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Member feedback helps shape the AMA’s future

And the survey says ... Cosigner vs. Guarantor: What’s the Difference?

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818 N. 1st St., Phoenix, AZ 85004 Phone: 602-296-6200 Fax: 602-296-6178 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Chair, Nicole Wray, Greystar Real Estate Partners Vice Chair, John Carlson, Mark-Taylor Residential Secretary, Wendy Weiske, Dunlap & Magee Treasurer, Kim Pacheco, Scotia Group Management Imm. Past Chair, Chris Evans, HSL Asset Management AMC Exec., Adam Greco, Burns Pest Elimination BOARD OF DIRECTORS Elizabeth Beaulieu, Quarterpenny Management Krisanne Beckstead, Picerne Real Estate Group Lesley Brice, MC Residential Reid Butler, Butler Housing Company Sue Campbell, Redi Carpet Linda Coburn, NexMetro Development Scott Cook, Shelton-Cook Real Estate Services, Inc. Stacey Deal, Kay-Kay Realty Kohl Eisenhour, Avenue 5 Residential Kimberly Fitch, Nicolosi & Fitch, Inc. Shelly Griggs, Baron Properties Danny Harris, CoStar Robert Hicks, Alliance Residential Company Scott Hines, PEM Real Estate Group Stacey Hogue, Greystar Real Estate Partners Michelle Howland, Blue Steel Security David Kotin, Kay-Kay Realty Jim Kowalski, Kowalski Construction

Courtney Gilstrap LeVinus President and CEO Erika McDowell Director of Operations Phone: 602-296-6210 Michelle Rill Director of Membership, Events & Education Phone: 602-296-6205 Lauren Romero Tucson Area Association Executive Phone: 520-323-0643 Fax: 520-447-7747 Aine Fitzgerald Coleman Community Outreach Administrator Phone: 602-296-6204 Sharon Hosfeld Manager of Community Outreach & Smoke-Free Community Coordinator Phone: 602-296-6214

Dustin Lacey, MarkTaylor Residential Pam McCarthy, Fairfield Residential Omar Mireles, HSL Asset Management April Morris, Cox Communications Melanie Morrison, MEB Mangement Services Gloria Munoz, Maricopa County Housing Kevin Ransil, JLB Partners/ JLB Residential Erica Reinke, Camden Property Trust Rich Renta, Weidner Apartment Homes-Arizona German Reyes, Tiempo John Rials, Greystar Real Estate Partners Lisa Rosenfeld, HSL Asset Management Stacey Searl, Weidner Mark Schilling, MEB Mangement Services Tina Schreiber, Alliance Residential Company Christina Shipley, Dunlap & Magee Michelle Sinclair, MC Residential Amy Smith Montoya, Bella Investment Group Julian Steltenpohl, P.B. Bell Companies Tammi Tupper-Dimmig, Redi Carpet Bob Venberg, PEM Real Estate Group Luis Verger, Shelton-Cook Real Estate Services, Inc. Debbie Willis, P.B. Bell Companies Mark Zinman, Williams, Zinman & Parham, PC

Deanna Jordan Manager of Membership and Business Development Phone: 602-296-6212 Amanda Perkumas Assistant to Tucson Area Association Executive Phone: 520-323-0643 Lisa Garcia Membership Administrator Phone: 602-296-6202 Kyle Simplot Accounting and Operations Manager Phone: 602-296-6207 Melissa Balletta Events and Education Administrator Phone: 602-296-6209 Hannah Goodman Communications and Public Relations Administrator Phone: 602-296-6203

