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YOU FOR MAKING F RY ’ S A SPECIAL PLACE TO WORK AND SERVE OUR CUSTOMERS ! We are proud to be named a Top Company to Work for in Arizona! | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | 3

Top Companies to Work for in Arizona

Recognizing exceptional companies, promoting Arizona as a leader By Paula Hubbs Cohen ponsored this year by the Arizona Commerce Authority, the state’s leading economic development organization whose mission is to grow and strengthen Arizona’s economy; CareerBuilder; Republic Media; BestCompaniesAZ, an Arizona-based consulting firm that specializes in identifying, developing and promoting best companies; and Best Companies Group (research partner), have joined to produce the third annual CareerBuilder’s Top Companies to Work for in Arizona publication. Highlighting some of the most innovative workplace cultures, this initiative (the only statewide program of its kind), identifies companies that have achieved top rankings in employer practices, employee engagement and satisfaction scores.


of workforce and superior quality of life. Because of these attributes, as well as the state’s pro-business environment, Arizona has been able to attract highquality, innovative employers from around the world to locate and expand in Arizona. This in turn benefits employees by providing them with great places to work and enjoy fulfilling careers.

Attracting top talent When it comes to attracting and retaining highly talented prospective employees, employers need to set themselves apart from their competitors, said Heather Kivatinos, recruitment sales manager at Republic Media. “Quality candidates are becoming increasingly selective in where they work,” Kivatinos said. “The Top Companies program gives local companies the

opportunity to showcase the strength of their organizations while providing information to potential candidates that will help them make educated decisions on where they choose to work.” Kivatinos added that Top Companies has set an impressive benchmark of quality workplaces in Arizona. “This benchmark creates thresholds for other companies to strive for including providing a supportive work environment, creating a family-friendly culture and providing a diverse workforce,” she said. “Offering flexibility, incentives and perks, participating in community projects that support the well-being of the community and build company morale, and offering affordable healthcare options were all benefits that employees felt made their company a great place to work.”

Impressive scores Denise Gredler, founder and CEO of BestCompaniesAZ, said that for the past three years, all Top Companies have achieved an impressive employee engagement score of approximately 91 percent and an overall survey average of 89 percent favorable. “It’s important to note that the top favorable scores are in the categories of ‘relationships with supervisor’ (92 percent), ‘work environment’ (92 percent) and ‘role satisfaction’ (90 percent),” Gredler said. “Arizona is performing quite well with a 91 percent overall engagement score compared to national averages of engagement provided by Gallup at approximately 33 percent, with worldwide average engagement coming in at 13 percent.” INTRO, Jump to page 7

Business-friendly focus In addition to a strong, business-friendly focus and a low cost of doing business, Arizona boasts a skilled workforce and a strategic location with access to major world markets. Arizona is top-ranked in nearly every area critical to business success: tax and regulatory reform, quality

“Our goal to strengthen the state’s business environment is ultimately about creating sustainable opportunity for all Arizonans. Through collaborative economic development efforts with state, regional and local partners as well as the business and academic communities, Arizona is creating an ideal place to live, work and do business.” —Sandra Watson, president and CEO, Arizona Commerce Authority

How the data was ascertained and compiled Best Companies Group developed an employer questionnaire as well as an employee engagement and satisfaction survey. These two research instruments provided information that became the basis of the data report as well as for selection as a ‘Top Company’. RESEARCH INSTRUMENTS Part I: Best Companies Group Employer Questionnaire Employers were requested to complete an employer survey that detailed company policies, practices, benefi ts and demographics. Part II: Best Companies Group Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey Employees were asked to respond to an Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey that involved an in-depth set of 78 statements. On each of these statements, employees were asked to respond on a 1–5 Likert scale of ‘Disagree Strongly’ to ‘Agree Strongly’. The survey also included two open-ended questions and seven demographic questions. CORE FOCUS AREAS The Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey was broken down into eight core focus areas: 1. Leadership and Planning 2. Culture and Communications 3. Role Satisfaction 4. Work Environment 5. Relationship with Supervisor 6. Training, Development & Resources 7. Pay and Benefi ts 8. Overall Engagement TOP COMPANY SELECTION CRITERIA Best Companies Group developed a proprietary scoring and ranking system as follows:


of the evaluation was based on the overall satisfaction scores from the employee engagement surveys


of the evaluation was based on the scores obtained from the employer questionnaire

TGPH GKJ employees who build a top WKIYJXO@>Q


IN ARIZONA For more than 40 years, we’ve been building a business designed to help investors take @KLGIKX K= G;>:I SLOL@:OX =FGFI>HQ TGPH >MJXKU>>H who are invested in our purpose that make it JKHH:NX>Q C;OLY UKFR D@;WON >MJXKU>>HR =KI LOM:L< FH O ACKJ BKIYJXO@>? :L E;K>L:VQ To learn more about working at Schwab: Visit us at

©2015 Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. All rights reserved. Member SIPC. CC0010681 (0315-2422) ADP85441AZ-00 (05/15)

Our employees make a difference in people’s lives. And we’re committed to making a difference in theirs. Providing an extraordinary environment for senior living starts with extraordinary employees. At Vi, we’re committed to supporting the growth of our employees through engaging opportunities such as our Leadership Institute and Management Development Programs. We’re proud to be selected as one of the top companies to work for in Arizona for a third year in a row. But what we’re most proud of is our high employee satisfaction scores and strong employee retention rates. Vi. An exceptional place to work, learn and grow.

Learn more about exciting opportunities at

*2012 Vi Resident Satisfaction report


We plate up the freshest flavors for the most tasteful events. Make your next event one to remember with Copper Square Kitchen, Hyatt Regency Phoenix’s premier full-service catering company. Creative cuisine—from inventive hors d’oeuvres to elegant plated dinners—elevates both intimate gatherings and grand receptions from ordinary to simply extraordinary at popular and unique venues throughout the Valley of the Sun, including the Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix Art Museum, The Icehouse, The Croft, Heard Museum and Bentley Projects. Visit for more information about our menus and culinary services. Hyatt. You’re More Than Welcome.

HYATT REGENCY PHOENIX 122 North Second Street Phoenix, Arizona 85004, USA HYATT and Hyatt Regency name, design and related marks are trademarks of Hyatt Hotels Corporation. ©2015 Hyatt Hotels Corporation. All rights reserved.

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A look at trends and news in the job market

Job stress ob stress can certainly take a toll on employees — from burnout to health concerns — but could it contribute to weight gain in the workplace? Nearly 6 in 10 U.S. workers (57 percent) feel they’re overweight, up from the 55 percent who reported feeling overweight last year, according to a new CareerBuilder survey. Additionally job-related stress may have a strong correlation to weight gain. The research shows that workers who experience high levels of stress are 49 percent more likely to rate themselves as overweight when compared with workers with low stress.


3 ways to build a great company culture ould you define your company culture? If not, perhaps it isn’t as strong as it needs to be, for the employees’ sake. AJ Agrawal, chief executive officer at Alumnify, discussed three ways to build a stronger company culture in a recent article he wrote for He says a small gesture, as greeting your co-workers like family, goes a long way and makes everyone feel safe in the organization. Secondly, Agrawal says it’s important to make time for water cooler talk. “It’s a mistake to think that people work best when they sit in silence,” he said. Instead of viewing it as a waste of time, he says to look at it as a way to build unity among employees. Finally, Agrawal says the third way to build a great company culture is to focus on the whole rather than its parts.


Head of the class in 2015 n the highest outlook since 2007, 65 percent of employers say they plan to hire recent college graduates this year— up from 57 percent last year, according to a new CareerBuilder survey. Additionally, the news just keeps getting better: One third of employers will offer higher pay than last year, and 1 in 4 will pay $50,000 per year or more. “New college graduates have better prospects this year than in years past — both in terms of opportunities and salary offers,” says Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer of CareerBuilder. “They still face challenges, however. One in five employers feel colleges do not adequately prepare students with crucial workplace competencies, including soft skills and real-world experience that might be gained through things like internships. Job seekers with a good mix of both technical and soft skills will have the best prospects right out of college.”


Demand for students with business and technical majors has typically been high among employers, and this year is no exception, with 38 percent of employers naming business as the most sought-after major. Other in-demand majors include: • Computer and Information Sciences (27 percent) • Engineering (18 percent) • Math and Statistics (14 percent) • Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences (14 percent) • Communications Technologies (12 percent) • Engineering Technologies (12 percent) • Communication and Journalism (10 percent)

Important partnerships The Arizona Commerce Authority’s targeted strategies to improve Arizona’s economy perfectly complement the goals of Top Companies. “Indeed, our organizations have formed a cohesive team that works well together to attract both top-notch employees as well as employers,” Kivatinos said. Specifically, the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) uses an aggressive, threepronged approach to advance the state’s economy, with five-year goals that include working with companies to facilitate the creation of 75,000 higher-wage direct jobs; targeting $6 billion in private capital investment to generate state and local tax revenues and catalyze job creation; and focusing efforts on high-value jobs that pay average wages of at least 150 percent of the state median-wage, increasing to 175 percent over time. The ACA has also implemented an innovative workforce development program gram whose aim is to narrow the skills gap between workers and employer needs. To achieve that goal, the ACA held meetings gs with industry leaders to find out what skills executives were hoping to see (but weren’t) in potential job candidates. The ACA assessed the results and then brought business professionals to colleges, high schools and community groups to find new ways to give companies well-trained graduates who are ready to work. Arizona is considered a leader in this ‘sector partnership’ approach in which companies from the same industry joinn forces with educational and governmental ntal organizations to concentrate on industry ry issues and workforce development.

Goals of Top Companies • Create and publish a highly credible list of the top employers in Arizona valued by employees and management • Foster a healthy competitive spirit among Arizona businesses for improving workplaces and showcasing the diversity of corporate cultures in Arizona • Create a benchmark for 2015 that will help raise workplace standards throughout Arizona • Help Arizona attract and retain a talented workforce • Promote Arizona’s best employment opportunities to attract new workers • Best practice sharing and culture advancement helps provide an environment for all Arizona employers to learn from the best

Choosing the ‘spotlight’ companies A panel of experts weighed statistical results from employee and employer surveys, as well as write-in descriptions, to make spotlight selections. The goal is to showcase companies that stand out amongst peer companies within employee size categories, diversity and women’s’ initiatives.

Employer Benchmark Data Report

• Science Technologies (8 percent)

Available to all readers, the Employer Benchmark Data Report offers a sample of company averages on standard employee benefits and best practices. The report encompasses all participants, including those that made the Top Companies list. For more information or to purchase a copy of the report, visit

• Education (7 percent)

or call 480-545-5151.

• Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities (9 percent)

8 | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | CareerBuilder

Meet the Millennials: Generation Next Making the career passage into adulthood By Alison Stanton

onfident. Self-expressive. Liberal, upbeat and open to change. These are just a few of the many adjectives that the Pew Research Center used to describe the overall personality of the generation of American teens and twenty-somethings often referred to as Millennials or “Generation Next.” In an extensive study called “Millennials: a Portrait of Generation Next,” the Pew Research Center took an in-depth look at the group of people who are currently making the passage into adulthood.


Diverse As the report notes, Generation Next is more ethnically and racially diverse than older adults. They are also less religious, less likely to have served in the military and are currently on track to become the most educated generation in the country’s history. While the trend towards education is driven largely by the demands of a modern knowledge-based economy, the report notes it is probably also due to the millions of Millennials enrolling in graduate schools, colleges or community colleges to make themselves more marketable. While their entry into work life and careers hit a major snag because of the recent Great Recession, the report notes

that Millennials are also more positive than their elders about their economic futures as well as the overall state of the nation. Nine out of 10 say they currently have enough money or that they will eventually meet their long-term financial goals.

