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Let the AMA help improve your business The AMA works at many levels to support our members. The start of this year’s legislative session, and the swearing in of new council members across the state illustrates our key function — advocacy for our industry and the interests of our members. Working with the Capitol Consulting team, we will be leading and educating new members on a number of key issues for the multifamily industry. Stay tuned to Apartment News and our emails on efforts there. AMA membership offers companies another key benefit — partner programs for workman’s compensation insurance through CopperPoint Arizona, property and casualty insurance programs with Crest Insurance, claims adjustment services with Skipton & Associations and more. These companies have created enhanced coverage options, discount programs and savings for our participating members. These endorsed partners help members save money and time on services that they use for their business. This month, the Apartment News will further highlight some of the companies and how their services through the AMA can support the growth and protection of your companies. The first quarter of the year also kicks off the Tributes season for the AMA and I am looking forward to meeting your team members and learning more about the impressive work of your colleagues through these nominations. I hope you will reserve your tables for the annual Tribute gala early this year — we expect to sell out again this year!

— Tom Simplot, President and CEO Arizona Multihousing Association

Doing good …  right here at home As I travel around the country with the National Apartment Association (NAA) working with the committees I serve, this national work typically brings me back to a local perspective, reminding me how the AMA does so much for our members and industry right here at home. Every year, your board of directors examines national programs and trends and determines how we can be leading. Our strategic plan includes advanced communications with active members, as well as those less engaged, to share these development and networking opportunities and show our value as an association. Already we have launched into an active advocacy agenda for this year’s legislative session. As we watch the national media storm, it’s good to remember that our local leaders at the state and city level stand to impact our businesses first and most. Support of both the AMAPAC and the NAAPAC are vital to achieving our goals. As an association, we are monitoring and proactively advocating for our industry to ensure that we are regulated fairly. There are times that we may tap into our membership for support, calls, and letters because your personal engagement on important issues can make all the difference. I’m looking forward to also welcoming Class IV of Lyceum Leaders. The program begins in February and I want to personally congratulate all the leaders selected for the program. I urge future leaders hoping to apply next year to get involved now and keep this leadership program on your radar. Its value spans far beyond the four sessions and your Executive Committee is committed to supporting the professional development of our talented graduates! — Amy Smith Montoya, AMA Board Chair, Bella Investments

Tom Simplot

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February/March 2017 | Apartment News


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Alliance Residential names executives to key roles

Fairfield Residential’s Morehead tapped for NYC position Greg Morehead, one of the AMA’s executive committee members and a Tribute Award winner, was promoted by Fairfield Residential to a new position in New York City. The board wishes Greg all the best in this new endeavor and appreciate his service and the expertise he has provided to the AMA Board of Directors.

Phoenix-based Alliance Residential Company, one of the largest private U.S. multifamily companies in the nation, recently announced several promotions to key leadership positions within the company. Brad Cribbins was named Alliance’s new President/Chief Operating Office of Alliance’s management division. Since joining the company Brad Cribbins in 2007 as an asset manager, Cribbins has held a number of senior leadership positions and was most recently the Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer.

Robert Hicks, a longtime AMA board member and former board chair, was elevated to the position of Executive Vice President of Southwest and Mountain. He will continue to lead his team in strategic development and financial growth. Robert Hicks Rachel Davidson was promoted to Senior Vice President of Performance, where she will oversee key corporate support departments. To learn more about other promotions and appointments at Alliance, visit

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AMA Bill Tracking The AMA will be actively monitoring and engaging in many more bills throughout the course of the year. To view the entire list of bills, visit the AMA website and select the Government Affairs tab.