Change and adapt At the AMA, we constantly strive to change and adapt with our growing industry. We understand that to best serve our members, we need to constantly evaluate our approach and evolve as our industry continues to grow and change. In August, the AMA sent out a survey to all its members asking everyone for their honest assessment of the AMA’s efforts thus far. The survey received a high volume of responses from both Regular and Associate Members. The AMA Board of Directors have reviewed the survey results at the August Board Retreat and plan to take action using the feedback you provided. The Board will be working with the AMA staff to implement some changes from the feedback we received. I want to thank all of you who took the time to fill out our survey and help us gain a new perspective on our strengths and the areas in which we can improve upon. We value your feedback and are working hard to tailor our efforts around the suggestions that you all have made. Our hope is to continue to be a pillar of strength in the Arizona rental community. — Nicole Wray, AMA Board Chair, Greystar Real Estate Partners

Your voice matters The AMA provides its members with a variety of benefits, one of the most important is the robust Government Affairs program. Capitol Consulting has worked on behalf of the AMA representing the industry on federal, state and local affairs for almost twenty years. AMA is a powerful voice for the Arizona rental industry. Critical to the success of the AMA’s Government Affairs program is the Arizona Multihousing Association Political Action Committee (AMAPAC) and the AMA Better Government Fund (BGF). These two funds are used to help elect leaders and ensure the Arizona’s rental housing industry is properly represented. AMAPAC is designed to raise funds to support elected officials who make themselves accessible, are receptive to the industry concerns and will advance polices that strengthen and protect the rental housing industry. The AMA BGF is designed to raise funds to fund legal battles or industry studies as well as independently support candidates or initiatives that align with the mission of the AMA. Both AMAPAC and BGF give all our members a voice when it matters most. We ask all members to support AMAPAC or BGF. When you get your dues renewal please be sure to support BGF by including the voluntary fee in your dues renewal. Remember a responsibly regulated, healthy industry is beneficial to our owners, associate members who provide services and most importantly our residents. For more information please visit — By Courtney Gilstrap LeVinus, AMA President/CEO

October/November 2018 | Apartment News


October/November 2018


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Member feedback helps shape the AMA’s future

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And the Survey Says ...


AMC Recap

Alta Camelback and Peak 16 play host to AMC attendees 6



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‘We will never see another John McCain.’


ohn McCain was a powerful presence nationally and locally here in Arizona. While many will remember Sen. McCain for his leadership and steadfast support for our military and national defense, he was equally concerned with issues affecting our state and local economy, including issues pertaining to the apartment industry. Over the years, AMA members met with Sen. McCain on issues related to tax, veterans and active duty housing, preservation of Arizona military installation, water and regulatory reform. “I always appreciated the fact that even with all the major issues that he was dealing with on the national level, Sen. McCain always made time to meet with us,” said Mike Clow, NAA Chair-Elect. “It didn’t matter who you were, he always gave you his fullest attention and treated everyone with the upmost respect. We will never see another John McCain,” Clow said.  In 2016, the AMA awarded Sen. McCain with a certificate for his leadership in preserving, restoring and protecting the A-10 and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, a critical economic engine for Southern Arizona. Sen. McCain fought for Arizona and fought for our Country.  And we will forever miss him.


Apartment News | October/November 2018

Cosigner vs. Guarantor What is the difference? BY MARK B. ZINMAN


hen an applicant visits the management office on a property and says that he or she is interested in renting a unit, but can’t qualify on his/ her own, managers often suggest having a cosigner or guarantor apply to help qualify. This is a great option for landlords because they have another person that they can pursue in the event that the resident fails to fulfill the contractual terms. However, many new managers may not realize that the terms “cosigner” and “guarantor” are not interchangeable and the distinctions are important. The main reason people use the terms interchangeably is because both a cosigner and a guarantor are liable for all amounts due. Therefore, if a resident breaches the lease, the landlord can pursue a cosigner or guarantor for all the rent and all damages caused by the resident. The similarities stop there. A cosigner is someone who actually signs the lease, while a guarantor is someone who signs a separate guaranty. Both parties are financially liable for the term of the lease, but the initial difference is, only one has a right to occupy the property. When a person signs the lease as a cosigner, unless the