Connected Millennials are also the first “always connected” generation in the history of the country. Deeply devoted to digital technology and social media, this generation treats their hand-held gadgets almost like a multi-tasking body part. As the report notes, more than eight in 10 Millennials said they sleep with their cell phone next to their beds; this means they are ready and willing at a moment’s notice to text, call, email, listen to music, play games and much more. This adoration for hand-held technology has a dark side too; nearly two-thirds of Generation Next admit to texting while driving, the report says.

The young people who make up Generation Next also use a variety of ways to express themselves. According to the report by the Pew Research Center, three-quarters of Millennials have created a profile on a social networking site, and one in five has posted a video of themselves online. Self-expression is not limited to just electronics and social media; nearly four in 10 Millennials have a tattoo. For most of them, one tattoo is not enough; about half of those with tattoos have two to five and 18 percent have six or more. In addition, the report notes, nearly a quarter of Millennials have a piercing in a place other than their earlobes. While they enjoy self-expression, Generation Next does not necessarily have an “in your face” quality about it; the report notes that most Millennials have placed privacy boundaries on their social media profiles and 70 percent of them report that their tattoos are covered by clothing.

Cautions Millennials also tend to be fairly cautious about other people, the report says. Two-thirds say “you can’t be too careful” when dealing with others. Interestingly, they are also less skeptical than their elders of the government, and they believe more strongly than other generations that the government should do more to solve problems. About six in 10 members of Generation Next was raised by both parents, which is a smaller percentage than older generations. When asked to weigh the priorities in their own life, Millennials— just like older adults—place marriage and parenthood far above their own careers and financial success. Although they value marriage, the report notes that only one in five members of Generation Next is currently married, which is about half the share of their parents’ generation at the same stage of life. | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | 9

Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in a name? Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a sampling of generational names and how they are typically described: Source: Pew Research Center

2000/2001-Present ent

New Silent Generation orr Generation Z Proficient in technology, logy, this generation is curious, driven and independent.


Baby Boomers Label is drawn from the great spike in fertility that began right after the end of W World War II.


Millennials or Mil Generation Y Gen The first generation co to come of age in the new millennium.


Silent Generation This label refers to their conformist and civic instincts.


Generation X Often depicted as savvy, entrepreneurial loners.


G.I. Generation Known for their formal look, cooperative attitudes and high-achieving ways.

10 | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | CareerBuilder

Financial services giant Charles Schwab has nearly 13,900 employees in the U.S., including more than 3,100 in Arizona. But employees are not considered numbers. With such an expansive workforce, the company developed initiatives to promote healthier lifestyles among its staff — using programs that give employees an extra vacation day for contributing to community service projects, $250 bonuses for completing wellness activities and one-month sabbaticals for eligible employees after every five years of service.

‘I wish I worked at…’ Finding your dream job is more than salary compensation

Unique programs

By Michael Ferraresi

hese days, salary isn’t everything when it comes to dream jobs. Everyone wants the most substantial paycheck possible, but more people — from entry-level millennials to industry-shifting baby boomers — consider the quality of workplace environment a top factor in their job searches. Denise Gredler, founder and CEO of BestCompaniesAZ, said she routinely meets job-seekers around the Valley each month and often hears them share their desire for flexible work schedules and collaborative workplaces that break the mold of the cubicle walls. Those trends tend to increase productivity and, especially at fast-growing companies, can lead to new positions that more specifically align with personal interests.


“More companies are offering perks for commuting or creating flexible work schedules where they can work from home, which has a great impact on employees and their families, and also on the environment.” —Heather Kivatinos, Republic Media

“Many top employers only promote from within, so getting your foot in the door is a perfect opportunity for an employee to grow rapidly,” Gredler said.

Perks that matter Some companies, such as innovative technology firms and those with strong call center operations, have developed open-seating environments where executives might sit alongside entry- or mid-level staff. Others want to care for, retain and develop call-center staff in

new ways, such as providing headsets so employees can stand or walk around, rather than being tethered to their desks. Others allow employees to use pool tables, pingpong, relaxation rooms and other amenities to offer a break from the phone. Wellness initiatives, philanthropic programs, recruitment from more diverse groups like military veterans, and flexible work schedules like four-day work weeks are also key factors for job-hunters in 2015, according to CareerBuilder and other experts.

Charles Schwab is also recognized as a pioneer in hiring former members of the U.S. military and its Forward March program. The company estimates that one in 16 of its nationwide new hires is a military veteran now. That strength of military experience in its workplaces reflects a companywide commitment to values like teamwork, leadership and goal-oriented approaches to job duties. At Orion Health, a global population health management leader that’s growing its Scottsdale Airpark presence into a 10,000-square-foot campus for its healthier populations division, employees can dig into a company fridge with drinks and healthy snacks — such as fruit, cereal and gluten-free and non-dairy options. Orion Health also gets employees together via weekly social hours with refreshments. Companies that assist employees with finding the most comfortable work-life balance tend to be the most attractive to job-seekers. “They’re looking for companies that are innovative in their approach,” said Heather Kivatinos, who oversees the recruitment sales division at Republic Media. “More companies are offering perks for commuting or creating flexible work schedules where they can work from home, which has a great impact on employees and their families, and also on the environment.”




Kimothy Taylor, President/COO

6811 E. Mayo Blvd., #350 Phoenix 85054

(888) 477-6463

s a worldwide leader in the design of litigation software, Ipro is seen as a pioneer, though the company’s leadership has sought to retain the entrepreneurial spirit and workplace environment of a start-up. Ipro strives to offer the perfect opportunity for individuals looking to make an impact in an exciting, booming industry. With over 30 percent employee growth over the past three years, Ipro recently outgrew its building space in northeast Phoenix and is planning to move by Sept. 1 to a new 36,000-square-foot high tech office that includes a game room, training facility, bicycles to use during lunch time, showers to use after exercising, and a picnic area with grills and outdoor games.    Kim Taylor, Ipro president and chief operating officer, said the company is passionate about creating a fun, family atmosphere in the office – from monthly all company meetings called “Popsicle Fridays” to the Sunshine committee focused on employees’ well-being. Ipro knows how to celebrate successes, welcome new hires and reward employees. Visit to find out about the company’s current job openings. AR-0008396393-01

12 | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | CareerBuilder

candidate fits with our culture instead of focusing on set diversity parameters.”

Do the right thing Ultimately, Baker says that hiring a diverse workforce is really about honesty, integrity and doing the right thing: focusing on the individual and his or her talents rather than being guided by internal biases. And, she says, when a company’s workforce is reflective of the clients and communities it serves, diversity is almost a guaranteed outcome. Rona Curphy agrees. Curphy, CEO of Banner Casa Grande Medical Center, which was one of the top 10 companies in diversity last year, notes that a diverse workforce makes a company more attractive to potential employees. Mirroring the greater Casa Grande community, the hospital brings together employees of various ethnicities, including those of Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, black, American Indian and Alaskan descent. With health care being an industry dominated by women, it’s no surprise that 79.9 percent of Banner Casa Grande’s employees are female.

Diversity: A reflection of your community The face of today’s diverse workforce has little to do with looks By Kristine Burnett

uilding a diverse workforce is not about meeting specific age, race, gender or ethnicity metrics on a hiring checklist. It’s about evaluating potential employees on the grounds of merit, qualifications and abilities and embracing the unique backgrounds and perspectives they can bring to a company or organization. Canden Baker, executive director of Human Resources Regional Operations for USAA, says that in doing so, companies can foster stronger connections among team members. “Bringing together people with different views and beliefs ultimately encourages respect and trust among colleagues,” she explained. “We look at how a job


Crossing generations Beyond ethnicity and gender, age is another shining aspect of today’s increasingly diverse workforce. It is not uncommon to find members of the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers working alongside those of Generation X, Generation Y (Millennials) and the newly minted Generation Z. According to Curphy, the coming together of generations can and often does increase employee engagement. “It creates a family-like culture and an environment where team members of different ages learn from one another,” she said. “This generational diversity is even evident among our volunteers, where we have teens serving alongside individuals in their late 80s and early 90s.” In the end, creating a diverse team of employees has less to do with what a person looks like or where they are from and more to do with what they have the capacity to give and receive in the role. | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | 13


perks job 1 seekers are looking for

GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES: Employees are no longer looking for just a “job” — they are now looking for a company where they can further their professional growth and establish a full-fledged career.

By Nick Kostenko


“Show me the money!” That phrase may not have as much meaning as it once did for job seekers. As employee desires shift from salaryrelated benefits to a more inventiveladen workplace, employers have had to change their recruitment strategies. According to a research study by GlassDoor, here are seven perks industry experts have noticed job seekers looking for.

A 401(K) PROGRAM: With many companies eliminating pension and retirement plans, moneybased incentives have become more important to job seekers. 401(k) plans, especially those with company matches, are quickly becoming the norm.


HEALTHCARE BENEFITS: Due to rising healthcare costs over the last decade, an accident or illness can be extremely costly to an individual. Healthcare benefits are a must for many of those in the job market.


FLEXIBLE HOURS: Individuals face many demands outside the workplace, from personal issues to family commitments. Flex time is key in maintaining employee happiness and preventing them from feeling like they cannot have a life outside of work.


REMOTE WORKPLACE OPPORTUNITIES: Remote workplace opportunities allow employees to tend to any

personal issues that may pop up, as well as provide costs savings thanks to a cutback in commuting.


EQUITY AND STOCK OPTIONS: Concerns about Social Security and layoffs have forced many would-be employees to consider retirement options early in their career.


CAREER PLANNING PROGRAMS: Not only must employees feel like they can forge a career, they must have the right support in place to do that. A company that offers training and peer-to-peer support is more likely to catch a job seeker’s attention.



• Aerotek

• Aerotek

• Arizona Charter Academy

• Arizona Charter Academy

• Ashton Tiffany, LLC

• Arizona Managing Partners

• Better Business Bureau Serving Central, Northern and Western Arizona

• Ashton Tiffany, LLC

• Camden Development, Inc

• ASU Foundation for A New American University

• Clear Title Agency of Arizona

• Camden Development, Inc

• Frazer Ryan Goldberg & Arnold, LLP

• Credit Union West

• Lovitt & Touché

• Discover Financial Services



• Orchard Medical Consulting


• Santy

• Landings Credit Union



14 | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | CareerBuilder

Socially acceptable? How social media can affect your social standing in the job search. By Kristine Burnett hen it comes to hiring, employers today are looking at more than just résumés and references. From Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to good old Google, the World Wide Web is giving hiring managers a new lens through which to evaluate job seekers. Scouring social media sites for additional insight about job candidates, many recruitment and human resources professionals admit to basing some of their decisions on what they find online. A 2014 CareerBuilder survey found that 43 percent of employers reference social networking sites when researching a candidate, up from 39 percent the previous year. Less than impressed with what they’ve found, 51 percent of employers admit to not hiring a job candidate based on his or her social media posts.


Online portrait According to Shannon Grimes, talent attraction manager with Charles Schwab, a candidate’s online profile helps determine whether the person they meet via a phone or in-person interview matches his or her social media persona. A discrepancy may lead to further probing. “Social media isn’t a singular source or reason for making a hiring decision, but it definitely shapes the interview process and discussions about a candidate’s personal brand,” noted Grimes. When speaking to new and upcoming college graduates about the role of social media in the hiring process, she implores them to ask, “Would I hire me based on my Google search results?” For many, that simple

question can be a wake-up call that what you post — and what others post about you — can leave a lasting impression. Ultimately, managing one’s personal brand requires vigilance in the social media medium. “It’s also important for people to pay attention to detail,” Grimes said. “Things like typos on a LinkedIn profile can be glaring detractors. Take the time to paste your profile in a Word

document to check things like spelling, grammar and alignment before posting it online.”

Snapshot of a candidate With so many aspects of a person’s life on display in today’s social age, employers can often get a good feel for a candidate’s character or personal brand with a few clicks of the mouse. Feedback from employers about some of the most off-the-wall things

they have discovered in potential employees’ social media feeds shows that personal brands can be quite varied. Among the bizarre and unexpected were posts from job candidates that included links to escort services, dental exam results, photos of personal arrest warrants, information about involvement in demonic cults, and bragging about repeatedly driving drunk without getting caught. | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | 15

But there is some good news about social networking in the hiring process. One-third of employers who research job candidates on social networking sites report finding information that made the candidate more appealing. In fact, nearly a quarter of employers surveyed said they hired a candidate based on what cropped up in an online search.

