigler Marc Gorelick, M.D. Mike Gutzeit Andrea Jonas Todd Jones Steve Kilian David Lelinski Maureen Manning Mark Natzke Christopher Nickels Jennifer Olk Daniel Schwabe Mark Ship Patrick Sinks Jeffrey Steren Anna Zeck DeWeerdt Noel Williams Gary Zimmerman

Committee Members Jack Altstadt Art Arnstein Pat Basting Shane Blackman Dee Blatt Scott Borchardt Paula Bruins Nikki Bruneau Joel Cencius* Mike Cherubini Dan Cook Jen Daniels Freddie Del Aguila Lori Dentice Karen Dethloff Deb Deuter Mike Dorsey Tracey Dorsey Mary Ehler

Sharon Enswelier Hector Garcia Carolyn Gillespie*♥ Jill Grob Susie Hamrin Mary Harker*♥ John Harmon Mary Ellen Hays Fran Hennig Shannon Huot Jeff Isroff Gail Johnson Bob Kaelin Jennifer Kasun Jeff Katz Julie Keith Jake Kimps John Krause Cheryl Krzewinski Holly Kuettel Carol Laedtke Wayne Larsen Ashley Laudenbach Shanan Lesselyoung Tony Lillibridge* Sandy Lookatch Lyn Magnarini* Pat Malone Ken Manning Joe Mantoan Laura Mantoan Mary Kay Mark Mark McClain* Alicia McCovery Judy McGauran Mitzi McGovern*♥ Al McIlwraith Carrie Megal Steve Meves* Bob Monday Joe Muench Ben Murphy Duane Nelson Paul Noldin Kim Nordstrom Jim Patterson Michael Peer Suzy Peltz

Ann Phillips Jason Puestow Holly Rausch Steve Reuter Niki Rogers Ashley Rusch Dave Sandstrom Kristi Sandstrom Diane Scherer Ann Schneider Glenn Schroeder Nick Schrubee Bill Severson Pete Sieger Michelle Sirinek Dave Smith Diane Smith Janie Smith Laura Staton Julie Steinhafel Natalie Strade Adam Stroud Diana Szeflinski Mark Welle Connie Walters Joan Wanner Patsy Warchol Barbara Wesbey*♥ Essie Whitelaw Debbie Wolff Mary Wunderlich Kathy Wyatt Celeste Zaffrann Beth Zimmerman

Hospitality Volunteers Kris Allen Laurie Amoroso Julie Anderson Lana Anderson Joseph Appazeller Rachel Armstrong Ben Attenberger Amy Arzbaecher Simrah Awan Linda Babcock

*This volunteer serves in multiple capacities for RMHC 10 | RMHC Eastern Wisconsin HomeWord

Marlene Backus Barb Baker Sue Barney Cathy Bartos Sharon Bauer Susan Baumann Pam Baumann Carolyn Becker Suzanne Beckett Bethany Beer Jordan Benard Bonnie Benes* Lois Bernard Carol Bernier Deepali Bhalla Sam Bielen Janelle Boehm Alyssa Bohlman Paula Bond Shelley Botchek* Amberly Branum Michelle Bratel Mary Brauch Nicole Bray Heidi Brittnacher Sandi Brown Dianne Brunker Jen Buth Amber Carson Ed Carson Linda Carson Ellen Charlier Anglim Austin Cherian Emily Chu Maureen Coffey Kamber Cofta Tallis Cofta Isabel Collins Rachael Cook Michelle Cox Brad Creighton Kay Crichton Erica Cronick Alyssa Curty Emma Dale Jenna David Janet Dean Robyn Deardorff

