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2015 Tributes Winner CityScape Residences by Alliance Residential — Developer’s Award for Best Community Design built 2013-2014

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Huge turnout for Reverse Trade Show NEWS & HAPPENINGS James Ashley named executive director of Industrial Commission APRIL/MAY 2016

BEST PRACTICES Q&A with David Skipton of Skipton & Associates, Inc.

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Stand up and be heard For most of our membership, the month of February means Tributes judging. But for other members, this is the season for government affairs activities. More than 15 AMA members recently returned from the NAA Capitol Conference in Washington, DC. This annual conference has proven to be instrumental in educating members of the apartment industry about national and local issues. As part of the conference we also typically meet with our Congressional Delegation, and this year we met directly with Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake. We also presented awards to McCain and Congresswoman Martha McSally for their efforts in saving the A10 Fighter Jets and, consequently, Davis-Monthan AFB. Thank you to each AMA member who took the time to attend this valuable conference. And look for the photos in this issue! It’s hard to ignore the upcoming election season. Once we get beyond the presidential race, there are some important elections coming up for Arizona including propositions and legislative races. In the Valley, there will be new faces in county, city and mayoral seats so it’s important that we stay involved in these races, where needed. If you haven’t joined the AMAPAC yet, please do so today. Our elected officials need to hear your voice!

You set the bar high


n just a few short weeks, the annual Tribute Awards will be upon us. This year we are looking forward to a record-breaking crowd for our premier awards program. A record number of nominees, narrowed down to the most outstanding finalists, we will have an evening to celebrate the talented professionals who serve our residents and our companies. For our 50th anniversary, I know we will be looking forward to an inspiring evening of FUN! I look forward to seeing you all there! I want to extend my personal thanks to all of the judges who spent their time and gave professional expertise to reviewing and interviewing these nominees. I know how much work this effort is and our association appreciates your commitment. The Arizona Legislative session is also keeping us actively engaged with the AMA. We have a few bills that we are working on to protect our members and we are starting to look ahead at state, legislative and local city elections. Our active involvement with elections and supporting candidates who understand and support the multifamily industry has never been more important. Many of you have contributed to the AMA’s political action committee and I’m grateful for your support of these efforts. Keep up the good work!

— Tom Simplot, President and CEO Arizona Multihousing Association

— Chris Evans, AMA Board Chair HSL Asset Management

AMA Office: 818 N. 1st St., Phoenix, AZ 85004; 602-296-6200; Fax:602-296-6178 Tom Simplot President & CEO Erika Kowlaski Director of Operations Phone: 602-296-6210 Michelle Rill Director of Membership, Events & Education Phone: 602-296-6205

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Apartment News > April/May 2016


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Tributes celebrate 50 years of excellence

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most advanced products and services available in your area, with local support whenever you need it. And since Cox owns and maintains one of the nation’s largest hybrid ďŹ ber-optic networks, you get the bandwidth needed to support advanced connectivity demands. Become a Cox Signature Community, and make sure your residents get the services they want, today and in the future.

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CPLC President and CEO David Adame describes renovation plans for Estancia del Sol Apartment Community with UnitedHealthcare and Optum Bank executives. Photo by Robert Farthing


National Apartment Housing Day is here again and we can’t wait to celebrate it with you. There will be a special cocktail reception at the Phoenix Country Club prior to the dinner meeting on Wednesday, April 6, at 4 p.m., and we hope to see all of our regular members there. Associate members must sponsor to attend this special reception. Sponsorships are $100 and come with 25 drink tickets and logo recognition. Interested in sponsoring? Contact Desi Brinkman at Don’t forget to register for the dinner as well. Thank you to our sponsors!

UnitedHealthcare, Chicanos Por La Causa to help Arizonans access quality and affordable housing, services


nitedHealthcare and Arizona’s largest nonprofit community-development organization, Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc. (CPLC), have partnered to help Phoenix-area low- and moderateincome individuals and families access quality, affordable housing – an essential component of good health. The partnership is part of a pilot program by UnitedHealthcare called myConnectionsTM, which was developed to provide low-income individuals and families with access to essential social, medical and behavioral services that can have a significant impact on health and quality of life. Through the

partnership, UnitedHealthcare has committed to provide CPLC access to up to $20 million in capital to acquire, develop and operate multifamily housing units in the Phoenix area, and to offer and administer a variety of need-based services to residents. The first complex houses 351 units. “For close to 50 years, Chicanos Por La Causa has helped Phoenix residents achieve financial security and fulfill their educational and life goals,” said David Adame, president and CEO of CPLC. “Today, we are thrilled to be partnering with UnitedHealthcare to expand our services to promote healthier living in our communities.”

