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The CKI Chronicle

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Rocky Mountain District of Circle K International

Key Club Fundraising By Key Club Governor JD Manzaneras

If a group of High School students can make money doing this, so can college kids…right?

Here are just a few ideas for CKI members to raise funds for any project in particular! $ Bells and Begging: Stand at the door front of your local grocery/super store ringing bells for spare change (permission granted, of course). A little change adds up! $ Car Wash/Bake Sale: Secure a parking lot to attract the maximum amount of cars possible and suds up in swimsuits. Bake some goods to sell to the patiently waiting people getting their car washed. $ Snowball Warfare: Sell snow to your friends! Organize a 3-on-3 snowball fight tournament; winner takes half the earnings or a ridiculous trophy. $ Ice Golf: Find a lake, carve out some holes, and invite the golf community. 9hole fare can be an amazing source of revenue. Here are some ideas to fundraise for the Eliminate Project! $ Host an End-of-the-World 2012 dance: (or a We-made-it 2013 dance) It’s not the end of the world; it’s the end of tetanus. Get a local DJ to offer a free service or have a CKI member with a good playlist get licensed (best investment ever). $ Starving Artist Night: Host an open mike night with a reasonably priced dinner. Each artist that takes the stage must scrounge for a dollar to buy his time. $ Interclub Activities: Steal the bell from Kiwanis and demand a 100 dollar ransom (to be paid to the Eliminate Project) for it back. Take Governor Amanda May’s gavel and Key Club Governor JD Manzanares will donate 10 dollars for every occasion posted to Facebook.



Remember to include your Kiwnais Family in your fundraising efforts. Key Clubbers and Kiwanians alike can participate in all of these events with you!

Rocky Mountain District of Circle K International

Club Spotlight In each newsletter we will be featuring clubs from the District. If you would like your club to be featured in the next newsletter, email Public Relations Chair Alyssa Smalley at and let her know!

Colorado Mesa University Article by District K-Family Relations Chair Kimberly Ventrello The CKI at Colorado Mesa University is just heating up. We are a new satellite club this year, and have five paid members and are just beginning to advertise campus-wide for more. Unfortunately, due to the amount of members we have, we have not been able to do huge projects, but we have done a few small ones. We volunteered to help out our sponsoring club, the Kiwanis club of Grand Junction, by helping park cars at the annual Grand Junction Air Show. Currently, we are doing a food drive on campus and are planning on donating all the food to Clifton Christian Church. We have been talking to Habitat for Humanity and are looking for Christmastime projects to do from ringing the bell for Salvation Army to making boxes of presents to send overseas. If you need to get in contact with us or know someone at Mesa who is looking for an awesome club, the club email address is

Save the Date: District Convention Who: CKIers from the Rocky Mountain District What: District Convention! Come to have fun, do service, learn about leadership, and elect the new District Board! When: February 15-17, 2013

How: Fill out your registration forms and pay your $45 on by January 26th, 2013.

Rocky Mountain District of Circle K International


Why: Why not?


Where: Longmont, Colorado

Fall Training Conference By Events Chair Austin Good

This year we had an amazing Fall Training Conference in Colorado Springs, CO where officers from most every school came together to get training and learn about new programs and service projects! Club officers from Adams State to the University of Wyoming had the chance to talk to each other, exchange ideas and get training from some seasoned veterans. We also had the chance to hear from the man in charge of the Second Wind Fund, Richard Eveleigh. This has been adopted as our District Project for this upcoming year! The Second Wind Fund is a suicide prevention organization, focusing on preventative counseling and community outreach. Richard says that some of the best work we can do to support his organization is to fundraise and do outreach work by educating our own communities about suicide. Even if the Second Wind Fund isn’t directly involved in your community, we still encourage you to reach out to other suicide prevention groups that are in your area. For more information, be sure to talk to our Kiwanis Family Relations chair, Kimberly Ventrello. After hearing from Richard we heard from Max Williams, a local Kiwanian from Colorado Springs. He presented a new program that he is developing with the Kiwanis district called the KC Graduate Program. The aim of the program is to retain graduating Key Clubbers and CKIers in the Kiwanis family. They are still working out the logistics of the program, but if you are interested in finding out more be sure to contact Max for more information or go to the RMD Kiwanis website at As you might know, when you are at a CKI event, it isn’t all about work. We had a ton of fun throughout the conference, but nothing could top our trip to the Garden of the Gods. As a district we went on a hike through the scenery and bonded more with members from other clubs. At the conference we were also lucky to have our International Trustee, Ryan Ocampo from Las Vegas in attendance. He taught us about district spirit and we learned a couple new cheers. Overall this was a great conference, full of service, leadership and fellowship.



Don’t forget that District Convention is coming up in February! Look out for the registration to be sent out in the coming weeks.

Rocky Mountain District of Circle K International

Contact Us Amanda May District Governor Dee Soliman District Secretary Bridger Gladney District Treasurer Kimberly Ventrello District K-Family Relations Chair

Rocky Mountain District Board 2012-2013

Andy McKay District Liaison University of Wyoming Michaela Robidoux District Liaison University of Northern Colorado Rosa Foth District Liaison Colorado School of Mines

Tony Loya District Liaison Adams State University Jan Brown Reed District Administrator

Austin Good District Events Chair Alyssa Smalley District Public Relations Chair Ryan Ocampo International Trustee Subregion B

Members of the District Board at the September Meeting!

Rocky Mountain District of Circle K International


Front Row: Andy McKay, Tony Loya, Austin Good


Back Row: Amanda May, Kimberly Ventrello, Alyssa Smalley, Rosa Foth

The CKI Chronicle - November  

The November Publication of the Rocky Mountain District CKI Chronicle.

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