Claudia Deflieze Charlene Dempsey Natalie DeRoche Carrie Dessecker Carolyn Destache Gerri Diedrich Nicole Diedrick Susan Disbrow Michael Doherty Lynn Doucette Jane Drees Patricia Driscoll Betsy DuCanto Alexander Duff Eileen Dunning Dominique Edwards Paul Engelberger Shannon Fairbanks Sara Farmer Mary Fernandez Clowry Alissa Fiorentino Bruce Fisco Pat Fleming♥ Yvonne Flessner Barbara Fogec Jacob Ford Mikayla Fox Ella Frangopoulos Susan Frank Caroline Frommelt Donna Gagne Bojana Gajic Bernadette Gamma Simone Gaspar Sandra Geilfuss Marge Geyer Carolyn Gillespie*♥ Colleen Gleason Megan Glodowski Robyn Goettelman Mahi Gokuli Bella Gonzalez-Polar Katie Good Ellen Gordon Kathy Graf Megan Graham Haley Graner

♥This volunteer has at least 1,000 documented service hours

Ashley Grauman Lilly Guadagno Mary Haack Jean Haberer Stephanie Haegler Aimee Halquist Lilly Halstead Marsha Hammond TJ Hampton Susan Hamrin Mary Jo Hanley Debbie Harder Mary Harker*♥ Lela Harris Barb Harvey Terhi Hawkins Heather Healey Joe Heffernan Carol Hegmann Rosanne Helbig*♥ Elizabeth Hogan Theresa Hopkins Katy Horning Patty Howland Sara Hutson Erica Ingram Emma Ingrisano Liz Ingrisano Darleen Irwin Kyra Janowski Courtney Janson Mary Janson Barb Jarchow Sue Jennings Barb Jensen Ingrid Jere Robin Jeske Chris Johannes Kyle Johnson Scott Jorgensen Nina Kahle Katie Kalmi Debra Kamyszek Amy Kauffung Maisy Kelemen Erin Keliher Cheri Kersey Nancy Kiernan* Rebecca Kleven Paige Klonis Barb Kohn Lauren Konkol Pat Korth Mark Kosobucki Debbie Koster Lindsey Kowalke Kim Krause Jake Kream Olivia Kresse

Mary Krystowiak Ruthie Ksicinski Cyle Lagerwall Jennifer Lambert Heidi Lamkin Abby Larkin Alice Larsen Reuben Nancy Lawton Kara Lindaas Jennifer Lipinski Liz Lippert Christine Lopez Darleen Lovelace Alli Loveridge Max Machotka Claudia Madero Lynn Magin Dennis Mahrt Sheri Mahrt Mary Maier Tom Makouske Sue Malek Kathy Manz Halie Maple Judy Maret Michelle Martin Robin Mateicka Lauren Mayer Kathy McCormack Marie McFarland Mitzi McGovern*♥ Dee Medrano Cindy Merritt Sammy Michaels Maisey Michelz Donna Mille Sofia Miller Lisa Minucci Robby Mliner Abby Montalbo Ben Moyer Lyn Muir Kaitlin Murphy Kristina Murphy Sean Murphy Jan Mussmann Helen Myszewski Mary Navin Kira Nehmer Sally Jo Nelson Carol Nelson Claire Nevill Sami Nickerson Elizabeth Noel Jody Nolan Sally Novakovic Olivia Nwachukwu Maureen O’Brien Krissy Olson

Mary Pachowitz Ben Palatnik Kathie Pavin Alana Perkins Brittany Peters Ali Piepenburg Avery Piepenburg Adele Pitt Lauren Plantinga Kelsey Pohlmann Ron Powell Sharon Powell* Gabby Procopis Julie Prodoehl Celleste Ptak Rohan Ramachandran Teja Raman Judy Randall Sydney Randleman Becca Ranous Nettie Raue* Laura Ray Joy Reilly Becky Reith Michele Repischak Pat Retzlaff Carole Riegert* Lyn Rivera Ashley Roemer Tori Rose Anna Ross Charlie Rusch Abbi Rydell Emma Rydell Sophia Saito Maia Salameh Madeline Sandvik Karen Sanfelippo Pat Sanfelippo Paul Sawicki Emma Sayeg Diane Scherer Beth Schermer Sharon Schmitz Caroline Schneider Mary Schopp Allie Schroeder Suzanne Schulz Tanya Schulz Hope Seegert Stephanie Shaw Jan Shiley Olivia Shoulders Athena Sielen Mary Smidt Nellie Smith Sandy Sobotka Christine Sowinski