Ashley appointed director of Industrial Commission of Arizona The Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA) recently announced the appointment of James Ashley as director. Ashley will be responsible for the overall administration of the Industrial Commission of Arizona programs, including the Department of Labor and the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health with oversight of laws relating to workers’ compensation, payment of wages, and child labor. Ashley has worked as a political and public


Apartment News > February/March 2016

affairs consultant and most recently as deputy chief of staff and director of constituent operations for U.S. Congressman Ben Quayle and district director for U.S. Congressman John Shadegg. “James brings a unique and impressive background in government relations and the public sector to the Industrial Commission of Arizona,” said Tom Simplot, president of the Arizona Multihousing Association.

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Now is the time to acclimate for impending heat By CopperPoint Insurance Companies

The inevitability of higher temperatures in Arizona is a fact. We’ve been flirting with 90 degrees off and on for the past couple weeks, which means the 100-plus degrees will be here before we know it. Now is the time to begin to prepare your body for what’s to come. Heat acclimation is the process of increasing your body’s core temperature so sweating occurs earlier and in greater quantities to cool the body more efficiently. For outdoor nursery workers, landscapers, construction workers and roofers or any contractor who will be working outside, learning to how to acclimate to hot temperatures in order to reduce the risk of heatrelated illnesses goes a long way. Here are the benefits of preparing your body to the heat:

• You will feel more comfortable while working in hot weather. • You will be able to improve your work performance in the heat. • You will lower your body’s heat production, heart rate, core temperature and salt loss. • You will improve internal organ protection, skin blood flow and sweating. Employers may want to develop a 10- to 14-day program of about two hours a day to help employees acclimate to the heat. Work activity intensity in the heat ought to increase slowly each day working up to the desired level. During the first 5 days of this process, the body improves its cardiovascular functions in the heat. During the first 8 days, the body-core temperature is adjusted. Resting in the heat without any physical activity will not help to adjust the body to higher temperatures.

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You may not think of laundry as a high-tech industry, but at WASH we’ve invested millions in technology to transform the laundry room experience for our customers. The result is intelligent systems that enable:         


Learn more about how technology can transform your laundry room.

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‘Same or Similar’

Requires repeat breach within term of lease By Paul A. Henderson, Esq.

Paul A. Henderson is an attorney with the Law Offices of Scott M. Clark, P.C.. He can be reached at 602-957-7877.

The views expressed here are generalized advice or information. Fact-specific questions should always be referred to legal counsel. Statements and opinions expressed in these legal columns are solely those of the author or authors. This advice does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the Arizona Multihousing Association.



or market-rate residential rental units, most events that lead to a notice of material breach of the lease agreement are curable: unpaid rent (and relevant late fees) may be delivered within the five-day window, unauthorized occupants or pets should be removed before the close of the ten-day timeframe, and trash left outside must be disposed (and not reoccur) by the end of the five-day period. After you issue notice of the breach, the resident must cure it within that period or face eviction. The remedying of the breach closes out the issue and reinstates the resident into your good graces (or at least being stricken from the “naughty list.”). Naturally, the (hopefully) rare immediate termination notice does not allow for a remedy short of surrendering possession of the residence, and the non-renewal notice is exactly what it states in its name – the end of the tenancy.

‘Repeat material breach’ Aside from rent, reoccurrences of events that trigger breaches of the lease may be grounds for issuing notices that decree the end of the resident’s leasehold even though they might seem to be curable events. These “repeat material breach” notices are permissible when the resident causes a violation of the same nature or substantially similar to the previous violation. Under a repeat material

Apartment News > April/May 2016

breach notice, the resident must depart the community within ten days of hand-delivery of the notice (or fifteen days of mailing, if sent via certified mail) — there is no “cure” option that would allow the resident to remain. There are two important requirements for “same or similar” breaches. First, the event is a repeated breach only if it is actually “same” or “similar.” Conduct that constitutes disruptions to the peaceful enjoyment of the community by others can include parties, loud arguments or noise, and harassing behavior. However, harassing behavior and noise aren’t “similar” events unless the conduct is specifically targeted toward someone. In the same vein, unauthorized pets and unauthorized occupants might both be unauthorized and both involve additions to the number of bodies occupying the residence, but they aren’t the same type of violation. Likewise, failure to clean up trash (which can be either health-and-safety Five Day Notice or a “normal” material breach Ten Day Notice) and noise (a material breach Ten Day Notice) are not same or similar, despite both being breaches of the lease.