contract provides otherwise, they are actually a tenant and have the right to occupy the property and use the amenities. On the other hand, a guarantor never signs the lease and only signs a separate guaranty whereby they agree they are financially liable for all obligations of the lease. This is important for several reasons. First, if you allow guarantors and not cosigners, then the additional person is not included in your occupancy standards for fair housing purposes. For example, a husband and wife with a child may move into a one-bedroom unit and qualify even if they use their parents as guarantors. The parents would not be counted for occupancy purposes and thus it gives the residents a lot more options for where they can live. Second, if the guarantors are not signing the lease, they cannot be served at the property in an eviction. As landlords know, when they file an eviction, the process server serves the eviction to someone in the property personally or postsand-mails the summons and complaint. In the case of a guarantor, they are not allowed to live in the

property and thus cannot be served at the property. It is because of this that guarantors are not included in the eviction action. The guarantor is still contractually liable for the amount of the judgment, but the landlord would have to file a second lawsuit to collect the money from the guarantor. On the other hand, if a person is a cosigner and they actually sign the lease, they are deemed to live in the property and thus can be included in the eviction and served at the rental property. This results in a judgment against them which can be sent to collections. The hope is that when a cosigner is named in the eviction, they immediately respond and pay the rent that is due. Whether a landlord uses the term cosigner or guarantor does not matter — what matters is what documents says, as that will control what rights the landlord has.

Mark B. Zinman is a partner with the law firm of Williams, Zinman & Parham P.C. and is a past and present board member of the AMA. He can be reached at 480-994-4732.

The views expressed here are generalized advice or information. Fact-specific questions should always be referred to legal counsel. Statements and opinions expressed in these legal columns are solely those of the author or authors. This advice does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the Arizona Multihousing Association.

October/November 2018 | Apartment News



the survey


engagement, education programing and — considered themselves “Occasionally he AMA works hard to the Tribute Awards program. Active,” the remaining 16 percent said provide its members with As we all begin to plan for 2019, they were “Not Active.” In comparison, industry specific services the AMA wants to be transparent with 30 percent of associate members conand benefits. As the rental our members and share some of the sidered themselves “Very Active,” the housing industry continues relevant data that led us to focusing on majority — 40 percent — considered to expand and evolve, so do our memthese three objectives. themselves to be “Active,” 23 percent bers’ needs. As a result, the AMA decided of associate members believed they are to send out a survey in August asking “Occasionally Active,” and 5 percent conboth regular and associate members for Membership sidered themselves as “Not Active.” their feedback on the programs the AMA Engagement The AMA felt it was important to ask offers to see where and how we can best When asked “How active of an AMA members if they feel their membership meet the needs of our members. The sur surmember do you consider yourself?” 15 benefits them professionally. Out of all vey results were presented to the Board percent of regular members considered those who participate in the survey, 88 of Directors at the August Board Retreat. themselves “Very Active,” 27 percent percent of regular members and 80 per perThe survey was a huge success. We were “Active,” the majority — 40 percent cent of associate members said yes, 4 per perreceived a lot of valuable feedback from cent of regular member and 16 percent both our regular and associate members of associate members elected to write in including members’ analyses of AMA and further explain their answers. Membership, Education, Events and Throughout both the regular and associate member surveys, many people Committees. Upon reviewing both stated that they are trying to figure out how to get the regular and associate member Education the most out of their membership. The AMA’s Deanna surveys, the results showed a When the AMA asked our regular Jordan who works in Membership and Business Development is a great resource. She is happy to sit down variety of the AMA’s strengths, members what membership benefit with anyone either in membership, or those looking to as well as some areas that can be we could provide that would better join the AMA to discuss how to get the most out of their improved. Based off the survey and benefit them and their company, the AMA membership. If a member is interested in setting up a meeting with her, they can email member feedback, the AMA Board of majority — 61 percent — said more Directors has created three main objeceducation. We asked these members tives to focus on for 2019: Membership what types of education classes the AMA