Chloe Speech Christi Sperka Margie Spicer Allison Spoden Myha Sprifke Pat Staffeldt Brandon Staudt Melena Steffes Nicki Stocker* Sarah Stoiber Jamillia Stokes Kathy Stopczynski Jacob Storrs Amy Strother Aniyah Stubblefield Linda Suminski Mradul Surana Randi Suttles Ann Tangney Linda Taylor Katie Thompson Laurie Thompson Karla Thorpe Marsha Tietz Jessica Tillery Gary Tosic Mary Trager Virginia Tuncel Elizabeth Uecker Lori Uelner Allyson Umbreit Elizabeth Valentine Larry VanInthoudt Elizabeth VanTreeck Erin Vastag Gabby Visser Jessica Vogel Kris Wageman Tori Wallock JoAnn Walton John Walton Lorraine Wamai Gayana Wanniarachchi Sue Warner Kim Watson Gail Weber Nancy Wellinghoff* Jordan Werner Barbara Wesbey*♥ Quin Wessels Kathy Westerbeek Arte White MaryAnn Wickler Macee Wilber Bev Wilde Allison Wiswell Melissa Wittig Amy Woyak

Ellen Wruck Tyler Youngblood Louisa Zebrowski Ellen Ziegler Brittany Zubarik

Interns Megan Brown Kiley Erlandson Megan Halbur Alec Hildebrand Rhea Hobson Erika Jakubic Jennifer Keller Nicholas Przybylski Lindsay Solheid Logan Szabo Ryan Voeller

Kitchen Keepers John Anderson Paula Anderson Kevin Barrett Kristin Bayer Georgiane Berich Tony Buchta Mary Foley Jane Hausman Jen Hellendrung Kalen Hemmelgarn Alyssa Hernandez Holly Kluge Tammy Krueger Judy Mackenzie Nancy Makouske Laura Mantoan Kyle Mertz Marissa Morrison* Kim Owens Linda Russell Megan Russell Nancy Tonkin Ken Warren Jo Lynn Wilson

Master Gardeners Sue Bohon Kathy Bourne Chris Cera Kay Costello Rita Dragani Margot Dunn Sue Gerard Kris Landvatter Kathy Lichter

RMHC Eastern Wisconsin HomeWord | 11

Kathleen Lochrie Susan McGrath Gail Morgan Liz Nickerson Judith Osborne Rosie Petroll Nancy Pfau Ann Phillips* Jackie Phillips Ken Phillips* Barb Sands

Office Assistant Alysha Arnold Janet Arthur Mike Bansemar Shelley Botchek* Chris Brittain Judy Bruun Julie Cannizzo Jennifer Chu Jennifer Ecke Sandra Ellis* Colleen Flemming Sandy French* Jenny Gramling Charlene Guetzkow Patricia Gutschenritter Haley Haas Ila Hansen* Mary Harker*♥ Ben Hofman Noel Honkamp Heidi Johnson Mackenzie Johnson Denice Juckem Ann Lange Lori Larch Marilyn Lepak Julie Lochmann Nancy Lundell Cindy Madson Diane Miletti Joanne Neubauer Kelly Newman Kristine Ochocki Kristen Palash Tracy Pease Christine Peters Kristin Reynolds Arianna Russ Debbie Schaefer Kelly Schultz Suzanne Schultz

MaryJo Stark Cathy Statis Becky Stribling Lisa Sturm* Barb Troy Patricia Visuri Joanne Wanner Heidi Werner Natasha Willhite Celeste Zaffrann

