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PACKING LIST Friday: - One casual outfit (t-shirt, jeans, something you would wear to school)

Saturday: - One business casual outfit (Ladies:


Skirts, khakies, nice blouse. Gentalmen:

- Toothbrush/toothpaste

Fancy pants, button up, ect.)

- Deodorant (please)

- Casual outfit (If you don’t want to go to dinner in business casual)

- Black and White Semi Formal (for the DANCE! Something black or white that you would wear to homecoming, not too fancy)

- Time Capsule Item! (letter, video, key

- Pajamas (for comfort) - Camera (for memories) - Money (enough for 2-3 meals and misc. things you can buy or have a board member duct taped to a wall)

- Snacks (just don’t tell the hotel)

club shirt, bracelets, something small and key club related)

Sunday: - Business Professional Outfit (Dress step above business casual on the fancy scale. Something a lawyer would wear.)

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DCON Packing List