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Official August Club Building Newsletter

In The ISSUE: Club Building Chair Introduction CB Committee 2011-2012 Club Building 101 Contact Us! Pg. 2

Greetings From the

Club Building Chair Hello Fellow and Potential KEY CLUBBERS! George N. Parks:

A Little About Me:

“No rule for success will work if you don't.”

Hi! I’m Tali Bitton and I’m this year’s RMD Club Building Chair. It’s super exciting to be able to work with all of you RMD members to make sure our district grows! I live in Cow Town, USA, or for those of you who know the city as Greeley, CO, that’s where you’ll find me. Interesting name? Most think so; it’s Hebrew. My family is Israeli and we’re really head strong as such. Besides Key Club, I’m the GWHS Marching Band senior drum major, an accomplished artist and a committed student. My personality is big and I try to give 120% (that’s the only way everyone else will give 100%). I’m interested in hearing from ya’ll, so find me on Facebook , Tumblr or email me at Thanks!

Welcome to the first issue of the Club Building Newsletter. Here, the Club Building Committee (CBC) provides a way of members, just like you, to easily obtain the information about Starting a Club. All of your Lieutenant Governors are going to charter new Key Clubs across our district this year, but that doesn’t men you can’t do anything. Many of your divisions have some K Kids, Builders Clubs or Aktion Clubs; well, if you’re in an established Key Club, start a charter for of these clubs. All the K-Family clubs hold many opportunities for our generation to give back to our communities and develop leadership within us at the same time! See Page 6 for the official K Family Chartering Pages. Pg. 3

2011-2012 Club Building Committee

From Left to Right:

Jonathan Weishaar, Sierra Weast, Avery Hitchcock and Tali Bitton

This year’s Club Building Committee promises big things for the Rocky Mountain District this year. Along with a potential of 20 more Key Clubs and other K-Family clubs being added in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska, we are will be fixing the inactive and suspended clubs. More information on that later! This year, we’ve decided to divide our district into new Chartering Regions. With this new structure, any member in a given region will be able to contact their respective CBC Region Representative. The four of us on the CBC are your representatives. If you’re interested in chartering, reactivating, etc. a club, contact your representative.

Chartering Region: Representative: Divisions in Region: CR 1 (WY & NE) Jonathan Weishaar Div. 1,6,10,13 & 17 CR 2 (West CO) Sierra Weast Div. 5/18,7,8, & 12a CR 3 (Northeast CO) Avery Hitchcock Div. 2,3,11,15 & 16 CR 4 (Southeast CO) Tali Bitton Div.4,9,12b & 14 Pg. 4

Club Building 101 Steps to Charting a Key Club: 1.

Meeting Site Selection and Contact Club Building Rep. and CBC Chair (Tali Bitton) Obtain Resources Key Club Chartering Toolkit at Get Support Local Kiwanis Club

2. 3. –


Meet with Your School’s Official –

5. 6.

Have a booth at school functions Send in an announcement to be read over the Intercom Facebook and social media

Organize the Club – Must gain 15 members – Hold elections for: President, V.P., Secretary, Treasurer and Bulletin Board Editor – ***Petition to Charter*** must be submitted into Key Club International


Launch the Club –


Introduce Key Club and ask for support

Find a Faculty Sponsor Recruit New Members – –


Contact Anna Schneeberger for K-Family Relations Info. At

Hold regular meetings and start some projects within reach

Keep in touch with the RMD Board and CBC Rep.

Pg. 5

Any Questions? Feel Free to Contact any of the CBC! Contact Us at: CBC Chair Tali Bitton: *also CR 4 Representative CR 1 Rep. Jonathan Weishaar CR 2 Rep. Sierra Weast CR 3 Rep. Secretary Avery Hitchcock

Other Great Resources: RMD Start a Club Page’s Tool Kits for chartering K-Kids, etc. -there are informative power-points and pdf files here -this will be the place to find the Petition to Charter to download.

Yours in Service,

Club Building Chair: Tali Bitton

Pg. 6

Club Building Letter  

Issued August 2011 by Tali Bitton

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