Pet Therapy Corrine Bauer & Alfie Sue Bruk & Sasha Gwen Clark Linda Deets & Lambeau Adrienne Deming & Kali Jenn, Betsy & Walter Eckert Joe Lemel & Elwood Carol Michalski & Squirt Stephanie Olson & Houdini Tarah Randazzo & Archie

Projects & Events Brian Apfel Leroy Apfel♥ Justin Baker Janelle Cacapardo Helen Callahan Scott Eastman Sandy Foti Kelsey Gerdes Chelsea Gloeckner Devin Grainger Joe Harker Michelle Hilke Terri Hochstaetter Beth Hurrle & McNugget Darlene Jenkins Mary Kay Librizzi Alan Kesner Jane Klements Mary Jo Kovochich Cheryl Krzewinski Marty Lelinski Rachel Nemcek Donna Peot♥

John Petrie Emily Petrie Katie Petrie Natalie Porter Terese Powers♥ Steve Randall & Hamilton High School JROTC Jack Raue Niki Rogers Wauwatosa School District Next Steps Program Matt Splan Paula Weckman

Quilters Mary Arndt Norma Benz Judy Dannenbrink Sandy Guyer Ginny Jovanovich Annie Krahn Kathlyn Kuenn Barbara Kurtz Virginia Mayer Lola Melloch Pat Patoka Marianne Peksa Peg Pompe Nancy Reading Rita Rehlinger Ann Ruelle Jo Schaefer Doris Senglaub Ann Sherwood Ranae Stavish Lynn Stucker Deanna Uradnicek Katie Welnak Nancy Wentland Ethel White Gail Wozniak

Speakers Bureau Mike Backus Steve Brynd Harold Galitzer♥ John Gorman Jeanne Gruber John Lonsdale Chris Magulski♥ Cheryl Mantz Jeff Syslack

*This volunteer serves in multiple capacities for RMHC 12 | RMHC Eastern Wisconsin HomeWord

Van Drivers

Tony Bawiec*♥ Patrick Becker Richard Benoit Brad Blanton Jim Brown♥ Scott Bruss Allan Cairns Johan DeGraaf♥ Jim Dessecker Patty Donndelinger Jim Drake Ryan Ellis John Fink*♥ Frank Foti*♥ Matt Franke Harold Galitzer♥ Rich Germain Paul Glatzel Tim Goeser John Gorman* Jeff Granger John Grellinger Jim Groeschl Ron Hack Kenneth Hady Jay Hanrahan Chris Hansen Bill Heinzelman Chuck Hilse Louis Hughes Angela Hunt Charlie Johnson Joe Kirschbaum Mike Kofsky Dan Kohl Ben Konitzer Mike Krzewinski* John Kurzawa Chris Magulski♥ Larry Manz Dan McCarthy Joe Muench Erin Nass Therese Nitka Peter Petroll Dick Polacheck♥ Jeff Radcliffe Paul Repischak Craig Rydell Bob Ryder Larry Sanders Tim Scherer Scott Daniel Michael Spang Gary Stelter*

Dennis Strom Eric Vega Brian Warnecke♥ Michael Weber Chris West Michael Widmann Bob Wilson Jerry Zimmermann Lance Zuelzke

♥This volunteer has at least 1,000 documented service hours

2016 Meal Groups Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Ace Servers ACME and Family Alexander’s Tosa Family All Cares Inc. Alpha Delta Pi Sorority Delta Pi Chapter American Transmission Co.- IT PMO Anna’s Birthday Group Annika Churchill- Miss Northern Illinois’ Outstanding Teen Anthem Sales Learning Antonneau Family Ascedia ASQ Astellas Pharma Au Pair Care Aurora COV Pharmacy Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, Unit 5KLM Auxillary to Local 215 Batzner Pest Control BCHS Spanish Honor Society BH Management Brewers Wives Bridget’s Buds Brookfield Lutheran Church Brunch Bunch Bryant Heating and Cooling- Women in HVAC Bucks Volundeers Burja Family Calvary PreSchool Cardinal Stritch University and the Order of Malta Carmax Carmen Middle School CCON Central-Denison Elementary School Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Pediatric Dental Residents Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Neonatal ICU Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, West 11 Christ Lutheran Church Christian Faith Fellowship Church Young Adult Ministry

