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WMS supplies over 8,500 GP surgeries and Primary Care Organisations (PCOs) with medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, everyday consumables and family planning products. WMS distribute a catalogue to surgeries’ from which medical supplies can be ordered. WMS provide a broad range of added-value services including Health & Safety consultations, utilities supply and advice on infection control. Their popular medical equipment testing and calibration service is uniquely endorsed by all the major medical equipment manufacturers. Williams Medical Supplies (WMS) are the leading provider of medical supplies and services to the UK healthcare market.

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Respondent Recruitment Focus Groups Full Report

“RMG:Clarity have undertaken a number of projects of various scale for Williams Medical through which we have utilised virtually all of their service offerings. I have found their account management & task execution to be highly professional and consider them to offer great value.” Nick Tait Commercial Director Williams Medical Supplies

The buying power of WMS and their investment in own-branded products means that their clients can trust them to consistently deliver quality products at excellent-value prices. WMS wished to gain qualitative feedback on their catalogues and those of their competitors. Specifically, they wanted: •

Customer feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of the WMS and competitors catalogue offering.

To generate a deeper understanding of the catalogue buying process in surgeries.

RMG:Clarity recruited 13 participants per focus group, which contained practice nurses and practice managers. Those selected also included people who regularly order from WMS and those who were prospects rather than current customers. The focus groups were two hours and were held to discuss various aspects of the catalogue, as well as the service provided by WMS in general. Topics discussed in the focus groups included: • • • •

The process of buying from catalogues. The strengths and weaknesses of the WMS catalogue. WMS advice booklets. The WMS websites.

The report outlined the key findings from the focus group and suggested ways that WMS could improve their catalogue so that they are the first choice for medical supplies.The focus group also raised more general issues concerning the ordering process, such as delivery charges, that have been reported back to WMS

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Williams Medical Supplies - RMG:Clarity Case Study