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Every human being, created in the image of God, is endowed with a power akin to that of the Creator – individuality, power to think and to do. The men in whom this power is developed are the men who bear responsibilities, who are leaders in enterprise, and who influence character. It is the work of true education to develop this power, to train the youth to be thinkers, and not mere reflectors of other men’s thought. Education, PG17

Adventist Education: Relevant? or Irrelevant? By Lonnie Hetterle, Vice President for Education Adventist education has lost its relevancy and

Adventist education in my own family’s life. As

Why? Because we felt Adventist education

is really just a waste of good money that could be

the father of three adult children entirely edu-

came closest to our personal values and core

better spent on evangelism – or on that new car or

cated in Adventist schools, I was shocked by the


total amount of tuition my wife and I have paid.

beliefs and because of three questions we asked ourselves. These three questions1 are the crux

Including Kindergarten, we paid tuition for thir-

of why we, as a church, invest so much in our

teen years for each child – or a total of 39 years

education system. It is why 40-50%, or more,

of tuition – and that’s not talking about college!

of many local church budgets are spent on

Do you agree? Or disagree? While some parents choose alternate priorities, others believe passionately in Adventist education – specifically, Adventist elementary schools, academies and

That’s 39 years of careful and frugal living in

Adventist school subsidies. It is why many families choose to drive an older car and forgo long-

colleges. Each of us must resolve for ourselves

order to pay monthly school bills. Had we other-

the truth or the fallacy of the above statement.

wise invested over the years, perhaps today we

The results will influence individual, family, and

would have had a very nice nest egg for retire-

These three questions are short and simple,

church decisions.

ment. However, we chose to invest in Adventist

but the answers are profound and have a ripple-

education for our children!

effect in all areas of life, both personally and

Personally, I have wrestled with the role of

distance vacations.


Lonnie Hetterle, Vice President for Education

(Psalm 139:13) and who loves and cares for all of

us – always (Hebrews 13:5). In Adventist schools, teachers explain that, while we live in a world full of ugliness, God is bigger and more powerful than any evil. They person cannot question the values of another

also explain the Great Controversy and our role

because values are not based on truth, but on

in the war between Christ and Satan.

private, personal beliefs. A school is an institution where individuals 1. Where did I come from? 2. Why am I here?

3. Where am I going?

The only educational system that can fully answer these questions without compromise is

Question 2: Why am I here? From a “facts” perspective, teachers may instruct their stu-

learn about the world and their role in it. In a

dents that “fun” and “happiness” are life goals –

Seventh-day Adventist school, teachers guide

that the here and now are all that matter.

their students in the discovery of the facts of this world, and they lead students to understand the God who carefully created it, sustains day-to-day affairs, and who is coming to take us home to live with Him!

the Adventist system.

Question 1: Where did I come from? If a

However, from a biblical values perspective, Adventist teachers help their students understand they have been made in God’s image and uniquely equipped and chosen for a special work for God. He walks beside me (Hebrews 13:5); He leads me (Isaiah 48:17); He answers my prayers

In our post-modern, Western civilization we

teacher is only allowed to teach facts according

(Philippians 4:6); He directs my paths (Psalm 119:105).

have adopted a world view in which “facts” and

to science, students may only learn they came

Students have the opportunity to understand

“values” are often separate arenas. “Facts” are

from a big bang, an amoeba, a monkey or some

that all Christians work for God and are partners

presented as absolute, provable, scientific, and

other evolutionary theory. However, teaching

engaged in saving others for Christ and, thus,

without argument. “Values,” on the other hand,

from our values with the Bible as our guide

are brothers and sisters. As a family, we help

are private and vary from person to person.

(Psalm 111:10 and 119:104-5), students will under-

each other and are given clear guidelines as to

They are relative and not provable and may

stand that they were created by a loving God

how we should treat one another.

change over time. The assertion is that one

who designed each person from the beginning

I was facing what I dreaded – my son, Josh, confessed to smoking and drinking with friends off-campus at Campion Academy. Josh made me promise not to tell Don; however, I told him eventually he would have to tell his dad, Don. Thankfully, he didn’t say that I couldn’t tell his teachers, so in the morning, when he returned to school, I called Dean Reeder and told him all that was going on. He prayed with me on the phone. I told him if he needed to suspend Josh, then so be it. I just hoped they wouldn’t kick him out. Don Reeder, along with the school chaplain and Stephanie Johnson, the school counselor, spent many hours with Josh encouraging, praying and directing him. It was these teachers, especially Stephanie Johnson, who brought Josh up out of the pit and set him on a new path. They encouraged him and even gave him a position that would showcase his talents for making people laugh – as one of the leaders in Friday night JAM improv sessions. He also became the class historian and ended up with a great senior year. The skills and friendships he developed with these teachers helped him when he went to Union College. Today, Josh says that Stephanie Johnson was the most important, life-changing influence on him in school. Adventist Christian education couldn’t protect my child from tasting the world. But what it did was offer a forgiving and restorative solution only found in Christ through faithful teachers and mentors. For this reason and many others, I have supported and been involved with Adventist Christian education. Today, my daughters are Adventist teachers and my son a top leader at camp where he shares his life-changing story. With four grandchildren nearing school age, I plan on continuing to support Adventist Christian education by being involved and encouraging them every step of the way. Yes, it may be expensive, but it’s worth every penny! Abby, Cate, Davey, and Sebby with Grammy Sue Kanen, Members at Alamosa Adventist Church


