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EMILY THE STRANGE EARLOOM COMPETITION ENTRY ART/LETTERS/SCRIPT: Ryan Marshall • WRITING : Autumn Rose Love PANEL 1 Emily is asleep. Her head is tiled 3/4 view. CAPTION 1. 6.30am CAPTION (EMILY). 1. Zzzzzzzz

while Emily is fully into her game. The Earloomz ringing is infact her alarm clock telling her to wake up. EMILY 1. Oh great! PANEL 6 The alarm is continuing to beep constantly. Mystery goes up to Emily and nudges her to wake up.

PANEL 2 Establishing shot of Emily’s room. Her Earloomz, Bag and Slingshot are on the bedside table. Her shoes CAPTION are next to the bed. Mystery is sleeping on the end of 1. 7.50am the bed. Emily is now lying on her back and her face is full frontal. CAPTION (EMILY) 1. Not now. I wanna finish this level. CAPTION PANEL 7 2. 6.43am Emily has overslept past her alarm of 7am. It is still ringing. Close up panel of the time on the clock which CAPTION (EMILY). is 8.20am. 1. Zzzzzz. 2. Please No School. Please No School. PANEL 8 Emily the Strange logo, Writer and Art credits to Emily opens her eyes and sits up. She is shocked and appear on this panel. looks panicked cause she is late for school. PANEL 3 Mystery falls off Emily’s shoulder. The next 3 panels are of Emily’s dream sequences of situations to use an Earloomz in. EMILY 1. Jinkies! The first of the 3 shows Emily rocking out playing an electric guitar and the lock of rock with her strumming PANEL 9 Emily runs out the door with her bag on and Earloomz hand. Earloom attached. in her hand, she is going to put the Earloomz on. EMILY PANEL 10 1. ROCK N’ ROLL! Close up of her earloom ringing. PANEL 4 Emily dream sequence of her bungy jumping. PANEL 11 Mystery is also suspended in the air trying to latch Emily stops and finds Neechee is fiddling with an onto Emily. Earloomz on the ground that is calling her number. EMILY 1. Geronimo!

EMILY 1. Neechee!

PANEL 5. Emily dream sequence of her playing Playstation with the Earloomz attached. The Earloom rings

PANEL 12 Emily stands with her arms folded a bit cross looking at Neechee.

Emily the Strange "The EARLOOM Issue"  

Comic style storyboard done for the official Emily the Strange EARLOOM competition. ART/LETTERS/SCRIPT: Ryan Marshall WRITING: Autumn Rose...

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