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MAKE THE MOST OF THIS YEAR By LeAnne Zetmeir, Kiwanis District Governor

Dear CKI Students,

Join the CHRONICLE CLUB! Get copies of the newsletter mailed to your home all year and benefit your district. (page 2)



exciting year ahead. Part of your role as a leader on I know there are many things campus is to welcome on your minds as you prepare underclassmen and for the year ahead. Class encourage them to become schedules, living involved in the positive arrangements, jobs, and the opportunities available to always important social side them. As you know, CKI is of college life! As the an amazing opportunity to Governor of the Kiwanis develop not only new friends, Rocky Mountain District, I but leadership skills and warmly welcome you back to relationships throughout the campus and extend my local community. Inviting wishes for a successful and other students to join CKI

and working hard to make your club more active and visible on campus will benefit everyone. I am dedicated to helping in any way I can and look forward to seeing you and working with you. Welcome back and I hope to see you soon. LeAnn Zetmeir Governor Kiwanis Rocky Mountain District


“Setting goals for your individual clubs can help you achieve growth in the future.”


By Alyssa Smalley, Governor Hello Everyone!

I’d like to officially introduce you to the 2013-2014 year for Circle K International! My name is Alyssa, and I will be serving as your Rocky Mountain District Governor for this term. I would like to begin by making you aware of some goals the District Board has set for this upcoming year. Our first goal is in regard to membership. Currently the Rocky Mountain District has 121 dues-paid members, which we would love to see increased to 150 members throughout this next year. One way we can accomplish this is by ensuring that all members pay their membership fees to the District and that your club leadership updates your membership roster on the International Membership Update Center. If you have any questions about dues, please contact District Treasurer Michaela Robidoux. Our second goal pertains to service hours. We have set a goal of 1500 hours. This may seem like a lofty goal, but assuming we achieve our membership goal of 150 members this comes out to only 10 hours per member for the entire year. Over the past year our numbers have been nowhere near this, the main reason being a lack of reporting from clubs on the Monthly Report Forms. At the beginning of each month Monthly Report Forms are sent out by our District Secretary, Austin Good, to be completed by your Club President or Secretary. You can help us achieve our service hour goal by ensuring that your club is filling out this form by

›❯ “Support RMD CKI!” Miranda Samon


Alyssa Smalley

the tenth of every month, and our goal of 1500 hours will be extremely achievable. If you have any questions about the Monthly Report Forms please contact Austin Good. Our third District Goal relates to Kiwanis Family relation hours. These hours are calculated whenever two or more members of any Circle K Club get together with two or more members of any other branch of the Kiwanis Family (Builder’s Club, Key Club, Kiwanis, etc.) for a service or fellowship event. Currently our District is exceeding the International goal for this, but we would love to aim even higher. We have set a goal of 75 Kiwanis Family Relation hours, which is .5 hours per member. Our final goal is for International Convention (ICON) and Large Scale Service Project (LSSP) attendance for

the 2014 events in Nashville, Tennessee. In June 2013 we had 6 members from our District attend LSSP and 7 attend ICON. Based on these numbers we have set a goal to have 10 members attend these events next summer. The Executive Board is currently working on a project to help raise money for any members who wish to attend, so please feel free to contact me if you would like more information. Setting goals for your individual clubs can help you achieve growth in the future as well. If you would like any resources to help you set goals email me. I would love to help you out!


of CKI in their growth and innovation, as well as the district’s capability to help send members to events. In return, you receive fun and informing full color newsletters keeping you updated and inspired by CKI. There is a lot to look forward to if you join. There will be spotlights on clubs, projects, as well as various KFamily members in the future. We really appreciate your support and if you would like to subscribe, you can do so online via If you have any questions please contact the District Editor, Miranda at

By Miranda Samon, Editor

The Chronicle Club is something new that you can opt in to do for the upcoming year. For the first time you, as a CKI member, Kiwanian, Key Clubber... will be able to join at an annual price of $20 per year. This fee guarantees you a copy of every CKI Chronicle mailed personally to your home and a hand written note. By joining the chronicle club, you are supporting the Rocky Mountain District