Cielo Clausen/Schmidt Coca-Cola Refreshments Coffee Store Friends Coldstream Christian Homeschoolers Concordia Nursing Student Association Concordia University Concordia University Wisconsin Heath & Wellness Concordia University Wisconsin-Physician Assistant Program Congregation Sinai Cookers with Hart Couples Club Crossway Church Germantown Dedicated Computing Delta Kappa Gamma DentaQuest Dining For Women Donahue Family DoubleTree by Hilton Milwaukee Downtown Eagle Eye Power Solutions Eaton Corporation Elm Grove Junior Guild Elmbrook Church Elmbrook Family Dentistry Elmbrook Small Group Epikos Tosa Small Group Fair Oaks Farms Farmers Insurance Federal Police Officers of Milwaukee FFA Firefly Real Estate FIS Flight for Life Food, Dudes and Divas Foodie Friends For a Time Such As This Forrer Business Interiors Fox River Christian Church Fox River Christian ChurchWomen’s Group Franklin Dance Team Franklin Saber Cheerleading Friends & Family Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin Orthopaedic Sports and Spine Center Froedtert Health Rehabilitation Services

Froedtert Health Respiratory Care Department Fuhr & Friends Gamestop and Timothy O’Tooles Pub Libertyville GE Healthcare GSF Mortage GlobalSource IT Godfrey & Kahn, S.C. Gonzalez Rodriguez Family Grace Presbyterian Church Grandma’s House Day Care Grunau Company Hales Corners Lutheran Church Hamilton High School Helpers Hands of Hope Christian Fellowship Church Hawley-lujah Bible Study Helen’s Party Heritage Christian School Hess Family HFTP of Greater Milwaukee Holiday Helpers HPTO Huskies Hydro-Thermal Corp Ignore Youth Group St. John’s Lutheran Church In Memory of Joshua J. Moehrke It Works (Milwaukee) Gives Back ITW Ark- Les Custom Products Jack’s Warriors Jacobus Park Men’s Basketball Jenna Jessica and Friends Jessyca’s Body Shop & Fitness Johnsonville Brats Junior GS Troop #8328 Junior League of Milwaukee Just a Group of Friends Kaileigh’s Krew Kewaskum High School Service Crew Kinsa Group Kiwanis Club of Milwaukee Kiwanis Club of Wauwatosa Kohls Kohls Corp - In Aisle Strategy Kohls Corporate Kohl’s Millennial BRG

Kohl’s Textiles and Décor Divison Kone Inc. Kosobucki Family and Friends Krenzien/Beilfuss Family Lamplight Farms Lassiter Life Group O.C.A.G. Laureate Alpha Zeta Lena High School Volleyball Libertyville Community of Christ Church Linda Lanigan Family & Friends Love Your Melon Love Your Melon MU Students Lucas Milhaupt Supply Chain Luther/Arndt/Bauman M.A.D. Squad- Carmen Middle/High School of Science and Technology Manheim Milwaukee Marriott Business Council Mary Kay Mary Kay Cosmetics Mary S. MCW American Medical Women’s Association MCW Family Medicine Student Association Medical College of Wisconsin- American Medical Association Student Section Medical College of Wisconsin AP/Purchasing Department Medical College of Wisconsin Pediatric Student Association Medical College of Wisconsin Student Assembly Meissner Family Milwaukee Chive Milwaukee Corvette Club Milwaukee Learning Leaders Milwaukee North Seventh Day Adventist Church Milwaukee Yacht Club Mount Mary University Dietetics Class of 1976 MPS - Department of Occupational Therapy MPS Therapists MRMC