What Christian Education Means To Us by Denny and Jody Wright Members at Boulder Adventist Church When our daughter, Arie, was ready for kindergarten, Jody started looking for a school. Jody and I wanted a protected environment where Arie would have a chance to be a kid and be able to take her time growing up. After taking a tour of our local public school, Jody decided that Arie would be better off at a different school. Jody open enrolled Arie at other schools in the district and was on three different waiting lists. As the school year approached, the open enrollment coordinator suggested she look at private schools. Through a God inspired sequence of events, we were introduced to Vista Ridge Academy, a Seventh-day Adventist sponsored Christian school. I had been raised Methodist and had fallen away from the church so I considered myself a tolerant atheist. Jody was raised RLDS and considered herself a non-practicing Christian. So the thought of Christian education was daunting. I knew I wanted Arie exposed to the Bible and that I wasn’t going to be able to do it, so I figured this would be a good chance. Jody liked the principal and the fact that the new school was being built ten minutes from our house. We both liked that it was less expensive than the other private schools around town. So we enrolled Arie and soon realized that this was a God thing. We found a welcoming environment of parents, teachers and students. Arie came home after school reciting memory verses. One of Arie’s babysitters, an older student at the school, was proudly displaying a t-shirt and backpack with Jesus on it. It made me wonder what it was that she “knew” that I didn’t. We decided to attend the Boulder Adventist Church and were again welcomed with open arms by both people from the school and people we had never met before. The following summer, I was baptized and Jody joined the Adventist church on profession of faith. Once we joined the church, it has been even more important to keep Arie in Christian education. We wanted to continue her Bible education and keep her in the positive environment. We realized that we liked Arie’s behavior better than most of her peers that were not in Christian school. We have been very impressed with the academics. Students who would probably be struggling in public schools are excelling due to the care and diligence of the teachers. Students who have been problem students in other schools have come to Vista Ridge Academy and felt much more comfortable and haven’t acted out. We knew this was where Arie needed to be. In a nutshell, Christian education has brought our family closer to Christ. Question 3: Where am I going? From a “facts”

a focus on the Creator-God. Teachers show that

to pay the tuition to Adventist schools for our

world view, I just don’t know. I can see that

the same God who made the galaxies knows

most important gifts from God – our three

the body decays at death and, eventually, just

and cares about the little things in life -- even


disappears. I can’t prove that there is anything

the hairs on our head (Luke 12:7). P.E. is much more

more. So, when it’s over, it’s over. That’s all

than throwing a ball and swinging a bat. It is

there is. Using biblical “values,” especially with a

understanding that God gave us our bodies to

Seventh-day Adventist understanding, students

be the temple of God (I Corinthians 6:19) and it is

are taught that this is really just the beginning.

learning how to take care of it throughout life.

Yes, we will sleep for a little while, but then when that “trumpet blows” (I Thessalonians 4:16), we will wake up. We will join with our brothers, sisters, and family, and we will be done with sadness and heartache, with sickness and death and forever we will live in peace and happiness (Isaiah 65:17). Everything falls into place when I under-

stand that the end is really just the beginning! It is when we understand Adventist edu-

Believe me! I do understand that Adventist

their children. As a church, school, and family, may we work together to provide every opportunity for our children to make good choices in this life and for eternity. When those clouds grow brighter and brighter and we see our

beings. School boards sometimes don’t get

Savior coming to take us home, may we, with

everything right. Occasionally, even students

our children, say “Lo, this is our God. We have

and parents act in ways that are less than ideal.

waited for Him…and He will save us.” (Isaiah 25:9).

Perhaps it’s time to revisit our purpose and

1As given in a graduation speech by Gary Forceu

spend some time articulating our vision and objective. Perhaps our schools need to make sure that their biblical foundations are clearly enunciated and embraced. I challenge our

we can understand its value. Seventh-day

excellent teachers to remember that although

Adventist teachers teach history. They help

there are many difficulties and hurdles to

students understand the big picture of good

overcome, they have the awesome privilege

versus evil and how the biblical perspective

of impacting young lives for eternity! In a

has been confirmed in the history of nations

Seventh-day Adventist school, our children can

and peoples from the beginning. Math classes

be brought face-to-face with Jesus Christ and

are taught with an emphasis on equations and

invited to accept Him as their personal Savior.

laws of nature and order. Science is taught with

mit to providing an Adventist education for

schools are not perfect and teachers are human

cation in light of these three questions that

logic, but also articulate that God created the

I want to encourage young families to com-

No, we don’t regret the monthly struggle


Education Department

ALUMNI WEEKEND Jose Rojas, North American Division Volunteer Coordinator and Youth leader, will be our guest speaker Campion’s alumni weekend, September 24-26.

News in Brief HANKINS HALL REMODEL NEARLY COMPLETE The Hankins Hall remodel program should

National Day of Prayer

North American Director of Teen and Young Adult Ministries and worked for ADRA as direc-

be completed about the time school begins

tor of the Office of Volunteers and Human

in the fall. Hankins Hall is the oldest existing

Relations. There will also be a report on the

building on the academy campus; Mimi Gregg

Rocky Mountain Conference Belize mission trip

Danihel, ’63, thought it was time to bring it up

that you won’t want to miss!

to date to offer more usefulness. She contrib-


uted the major portion of the funding for this development. The installation of an elevator as

Campion Students Participate

part of this project, which gives access to the

by Ardis Stennbakken

boys’ dorm and the third floor of Hankins Hall,

For the third year in a row, Kyle Cate, who

Sabbath School will be led by Ted Wick, a 1955 Campion graduate, who has served as the

will make the campus handicapped accessible.

was a freshman at Campion Academy this past

WHILE STILL IN ACADEMY Campion students have the opportunity to get a start on college requirements while still in academy—giving them a financial and scholastic advantage when they enroll in college. Lindsay Woods, a senior, says that these classes

year, participated in a symbolic prayer fly-over

are helpful in two ways. “For some of the classes

in conjunction with hundreds of other pilots

you have to take the CLEP test to get the col-

across the nation. Cate, a student pilot, flew

lege credit; but even if you don’t take the CLEP,

over the Loveland area and then reported dur-

the class will be easy when you get to college,

ing the prayer program for the Loveland area,

having learned the material in a smaller, friend-

held at Group Publishing, a nationally known

ly atmosphere.”

Christian publishing house in Loveland.

The classes which were offered this past year Others from Campion Academy were also

in the college-prep program were Music Theory,

involved in the program. The music was pro-

a computer class, Anatomy and Physiology,

vided by a student praise team, led by Benjie Maxson, campus chaplain; the student musicians were Rena Sackett, Allie Chacko, Moses Arevalo, Jonathan Manasco, Emily Franklin, Deanna Morgan, and MacKenzie O’Halloran. The prayer for the military was offered by Dick Stenbakken, who teaches the freshman Bible class. The entire program was spearheaded by Ruth Pearson, from the Campion Church, in connection with other Loveland Protestant churches and pastors. During the prayer time, several attendees mentioned to Pastor Taylor, from the Campion Church, how impressed they were by the Campion students and the quality of their music.


English (Advanced Placement), and one semesBELIZE MISSION TRIP Fifty-one young people and adults from

ter of Calculus. All of these classes will again be offered during the 2010-2011 school year.