Just another tool Heather Kivatinos, recruitment sales manager with Republic Media, says social media is becoming an increasingly important tool for both employers and job seekers. “If you’re trying to attract a younger generation of workers, you need to engage them on their terms,” she explained. “Social media is a forum for sharing stories. As such, it also gives employers a voice for telling stories about what makes them unique and great places to work.” A recent CareerBuilder survey found that the average job seeker references up to 16 different sources in their employment search, with social media being a main source. “About 62 percent of candidates check out the social media presence of an organization,” she said. “Companies like International Cruise and Excursions leverage social media and make it a key component of their recruitment strategy.” So, what’s the moral of the story? Social media can make just about anyone an open book. Be careful — and thoughtful — about what you post. What lands online can take on a life of its own.

TOP REASONS EMPLOYERS PASSED ON A CANDIDATE BASED ON SOCIAL MEDIA • Provocative or inappropriate photos/information (46 percent) • Posts about alcohol and/or drug use (41 percent) • Disparaging posts about a previous company or colleagues (36 percent) • Poor communication skills (32 percent) • Discriminatory remarks about race, gender, religion, etc. (28 percent) • Lying about qualifications (25 percent) • Sharing confidential information from previous employers (24 percent) • Being linked to criminal behavior (22 percent) • Unprofessional screen name (21 percent) • Lying about an absence (13 percent)



Source: CareerBuilder

INNOVATION, ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT AND DEDICATION. TOP REASONS EMPLOYERS HIRED A CANDIDATE BASED ON SOCIAL MEDIA • Personality showed a good fi t with the company culture (46 percent) • Conveyed a professional image (43 percent) • Proved to be well-rounded/wide range of interests (40 percent) • Great communication skills (40 percent) • Creative (36 percent) • Received awards/accolades (31 percent) • Great references (30 percent) • Interacted with company’s social media accounts (24 percent) • Large number of followers/ subscribers (14 percent)

International Cruise & Excursions, Inc. (ICE) is fueled by an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, innovative products and a dedication to people and results. We are experts in the travel industry. ICE offers employees world-class training and resources to provide all the tools needed for success, and reward programs that celebrate the outstanding work of our employees. Your job is more than just a job—it’s a fast-paced career. Learn more about a career at ICE by visiting ICETRAVELCAREERS.COM

Source: CareerBuilder

A TOP COMPANY TO WORK FOR 2013, 2014 & 2015! AR-0008396705-01

16 | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | CareerBuilder

Q &A

ith nearly two decades at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries and many years working in the recruiting field, Kathy A. Till, vice president of Human Resource Development for the Arizona branch of the home furnishing firm, estimates she has interviewed more than 6,000 applicants. She shares her wealth of insights into tips for successful job interviews, the changing work place landscape and what it takes to land a job at La-Z-Boy.


Inside the mind of a top HR recruiter Meet Kathy Till, vice president of Human Resource Development at La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery By Joan Westlake

What do you look for when you are interviewing a potential employee? I look for attentiveness throughout the interview. While the days of interviewing in a three-piece suit are gone, put your best foot forward, be well groomed and properly accessorized. Dressing suitably for the interview is respectful and also shows you can meet our customers’ expectations.

What questions might be expected? The interview is for learning about the potential employee and how they will fi t in with our team, so I always ask what they are looking for in a company. Often I will ask, “What would your best friend tell me about you? If I called your friend later, what improvements would they say you need?” Are there qualities you want in a La-Z-Boy employee? I look to see how people carry themselves and how they communicate because it reflects their confidence level. Most of the people we hire are in sales or interior design, so we need someone with great interpersonal skills. They must be able to create relationships, explore customer desires, find out what the customer wants and determine how we can meet their needs. Also, our organization is one unified team. We are not the typical top-down organization. Our culture changed about




Bruce Ward, Chairman/CEO

2415 E. Camelback Road, Suite 600 Phoenix, 85016

(602) 778-2800

eadquartered in Phoenix with 34 regional offices nationwide, Alliance is the nation’s seventh largest apartment manager and No. 1 multifamily developer. The close relationship between our corporate departments and on-site staff is an integral component of Alliance philosophy, and we continue to make substantial investments in our personnel and infrastructure to position our company on the cutting edge of technology. We believe a healthy culture of opportunity and entrepreneurial spirit creates a more enjoyable work environment, fostering positive mindsets and attitudes that lead to strong performance, and deliver a rewarding professional experience with ongoing training and room for advancement. In addition, competitive benefits packages reflect our commitment to a stronger, healthier world, while unique perks (such as fashion-forward corporate apparel) make work a little more fun. Overall, our greatest asset is our associates — the work they accomplish at Alliance has a direct impact on our communities, residents and clients. | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | 17

five years ago and, as a result, our employees stay with us longer and there is a wait list we hire from every four or five months. I need employees who embrace our organization, identify areas we can improve on and come forward with solutions. We listen to our employees in the warehouse, on the sales floor and on the design team because they work with our customers every day. How should a prospective employee prepare for the interview? Research the company and go to our website -- I encourage going into one of our stores and talking to our employees because that is how you really find out about a company and whether it is a good fit for you. Is the work environment changing? La-Z-Boy hires employees who reflect

a changing customer base. Responding to an influx of millennials, we expanded our involvement in Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House because giving back to the community is a priority with that generation. Our policy of embracing input from employees fits well with their desires that their feedback is respected. Flexibility in the work schedule is another millennial expectation we offer that parents also find is a bonus. Any final advice? Interview for a job where you can be yourself. Decide what is important to you and, with an open mind, research companies. We are more than a furniture company. When customers go home and walk into a comfortable room we’ve helped create, they relax and let go of their stress. We make a difference in peoples’ lives. If you care about that, this might be a career opportunity for you.

Your path to a new career begins at Hyatt Regency Phoenix. ®

We’re Honored to be a

Three-Time Arizona Top Company!

Share your talents with a rewarding career at Hyatt Regency Phoenix, located conveniently in the heart of downtown Phoenix. Here, the Hyatt family is made up of nearly 300 members and includes specialists in Food and Beverage, Rooms, Sales and more. Opportunities for advancement and enrichment abound as team members chart career paths unique to their individual skills and goals. Visit for more information about exciting career opportunities at Hyatt Regency Phoenix. Hyatt. You’re More Than Welcome.

HYATT REGENCY PHOENIX 122 North Second Street Phoenix, Arizona 85004, USA

Better Business Bureau® Serving Central, Northern & Western Arizona AR-0008396698-01

HYATT and Hyatt Regency name, design and related marks are trademarks of Hyatt Hotels Corporation. ©2015 Hyatt Hotels Corporation. All rights reserved.


18 | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | CareerBuilder

USAA Serving those who have served means a lot to company’s employees elping employees thrive is as important to USAA as helping its customers. As a financial services company founded 93 years ago, USAA focuses exclusively on serving U.S. military members and their families. Many people are aware that the company provides insurance; USAA also offers banking, investment and retirement planning services. “We change lives through exceptional member service and facilitation of financial security, and we also change



with an 8 percent company match, onsite child care, a health clinic, private lactation rooms for nursing mothers and “energize and relax zones” throughout the campus to encourage stress reduction. “We are always looking to hire more people,” Baker said, “and we strive for at least 30 percent of our workforce to be veterans.” The company is committed to diversity and SPOTLIGHT inclusion in the workforce, explained Latasha COMPANY Causey, site director for the Phoenix campus. U.S. employees “Strength comes from a variety of perspectives 1,000+ and beliefs,” she said. Leadership development and training programs are key to helping employees grow in their profession, Causey said, adding that full-time employees, on average, are provided with 93 hours a year of on-site classroom or the lives of our employees by offering them much more online training in their field. USAA also offers generous than a job,” said Canden Baker, executive director of college tuition reimbursement, up to $5,250 a year toward human resources for USAA. About 3,400 employees an undergraduate degree and up to $10,000 a year for a work at the regional office in north Phoenix. “We help graduate degree related to an employee’s job. employees meet their own personal financial goals and Yet working at USAA has a greater purpose. “Serving help them balance their work and personal lives.” those who have served gives our employees an extra Company benefits include flexible work schedules, measure of devotion and commitment,” Baker said. 26 days every year of paid time off, health insurance “They’re part of a cause that’s larger than a paycheck.” immediately upon being hired, a 401K retirement plan – Debra Gelbart

Follow your heart. Lead with your heart. Choose a career that gives back: 2015 CareerBuilder Top Companies to Dignity Health is a proud sponsor and supporter of the “2014 Work For in Arizona” program. On behalf of our entire organization and our four Arizona facilities — Chandler Regional Medical Center, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center and St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center — we congratulate this year’s Top Companies.

As an organization that’s passionate about leading the way through humankindness, Dignity Health is honored to be part of this prestigious ceremony. In all of our facilities, we foster an environment that rewards teamwork and inclusion. We offer every individual the chance to learn, grow and become an ambassador of humankindess. The “Top Companies to Work For” are helping to create a bright future for Arizona and our local communities. Once again, we offer our heartfelt congratulations from everyone at Dignity Health! EOE To learn more about Dignity Health in Arizona, visit us at


20 | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | CareerBuilder

Hyatt Regency Phoenix

SPOTLIGHT COMPANY U.S. employees 100-999

Company has emphasized supporting associates for nearly four decades

aking associates feel valued and empowered has been a core principle for Hyatt Regency Phoenix ever since it opened in downtown Phoenix in 1976. “We reward exceptional service—whether delivered to customers or other associates—with a quarterly luncheon and gifts,” said Thomas Delaney, the hotel’s general manager. The hotel emphasizes associate appreciation with a dedicated “People Brand” committee


that focuses on celebrations, parties and awards for associates, Delaney said. “Our associates know there is an open door policy all the way to my office. They can feel free to come in and talk with me or they can indicate their concern or question in writing through a ‘Talk with Tom’ box. I respond to every question or comment I receive from an associate. We want transparent communication.”