New faces, new year Lawmakers hard at work, AMA enters the session with two proactive bills BY COURTNEY LEVINUS & JAKE HINMAN

Courtney LeVinus is a principal with Capitol Consulting and Jake Hinman leads legislative affairs for the firm. They can be reached at 602-712-1121.


he first regular session of the 53rd Legislature officially convened on January 9, 2017. A new year means a new legislative session, and many new (and old) ideas will be debated at the Capitol. There are many new faces at the Capitol, with freshman lawmakers constituting nearly a third of the total members. Republicans still hold a strong majority in both the House and the Senate, and ultimately the Executive Office. For the 2017 Session, and at the direction of the AMA government affairs committees and Board of Directors, the AMA has introduced two proactive bills

aimed at reducing regulatory barriers for apartment owners and operators.

Apartment Finder Fees The AMA’s first proactive bill, HB2039 (finder fees; apartment tenants) introduced by Representative Jeff Weninger (R-Chandler), will eliminate the $200 apartment “finder fee” limitation, and will also eliminate the annual (five times per year) limitation. Current state law allows apartment owners and managers to offer a $200 “finder” or “referral” fee to tenants who refer prospective tenants to the apartment community. The fee can only be awarded in the form of a rent credit, and state law places limitations on how a tenant can procure the referral. In 1999, the Arizona legislature passed legislation to expressly allow a property management company, property owner or authorized leasing agent or manager to pay a

limited finder fee to an unlicensed lessee/tenant in a property managed by the company. Prior to 1999, state law was silent on the issue. The new law also prohibited a lessee/tenant or any unlicensed person from advertising or promoting tenant procurement services and any residential leasing agent or manager from receiving a finder fee. The legislature restricted the finder fee to a monthly rent credit or reduction of no more than $100 that could be received no more than six times in a twelve-month period.

Increase in finder fee In 2010, at the request of the AMA, the Arizona legislature passed a new law to increase the maximum finder fee credit from $100 to $200. The 2010 bill also reduced the number of times a finder fee may be received from six to five times in any twelve-month period. The bill also placed additional restrictions on the lessee/ tenant activities including: prohibiting the lessee/tenant from showing a residential dwelling unit and discussing the leasing terms and conditions with a FEES continued on page 8 >>

February/March 2017 | Apartment News


LEGISLATIVE UPDATE >> FEES continued from 7

prospective lessee; and prohibiting the lessee/tenant from participating in the negotiation of a lease with a prospective lessee/tenant. And finally, the bill authorized the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE) to suspend or revoke a real estate or salesperson license or impose a civil penalty of up to $1,000 for each violation if a licensee is found in violation of finder fee regulations.

Mandatory Court Forms The second issue that the AMA seeks to address in the 2017 Session is a bit more complicated, but perhaps more

impactful than the AMA’s other proactive bill. HB2237 introduced by Representative Eddie Farnsworth (R-Mesa) will prohibit any court or agency from requiring specific forms for notices or pleadings in eviction actions. The AMA, along with other vested real estate stakeholders and interested parties, concluded that the bill became only necessary after a Court-appointed commission proposed an amendment to court rules to require all landlords and tenants to use court-created forms for all notices and pleadings. This would include 5-day and 10-day notices, 30-day notices, et cetera. The Arizona Commission




Resident Complaints Wasted Staff Time


on Access to Justice was formed to study and make recommendations on ways of promoting access to justice for individuals who cannot afford legal counsel or who choose to represent themselves in civil cases. While the AMA supports the spirit and the intent of the Commission, the AMA is

concerned that the proposed petition to require the use of court-created forms will have the unintended consequence of slowing the eviction process for property owners, and will ultimately make the process more confusing by creating an additional regulatory barrier for both landlords and tenants alike. The AMA is equally concerned, and continues to express the concern, that the proposed petition seems to subvert the legislative authority established by the Arizona Constitution in order to create new laws by way of rulemaking through the court system.

40 Y

e ar

Ann iver


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Pinching Pennies Certified mail is by far the more costeffective method; per mailing, it is $11.70 for registered versus $3.30 for certified.

Eviction notices One form of mailing is not the same as another BY PAUL A. HENDERSON, ESQ.

