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Housing Policy 2012 RMD Key Club District Convention

Advisors!! When sending in registration forms, please indicate whether the housing is single, double, triple, or quad occupancy. Make sure that the roommates indicated are definite and set. If you want your students to stay with the desired students from your school, make sure you have the correct number of students that corresponds with the housing option checked. For example, if you have seven female students, do not mark all of them as quad occupancy and give me a rooming list of four students in one room and three in another. Rarely do we fill empty single slots in a room. In years past, we would let it slide. We cannot afford to do that anymore. If quad occupancy is checked and fewer than four names are submitted, there is an excellent chance the students will be split up. Triple occupancy is not that much more expensive than quad occupancy.

DCON Housing Policy  

Housing Policy for DCON 2012

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