As a result of these efforts, he said, Hyatt Regency Phoenix has impressive associate retention rates. More than 10 percent of the hotel’s 300 associates have worked there for 26 years or longer. “Throughout our almost39-year history, everyone who works here has taken tremendous pride in what we do,” Delaney said. “Our long-term associates still come to work every day with that attitude.” All associates are encouraged to give back to the community through “Thrive,” the group that promotes hotel partnerships with local non-profits, including UMOM New Day Centers, a homeless shelter for families; St. Mary’s Food Bank; and Autism Speaks. The commitment to charity is underscored by a “wear jeans on Friday” program that allows associates to dress casually on Fridays if they put $5 toward more local charitable giving, Delaney said. Associates can count on generous benefits, Delaney said, including tuition reimbursement up to $1,000 a year for any college course, vacation time up to four weeks depending on how long an associate has been with the company and 12 complimentary room nights a year at any Hyatt hotel in the company worldwide, along with 50 percent off food and beverage while the employee stays at the property. – Debra Gelbart

Recognized in

‘Top Companies to Work for in Arizona’, 2013, 2014, and 2015




#@=/? #KK' ?>K@%? ,< %MAOK=%%?: 3I9(FH

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$*16 !04."2( 0556,+ !,0++&*,"/2/23 "27 462*0,/23' /2 "77/*/02 *0 4"2"36462*& 76)6-0.462* *,"/2/23 .,03,"4+%#

&= 29LS 9- #L0MK #99> EI9L=K =<7Q90==K (9=K A=09;> I&= &B;>Q";( 9-99>? AB((";( 9- (L9@=L"=K B;> BKK"KIB;@= 2"I& &=BQI& @BL= 3H=KI"9;K BI I&= 7&BL<B@04 D=K= BL= I&= -9QSK 2&9 ,L"/9;B L=K">=;IK ";I=LB@I 2"I& BK I&=0ML= K=BL@&";( -9L -L=K& ";(L=>"=;IK -9L B -B<"Q0 >";;=L? 9L BKS";( -9L B>G"@= BA9HI H7@9<";( >=BQK I9 &=Q7 KBG= K9<= S=0 >9QQBLK -9L B -B<"Q0 ABLA=3H=4 F2;=> A0 '";@";;BI"$ABK=> TL9(=L '94? #L0MK =<7Q90K <9L= I&B; 8J?... BKK9@"BI=K "; ,L"/9;B4 D9K= =<7Q90==K K=LG=

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

22 | TOP COMPANIES | CareerBuilder 22 | TOP COMPANIES 2015 2015 | CareerBuilder 

Arizona Arizona Managing Managing Partners Partners Direct marketing company supports employees in many ways Often, you’ll hear a CEO say that client satisfaction is a company’s most important asset. Arizona Managing Partners’ founder and president, Katie Castignetti, says her 35 employees are her top priority, because only if her team is happy “can we expect our clients to be happy.” Her business, which she established at the beginning of 2012, focuses on acquiring and retaining customers through face-to-face marketing for some of the nation’s most well-known Fortune 100 corporations, including energy and telecommunications companies. “Many of our clients are overjoyed by how positive and energetic our team members are,” Castignetti said. To keep her employees happy, Castignetti provides


to cash, employees may be awarded prizes, such as custom Nike sneakers, iPads, the Apple Watch, fifitness tness tracking systems or concert tickets. The company also hosts weekly social events not only for the employees but for their families, too. Taco Tuesdays and Happy Hour Thursdays are regular events and the employees participate in a charity event once a month as well. Arizona Managing Partners tailors health insurance benefi ts for each employee’s needs, rather than offering benefits the same plan for everyone. “Health coverage provides peace of mind and helps employees stay healthy and happy,” she said. The company reimburses employees taking college courses for the cost of their textbooks. SPOTLIGHT “We have different tiers of reimbursement, depending on an employee’s position and length COMPANY of service,” Castignetti said. U.S. employees Entry-level employees can receive bonuses 100-999 25-99 that allow them to take time off when necessary. “We don’t want anyone struggling with being able to generous bonuses and incentives for bringing in new take time off when they need itit,” ,” she said. customers or extending the relationship of an existing “Our people are the reason we succeed,” Castignetti customer for the fifirm’s rm’s clients. “We have no caps or limits said. “My biggest goal is making sure they are able to on incentives and bonuses,” she said. In addition achieve their goals.” –– Debra Debra Gelbart Gelbart

Highly Skilled


Congratulations Top Companies! For more than 20 years, Law Enforcement Specialists has been keeping businesses and people in the Valley safe by coordinating and managing off duty police officers. Service to our community includes private functions, apartments and homeowners associations, personal security, construction sites, banks, retail outlets, corporate offices and more. Our team of trained, professional, uniformed police officers is equipped and empowered to respond decisively 24/7. Give us a call!

Bonnie Lucas, Owner, 623-825-6700 • 888-572-2442 AR-0008401453-01

SRE/WRE/DME - Minority Certified

T,<@<*GA #BEHVCBE% !,TT%EV%D ,@ %RFTGA%%D( I5W

%$ *N"48;> VVV& G28"N - '%G


S5JU %O '6KK68 '"8K"N *:3$O F=6"8;1 WU.S.


!.(+ 72-4.%77* 4.'7 +7-+7*70)/03 $ ,($4/)% "+$08 0$27 -+.8(9) $08 &.+6/03 5.+ $ 9.2-$0% )1$) 5774* 4/67 $ 94.*7 60/) 5$2/4%#:

+UI ,V"37(+U2 V7:90 3"(T:U7G" L+8-8*TI +2 + 3"(W7U"3 20T3"& )/0 09+042 TUWI R+30WI 03/" +)T/0 M9+0 V+X"2 09" )3+U$ /U7P/"Q B" (TVR+UI (TU07U/"2 0T R3T$/(" (TV\T30+)W"& \+297TU+)W" 3"(W7U7U: \/3U70/3"& )/0 702 3"0+7W WT(+07TU2 +W2T TZ"3 (/20TV"32 (TVRW7V"U0+3I \/WW82"3.7(" 7U0"37T3 $"27:U 2"3.7("2 +U$ +(("22 0T T09"3 \/3U70/3"& W7X" W+VR2& 0+)W"2 +U$ +(("22T37"2Q #VRWTI""2 7U L+8-8*TI42 !/3U70/3" ]+WW"37"2^,37GTU+ 9+." + 27V7W+3 /U7P/"U"22 +U$ ."32+07W70IQ B"I 9TW$ 09"

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

037R2 0T RW+("2 W7X" [+M+77 +U$ C+U %7":TQ B" (TVR+UI +W2T :7=2 037R2 0T "VRWTI""2 M9T "K(""$ "KR"(0+07TU2 3"R3"2"U07U: 09" (T3RT3+0" (/W0/3"Q @9"U 70 (TV"2 0T 7U0"3U+W +U$ "K0"3U+W (/20TV"3 2"3.7("& 09" (TVR+UI +7V2 \T3 R"3\"(07TUQ %/37U: 09" "(TUTV7( $TMU0/3U 7U 3"("U0 I"+32& L+8-8*TI +$6/20"$ 702 VT$"W 0T "U2/3" 09+0 "VRWTI""2 MT/W$ (3"+0" "K("R07TU+W "KR"37"U("2 \T3 (/20TV"32Q B" (TVR+UI 203"U:09"U"$ 702 9737U: +U$ 03+7U7U: R3T("22"2 0T $"."WTR 09" 97:9"208(+W7)"3 "VRWTI""2Q

N""R7U: 09T2" 0+W"U0"$ R"TRW" 7U 702 \/3U70/3" 29TM3TTV2 +U$ T?("2 72 +W2T + 0TR R37T370I& +U$ L+8-8*TI 3"\/2"$ 0T 2X7VR TU (+37U: \T3 702 "VRWTI""2 $/37U: W"+U"3 "(TUTV7( I"+32Q OH/3 )"U">0 R+(X+:"2 +3" "K03"V"WI (TVR"0707." +U$ M" 9+." +)2T3)"$ V+UI T\ 09" (T202 T\ 3727U: 9"+W09 (+3" T."3 09" R+20 \"M I"+32 7U20"+$ T\ R+227U: 70 TU 0T T/3 "VRWTI""2&5 '9+U$T2 2+7$Q O*+2"$ TU I"+3WI R3T>02& M" +3" +)W" 0T V+0(9 1< R"3("U0 T\ ;ESX (TU037)/07TU2 +U$ T/3 :T+W 72 0T V+0(9 SEE R"3("U0Q5

24 | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | CareerBuilder

Discover Financial Services


Company has long valued the power of inclusion and diversity iscover Financial Services has been committed to a culturally diverse workforce since long before doing so was part of the public consciousness. “I’ve been here 26 years and from the start, I consistently heard references to the value of diversity and inclusion,” said Steve Bayans, vice president of customer service and engagement at Discover’s Customer Care Center in north Phoenix, where 2,400 of the company’s 14,000 employees are based.


“Diversity means taking the opportunity to understand the differences that individuals bring to the workplace— the thoughts and ideas they bring based on their experiences and backgrounds,” he said. “We emphasize inclusion in our workforce, regardless of a team member’s disability, gender, sexual orientation, age or communication style. There is so much power in bringing individuals together who might think about business problems and solutions in different ways.”

Bayans said even at Discover, the concept of inclusion has expanded and evolved over time. In the past five or six years, the company has made an effort to hire more members of the LGBT community, for example. In 2012, the company incorporated workforce diversity into its strategic initiatives with the creation of 27 different Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that ensure awareness of various communities’ strengths. Five of those ERGs are located in the Phoenix region, he said, including groups led by African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, women and members of the LGBT community. “These ERGs have really allowed us to excel as a group and identify opportunities for enhanced interactions with customers and suppliers by considering their perspectives,” he said. Collaboration is a key value within Discover Financial Services, Bayans said, and it’s demonstrated well among the ERGs. “The co-chairs of the ERGs come together to support what each ERG is doing to promote inclusion and diversity,” he said. “Valuing diversity opens the door for people with different perspectives to collaborate. And that, in turn, makes all of us stronger.” – Debra Gelbart

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” — Confucius

BestCompaniesAZ connects Arizona’s Best Employers with highly skilled Job Seekers – through events, online tools and strategic relationships. Complimentary for job seekers. How can we BEST help you? Find your new career at one of these Best Companies: Charles Schwab GoDaddy


Dignity Health


Synchrony Financial

ClearCall Solutions Hyatt Regency

Vanguard Progrexion

USAA and more TM


I feel I am valued in this organization. I have confidence in the leadership of this organization. Most days, I feel I have made progress at work. I like the type of work that I do. Overall, I’m satisfied with this organization’s benefits package. This organization treats me like a person, not a number. I feel part of a team working toward a shared goal. There is room for me to advance at this organization. My supervisor treats me with respect. Quality is a top priority with this organization.

Source: Best Companies Group: 2015 Top Companies

Companies looking to kick-start morale and/ or add benefi ts that have zero to little impact on payroll should consider thinking outside the box. Here are a few fun ideas: • Institute travel/transit subsidy for urban-based companies • Add a vision program to the mix • Look into flexible spending or health reimbursement programs • Make museum passes or sports tickets available • Offer on-site services like dry cleaning • Offer discount buying/shopper programs • Reward employees with preferred parking for a month • Have regular company team-building outings • Subsidize company lunches • Institute a work-from-home policy • Offer company-assigned smart phones or tablets • Institute an ongoing employee recognition program


Bob MacGregor, CEO/President

5811 W. Talavi Blvd. Glendale 85312

(602) 631-3200

s a full-service financial institution, Credit Union West offers a range of personal and business accounts and services, including mortgages, financial planning, retirement accounts and insurance-related products. Since 1951, it has held to the principle of providing the support necessary to enhance the quality of life for its members, and its leadership believes its 183 employees at 11 branches across Maricopa and Yavapai counties ought to be equally cared for. Credit Union West offers a pension plan, in addition to a matching 401(k) program. Employees are eligible for tuition reimbursement and paid training, in addition to comprehensive medical insurance, short- and long-term disability coverage, wellness programs, discount services and other benefits, such as quarterly performance incentives. Credit Union West also believes in giving back to the communities it serves. With the company’s support, employees select four charities to contribute to through its Jeans Day Fund. Employees who donate are eligible to wear jeans to work on Friday. The program raised more than $12,000 for local charities last year.

26 | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | CareerBuilder

Lovitt & Touché Insurance company mindful of work-life balance

hose fortunate enough to work for Lovitt & Touché, one of the oldest and largest independent insurance brokers in the United States, are empowered to get their work done largely on their own schedule. Due to the fact that three quarters of the company’s 185 employees are women, family-friendly policies are the rule, not the exception, said Shawn Ellis, vice president of human resources. “We don’t worry about an employee leaving work early for a family event,” she said. “We know the work will get done. It doesn’t necessarily matter what time of day it’s completed.”


weeks annually of PTO but “some of our employees can take up to five weeks a year of paid time off, depending on how long they’ve been with us,” she said. A private, comfortable lactation room is available and an independent child care center is located across the street from the Tempe office, Ellis said. “We encourage our employees to be career-driven and family-focused at the same time. We’ve found that a ’one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t work.” Employees are offered low-premium SPOTLIGHT health insurance. In addition to providing COMPANY tuition assistance for many different college WOMEN’S INITIATIVE courses, Lovitt & Touché brings educational opportunities to its offices, so that employees can earn insurance-related professional designations, such as Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), onsite without having to worry about leaving the office and traveling to a classroom. The company pays for the instruction and pays the employee for time at The company, established in 1911, operates from work while receiving the instruction. three locations—Tempe, Tucson and Las Vegas—and “We believe in doing what’s right for our employees,” manages more than $400 million in total premiums. Ellis said. “People who have joined our organization have Most employees have the option of telecommuting encouraged others to work here, too, letting them know or flexible schedules, she said, adding that they also can that the grass really is greener over here.” – Debra Gelbart count on generous paid time off. The minimum is three

We’re Honored to Be an Arizona Top Company We are especially proud of this recognition as a Top Company to Work For in Arizona. It reflects our long-term commitment to providing the independence, support and resources our associates desire so they can make a difference for our clients and the communities we serve.