Apartment News | October/November 2018

says… should offer and asked them to rank nine options in order of importance. The top five courses in order of importance were: 1. Leadership Training 2. On-site Leasing Agent Training 3. Management Training 4. Marketing 5. General Business This year, the AMA has added more education classes to the calendar, primarily focusing on maintenance technicians. Our goal was to find out how important these education classes are to our regular members and in what ways can we improve. We asked our regular members if they would be willing to pay more for education programs with local and nationally recognized educators and speakers. The majority of respondents — 72 percent — said yes and 4 percent elected to write in their response. The Education Committee is currently reviewing the results and making plans for 2019. If you have ideas and suggestions, please be sure to join the education committee and be part of the planning process

Member feedback helps shape the AMA’s future

for 2019 and Tribute Awards beyond. An increase in education classes would also benefit associate members. We asked associate members to rank eight options in order of importance answering the question “Why are you a member of the AMA?” Networking was ranked number one followed by information sharing, sales, supporting the industry and professional development. If the AMA does increase its 2019 education classes, it would provide associate members additional sponsorship opportunities. Sponsoring a class allows associate members the ability to network, share their information and pitch their company.

The Tribute Awards

The Tribute Awards is one of the AMA’s signature events; it is also one of the largest and best apartment professional recognition events in the country. Based on the survey results 55 percent of regular members and 52 percent of associate members attend this annual

event. AMA board members as well as the Tributes committee is looking at ways to continually improve the process and event. The AMA has a great process to select and narrow down Tribute Award finalists. Our selection process currently consists of two rounds of interviews. The board and committee are considering a few enhancements to this process so come December be on the lookout for some exciting enhancements. The three objectives were discussed at length at the 2018 Board of Directors Retreat that took place on Aug. 23. The Board and AMA staff are working together to provide members with the best service possible. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey; it is greatly appreciated. The results have been incredibly helpful, and the AMA is using them to help steer the organization into 2019. Congratulations to survey drawing winners Stacey Deal, Michelle Sinclair, Laura Sedivy and TC Abbott.

October/November 2018 | Apartment News


Stamp of Approval Arizona Multihousing Association PAC Announces 2018 General Election Candidate Endorsements


After retiring from a successful career as a business executive, Doug Ducey decided to turn to public service to fight against excessive government spending and growth. After being elected in 2014, Mr. Ducey took a $1 billion deficit in his first year and balanced the budget without raising taxes. In addition to rapidly expanding Arizona’s economy, Mr. Ducey has worked tirelessly on increasing teacher pay, border security, and fighting drug addiction in our state. Gov. Ducey has been a strong partner of the apartment industry and continues fight for a stronger Arizona.


Kate Brophy-McGee has served on the Legislature for eight years. In her time at the state capitol the Senator has been a champion for a wide variety of issues including education, lowering taxes, increasing government transparency, and border security. Sen. Brophy-McGee is vice chair of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, vice chair of the Senate Education Committee, and serves on the Transportation & Technology Committee. Throughout her years at the legislature Kate has been a great friend to the AMA and the business community as a whole.


Jill Norgaard was first elected in 2014 to represent Legislative District 18 in the Arizona House of Representatives. During her tenure at the legislature she has been a strong advocate for K-12 education, tax reduction, and reducing regulatory red tape. Rep. Norgaard serves as chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Education, vice-chair of the Commerce Committee, and a member of both the Education Committee and Appropriations Committee and has consistently stood with he apartment industry on our most important issues.


he Arizona Multihousing Association Political Action Committee (AMAPAC) has endorsed candidates seeking election statewide, in the legislature and local jurisdictions. AMAPAC made the endorsements based upon the candidates’ track record in office or their participation in a candidate interview process. “These were difficult choices since many of the candidates are qualified for the job. However, we were charged with identifying candidates that will be receptive to the issues of the apartment industry, we feel these candidates fit that bill,” said AMAPAC Chair Reid Butler. Over one third of Arizonans live in apartments. Our owners, developers, managers and residents contribute $13.1 billion to the Arizona economy annually. “It is critical for our industry to have elected leaders who understand the issues that impact our industry. The decisions they make not only impact property owners, but also the residents that live in communities throughout Arizona,” said Butler.