Paul A. Henderson is an attorney with the Law Offices of Scott M. Clark, P.C. He can be reached at 602-957-7877.


n 1788, James Madison — Founding Father and future President of the United States — wrote the famous and pithy statement “[i]f men were angels, no government would be necessary.” Unless you are leasing to angels, this quotation could very well see “residents” in place of “men” and “evictions” for “government.” Unfortunately, as we all know far too well, this is not the case. When a resident breaches the lease, and you wish to enforce it against him or her, you must send a notice. It must be in writing and it must be effectively delivered. The notice statute sets forth two methods for notice delivery: personal delivery and mailing. This is not another article harping on the issue of “posting does not equate

to hand-delivery.” Instead, we have to focus on the mailing end of delivery.

Understanding the law By law, there are only two ways by which you may serve a notice: certified mail or registered mail. These are the exclusive methods for delivery via mailing. Here we go again, you say. However, there is an issue that has flown under the radar for a while but is now becoming a noticeable problem: certificate of mailing. Under the legal principal of “expressio unius est exclusio alterius,” you are prohibited from sending effective notice via any method of mailing other than certified or registered mail. This Latin phrase translates to “the express mention of one thing excludes all others.” The

Arizona courts are a bit more poetic: here, it is “the expression of one or more items of a class indicates an intent to exclude all items of the same class which are not expressed.” This is a rule of statutory construction, and when coupled with a statute’s plain meaning, the plain meaning presents the absolute delineation of allowable courses of conduct. While our notice statute (A.R.S. § 33-1313) has not been the subject of adjudication with regard to expanding or contracting mail delivery methods, the Courts have delved into other forms of notice in other matters under Title 33, Arizona Revised Statutes (the property code). In Cemex Constr. Materials S., LLC v. Falcone Bros. & Assoc., Inc., 237 Ariz. 236 (Ct.App.Div.2 2015), the Court of Appeals held that the when a statute sets forth specific methods of mailing of notice, other forms of mailing are expressly prohibited. While the notices at question were preliminary lien notices, this opinion is clearly dispositive on other questions of notices involving property.

Registered vs. Certified What this means is that if you are not sending your notices MAIL continued on page 11 >>

The views expressed here are generalized advice or information. Fact-specific questions should always be referred to legal counsel. Statements and opinions expressed in these legal columns are solely those of the author or authors. This advice does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the Arizona Multihousing Association.

February/March 2017 | Apartment News



Assistive animals What every rental landlord needs to know BY DENISE HOLLIDAY, ESQ.

Denise Holliday is a partner of Hull, Holliday and Holliday, PLC. She can be reached at 602-230-0088.


oth federal, state and city Fair Housing laws apply to most residential housing situations. An assistive animal is not a pet. It is considered an assistive device, like a wheel chair or cane. These animals perform services, tasks or alleviate symptoms of a disability and help the tenant to use and enjoy the rental dwelling. A landlord must approve an assistive animal as a reasonable accommodation if the tenant requests a waiver of a policy that would otherwise limit the size, breed, species, pet deposits/rent or a ban on animals at the dwelling. However, there are some steps to this process:

First, the landlord needs to verify that the tenant is disabled and that their disability impacts one or more daily life activities. If the disability is obvious (mobility impaired, blind, etc.), the landlord can’t ask for any documentation of the disability. If it is not obvious, the landlord may ask the tenant to provide documentation of the disability from a medical provider. Next, the landlord has the right to verify what the animal does for the resident but no special license or training of the animal is required. A medical provider can verify this fact. The final question is whether the request for this assistive

animal is reasonable. This is a situation based inquiry. While an assistive miniature horse may be reasonable for a single-family rental, it is not likely to be reasonable in a third-floor apartment in a multifamily rental. Additionally, if a tenant has multiple disabilities, they may need a different animal to perform more than one service, task or alleviate a different symptom. A landlord may inquire into which service the animals provide and whether one animal can address the needs of more than one disability issue. An example would be if the tenant is blind and suffers from a seizure disorder and needs both an alert animal and a guide dog. Additionally, if the tenant creates a health or safety issue by failing to control their animal, pick up the waste or allows the animal to relieve itself in inappropriate areas, the landlord can issue a breach notice and terminate the lease for these issues. A landlord does not have to allow an animal that is creating a safety hazard, that is not properly under control by the tenant, or is causing physical damage to the premises.

