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The Magic of Service by Katie Biesiada As Key Club members, we all know how important service is. Whether it is community service, self-service, or a simple service to others, the smallest acts of kindness can leave the most significant impression. District Convention (DCON) is a special event for us all to celebrate our service duties. This year, we are proud to announce that the 62 nd annual Rocky Mountain District Convention will be hosting its first ever district -wide service project – “plarning”. This service project is simple and fun, and relates directly to the Eliminate Project and saving mothers and their future babies. “Plarning” is an activity in which members will cut plastic shopping bags from grocery and retail stores into loops and connect them to form balls of plastic yarn – hence the term “plarning”. The “plarn” that we will form at DCON will be sent to an organization which crochets it into sterile birthing mats for mothers to use in underdeveloped and developing countries. In addition to this service project, we will continue to hold the service fair with projects and ideas displayed by your 20132014 District Board of Trustees. If your club is interested in advertising a fun fundraising or service project that you have done this year, bring a regular trifold board to display at the service fair! Get great ideas and lend a hand April 4-6, 2014 at the Denver Sheraton West Hotel in Denver, Colorado – see you there!

The magic of service  
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