For more information on local career opportunities as a financial advisor, branch office administrator or home-office associate, visit

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s can ding

e and he age sed at s-all’ | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | 27 

Top Companies to Work For Small Company Listings (U.S. 25-99 employees):

AB&R (American Barcode and RFID) INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 37/37 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Mike Stryczek, CEO WEBSITE:

ege nal es tions, When you work at AB&R, you receive the ultimate birthday present: PTO for ng the the day. In addition, the company offers healthy eating discounts for specialty ays food programs and the Eagles Club, at an annual trip to a resort destination. AB&R employees are also active in the es,” community and often team up with ave charities including the Salvation Army, ow elbart Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the United Food Bank.

Answer 1 Communications INDUSTRY: Telecommunications US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 70/70 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Mary Jones, President WEBSITE: There are a lot of opportunities to be rewarded at Answer 1 Communications. Every week, eight agents are awarded for their contributions on call scores, attendance and more, with the top agent receiving $100. The company also celebrates two agents who receive perfect calls every week, and when an agent reaches 10 perfect calls, they receive a gift card. Employees can also relax in the breakroom, complete with Xbox, popcorn machine and TV.

AppointmentPlus INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 62/61 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Robert LaLoggia, CEO WEBSITE:

AppointmentPlus puts a unique spin on charity with its One Week program. Team members give up one of their vices, such as Starbucks or happy hour, and donate

that money to a charity. Volunteer time doesn’t count against an employee’s PTO, and the Women In Technology Committee assists the professional growth of women in the company. On Fridays, employees go to the park during the afternoon for some friendly sports competition.

Arizona Charter Academy INDUSTRY: Education US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 57/57 AZ LOCATION: Surprise TOP US EXECUTIVE: Melissa Holdaway,

COO/CEO WEBSITE: The Arizona Charter Academy offers a number of programs that staff members can participate in together, including a book club and an exercise sign up that allows employees to sign up for fitness classes together. In addition to a staff appreciation week in May, the Arizona Charter Academy takes an active role in the community, raising money to build a house from the ground up for a needy family.

Arizona Managing Partners INDUSTRY: Advertising/Public Relations/

Marketing US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 35/35 AZ LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Katherine Castignetti,

President WEBSITE: The Top Gun Leadership Program is loosely based on the Tom Cruise movie of the same name, providing accelerated coaching and mentorship for staff members. Employees at Arizona Managing Partners do not get lost in the crowd; among the perks the company provides are sports leagues, two weekly events (Taco Tuesday and Happy Hour Thursday), a New Employee Breakfast and Namaste Hour, where employees can participate in yoga classes.

Arizona Summit Law School INDUSTRY: Education US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 87/87 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Don Lively, President;

Scott Thompson, former President WEBSITE: ASLS’s mission is to unlock human potential; The school’s commitment to engagement is seen through initiatives such as emotional intelligence workshops and accountability partnership meetings. Leading by example creates a legacy that resonates throughout the school and community as the school’s Dean, Shirley Mays was recognized as one of the “Most Admired Leaders” by the Phoenix Business Journal. In addition to vacation, traditionally ASLS has also provided a winter holiday break that gives employees time off with pay from Christmas through New Year’s Day.

Ashton Tiffany, LLC INDUSTRY: Risk Management US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 91/91 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: John Ashton, Principal WEBSITE:

At Ashton Tiffany, employees are given PTO to stay active in the community. Among the charities they have supported are the Phoenix Children’s Project and St. Mary’s Food Bank. To keep employees relaxed, the company offers weekly yoga lessons, periodic chair massages, and even paper airplane contests. A wellness committee helps encourage staff members to stay healthy by promoting walks around the courtyard and providing free healthy snacks.


Healthy living is an important part of the Axosoft culture. In addition to a 90-day

health challenge that encourages employees to get fit, staff can take advantage of a 30-day healthy eating challenge, a running team and local produce delivered to the office. The company also has special programs for mothers and fathers who want to be present when their child arrives home from school.

AZPerio, PLLC INDUSTRY: Healthcare US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 55/55 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Ralph Wilson,

Managing Partner WEBSITE: Holidays are a time of celebration at AZPerio (where four-day work weeks are the norm). During the Christmas season, all employees receive $200 cash and an American Express gift card. Employees also receive a $100 American Express gift card on their birthdays. The company also provides dental care to the less fortunate as well as individuals in detention facilities.

Better Business Bureau serving Central, Northern and Western Arizona INDUSTRY: Non-Profit — Information

Services US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 56/56 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Matthew Fehling,

President/CEO WEBSITE: The BBB is known for keeping an eye on the community, and that notion rings true for the BBB Foundation. The director has been active on multiple boards that help prevent financial crimes against seniors. Employees perks include raffles for tickets to Arizona sporting events, a pizza fairy and BBB Bucks, which reward staff members for going above and beyond and can be redeemed for time off or gift cards.

28 | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | CareerBuilder

Top Companies to Work For Bishop Fox INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 57/26 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Francis Brown,

Partner & Vincent Liu, Partner WEBSITE:

To help build team camaraderie, Bishop Fox hosts a monthly movie night and lunch outings that employees can attend to help strengthen bonds and reconnect with each other. Perks include access to the company-owned ski lease in Lake Tahoe and retreats with upper management. Team members are always developing innovative research in the tech industry, with one staff member recently featured at a NYU talk about Cyber Security.

CCS Presentation Systems INDUSTRY: Audio Visual Design

& Integration US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 83/83 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: John Godbout,

Founder & CEO WEBSITE:

In addition to periodic “Lunch and Learns” that focus on wellness topics, CCS Presentation Systems encourages healthy living with $500 bonuses for smoking cessation and weight loss. Employees can also further their education with the company’s tuition reimbursement program.

Clear Title Agency of Arizona INDUSTRY: Real Estate — Title & Escrow US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 52/51 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Bart Patterson, CEO WEBSITE:

Employees at Clear Title Agency of Arizona have plenty of opportunities to bond outside of the office throughout the year. In addition to an in-office holiday party, the staff is treated to an outing at a Diamondbacks game, as well as a company retreat to

Pinetop. Clear Title “Bucks” also reward employees throughout the year.

ethology INDUSTRY: Advertising/Public Relations/


Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse INDUSTRY: Non-Profit — Health & Human Services US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 70/70 AZ LOCATION: Tucson TOP US EXECUTIVE: Ed Mercurio-Sakwa WEBSITE: The Emerge! Center offers its employees above average PTO, including three weeks during the first year of employment and five weeks during years two and three. Fun activities at the monthly staff meetings are complemented by monthly massages from a professional massage therapist. WOW Bucks also allow employees (and supervisors) to reward each other for going above and beyond. A monthly Emergitude! newsletter keeps the entire staff involved in the company’s culture.

Equity Methods INDUSTRY: Professional Services US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 33/33 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Takis Makridis,

President & CEO WEBSITE: A culture committee at Equity Methods helps organize events every one to two months, including sporting events and happy hours. The company also hosts off-site retreats twice a year, and a major company retreat that takes place in another city. The company caters meals multiple times a quarter, including Bagel Wednesdays. A nutritionist is brought in to help employees interested in healthy living, while yoga and massage therapists keep everyone relaxed.


ethology rewards its employees for their hard work with 15 days of vacation and personal time per year, as well as a $250 paid vacation bonus. Employee of the month and year awards reward staff members with $100 and $2,500, respectively. The RRU Quarterly program gives the staff a 1/2 day off from their normal work to think about the business and how they can help it succeed.

Frazer Ryan Goldberg & Arnold, LLP INDUSTRY: Legal US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 46/46 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Jim Ryan,

Managing Partner WEBSITE: Frazer Ryan Goldberg & Arnold always makes sure the company atmosphere is fun. They do a number of monthly events, including potlucks, picnics, baby and wedding showers, football pools and even a pumpkin carving contest. The staff is also active in the community, participating in a major annual project, including work with the Agency of Aging Doves Project.

Genius Avenue INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 38/38 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Ben Rozum, President WEBSITE:

Genius Avenue understands the importance of flexibility and comfort, so employees are allowed to dress casually — even shorts and flip-flops. The company also closes an hour early on Fridays year-round and has weekly drawings for

fun, silly prizes, including stuffed animals. Monthly “Food for Thoughts” luncheons keep the company leadership and staff connected about company updates.

Go AZ Motorcycles INDUSTRY: Retail — Motorcycle

Dealership US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 72/72 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Bob Parsons,

President & Founder WEBSITE: To ensure safe riding, the staff is given some of the top gear in the industry, and the dealership provides reimbursement for professional training. Go AZ Motorcycles is also deeply involved in the community, hosting near-weekly events benefiting the military/veterans and other public services. They also offer mobile mammograms and discounts to surrounding gyms. Employees, already bound together by their love of riding, take part in offsite events that include unique prizes, such as payment of their summer electric bill.

Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale INDUSTRY: Retail — Motorcycle

Dealership US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 75/75 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Bob Parsons,

President & Founder WEBSITE: The dealership recognizes an employee of the month, hands out kudos awards, and recognizes those employees who have gone above and beyond. The dealership hosts monthly events that include fun prizes such as cruises and electric bill payments. The staff members are motorcycle enthusiasts and the dealership works hard to support their passion for riding. Staff is encouraged to ride during dealership events and often gather at local pubs for fun outside of the workplace. | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | 29

Top Companies to Work For Lincoln Property Company

INDUSTRY: Advertising/Public Relations/

INDUSTRY: Real Estate US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 30/30 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: David Krumwiede,

Every Friday, employees at KnowledgeNet are treated to donuts, bagels and fresh fruit for breakfast. The company tries to keep the atmosphere light, with quarterly BBQ’s for employees and their families, a video game room complete with ping pong tables, and a company softball team. They also provide monthly and yearly awards, and also let loose with Nerf balls and dart guns on the floor.

Thanks to its position as a lender, employees at Landings Credit can take out 0 percent interest loans. The company participates in College Colors Day every August, allowing employees to wear their favorite college gear and which culminates in a BBQ. They also have a Connect 4 tournament every November, with breakfast and prizes for the victors. They sponsor a softball team every fall for Credit Unions for Kids, benefitting Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Wired to win.

We are pioneers.

We know what we’re do oing.



We figure it out.

Landings Credit Union


Do o the right th hing.



The Lavidge office space includes a café, cable television, massage chairs and foosball and pinball tables. The office has summer hours from Memorial to Labor Day, closing at 3 p.m. on Fridays, and the in-house Kegerator and beer cart are perfect for Friday happy hours. The agency works with several non-profits, offering pro bono services, and they forgo holiday gifts and instead give a monetary donation on behalf of the staff. Lavidge also supports personal development, offering 50%, up to $1,000 on approved events.

Executive VP WEBSITE:

Team building is important at Lincoln Property Company, with the company organizing a number of team building outings that range from bowling to spring training games. They also offer a weight loss challenge, and staff members participate in 5k runs that benefit a group chosen by the employees themselves.

Ryan is setting the industry gold standard for workplace innovation. Guided by our values and an unwavering commitment to client service excellence, Ryan’s internationally recognized work environment is setting the industry gold standard for workplace innovation. At Ryan, your talent is encouraged, your abilities are challenged, and your expertise is rewarded. Learn more about exciting career opportunities with Ryan at

Congratulations to all our Arizona employees for this well-deserved recognition!