Yours in Service, Alyssa Smalley RMD Governor 2013-2014



ALL ABOUT DUES & WAYS TO FUNDRAISE By Michaela Robidoux, Treasurer

Hello Fellow CKI’ers! Have you ever had questions about club dues? Or how to fundraise to get the funds? Hopefully this article will help to clear up any confusion. All CKI clubs are required to pay dues to Circle K International. Each CKI club in a nation with a per capita gross national income of US $10,000 and from a 4 year institution with an enrollment of over 5,000 students shall pay an annual fee of US $600. Each CKI club from a nation with a per capita gross national income of US $10,000 and from a 2-4 year institution or a 4 year institution with an enrollment of less than 5,000 students shall pay an annual fee of US$300. Each Circle K club in a nation with a per capita gross national income of less than US$ 10,000 shall pay dues of US$150. Here is the link if you want to visit the actual page: ClubFees.aspx Now lets say that in a much simpler way. •

If you have a club from a university that has over 5,000 total students, your club is required to pay $600 dollars to International. If you have a club at a college or university that is either a 2 or 4-year school, and it has LESS THAN 5,000 total students, you are required to pay $300 dollars to International.

That so much easier right? Club dues are due to your District Treasure (that’s me!!) no later than November 30th, but can begin to be turned in as early as October 1st. Please get them in to me on time or early so I don’t have to come after you! (Because I will!) If you do not turn dues into me by December 1st ,your club goes on

suspended status that means that you are not recognized by Kiwanis International as a legitimate club. And that’s not good! Club dues can be paid by either asking your members to pay (which is generally not a good idea unless you have a very large club), or by fundraising!! Here are some fundraising ideas to help make a dent in that chartering fee! These fundraising ideas came from Corey Oses who is a past treasure from the New York District. I met him at International Convention and he is a great resource! Here are a few of my favorite ideas of his! Cook Book What brings people closer together than a warm meal? Consider holding a large potluck dinner with a diverse menu for all to enjoy. While you are welcome to charge an entrance fee, consider developing a fundraising opportunity out of the recipes available. Create your very own Circle K cookbook to be sold after the sampling event! Fundraising Marathon! While many fundraising ideas would be great separately, consider having a blow out fundraising week! Choose four or five events to hold each day of the week. This would require much more planning, but the benefits could be tremendous. If planned correctly, each event could generate more momentum for the next. Collect funds for your club’s endeavors while building up your Circle K club’s name! I hope that this article has cleared up any confusion over dues and has given you some great fundraising ideas to unitize! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at!


The key to pulling off a successful summer service project is making it a creative seasonal event. A great example is having an “Eliminade Stand.” It’s just like a lemonade stand, except with a little lemony twist. By taking something with such high seasonal demand, such as lemonade, and using it to your creative advantage, you have high potential for success. Sell lemonade for $1.80 or donations for the Eliminate Project. Emphasize that by their drinking lemonade, they are saving lives. At the end of the hot day, you would have supported your club bonding by not taking the summer off as a service break, raised a lot of money for a great cause, and most importantly had fun while making a difference.




One of the unique opportunities available to members of Circle K is the opportunity to attend the International Large Scale Service Project, or LSSP. The LSSP is an annual event put on by Circle K International before the annual International Convention. Earlier in the summer I had the privilege of attending this year’s LSSP in Vancouver, BC with 5 other members of the Rocky Mountain District and 200 other members of our organization from around the world. The intention behind it all is to celebrate CKI the best way a collegiate service organization can, by doing service projects with huge impacts. This year the attendees of the LSSP were given the task to construct 2 new playgrounds from the ground up for 2 elementary schools in the Vancouver area. While building these playgrounds in 2 days was a huge undertaking, we didn’t stop there. We also had Circle K members doing other projects throughout the community like park clean ups, planting gardens, helping out at a food bank and so much more. I have to say that personally, LSSP was one of the most rewarding times I have

had in my life. While it was hard working in the pouring rain and mud (it turns out the Pacific Northwest gets a lot of rain) I was doing it for a great cause and with some of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. LSSP isn’t just about working for some good causes, it is also about fellowship and building long lasting relationships. Time is put into the schedule for team building and social activities so that you can get to know people on a deeper level then just being work buddies while doing service projects. Looking back, I could not have asked for anything more. The amount of joy we were able to see from the kids after finishing their playground was amazing. That along with the new friendships I have forged have helped to reignite my passion for service and have made me more driven to accomplish more in my own community. LSSP is not an opportunity you want to pass up. It truly is life changing and I encourage you to go at least once during your time in CKI. Next year’s LSSP will take place June 15th-18th 2014 in Nashville, TN. Hope to see you there!


