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Gestational Carrier (GC) Base Amount 1st time GC -- if CFC concludes that GC's health insurance can be used to cover GC's prenatal care and delivery

$26,000 OR


1 time GC -- if GC does not have insurance OR if CFC concludes that the insurance cannot be used to cover the pregnancy** OR if the insurance has an unusually high deductible


** Intended Parents will purchase health insurance if needed. In all cases, the Intended Parents are responsible for the child’s health insurance post-delivery.

Supplement to Base Amount +$5,000

Second-time GC


Third-time GC Twins Supplement


Additional supplements and reimbursements • • • • • • • • • •

All related medical expenses All related travel expenses Monthly allowance of $200 while pregnant Independent legal counsel Life insurance Actual lost wages, child care, housekeeping per terms of contract C-Section supplement A-typical procedures supplement Maternity clothing allowance And many other benefits.

Note: Some states limit a surrogate’s reimbursement or compensation. All contracts and distributions will be structured in strict compliance with the applicable state law.

* All amounts are subject to change.


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