Last Point Every situation is different and the laws frequently change. You need to consult a lawyer and provide the specific details of the situation involved BEFORE you determine what the next appropriate action involves.

The views expressed here are generalized advice or information. Fact-specific questions should always be referred to legal counsel. Statements and opinions expressed in these legal columns are solely those of the author or authors. This advice does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the Arizona Multihousing Association.


Apartment News | February/March 2017


Legal Q&A Q: By law, how many deposits and fees can a landlord charge? They are charging a pet fee each month, in addition to the $300 pet deposit, $50 application fee for each person, first and last month’s rent, cleaning deposit, and 2 percent tax fee. Is this excessive? Do I have any recourse?   A: A landlord can only take as pre-paid rent or refundable deposits 1-1/2 times the monthly rental amount. A tenant can pay more but has to offer to pay it voluntarily. There is no limit on non-refundable fees, as long as they are reasonable and their purpose is clearly stated. — Andrew M. Hull Andy M. Hull is the principal of Hull, Holliday and Holliday, PLC. He can be reached at 602-230-0088.

>> MAIL continued from 9

via certified or registered mail, your mailing is ineffective. Certificate of mailing is not valid in Arizona unless you are also sending the envelopes via registered or certified mail. Certificate of mailing is not the same thing as registered mail; at, the U.S. Postal Service describes registered, certified, and certificate as different processes. If you are using certificate of mailing as your sole way to track your notice issuance, and the notices weren’t also mailed certified or registered, then your notice service does not comply with the requirements of statute. While case law has evolved to allow that notice requirements are satisfied when the recipient actually receives the notice, even if it was otherwise sent via an improper manner (see, e.g., W. Asbestos Co. v. TGK Constr. Co., 121 Ariz. 388, 590 P.2d 927 (1979), there is still the requirement to demonstrate that the notice was actually received. If your residents challenge your notice service when you did not send it via one of the two proscribed methods and state that they did not receive it, then the residents will likely prevail. To prevent this, make certain you utilize registered or certified mail. Of these two, certified mail is by far the more cost-effective method; per mailing, it is $11.70 for registered versus $3.30 for certified. Otherwise, you may suddenly find your eviction cases under attack even though you otherwise diligently mailed your notices.

        Endorsed by the AMA





ALONE AMA partnerships offer members savings and protection


Apartment News | February/March 2017


he AMA helps members protect their assets and employees through a network of endorsed insurance partners and health and safety programs. Some affiliate programs create direct savings by offering discounts, while others may offer additional refunds or dividends as well as helping companies improve their bottom line by increasing productivity and reducing time lost due to injury. “Our partnership programs are an important part of the AMA’s membership services. Not only does it create revenue for the Association, it also provides discounts and industry resources for our members,” Tom Simplot, the AMA’s President and CEO explained. “These are all services that are important to the industry and our members’ operations. We try to go above and beyond — creating, vetting and executing innovative programs.” AMA members can reach out to Todd Bradford, manager of member benefits, to learn more about these programs.