Hello my name is David Limjoco and I am the newly elected Subregion B Trustee for the 2013-2014 Term. This year's International Convention or ICON was in Vancouver, Canada. For many people it was a first chance at going to another country. The weather was great the people nice and very friendly and the convention was by the ocean. At this location many, many things happened including great workshops, awards, the election of the international board and much more. We learned great things about CKI and met many people from around the world such as Jamaicans, Canadians and many people from around the US. It was a great opportunity to get to know what CKI was on a level outside of the district and club levels and encourage every member to strive for the experience.  


We had the opportunity to explore all around Vancouver eating many of the local foods including poutine (fries with gravy and cheese curds) while taking in all of the sights and the beautiful Vancouver skyline. For the first time we also had a joint Subregion B and A dinner where our immediate past trustee Ryan Ocampo spoke about our subregion and the individual districts. So much of ICON was an experience you can really only get from being there yourself and taking in all of the local attractions and the CKI knowledge was an experience that helped make my summer a great one giving me so much information to bring back home. I look forward to being your trustee this year and hope to see you next year in Nashville, Tennessee for ICON 2014!


By Allie Moe, CO Club Building Chair

It’s the first week of school, and everyone is bustling through campus simultaneously happy to be back – or arriving for the first time – as well as slightly apprehensive about the experience yet to be had. Many campuses have back to school activities fairs which are a phenomenal place to reel in fresh bait! It is important to stress the weight extracurricular activities have on employers when they are looking to hire college graduates. CKI creates a plethora of opportunities in working with multiple organizations in several different forms! Having a display with buzz words such as SERVICE, LIVE TO SERVE, LOVE TO SERVE, WHAT IS CKI?, K-FAMILY and ELIMINATE, twinge people’s interests in the club. These words, along with bright personalities standing in front of the display handing out information on the club meeting space/time and a donation jar for ELIMINATE will magnetize potential CKI-ers to your club!

A great way to connect with people is to have a list of service projects and ideas your club is planning on doing in the coming year. Having particular projects listed will show you are an organized and legitimate club and promote questions about the projects ahead. Communication is key in recruiting new members. Tabling at the activities fair, or in your school’s University Center is just the beginning. Having a fall kickoff event is crucial to grabbing new member’s attention. A low key event such as a barbecue or pizza party along with a mini-service project (maybe trauma dolls, tie blankets or writing letters to military servicemen and women?) will break the ice between existing members and potential members and you get to have a great time while partaking in service! Be individual, be outstanding, live to serve, love to serve and you will have an exceptional year. Good luck!

MAKING A DIFFERENCE TOGETHER WITH KEY CLUB By Zach Fangman, Key Club District Governor

Hello members of CKI! My name is Zac Fangman, and I am honored to serve as the 2013-2014 Rocky Mountain District Key Club Governor. I expect to have a great year serving with you all, and learning from you as well. CKI is a fantastic member of the Kiwanis Family, and I would like to generate awareness of CKI through joint service projects and attendance at our District Conventions. Together, along with RMD Kiwanis, we can come together to better our homes, schools, and communities, whether to eliminate a deadly disease off the face of the planet or help the hungry in our very state. Now is the time to realize our full potential to not only change the world, but to celebrate what’s right in it. I hope you are all just as grateful as I am to be in a family that creates such a lasting impact, and is made of the most grateful, caring people in the world. I cannot wait to see how you all will make a difference, and how we can do it together. Yours in Service, Zac Fangman





PLEASE, WE LOVE YOU Alyssa Smalley, Governor

Matthew Carter, Adams State Liaison

Austin Good, Secretary

Amanda Jablonsky, Colorado Mesa Liaison

Michaela Robidoux, Treasurer

Maritza Arizaga, Colorado State Liaison

Miranda Samon, Bulletin Editor

Noha Kikhia, CU Boulder Liaison

Andy McKay, Events Chair

Leah Jaron, School of Mines Liaison

Rebekah Romberg, K-Family Relations

Celena Evans-Walk Front Range Liaison

Allie Moe, CO Club Building

Sophi Robbins, UNC Liaison

Selena Hammer, WY/NE Club Building

Jennifer Anders, Wyoming Liaison

Jan Brown Reed, District Administrator

David Limjoco, International Trustee



CKI Chronicle, Summer 2013  

Official publication of the Rocky Mountain District of Circle K International.

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