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Builders Club Written by the RMD Key Club Technology Chair Miranda Samon

leadership As many of you know, there are extended branches of the K-family. The branch just below Key Club would be Builders Club. They have the same mission, vision, and core values as we do! What makes them unique is their age. As members of Key Club, we lead at the high school level. While we are extraordinary, the Builders Club members are servant leaders while still in middle school. District Builders Club Chair, Alan Arbuckle states, "It’s not just a ‘feeder’ program for Key Club, although it does a super job of jumpstarting leaders before they join.”

If you don’t have any known clubs in the area…you don't have to be a kiwanian or board member to start one! Just contact a local Kiwanis Club with the interest or visit the Builders Club website for step-by-step instructions.


caring character building

Having a builders club really boots the community. As stated in the Middle School Journal, "research suggests that ProjectBased Learning (PBL) can be an effective way to engage and motivate middle level learners.” Builders Club not only benefits the community; it benefits the students.

It is encouraged to get involved with the builders clubs in your community. The group is really a unique opportunity for Middle School students to experience “Projectbased learning of leadership skills in a safe environment."


Builders Club  

A short article on the Kiwanis Branch of Builders Club, written by an RMD Key Clubber.

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