Timing Second, the events for which you wish to issue the non-curable “repeat breach” notice must have transpired within the same lease term. If there is an additional act of these types of noncompliance of the same or a similar nature during the term of the lease after the previous remedy of noncompliance, the landlord may institute a special detainer action pursuant to section 33-1377 ten days after delivery of a written notice advising the tenant that a second noncompliance of the same or a similar nature has occurred. A.R.S. § 33-1368(A). The signing of a new lease agreement constitutes an event that forgives previous violations of the lease contract, even if the previous violation occurred upon the very last day of the term of the first lease and the new event occurs shortly thereafter. Additionally, if you have an active and uncured notice of material breach, we further recommend that you postpone the signing of a new lease until after the breach is cured. This is the same as refusing to accept rent during the pendency of such a notice — you don’t want to prejudice your rights. Keeping in mind these two requirements of the material breach notice is important if you want to enforce your lease properly. If you have questions whether the events that you have witnessed (or which have been reported to you) qualify for issuing a “repeat material breach” notice, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Don’t abandon the Abandonment Notice Understanding landlord rights in eviction and/or a move out By Andrew M. Hull, Esq. ften times a landlord may be unsure whether a resident still occupies his or her unit following move-out or an eviction. The Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act states a specific procedure that management must follow. However, landlords should consider implementing an abandonment notice for eviction situations.


A.R.S. § 33-1370(h) states: In this section “abandonment” means either the absence of the tenant from the dwelling unit, without notice to the landlord for at least seven days, if rent for the dwelling unit is outstanding and unpaid for 10 days and there is no reasonable evidence other than the presence of the tenant’s personal property that the tenant is occupying the residence or the absence of the tenant for at least five days, if the rent for the dwelling unit is outstanding and unpaid for five days and none of the tenant’s personal property is in the dwelling unit. The key to using an abandonment notice is that the rent must be delinquent for the appropriate time period. Additionally, management should: • Post the notice on the resident’s door and send him or her a copy via certified mail. • Wait five days before entering the unit. • Inventory any property inside the apartment and notify the renter by certified mail of the location of the stored property. (NOTE: Readers should note that the above is not a complete summary of the

abandonment statutes. Landlords should take care in order to fully comply with them. Contact your attorney should you have any questions or concerns.)

Delinquency There are at least two situations when a landlord should consider the abandonment notice in conjunction with an eviction. The first involves a delinquent rate at the start of the monthly rental payment period. Management must serve a five-day nonpayment of rent notice either in person or via certified mail. If the renter does not pay rent and there is no observance of the individual in the unit, the landlord should post an abandonment notice on the apartment door. Additionally, he or she also should enclose a copy of the five-day nonpayment of rent notice when mailing the abandonment notice via certified mail to the person. If the resident contacts management and informs it that he or she did not abandon the unit, the five-day notice is in place to file for the eviction.

Legal Q&A Q: Our Central Phoenix condo community has a large number of tenant-occupied units. Some units are rented repeatedly to problem renters. There are police raids, suspicious visitors at all times of the day/ night, broken windows, etc. What can neighbors (renters and owners) and the HOA do to get these landlords to evict the bad apples and to rent to more solid individuals? A: Check your CC&R’s (declarations) to see if there is language that allows the HOA to bring any legal action that their individual owner could bring but won’t. You need to notify the owner what the problem is and if he won’t serve the proper notices and take steps to correct the problem, the HOA will.

Court schedules eviction date The second situation occurs when a court schedules a date for an eviction proceeding but the resident abandons the unit. The renter still is legally in possession of the unit until he or she physically vacates the apartment and returns the keys to management. In this situation, a landlord should consider posting and mailing the abandonment notice while keeping the court date. If the renter does not inform management that he or she did not abandon the unit, it can reclaim the apartment after the five-day abandonment notice expires. Andy M. Hull is the principal of Hull, Holliday and Holliday, PLC. He can be reached at 602-230-0088.

Q: Who is responsible for paying the plumber for replacing a leaky pipe connection behind the drywall ceiling on the ground level of a 2-story condo unit? The Owner or tenant? A: Unless the tenant caused the leaky pipe, it is the owner’s obligation as part of their duty to maintain the premises. — Andy M. Hull, Esq.

Apartment News > April/May 2016



Policy priorities In January, the AMA continued on this mission and entered the legislative session with a focus of supporting Governor Doug Ducey’s policy priorities to promote legislation aimed at cutting bureaucratic red tape and reducing unnecessary and costly government intrusion. Holding true to his pledge to support small businesses and working families, in March the governor signed two critical pieces of legislation that will protect business owners and multi-family operators across the state from undue regulation.

Energy benchmarking ordinances The first bill, HB2130 (municipalities; counties; energy use; reporting), prohibits cites, towns and counties from adopting what are known as energy benchmarking ordinances. Similar ordinances in New York City, Seattle, Austin, and San Francisco require business owners and multi-family property operators to measure and report their energy usage to a governmental agency or risk a penalty. Having to acquire energy bills from apartment residents in order to report their consumption to an agency is an unreasonable regulatory burden on apartment operators and an unnecessary intrusion on the privacy of apartment residents.