ENDORSEMENTS STATEWIDE Governor: Doug Ducey Attorney General: Mark Brnovich Secretary of State: Steve Gaynor

ARIZONA LEGISLATURE District 1 Senate: Karen Fann House: Noel Campbell District 2 Senate: Shelley Kais House: Chris Ackerley; Daniel Hernandez District 3 House: Alma Hernandez District 5 Senate: Sonny Borrelli House: Regina Cobb; Leo Biasiucci District 6 Senate: Sylvia Allen House: Robert Thorpe


District 8 Senate: Frank Pratt House: David Cook; TJ Shope District 10 Senate: David Bradley House: Todd Cledfelter District 11 Senate: Vince Leach House: Mark Finchem; Bret Roberts District 12 Senate: Eddie Farnsworth House: Travis Grantham; Warren Petersen District 13 Senate: Sine Kerr House: Tim Dunn District 14 Senate: David Gowan House: Gail Griffin; Becky Ann Nutt District 15 Senate: Heather Carter

Apartment News | October/November 2018


House: John Allen; Nancy Barto District 16 Senate: David Farnsworth House: Kelly Townsend District 17 Senate: J.D. Mesnard House: Nora Ellen; Jeff Weninger District 18 Senate: Sean Bowie House: Jill Norgaard; Greg Patterson District 19 Senate: Lupe Contreras District 20 Senate: Paul Boyer House: Shawnna Bolick; Anthony Kern District 21 Senate: Rick Gray House: Kevin Payne; Tony Rivero

The AMA is proud to support Daniel Valenzuela in his race to become the next mayor of Phoenix. In addition to 16 years of serving his community as a Glendale firefighter, Daniel also served on the Phoenix City Council from 2011 to 2018. Throughout his time as a Councilman Mr. Valenzuela has been an advocate for neighborhood safety, strong schools, and job creation. As a husband and proud father of two, Daniel strives to build a bright future for the city of Phoenix

District 22 Senate: David Livingston House: Ben Toma District 23 Senate: John Kavanagh House: Jay Lawrence District 24 Senate: Lela Alston District 25 House: Rusty Bowers; Michelle Udall District 27 House: Reginald Bolding District 28 Senate: Kate Brophy McGee House: Kathy Pappas Petsas; Maria Syms District 30 Senate: Robert Meza GILBERT City Council: Jordan Ray

GLENDALE Barrel District: Bart Turner PHOENIX Mayor: Daniel Valenzuela MESA District 4: Jake Brown SCOTTSDALE City Council: Bill Crawford; Linda Millhaven JUSTICE OF THE PEACE – MARICOPA COUNTY Arrowhead: Craig Wismer Encanto: Ken Cheuvront Kyrene: Bob Robson San Marcos: Jay Tibshraeny West Mesa: Fred Arnett JUSTICE OF THE PEACE – PINAL COUNTY Precinct 6: Doug Coleman

Best Use of Theme

People’s Choice


Most Interactive Booth

Tucson conference and trade show huge success


ssociate Members went “All in with the AMA” at the 2018 Tucson Education Conference and Trade Show, presented by Koglmeier Law Group PLC. The Vegas inspired theme was a huge success with 96 exhibitor booths and 475 attendees. The 234 full day attendees had the opportunity to hear about “Disaster Preparedness” in a Q & A panel sponsored by Wilmar. Rich Hallock of Greenspan International, Aaron Grace of Belfor and Cary Pfeffer of ClearComm Consulting, Inc. spoke on how communities can best prepare themselves now for when a disaster hits. They walked through what to expect, what to prepare for and how best to handle the aftermath of a disaster on a property. Attendees also had the opportunity to hear from Keynote Speaker Tanya Wheeless a former attorney and senior executive in the NBA. Her talk “Going for it: Creating a Life of Freedom & Joy” sponsored by Greenspan International was inspiring. She spoke on her past and how she grew unhappy