Relationship ps are everyything g.

We share our success. AR-0008396666-01

© 2015 Ryan, LLC. All rights reserved.

1.855.RYAN.TAX |

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M273 !2")2DG$ #2D3"RJ + *%@

6 ''G IN)M)86C6=78 G/M6)9M Y8AS- =86)@NC6=78 =M 97N) 6?C8 C B3..17N+S F) GA766M+C:)>BCM)+ C3+=7>2=M3C: A79TC8/ =86)@NC6)M +=@=6C: 1?=6)B7CN+M =867 A:CMMN779M- XC6>MAN))8 6)A?87:7@/ =867 ?76):M C8+ A79938=AC6=78M M/M6)9M =867 6?) A?C9B)NM 7& :7AC: @72)N89)86MS *36 &N79 =6M M6N78@?7:+ =8 6?) 8C6=78C: M/M6)9M> =86)@NC6=78 =8+3M6N/- ''G C:M7 =86)@NC6)M =6M )9T:7/))M =867 6?) &CBN=A 7& 6?) ZN9S U7N) 6?C8 4J /)CNM CV)N Y*U 2)6)NC8 W7?8 #7+B736 )M6CB:=M?)+ ''G- 6?) A79TC8/ )9T:7/M 5JJ T)7T:) =8 GA766M+C:)


C8+ 4L 76?)N :7AC6=78M CN738+ 6?) ESGS- C8+ =6 17N;M ?CN+ 67 9)CM3N) ?71 6?7M) T)7T:) 2=)1 6?)=N 17N;T:CA) )82=N789)86S QD)O2) M))8 )9T:7/))MO N)MT78M)M 67 93:6=T:) 7T=8=78 M3N2)/M =8+=AC6) 6?)=N MC6=M&CA6=78 1=6? 9C8C@)9)86- 6?)=N &)::71 )9T:7/))M C8+ 6?) 72)NC:: ''G A3:63N)1?=A? =M 1?C6 9C;)M ''G @N)C6-P MC=+ WCA; G)C2)N- 6?) A79TC8/OM A?=)& Z8C8A=C: 7"A)N C8+ ?39C8 N)M73NA)M 9C8C@)NS QK3N !H 7$)N=8@M- B)@=88=8@ 1=6? C66NCA6=2) MC:CN=)M C8+ B)8)Z6M- C:M7 )0A))+ 73N =8+3M6N/ A79T)6=67NM-P G)C2)N C++)+S

1HF9. AK Q-JGN2J" 'JK =(2GGI"-5R P9E99

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,M=+) &N79 ?)C:6? ACN) A72)NC@) C8+ N)6=N)9)86 MC2=8@M 7T6=78M- ''G C:M7 7$)NM B783M T:C8M- =8A:3+=8@ 6?7M) 6?C6 N)1CN+ 67T T)N&7N9)NMS F) GA766M+C:) 7"A) =M C:M7 38=R3) 1=6? )2)86M :=;) *C@): %N=+C/M C8+ :38A? &7N 6?) )86=N) M6C$ C6 6?) )8+ 7& )CA? 9786?S F) A79TC8/ 7$)NM C 63=6=78 N)=9B3NM)9)86 TN7@NC9- C8+ 76?)N T)N;M ( 1?=A? C:M7 MT)C; 67 6?) A79TC8/OM A799=69)86 67 )9T:7/)) :78@)2=6/ ( =8A:3+) C M97;=8@ A)MMC6=78 TN7@NC9- 1)=@?6 :7MM TN7@NC9B783M)M &7N )9T:7/))M 1?7 9C;) C

A799=69)86 67 MC&)6/ 78 6?) <7B- +C/M 7$ &7N +7A67NM 2=M=6M- C8+ N)=9B3NM)9)86 7& @/9 9)9B)NM?=T &))MS ''G )9T:7/))M C:M7 @)6 C +C/ 7$ &7N TCN6=A=TC6=8@ =8 A79TC8/ A?CN=6/ )2)86M C8+ 6?) 7"A) A:7M)M C6 4 TS9S 6?) +C/ B)&7N) ?7:=+C/MS G)C2)N MC=+ 6?) ''G ?)C+R3CN6)NM =8 GA766M+C:) 1=:: A786=83) 67 )0TC8+ CM 6?) A79TC8/ B)@=8M 67 A78M7:=+C6) 7T)NC6=78M C8+ )8@=8))N=8@ M)N2=A)M &7N =6M TCN68)N 7"A)M- @=2=8@ =6 C++)+ X)0=B=:=6/ =8 6?) C3+=7>2=+)7 =8+3M6N/S | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | 31

Top Companies to Work For Miller Russell Associates

Orchard Medical Consulting

Potter’s House Apothecary

Rose Law Group pc


INDUSTRY: Healthcare — Insurance/ US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 58/35 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Robin Orchard,

INDUSTRY: Compounding Pharmacy US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 50/50 AZ LOCATION: Peoria TOP US EXECUTIVE: Kevin Borg, Owner/CEO WEBSITE:


Miller Russell Associates offers an expense paid education program for employees who wish to obtain additional certifications. Team members are regularly recognized for their contributions, with kudos being given out at staff meetings, as well as providing team members with a company paid night out. They also have a fully stocked kitchen pantry, organize an annual spring training baseball game, and use a floating holiday for an employee’s birthday.

President & Owner WEBSITE: Man’s best friend is always welcome at Orchard Medical Consulting, which boasts a dog-friendly office. Because they have staff members in other areas, silly emails are sent out to help connect team members with a little laughter. The company pays for both 90 percent of medical benefits as well as case manager certification for nurses. Fun in-office activities include potlucks, trivia games and puzzles.

To help battle the afternoon crash, a leader walks around with a giant candy bowl to provide employees with an energy boost. Among the company team building activities they have hosted are a chip tasting contest, smoothie days and a catered lunch on the last Friday of every month. To help the community, they host a pie throwing contest to raise funds and awareness for mitochondrial disease, and donations are accepted for Power Paws for their dog training facility.


WE Are innovators. we stop at nothing to serve our clients.

President & Founder WEBSITE: With holiday parties, monthly fun days, ping pong tables and arcade games, Rose Law Group knows how to help relieve employee stress. They also hold weekly fitness group boot camps hosted by a trainer, as well as offering the occasional onsite massage, acupuncture and manicure/pedicure. Employees can take part in paid seminar and training workshops, and happy hours help celebrate success stories at the firm.


we are world-class listeners.


we do the right thing, even when no one’s watching.


we tell it like it is, to clients and to each other.


we take having fun very seriously.



We are honored to be a 2015 Top Company to Work For. Were you born to battle risk wherever it occurs? Check out our career opportunities at

Working at Aerotek begins a rewarding career with significant opportunities for growth in one of the largest recruiting and staffing companies in the world. We are looking for passionate individuals, eager to work hard and make a difference, to join us. Aerotek is honored to be named a Top Company to Work for in Arizona. Want to learn more about a career at Aerotek? Visit or call 1-888-Aerotek. Aerotek is an equal opportunity employer. An Allegis Group Company. ©2015 AR-0008396886-01

32 | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | CareerBuilder

Top Companies to Work For Santy

Stardust Non-Profit Building Supplies


INDUSTRY: Advertising/Public Relations/

INDUSTRY: Non-Profit — Environmental US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 28/28 AZ LOCATION: Mesa TOP US EXECUTIVE: Karen Jayne WEBSITE:


Stardust provides a flexible work schedule in addition to leadership development. The company’s annual Agency Fun Day lets staff and their family members come together to celebrate. Employees receive their birthday off and every quarter, the company holds an agency-wide meeting with breakfast provided.

SWIMkids USA offers onsite childcare and flexible work schedules to help accommodate employees. Physical education is an important part of the company’s culture, with fitness challenges, free exercise classes, and the integration of physical activity into staff meetings. They offer continuing education opportunities with reimbursement for professional development seminars. The company has worked with multiple organizations, including Blake’s Miracle Foundation and the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona.

Marketing US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 27/27 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Daniel Santy,

President/CEO WEBSITE:

Santy offers flexible hours during the summer, allowing employees to leave at 2 p.m. on Fridays. In addition to a Book Club that meets each month, the company has a Passion Projects group that plans snack parties, happy hours and holiday events such as Secret Santa. The entire agency gets treated to an annual spring training game, and the office has a full snack closet and Kegerator.

Zion & Zion INDUSTRY: Advertising/Public Relations/


Zion & Zion actively encourages their employees to bring their dogs to work and offer schedule flexibility. Staff can unwind in the game room (featuring pool, shuffle board, a Wii and arcade games) or take advantage of the Kegerator. Company outings include trips to lakes, movie days and even a Crabfest. The company organizes four days of community service each year, and they support local food drives and the Sojourner Christmas store.

INTERESTED IN BECOMING PART OF A GREAT STORY? CONSUMER CELLULAR IS HIRING! Join a company that has been awarded one of the Top Companies to Work For in Arizona for two years. Full-time careers start from $13.50―$14.25/hour. Plus monthly bonus of up to $500 available!

engineered by you How many people can say their work is enjoyed by millions? We’ve got the know-how, technology, benefits, and global reach to make nearly any idea a reality. All that’s missing is you. From entry-level positions to more senior roles, we have openings across the board. Visit us at

For the second time, we’re thrilled to be named one of the Career Builder’s Top Companies to Work for in Arizona.

To learn more about us, visit: AR-0008395628-01

Software Engineer

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Technical Project Manager

Internships | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | 33

Top Companies to Work For Medium Company Listings (U.S. 100-999 employees): 41st Parameter, a part of Experian INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 145/79 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Steve Platt, EVP Fraud

& ID, Decisioning Software & Analytics WEBSITE:

Throughout the year, there are several volunteer programs employees can engage with, including Habitat for Humanity. There is also donation matching for employees. Staff members can recognize each other through peer-voted awards that reward winners with monetary prizes. Weight loss and exercise challenges are another opportunity for employees to win prizes.

Alliance Financial Resources, DBA Alliance Home Loans INDUSTRY: Mortgage Banking US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 171/158 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Jamie Korus,

President WEBSITE: Employees at Alliance Home Loans, which is a woman-owned company, do all they can to support working mothers. Employees feel empowered to do their job on their own, with no micromanaging. In addition to bowling and softball competitions, employees are treated to a specialist who comes onsite regularily to provide massages.

to benefit students who face obstacles and challenges beyond the “average” student. Employees may become involved as committee members of the foundation’s Wellness Squad. The Squad sponsors activities including an annual competitive Walkathon and quarterly Lunch and Learn events promoting fitness and nutrition awareness. Incentive programs are in place to encourage carpooling and other alternative travel methods, with a $25 gift card rewarded monthly.

Credit Union West INDUSTRY: Banking US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 187/187 AZ LOCATION: Glendale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Bob MacGregor,

CEO/President WEBSITE: Credit Union West rewards all of its employees with a $200 Christmas gift each year — even if they were hired the day before Christmas. They host a booth at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America as part of the employee’s health and lifestyle expo, providing free financial counseling. A Wellness committee provides trend setting initiatives and goals, which can result in prizes for employees.

EBCO, Inc. dba La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries INDUSTRY: Retail US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 218/218 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Ed Breunig III,

Owner & CEO

ASU Foundation for a New American University INDUSTRY: Non-Profit US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 163/163 AZ LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: R.F. “Rick” Shangraw


The ASU Foundation partners with ASU’s “Adopt an ASU Family” outreach program


La-Z-Boy rewards its top 60% of employees who contributed great ideas and had elite performances with an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii with their spouses. The company’s Charities Committee is active in the community, especially with the Ronald McDonald House in Phoenix and Tucson. Their milestone program includes a Rolex

watch at an employee’s 10-year anniversary and a diamond ring and choice of golf clubs or room of furniture for their 25-year anniversary.