Two key AMA legislative priorities signed into law 50 years later, AMA’s mission remains the same By Courtney LeVinus & Jake Hinman

Courtney LeVinus is a principal with Capitol Consulting and Jake Hinman leads legislative affairs for the firm. They can be reached at 602-712-1121.



ifty years ago, the AMA was formed after a group of apartment operators joined together at the state’s capitol to promote and advocate for a fair and competitive housing market in Arizona. Today the mission of the AMA remains the same in protecting the interests of ethical rental housing providers in legislative, regulatory and legal matters throughout Arizona. By providing rental property owners with a level playing field to operate throughout the various municipalities, we can reduce the cost to provide housing to thousands of families living in apartment homes across the state.

Apartment News > February/March 2016

Mandatory waste/recycling programs The second bill, HB2131 (municipalities; counties; auxiliary containers; prohibitions), prohibits cities and towns from prescribing mandatory waste diversion or recycling programs upon businesses and multi-family properties. HB2131 protects owners from one-size-fits-all policy that is often impractical and unworkable for those tasked with the daily operations of running a business or providing safe and affordable housing options. If these issues seem familiar, they should. That is because the AMA along with a united business coalition ran a near-identical bill (SB1241, “auxiliary containers; regulatory prohibition; reporting”) last year with both subjects contained in the single bill. However, shortly after the bill’s passage, a complaint was filed in the Maricopa County Superior Court arguing that last year’s bill violated three provisions of the Arizona Constitution and requested that the court declare the bill invalid. The complaint claimed that SB1241 violated the State’s: (1) Single-Subject Requirement, the constitutional rule that requires that a bill contain only one issue or subject; (2) Title Requirement, the rule that requires the bill’s subject to be

expressed in the title; and (3) Home Rule Authority, the rule that allows charter cities to legislate matters of local concern.

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As opposed to waiting for a court ruling and wasting taxpayer money with costly litigation, the proponents of last year’s bill, including the AMA, decided that a legislative solution —separating the two subjects into two separate bills — was the best option moving forward. As anticipated, the legislature once again determined that both matters were indeed of a statewide concern (as opposed to a local concern) and should be regulated by a single entity —the state — rather than allowing municipalities to create a patchwork of regulation for business owners and apartment operators. Both bills were signed into law by Governor Ducey in March. As for the fate of the complaint filed in Superior Court pertaining to the 2015 bill, only time will tell where it will go from here. In all likelihood, the Arizona Attorney General, who is defending the state on the matter, will file a Motion to Dismiss on the grounds that the two bills passed in March nullify the complainant’s original claims. The AMA is actively monitoring and engaging in many other legislative proposals all of which are identified on the AMA’s web site. If you have any questions about any of the bills making their way through the process, please do not hesitate to contact either one of us.

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THE IRISH Phoenix Reverse Trade Show draws more than 350 attendees


Apartment News > April/May 2016

By AMA staff very year the world goes green for St. Patrick’s day. This year in a room full of green and smiles, the AMA hosted the Reverse Trade Show in Phoenix. The room was adorned in shamrocks, pots-of-gold, green roses, lucky four leaf clovers and plenty of artfully dressed characters who entertained more than 350 attendees during this highly anticipated annual event. More than 18 management companies took this opportunity to present their Holiday teams to associate members. Each year, the Reverse Trade Show grows in popularity due to the unique format where associate members can meet with the leadership of management companies during set scheduled meetings to learn more about properties and opportunities for partnership. Management companies send their


corporate leaders who have an opportunity to hear about innovations, new products and new companies first hand. The value of networking throughout the day benefits both regular and associate members. Special thanks to Reverse Trade Show Chairmen Mark Schilling of MEB Management, Jim Kowalski of Kowalski Construction and Adam Greco with Burns Pest Elimination for their hard work and leadership of the dedicated volunteers who made this one of the AMA’s most memorable events in 2016.

Booth Winners • Best Use of Theme – MEB Management Services • Best Use of Theme Second Place – MC Companies • Best Costumes –Dunlap & Magee Property Management


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The room was adorned in shamrocks, pots-of-gold, green roses, lucky four leaf clovers and plenty of artfully dressed characters entertained more than 350 attendees during this highly anticipated annual event.


Tribute Awards


Williams, Zinman & Parham P.C. is thrilled to share our Congratulations to all of the 2016 Tribute Award ďŹ nalists. Your dedication is admirable and we wish you continued success.

Congratulations AMA Teams

Congratulations to all of the honorees named as Tribute Award Finalists! We salute your hard work and dedication. -Maintenance Supply Headquarters

Arizona Air-Scent Congratulates all winners! Recognizing your outstanding achievements, Arizona Air-Scent will visit winning properties to deliver a gift as acknowledgement of your success.

Congratulations to the Tribute winners from Coral Pools

Outstanding Performance by Alliance Residential! Alliance honors their AMA ďŹ nalists.