Campion Academy and across the Rocky Mountain Conference accomplished a great

For more information, please visit to the Campion website:

deal toward completing the Adventist Junior College building during their mission trip which took place over spring break. The project was begun seven years ago by Pastor Orlando Magaña, who recently passed away. After his death, his widow gave a nice donation to help with the mission trip. As God would lead, it was the exact amount needed to paint the academy building, which the RMC students finished. They also conducted school worships and a Vacation Bible School, distributed 3000 Steps to Christ and 500 pounds of shoes, and even enjoyed two days of recreation.

Calendar of Events August

22 Registration for 2010-2011

24 First Day of Classes


24-26 Alumni Homecoming

One of our Teachers of Excellence ... by Pat Chapman Administrative Assistant for Education Keiko Nagasawa Breese is an example of the “Teachers of Excellence” that minister to the young people in classrooms all across Rocky Mountain Conference. Keiko has spent 26 years teaching in Japan and the United States. She has been a curriculum coordinator, coordinated teacher training, published English and phonics books for Japanese students, held teacher seminars and workshops, and been a head teacher and school administrator. She and her husband, Dennis, worked as a teaching team in our school in Farmington and are now in Fort Collins. Keiko has expertise in math that she desires to share with others. She uses Japanese/Asian methods which research has proven effective. This is borne out in the consistently-high math scores her students receive on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. They are above the highest scores of public school students and even well above scores of most Adventist schools. Keiko uses many fun hands-on manipulatives such as origami to teach fractions, geometry, addition, multiplication, division and measurement and an abacus as an aid in teaching multiplication and division. She is working with the Education Department to help train our teachers so that they are better equipped to raise the math scores of all students in RMC. While Keiko’s dream is to publish resource books for math teachers, publish articles about math in professional journals and share her methods at in-services and teacher workshops, she remains passionate about teaching grades 1-4 at Beebe Christian School. Keiko says, “Teaching is my life. I love children and I truly believe that teaching can impact and make a difference in their lives.” Rocky Mountain Conference is blessed to have many teachers like Keiko who are passionate about teaching children about this life and the life to come. The impact they have on the lives of these students may only be seen in eternity. We are privileged in this conference to have quality Adventist educators who are touching the lives of our children on a daily basis.

Rick Roy, Ordained by Gary Thurber President, RMC March 20, 2010, was a

life. There can be no doubt but

very special day for the

that the Lord has used Rick in

Rocky Mountain Confer-

a mighty way in the past and will continue in the days to

ence because our treasur-


er, Rick Roy, was ordained at the Farmington Church. What a blessing it is for a conference to have someone who loves and serves the Lord the way Rick does as treasurer. In our church, there are many wonderful treasurers who carry out their ministry with great skill and thoughtfulness. Many of them,

This special day was highlighted by an ordination

however, would never be considered for ordination;

address by Elder Darrell Rott, who was Rick’s pastor

though they have the skills the conference needs

while serving at Hawaiian Adventist Academy. Blake

for financial leadership, they do not feel called to

Jones, Gordon Herra, Eric Nelson, Karen Cress, Al Wil-

a preaching and teaching ministry. Rick has been

liams and Gary Thurber all had a part in this dedica-

given a special gift for communicating the Gospel

tion service.

and has had the opportunity to see many people come to the Lord as a result of his preaching and work with our schools.

Many family members and friends were present as we, as a church, recognized God’s calling in Rick’s


Camping Ministries

Evangelism is Alive and Well in RMC! by Eric Nelson Vice President for Administration, RMC This past year has been one where our local pastors in RMC have been unusually enthusiastic for evangelism. As we worked in the Evangelism committee, there were far more

Adventist Hospitals and Mission Peru by Stephen King Senior Vice President for Mission and Ministry Centura Health

churches making plans and requesting funds for evangelism in their communities. The committee was faced with the daunting task of distributing funds to each request. However, the churches were requesting four times more funds than were available. Needless to say, not

The Adventist hospitals in Colorado (Avista,

Future hospital groups going to Peru in 2010

Littleton, Parker and Porter) will each sponsor

will include teams that specialize in general sur-

a medical mission trip to the Amazon basin of

gery as well as GYN and

Peru in 2010. A group from Porter Adventist

orthopedic surgery.

Hospital traveled to Iquitos, Peru in April. They performed 60 cataract surgeries and treated over 1,600 patients in primary health clinics along the Amazon and Napo Rivers. These efforts are done in partnership with Clinica Adventista Ana Stahl, a mission hospital established in 1926 by Adventist missionaries, Fernando and Ana Stahl. Damage to eyes from the hot equatorial sun

all of them were given what they requested. In the past few years we have heard reports from pastors that mailing out handbills was not very effective in drawing an


audience. The usual results were


somewhere near one person


attending for each 2000 handbills

tions have

sent out. It just did not seem to

also trav-

be very effective. But this year

eled to Peru

has shattered many preconceived

in coop-

ideas about evangelism and hand-

eration with

bills. In Casper, WY, Pastor Weldon

the Adventist

Treat informed us that, “eighty percent

and river blindness have created a great need

hospitals to provide

for eye care in the Amazon region. Following

additional care. About

of the handbill.� Very similar results were experi-

the example of Jesus healing the blind dur-

60 members of the Franktown and Parker

enced in Cheyenne, Delta and Cedaredge.

ing His ministry on earth, the Porter team was

Adventist churches worked in the same area in

able to restore sight to 60 patients during the

2009, and a group from LifeSource Adventist

April trip. Needless to say,

Fellowship joined a medical team from Parker

these people, who

Adventist Hospital in June. These partnerships

had no access to eye care, were incredibly thankful for their renewed vision.

of the people who came, attended because

between Adventist churches and hospitals are welcomed and create a more sustainable and multi-disciplinary approach to missions. In addition to the medical mission project in Peru, the Adventist hospitals in Colorado are also helping Adventist mission hospitals in Belize, Nepal and Rwanda. Elder Gordon Henderson wrote the follow-


ing reflection regarding the Amazing Facts

continued from page 6: Evangelism Series held in Casper. “It has been thrilling to

I Have a Dream ...

see how God has been working through His church here in Casper during these past few

by Gary Thurber President, RMC

months. The church has been praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit for the past year and has seen the Lord moving in a marvelous way. The church members realize that we must be doing our part as well, so we have held various events in preparation, such as the

Recently, I had the privilege to attend the

in our way? It is truly a matter of the heart, isn’t

Financial Peace Seminar, The Radical Prayer

funeral for Lois Haas. I did not know her person-

it? Each of us personally must go to Jesus and

Initiative, The Depression Recovery Seminar,

ally, but what a beautiful life she lived; and the

ask Him to create in us a new heart like His. And

The Family Promise community outreach and

testimony from her children and grandchil-

once that has taken place, our love for one an-

the Discover Bible School. The final culmination

dren told the story of a life well lived. After the

other, our heaven-oriented priorities, our desire

was the Amazing Facts Prophecy Seminar with

service, I spoke briefly with her husband, Harry

to serve God and others will be what makes our

Evangelist, Jason Sliger and his wife, along with

Haas. What a beautiful faith he possessed in the

hearts beat.