First Fidelity Bank NA INDUSTRY: Banking US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 365/53 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Lee Symcox,

President & CEO WEBSITE:

First Fidelity’s Enterprise Wide Bonus Program is paid to all employees based on the financial success of the previous year. The Salute to Service program celebrates employees’ dedication, with those who have worked at the company for more than five years receiving an invitation to an annual luncheon. The company has a generous PTO program and offers leaves of absence based on qualifying needs — all of which are perks that have attracted female employees, who made up 65 percent of internal hires in 2014.

George Brazil Air Conditioning & Heating INDUSTRY: HVAC US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 120/120 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Jim Probst,

Owner/President Teams at George Brazil can receive incentives, including dining gift certificates and Fantasy Football prizes that include football tickets. The company will often cater a company-wide breakfast or lunch, as well as host Ice Cream Social days. They encourage an open door policy that allows staff to communicate any ideas, issues or questions with managers. They also support the community through their charity work, including Building Homes for Heroes.

Homeowners Financial Group USA, LLC INDUSTRY: Mortgage Banking US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 241/191 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Bill Rogers,

Founder & CEO WEBSITE:

In addition to a remote work option, Homeowners Financial Group offers an employee referral bonus that pays out $1,000 after 90 days of employment. The company started its own Care Fund that supports Arizona families who endure financial hardship while experiencing extended illness or injury of their child. They also host at least one company event a quarter, including picnics, happy hours and even a Halloween costume contest where employees could bring in their kids to trick-or-treat.

Hyatt Regency Phoenix INDUSTRY: Hotel/Hospitality US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 289/289 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Mark Hoplamazian,


The Hyatt Regency Phoenix is a premier hotel in downtown Phoenix that offers panoramic city and Valley views. Employees are eligible to receive complimentary hotel stays — with full time associates receiving 12 nights a year. The Hyatt also serves free continental breakfast and hot lunch for all employees, every day of the week. Associates are given the opportunity to extend their network through the Women@Hyatt, Veterans@Hyatt, and HyPride Business Resource Groups.

34 | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | CareerBuilder

Top Companies to Work For IPA Management, LLC INDUSTRY: Real Estate US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 123/39 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Tom Creswell, COO WEBSITE:

Team members donate and contribute food, time and financial resources to a local chapter of Blessings in a Backpack, a program that provides food to underprivileged elementary students on the weekends during the school year. The sales staff at IPA is eligible for New Lease and Renewal Bonuses, in which the employee receives a percentage of the entire net lease term. Each location also has a fitness center that employees can take advantage of.

Ipro Tech, LLC INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 140/121 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Kimothy Taylor,

President/COO WEBSITE:

Meetings are just a little “cooler” at Ipro Tech, thanks to Popsicle Fridays, a monthly meeting conducted by the COO/President that discusses company announcements, upcoming events and projects, and more. The Sunshine Committee helps plan all the company’s fun activities, including lunches, competitions and picnics. Flexible scheduling, including flex hours and the ability to telecommute, help employees work around their family life.

LaneTerralever INDUSTRY: Advertising/Public Relations/


LaneTerralever has both a stocked kitchen and a “speakeasy,” complete with keg. They host an Office Olympics to foster

healthy competition, and pets are always welcome in the office. Knowledge sharing is an important aspect of the company’s culture. When an employee desire a certain skill or experience in another department, the company will pair him or her with another staff member for regular cross-training.

Learning A-Z INDUSTRY: Education US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 212/125 AZ LOCATION: Tucson TOP US EXECUTIVE: Bob Holl, President WEBSITE:

Learning A-Z pulls from its talented employee base to create the company calendar. Pictures that employees take, whether they are items, landscapes or people, are used to create the calendar. In addition to internal promotional growth, employees can take advantage of flexible scheduling, including 9/80 schedules or working remotely. They also host costume contests and give up to $1,000 for employee referral bonuses.

Lovitt & Touché INDUSTRY: Insurance (non-healthcare) US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 184/182 AZ LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Charles A. Touché,


Flexible work arrangements allow employees of Lovitt & Touché to telecommute one or two days a week, and they also offer Short Term Disability and lactation areas for mothers. Educational awards between $250 and $1,500 are rewarded based on the completion of certain insurance designations. The company is also active with the Boys and Girls Club of Phoenix, with employees sponsoring children during the holidays.

Nextiva, Inc. INDUSTRY: Telecommunications US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 276/260 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Tomas Gorny, CEO WEBSITE:

Nextiva takes appreciation to a whole new level with its Department Appreciation days. The department is recognized and treated like royalty, receiving free massages and catered meals, among other perks. They also offer Monday breakfast, Wednesday frozen yogurt and Friday lunches. On Memorial Day, employees write letters to troops overseas, and the company has also paid for employees to participate in the PF Chang’s Rock-n-Roll Half-Marathon.

Trax Holdings, Inc. INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 119/119 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Scott Nelson, President & CEO WEBSITE: Relax at Trax Holdings with meditation, yoga and health classes, all of which help employees learn healthy life choices. Teambuilding activities include a salsa making contest, an iron man competition, holiday decoration contests, and the alwayspopular happy hour. “Wow” awards are given out for recognition of a job well done, and casual dress is a staple of the office.

Orion Health

Vonage Business* (*formerly Telesphere, a Vonage Company)

INDUSTRY: Technology — Healthcare US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 350/81 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Ian McCrae, CEO WEBSITE:

INDUSTRY: Telecommunications US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 120/94** (Jan. 2015) AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Alan Masarek, CEO WEBSITE:

Orion Health believes in providing its employees with the right tools from their first day including a MacBook Pro and iPhone. Employees’ medical, dental and vision premiums are 100 percent company paid for them and their families. They foster a culture of collaboration and communication with an open office concept with white board walls and cubes. Orion Health has brought in experts to train employees on specific technologies relevant to the business.

Vonage Business (formerly Telesphere, a Vonage Company), thrives with a strong team environment, and there is no “I” in team. Honesty, Integrity and Service are three hallmarks of the company’s leadership style. There is collaboration at every level, regardless of position, title or tenure. All employees are encouraged to challenge the status quo and actively make suggestions to improve processes, products and workflow. This company supports the belief that everybody can win.

RKS Plumbing & Mechanical, Inc.



INDUSTRY: Digital Healthcare US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 640/100 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Cyrus Massoumi,

RKS Plumbing has a number of fun perks, including a yearly Rocky Point retreat, occasional catered lunches, extra holiday pay and an open door policy that encourages communication.


Founder & CEO Teams at ZocDoc frequently plan bonding activities and after-work outings, including go-carting, bowling, spring training games, Top Golf outings, and tavern trolley outings.

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Top Companies to Work For ZocDoc’rs can earn up to $2,000 for anyone they refer who is hired, and the team members with the most referred hires can win an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii. ZocDoc employees receive free healthy snacks and catered lunches everyday, allowing the group to eat together and share what they are working on in a casual, laid-back manner.

sa Large Company Listings ition, (U.S. 1000+ employees): wayse given Aerotek e, and INDUSTRY: Staffing US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 6,210/132 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Todd Mohr, President WEBSITE: ) Aerotek works hard to maximize the 015) efficiency and happiness of its employees. They assign mentors in their specific industry to all new salespeople after they EO attend sales training and have checkpoints re, a that they are both accountable for. A unique ong DISC training course helps employees ” understand individual core behavior styles. ce Participants learn how to adapt to the s behavioral styles of others to maximize on at communication and build better relationships. tle They also annual salary increases, ged performance bonuses and commissions. ely sses, Alliance Residential Company ny INDUSTRY: Real Estate an win. US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 2,190/556 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Bruce Ward, Chairman/CEO WEBSITE: Alliance InStyle, a wardrobe allowance , program, provides career apparel choices for associates from major retailers. All managers have a budget for team building ding activities throughout the quarter, which uding can include baseball games, painting ames, classes and boat days. The company utings. keeps its staff in the know through its

Need to Know Bulletins and the company’s very own news channel, AllianceTV. A “Get Fit” campaign was launched in which more than 100 members tracked their fitness goals.

American Express INDUSTRY: Financial Services US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 26,000/6,899 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Ken Chenault,

Chairman & CEO WEBSITE: Health and wellness is important to the staff at American Express. A nine-week “Maintain Don’t Gain” challenge rewarded those who maintained or lost weight with prizes, while “Sneaker Day” encouraged staff members to wear sneakers to work to promote movement. American Express hosts the St. Jude Give Thanks Walk, which features more than 1,500 walkers and raised more than $149,000 in 2014. Employee engagement activities include potlucks, pumpkin carving contests and an open house with a carnival theme.

Burns & McDonnell INDUSTRY: Engineering, Architecture & Construction US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 4,800/81 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Greg Graves, CEO & Chairman WEBSITE: Celebrations are engrained in Burns & McDonnell’s company culture, whether it’s company picnics, barbecues over the lunch hour, company-sponsored intramural teams or an afternoon at the ballpark. The Burns & McDonnell Foundation amplifies employee-owners’ giving efforts through the Matching Gifts program, which raises $75,000 annually. They also have A Healthier You program, which allowed employees to accumulate points for healthy activities and earn money off their insurance premiums.

Camden Development, Inc. INDUSTRY: Real Estate US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 1,779/68 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Ric Campo,

CEO & Chairman WEBSITE: Camden Development offers $20 employee vacation suites, as well as surprise bonuses throughout the year. Throughout the year, specific departments and job titles are given a fun day out of the office to enjoy with their peers. Camden also works with a number of charities, including UMOM New Day Centers, Wounded Warrior and Operation Home Front.


Chairman & CEO WEBSITE: At CBIZ, Dress for Success provides professional attire for job interviewing for thousands of disadvantaged women, as well as career/life counseling and technology training. A National Food Drive, in conjunction with Feeding America, helps benefit food banks around the community. An “Ask Steve” column on the company intranet keeps the CEO and staff connected. The company provides an annual, onsite biometric screening to help assess an employee’s risk for health problems.

CDW INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 7,033/213 AZ LOCATION: Chandler TOP US EXECUTIVE: Thomas Richards,

Chairman, CEO & President WEBSITE: Cheers! is a peer-to-peer recognition program that publicly recognizes coworkers for the contributions they make on a daily basis. Food trucks come in weekly to

serve employees, and during the holidays, employees can have pictures taken of their kids or dogs with Santa. The company works with the St. Mary’s Food Bank, the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and UMOM, where employees can enter a chili cook off in exchange for a donation.

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. INDUSTRY: Financial Services US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 13,900/3,180 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Walter W. Bettinger II,

President & CEO WEBSITE: Charles Schwab provides a full range of securities brokerage, banking, money management and financial advisory services. In addition to a Matching Gift program, the Time for Giving program allows employees eight hours of paid time off to participate in community service. The Everyday Wellness program rewards employees with up to $500 for completing designated health/wellness activities. Schwab also offers eligible employees the opportunity to apply for a paid sabbatical for personal or professional development.

Consumer Cellular INDUSTRY: Telecommunications US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 1,192/378 AZ LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: John Marick, CEO WEBSITE:

Employees at Consumer Cellular are given constant opportunities for career growth. All hourly employees can receive performance tiers based on time with the company and meeting performance levels, with opportunity to move up tiers. After six months with the company, employees can interview for advancement in the company, and monthly training is offered for hourly employees. Teams participate in a number of health challenges during the year, including a Pedometer Challenge to see which team can walk the most steps.

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Top Companies to Work For Discover Financial Services

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

INDUSTRY: Financial Services US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 13,706/2,562 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: David Nelms,

INDUSTRY: Education US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 2,217/347 AZ LOCATION: Prescott TOP US EXECUTIVE: Dr. John Johnson,

Chairman & CEO




Recreational basketball and volleyball leagues provide co-workers with fun, team-style activities on company grounds. Discover offers elaborate contests where employees can win trips to events like the Discover Orange Bowl and Rose Bowl Parade and game. “Orange Pride” is a committee that offers give-a-ways on “Orange Out Days” to employees for showing Discover pride. There is also an Orange Pit room available to all employees that offer video games, WiFi connection, TV’s and lounge chairs.