Assistant Manager of the Year Title: Assistant Business Manager Years of Service: 2


Leasing Consultant of the Year Title: Leasing Consultant Years of Service: 1




Maintenance Technician of the Year Title: Service Technician Years of Service: 1

Maintenance Supervisor of the Year 200+ Units Title: Sr. Service Supervisor Years of Service: 7

Leasing Consultant of the Year Title: Leasing Consultant Years of Service: 1

Property Supervisor of the Year Title: Sr. Regional Manager Years of Service: 27

Assistant Manager of the Year Title: Assistant Business Manager Years of Service: 1

Regional Maintenance Supervisor Title: Regional Facilities Manager Years of Service: 4

Best Team and Community Build Prior to 1997 Built Prior to 1997


well done!


Apartment News > April/May 2016

Tributes celebrate 50 years of excellence


undreds of Tribute nominations have been reviewed by the AMA’s judging panels over the past months. A celebration of professional excellence, the Tribute Awards recognizes those outstanding employees who serve their companies and their residents with a dedication that surpasses all expectations. Stories of teamwork and ingenuity illustrate how jobs in the multifamily industry can grow into long-term,

fulfilling careers. These highly sought after leaders in their companies set the bar for their teams. In May, nearly 1,500 multifamily professionals will celebrate together at the Tribute Awards. This event continues to grow and this year, Amy Smith of Bella Investments and her enthusiastic volunteer committee are creating a night to remember as our association celebrates 50 years and looks forward the next half century.




Join us on Friday, May 13, 2016 at Phoenix Convention Center, South Ballroom for the Arizona Multihousing Association Tribute Awards.

Apartment News > April/May 2016


Tribute Awards Finalists HOUSEKEEPER OF THE YEAR

Kris Tomlinson, Residences at Fountainhead - Pinnacle

Perla Ayala, Lantana Apartments Quarterpenny Management Zoe Gordon, Ten Wine Lofts Greystar Real Estate Partners Ane Leverts, Summit - Dunlap & Magee Irma Pantoja, Springs at Continental Ranch - Allison-Shelton Real Estate Services Cheri Stroud, Desert Parks Vista - P.B. Bell


Herbert Residential - Scotia Group Management Paseo Park - Pinnacle Scottsdale Gateway - Greystar Real Estate Partners Solara at Mill Ave - Holland Residential Vaseo - Alliance Residential


Daniel Baltazar, Broadstone Camelback - Alliance Residential Marcus Burbey, The District Mark-Taylor Residential Logan Hailele, Woodlands Village Apartments - Bella Investment Group Miguel Mejia, Sand Dollar - Dunlap & Magee Anthony Rodriguez, Aspire Pinnacle Peak - Weidner Apartment Homes

MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR 1-199 UNITS John Hogan, Shannon Park Apartments - Scotia Group Management Dennis Hyde, Desert Meadows - Dunlap & Magee Mike Patron, Colores Del Sol - AllisonShelton Real Estate Services Alan Schmidt, Redwood Place - AllisonShelton Real Estate Services Rigo Tovar, Monaco at McCormick Ranch - Greystar Real Estate Partners

MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR 200+ UNITS Jorge “Koki” Hernandez, Serafina and Lunaire - Fairfield Residential James Mackey, Lakeside Village - P.B. Bell Companies Matthew Michael, Red Mountain Villas - Weidner Apartment Homes Nick Orton, The Lofts at Rio Salado - Alliance Residential Barton West, Solara at Mill Ave - Holland Residential


Ricardo Abril, Quarterpenny Management Brian Eaves, Dunlap & Magee Keoki Enlow, Alliance Residential Jud McKillop, Pinnacle Dennis Schilling, ConAm Management


Linda Coburn, Mark-Taylor Residential Stacey Hogue, Greystar Real Estate Partners Steve Peters, Allison-Shelton Real Estate Services


Apartment News > April/May 2016

Mary Rogers, MC Companies Tina Schreiber, Alliance Residential


Joyce Frederic , Skyline Lofts Weidner Apartment Homes Sydney Gibson, La Jolla de Tucson Apartments - Scotia Group Management Andrew Lember, Vaseo - Alliance Residential Jessica Wangrycht, Redstone Mark-Taylor Residential Lindsay Worley, CityScape Alliance Residential


Christine Cadeau, Mountainside Apartments - Alliance Residential May Deriso, San Cierra - Alliance Residential Deanna Hernandez, Palm Trails Greystar Real Estate Partners Liz Landes, Timberline Place - AllisonShelton Real Estate Services Stephanie Ogilbee, Crescent Scottsdale Quarter - Mark-Taylor Residential


Allison Bradley, Redwood Place - AllisonShelton Real Estate Services Jennifer McDermott, The Village at West Point - Greystar Real Estate Partners Melinda Mehlau, Cordillera Condominiums - Allison-Shelton Real Estate Services Marjorie Trabucco, Flats at Peoria - Pinnacle Terry Tress, University Square Apartments - Bella Investment Group


