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The Key Club of Standley Lake is not what you would typically call mind blowing. They have a small amount of members and an even more limited amount of dedicated members. However, those factors did not limit them when it came to success in a recent Children’s Miracle Network project. About eight members of Key Club took it upon themselves to sell miracle balloons for the benefit of their local Children’s hospital. Every day for less than two weeks, the handful of members did their share of selling. They would go around at lunch and ask students if they were willing to donate a dollar for the cause. They also took it to the Standley Lake community when asking if people were willing to donate a dollar and have their name displayed on a balloon in the school. The result? They raised about $400 in two weeks. As a small club, their success stories never seem very extravagant. In perspective, this most recent project was the most successful of the year. You may wonder how having less people work on something resulted in a bigger rate of success. The answer is simple; love, dedication, and a good leader. In this case the leader was a relatively new member that was elected Bulletin Editor and now District Technology Chair. At the time, however, this member was one among the less mentioned crowd, yet that did not stop her when it came to the opportunity to make a difference. “I knew I wasn’t the president, and I knew that everything I was doing was not typical for my position, but I didn’t care because I really saw the potential we had,” comments Miranda Samon of Standley Lake. No matter how small, passion can lead you to your goals. That is essentially what Key Club is about. We are a large group of “small” people just trying to make a difference. The Key Club members of Standley Lake really demonstrated that when beginning their partnership with the Children’s Miracle Network. Don’t let being a small club or a small member discourage you from trying your best. Nothing is impossible. Congratulations!

---Ari Parrilla, RMD B.E., 6/20/11

Rhetoric ft. Miranda Samon  

June 20th Rhetoric featuring Standley Lake and Miranda Samon

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