Embry-Riddle employees receive 11 paid holidays off per year and can also take advantage of a four-day work week during the summer. The company offers conveniences such as massages, a fitness facility and a health clinic. The EmbryRiddle Annual Fund gives back to students and programs, while volunteering with the United Way helps locals in need find jobs and housing.

Edward Jones INDUSTRY: Financial Services US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 39,736/1,466 AZ LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Jim Weddle,

Managing Partner WEBSITE: Every associate with good standing at Edward Jones has the opportunity to own part of the company, a unique benefit that few companies offer. Edward Jones stands by its associates during difficult times. This might mean quick assistance in a natural disaster, paid leave or medical exceptions, cards and emails, or dozens of associates showing up at a funeral. Regions accumulate climate funds for achievements, then spend the funds on fun, like taking top-achieving employees to a comedy show, sporting event or dinner cruise.

Farmers Insurance INDUSTRY: Insurance (non-healthcare) US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 20,162/633 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Jeff Dailey, CEO WEBSITE:

Employee appreciation events at Farmers Insurance include Company Night at Dave & Busters, Farmers Night at the Diamondbacks and a Bring Your Kids to Work Day. An onsite company store has DVD rentals, discounted movie tickets, discounted local event/attraction tickets, party rentals (chairs, pop up tents, bocce ball, croquet sets), gift cards and gift wrapping, among other items. A pension plan is 100 percent funded by Farmers, and the company works with a local school of provide support for school safety zones.

Fry’s Food Stores INDUSTRY: Retail — Grocery US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 17,536/17,536 AZ LOCATION: Tolleson TOP US EXECUTIVE: Steve McKinney,

President WEBSITE:

Many positions in Fry’s stores allow associates to select their own schedule, which allows for flexibility. Employees

receive 10 percent off Fry’s/Kroeger items, and double discount days are always popular. In addition to coaching, teaching, training and mentoring, the WAFC Certification pays for 10 college courses and employees can attain a retail management certificate. Fry’s helps feed Arizona’s hungry with a food rescue program that donates fresh and wholesome good to local food banks.

GEICO INDUSTRY: Insurance (non-healthcare) US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 33,390/1,268 AZ LOCATION: Tucson TOP US EXECUTIVE: Tony Nicely, CEO WEBSITE:

Employees at GEICO can receive tuition reimbursement with onsite community college classes, and they also offer training classes such as Six Sigma for professional and personal growth. Staff can also receive discounts at local gyms and receive recognition at the Annual Associate Appreciation Day Celebration. GEICO works in the community with organizations such as United Way, Casa de Los Ninos and the Girl Scouts.

General Motors Company, LLC INDUSTRY: Manufacturing US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 88,500/550 AZ LOCATION: Chandler TOP US EXECUTIVE: Mary Barra, CEO WEBSITE:

General Motors offers world-class benefits, including 16 paid holidays per year and free tickets to the GMC-sponsored NFL Experience. They keep employees on the fast track to success with the TRACK program, which is designed to rotate employees through various areas within their respective function, and a Boot Camp, an intensive training program for new college hires geared toward particular technical area of IT.

Grant Thornton LLP INDUSTRY: Accounting US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 6,000/75 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Michael McGuire, CEO WEBSITE:

Healthy Lifestyles is Grant Thornton’s health and wellness initiative. It provides employees with tools and to assist in proactively managing their health. These tools include 24/7 Nurseline, an online personal health manager, and an expectant parents program. The Employee Assistance program is paid for by the company and assists with everything from childcare to behavioral science. Each employee is paired with a performance coach who provides assistance and guidance through ongoing discussions.

International Cruise & Excursions, Inc. (ICE) INDUSTRY: Travel US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 1,720/1,345 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: John Rowley, CEO WEBSITE:

Staff can receive discounts for travel packages that are paid for by payroll deduction. Amenities onsite include a café, clinic, concierge, fitness center and massage and nail salon. They also offer a wine discount and “P3,” promotional cash an employee can use on merchandise in the company’s online store. ICE supports PACC911 with raffles, virtual pet pageants, sponsoring and participating in PACC911’s annual ICE Pet Adoption.

Ryan, LLC INDUSTRY: Corporate Tax Advisory

Services EMPLOYEES: 1,529/90 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: G. Brint Ryan,

Chairman & CEO WEBSITE: Ryan, a leading global tax services firm, | TOP COMPANIES 2015 | 37

Top Companies to Work For provides a comprehensive range of state, local, federal, and international tax advisory and consulting services. The firm’s flexible workplace program encourages employees to balance their work life and personal life. All employees are measured on results, not face time in office. At Ryan, generosity is a core value, and employees are given paid time off for community outreach projects. In 2014, over a period of three months, employees from Ryan’s Scottsdale office volunteered at the St. Mary’s Food Bank, packing emergency food boxes for distribution.

USAA INDUSTRY: Financial Services US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 27,466/3,586 AZ LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Maj. Gen. Josue

Robles, Jr. (Ret.), President & CEO WEBSITE:

At USAA, you’ll find an inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone has a true passion for the company’s

industry including the in-house, award winning Vanguard University®, Vanguard’s Adoption Assistance Program, Vanguard Work-Life programs, including on-site wellness and fitness centers.




INDUSTRY: Financial Services —

INDUSTRY: Healthcare — Senior Living US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 2,443/408 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Randy Richardson,

Investment Management US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 13,811/2,370 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: William F. McNabb II, Chairman & CEO WEBSITE: Vanguard, the world’s largest mutual fund company and leading provider of company sponsored retirement plan services, credits their unique client-owned structure for allowing them to do what is in their clients/ shareholders’ best interest. Vanguard supports their “crew” members with some of the most comprehensive benefits in the

President WEBSITE: Vi has resident funded scholarship funds and tuition reimbursement. Vi’s residents sponsored $313,000 in scholarship for employees and eligible dependents. The company also offers more than 500 free continuing education courses and free language training through Rosetta Stone. They promote fun and relieve stress with roving cupcake and candy carts, dressup photo booths and Vi Spirit Days. They also host ping pong tournaments between employees and residents.

mission, facilitating the financial security of its 10 million members of the U.S. military and their families. USAA’s Phoenix campus sits on 575 acres in the Northwest Valley (I-17 & Happy Valley Rd). The campus offers many onsite benefits such as a cafeteria, fitness center, health clinic, daycare center and covered parking.


What the numbers say about that all-important job search It Starts With a Search

Today’s Job Search from Two Perspectives

INDUSTRY: Advertising/Public Relations/

Marketing US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 1,352/223 AZ LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Court Cunningham,

Yodle has a flexible paid time off policy with the ability to decide when and how much vacation they need. Each Yodle office has a dedicated culture team, called the “IDEA” (interdepartmental events and activities) committee that organizes several team-building events each month. They host happy hours and team outings to encourage bonding among colleagues. Recent examples include the opportunity for Yodle co-workers to join intramural sports teams and participate in Pat’s Run.

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Top Companies to Work For Alphabetical index of the Top Companies to Work for in Arizona 41st Parameter, a part of Experian ........33 AB&R (American Barcode and RFID) ....27 Aerotek ..................................................35 Alliance Financial Resources, DBA Alliance Homes Loans ................33 Alliance Residential Company ...............35 American Express .................................35 Answer 1 Communications ...................27 AppointmentPlus ...................................27 Arizona Charter Academy ......................27 Arizona Managing Partners ...................27 Arizona Summit Law School .................27 Ashton Tiffany, LLC ...............................27 ASU Foundation for a New American University ...................33 Axosoft, LLC ..........................................27 AZPerio, PLLC .......................................27 Better Business Bureau serving Central, Northern and Western Arizona ..........27 Bishop Fox ............................................28 Burns & McDonnell. ..............................35

Camden Development, Inc. ..................35 CBIZ MHM, LLC .....................................35 CCS Presentation Systems....................28 CDW.......................................................35 Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. ...................35 Clear Title Agency of Arizona ................28 Consumer Cellular .................................35 Credit Union West..................................33 Discover Financial Services...................36 EBCO, Inc dba La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries ..............................33 Edward Jones ........................................36 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University ..36 Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse ....................................28 Equity Methods .....................................28 ethology.................................................28 Farmers Insurance.................................36 First Fidelity Bank NA ............................33 Frazer Ryan Goldberg & Arnold, LLP ....28 Fry’s Food Stores ..................................36

GEICO ....................................................36 General Motors Company, LLC..............36 Genius Avenue .......................................28 George Brazil Air Conditioning & Heating...........................................33 Go AZ Motorcycles ................................28 Grant Thornton, LLP..............................36 Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale ..............28 Homeowners Financial Group USA, LLC ............................................33 Hyatt Regency Phoenix .........................33 International Cruise & Excursions, Inc. (ICE) .........................36 IPA Management, LLC ...........................34 Ipro Tech, LLC .......................................34 Knowledge Net ......................................29 Landings Credit Union ...........................29 LaneTerralever .......................................34 LAVIDGE ................................................29 Learning A-Z ..........................................34 Lincoln Property Company....................29

Lovitt & Touché, Inc. .............................34 Miller Russell Associates ......................31 Nextiva, Inc............................................34 Orchard Medical Consulting ..................31 Orion Health ..........................................34 Potter’s House Apothecary ...................31 RKS Plumbing & Mechnical, Inc. ..........34 Rose Law Group pc ...............................31 Ryan, LLC ..............................................36 Santy .....................................................32 Stardust Non-Profit Building Supplies ..32 SWIMkids USA ......................................32 Trax Holdings Inc...................................34 USAA .....................................................37 Vanguard ...............................................37 Vi ...........................................................37 Vonage Business ...................................34 Yodle ......................................................37 Zion & Zion ............................................32 ZocDoc ..................................................34




Tom Creswell, COO

ith 27 years’ experience developing, owning and managing multifamily communities, employees at IPA Management understand neighborhood spirit. The company’s communities include Liv North Scottsdale, Liv Avenida in Chandler, Liv Northgate in Gilbert and Liv Ahwatukee, among other Class A multifamily and senior housing sites in the Valley and western Michigan totaling more than 3,600 units. Each is designed to break the mold of the common apartment complex, providing a true village-like atmosphere for residents. IPA develops employees who are passionate about serving residents by creating uncommonly positive experiences within the life-inspired communities. In such an interactive, “People first” culture, IPA’s 100 employees are well rewarded for their efforts, according to Angela Welch, the company’s corporate recruiter, who added that the company “values the personal and professional development of its team members” and that its core values of “integrity, people, innovation, passion and action” motivate every workplace decision, from daily conversations to the most impactful interactions. The company believes its people should find a comfortable work-life balance. It provides health, dental, vision and

11022 S. 51st St. Suite 101 Phoenix 85044

(480) 739-9240

NEW EMPLOYEES ARE INTRODUCED THROUGH INTERACTIVE BOOT CAMPS THAT PREPARE THEM FOR THE HIGHLY COLLABORATIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT. short-term disability insurance, matches 401(k) plans, provides discounted rent and offers paid time off for participating in community service events, among other perks like wellness contests and opportunities to enjoy the broader community. New employees are introduced through interactive boot camps that prepare them for the highly collaborative work environment. The Liv brand is based on luxury lifestyle and sustainability. All Liv communities

include open floor plans, energy-efficient appliances and 24/7 amenities that include saltwater pools and spas, game rooms and business centers, full service wellness programs, social activities, lifestyle convenience services, and dog parks. With an unwavering commitment to helping people live fuller lives, IPA’s wide variety of social events and opportunities to serve the greater community will continue to draw active-lifestyle residents and the passionate IPA team members that serve them.



Careerbuilder Top Companies To Work For In Arizona 2015  

Publication highlighting the top companies to work for in Arizona for 2015.

Careerbuilder Top Companies To Work For In Arizona 2015  

Publication highlighting the top companies to work for in Arizona for 2015.