Best Costumes

and overwhelmed by her career. She shared her uplifting story of how she was able to find balance, maximize productivity and be happy in the work place as well as in her personal life. On the Tradeshow floor, associate members were looking glamourous with their Las Vegas inspired booths and costumes. This year, ATI/Distinctive Carpets Inc./Right Away Disposal/Tucson Appliance & Furniture Company LLC won Most Interactive Booth. Valley Wide Security took home the award for Best Use of the Theme. The award for Best Costumes went to Redi Carpet and the People’s Choice Booth went to Koglmeier Law Group PLC. The Tucson Education Conference and Trade Show Committee Chairs Missy Caruso with Distinctive Carpets and Kimberly Barrow with MEB and the entire committee did an amazing job and helped make this event a huge success.

October/November 2018 | Apartment News



better communities Alta Camelback, Peak 16 play host to AMC attendees BY ADAM GRECO, ASSOCIATE MEMBER COUNCIL CHAIR



& enriching lives

anked as the third largest apartment developer in the country by the National Multi Housing Council, Wood Partners believes that development is the cornerstone of their success. With 12 offices and a total of 657 employees in development, construction, management and support roles, the Atlanta-based company prides themselves on their development approach. Throughout the years, Wood Partners has worked to refine their approach and focuses on what they believe are the key development components. These components include site selection, entitlement, design, solid financing and value generation. With their popular “Alta” branded communities, Wood Partners strives to improve peoples’ lives by creating better communities from coast to coast. Alta Camelback, which opened in March 2018, is Wood Partners’ seventh community in the Metro Phoenix area. The community hosted the AMC in April, and as members entered the 237 unit midrise, they were in awe of the modern amenities and luxurious lifestyle the Alta Camelback offers. Alta Camelback boasts a plethora of amenities, all of which are open to residents 24/7. Some of

Apartment News | October/November 2018

the property’s unique features include solopreneur spaces in which residents can rent out work spaces; a speak easy known as The Watering Hole — a space that is a keystone feature at all Wood Partners properties; a 13-foot TV wall with premium programs, movies and sports channels; and an expensive sky deck that overlooks Camelback Mountain. Wood Partners prides itself on site selection. Located in the growing Uptown Phoenix area, Alta Midtown is a stone throw away from some of the newest restaurants, bars and farmers markets. Not only are there so many things to do in this location, the community is also in close proximity to the light rail. Due to this location, Alta Midtown provides its residents the opportunity to go car-free as they commute across the Metro Phoenix area. Overall, the community offers an upscale experience of desert living. AMC attendees had the opportunity to speak with Kira Brown, Marketing Director West; Michelle Murr, Regional Manager; Clay Richardson, VP of Development; Christian Weber, Regional Sales Executive; and Anastasia Barrick, Property Director. Congratulations to Daniel Vollmer with Blue Steel

for winning lunch with members of the Wood Partner Executive Team. anked as the fourth largest multifamily builder and fourth largest management company in the country by the National Multi Housing Council, Alliance Residential is one of the largest private U.S. multifamily companies. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, the company has 35 regional offices nationwide and puts a particular emphasis in major markets such as Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angles, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Washington D.C., New York and Phoenix. By 2020, Alliance Residential plans in grow to manage 150,000 units nationwide. Alliance Residential recently hosted an AMC meeting in July at its Peak 16 property, located between trendy Midtown and the beautiful Biltmore area. As AMC members entered the 233-midrise community they were mesmerized by the fivestar resort styled atmosphere Peak 16 presents as well as its prime location. The Peak 16 team is focused on their residents’ needs and bringing the community together through their partnerships with local businesses and vendors. Peak 16 prides itself as creating a true experience from the moment the guest tours to their move in and the living experience. The team is very focused on making a difference. While Peak 16 boasts a variety of amenities that are available to residents, one of the most memorable amenities is their resort styled pool. While it has swimming lanes and is heated in the winter, the unique feature allows the pool to be chilled in the summer months. Another cool amenity that, according to the Peak 16 staff, is extremely popular with residents is the Cold Brew Coffee from Roastery of Cave Creek (ROC2) on tap. For the health-conscious residents, Peak 16 offers Fitness on Demand. This technology allows residents to choose from a variety of work outs and complete their exercise in their own