Bible Worker, Brandon Schorder. At the conclu-

promise of Jesus’ soon return. Even through his

sion of these dynamic presentations, God has

loss, his hope and assurance were a witness to

blessed with 18 baptisms and more to come.

us all.

Also this was a very wonderful revival for the entire church, with others renewing their walk with God, and former members coming back into fellowship who had not been attending for some time. We praise our God for all He has done with His people here in our community.” Since the conclusion of the meetings three more baptisms have taken place.

As I talked with him, I learned he had been

At the Western Slope Camp Meeting, I had the privilege of listening to Elder Jim Nix from the White Estate talk about our early pioneers. What a thrill it was for me to hear anew what

the treasurer of the Rocky Mountain Conference

the Lord accomplished through Ellen White and

for a number of years. He shared something

her other teenage friends. Those young people

with me that caused me to do some thinking.

were earnest prayer warriors and Bible students.

He said, “I was the treasurer here during the ‘glory’ years.“ He talked about the growth of the conference, both numerically and financially. Later, I learned of some of the capital projects that were accomplished during his tenure here. God truly blessed his ministry. Then later I thought to myself, what would

I am writing this note from Atlanta, Georgia, where I am attending the 59th General Conference Session. Did you know when our church organized in the 1860’s, there was one Adventist for every 330,000 people. Today, there is one Adventist for every 449 people world wide. The last weekend of this Session, there will be

it take for us to experience another period like

70,000 Adventists from all around the world

the one Elder Haas described? What would our

in the Georgia Dome. Every Sabbath, there are

conference look like? In my mind’s eye, I see

some 25 to 30 million people attending our

churches that, as Paul put it in Ephesians 4:31,

churches globally. I invite you to dream “big”

32, have gotten “rid of all bitterness, rage, anger,

with me. Let’s pray for God to do things in the

harsh words, and slander, as well as all types of

Rocky Mountain Conference that we can only

evil behavior. “ Instead, we will be “kind to each

begin to wrap our minds around. It is all up to

evangelistic meetings in both in Delta and

other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another,

you and me to put our hands in His and trust

Cedaredge. Pastor Coridan preached one night

just as God through Christ has forgiven, “ all of

fully in Him.

a week in each church with the elders cover-

us. I see churches that are experiencing a true

ing the other night. What a blessing it was to

revival as a result of the study of God’s Word

involve the members in presenting the mes-

and earnest praying for the outpouring of the

sages. As a result of the meetings, Delta has

Holy Spirit. I see churches that are serving their

had four decisions for baptism and Cedaredge

communities and constantly thinking of new

has had five decisions.

and creative ways to share the Three Angels

Pastor Seth Coridan involved his elders in

This is just a sampling of the results of evangelism within Rocky Mountain Conference. God has certainly blessed the efforts and work of the pastors and churches. And we are thrilled

Messages. I see us as a people focusing on the treasures of heaven and taking our eyes off of the things of this world. The list could continue of what it would

that there has been such a wonderful interest

mean to be united together in our work for the

and response.

Savior. What is stopping us? What is standing

By the way, since this Session is just winding down as this newsletter goes to print, we’ll give more information on the GC Session in Atlanta in our Fall issue.


A Story of Change

with around $500.00 worth of merchandize. Cops were looking all over for us. About this time, Angelica would hear a voice when she was high that would say things in my After three days in a coma in ICU and major surgery, I was moved to the recovery floor

a red dress” and out of nowhere a girl with a red

where a tall man came to visit me saying he

dress would walk by.

was the D.A. for Denver County and wanted to know what happened the day I was stabbed. Amazingly enough, I told the same lie Angelica

This is my Story by Felipe Cordova (and Angelica) Members of The Edge Worship Center As a young boy, everyone who knew me

told – that she was in the kitchen cutting oranges when I tripped into the knife. Problem was she said “potatoes.” When I was released from the hospital and

her alone, so I yelled out, “Leave her alone already!” To my surprise a very deep growling voice swore at me as my heart dropped to the bottom of my stomach. A couple of days later she heard the voice again saying, “TONIGHT!” That night we were arrested for the theft from a previous night. Though Angelica

and returned home. I smoked

was released, I remained in jail.

marijuana while recovering, but I

friends used to call me “Bible Boy,” “Church Boy”

didn’t touch the other stuff – for

and “Mr. Obeyful.” However, as I grew older, I

awhile. One day I was looking

started using drugs and drinking hard liquor.

through our drawers and found

One day, at a party, I met Angelica. We began

the crack I bought the day I was

dating and partying together all the time –

stabbed, and soon found myself

ultimately getting pregnant with our first son,

back to my old habits.

our own place, and were on top of our bills –

One day she kept telling the voice to leave

Angelica from jail, we made up thought of me as a good kid. In fact all my

Felipe Nathan Cordova. We were happy, had

voice. It would tell her things like “She’s wearing

Following the birth of our

After one last “high” and arrest, Angelica stayed off drugs and found a job in an assisted living home. I was on my own mission to find Christ and I thank the Lord that’s exactly what happened. I fought with demons and angels until the angels finally won. When

second son, Ivan Cruz Cordova,

I was finally released, we looked

Angelica joined me in my habits

for a church. All the churches

and we partied harder and drank

we went to would either ignore

I guess I felt that I deserved to be able to spend

more. My mom would watch

us or judge us, until the day we

a little extra cash on my habit, so I snuck behind

Nathan, but not Ivan, so he had

found The Edge Adventist Worship

my girlfriend’s back. She was suspicious at

to tag along with his messed up

Center and felt right at home. All

times, but I always had a good lie for whatever


the people were so nice and treat-

things seemed to be just perfect. That’s when I began using drugs more often.

she suspected, until one day when my neighbor asked if I could get him some “smothered fries from my family’s restaurant.” I said, “Yes, of course,” just so I could use it as an excuse to get some crack cocaine for myself. When we arrived home, my drug dealer was

One fateful day, as Angelica left a party, she totaled her car with Ivan’s car seat flipping over. Though he was unharmed, Angelica felt so guilty that she asked her drug and alcohol coun-

ed us like equals. Pastor Roberto Coronado started giving us Bible studies and before long, he was dedicating our children to the Lord, married us and baptized us. The next blessing was the best

there ready to play his role as “just a friend visit-

selor to put her on antibuse. She explained

blessing ever. The State of Colorado gave us full

ing,” except Angelica saw us exchanging money

what had happened resulting in social services

custody of our boys with the addition of a third

for drugs. We began to argue and one thing

taking our two boys from us.

little one named Raymond Alejandro Cordova.

led to another. In all the commotion, I fell into a knife Angelica was holding because she was afraid I was going to hit her.