Crest Insurance

CopperPoint Mutual Insurance Company The AMA’s longest and most successful partnership continues to be with CopperPoint Mutual Insurance, formerly SCF Arizona. Their workplace safety programs help AMA members save money and resources by helping them provide a safe working place for employees and reap the benefits of higher productivity. Companies with good safety records receive dividends back. In addition, AMA members who are enrolled through the Association have a chance to earn an additional bonus check in addition to their dividend. Last year, members earned an 83 percent bonus dividend so for every $1 they earned in a dividend; they received an additional $.83 because of their AMA participation. There’s no risk for participants in this program; members’ standard dividends will not be affected, and the performance of the group is not tied to an individual companies insurance rates. The Association supports on-going safety and prevention trainings and CopperPoint can offer resources such as videos, paycheck stuffers and more to help human resource managers with safety needs. The two-page application simply requires the company’s name and policy number.

The AMA partnered with Crest Insurance to assist companies with property and casualty and business insurance. Crest’s offices in Tucson and Phoenix provide full service insurance; but they have created special programs for AMA members. They help members received preferred rates on insurance and coverage enhancements. With the launch of the smoke-free living programs with AMA, the Association asked Crest to develop a special discount for smoke-free properties for AMA members. This program stands as a national model within the National Apartment Association. The AMA was the first to develop a smoke-free discount program

Skipton & Associates

Skipton and Associates works to help AMA members with claims management and liability. When there’s an insurance claim, the insurance company may send out an adjuster who will meet with the onsite manager or facilities technician. This team member may not be aware of secondary damage or potential issues of a repair/ replacement. Working with a seasoned adjuster like Skipton, who offers more expertise in these kinds of claims, may limit the liability of the management company and ensure that repairs and replacements are completed safely and fairly. continued >>

Enjoy all of the benefits of AMA membership - Apply online at

February/March 2017 | Apartment News


“These are all services that are important to the industry and our members’ operations. We try to go above and beyond — creating, vetting and executing innovative programs.” – Tom Simplot, AMA President and CEO

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

An authorized broker, the AMA can help companies and individual properties with customized group healthcare plans with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. Blue Cross has an array of policies to meet most companies’ needs.

NAA’s Click and Lease Arizona

The National Apartment Association provides official Arizona Lease Forms and document management for AMA members. The AMA continues to be one of the most active affiliates in marketing and using this program. A recent update to the system now charges member companies for the documents by unit, not by the “click,” ensuring members are not penalized for mistakes made while inputting the forms. The program offers rental applications, leasing forms, student housing contracts and more. By standardizing the process, and using the correct legal contracts, members large and small can ensure they are using the correct forms and save time and money. The NAA stays up to date on landlord-tenant laws and has a representative in each state. The Law Offices of Scott M. Clark, P.C. serves as the Arizona attorney for the NAA.

A year ago, market research company Ipsos conducted a national survey that asked participants their perceptions of distracted walking. Nearly 40 percent said they had witnessed a distracted walking incident, and 26 percent said they’ve been in an incident themselves. Emergency-room hospital visits for injuries involving distracted pedestrians on cellphones more than doubled between 2004 and 2010. But while 76 percent of U.S. adults believe distracted walking is a “serious” issue, most place the blame on others. Some 74% of Americans say “other people” are usually or always walking while distracted, while only 29% say the same about themselves. Because distracted walking has become a real thing, some insurance carriers are suggesting that employers create formal policies to address distracted walking as part of a policy on the appropriate use of personal devices in the workplace.

Distracted walking

Increasingly, people who text while they are walking or who are playing games, listening to music or reading on their mobile devices are falling down stairs, tripping over curbs or stepping into traffic, according to recent reports. Published articles regarding distracted walking has prompted an awareness campaign that was launched by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

The list of workplace safety cards we offer in our Safety Resource Library can be daunting. It includes more than 100 cards (some in Spanish) with OSHA-related information regarding standards and safety tips. The Safety Materials Order Form (LC001) https://www. web/guest/forms, lists all the materials available that your members can order to help them manage their workplace safety. But we also have taken the work of going through the list to identify the cards that may pertain to your association members by bundling the cards into 9 general categories: Agriculture, Construction, Education, General Industry, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Office Work and Social Services.

