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Future Relics

strategy drawing view from airplane scale 1:1000

previously a rail yard, this space has been neglected for over 18 years. this proposal is to legitimises the ephemeral activities which have colonized the space by inserting abstracted architectural elements which retain the freedom inherent in their visual and functional uncertainty.

from the uncer tain present

On initial inspection the site seems to be typical of an urban blight space. It is over r un with weeds and water ponds due to bad drainag e. It is unlit and is a dumping g round for the council’s building waste. Since it was last used as a railways siding (which ceased in the 1980’s) it has been scraped clear in anticipation of purchase for development which has never materialized. Due to its close proximity to a residential ar ea and its link towards the city, this space has been frequented by different users; the stay at home mother, walking her dog, the family on a Sunday stroll, teenag ers g etting dr unk on the weekend and bikers pr acticing tricks, etc.

By installing abstracted str uctures/follies which relates directly to uses and process existing on the site this, project seeks to legitimize those uses, giving fur ther freedom and f lux. T hese are per manent incisions into the wasteland and for m a framewor k for future development. T hey are relics for a city in hyperf lux. W hile this project is about legitimizing the space the character and the atmosphere of this UnSpace it is as much a statement that these spaces are of hug e value to a developing culture. T his project is a process for quantifying that value.

Ryan McLoughlin

site section A-A scale 1:200

hide section scale 1:100

bike shelter section B-B scale 1:100

freestyle bikers, with picks and shovels, have augmented the landscape to create dirt jumps. this bike store acts as a focal point for these activities, providing shelter, platform and space to store their bikes

linking UnSpace strategic plan scale 1:1500

this strategy links dundee city to the river tay with a route which engages three wasteland sites; behind the queens hotels, the old railyard off roseangle and the city dump

plan scale 1:100

east elevation scale 1:100

north elevation scale 1:100

frame structure single point perspective

this portal frame provides a barrier at the southern edge of the site, containing the space while providing a framework for natural vegetation to inhabit.

east elevation scale 1:100

UnMap section B-B scale 1:100

a catalogue of the wasted land in dundee. see dissertation booklet for clarification of each of the spaces types.

urban engagement

uncertain exhibition see booklet

rowan tree see booklet

collage perspective

by colonizing the bottom of a stairwell this exhibition, of wasted spaces, explores the possibilities of discarded space in public buildings.

claiming ownership of the street by planting a rowan tree.

picket fence see booklet

cut up V&A see booklet

the erection a white picket fence and red post box around a broken home on perth road, raises the public consciousness to these derelict sites.

to deconstruct the common idea of a museum and fragment it around the city for all to engage with

wasteland canvas

creative interpretation of use of wasteland site

see booklet

path through UnSpace see booklet

removing a vertical railway sleeper connects rosangle to the city through a wasteland site.

UnSpace degreeshow presentation  
UnSpace degreeshow presentation  

Masters of Architecture degree show project.