We both started using crack everyday and

Recently, Angelica completed her Medical

lost everything – our house, cars, even our

Assistance Certificate with straight A’s. Both

clothes. We stole from every store possible and

of us are actively serving our church as a new

got away with it until one day we went with my

chapter has begun and we look forward to the

cousin to Safeway, and walked out of the store

end of our story – eternal salvation.

Reflections on a General Conference Session It’s all about people!

by Eric Nelson Vice President for Administration, RMC Personally speaking, General Conference

family members visiting and especially many

school in Cambodia. He was overjoyed to know

Sessions are all about people. Yes, it is interest-

children around. To distract and entertain the

that she had lived through the war.

ing to see all the Adventist world represented,

children, I often took time to play with the chil-

to hear their perspectives reflected in the

dren on the swings built beside our ward, or to

dialogue over Church Manual issues, to hear

make kites with them.

the reports of growth and challenges from the divisions, and to hear the murmurs of many languages as we all meet together. But it is a great privilege for me to be able to meet longtime friends that I may not have seen for many years. One such event stands out

immediately told me that Rayonne had immi-

One day a woman came to our hospital

grated to America and was living in Atlanta. He

ward. She said, “My name is Rayonne. I am an

informed me that he was trying to arrange an

Adventist from Phnom Penh” (the capital of

opportunity for us to meet again.

Cambodia). Up to that time, she was the only surviving Adventist to have lived through the war and escaped to Thailand. She had attended the English language school and thus would be considered a “danger” to the regime in power. I asked her if she was alone. She said, “Just me and the Lord.” And then she asked me if I could obtain a Bible for her. She had not been allowed to keep one. I immediately gave her my English Bible and later

1974 as student at English Language School in Cambodia

exchanged it for one in her native language.

in my mind

and I did all we could to assist her.

While attending Andrews University Seminary in 1979, my wife, Jerene, and

1979 at Refugee Camp Hospital

Western culture and education was executed by the regime

And what a happy reunion it was! Rayonne was just as spunky as she had been when we met her the first time. As we visited and recalled our meeting, she told of the fear that she had of approaching me. She remembered that I

2010 GC Session in Atlanta

told how she was so frightened to ask me for a Bible. In her culture one never asks a stranger

she settled

through the jungles. She expected to die at any

into the

moment. But God had spared her life.


hospital ward aiding those who

considered to be influenced by

other? Indeed, we all recognized each other!

of the harrowing experiences of her escape

to the

Thailand. Jerene, a nurse, and I served in a

political unrest, anyone that was

for over 30 years. Would we recognize each

for something. She also recalled in detail some

we returned

unteer for a short time in a refugee camp in

Thailand. During Cambodia’s

known only for a few days and had not seen

short time,

camp and

experience to vol-

“killing fields” into neighboring

it hall for the chance to meet someone we had

Within a


I had the unique

had fled from the Cambodian

On Wednesday, June 30, we waited impatiently at the Hope Channel booth in the exhib-

had been making kites with the children. She

During the next few days, my wife

from this Session.

At this General Conference Session, I met Pastor Gary on the first night I arrived. He

Upon returning to school, we

met a fellow seminarian, Gary Wagner, who had known her at the English Language

Many important things happen at a General Conference Session – leaders are elected, policies are established. But the most moving experiences are those of meeting people that you have not seen for many years. I think it gives us just a small hint of what heaven will be like. What a wonderful reunion that will be! NOTE: Our next newsletter will have more information about this summer’s

in power. Thousands who had

General Confer-

learned to read and write, or

ence Session

even wore glasses, who were

in Atlanta,

educated, who were intellectual leaders were


killed by this communist regime. The hospital ward was attached to the refugee camp of 120,000 people. As we served in the hospital ward, there always seemed to be


Departmental News

About the time I had finished my morning time with God, my wife came into the study and said: “Tiffany just called and asked if I could go walking with her. Is that okay?” me or the Holy Spirit, so I just pushed it out of my mind. And yet, I found myself saying, “I’d just like to be friends with this guy.” So, when I

Though I had other plans, I agreed. “But hurry. I have to get that dry wall sanded.” Honestly, I had just wanted to leave my

got an invitation from him on Facebook, I felt

prayer as a prayer. But now the thought

like it was an answer to an unspoken prayer.

came, “Guess I’ll write one of those letters for

Fast forward three weeks or so. It was a

the church school.” And, of course, the person I just couldn’t get off my mind was David.

God’s Blessing?

Tuesday evening and we were meeting with

by Jim Moon Pastor of Alamosa and Monte Vista and RMC Prayer Coordinator

School. Our board chairman, Tim Pellandini

ed to call. When his receptionist answered, I

started the meeting with a thought from

explained that I had been on a flight with David

the book Influencer: The Power to Change

and asked if I could speak to him. “Let me see

Anything. The basic point was that we don’t

if he’s available. Oh, he’s already in a training.

effect change by giving people more facts or

May I take a message or put you through to his

data, but by sharing a compelling story because

voice mail?”