If you are working with any of your members to improve its workplace safety, feel free to contact Bruce Trethewy for a bundle of cards in that industry. You can reach Bruce at 602-631-2810 or Also, let him know if you have a suggested bundle we can put together for you.


Rely On American

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Smoke Free Means Good Business

Smoke-free Living programs growing across Arizona BY SHARON HOSFELD, AMA


he Arizona Smoke-Free Living coalition website reports that Arizona has grown to nearly 90 smoke-free multifamily communities across the state in just two years. During this time, the AMA has been working closely with operators to bring this proven program to members and support the implementation. In 2015, the Association was awarded a grant to help the Arizona Department of Health Services and the smoke-free coalition implement the program. Arizona Smoke-Free Living educates members and management companies about the financial and health benefits of smoke-free living and the dangers of second-hand smoke.

Making a smokefree investment Maricopa County boasts the majority of these communities and more operators continue to move to smoke-free communities for their new properties. For mature multifamily communities, some owners have decided to make the investment in converting units to smokefree at the end of a lease. Leigh Massey, the vice president of operations for Centurion Management first got involved with the smoke-free program through the AMA’s Project S.A.F.E. committee where she learned more about how to educate residents on a variety of safety concerns related to smoking. Centurion wanted to create a home for their residents that is smokefree and is in the process of converting units as leases end. She cited the additional costs of turning smoking units, including paint, flooring replacement, and ozone air treatments as part of their analysis


Apartment News | February/March 2017

of the program’s benefits. In addition to the savings within the apartment home, management companies may see savings and risk reductions across the community. “Eliminating the daily task of picking up cigarette butts on our grounds will allow the team to focus on other areas to make the community shine,” said Massey.

The AMA was the first NAA affiliate to create a strategic partnership with an insurance company to offer discounts for smoke-free communities.

Easy to implement The AMA’s Smoke-Free program is turnkey for members. “What appealed to me about the Smoke-Free program was that it is already laid out for us, from the legal side of having letters prepared to notify residents, and the hands-on approach of coming to each community to inspect, lay out a plan and train our managers personally on how to go through the Smoke-Free process,” Massey explained. Some management companies have decided to implement programs where certain buildings are smoke-free. In

the beginning of the program, some managers and owners expressed concerns that they might lose renters by offering smoke free or building smoke-free communities. However, it seems that renters have demonstrated a preference for those communities and those units and some are even willing to pay more to live in a smoke-free community. They view this as an amenity.


Stategic partnership Thanks to the AMA’s leadership, the association was the first affiliate to create a strategic partnership with an insurance company to offer discounts for smokefree communities. The reduction in risks, damage and operating costs due to smoke-free can translate into savings on insurance through the Crest Insurance partnership. There’s even a savings calculator on the AMA website that lets operators see how much they can save. On the national front, there have been moves to incentivize more operators to consider and adopt smoke-free policies. Recently, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced the adoption of a final smoke-free public housing rule that will require public housing agencies across the United States to implement smoke free policies over the next 18 months. Not only does this move signal a commitment to healthier living, it should save these agencies public dollars over time.


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Service Valleywide • Commercial • Residential • Industrial • Shingles • Shake • Tile

• Foam • Installation • Maintenance • Repair • Recoats


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AJ Employment Services provides Property Management Companies with employment services, training seminars and shopping evaluations. We are committed to providing superior service to our clients. AJ Employment Services is exclusive to the property management industry allowing us to provide quality staffing which matches your specific needs. We invite you to utilize our services as your resource center and experience the AJ Employment Services difference.




Safe & Secure


An interview with Tim Furnas of Valley Wide Security

Q: What do you think sets Valley Wide Security apart from other security companies? Valley Wide Security was created around the multi-housing industry, literally tailoring its services to their specific needs. The company was built around discussions and interviews with apartment managers, district managers, upper management and CEOs. We are a full-service company that does everything from delivering your notices to helping manage media if an incident occurs at your premises. Additionally, our training standards for new guards is second to none. Each are taught how to make proper resident contacts and how to de-escalate a situation, which reduces liability for the client.

still works quite well so we work very closely with our clients to help them form a schedule that keeps the criminal element guessing. Speaking with the management regularly ensures the “partnership” between our companies works as effectively as possible.

