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Rocky Mountain District of Circle K International

Welcome from the Governor! By Governor Amanda May

Hello Rocky Mountain District! My name is Amanda May and I am the 2012-2013 District Governor. I want to welcome you all to the 2012-2013 school year and I hope that all of your clubs are hitting off the new fall semester with a bang! I am excited to see all of the great things that the district is going to accomplish this year! This year we are looking at a significant increase in membership due to our new satellite program. We currently have four chartered clubs: University of Wyoming, Colorado State University, Colorado School of Mines, and Adams State University. Through our new satellite program we have new clubs in formation all over the district including CWC, UNC, CMU, CU, UCCS, DU, and WNCC! A satellite club is a club that is attached to one of our chartered clubs. The members of satellite club have the same rights as all of our members and pay the same district dues. The idea of a satellite program is to start a club at a school that doesn’t have one and get it up and running until it is able to charter on its own. We are really excited about all of the growth this year and can’t wait to see all of the great things that come from it. I enjoyed working with all of the district liaisons from each of our clubs and hearing about how each club in the district is unique in its own way. One of our goals this year, along with membership growth, is to help all of our clubs connect with each other. One of the unique parts of being a member of this organization is the connections we make with other members. As on organization we are able to meet people from other schools around the world and make long-lasting friendships. This year we are trying to encourage this through attending our district and international events such as Fall Conference, District Convention, Large Scale Service Project, and International Convention. I would like to encourage as many people in your clubs to attend these events as they are a huge part of fellowship for the organization. At all of our events we encompass all aspects of Circle K: Service, Leadership, and Fellowship. They are a great time to meet new people that are passionate about service! Speaking of service please note we have a new district project this year, the Second Wind Fund, which helps spread awareness of teen suicide and prevention. Please read the article about our new project to learn more! Also, don’t forget our other service projects like Students Teaming Up to Fight Hunger, March of Dimes, UNICEF aka The Eliminate Project, and the Tomorrow Fund! Please keep these service partners in mind when planning your events this year! I am excited for the new school season and all of the great things coming our way this year. I appreciate all of your hard work and service to your communities. You all make me proud to be a part of this organization! Keep up the good work! Yours in service,



Amanda May

Rocky Mountain District of Circle K International

Family is Key By Key Club Governor JD Manzaneras

The Effective Way to Developing Your Key Club Ties

The college phenomenon is full of mystery for high school students. Trepidation fills them with every step closer that they get to undergrad studies. However, perhaps even more strange and ominous than the future are the people that live there. Nevertheless, one of the best ways for service to be done is to combine the college and the high school cultures for talking huge goals and boosting membership. This culture shock is considered to be a Kiwanis Family Relation a. k. a. CKI’s lil’ cousins coming over to play. To enhance the experience for both CKI and Key Clubbers alike, here are some simple tips to having a great bond between your CKI and your Key Clubs: 1. Actually visit each other’s meetings (you have to play together if you are going to be friends) 2. Be Courteous and Conscious around K.C. members (Watch your language, PDA, alcohol references, possible lawsuits, etc.) 3. Joint Service Projects are Amazing (Have them) 4. Give pointers on college (Key Clubbers eat that up like Grandmother’s Vanilla Crème Pie.) 5. Have a Campus Tour (Get those Key Clubber’s to join a CKI) 6. Let Key Clubbers invite you (and make them feed you, you broke college kids…they still live at home) 7. If you are ever in need of advice or assistance reaching your local Key Club, Contact the Author of this article (Key Club Governor JD) at

Save the Date: District Convention

Who: CKIers from the Rocky Mountain District What: District Convention! Come to have fun, do service, learn about leadership, and elect the new District Board! When: February 15-16, 2013

Keep your eyes open for more information, coming soon!

Rocky Mountain District of Circle K International


Why: Why not?


Where: Longmont, Colorado

The Second Wind Fund By K-Family Relations Chair Kimberly Ventrello

Hello, everyone! I am Kimberly Ventrello, your K-Family Relations and District Projects Chair for 2012-2013. I have the honor to tell you all about our new district project. This year’s project will be working closely with the Second Wind Fund. The Second Wind Fund is a suicide intervention and prevention nonprofit organization that started in 2002 in Lakewood, Colorado. It has expanded to contain many affiliates covering the majority of Colorado. The focus of the group is to provide at-risk teenagers the chance to get counseling for free and make the right connections to help them overcome their suicidal ideations. The Second Wind Fund will, if the teen is truly at risk, pay for up to twelve counseling sessions. If a teen can afford counseling and just needs help getting through that door, the Second Wind Fund is there for them as well. Teen suicide is a preventable thing, but sadly the numbers worsen by the day. In the United States, suicide is now the number one leading cause of death, taking the place of car crashes. Males over the age of 75 are most likely to commit suicide, but boys and men ages 15-24 are the second highest suicide demographic in America. I have heard some concerns that I feel deserve to be talked about, so those of you with similar ones will not feel left out. Currently our district includes Wyoming, the panhandle of Nebraska, and all of Colorado. There are some places outside of the Second Wind Fund’s region, including Wyoming and Nebraska. One of the goals I would love to see this district meet, or at least get it rolling, is for there to be at least one Second Wind Fund affiliate in Wyoming. If we could get more, that would be fantastic as well. I would love to start as many affiliates as possible and have all of the district covered. While there are many great suicide prevention programs out there, none quite fit the standards and ideals of the Second Wind Fund. Other goals for this year include the possibility of every club or region in the Rocky Mountain District having a walk/ride/run fundraiser and making a list of resources for local schools, churches, and other organizations. The idea of the walk/ride/run fundraiser is based on the Denver Dash, which the Denver affiliate hosts each year. It is a great way to raise money and awareness for and about teen suicide. I hope that you are all as excited as I am!