time at their own pace. Of course, at Peak 16 residents also have the option of using one of the community’s personal trainers if they would prefer. At this meeting, the AMC announced the 2018 Julie Hurst and Steve Peters Education Fund scholarship awardees. Although the scholarship awardees were unable to attend, family and friends of the awardees, as well as friends and previous employees of Julie Hurst and Steve Peters were in attendance. AMC attendees had the opportunity speak with Alliance team members, including Tina Schreiber, Regional VP; Rachel Reid, Business Manager; Nick Orton,

While Peak 16 boasts a variety of amenities that are available to residents, one of the most memorable amenities is their resort styled pool.

Regional Maintenance Supervisor; Tara Bevelacqua, Regional Manager; Jennifer Parsons, Regional Manager; Heather Knudson, Regional Manager; Natalie Fischer, District Manager; and Brandon Corn, Director of Operations. Congratulations to Bill Gemmill with Echo Magazine for winning lunch with members of Alliance Residentials Executive Team. After the AMC meeting, Peak 16 hosted their official Grand Opening, inviting all members in attendance to sign the ribbon for the official cutting. Partnering with Elite Restaurants several local restaurants participated in the event providing food and drinks. The opening was a huge success and the AMC was honored to be a part of this momentous occasion.

October/November 2018 | Apartment News


Classes held at the AMA Gallery, 818 N. 1st St., Phoenix, 85004

EDUCATION Secrets of Leasing Leaders Oct. 10, 9 am – 5 pm

CPR & First Aid

Oct. 16, 9 am – Noon

2018 CPO Certification

Oct. 16 – 17, 9 am – 4pm Greystar Real Estate Partners 3200 E. Camelback Rd. Ste 255, Phoenix, 85018

Heating 101 Oct. 18, 8 – 10 am


Oct. 11, 3 – 5 pm Tuscany Palms 901 S Country Club Drive Mesa, 85210

EVENTS Dinner Meeting

Oct. 18, 5 – 7:30 pm Radisson Suites Tucson 6555 E. Speedway Blvd. Tucson, 85710

Tucson Fall Family Festival & Chili Cook Off

Oct. 25, 5 – 7:30 pm Redi Carpet Warehouse 6000 S. Country Club Rd. Tucson, 85706

New Member Breakfast

Oct. 17, 10 – 11 am AMA Gallery

AMA/Cox Communications Golf Tournament

Oct. 26, 6:30 am – 4 pm Starfire Golf Club 11500 N. Hayden Rd. Scottsdale, 85260

Maintenance Mania Nov. 8, 7:30 am – 5 pm Phoenix Convention Center, South Building – 33 S. 3rd St. Phoenix, 85004

AOD Mike Clow Reception

Nov. 16, 4:30 – 7 pm Biltmore Hotel, Aztec Room 2400 E. Missouri Ave. Phoenix, 85016

Tucson Maintenance Mania Nov. 13, 7:30 am – 7 pm Tucson Convention Center, Grand Ballroom 260 S. Church Ave. Tucson, 85701

EDUCATION CPR & First Aid Training

Oct. 24, 8 am – 2 pm Beacon Group 308 W. Glenn St. Tucson, 85705

Fair Housing

Oct. 23, 9 am – Noon Coconino Center for the Arts 2300 N. Fort Valley Rd., Flagstaff, 86001


Nov. 2, 9 am – Noon Coconino Center for the Arts 2300 N. Fort Valley Rd., Flagstaff, 86001



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Apartment News October/November 2018  

Apartment News October/November 2018

Apartment News October/November 2018  

Apartment News October/November 2018

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