I woke early one Sunday morning to prepare for my departure for the North American Division Prayer Conference. That morning I offered up a simple prayer to God: “Lord, put me beside the people on the plane you would have me to sit next to.” On the first leg of my trip, after sleeping for a bit, I visited with Jim Smith, an associate pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs. One of Jim’s passions is spiritual formation and I was impressed with my need to get away and pray; to spend time in silence and solitude. But there was yet another lesson God wanted to teach me. A lesson that would take a month to learn. A lesson which I think will probably take a lifetime to learn. This past month has just been the introduction. It is a lesson I learned from David. I sat next to David on one leg of my trip. David is a physician and businessman. His company services urgent care clinics with software support and other solutions. As he shared with me a bit of his story, growing up a missionary kid, the growth of his business, and his own missionary efforts to help physicians in third-world countries, I was blessed. The thought came to me that I should tell him about our struggling church school. However, I hate asking for

our operating committee for Sunshine Christian

story disarms. It inspires. It infuses hope. And I thought to myself: “Our school and our church need a story from God.” We even prayed for it at the end of our meeting. “God, give us a story!” He was about to do it.

Because writing just wasn’t working, I decid-

As I was stumbling around, she interrupted. “Hey, David just stepped out of his meeting. Let me see if he can visit with you.” “Jim!!!” David’s voice rang out. Like I was a

A few days later, the words of 2 Corinthians 8 spoke to my heart. Basically, what Paul is saying is: “Listen you Corinthian believers, the Macedonians have given out of their poverty like the widow who gave her two copper coins. So it’s time to test your sincerity and faith. Time for you to give.”

long lost friend. “How are you doing?” “Well, I’m a little nervous.” “Nervous?” he asked. “What’s going on.” “Well, ever since we talked on the plane, I haven’t been able to shake this. And I don’t know if it was God speaking or just me. But I

As I reflected on this thought, I was reminded

felt like I should ask you if you wanted to sup-

of a commitment I had made to our school

port our little church school, yet, I don’t even

operating committee. Our treasurer, Don

like asking my church members to give.”

Kanen, had told us that we were facing a financial crunch – our reserves were almost depleted and our worthy student fund was almost used up. The only reason we were making it was because of the fund raising efforts that his wife,

“Why?” he asked. “Do you want to rob them of a blessing?” Those words hit hard. Why would I want to rob my church of the blessing of giving?

Sue, had spearheaded. He even

“Uhmm, I don’t know.” I said. “Listen,

asked: “Has anyone from this

I know you’re in a meeting. Is there

school board sent out letters to help raise funds?” I hadn’t. Right then I committed to

money! And I didn’t know if the thought was

sending out letters. After


like: “Okay God! I get it.”

reading 2 Corinthians 8, I was

After reading 2 Corinthians 8, I was like, “Okay God! I get it!!”

a time when you would have 15 minutes and I could tell you about our school and about my friend, Jeff, who died of cancer?” I didn’t just want to ask for money. I was stumbling over myself.

“You know. I just got back from vacation.

prayer, he didn’t tell us how important prayer

Moments later I found myself on the phone

I’m swamped and don’t have a lot of time. Just

was, he just led us in prayer. He shared testimo-

with Don once again. With tears in his voice he

shoot! What’s going on?”

nies from his own church about how God was

said, “Jim, we prayed over this last night, and

changing lives as his people

“Well, we’ve got this little church school, Sunshine Christian. We’ve burned through our reserves and we’re not sure if we’ll be able to open our doors next year.”

Why would you want to rob your church of the blessing of giving?

I was struggling. “How about if I send you $1,000. You’re a good guy and you’re serving in an impoverished area. Just tell me where to send it.” I was dumbfounded! I hung up the phone and wept. God is so incredibly good! But that’s not the end of the story. At the prayer conference, Derek Morris led us in a House of Prayer experience on opening

prayed. Alamosa had already begun

God answered this morning! Isn’t He amazing?”  Because I don’t want to rob you of His blessing, I’d like to invite you to give. Give to a local

a House of Prayer. Our second

church school, or other ministry you are sup-

House of Prayer occurred the

porting. Give to your local ministry. Give to

night before I talked with

mission. But whatever you do, GIVE! As Jesus

David. During the House of

said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Prayer, we lifted up our church

Don’t be robbed of the blessing of giving!

school. I told those gathered that we were going to pray our requests, not talk about them. Then I asked that one person affirm each prayer before anyone else prayed. The next morning was when I spoke with

More than that, PRAY! Get a group of friends together. Start attending a local prayer meeting, a prayer meeting where God’s people pray. If there isn’t one, start one. Let your prayer meeting be a place where you don’t just talk

David. As soon as the phone would allow, I

about prayer, or tell of prayers answered in the

called Don, and his wife, Sue, to share the story.

distant past. But let it be a place where you cry

Don was ecstatic! Together, we prayed a prayer

out to God in the present moment. A House of

of thanksgiving.


she won’t fare much better. Because I’ve had the

our lives. Before we finished, we prayed for his

opportunity to work in addiction recovery for

daughter’s recovery and for their relationship.

many years, we had a significant conversation

He was clearly moved by the whole experience;

about what he can and cannot do to help her.

one he didn’t wake up that morning in Yellow-

night. He didn’t preach, he didn’t talk about

Yellowstone by Glenn Sackett Chaplain, Porter Adventist Hospital Each summer, Rocky Mountain Conference provides Sabbath worship services at Yellowstone Park. The past few years, both the MidAmerica Union and our hospitals have shared in the coverage. The first worship service of 2010 at Yellowstone was a significant connection for

Now here’s the best part of the story: Even

one particular man. He showed up just because

though he grew up Adventist and has a

he saw the sign posted at Old Faithful Lodge.

brother who’s an Adventist pastor, he’s really a

He had no intention of staying for the service;

“hadventist,” one who “had” Adventism in an

in fact, he left after some “who do you know

earlier era when it was all about behavior. His

that I know?” Adventist small talk. Fortunately,

greatest hope was that he was “good enough”

he returned and stayed, and ultimately took the

to escape being lost, honest enough in his

opportunity to seek pastoral care on personal

business dealings and cautious enough to avoid


personal relational flaws to be on God’s good

He would probably be considered a backslider by some. His wife, who never had any use for Adventists, died of alcohol poisoning a few months ago shortly after being treated at the Betty Ford clinic. Their daughter is now in alcohol rehab, and he’s greatly concerned that

stone expecting at all. I’d say the trip was worth it just for that one encounter.

side. Clearly he had not encountered “grace” in a way that let him trust in Christ’s saving work. So I had the privilege of sharing the gospel with him, helping him see that it’s God’s love, mercy and grace, and Christ’s goodness that open the door to salvation. Whatever good we can do is our thanks and the evidence of God’s work in


New Employees

Debbie Curran, teacher, Worland, WY (with husband, Ed) I was born and raised in Michigan, and have always had a love for teaching and children. My husband, Ed, and I have always wanted to live out west, and felt God calling us to Worland Adventist Christian school. We have two children in college – Jessica and Benjamin. We are excited to serve the Lord in Wyoming and look forward to working there.