Kaysie Kiefer, Tempe Metro - Greystar Real Estate Partners Brett Martin-Hart, Desert Shadows Apartments - Scotia Group Management Ashley Moore, Lakeview at Superstition Springs - Fairfield Residential Robert Soviak, Villas at Mountain Vista Ranch - Allison-Shelton Real Estate Services

TEAM & COMMUNITY BUILT 1997 - 2007 Courtney Village - Greystar Real Estate Partners Desert Shadows Apartments Scotia Group Management Mira Santi - Mark-Taylor Residential Residences at 4225 - Greystar Real Estate Partners Villas at Mountain Vista Ranch - AllisonShelton Real Estate Services


Belara - Fairfield Residential Legacy at Dove Mountain - AllisonShelton Real Estate Services Ninety Degrees at Paradise Ridge Greystar Real Estate Partners Redstone Mark-Taylor Residential Tempe Metro - Greystar Real Estate Partners


Elena Douglas, Villas at San Dorado - Mark-Taylor Residential Olivia Martinez, The Springs at Silverbell - Greystar Real Estate Partners Elizabeth Montano, Fox Point Apartments - Scotia Group Management


James Brancatelli, Silverado Apartments - Quarterpenny Management Phil O’Brien, Tanque Verde Apartments - Scotia Group Management Mike Temple, Port Royale - AllisonShelton Real Estate Services


Avilla Marana- MEB Management Services Legacy at Prescott Lakes - AllisonShelton Real Estate Services Springs at Continental Ranch - AllisonShelton Real Estate Services

The Greystar Desert Region would like to congratulate our amazing team members for their efforts every day and for being recognized by the AMA Tributes Award Ceremony for 2016!

ZOE GORDON Housekeeper Title: Service Technician Years of Service: 5

RIGO TOVAR Maintenance Supervisor 1-199 units Title: Maintenance Supervisor Years of Service: 4

SCOTTSDALE GATEWAY Team & Community Built Prior to 1997


STACEY HOGUE Property Supervisor Title: Regional Property Manager Years of Service: 3

COURTNEY VILLAGE Team & Community Built 1997 – 2007

DEANNA HERNANDEZ Assistant Manager Title: Assistant Manager Years of Service: 7

RESIDENCES AT 4225 Team & Community Built 1997- 2007

JENNIFER MCDERMOTT Community Manager 1-199 units Title: Community Manager Years of Service: 11

KAYSIE KIEFER Community Manager 200+ units Title: Community Manager Years of Service: 2

NINETY DEGREES AT PARADISE RIDGE Team & Community Built 2008 – 2015

OLIVIA MARTINEZ OTV – Apartment Manager Title: Community Manager Years of Service: 10

TEMPE METRO Team & Community Built 2008 – 2015

PINNACLE OPENS FOUNTAINHEAD TO AMC Community offers true ‘live, work, play’ experience By Adam Greco, AMC Chairman innacle’s newest community, the Residences at Fountainhead in Tempe, offered the AMC members a glimpse into a new urban neighborhood lifestyle that today’s resident’s desire. The leasing team there has achieved a leasing velocity of more than one lease per day since opening 11 months ago, exceeding all expectations for the 322 apartment homes community.



Apartment News > April/May 2016

Years in the making This “urban neighborhood” in the heart of a major East Valley employment core, was years in the making and quite innovative. Situated inside a local corporate park, the community features world class amenities that can be enjoyed by not only the residents, but the employees of this business park as well. More than 4,500 employees work in the Fountainhead Corporate Park, and those employees there receive special leasing incentives making this a true live, work, play environment. Residents enjoy their own personal concierge service that will make

reservations, get directions, complete wake up calls, and schedule any service desired anywhere in the country. Their team arranges weekly gourmet food trucks, happy hours and onsite fitness and yoga to connect residents to each other. Pinnacle developed a unique partnership with Wal-Mart where groceries are ordered online and delivered to the community at no additional charge. The commitment to outstanding service has


earned the Residence at Fountainhead a strong online reputation, a 5-star rating on Yelp, and the 29th ranked property in the country for online presence and reputation management.

Resort-style living On site, there’s so much for residents to enjoy and AMC members had a taste of their pools and cabanas and visited their fitness center that rivaled any private club. The floor to ceiling retractable glass doors open on to the several outdoor sitting areas, resort style pools and cabanas, and breathtaking lake and mountain views. We were fortunate to have Pinnacle’s

key leadership team hosting us for the AMC meeting. Pinnacle Management, the nation’s third largest management company, oversees communities across the country and has 12 properties in the Phoenix market. Three new developments are currently under construction in Phoenix, one downtown, one in uptown and a new community in the Biltmore area.