Q: How does your VWS team stay ahead of the curve on

technology and services? Are there new technologies that companies should be aware of for their communities? We track every movement each guard makes, not only for their own safety, but to provide a transparent experience for our clients. We employ our own software development team that ensures that we are always at

Q: What changes have you seen in the industry and what should multifamily companies know about how to keep their assets safe? We track crime trends and many of them can be traced to changing of the seasons or holidays. Other crimes however, are a bit more disturbing. We are seeing an increase in violent crime with some of them directed at leasing agents and managers, so we have set up a series of seminars centered on workplace safety and active shooter scenarios. The element of surprise


Apartment News | February/March 2017

“We view our company as an extension of the customer. Speaking with the management regularly ensures the ‘partnership’ between our companies works as effectively as possible.” — Tim Furnas


the cutting edge of technology. Video technology is just around the corner and we are preparing for this as we speak. Our clients enjoy our software as it allows them to customize their reports for their own individual needs.

Q: Valley Wide Security specializes in the multifamily industry. How are you able to bring specialized expertise to your clients? We view our company as an extension of the customer. For example, if the client asks us to deliver their 5- and 10-day notices for them; no problem. Straighten their pool furniture each night; no problem. Mark areas of maintenance discrepancies making it easier for their staff; no problem.

The Tucson Police Department has a “red-tag” system that allows the police to tag an area that perhaps was unruly, which includes common areas such as pools or gyms. For some properties, receiving a red tag on a pool would be the kiss of death for renewals and new leases. Recently, a property reached out to us and asked if we could do something to prevent that from happening. We created a custom program that allowed us to “tag” a unit prior to police arriving that carried a hefty fine for the residents, giving us “teeth” when enforcing their community policies. In other words, we always listen to the needs of the management and if it can be done for them, we do everything in our power to accommodate them.

Q: Are there AMA programs where VWS participates that help you professionally or personally? You bet! We are active in nearly every program that the AMA offers. From golf tournaments to government affairs, if they need our assistance, we are happy to be involved. I became a board member last year and have elected to remain on the board throughout the 2017 season. I have met many wonderful people within the AMA and that remains one of the most important factors in our company’s (and my personal) success. We absolutely love the AMA and encourage everyone to get involved.


Statewide Asphalt, LLC 480-659-1828 Statewide Asphalt brings a unique blend of large company expertise, with the flexibility of a smaller, customer focused company.

Cristi Power, Owner | 480-659-1828 | ROC#276436




Big Hearts Tucson participated in the 34th Annual El Tour de Tucson, riding to support Our Family Services. Through the El Tour Fundraiser, a total of $14,399 was raised for AMCF Big Hearts Tucson. A special thank you to the Jersey Sponsors for making this possible: Distinctive Carpets, HSL, Pinnacle Restoration, Law Offices of Scott M. Clark, SmartPest, WASH Multifamily Laundry, Koglmeier Law Group, MEB, Law Office of James R. Vaughan, Republic Services, Belfor,, Concepts Space Planning, Sunland Asphalt and Valley Wide Security.

Appreciation breakfast celebrates AMA Associate Members The AMA Networking Committee, with support of local property management companies, celebrated the Tucson Associate Members who participated in 2016 events with an Appreciation Breakfast. Thanks to all Tucson Members for making 2016 another successful year!


Apartment News > February/March 2017



Classes held at the AMA Office, 818 N. 1st St., Phoenix 85004 Classes cost: $20 (non-members $40), unless noted


CPR + First Aid Certification


March 8, 8:30 a.m. –2 p.m. $69 ($99 non-members)

Feb. 16, 3-5 p.m. iLuminate Apartments 290 E. Roosevelt St. Free for members

AMC Meeting

Fair Housing Feb. 28, 9 a.m. –noon April 5, 9 a.m. –noon

Phoenix Dinner Meeting April 6, 5-8 p.m.