Yours in Service,


For more information on The Second Wind Fund, please feel free to visit their website at


Kimberly Ventrello

Rocky Mountain District of Circle K International

Club Spotlights In each newsletter we will be featuring two clubs from the District; one chartered and one satellite club. If you would like your club to be featured in the next newsletter, email Public Relations Chair Alyssa Smalley at and let her know!

Colorado School of Mines Article by CSM District Liaison Rosa Foth Greetings from the Colorado School of Mines CKI!! We are excited for the 2012-2013 school year with events planned for most weekends throughout the year! This past weekend, we participated in our first event. One of the local elementary schools hosted their third annual 5k classic and Fun Run. Most of our club members ran an obstacle course for the children to run through. Others were course marshals, making sure the runners went in the correct direction. It was great to see the young children promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. There were some impressive little kids, running a 5k in elementary school and running it well, at that. Our club plans on staying involved with this elementary school and the others in the Golden area. In addition, we will be volunteering at the Same Café in downtown Denver. The Same Café is unique because the food is locally grown and organic, and prepared to the highest quality. Another cool aspect of Same Café is that they will feed anyone who walks in the door even if they cannot pay. If they do not have the monetary means to pay, people pay with their time, they help make their meal, clean up, etc. We will help in the kitchen and clean up at the end of the day. We are excited for this event and plan to meet many great people during our three hours there. We, here at the CSM CKI, have many activities planned, but we will leave it at this and let you know of our progress later in the year!!

University of Northern Colorado Article by Public Relations Chair Alyssa Smalley Hello Everybody! The CKI Club at the University of Northern Colorado is so excited to be a part of the District this year! We are a satellite club, so this is the first year in a long while that this club has existed at UNC. The main project we have done so far this year was helping with a project called Cinderella’s Closet, which collected gently used homecoming and prom dresses and sold them at discounted rates to raise money for A Women’s Place. We have also been working with a local Key Club at reestablishing a K-Kids Club at a local elementary school.



Some of the challenges we have faced with trying to start up a CKI club here in Greeley, CO is getting support from a local Kiwanis Club. Five groups of students before us have tried to start this club and it hasn’t worked out, so the odds definitely seem against us, but it is a challenge that we are ready and willing to accept! K-Family relations are so important when trying to start up a CKI, so we have been trying to do as much inter-clubbing as possible to make the UNC club as strong as possible!

Rocky Mountain District of Circle K International

Keeping Connected in Circle K By Public Relations Chair Alyssa Smalley

As college students we spend a lot of time on the computer, whether it is for doing homework, taking tests… or procrastinating from doing our homework and taking tests. Whatever the reason be, since so many college students are on the computer so often, the internet is a great way for Circle K to get information out to all of you! Here are some ways you can find out about what’s going on with the Rocky Mountain District Circle K:

Facebook: Join the “Rocky Mountain District Circle K International” Facebook group to get updates about what is going on with the District, who’s who, and connect with other clubs! We also frequently post events for the District on this page, so it’s a great way to know what’s coming up!

Issuu: This website is fantastic if you are looking for resources or newsletters from the District! Here you can find fundraising tips, the District Bylaws, club building information, newsletters, and more! If there are any resources that you would like to see on there, you can let us know that as well! Our Issuu page can be found at

Website: Our website contains just about all the information you could want to know about our District. Find links to other schools’ websites, information about our service partners, registration for District events, and contact information for the District Board. Our website is

As a District, we are currently trying to find more ways to effectively communicate with all of our members! Beginning October 6th we will have a survey linked to our Facebook Page and Website where you can share your opinions about what we are doing well, what isn’t working, and what you would like to see. We look forward to your input!

Yours in Service, Alyssa Smalley



District Public Relations Chair

Rocky Mountain District of Circle K International

Contact Us Amanda May District Governor Dee Soliman District Secretary Bridger Gladney District Treasurer Kimberly Ventrello District K-Family Relations Chair

Rocky Mountain District Board 2012-2013

Andy McKay District Liaison University of Wyoming Michaela Robidoux District Liaison University of Northern Colorado Rosa Foth District Liaison Colorado School of Mines

Tony Loya District Liaison Adams State University Jan Brown Reed District Administrator

Austin Good District Events Chair

Alyssa Smalley District Public Relations Chair Ryan Ocampo International Trustee Subregion B

Members of the District Board at the September Meeting!

Rocky Mountain District of Circle K International


Front Row: Andy McKay, Tony Loya, Austin Good


Back Row: Amanda May, Kimberly Ventrello, Alyssa Smalley, Rosa Foth

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Welcome from the Governor, Key Club Article, Club Spotlights, Second Wind Fund, and more!

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