Tribute finalists A number of their management team members had also been notified that they are Tribute Award finalists this year. Bryan Fasulo, regional manager for Pinnacle and nominee for Regional Manager of the Year, met with a number of our members to share more about the company’s expansion plans. Kris Tomlinson, the

community’s property manager and another Tribute finalist, and Jud McKillop, finalist for regional maintenance supervisor of the year, joined us as well and made time to talk with members during the evening. Ken Golash of Kowalski Construction won the lunch with Pinnacle’s managers. We were all so appreciative of the incredible catering, bar and Nothing Bundt Cake treats offered to our AMC guests. This special night was one to remember! Adam Greco is the commercial sales manager of Burns Pest Elimination. He can be reached at 602-971-4782 and adamg@

Apartment News > April/May 2016



AMA advocates meet with leaders in Washington DC

Amy Smith, Courtney LeVinus, John Carlson, Sharon Hosfeld, Matt Koglmeier, Sen. Jeff Flake, Tom Simplot, Chris Evans, Natalie Gonzales, Bryan Fasulo, Scott Hines, Scott Clark and Ethan Smith.


MA’s leaders, board members and public affairs committee members spent a few days in Washington DC, meeting with Arizona’s congressional delegation. This opportunity for face-to-face meetings with elected leaders and their staff members gave the team time to educate officials on the issues facing the multifamily industry and build relationships. Senator John McCain and Congresswoman Martha McSally were each honored an award by the AMA for their work to help preserve operations at the Davis-Monthan AFB for another year in Tucson by protecting the A-10 aircraft missions. The base contributes millions in economic impact to the Tucson and Southern AZ economies. In addition, the operations there support more than 7,500 military and 2,900 civilian jobs.

From left to right: Bryan Fasulo, Matthew Lee, Tom Simplot and Scott Clark.

John Carlson, Marc Shuman, Sharon Hosfeld, Tom Simplot, Greg Morehead, Sen. John McCain, Scott Clark, Bryan Fasulo, Scott Hines, Matt Koglmeier and Courtney LeVinus


Apartment News > April/May 2016

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Q &A

Q&A with David Skipton, Skipton & Associates, Inc.

David Skipton (left) confers with a client on the roof of a Valley property.

Q: What are some common mistakes that managers make when dealing with an insurance situation? When a property suffers insurable damage, many property managers try to restore the property as quickly as possible. They call in their favorite contractor and start the process of demolition and restoration. While prompt action is sometimes warranted, this can have serious consequences to the settlement of the insurance claim. Think of the damaged apartment unit as a crime scene that must be preserved until the experts can inspect and determine what other more intense investigations must be completed to assure that all damages are addressed. Hidden damage like mold left to grow inside the walls of a unit saturated during


Apartment News > April/May 2016

the fire suppression efforts can cause serious health issues for tenants and substantial future costs for the owner. And months after the claim is settled, it will be very difficult to get the insurance company to respond these damages or to prove they were the result of a fire loss many months earlier. In order to preserve the integrity of the claims process, it is important that no demolition or restoration work be initiated until an agreement is reached with the insurance company as to the scope and value of loss. Of course this does not apply to emergency services that may be required to protect the property from further damage or for public safety.

Q: How can managers/owners be more proactive in working with their insurance company?

An owner must take steps to protect his or her own interests and a property manager working on their behalf must do the same. If you or your staff does not have someone with the training and expertise to investigate damages, then steps should be taken to go outside your organization to find a competent professional. Obtaining a fair claim settlement starts with a thorough and prompt investigation of the true extent of damages. As the old adage goes “if he doesn’t see it, he won’t pay for it.” Insurance company adjusters are not incentivized to find more damage than that which is obvious. This is why we use highly sophisticated

equipment and often times destructive testing to investigate the full extent of damage, so that the property owner is not left with hidden damages to deal with months or years later.

Q: What are some of the most common estimating errors? Who should managers use to estimate repairs? Many owners and property managers rely on contractors to put together a repair estimate. While this might seem logical, it is important to know that a claim is not just about the damages, but also is about the coverages provided by the insurance policy. Contractors, even ones that routinely do insurance work, are not trained to apply the insurance policy coverage to the damages. We routinely see estimates from contractors for repairing damages rather than replacing those damaged items, mainly because they did not understand the coverage provided by the policy. Just because a roof “can be repaired” does not mean that this is the acceptable and workmanlike repair that is contemplated in the insurance policy. Most policies today promise replacement cost coverage; but what does that mean? How does the policy respond when there are other pre-existing building conditions that affect the method or cost of repairs? These are questions that can only be answered by someone trained in claims handling. Retaining a competent public adjuster is the best way to assure that the loss is evaluated correctly.