Ruben Rivera, Pastor, Denver South Hispanic and Hispanic Coordinator Pastor Ruben Rivera was born in Mexico City. Ruben met his wife, Patti, at the University of Montemorelos where he recieved his BA in Theology.  He has served as a Pastor in the Mexican Central, Minnesota, Michigan, Georgia-Cumberland, and Rocky Mountain Conferences.  He also became the Hispanic Ministries Coordinator of the Minnesota and Michigan Conferences.  He earned his MA in Theology, MA in Pastoral Ministry, and Doctor of Ministry from Andrews University.  The main goal of pastor Rivera is to provide quality service and develop excellence in his ministry to better serve Jesus Christ and God's Church.  The couple has three daughters: Evelyn, Vanessa and Joanna. 

Michael Hopkins, Mills Springs Ranch, Casper WY My wife, Alicia, and I (not to mention our dog, Bravo) are so excited about Camp Ministries! We both have camp experiences that we treasure in our lives. I was raised in the camp environment through my parent’s ministry. Alicia was blessed to be a camper at a number of Adventist camps. We want to partner with God in the work He is doing and we believe that Mills Spring Ranch offers the facility and environment where people can meet God in a real and tangible way! 

Michelle Caviness, teacher, Montrose, CO I have been working with young people all of my life. I am the oldest of seven children and have four children of my own. In addition, I have taught at schools, summer camps, Sabbath Schools, Bible studies, clinics all over America, plus owned a gymnastic business with over 600 clients. I have a passion for sharing Jesus with young people and educating them for eternity. Because so many great teachers and mentors have impacted my life, I want to “pay it forward.” Not only do I want to be a teacher who will encourage my pupils in their life journeys, but I also want to give them tools to make that journey with confidence, love and with the guidance of their heavenly Father. My family and I enjoy camping, hiking, biking and spending time with


family and friends, and we’re thrilled to be moving to Colorado.

Kate Kamarad, Teacher, Cheyenne, WY (with daughters, Madison and Delanie) Finding a passion makes life fun to live. For as long as I can remember working with children just made sense. Whether it was teaching Sabbath School classes, Vacation Bible School, or hanging out with our teens, my enthusiasm has been geared to the young people! They are easy to love and have such innocence; I can’t help but enjoy my time with them. After graduating from the University of Wyoming this last year with my teaching degree, God opened doors for me to live this passion every day. Not only do I get to spend time with little ones I have been given this opportunity to do so in the same conference where I grew up.

Rene Lopez, Pastor, Sterling, Ft. Morgan, Akron and Yuma (with wife, Jessika, and daughters, Jessika, Celina, and Daniella). I came to America to pastor in the Potomac Conference, then went to Andrews for my Master’s degree. While at Andrews, I was called to the Rocky Mountain Conference. God has blessed me in ways I cannot describe. One major blessing is my wife, Jessika, because she is my right hand, she keeps on the right path. Jessika and I are humbled by the opportunity to serve the Eastern Colorado district.  It is our prayer that when our Master returns, He will find a growing, vibrant church awaiting His return.  We pray that God will continue to guide His church and our beautiful conference.

Cesar Pompa, Pastor, Glenwood Springs, Olathe and Rifle Hispanic Churches (with wife, Indira, and sons, Cesar Jr. and Oscar) I was born in the city of Leon, and the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. I accepted the Adventist oath at the age of 13 years. I was motivated and influenced to serve our Lord Jesus Christ through the example of my father as he gave Bible Studies. It was also exciting to see the extreme change in people when they gave their lives to Jesus. Before I was married, I served as an Associate Pastor in the District of Mexico. After completing my Master’s Degree in Family Relations, I married Indira Banessa Cardenas, originally from Colorado. We have served in Mexico and the United States and we are excited to be a part of the pastor team here because it gives us the opportunity to minister, preach and work with people.

Clint Sutton, Principal/Teacher, Colorado Springs, CO I am about to begin my 17th consecutive year as a teacher in Adventist education, I have been a head teacher or principal for all but three of those years. I hav nine pets, including five horses, a dog, and three cats. One of the cats is 21 years old. My wife, Heidi, and I have lived in California, Indiana, Washington, Oregon, Virginia, Michigan and North Carolina. We love to travel and once slept overnight in the Garden of Gethsemane after windsurfing on the Sea of Galilee. I also love cooking, gardening, hiking, Shakespeare and is am an avid player and viewer of most sports. My desire is to create a modern School of the Prophets at Springs Adventist Academy where students learn about Jesus, learn how to share Him, and then return to their families and neighborhoods to model Christ’s character.


God’s Blessing? RMC Stewardship When my daughter was a senior at Campion Academy, she was stricken with the sudden

44-years of Service Jim Turner Retires, Part A

By Eric Nelson Vice President for Administration, RMC

urge to take up camping. We had not done a

applied and was hired as an accountant and bookkeeper. Jim said that he always wanted to return to Colorado to live. His wife, Shirley, was given a position as assistant girls dean. The Turners served at Campion until 1990 when Jim accepted a position at the Rocky Mountain Conference office as assistant treasurer.

lot of camping, but she became fascinated with the idea. Realizing that her time living at home

Friends and fellow workers describe Jim as

was very short, I began shopping for a suitable

hard-working, dependable, rock solid, very

RV trailer so that we could spend some time

meticulous, a dedicated employee and always


doing his job to the best of his ability. Other qualities also mentioned include, “a real Chris-

Somewhere in that time frame, I heard an

tian gentleman,” “one who never spoke nega-

appeal for a mission project that really struck

tively about anyone.”

home to me. I realized that a gift of $1,000 would make a real difference to the effort. Soon

Jim’s daughter, Lorinda, recalled that her

it grew to more than a realization; it became a

Dad’s nick-name was “Mr. Tight Wad Turner.” A

conviction. I tried to reason my way out of this

faculty member complained that they needed

sacrificial donation, but the conviction would

paint and carpet for their home. But they were

not go away. On Friday I wrote the check for

upset with Mr. Turner because he would not


Jim Turner, Associate Treasurer for RMC, offi-

The next Friday I attended an auction, and

cially retired in June. For forty-four years Jim

give them the funds. However, by the end of the year, that same faculty member said that they respected Jim because he treated every-

found just the perfect RV trailer for our camp-

has served the denomination faithfully. His first

ing needs. As I looked it over, I calculated that a

position was in 1966 at Cedar Lake Academy

very good deal would be to pay $3,000 for the

as a teacher. He felt at that time he was right

unit. “Wow,” I thought, “wouldn’t it be great if I

where God wanted him. However, he received

could get this for only $3,000! But it will prob-

a letter from the United States inviting him

ably go for much higher than that.”