RMHC Eastern Wisconsin HomeWord | 13

MSDRA INC. MSOE Volunteers Mueller Family and Friends Mukwonago Moms Group Neroli Salon & Spa Netrix New Berlin Book Club New Berlin Junior Woman’s Club New Hope Christian School Nicolet High School Asian/ Pacific-Islander Club Nordstrom Rack North Shore Kiwanis Club Northbrook Church Cares Northwestern Mutual Northwestern Mutual - Embedded HR Notre Dame Club of Milwaukee Nvisia Optum Order of Eastern Star Golden Rule Otis Elevator Milwaukee Office Patti/Janik/Brunker Families Pay It Forward Peter Schwabe Inc. Plymouth High School- FFA Positive Everyday Cancer Foundation Premier Medical Staffing Services Press. Handcrafted Waffles Printz Family Pro Electric, Inc QPS Employment Group, Inc. Qureshi Family RBC Wealth Management Red Shoe Friends Redeemer Evangelical Free Church RiverGlen Umom RMHC Interns RMHC Staff RMHC Volunteers Robert W. Baird Saint John Vianney Parish Schreiber Foods Sensient Technologies Corporation SEW-IFMA (Southeast Wisconsin Chapter International Facilities Management Association) Shamrock Shakers

Sherman Multicultural Arts School Shorepoint City Church Sikich LLP- FORCE Slinger High School National Honors Society Small Group from Epikos Church Soul Food Southwest Airlines Spring Bank Spring Creek ChurchUprising Life Group Sri Lankan Community of Wisconsin St. Bernard St. Camillus St. Charles Hartland Lifeteens and Human Concerns Group St. Charles Human Concerns/Hartland St. John’s Tosa Ladies Bible Study Group St. Luke Lutheran Church Starbucks Sweet Blessings Swenson Family SynerComm Szabo Family Talent Acquisition Team/ Direct Supply Team Benjamin Team Bryce Foundation Team Superman Sam The Container Store The Egans & Friends The Ekman Family The Happy Campers The House Volunteers The Lingle Family The Merkels & Friends The Orozco-Domoe Family The Rosen Volunteers The Wisconsin Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Theta Chi Chi of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc. Three Pillars Senior Living Thrivent Action Team Thursday Night Volunteers Time Investment Company, Inc. Time Warner Cable Construction Ops Toppers Pizza- Wauwatosa South Tosa Farmers Market Board

14 | RMHC Eastern Wisconsin HomeWord

Tosa Fire L-1923 Tosa Moms Trevor Smith and Friends Two Rivers High School FBLA U.S. Bank UAW Local 469 Women’s Committee Underwriters Laboratory United Heartland US Cellular UWM Student Athlete Advisory Committee Wacker Neuson Corporation Walworth County Farm Bureau WAPHON Washington County Farm Bureau Washington County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee WaterStone Bank Waukesha County Technical College Wauwatosa Mayfair Rotary Club Wauwatosa Rotary Club WE Energies Weddings by Funjet Wednesday Optimist Club Racine West Suburban YMCA Wiertel Family Winter Services Wisconsin Association of Legal Administrators Wisconsin Chive Wisconsin- Job’s Daughters International Wisconsin Lutheran College Wisconsin Lutheran College Love Your Melon Campus Crew Wisconsin Lutheran College Orientation Team Wisconsin Lutheran College Students Wisconsin Lutheran College Warrior Events Board Women of Victory (Victory International Fellowship Church) Zywave, Inc. Development Zywave, Inc.

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It costs $90 per night for a family to stay at RMHC, yet we suggest our families make a donation of just $20 a night. No family is ever turned away for their inability to pay. Your ongoing support is a major reason why. Thank you for your generosity!

Our Mission: Ronald McDonald House Charities® Eastern Wisconsin keeps families together while their children are receiving medical treatment at local hospitals.

RMHC Eastern Wisconsin HomeWord 2017 Issue 1  
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