Classes held at the La Quinta Inn & Suites, 102 N. Alvernon Way Tucson, AZ 85711 Classes cost: $20 (non-members $40), unless noted


Project SAFE Workshop/ Orientation March 9, 9 a.m.-noon

General Safety & OSHA Citations

March 14, 9 a.m. –noon


AMC Meeting Feb. 9, 2-4 p.m. Scotia Group Management at Canyon’s at Linda Vista Trail 9750 N Oracle Rd Oro Valley, AZ 85704 Free to Associate Members

Big Hearts Tucson 5th Annual Fun Run/Walk

March 16, 9 a.m.-12 noon Instructed by Sean M. Pridy of ATI Restoration

CPR & First-Aid Certification

Tucson Dinner Meeting

AZ Landlord Tenant Act Class April 13, 9 a.m.-noon Eligible for continuing education for Real Estate and NAA.

Pool Safety May 19 9 a.m.-noon Instructed by Thomas Deherrera with Leslie’s Pool Supplies

March 16, 2-5 p.m. Phoenix Convention Center South Building $350 per associate team of two

Landlord Tenant Class

March 11 Brandi Fenton Park 3482 E. River Rd. Tucson, AZ 85718

March 29, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. $69 ($89 non-members)

Reverse Trade Show

CAM (Certified Apartment Manager) March 20-24, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. $895

Phoenix Dinner Meeting April 6, 5 –8 p.m. Phoenix Country Club $69 ($89 non-members)

BATES PAVING & SEALING INC. Serving Southern AZ Since 1986

When pricing is long forgotten,

quality is long remembered AFTER

March 30, 5 – 8 p.m. Radisson Suites Tucson 6555 E. Speedway Blvd. $59 (Non-members $79) ($79/$99 for registrations received after March 24, 2017)

Tucson AMA/Cox Communications Golf Tournament April 21, 8 a.m. Shotgun start at 8:30 a.m. Randolph Golf Club 600 S. Alvernon Way



AMA Member for Over 25 Years

Licensed, Bonded & Insured ROC# 102421 A-14/ROC# 109056 C-13

Member of BBB






Electronic Answering Service Specifically Designed for Apartments

• Live Call transfer • Recorded Conversation

602-244-1833 520-468-2191 888-594-5943 CABLE


602-942-2847 Valley Wide Service


Call 623-328-3805 to learn more about becoming a Cox Digital Community.


Amy Davidson MDU Sales Manager, Arizona 623-328-3805 ©2014 Cox Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.


800.421.6897 ext. 1600




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Phoenix (602) 233-3580 Tucson (520) 573-5828

• Courtesy Patrol/Security Patrol • Unarmed and Armed Guards • Crime Suppression Service • K-9 Patrol Service • Off-Duty Police Officers



Enjoy all of the benefits of membership, apply online at







Keep Your Residents Happy with a WASH Laundry Room WASH laundry rooms offer the ultimate in convenience for your residents, with the latest technology-based amenities and unsurpassed service. • 24/7 live answers to service calls. • Electronic card systems for easy payment. • Quick response to service calls — typically within 12 business hours. • FIXLAUNDRY mobile app and online service portal. • ENERGY STAR-rated machines and green practices that focus on conservation. • Online laundry monitoring to see if machines are available or laundry is done.

800.777.1484 AR-0008638108-01

Plus, we offer a six-month, no-obligation trial on all new laundry room leases. Call us or visit our website today and learn more about the many options we offer and request a quote on the one that’s right for you.


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Apartment News - February/March 2017  

The official publication of the Arizona Multihousing Association

Apartment News - February/March 2017  

The official publication of the Arizona Multihousing Association

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