to serve in the military in 1968. As Jim says, “I

that when a person looks back over their life

questioned what God had in mind.” He was sta-

and sees God’s leading every step of the way,

tioned in Japan during his military service and

that they will say that they would not have

was honorably discharged in 1970.

changed anything. The Lord has led. That is

Soon the bidding began, and it started much lower than I expected. As I looked around, only a few others were bidding. Imagine my surprise when I was the highest bidder at only

Jim began looking for a position in one of

$1,800! There were fees to pay, so my final cost

the denominational academies. At one point

was right at $1,000 less than what I thought

in his early childhood, his family had lived in

was a “good deal.” As I turned to go pay for my

Cedaredge, Colorado. So, when he became

new RV, the thought hit me that God had just

aware of an opening at Campion Academy, he

refunded to me the exact amount that I had given just a week before! It is always true that we can never out-give God. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


one the same. His daughter added, “and, yes, we had the same carpet all 20 years we were at Campion.” At his retirement dinner, Jim said, “I’ve read

certainly the case for me. I would not change anything.” The Turners intend to remain in Colorado where their family and friends live.

Rick Roy, Vice President for Finance


Jim Turner Retires, Part B Though Jim Turner has “retired,” we are very happy that he has agreed to continue to audit the accounting ledgers for our schools and churches. This will, of course, require a different process in how those audits are done com-

Conference Advance

pared to the past.

As the economy continues to struggle in the United States, it also continues to impact funding in the church. One of the offerings that has been decliningas a result is Rocky Mountain Advance. This is an offering that benefits a vari-

will be auditing and ask them to send through the mail, UPS or Federal Express their accounting records to an address he will provide. The cost of shipping the documents will be

es across the nation are taking advantage of is

The funds you give go directly to the following

Online Adventist Giving. This allows members

ministries. Here is the breakdown:

to return their tithe and offerings electronically



Academy Operating


Building & Expansion Fund


Summer Camp


Glacier View Ranch


La Vida Mission


Mills Spring Ranch


has grown substantially over the past couple of years. Almost 10% of all tithe in North America is now received electronically. With this ability, however, there is also a cost. If a credit card is used, the cost is approximately 1.1% of the total amount given. That means that if $200.00 is given there are fees of $2.20 for the transaction. This cost is covered by the

ies are set aside for churches and schools that

conference, union and division. However, if

want to expand, add to, or build new facilities.

tithe is returned by electronic check, the cost is

A formula is used to determine the amount

.18 cents per transaction.

given to approved projects, with no more than $45,000 given per project. These funds are only built up with this specific offering and are

school. The audit will cover a two-year period

only dispersed when the conference has all the

ending December 30th of the previous year.

funds for a particular project. Considering the

This way, should information be lost in transit,

offerings that have come in to date, at this time

it will not affect the current year’s accounting

some of the organizations that have already

or any information that is needed for donor

completed their project and are using the facili-

receipts for tax purposes. Once the audit is

ties will not receive the funds from the confer-

complete, Jim will ship the material back to

ence until 2018. This somewhat ruins the whole

whatever location the church would like to

point of the gift, which is to help local areas

have the information sent.

fund projects.

contact Rick Roy at the RMC Office.

by credit card or electronic check. This process

the Building & Expansion Fund. These mon-

billed to the Conference, not the local church or

If you have any questions please feel free to

One of the new processes that some church-

ety of ministries throughout our conference.

Each area is probably self-explanatory, except Jim will contact the church or school that he

Giving: Online vs. Credit Card

As you give, please consider supporting Conference Advance as a “sisterhood of churches,” banded together for the purpose of fulfilling the mission Jesus gave us – to go and make disciples!

Last quarter, RMC had 416 transactions electronically. The average transaction was $523.00. That would be $5.75 per transaction times 416. However, only about half of the transactions are credit card so the associated cost is approximately $5.75 times $208 which is $1,196.00. If we could get everyone to use electronic checks, that cost would reduce to $37.44 for a savings of $1,158.56. This may not be convenient for everyone who may be using a credit card now, but the conference would like to begin to ask those who enjoy the convenience of online giving to consider using the electronic check and move in that direction over the next several months. It would help considerably with the cost side of this process.


R O C K Y M O U N TA I N CONFERENCE 2520 S Downing Street D e n v e r, C O 8 0 2 1 0



W W W. R M C S D A . O R G

Upcoming Events in RMC August, 2010 2-3 Teachers’ Convention at LifeSource Fellowship 4-7 ASI International Convention in Orlando, FL 5-8 Pathfinder Camporee (GVR) 8-11 Family Pastors’ Meetings (GVR) 17 GVR Board (9:30am RMC Office) 18 Property & Trust Board (9:30am RMC Office) 22 Campion Academy Registration 25-27 ACS Disaster Response Training (RMC Office) September, 2010 3-6 Hispanic Camp Meeting (GVR) 6 Labor Day – RMC Office Closed 10-12 Women’s Retreat (Glen Eyrie Conference Ctr) 11-12 Vista Ridge Academy Alumni Weekend 17-19 Men’s Advance (Camp Redcloud) 17-19 Pathfinder/Adventurer Leadership (GVR)

20 Campion Board (9am Campion) 21 K-12 Board (9:00am RMC Office) 23-25 Campion Alumni Weekend 28 RMC Finance Committee (8:00am RMC Office) 28 RMC Executive Committee (9:30am RMC Office) October, 2010 1-3 Bible Worker Training (GVR) 3-7 Nonprofit Leadership, Level 2 (Denver South Church) 17 Wyoming Taskforce (Casper Church) 19 GVR Board (9:30am RMC Office) 20 Property & Trust Board (9:30am RMC Office) 22-24 Adventurer/Pathfinder Council (GVR) For more information on any of these events, please check the calendar on our website at

Rocky Mountain Conference News  

2010 07 Emphasis in Education issue.

Rocky Mountain Conference News  

2010 07 Emphasis in Education issue.