Q: What are the benefits of using a licensed adjuster? Is there a penalty for using an adjuster, rather than the insurance company’s adjuster? Under the law, owners are entitled to hire representation to resolve their insurance claims. Would you go into court without your own lawyer? Insurance claims often involve tens of thousands of dollars or more; why go into this process blindfolded? An insurance policy is a contract that contains promises from the insurance company of coverage to restore the covered property should a covered event happen. The average commercial insurance policy in about 250 pages, which is why few people ever read their policy. But, if you don’t read it how can you possibly know what it covers? This is but one reason that the majority of claims settled without the assistance of a claims professional are drastically underpaid. Many owners and property managers think that they are saving money by not hiring a professional public adjuster to deal with the intricacies of a major claim. These do-it-yourselfers play right into the insurance company’s hands. Negotiating without the proper training in insurance coverage and loss evaluation techniques will leave unaddressed damages and money on the table. An insurance claim is not some finite value that any adjuster can calculate; it is a negotiated value of the costs of repairs. The amount of your settlement will depend upon the skills and training of your negotiator. A competent public adjuster will add value to your claim settlement every time. David Skipton, PCLA, LPCS, SPPA, AIC specializes in protecting the rights of insurance consumers with many years in the property claims adjustment field. He is a member of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters and is on the board of directors of the Rocky Mountain Public Adjusters Association. Headquartered in Scottsdale, he also has offices in California, Texas and Florida.

WHY US Certified Experts Our staff of public adjusters, forensic accounts, and construction consultants are all certified.

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BOWL A ROUND CELEBRATES MEMBERS More than 20 sponsors joined forces to make this year’s Tucson Bowl-A-Round a huge success for the attendees. Our teams took over most of the lanes at the venue and enjoyed raffle prizes and great networking.

Big Hearts Walks to Make a Difference AMCF Tucson Big Hearts hosted their fourth annual 5K family fun run walk on Saturday, March 12 at Reid Park. More than 125 people came out to support this great cause raising over $5,000 for Big Hearts. Special thanks to the walk sponsors including MEB, RediCarpet, CSC Service Works, Rent Path, HSL Properties, Scotia Group, Law Office of Scott M. Clark, Sunland Asphalt, Comer Nowling, Silverado Roofing and Plumbing, and National Credit Systems for their donation of water for the participants. Walkers were treated to massages by Integrative Therapies and their therapists accepted donations benefiting AMCF.Â


Apartment News > April/May 2016

Trash & Recycling Collection Service

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Thanks to HSL’s team at the Encantada at Tucson National for hosting the most recent AMC Meeting for the AMA. Members had the opportunity to enjoy touring this luxurious property. The HSL team shared a video celebrating the company’s 40-year anniversary. AR-0008500461-02



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Classes held at the AMA Office, 818 N. 1st St., Phoenix 85004

PHOENIX FAIR HOUSING April 6, 9 a.m. – noon AMA Offices, 818 N. 1st St., Phoenix Cost: $20 ($40 non-members)

PHOENIX DINNER MEETING April 6, 5-8 p.m. Phoenix Country Club 2901 N 7th Street Cost: $59 ($79 non-members)



May 12-13 , 9 a.m. Phoenix Convention Center, 100 N 3rd St, Phoenix

May 13, 5–10 p.m. Phoenix Convention Center, 100 N 3rd St, Phoenix

Tucson AMA TUCSON/ATI RESTORATION GOLF TOURNAMENT April 15, 8:30 a.m. shotgun start AZ National Golf Club (new course) New Theme: FANdemonium


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...the Professional Approach to Apartment Investing. 9927 E Bell Rd., Suite 130 • Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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Kimberly Laten has more than 15 years of experience as an accomplished architectural color consultant. She has colorized over a halfmillion multifamily units, 14 million square feet of commercial property and numerous residential communities. She started Color Design Development Group in 2006 and has been specifically trained in the functional, visual and aesthetic application of color. Kimberly’s training and experience with hundreds of projects of all types and sizes has made her one of the most sought after color consultants in the country. Kimberly partners with builders, developers and commercial brokers, manufacturers and fabricators to assist with repositioning and rebranding both new and outdated properties. She’s expanded her design services to encompass additional services that help present and market a property with a new and exciting curb appeal.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kimberly over the past several years! She has produced some of the most creative and professional color schemes and presentations for our properties! She is timely and open to suggestions and ides! I love that she personally visits the properties to gain feedback from the teams and get to know the immediate subject’s submarket!! I would recommend Kimberly for any and all exterior color needs!!” - Kylee Lampart, Senior Vice President, MAA West Division

The multi-housing projects that we work on see an increase in their newly repainted properties from the first week! They can confidently increase their rents with a fresh coat of paint and added curb appeal. We use color on a property to increase the visual impact - like a billboard!


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Apartment News - April/May 2016  

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